Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 November 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Took Shirley to church this morning. After church her[sic] came with me down to grandma's and ate a birthday dinner with me. [Grandpa] and Grandma [sure] invited [rest] for dinner so we were all done. Shirley gave me a billfold for my birthday. Spent most of the day down at her place. Took her to church with me tonight. She came with me by the house a little while after church. We are have[sic] our first real snow this afternoon and night. Gas $.50. M.S. $25.10. Spent $.50. TOTAL SPENDING FROM JAN $361.19.
Methinks perhaps Barbara is definitely history. Hope he got his ring back.

Today was an odd day. I had an attack last night, so I broke tradition and had assistance. Slept on the floor, too, although with an extra light blanket since it was in the low 20s last night. And again tonight. I reiterate that I have, in fact, made remarkable progress. Just a few years ago I wold have been almost panicking about the cold weather. Well, maybe not panicking, but definitely all worried about everything. I also saw a little documentary about Alice Cooper and he made an observation: that God only helps us when we are completely helpless, given up, and all we can say is "Help". I think that's perceptive and something I've thought -- probably mentioned here on occasion. There have been times in the middle of the night -- last night in particular -- where I've felt that way and just asked to be taken over, as it were.

At any rate, we went to McD's for breakfast and I got a gift card for my mom while there and then ordered one from Culver's this afternoon so I am done with mom. Also got my SIL a movie card, so I'm almost completely done with them. I have one or two other things to get and I can mail it all out Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow I plan on ordering the Spousal Unit's main gift online.

I didn't do much this morning. Watched the Alice Cooper thing, a bit of football. We took the Honda to the UVil so it could run for a while before having to start cold tomorrow morning. It was vaguely pleasant out. We had salad for lunch in a sunny window of Specialty's which was pleasant. Did minor shopping since we forgot bags. I got some acne moisturizer for my face. Gawd, I feel like a teenager again, although I didn't have bad acne then. I'm going to continue washing and moisting and see if it improves.

I didn't do much at home either, save for watching the Packers (bet New England 26-21 or something like that). Good weekend for us: Seattle, Alabama, WI, WA, and Green Bay all won. Had leftover turkey for dinner, so much for Thanksgiving. Walked outside. New potential song to learn, Seagull but Bad Company. Nice song. Looked fairly easy. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

29 November 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Slept in until 11:30 this morning. Lee Roy went down to Grandma's with me for a big birthday dinner. After dinner we went down town and listened to some of the new records out. Meet Shirley while we were down town and I took her home. Listened to records over at Lee's place most of the afternoon. Went down to Shirley's place for about and[sic] hour before I went to work. Gas $1.75. Spent $1.75.
I bet Barbara was really high maintenance. I'm guessing that November 29 is his birthday. So whoever he was, he was born on November 29, probably around 1935. It's kind of nice reading about a new girlfriend like that.

Today was okay. Slept okay. My stupid phone alarm went off at 5:30, waking the Spousal Unit. Grrrr. That damn thing is somehow always setting itself through my unknowing agency. I think probably because I will change something and think it's changed, but forgetting to Save it. I don't like having to Save it every time I change something. Just does not seem intuitive.

Anyway, we went out for breakfast. Cold morning, about 33 and it just kept dropping from there. Right now it's about 29. It snowed overnight and we had maybe an inch on the ground, but none in the streets or concrete anywhere. We spent most of the morning futzing around, me watching football. I did write up most of a Car Lust post on the Le Car and the winter one saved me. Went to Northgate for lunch and shopping for Xmas gifts. Got most of what I need, mostly gift cards. We stopped at an estate sales on the way back and I got some old Christmas cards. Nice colors.

When we got home I pulled out a guitar book I bought several months ago and started anew with it. I changed my hand position somewhat and I think it's easier this way, but I'll have to learn new movements. I'm not far enough along that it will be that difficult, but I'm going to learn the chords in the order the book has them and master each new set before moving on. That means lots of repetition, but it really has to be done. Practicing the fundamentals is what makes you better so tedium it is.

Just because it was cold and snowy we listened to The Beach Boys in the car and then I made burgers out on the grill. The latter did not turn out well. I seriously need a light for that grill. Actually, I have some books lights, hmmmmm.......

I went for a walk without the Spousal Unit, she stayed home and cleaned. It was nice, I intend to Jethro Tull's Stormwatch which is my Winter Music.

I may start taking better care of my facial skin. I took a photo of me and I kind of look, well, oooold. I can deal with wrinkles and stuff but it doesn't look good. So I'm going to start Noxzema-ing every night and putting on some moisturizer.

I took two valerians this afternoon, seeing if two get me through the night without flipping out. We'll see. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

28 November 2014 (Black Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Slept in until about 10:30 and then went down to the church to help dad a little while until noon. Went down to Shirley's [place about 12:10 and took a [filing] down town. After dinner went over [town] and got an exhaust pipe for my car. Had to go to the dentist at 4:45. Work on the car until about 11:00. Got the exhaust pipe on but like to have froze to death.
I went and slept on the floor most of the night. I did it again, however: I simply asked God to rid me of this anxiety and I almost immediately relaxed and went back to sleep. I should really believe it this time. . . . .

Today is the 9th anniversary of my dad's death. So much has happened in that time. I miss you, Dad.

I slept okay for the most part. The Spousal Unit was up by 6 or before, too. Made pancakes for breakfast. Didn't really do much all morning except some cleaning followed by reading followed by a short nap followed by more cleaning. Watched a dumb movie. Well, it was cute. The Internship. Utterly predictable, kind of funny in spots. Sweet ending. We went to McD's for lunch and then to UVil for dinner stuff. Kind of unexciting. Then I had the bright idea to go to the gym, which I did, around 1:30. I just used the cycle for 30 minutes, ran for 15, bit of cool-down cycle, that was it. I wanted to give my left biceps a rest. It was cold and rainy all day, all the rain we were supposed to get yesterday. It has cooled off during the day, supposed to only be in the 30s tomorrow and for another 2 days or so. Many streets pseudo-flooded.

We mall-walked after dinner. First real Christmas mall walk of the season. It was pleasant. I used to not care for Christmas much, until a few years ago. Now I like a lot about it. The decorations, the music, all the people out shopping. It's got its bad points, but mostly it's a pleasant season. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

27 November 2014 (Thursday, Thanksgiving)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Slept in until about 9:30 and then went to Thanksgiving services at the Nazarene Church. Went to grandma's for a big turkey dinner. After dinner we went out to mother's grave. I practiced a little this afternoon and Lee Roy came over for a little while. Took Shirley out to the show tonight at the Capitol. Seen a real good show. Got in about 11:15. Had a good time. Show $1.50. Spent $1.50.
We had a quiet Thanksgiving. I felt really crappy this morning and the Spousal Unit didn't feel too well either, so we stayed home. We went to the QFC around 10 to get a few items for dinner and then just stayed in. We got a turkey leg and wings-area, some brussels sprouts, and potatoes. I put the turkey on the grill at around 11:45, but when I checked it an hour later the flame had blown out! It was windy. So I stuck it in the oven. By 2:30 it was done but still kinda tough, so the turkey didn't turn out so well. Neither did the sprouts. Potatoes were great as was the pumpkin pie the Spousal Unit made. So it wasn't too bad.

We walked after that, probably the only time all winter we'll go for an after-dinner walk in the daylight. It was supposed to rain all day but we hardly got any. I think it was rain shadowing. But the Christmas lights are on and everything looks all festive. There's some college football on that I'll watch and the SeaChickens are on, too.

Nice to have a quiet Thanksgiving for a change. Wish I'd made the food better though. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

26 November 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took Shirley to school this morning. Had another little [skif finger]. Took Shirley home after school. Pick her up again about 5:30 and took her down to pick up some pictures. After supper I came home a little while and at 7:15 took Shirley to church. Went down to the library and read some books while waiting to pick her up. Got home about 9:30 and I practiced about 3 hours. Just getting in bed a little after midnight. There is just enough snow on to make the roads slick tonight.
I had. . .a nice day. More or less. Woke up around 1 this morning etc. Had an outstanding workout. Came home and dealt with SJI thing and the architect actually called and it wasn't really all that (as I probably could have assumed anyway). So I went to work and fiddled with that for most of the morning. I left about noon, had lunch at NGate, came home, went to UVil, came home, worked on guitar for quite a while just doing the C-F combination. I'm getting better, but it's a lot of work. I guess I thought it would be more fun, less work, but I was wrong. Made a cake for dinner.

The weather was in the upper 50s and cloudy all day so it was really rather pleasant.

Can't decide whether we'll be going down tomorrow. Neither of us really wants to go but the Spousal Unit feels obligated. I figure if it's all about feeling "obligated" it's probably not worth doing. But that's me. Most of my best holidays have been spent alone. It's just quiet and peaceful. My first Xmas out here was perfect: sunny, 50s or 60s and I even went for a run that day. Still my favorite Xmas in recent memory. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25 November 2014 (Tuesday)`

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Took Shirley to school this morning. Had our first little whiff of snow this morning. Took her home from school and took her and her mother down to the fuel yard to get a couple sacks of coal. Ate supper down at grandma's and [can] of a gas on the way home and had to have dad give me a push again. Talked to Shirley over the phone for a while tonight. Went over to Ray's for a little while and then came home and got to bed by 8:00 and did some geometry.
What a busy day. I woke up at 2:15 this morning and figured it was about 3:30, and ended up taking 1/4 ambien and sleeping on the floor. Just when I think I'm doing well. . . .

Anyway, I woke up a little before 5 so I drank some soder and had a dandy workout. I went right to Cascadia and did some stuff, finished the Bear Creek report, did a few odds and ends and then Janet and I went to Sam's Club and got some stuff for me and dropped some old video tape cassettes off to be transferred to DVD. Came back, worked a bit more, and then headed to the Ivar's by the Mukilteo ferry to meet someone for lunch, the proprietress of an online forum I've posted at for years (since like 2002). She was about what I expected, very talkative and outspoken, fun to listen to. Matronly. As it were. I enjoyed it. Drove home, missing the turn to 526 so I had to go down 525 (the loooong way) and ended up getting home around 3. Was just going to hang out but then the San Juan project hit the fan and DAHP is requiring monitoring for almost everything, blah blah blah, so I made up a monitoring plan, etc. Sheesh. I'm not even looking at my email until tomorrow.

We went to UVil to get bagels and Thanksgiving stuff. Still might not go anyway. Won a free bagel again. Beautiful evening, mid 50s, windy, no rain. This is my favorite Seattle weather. Back in the early 1990s when I couldn't sleep -- every.single.night I'd go to bed, fall half asleep, and then wake up -- I'd get dressed again and go for a 20-minute walk or so, which usually worked. So for about three years I was intimately familiar with the weather. I used to love walking around at about 11 at night in this weather, where you could see the low clouds moving quickly through the sky.

So yeah, now instead of walking around outside I got sleep on the couch, the floor, etc.  . . . .

Monday, November 24, 2014

24 November 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Took Shirley to school this morning. Most of the morning we got to watch three plays put on by the dramatics classes. Stayed after school and watch the girls play off championship game in after school sports. Took Shirley home from school. Went down to her place a little while before I and[sic] played at the Front Street Mission tonight for a church service. Helped with the music and played a special number. Got home about 9:30.
I managed to sleep okay again last night. At least until 3:30, but I managed to drift back to sleep. I think maybe the valerian root is doing something about that. Thus far I'm taking one first thing in the morning and one in late afternoon.

Actually I got up around 4:30 meaning I drank a soda meaning I had a great workout, if a bit undirected. I got a chick to show me how she was doing these front squats, which I'd been meaning to try. She was right, it really does something different to the lower back than regular squats. I can't tell yet if they'll be really good for my back or kill it. Seemed okay when doing them.

I went to Cascadia after stopping by for bagels and soda. Worked mostly on a couple of bids and junk, Facetimed with Jana about a couple projects, and then spent some time (unpaid) working up a Car Lust post. Left there around 2:30 I guess. Made dinner. Went to UVil to check on some new litter (still thinking) and got some dinner stuff for Wednesday and tomorrow and some Thanksgiving supplies.

I came home and did some stuff and worked on I Will Wait (Mumford and Sons) for a while. I was actually doing it not too badly. Getting better at the F, finally. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

23 November 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Took Shirley to church and came home and did some geometry while waiting to pick her up. After I picked her up she went down to grandma's with me and ate dinner with us. After dinner I got my book and went down to her place and did some more geometry. After supper she went to church with me down at my church. We had a [movie]. Rick [came] up down town and took him home. Had a lot of fun today with Shirley. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Sounding like he's moved on. I think Barbara was a high maintenance GF.

Another bizarre night. Well, not that bad. I ended up sleeping on the floor most of the night. And it was quite comfortable actually. I think I sleep very soundly down there, although it does tend to hurt my shoulders some. I slept until 5. Watched most of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi; Lewis Hamilton won the race and the driver's championship. He's hooked up with Nicole Scherzinger who is simply stunning. I hope they breed, we need more super attractive people in the world. Went to Mass, I drove because it was pouring rain most of the early morning although it had let up by 8. I drove anyway because I thought it might rain again.

After I came home I did a couple of chores and watched a thing on TV about R..E.M. (the band). I kind of liked them. Well, I really liked their Green and Out of Time albums, listened to them a lot in the late 1980s out in the field, so they always remind me of fieldwork back then. Crazy, but good music.

We went to UVil today and did the usual things. Didn't rain much the rest of the day and in fact it got to be quite sunny. I put up the rest of the lights outside. Sadly, three strings didn't light up, which is odd because they're LEDs and I thought those always worked! That took over an hour, during which I listened to mostly Alice Cooper. You know, to get in the mood.

Made pasta for dinner in hopes of a good workout tomorrow. What else. I dunno, kind of a decent, if quiet day. Played guitar for a while in the afternoon. I really need to take at least a couple of lessons. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

22 November 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Took my car down and had it tuned this morning. After dinner Lee Roy and I went to all the new dears and looked at the 53 models that are out Ran out of gas going to supper this evening. Brought Shirley home from a wedding. Went to work about 8:30 and got in about 1:00. $.30 eats. Spent $.30.
*knock wood* I never have run out of gas. Hasn't mentioned Barbara for several days either.

Weird day today. Last night was even weirder. I got out of the bed at 11:30 -- pathetic, I know -- and decided to go downstairs. Oddly, Jack was just sitting down there already. Unless he ran down in front of me and I didn't see him. Anyway, it kind of reminded me of some stupid horror movie I'd seen a few weeks ago called Paranormal Activity 5, where a kid could see a ghost called Toby. So I started thinking (not seriously mind you) that Jack was down there talking to "Toby" the ghost. So all night I kept dreaming of stupid ghosts. Jack was curled up next to me, too, which I liked, but he hogs up space. So I didn't sleep all that well. And I woke up at 3:30. So I moved to yet another sleeping station! Up in the TV room. Didn't think I'd go back to sleep but I did. So I was decently rested today.

We went out for breakfast. Came home, the Spousal Unit went out and raked and I watched football stuff and ended up taking a nap around 9:45. We let for the UDist around 10:10 for the Spousal Unit's hair appt., and I hung out at the Bookstore etc. Drove up to Alderwood mall for something to do. The Spousal Unit bought a pair of and I got a Xmas gift for my sister. Came home by way of an estate sale, nothing but a neat old musical Christmas thing. Several bears or monkeys or something that would hit little chimes and play tunes. Didn't have a power supply though. I dunno, maybe I'll go back tomorrow and buy it and see if I can find one.

We were going to walk at NGate but after being up at Alderwood today we decided to just walk around here (and it wasn't raining).

I was thinking about making every weekend a '70s-'80s weekend. You know, just switch off all the communications stuff and just hang out in the material world the whole time. I do think it was helpful last week to Live Like The '80s (or try to) for a few days. I think my mind was somewhat calmer. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

21 November 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Took Shirley to school this morning and took her home. Had a [yayon] test today. Took Shirley to a show tonight. Went to the Capitol and saw a real good musical and a talent show. After the show I asked her to go study with me and she excepted[sic]. Got home about mid-night. Am a little tired tonight. Show $1.80. Spent $1.80.

"go study with me" Uh-huh. On the other hand, the Capitol Theatre is still around.

What happened today. At the moment I am in a fabulous mood. Dunno why, although when I was driving home this afternoon (actually driving to the UW) I really thought that things were going pretty well these days, considering. I mean, I'm doing both archaeology and GH, working out extremely hard nearly every time, I have Laurie back as a friend, and many other things. Eh, maybe it's just the valerian root. But we just got back from "walking" up at TJ Maxx and the fabric store.

Man, I was so optimistic during the night: I'd woken up several times and stayed in the bed. Finally, I woke up at some point feeling pretty refreshed and thought "Yeah, I stayed in the bed the whole night!"

Nah, it was 3:30. Buggers. But I went to the TV room and managed to doze off again, unassisted. So I felt okay all day. Had a really great workout. Went to Cascadia after coming home first. Got several things done, including most of the Bear Creek report. Someone called up and said they needed a survey done on Camano island for some landslide material. So that was different. I left there around 11:30 to go to the Ave to eat lunch and get my hair cut at 12:30. Nice to see Anne again.

I went to the UVil after that as I needed some dinner items and got my Oracea scrip refilled. Yeah, I went back on it. I managed to keep my face reasonably clear with Noxzema, but my scalp was getting all sorts of zits. And they hurt. I assume it's from the rosacea, although I also suspect it might be raging hormones from working out so hard. But whatever. What else. Sat in SBux for a bit. I came home and worked on Song for the Siren for almost an hour. I really want to learn how to play that. It's really one of the few acoustic songs that I really, really like. Odd that, I'd never heard of it before a few months ago. (Actually I'd heard it before but didn't know it)

So that's about it. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

20 April 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Picked up Shirley and took her to school this morning. Things went about the same in school. Took Shirley home after school. Had an appointment with the dentist after school, first time in my life had some teeth filled. Did about an hour of geometry tonight. Talk to Shirley for a while on the phone tonight. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I hope he's getting his ring back from Barbara. Although following protocol, they'll get back together soon enough.

I think I slept in the bed until around 3 or 3:30 but it seems like earlier. Mind went whacko but I went back to sleep shortly with some assistance. Went out monitoring again. I thought it was going to rain but it didn't, much. Actually pretty pleasant out there. Janet came out and I gave her an introduction to the art of monitoring. It was done by 9 so we went to the SBux and went over forms and monitoring plans and such for a while. Drove back, then I worked on the one excavation permit some more (sent it out), did some other stuff until around 2. Then I went to find a Bank of America (minor adventure there) and got the Honda'a emissions tested. Yippee. Came home, fiddled with guitar, made dinner, walked.

I found Randall's old Compaq computer in a closet and tried to fire it up, but to no avail. What a neat little computer it was. It was the "portable" one where the keyboard made up the base, which popped off and the screen was right there. I always thought it was a fabulous design. I took a picture of it next to a newer Macbook just for comparison. I really would like to get that thing working again, but I have no idea what I'd be doing with it. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19 November 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took Shirley to school this morning. Had an assembly this morning at 9:00. Had a test in geometry. Took Shirley home from school and took her to church at 7:30. While I [waited] I went down to the library and read for a while. Afterwards I took to an open house at [Cadevish] school where her mother was working. 
He always seems to have some broad in the mix for the times when Barbara's off.

I almost slept well last night, but I woke at 3:15. =( And my mind went about a thousand miles an hour. I broke down and snagged 1/4 ambien. Worked pretty well, I mostly slept until 5 after that, so good on me. What else. Kind of a decent workout, although I felt kind of blehh. I probably could have worked much harder.

Rode downtown and started right in on revising ye olde paper. Actually, it went well after a slow start. I got through the Results section and I'm okay with it. Of course, I was okay with it two versions ago. . . .but we'll see. I worked pretty steadily all day, at least until about 2:00. Only had a scone for lunch. What else. Yeah, that was about it. I read through some slides for one of the epi classes. Bus ride home was uneventful. I listened to U2's Achtung Baby on the way back, I hardly ever listen to music on the bus. But I felt like it.

We walked down to Metropolitan Market for a loaf of bread and I got a sandwich for lunch tomorrow (actually 2 days' worth). Must put buttons on other work pants tonight as well. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18 November 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Got in a big argument and she broke up with me. Had a assembly this morning. Got in a fight with a dam Nigger in the assembly and got kicked out. Saw Shirley after school a little while. Ate at grandma's and then came home a studied about a hour and a half on geometry. Sure am sore from the fight today. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Who even knew there were black people in eastern Washington back then? I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't May or something, what with yet another breakup.

I had a decent day. Slept well again. Had a pretty decent workout (leg). I came home ready to eat bagels and then go to Cascadia but then Michael emailed wondering where I was? Hmmm? Turned out he'd asked to change our Skype from Thursday to Tuesday at 8, but I only got the "8" part. Happily I was in and we could talk. Still difficult trying to get this the ay he wants, but I'm persevering because I think he's right. So I keep swallowing my pride and going along. Although I did start to push back a bit today, or at least be more assertive.

So I went to Cascadia and worked all day on the Bear Creek report and getting the last bits of the SJI excavation permit ready. The latter is almost there. The former is . . . well, I used an old report which doesn't have the same background as others, so it's shorter. I hope it will work. Also went to NGate bank to get a document notarized, and had lunch there. I left there at 3. Drove my Mustang and found the heater core is out again because it doesn't really defrost (I have have mentioned this earlier). Sure is fun to drive that thing though. Just a lot of brute force.

We went to UVil to cash a couple of checks. Supposed to warm up over the next day or so and begin raining again. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

17 November 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. Had to play football again today. Sure is cold outside. Took Barbara home after school. Also took her and her mother to church and I went to dance band practice at the High School tonight. $1.00 gas. $.10 pop. Spent $1.10.
Well, back to Barbara.

Had to go out to Redmond again this morning. Waste of time mostly, I got there and walked around a bit and then they said they wouldn't be doing any digging today. The City guy told me to wait while he figured out if something else was going to be done, so I mostly sat around until 11:15. Well, not strictly true: I took my computer to the SBux and actually got some work done. Worked for about 1/2 hour watching them spread the back dirt piles around from when they were screening and then dig some holes in that. Had lunch at the Pallino and then went home and worked some more there. The SBux at Redmond Town Center is nice (it's got two, a small one and a big one); I held the door for three women with strollers (and one extra carrying a box) and they were so nice they offered to let me go ahead of them in line. I said no thanks because I already had some mocha left over and I was just going in to use the WiFi. Oh, the new suspenders -- real lumberjack ones! -- worked great.

I just did some mapping and paperwork when I got home. Went over to the QFC at UVil around 3 to get some dinner material, played gee-tar a while, etc. Still cold but sunny and pleasant in the afternoons. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

16 November 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Didn't go to Sunday or church this morning. Picked Shirley up from church and took her home. Went to the show after dinner with Carl. Went to the Roxy $.40. Took Shirley to church tonight. Got home about 9:15. Spent $.40.
I'm really starting to wonder if he dumped Barbara and Shirley is his new girl.

Anyway, slept vaguely okay last night, ended up on the floor for the latter half though. Hence, I went to Mass. It was okay, although when it was over and I was all set to leave the two people at either end just sat there so I was kind of trapped.

Came home and set to work on the Intro to the alkyhol paper -- its been causing me worries -- and got it worked out, I think. Sent that off. Watched a bit of football (Seattle lost, Green Bay crushed Philly). We went to UVil for the usual, although we ate at McD's. It was pretty cold most of the day, but I went out in just a sweatshirt (and two layers under that,, of course). We stopped and got a clear plastic "dome" for the bird feeder, I'm hoping we can attract birds to the back yard with a functioning (and not wet) feeder. Put a chicken in. And then I strung up Xmas lights on the front of the house. I won't turn them on until Thanksgiving, but when the weather is nice, I'm out putting them up. Cleaned off some needles while up there.

A reasonable day, altogether. Tomorrow's looking cold again in the morning so I'm planning on layering up again. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

15 November 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 8:30. I had to go down and march with the band in the balloon parade. Took Shirley home after the parade. Ate dinner at grandma's and then came home and worked the car. Went down to Shirley's about 3:00 and stayed until about 6:00. Ate supper and came home and rested a little and then went to work. Gas $1.00 pop $.20 Spent $1.20.
I wonder if I missed something back a few days ago about Barbara. Who is Shirley?

I slept like a log last night and even stayed in the bed until probably 3. I thought I was going to be awake a while but I went back to sleep until 5. Go me. Didn't shower as I was planning on working out, and we went for breakfast at Burgermaster. Deeeelish. When we got back I piddle around. . .wait, no, I cleaned the kitchen floor and swept a bit. Then worked out and man, did I work out hard. Partly because the Fitness Model was there (although she makes a point of not making eye contact, which kind of amuses me), but I also just felt like really pushing it. Was d-a-i-d daid by the time I was done. I did mostly upper body and then some leg stuff just to get everything worked because I only was there twice last week. I drove the Mustang, too, it felt good to be driving the old thing again.

We went to NGate for lunch because we couldn't decide what else, then went to Sam's Club and then to the Whistle Work place where I got some decent suspenders. Plus button things. Almost like rivets.  Stopped by Safeway up there, then went to an estate sale in Viewridge. Some neat stuff there, but I just bought an AIWA walkman-type thing for $3. I might try to 'go '80s' once a week or so. Or I might try to keep much of it in place anyway.

When we got home I fiddle with the guitar some more just to get my fingers back working it, watched some football -- Wisconsin crushed Nebraska -- made dinner, then we mall-walked. Didn't buy anything.

Dunno if the valerian root is doing anything. I felt good yesterday but today was kinda iffy at times. We'll see how the next few days shake out. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

14 November 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Didn't feel to good this morning and stayed home from school. Took Barbara and Shirley to school anyway. Went back to school and took them home although I did not feel like it. Took Barbara to progressive dinner that we had a the church tonight. Got down to the church about 7:00 and left with the [bunch] from [they]. We ended up at [Bells] for dessert. Stayed there until about 12:00. Then I had to take some kids home. Got Barbara home about 1:00 this morning. $.75 gas. Spent $.75.
I've almost made it through the 1980s. But I just cheated by checking the Spousal Unit's flight status online. Back then we would have the paper itinerary and would just go to the airport when it was supposed to arrive. If it was late, we sat there and waited. At some point we realized we could call the airline to check, which is better, but not like checking the flight status whenever you want. I would have called, but I would have sounded like a moron (or an old fart) calling up when I could check it online.

But otherwise, I made it through. Being out in the field the last couple of days was easier to make it through, although I was checking email and text messages quite often. I tried using the iPod today but it kept playing the same song over and over, so I quit. Was well-rested anyway, so I didn't mind too much. It was 26 this morning, but didn't feel as cold this morning, maybe because the humidity was a bit higher? Also had warmer socks on. Left the site around 2.

What did I learn this week? Well, I know why I drank so much, there was nothing else to do! Seriously, a couple of lessons, both applicable to archaeology actually. I've criticized 'experimental archaeology' a lot, the sort where a bunch of people decide they're going to try to build a pyramid or a boat or whatever in two weeks or something like that. I've maintained that while it can kind of clue you in to some of the complexities of doing certain things, the time is too short to really learn how to do it with the tools and techniques of the day. It does well when a specific hypothesis is being tested, although most often that's only a portion of the process and could just as easily be done in the lab.

Relevance to this: It was more difficult than I'd though, largely because I soon realized that there were hundreds of little things that I'd forgotten about. I mentioned the bread situation earlier in the week, and also that we didn't have Mr. Coffee Iced Tea pots so I hadn't really drunk much iced tea back then until I had one of these things to make it easily with. In essence, I didn't have the infrastructure already in place that would have really let me work within the limitations of the 1980s. For example, I would have had a phone book handy, and I also would have known more about things than I do now. Nowadays, if I need to know something I look it up on the Web. Back then, a lot of things I'd just make sure I knew about, like store hours and such.

I would have had a Walkman or whatever for work. I would have had whatever tapes I wanted to play on it. I would always have a watch on to know the time, instead of relying on my cell phone. I would know where to get coffee or soda if I needed it that didn't involve a Starbucks. And who knows what else I've not thought of?

It's that store of accumulated knowledge that makes a big difference, and it's what is limiting about experimental archaeology: Unless you've spent years building, say, Viking ships, you wouldn't really know the ins and outs of Viking ship building that the average Viking ship builder would have. It's a lot of "knowing what you know" and also "knowing what you don't know" and how to find out with the tools of the day.

I guess the short way of saying that is, things don't exist in a vacuum. When we didn't have the Internet, we made sure to know most of the things we needed to know by asking other people or making things part of our general knowledge base. When we didn't have cell phones and the Web, we made sure we had phone books around, or at least a lot of numbers close by. I remember setting our clocks by calling a certain number on the telephone, rather than looking at our radio-controlled clocks, or phone or computer. Who would know anything about that in a few hundred years?

So I've learned quite a bit, I think. I learned that I forgot an awful lot about what I was doing back then and how I was doing it, from the bread that I ate to how I made tea. I learned a few new/old exercises from the weight room that I'd quit doing for whatever reason; some I may integrate back into my workouts, though to be fair I may have dropped many of them because they were doing bad things to certain muscles or joints or whatever.

I also learned that I can actually survive daily life without obsessively checking Facebook and various web sites. I've been wondering for a while if I needed to start disconnecting a bit. I may even stay somewhat disconnected. Who knows, I might try to Live In The 1980s once a week just to remind myself of how good and bad we have it now compared to then.

I suppose the biggest difference is still computers and especially the Internet. So much is basically the same: We drive cars with gas engines (mostly) that are better, but largely the same; we still wash clothes in washers and dryers; still cook food on the stove, mostly the same stuff but with less seasonality; we (or at least I) exercise by moving a bunch of cast iron around; we watch a box with pictures and sound; etc. But now we have instant access to virtually any sort of information you could ask for, from "What time is the hazardous waste station open?" to academic papers (given the proper access), to recipes for just about anything, to videos from whenever, to any number of guitar chords for almost any song ever written, etc. etc. etc. All this week I've seen something and wanted to "look it up"; but I couldn't. The name of a song on the radio. A book that I wanted to read (Hawthorne's "The Custom House"). Info on valerian root. Now we take it for granted if you want to know something, you can search for it on the Web. Send email to nearly anyone. Post a photo on Facebook for your family and friends to see. That, I think, is both a quantitative and qualitative change.

The things I really missed or would miss if I really had to Live In The '80s again:
-- Streaming music (aka, Pandora).
-- Caffeine free diet soda.
-- Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker
-- Being able to search for anything on the Web

Things I really miss about the '80s:
-- Actually hanging out with people more of the time
-- Being able to talk to people at the gym without earbuds in their ears
-- Wordperfect 5.1!

Oddly, I had a really difficult time with that last part. I've always looked nostalgically back at the '80s, but thinking about it. . . . I guess it was mostly the people I knew. Hmmmm.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

13 November 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Picked up Barbara and Shirley both and took them to school this morning. Stayed after school until 4:15 practicing in sectional rehearsal. At at grandma's and then about 7:30 I took Shirley out to a show at the Liberty $1.50. After I took Shirley home I went up to see Barbara for a while and talked to her until about 11:00. Came home and got a bite to eat and went to bed to tired to do any studying tonight. Gas $.75 Show $1.50 Spent $2.25.
Afraid I don't have much 1980s stuff to report. Was out in the field It's a useless, stupid, and boring monitoring job by Bear Creek and Redmond Town Center. It's fill. They know it;s fill. They know how deep it goes. They're not going deeper. It's just plain dumb that anyone's out there monitoring. Anyway, I left at 6:45 and didn't get home until 5:45 because it took over an hour to get back because 520 was jammed. So I'm all irritated. And it was cold out there, at least until 9 or so, then it was pleasant until about 3. Tomorrow I'm pretending this iPod Shuffle is a Walkman radio and I'm going to listen to it because I was bored bored bored.

Daisy really wants attention. Going to relax and play with them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12 November 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took Barbara to school this morning. We had a assembly this morning. Had boxing in [gong] today. Stayed after school a little while for a band meeting. Took Barbara home. Saw [Tyrol] and took him to church tonight. Went to a meeting at the school at 8:00 tonight for a meeting [announcing] the band. Wasn't over until 10:15. Drove by Barbara's place after the meeting. 
Still more '80s fun! Didn't do so well today. I worked out, and actually did some interesting stuff for my back. I might even integrate some of them into the normal routine. I'll see where I'm sore tomorrow. Went running on the track. Wisconsin chick started a convo with me, finally! That was nice, to know I'm not totally skeevy or anything.

After scarfing down non-'80s bagels, I took the Civic to the mechanic for some work. Ended up fixing a couple of small oil leaks, changing the clutch fluid, air filter, etc. Should be good for many more miles now. I walked home and started working on the paper, finding I had to do a lot of re-finding of references and such and really retooling the introduction. I was going to drive my Mustang this afternoon, but it wouldn't start! Think the battery was dead. I drove to UVil after McD's for lunch: And I got stuff only available in the 1980s, cheeseburger, small fries, diet Coke. And I read a newspaper instead of anything on my phone. At UVil, I got a battery charger, and had a hot chocolate at SBux (technically a minor cheat) while waiting to go to the church to drop off the old iMac. Carol wasn't there, but Fr.Oliver was so we chatted a bit.

After that I worked some more, and then went to a Dr appt. because I needed my Ambiem prescript refilled and the other doctor had left so I had to re-whatever. She was okay. Refilled it, got some other stuff, talked about anxiety and such. She suggested trying valerian root for the anxiety. I got some of that when I got the prescript this evening.

Sadly, I have to go monitor tomorrow. IN THE COLD. I should be okay, I've got lots of cold weather gear now. Still rather go to the gym instead Oh well, money. This evening I went to UVil to get the prescript and then got a Stanley thermos at Eddie Bauer -- bringing coffee (decaf) tomorrow -- and an apple. Saw the Fitness Model and her boyfriend at the QFC.

Now I'm doing this and then giving the cats attention. And getting stuff ready for tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11 November 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
To[sic] was Armistice Day. No school today. Slept in until almost 9:30. Marched in the Parade at 10:45. Took Shirley home after the Parade. Played for a football game at 1:30. Like to have froze to death. Came home after the game and worked on the car some. Went down to grandma's for supper. Took the Dodge tonight about 7:45 and drove around town for a while. Got home about 10:30. Gas $1.25. Spent $1.25.
I like how he called it Armistice Day. I think I actually prefer that term, although I suppose honoring all veterans is better.

Day 2 of the 1980s! How'd it go? To start with, I cheated again by driving the Forester. Had to take four 5 gallon cans of roof paint to the hazardous waste station and wasn't going to try to fit them in the Civic (or my Mustang). Come to think of it, what would I have done in 1984 with that stuff? Probably. . .I don't know. Taken them to the dump and just tossed them in? Also cheated by having to look up the hours and address of the transfer station (=dump) because I didn't have a phone book. Turned out I didn't go anyway (too small of a load) but I felt bad looking it up on the Web. I was also going to have to look at my paper map to figure out how to get there instead of just looking it up online or on my phone. I also, because I couldn't check the time by phone, went by the hazardous place before it was open.

Couple other observations: Appliances and food. Our new refrigerator isn't that different, although the freezer is on the bottom and it's probably more efficient. The stove is another matter: it's got a glass/ceramic top. No open burners. On the one hand, it's easier to keep clean and looking nice because there aren't burners and the aluminum dishes to get all gunked up. OTOH, it requires cleaning nearly every day to keep it that way AND with specialty cleaner. And there's some junk baked onto the bottom of the oven that we can't get up, so it's not that different after all. Our cookware is anodized nonstick (Calphalon), much better than the Teflon-coated junk we used to have. Still, we also have plain aluminum Revere Ware that we use most of the time anyway. We always make popcorn in the microwave as well, no popper anywhere here.

From yesterday, I mentioned tea; Yes, the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot was introduced in 1989, so it was either boiled-and-cooled tea or sun tea before this. I love love LOVE my Mr. Tea (as I call it). I had one for like 15 years and finally had to get a new one. Use it twice a week at least. That, combined with the Luzianne, changed my tea drinking habits considerably. Chalk another one up for progress there.

As for food, the supermarket isn't really recognizable. Back then, you went there for groceries and beer (okay, and other junk, too). Now they have pharmacies, delis, banks, etc. Produce is radically different. Nowadays, I can get watermelon almost year round. True, in February they're small and $5 each, but they're there. Some things are still pretty seasonal, squash for example. And pomegranates, which I never would have been able to get back in Wisconsin (maybe still can't for all I know). Oh, and gas at many of them. And let's not get started on loyalty cards -- no more coupon clipping! Well, some.

I came to some resolution on the sweetener issue. I learned that Sweet 'n Low was introduced in 1957, but I'm not sure when it was readily available for home use. I'm pretty sure it was common in restaurants in the 1980s. So I'm using regular sugar at home, but if I get something outside I'll use the pink packets. I kind of cheated and went to SBux twice. Yes, it was cheating, more or less. I only got tea in the morning, but got an herbal tea in the afternoon. There were places in Madison, and I suppose some restaurants, where you could get a tea back then, maybe not an herbal one though. Its rather striking how much I relied on myself back then to bring anything to drink wherever I was. We had coffee vending machines (blech) in some buildings on campus, but unless you had a thermos or a coffee maker at work, you were kinda stuck going to the donut shop or nearby restaurant.

Cats: For one thing, they're chipped meaning if they get lost, they can be located. Even without a collar. We are also using some clumping litter made out of walnut shells or something. That's totally different. Actually, I may prefer the plain clay litter myself. They have a wider array of food, of course. No more Tender Vittles though! But a much bigger variety. Tons of structures for them to goof around on, too. But, you know, they're still happy with a spot in the sun and a ball of yarn to play with.

Was still kind of difficult not to surf the Internet when I was getting a bit bored.

LPs are kind of a pain. They're fun every now and then, but they take up an awful lot of space and you have to flip them over every 20 minutes.

How did we do archaeology back then? Man. Topo maps were hard to come by. Aerials were hard to come by -- now we just go to Google Earth. Mapping in the field was done by hand. We're still writing stuff down on forms though, and taking lots of notes. But we have pictures to look at with our digital cameras immediately. We can call from the field, most of the time, and be in touch with the office. We write our reports with graphics and such embedded in them, and send them to clients and such by email so we can get nearly instant feedback. I remember a few weeks ago we had a client who didn't use email and it was really a pain. Everything happened so slooooowly! That's probably why reports have gotten so much bigger and more elaborate, they figure if we can do it, then we must do it.

Fortunately, one of my favorite shows is on at 8 so I can watch it. Otherwise, I'd stay up late or just not see it. No On Demand in the 1980s. . . .

Monday, November 10, 2014

10 November 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Drove the Plymouth to school this morning. Got our report card today. Had a marching practice in the rain this morning. Missed most of an assembly we had this morning. Went to Ted's place for a little while. Saw Barbara for a little while tonight. Drove around town some. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Here in 2014 it's the 1980s again! Day 1 of Living In The 80s. How has it gone? As I'm typing this, I have a Steely Dan LP playing on my 1980-vintage stereo, albeit with different speakers (those are downstairs), these are 1973ish Advents. Very 1980s, although I didn't have any Steely Dan albums back then. From the get-go this morning I found some small things that I hadn't thought of going into this. But let's go a bit chronologically:

I woke up to the same sort of clock radio I've been waking up to since the mid-'70s. This one has digital tuning and some minor bells and whistles, but nothing too different. I also shave with an old double-edge razor and Foamy, so no 4- and 5-bladed multi-pivoting vibrating cartridges for me. That's one huge change, razors. Also a lot more exotic creams and foams and gels and what-not. Back then it was cream in a can, Edge Gel, or maybe shaving soap in a cup with a brush.

I also put in my contacts. That was a difficult one to decide, but I finally went with wearing them for a few more safety-related reasons. But it's arguable.

Clothing also hasn't changed much, although for one thing there are far more choices in underwear these days. Back then it was boxers or tighty-whiteys and that was about it. Probably the biggest change is the boxer-brief. Also, shoes: I have both dress shoes and work boots that are water proof. That was unheard of back then except maybe for speciality shoes. A very welcome development in my book. Other than that. . . .Thinsulate and Gore-Tex are probably the biggies in outwear, yes?

A couple of things struck me right off the bat having to do with food and drink. My pre-workout toast was a problem: we didn't have the variety of dark-grained commercial breads, back then it was white or light wheat, maybe dark rye or something in delis. Also tub margarine was just margarine, not the sorts of "heart-healthy" things we have today. The toaster is about the same, too, maybe a bit better-made controls though.

Oddly, tea presented a difficulty. I'd not thought much about iced tea; we made iced tea back then, what's the big deal? This: I've bought Luzianne iced tea bags from the manufacturer ever since the Internet made it possible. Before that, in Wisconsin or Washington you just couldn't get the stuff. Iced tea would be made with whatever local tea bags you had around, mostly Lipton or Bigelow or red Rose or something. Luzianne always was my favorite as it didn't turn cloudy. But I still have my jar of Nestea Instant. Heh. Not sure if I'd decided artificial sweetener packets were cheating or not. I have a feeling they weren't common at home.

I drove the Civic to the gym, which isn't really a 1980s car but it's close.

Now, the gym. For the most part, my workouts aren't really affected since I've always done mostly old-fashioned bodybuilding type routines, using dumbbells, barbells, and simple cable machines. Ours are all rubber-coated; I think most were just plain iron back then. Some things are new, particularly the cardio machines, but also some of the weight machines. The former are far more sophisticated than we had. I think we had stationary bicycles and that was about it. Now the cycles are much smoother in terms of resistance, all electronically controlled, etc. Treadmills are probably way better, too, if they even had powered ones back then. Of course, we had no ellipticals or anything like that (which I don't use anyway). If I wanted to do cardio I'd go running outside or on an indoor track.

Some weight machines are more complicated, too, mostly having to do with tracks and counterweighting. Notably, the assisted pull-up/dip machine, which I've used for dips. The regular ones were tough on  my shoulders and wrists. They still have the dips bars from way back in the 1980s, so I used them and my wrist really hurt afterwards. Some of the squat racks also have fairly sophisticated rails that control the way the bar moves. I use that for bench pressing and lunges; today I used a regular free-barbell bench for that and it was difficult. Some ab benches and things are much different as well. We'll see what's sore tomorrow.

And there wouldn't have been females in spandex booty-shorts doing dead lifts back then either.

Gym clothing: Much different, even for us guys. Back then I would have worn pretty short nylon shorts and a jock strap, with a t-shirt, probably running shoes, and socks halfway up my lower leg and possibly even almost knee-socks. Now I have longer baggy cloth shorts with a jock strap and spandex shorts underneath those, tiny little ankle socks, and a tank top (tank tops were okay then, too). Women of course are far different. If there were even women in the weight rooms, they would have been in sweats, or maybe shorts. Later in the 1980s maybe "aerobics" leotards, but usually black spandex shorts or longer tights and a baggy white t-shirt. Now, sheesh: tiny little spandex booty shorts (aka, volleyball shorts), short nylon shorts, tights or yoga pants, spaghetti-strap tank tops, etc. Really a far different looking place in that respect.

When I got home, I ate bagels: another problem. All we had back in Wisconsin (probably even here in Washington) were the store-bought Lender's Bagels, which I never liked very much. Now I get really good ones from Einstein Brothers: chocolate chip, blueberry, pumpkin, etc.! No plastic bag and much better. Chalk one up for progress there. I'm just going to cheat on those and note it. Also, Diet Coke/Pepsi: they had that in the 1980s so I'm not worrying there. Caffeine free ones, no, I don't think. They did have diet root beer, so I'm drinking that when needed.

Also no Starbucks. That saddens me greatly, but I can probably do without mochas for a week, though I can at least still make "tea lattes" (although I didn't drink those then) or hot chocolate.

At work, I needed to make an appointment to take the car in, and so I had to use a paper phone book to look up the number. And then I couldn't put the day and time in my phone's calendar! This was where a paper calendar would have been handy, though I never used "appointment books" back then. Otherwise, I used my phone as sort of a Walkman for listening to local radio stations, and didn't do any web surfing (except job-related stuff, and a couple of links here) all day. It was amazing how reflexive that's become for me. It was harder when I got home, although I had a lot of little chores to do so I wasn't really looking around being bored either.

For TV, I restricted myself to a few channels we would have had on cable, and didn't watch the HD channels. I don't watch that much TV anyway, but I usually sit there and change channels like a maniac. I'm going to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN, not technically correct, but I could have watched it on ABC back then if I'd wanted to.

So, I survived pretty well, although I did drive the Forester most of the day (had to take the Spousal Unit to the airport). Will use it tomorrow, too, to take some stuff to the dump. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

9 November 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Slept in until about 11:00 this morning. Didn't go to Sunday school or Church. After eating down at grandma's I went for a drive with Shirley up to [Bother Care]. Got back about 6:00. Went to evening services at our church tonight. $2.00 gas Spent $2.00.
No entry yesterday we were at the football game and didn't get back until 8:00. Nothing exciting. Wasn't a bad game (UW lost to UCLA) but it wasn't too cold, blah blah blah. No rain.

Slept kind of badly last night. Woke up in the middle of the night and was worrying a lot about everything, the usual. Sad to say. Last Thursday -- this is the Big News I mentioned earlier -- I thought maybe I might have been cured. Late Thursday night I was lying there (on the floor) at the start of an attack, and I finally prayed and asked directly to take this anxiety crap away. And I immediately relaxed! My mind calmed down (all without drugs!). I slept well. All Friday I felt great. Calm, relaxed, no worries, kind of my usual old self (though not really). Saturday I did well, too. Really, I thought perhaps a small miracle had occurred. But last night it came rushing back, so no, not  quite cured. I wish. But I know that at least temporarily it can go away. Maybe I do just need something to click (permanently) in my mind.

Anyway, I slept until 5 this morning (with assistance, unfortunately), and took a short nap at 8:30. Ate in. Didn't go to church because I was sleepy. Hung out most of the morning. Went up to Woodinville instead of UVil, just for something different. I got Lisa's Xmas gift, a couple of Egyptian glass. . . goblet type things. Had ice cream. Came home, cleaned, did chores, etc. We got some new walnut-shell scoopable litter to try.

Tomorrow I'm trying to Live Like It's The '80s. Ive been finding many little things are problematic. I don't have any white bread. Can't go to Starbucks. Tea, but no sweetener except sugar. No cell phone obviously. I'm going to possibly write down my thoughts and experiences each day here, but I may just open up Word and write them there, just to be simpler. Should be interesting. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

7 November 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Barbara came by and picked me up and took me to school this morning. The [actenesion] shorted out on my plymouth. Went out to a show at the Capitol tonight. Got home about 12:30. Spent $1.80.
Potentially big news but I'm holding off for a bit.

I slept okay last night, although much/most of it was on the floor. Had an awesome, strong workout, too. Stewart thought the other Wisconsin chick at the gym resembled me and wondered if she was my daughter. ! I stayed at home in the morning and worked, went for a mocha, petted Sasha a cute little cat down the street. Really was irritated by software today, it was doing bizarre things. But I got it mostly working.

I went to lunch at McD's and then took the Forester to Discount Tire to fix the flat -- tried Les Schwab but it was really busy -- and they did well. I walked over to NGate and had a hot chocolate while waiting (an hour). Then I hit three estate sales on the way, although one had a line so I didn't bother. Stopped by and got dinner stuff at the UVil QFC. We walked at NGate so the Spousal Unit could get some clothes and maybe shoes. Apparently, she's in no danger of losing her job if the library does whatever it does. That makes me feel better. Took care of some insurance.

A good day if somewhat unexciting. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

6 November 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Barbara came by about 7:45 with the plymouth and picked me up and took me to school. Had a reading test today. Put some anti-freeze in the car when I got home from school this evening and Barbara drove it back to her place. Went to a [pubt-back] at our church tonight. Picked Barbara up after the [fights] at the y tonight and took her home. $.05 candy. Spent $.05.
I just had the idea that maybe I should start writing down how much I spend every day. I would probably not like doing that.

Slept rather badly last night. I ended up downstairs all night, at least after 10:00 or so, and after coming upstairs to have 1/4 ambien at 2:30. Just too much worrying. Now the Spousal Unit says they're starting to talk about closing down the library! Wouldn't happen for a year or so if it does, and one of them is planning on moving it all back to Seattle first and wait until the two managers pushing it are gone. She's in a good position to stay on in some other capacity though. Still, it's unnerving.

So I had a decent workout, and even squatted 95 pounds. That's as much as I've done in years. And my back did okay. Left early so I could Skype with Michael. That went well and it was mostly what I was worrying about last night. Yes, yes, I know 95% of what I worry about is stupid and I know that the problem is the worrying, not the things I'm worrying about. Can't much help it though.

So I did that, and then headed off to Cascadia. I finished up a couple of reports today, including making up a map for the one at Picnic Point. I hope it's close. It was a hard one to map without using GPS. I should have tried using the one on my phone for that. Next time.

Went to UVil for lunch. I dunno, I worked pretty steadily all day. Found out I'd leet a project slip through the cracks. Which I'll probably end up worrying about tonight, but oh well. Stayed until about 3, came home and fiddled around. We just went for a standard walk.

Dunno, I feel like I should expound on something or other here, but I don't know what. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 November 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had an English Test. Stayed after school and did geometry to catch up. Walked home. Got my Plymouth fixed up this evening and got it washed. Drove up to Barbara's and left the car with her tonight. Did a lot of geometry when I got home. Skipped sixth period today at school. Gas $1.00. Coke $.05 Spent $1.05.

A few thoughts first. One of the hardest things about the last few months (years really) has been the process of admitting to myself that I'm very inexperienced at some things. Archaeology for one, working at Cascadia. Epi/research at UW for another. Even though I've been around both for many years -- but mostly doing other things -- as I've gotten older it's been harder for me to admit that these sorts of non-data things I've been wanting to do are really out of my comfort zone. In-ex-perience. Tough to swallow. Tough to admit and tough to do something about. I think I wrote a few weeks ago about another epiphany I had about 'still being in school' and admitting that I am still learning and will always be learning. It's really true. I think that's why many 'older people' (GAWD, I hate typing that with myself in mind)tend to have difficulty getting hired; they tend to have stopped learning or even thinking they needed to learn anything new. Or that it takes a lot of work to learn. The guitar has been teaching me that. I hope this will all be fruitful in the end.

So anyway. Slept pretty well last night. And never on the floor! I almost went down there, but decided against it and it worked. Thus, decently well rested and had an awesome workout. Well, a really good one anyway. Went downtown and immediately set to work on the paper. That was tough. At first I was getting angry that M. had really torn apart my formatting, but then. . . .as you may have guessed, I looked at my old PATH paper and found that I'd really not done it right (in fairness, I'd looked at the requirements on the web site and it didn't say a whole lot about formatting). But I swallowed hard, and went through every comment, thought about it, and most often made adjustments. Worked steadily most of the day, although started wandering around 2-2:30, left at 3:30. Still a ways to go.

Was raining on the way home on the bus. We didn't walk anywhere, I just did some cleaning and fixing and straightening up.

My friend Kim-Possible is moving back to Wisconsin next summer. I'm very happy for her. She's been through the ringer in the last year and hates Arizona. What else. Not much. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 November 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Today is election day. Rode to school with Lee. Stayed after school tonight to catch up on some geometry. Went down town and got a radiator [play] for my car $1.45 and then went on down to the church and went to grandma's from there. Went up and saw Barbara for quite a little while this afternoon about 7:30.
I guess that would have been Eisenhower's first win for the white house. Election day here, too, obviously. Looks like the R's will be doing well. Of course, the news networks are making it all sound like angry, fearful white voters having a snit.

Slept baaaaadly last night. Couldn't get to sleep and then I woke up at 3:30. I must be stressed because I didn't even nap this afternoon watching TV. Had another really good workout though. Went straight to Cascadia and worked on the excavation permit most of the day. Getting close; I think with some more fiddling it ought to be pretty well set.

Rained most of the day. A bit warmer though.

I've decided that with my chord repertoire right now I can start going through various songs to learn them instead of just repeating chords over and over again, although I still need to do that regularly as practice drills. There's a snot load of songs that just use a few basic chords, so I think I can start working on strumming technique more and actually playing a full song instead of just snippets to get chord changes. I find when I'm actually playing music I tend to not think about the fingering as much and just do the chords more often. More like muscle memory. Its starting to get enjoyable. Today I worked on a U2 song, and old gospel song, and fiddled with Dreaming is Free, an old Blondie song that Imelda Mae did with a ukulele, which is really pretty. I'd like to get a decent uke and play that as well. Probably be good for traveling with. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

3 November 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Rode home with Barbara on the bus after school. Ate at grandma's. Went down to [Shipley's] place for a little while after supper. Went down to the church for a little while with dad and then we went to the High School at 8:00 for a meeting to decide on a band trip to Longbeach Cal. Went to the skate rink for a little while afterwards. 
I went on two major band trips, one to Nashville where we performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage and once to Mexico. Both fun.

Odd day today. Slept weirdly too. I went to the TV room at one point, but then woke up bolt awake at like 1:30. Not worrying this time just heart beating really hard and breathing heavily. No nightmare. Just a quick wake-up. I took 1/4 ambien and went to the floor and was out again right quick though. Until 4:30. So it worked out okay.

Have you gotten the impression that every night is an adventure?

I really had a stunning workout. Little fatigue or anything, just a good hard workout. Came home, ate bagels, went right off to Cascadia. I actually made quite good progress on the excavation permit, and talked with the client for a while to get some stuff straightened out. I think I've got a good chunk of it done -- helped that I'd done one for them already -- and I think I ought to be able to get it out next week. Janet and I went to Staples so I could swing by NGate and get an iPod battery. Kinda pricey ($30) but I could take it back if it wasn't the right one. I left around 2:45 and when I go home I put the new battery in. All went well although one corner isn't exactly sealed. I'm not overly concerned; it's 9 years old and would have been recycled without the new battery, so I'm hoping it will last for a few years yet. I just keep it in the car anyway.

What else. Was flipping channels on the upstairs TV and the sound went out so I've been trying to fix that. Actually, just did by unplugging it for a while. So yay. Went to UVil for our walk because it was raining. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2 November 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Skipped Sunday school today by[sic] went to church. At dinner at grandma's and came home and worked on the car. Went off to Barbara[sic] place about 3:00 and talked for a while. Played a dance with another Sax for the evening service this evening. Was going to the Baptist church but did not get around to it.
Well, the first day of Daylight Saving did not start well. As I wrote on Facebook, instead of waking up at 4:15 I woke up at 3:15 instead. I think. . . . .no I didn't take a nap before the Spousal Unit got up around 6 or so. Or something. We ate in, and I took a decent nap at 8 instead, and felt better afterwards. Then I sat around trying to wake up again.

However, I did, in fact, get something accomplished! I changed out the two stupid 2-pronged outlets in my room for 3-prongers! God, I hate those things. All went well, too, save for a minor chunk out of the wall (very minor) above one. But they look nice; I opted for the ivory ones instead of white. I think they look nicer.

Went to UVil for the usual stuff. Went back for yogurt, too, since we figured everyone would be home watching the football game, but there was a lot of asians there for some reason. Came back (raining) and then I did a few things, and cut off a branch on the small tree where I think the little birds have been sitting and pooping on the car window. Hope it works, I'm sick of having little poops on the window all the time.

Played my guitar a good 45 minutes this afternoon, too. I was trying a Soundgarden song and cane at least get through the major parts of it with a little bit of facility.

We had a smaller meatloaf for dinner. I'm going to start concentrating on making smaller meals that we will not waste. And we nearly always waste meatloaf because it's really only good for one round of leftovers. Worked out well, we have just enough for two meals out of it.

We went to Target at NGate for our walk because it was raining and the Spousal Unit got a couple books with some birthday money. Didn't see much else. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

1 November 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30. Got up and worked on the car for a while. Ate down at grandma's. At 3:00 I had to play with the band for a political republican rally. Senator Robert Nixen[sic] was the speaker. At at grandma's and then went and got Barbara and we went to Youth for Christ for a little while and then I had to go to work out at the dance hall about 8:30. Barbara took the car from there. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I checked the spelling on the name there closely and I think he did mean Richard Nixon. I searched and couldn't find any record of Nixon speaking in Yakima.

I started wearing suspenders today. I tried them a couple of years ago when I was doing a lot of manual labor around the house, but the ones I had kept popping off, so I shelved them for a while. But I noticed my waist is (always has been actually) bruise-colored from my belt and I'm having to notch it tighter these days. So I'm gonna try these again for a week and see how it goes. Does feel better, I guess.

So, slept like crap. Well, I slept well until 3:30. I think I laid in bed until 4:15 or so, and then got up, did the usual, etc., but took a 20-30 minute nap around 6. We went out for breakfast. Came home, laid around, took another nap around 9. So those made me feel somewhat better. I watched football most of the morning (Wisconsin v. Rutgers) then we took some stuff to the Goodwill on 145th. Didn't buy anything there, although they were already playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC. *sigh*

We went to Lowe's after that and I got two 3-prong outlets for my room. Thence to Arby's for a quick lunch and then home. I installed the new ceiling fan+light the Spousal Unit bought yesterday, and it went in pretty easily, mainly because it was the same model so I had everything set up for it. I installed the previous one on January 24, 2009. Kind of a bummer it didn't last longer. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the outlets.

Also brought in the Halloween decorations. Watched more football. Went for a walk.

Mostly gray all day, low 50s.