Friday, October 31, 2014

31 October 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Skipped school today and stayed home and worked on the car. Ate supper at grandma's. At 7:00 Carl came down and I went and played for the football. We played Walla Walla and got beat. Drove around town with Barbara a while after the game. Barbara and some of the girls drove the dodge around during the football game. $1.00 gas, Spent $1.00. Monthly spending $88.54. TOTAL SPENDING FROM JAN $336.09.
Halloween, eek!

Kind of a neat day today. I slept weirdly. Ended up on the floor at some point but slept reasonably okay, I guess, with some assistance. Had a really good workout, too. Talked with Stewart and the Badger chick who seems very quiet (too quiet. . . .). Came home, ate bagels, and got into my 'costume': my old Halloween t-shirt, WISCONSIN jacket and gray hooded sweatshirt, faded jeans with no belt, and retro Puma sneakers. I.e., 1983 Me. And a Jansport backpack which was required back then. And my Diet Pepsi can from the '80s as well.

Went to work (Cascadia) and Janet already had both candles going. I almost finished the two reports, and then started on the new excavation permit. I found one Jana did that is similar so I'm copying that format. Janet brought some "green slime and worms" (green Jell-O and gummy worms) but I forgot to eat it. Stayed there until 2. It rained most of the morning. Probably all morning.

I went to UVil to cash my check and then had a hot chocolate at the SBux for a bit, then got dinner material. Came home, blah blah blah. Didn't walk because I have to wait for our handful of trick-or-treaters. I cleaned up some instead and got junk ready.

Oh, I'm kind of pleased. I put a photo of my "Pumpkin Pi" jack-o-lantern on Facebook and Kelly Miyahara, who is on television's Jeopardy Liked it and commented on it. Hee! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

30 October 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had an assembly this morning at 9:00. Carl took me home after school tonight and I did some painting on the car. Ate supper at grandma's and after supper I drove around town with Carl and up by Barbara's place. Tele $.10 Spent $.10. 
Halfway decent and busy day today. I slept pretty well up until 4:30 or so; odd, too, because I didn't wake up too much. Still felt kinda groggy though. Had a really good (leg) workout. The squatting is going okay so far, no back tweaking going on yet. I'm staying at around 85 pounds for a few weeks, I think, just to get all of the muscles used to the movement.

I went straight to Cascadia and apparently something died in the heating vents again because it reeked. I worked steadily almost all morning, stopping out to have a Skype with Michael, which was short because I hadn't noticed in his last email that he'd sent the paper back with globs of comments. Yeesh. Mac Mail doesn't make attachments easy to spot. Mostly I worked on the Shaw report. Got most of both done today, just waiting on some maps from Mike. I went to NGate for lunch to avoid the stink, and while there I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got a couple of candles. That helped a lot.

I left there at 3 and came home and carved the pumpkin -- I just made a pi sign on it, pumpkin pi! Get it?! -- and also the acorn squash for dinner. The latter turned out to be reeeeeealy deelish. Had that and were ready to go walk at either NGate to UVil but then a non-raining spot came over so we were able to go on a short walk around here. Rained a bitty but not much.

Decent day all around.

I think Ive kind of passed a certain point in my gee-tar playing where I can actually do a good set of chords for any number of songs, and now it's just a matter of continuing to repeat, repeat, repeat them until I can do them quickly and well. That will make practicing easier since I can follow some songs instead of just doing the blasted chords over and over again. So I think I may keep going with it. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

29 October 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a[sic] English text today. Carl took me home from school and I worked on the car until about 5:00. Ate down at grandma's. After supper I went to Teds place and took his car and went up to see Barbara. She had to baby sit tonight at the neighbor's place. She gave me a nice picture of herself while I was up. Did a lot of study on geometry when I got back.
Busy day today, for me and him. I slept okay until 3:45 or so.So I was tired. Couldn't get back to sleep and didn't have a lot of energy at the gym either. I ended up doing the cycle for like 20 minutes though. I went downtown and spent most of the morning reading papers, Skyped with Christine at 1 and had a good talk with her about stuff. I stayed until about 2 and then took the bus home.

We went to UVil Apple store to have my old iPod checked on, but it's pretty much kaput. The battery won't hold a charge anymore and they don't replace them anymore. So I'm going to look into a repair shop around here to do it, I know of one down by Fremont. I'd like to get it back up to snuff, it's nice to have in the car. And as a good backup for my iTunes library.

Felt okay today despite the lack of sleep. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

28 October 2014 (Tuesday)

I forgot to do an entry yesterday and almost forgot today as well and so I'm on a short time line for this one so no diary entries.

Two busy days. Yesterday (Monday) I slept okay, had a fabulous workout, but then got a couple of 'disturbing' emails from Michael about the alcohol paper. I say 'disturbing' but they probably shouldn't be. It's been frustrating because we've been going on and on with this and it seems every time he looks at it, something has to be changed. And he's been saying I don't really "think like an epidemiologist" so I need lots of help. I kind of disagree with that -- I mean, I've published three papers as lead author -- and that kind of irritated me. So I was upset most of the day, but later on I reminded myself that, no, I never was trained as an epi, and that I should really be grateful that he's bringing me in and spending time helping me in the first place. So I felt better, although it still kind of irks me some. OTOH, I also had (yet another) epiphany in terms of needing to always learn. Really. Somewhere along the way I got the idea that I shouldn't have to learn anymore, or something. That I should know how to do things at my age and with my degree. Perhaps that, since I was done with school, I didn't need to really keep going was any sort of student. At any rate, I do feel humbled, and realize that both there and at Cascadia -- and everywhere, really --  I am something of a newbie and have a lot to learn. And that I always will, to be honest. In a way, it's kind of like starting school again, which would be a good thing, I think.

At any rate, I slept okay again last night, had a decent workout, and went to Cascadia and holed up and worked on the report most of the day. We've done nothing much on Shaw so this is almost all brand new. Hence, it's taking some time. But I felt good doing it, and did some more learning from TT on a new project. Learning!

I left around 3, did my half hour on the guitar, made dinner, etc. We went to UVil to see if my old iPod's battery was okay, but I have to go back tomorrow to see a tech.

That's about it. Should have more news tomorrow.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

26 October 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Went to church with Barbara this morning. Ate down at grandma's. Went to the show at the Capitol with Carl after dinner $.75. After the show I went down to [Vera's] place and pick up Barbara and took her to church. Barbara Vera and I drove around for a while after church and then I left Barbara off at Vera's place where she stayed all night. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.75.
Bad night last night. Usually on weekend nights I don't take the ambien but last night I did anyway. Went on a real tear anxiety-wise and even moving downstairs didn't help. I got out of the bed around 1:30 (I think), went downstairs, laid there for probably over an hour and then got some assistance and laid down on the TV room floor and eventually fell asleep. I'd set my phone alarm to 5:30 and I was still down there when it went off. I took a nap later, too. Nothing in particular worrying me, just the usual panoply of junk.

Needless to say, I didn't go to Mass, but I didn't do much here either. I did some chores, but mostly laid around while the Spousal Unit raked up the yard (she likes doing that). We just did the usual UVil stuff today, although afar dropping off the Spousal Unit at home I went to the car wash and Sam''s Club to get gas ($2.91, cheapest it's been in years). We had some heavy showers come through this afternoon.

Had a good guitar session this afternoon, I was doing the chords and the switches better and faster. Yes, sometimes I really think I'm making progress!

Walked outside tonight because it wasn't raining.

I'm going to do a mild "1980s week" this week. I'd planned on doing an almost full-blown '70s Week at some point but never got around to it, but I'm planning on dressing up in '80s garb on Friday (Halloween) and thought this afternoon that I might have a go at doing some things 1980s-style. For instance, at this moment I'm typing without any streaming music playing. Of course, I just went and looked something on online so I've already cheated. What shall I do? Only use my computer at work and to write this diary and the blog so I can track my thoughts and experiences. Try to only drive the Honda, and maybe just my Mustang. I got some Tab and will get some diet root beer tomorrow -- both were to be had in the 1980s -- and will try to not listen to streaming music at home. Basically, work is almost off-limits because I need to be productive, although if I had, say, a Walkman, I'd try to only use that. No CDs, just radio or records. Maybe I'll try just listening to radio stations online as kind of a pseudo Walkman? Hmmmm. That might work. Will let you know how it all goes.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

25 October 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Stayed at home all day and worked on the car. At at grandma's. Went to youth [Fr Chish] before I went to work. Took Barbara down to the church. Was almost late for work. Got a heck of a cold and feel like hell. $.10 pop. Spent $.10.
Looooong day today. Woke up at 4 having slept. . . okay. Had assistance twice, but that's okay as I had to drive a lot. All went okay, we left at 5:30 from the shop and were in Anacortes by 6:45 and stopped at a Slaveway where I got a French crueler and a mocha. Ferry ride uneventful. Only three cars going to Shaw. Docked, drove to the clients' places. My first time ever on Shaw! Seemed like a neat, quiet island.

Was clear when I left and cloudy all the way, started raining a bit when I got to the nunnery. Both sisters were very nice. Only dug three holes, all shallow, nothing there, done in like an hour. Then one of them drove me to the next place where Mike was almost done. These were all shallow as well. So we were done by 11:00 almost, and I was kind of expecting a longer day and catching the 4:30 ferry. Thank God!

We stopped at Shaw Island Park and walked the beach, found midden in a few spots. Mike found an intact waterproof GoPro camera too! All encrusted with seaweed, really cool-like. Drove back to the ferry landing, and he saw a paper on a message board about a lost GoPro camera. Ha! So he called the number and he'll mail it back. Ferry back was uneventful, too. I took a short nap and had some fries for lunch (12:40 ferry). Got in, drove home and the rain really started, so we got out just in time. Pretty rainy drive back. Dropped stuff off at office and was home by 3:30. Whew!

Watched some football and then we walked at NGate. Spousal Unit made pretty good chicken noodle soup for dinner. Had to unclog downspout and water came gushing out. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

24 October 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Stayed at grandma's for about and[sic] half a day. After dinner I went down to the church with dad. Took the Dodge and went and picked Barbara up after school and took her home. Took her to the football game to night also. Yakima beat Spokane 35 to 15. Went to the dance for a little while after the game to see the king and [feuen] around. Had a lot of fun with Barbara tonight. 
I had a decent day today, all things considered. Didn't start out auspiciously though: I woke up at 3:30 and was reasonably certain I wouldn't get back to sleep. I went down to the floor just to lie down -- having a big ol' anxiety attack at the time -- and eventually calmed down and pretty sure I went back to sleep even though I thought I was awake. So I felt okay.

Had a wicked good workout. Not many people there, mostly guys as usual for a Friday. Came home yadda yadda yadda, went to Cascadia. Only Janet was there for most of the morning. I finished up the proposal, checked all of the Excel formulae, and it's ready now. Got the stuff in the truck to go into the field tomorrow. Looking probably rainy but it might hold off until well into the afternoon (fingers crossed). That went until about 11:30 and I took the football tickets to the hair people and went for lunch at the Pagliacci on the Ave and got free parking to boot. Went home after that for a bit, and then went to the copy store to get probe forms made (printer was out), went to UVil SBux and on the way out got some dinner material and a new rain jacket. Got it from North Face, $99 and I think it will work okay. Not Gore-Tex, but that's more than I need for the occasional day of rain while digging. Came home, did guitar for a while, made dinner (crab cakes and brussel sprout casserole, yum), and we walked at NGate.

So, not dreading tomorrow, it should be pretty okay if it doesn't pour down rain. And even if it does, it's been worse. Besides I'll be making money on a Saturday for a change. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

23 October 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
I am still staying at grandma's. Stayed in bed except just getting up to eat. My ankle seems to be some better. Listened to the radio almost all day. Call up Barbara at school about 10:00 this morning and talked to her a few minutes. She was working in the attendance office at that time.
You know, I never really tried to form an image of what these two look like. I suppose I think of them as typical 1950s TV teenagers.

I had a pretty good day today. Last night was weird though. I ended up sleeping in three different places: the bed, the floor, and the couch, in that order. Without assistance the first big wakeup at least. I finally woke up around 4:40 which was fine. I had a decent workout, too, although the back was feeling a bit wobbly for the squats. Chatted with "Lana" whom I've chatted some before (she broke her foot a couple of years ago), but she was more chatty today and even offered her name first. So that was nice. To know that I'm not all creepy.

I came home, scarfed down bagels and went to Cascadia. I fixed up the Lopez report and sent that off. Did some more on the Tarte compound proposal//costs, including Facetiming with Jana in New Mexico about it. FYI, "FaceTime" is an Apple app that's, well, videophone. A couple of years ago (maybe while I was still writing this?) I used it on my iPod with my sister and it was almost like a revelation. I think at the time I wrote that it was one of the first Things From The Future from my youth that actually came true: the videophone. Really quite amazing, it was. Hardly ever use it since I don't think seeing someone makes much difference most of the time, but I suppose it would be nice to chat more often with people like that. I always thought it would be kind of cool to "go out to lunch" with someone remotely. You know, pick a time, each goes to a restaurant and sets of their phone or whatever, and you both eat your lunches and chat almost like you are there together.

Well, anyway. Had lunch at NGate. Got other things squared away, and left around 2:45. I practiced the gee-tar for 30 minutes -- I'm going to try for 30 minutes every day -- and made dinner. I was playing a Tom Petty song, Free Falling, which is simple: D G G-D-A over and over. Good for drills.

Walked at UVil because I had to pick up bagels. The answer to the trivia questions were Russia and China (largest potato producers) and Cape Horn. Yay, free bagel.

At this moment I'm listening to the soundtrack from the TV show Millennium. It was a dark and creepy show back in the 1990s my Chris Carter who made The X-Files. That was a good time for me. I was working steadily on my dissertation, working at the County (which actually wasn't the best time but it was work) and I was very productive, sleeping well, etc. Between about 1996 and 2001 was one of those rose-colored nostalgia periods for me. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22 October 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a long marching practice this morning. Hurt my ankle pretty bad in gym playing football this morning. Only went to school a half a day. Went to the doctor with my foot and then went and stayed all night with grandma's[sic]. Saw Barbara up at her place a little while tonight before I went to Grandma's for the night. I just pull the muscle [bone] in my foot. $.05 Coke. Spent $.05.
Kind of a goofy day today full of ups and downs. I ended up sleeping okay although I needed assistance getting to sleep and then again when I had a big ol' attack at 3. Still, I slept pretty well, until 5. Due to the whole report thing that's been going on, I guess. I was kind of worrying about it most of the day, but then I talked to TT and read over my report again and she's right, the State person obviously didn't read it very carefully because what she said about it was just plain wrong. And there's some other junk possibly going on as well. In the end I did a decent job on the report and it certainly doesn't justify all this crap. I mostly think the client just didn't like it that she was going to need a permit while her neighbor didn't and made a stink. So whatever.

Anyway. Had a really good workout, went downtown, almost missed the stupid shuttle because they've closed the sidewalk on the way YET AGAIN. Hate them and their stupid choo-choo. But I made it. I didn't get a lot done I don't think, but I got the data for the LEEP study and was able to link it to the main data. Meh, kinda boring. And it rained all day. Which didn't affect me much. Stayed home and cleaned some instead of mall walking. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 October 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Picked Barbara up this morning. Got my car fender smashed in again. The same one as last time. I skipped the rest of school after first period and went down town and bought some sheet music and came home a[sic] practiced it. Cost $1.10. [Rabaged] two sodas for the church banquet tonight. It I No [Secast] I'd Rather Have Jeans. Afterwards went on a [scavenger] hunt from Barbara's place and stayed for a party. I took Barbara down and she got her drivers license after school. $3.00. $.05 Coke. Spent $4.15.
Had kind of an up and down day today -- and some of the "setbacks" I mentioned yesterday. Had trouble getting to sleep last night so I got some assistance, and woke up at some point with a more-intense-than-usual lately bit of anxiety, but. . . . I managed it without any further assistance. That's a win in my book. And slept until 5. Had a really good workout. Stewart, however, told me his sister died (she'd had terminal cancer so they knew it was coming) which was a bummer. "Live life to the fullest" was the order of the day.

Came home, ate bagels, went to work. I finished up the one report (NLS) and worked on some of the things that had me worried last night: getting the Shaw stuff worked out and a few other things. At least I got them all done. And the Tarte/SJI thing will be going forward, since they liked the previous work I did, so that was a positive. Unfortunately another client is still complaining about our (my) report. It had me really bothered for a while, but the others assured me this kind of thing happens even if all the work was utterly sterling. And TT said that, while it wasn't the greatest report ever, I was at least clear as to why I was calling some wheel probably cultural (which I'd forgotten). So I think it's fairly okay.

I came home around 2:30, stopped at QFC at UVil for dinner stuff, and then spent a half hour calling in Shaw utility locates. So everything is set for that.

We just walked around here. I dropped a book off in a Little Free Library down the street, The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. I quit reading them after a rather ugly little chapter last night, all about death and involving animals. People can, in general, be real -- and I use this word advisedly -- shits. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

20 October 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Took Barbara and Janice to school this morning. Drove around a while before going to school. Took Barbara [sic] ring down to get it fit to her finger after school and then took her home. Went home & fixed a flat tire. Went to dance band practice 7:30 to 10:00. Did some geometry and English when I got in about 10:30. gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I had a decent day today. Slept pretty well. Actually really well, until 5. Had a dandy workout too, checked out by young'uns a couple of times, that always makes one feel good. Came home and ate bagels etc., and then had to empty the dishwasher and do the dishes before I could put the chicken in the crock pot. One of these days I'm going to find that other person living in this house that makes all those dishes. . . .

Went over to Cascadia, stopping by SBux on 35th for my red rewards mocha. Once there, I just worked steadily on the Lopez report all morning. I got most of it done, although I guess the rain made me stupid one day as I had marked down stuff in the wrong places. But I got it all straightened out. Made a decent map with some new twists on some things to make it look better. All in all, very productive. Called up the Nunnery on Shaw to set things up for Saturday. I'm actually looking forward to that. I rather sheepishly admit that after hanging up the phone while talking to one of the nuns my first thought was "She sounded kinda cute".

I left there around 2:30 and came home and actually practiced the geetar for a while. Looks like I can at least do all of the chords to Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which is actually one of the songs that I really wanted to be able to play. Play it badly, of course, but my proximate task is to tediously repeat all of them until I get faster and better. It's a good set of chords to drill on because the same ones pop up again and again, and it also requires a different fingering for the G.

What else. Dinner. Went to UVil to cash checks.

Felt pretty good all day. I'm hoping I've turned the corner. I know I'll have setbacks but so far so good. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

19 October 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Played in the orchestra for Sunday school this morning. Went to church with Barbara. Went to the [rats sacen] this afternoon with Earl. Went to evening service with Barbara also. Mary Lewis is [with her]. Eats at the [roses] $.50. Spent $.50.
I had a busy day today. I managed to sleep really well, until 5. When I've started having an anxiety thing at night I've been telling myself that I control what I think and I will only think what I want to, etc. Seems to be working but I haven't had a really big one yet. Slept so well I went to Mass which had some adventure to it. On the way I was crossing a street on 65th and saw a little black pug trotting down the street toward me. Alone. Looked lost or like he was just heading somewhere, unfortunately maybe out onto 65th. So I stopped, squatted down and had her -- it turned to be a her -- stop while I checked her tag and looked around for an owner. Her name was Olive and her address was 6250 37th NE. I thought it was a good block away so I was debating calling the number but decided to see if she'd follow me home so I stood up and said "Okay, let's go home!" and she just turned around and started walking back! Turned out it was just one house in and she trotted right up to the back door. Good deed done.

Mass was fine, but some old man had some sort of medical emergency in the narthex and they called medics. Fr. Oliver had us just stay seated near the end of Mass while they cleared him out. I sheepishly admit I checked Facebook while we were waiting. Glad I went though, not only for the Mass, but also to help the dog.

Came home, guzzled some Nestea, watched football, Seahawks played badly (ended up losing) but the Packers kicked Carolina @ss. Went to McD's for lunch, UVil for shopping -- it was pretty dead because of the game -- and on the way back got the Forester washed. Then when we got home I washed and waxed the Civic. Not sure waxing does much good, meaning it doesn't make much of a difference. But maybe. Now that I'm driving it all the time I want a shiny car! That took until around 4. Oh, yesterday I put up some Halloween decorations.

Beautiful day today, sunny and 72. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

18 October 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30 this morning. Had breakfast at the place where I was staying. Left the High school at 12:00. Had a milk shake at [Morse] Lake for dinner. Got in a fight while stopped. Got home about 6:00. Bought Barbara a diamond tonight at Westfields $60.89. Found her down at the church and gave it to her there. Went out to the [house] about 9:00. Miss Lewis came over this weekend to visit. Milk Shake $.25. Spent $60.89.
Like the most momentous day of his life and it warrants a sentence or two. Well, he didn't write much about his mom's passing either. Still wish I knew his name so I could find out if he ever ended up really marrying Barbara and how long it lasted.

Good day today. I managed to sleep in three different locations last night: The bed, the couch, and the floor. The first lasted until only 12:30, the second until 2:30, and the third until 5. Assisted on the last one. I went to the IMA this morning and had a decent workout (legs). Happily, the Fitness Model was there looking smashing as usual and, though I didn't attempt to chat, she looked over my way a few times when I was squatting. I'd told her I hadn't squatted in years.

I walked up to the Ave afterwards and we had lunch at Pagliacci's and then had our hair cut. We went to an estate sale after that and though there was some cool stuff there we didn't buy anything. Made our way to B&R for an ice cream and then stopped at the auto parts store for an electric pump. Turned out the right side tires were at 60 and 60.5 and the left ones were around 30, although I'd managed to hand pump the one that I thought was low up to 41. I'm glad I got that thing, it's got a digital pressure readout so I can keep them correct and also easily see what they're at.

Two other items for today. Item 1: College football. I didn't watch a whole lot today, and while I'm not exactly losing interest in it, I'm kind of not as into it in all aspects anymore either. Started changing a few years ago when they just went loopy with all the 'story lines' and junk. I'll still watch games a lot, but I don't read the magazine like I used to or watch the talking heads on TV that much either.

Item 2: I'm realizing that my Egypt trip -- the one that gave me a lot of grief after the fact -- wasn't nearly all my failure. In fact, as I've said here, I had a lot of personal stuff going on. And the Spousal Unit really didn't want me to go. On top of all that, I'd signed on for a field school; I really wanted to teach other people how to excavate. Then it wasn't a field school and I really didn't want to excavate myself. Been there, done that. And, as I may or may not have said here, I've soured on elective excavations; I just don't think we should be digging stuff up unless we have to, especially in such resource-limited countries. Add to that the progressive-academic-sisterhood thing going on and, well, I kind of didn't want to be there. I am, however, manifestly proud of the work I did on the bath house. I enjoyed it and I think I did a very good job with it. So I think I'm good with all that now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

17 October 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Got up at 5:00 this morning and [had] dad to take me down to the High school. We left for Spokane at 6:00. The band took three Greyhounds. Played for a football game in Spokane at 2:00 but lost 20-0. Found who I was suppose to [aty] with and went around and saw some of the town. Got myself a pent $.19. Played ping pong at the [logs] place where I stayed until about 10:30. Eat dinner at Lewis and Clark High School. $.40. Had a milk shake $.25. Spent $.84.
That sounds so very 1950s high schoolish.

I slept okay last night. I woke up at 12:30 and went to the TV room and actually went back to sleep in pretty short order. Slept until 4:30. I had a decent workout, but was on lighter weights than usual since it's been since Monday. Think I might go in tomorrow as well.

I came home before going off to work because I wanted to put some laundry in (my field clothes). Did that, stopped at SBux, complimented Sarah on her pleasant personality, went to Cascadia. Mostly I holed up in the office and got the paperwork together and entered probe forms. Left there at noon and had lunch at NGate and afterwards went to the Sunglass Hut and got a gift card for the Spousal Unit's bday. I went home after that, got a couple of things done, brushed Jack a bit, then went to the UVil to the bank and SBux. Place was crawling with honeys today, oddly, since it was raining. Not that I'm complaining. . . .

I got some dinner stuff, including some cajun spice. Gonna try that in my burgers. I did, but didn't put enough in, but it was better than usual. What next. . .came home, cleaned up some more stuff, put in my rain clothes and various other things that needed cleaning, made dinner, blah blah blah. We walked at NGate since it was still raining. Oh, I had the cats give the Spousal Unit the Mickey Mouse watch I bought at an estate sale a few months ago. I think she liked it. Decent watch, too. We got a battery for it at the mall.

So, a decent day. Most of the day I was really pleased with where I am now. I know I've said this before, but I am in pretty good shape, all things considered. Yes, I could have managed my career better -- like deciding on one thing earlier on and sticking with it -- but I've done fun and interesting things, am good and strong and healthy still, and have archaeology and cancer stuff pending to keep me occupied and reasonably employed. Things could be much, MUCH worse. Let's hope this all keeps up. The attitude, I mean.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 October 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Went to school today. Pick Barbara and Vera up at Barbara's place and picked Janice up at the bus stop and took them to school. Vera stayed all night with Barbara last night. Had a long hard marching practice this morning. Took Barbara home after school. Went down town and looked for Barbara a ring. [!!! --ed.] Got a parking ticket $1.00. Pick Barbara up after a missionary meeting and took her home tonight. $.25 eats $1.00 ticket $.50 gas Spent $1.75.
A ring! Isn't it a bit early? Maybe it's more like a promise ring? Hmmmm.

Long day today. Slept until 5 after a late night wakeup and anxiety attack. Sheesh. Filled in a bunch of forms from about 5:30-6:30, and then goofed around on the Internet (was still at B&B on Lopez). By the time breakfast was ready -- peach crisp, fruit, whipped cream, micronuker scrambled egg -- the others had come down and we chatted with Robin the owner for a while, which was nice. Found they didn't give us as good of a deal as they did the last time. Might not go there again for fieldwork though. I asked C. about his preference and he liked standard motels better for working accommodations. I'm not sure. I really like the civilization and. . .gentility of a nice B&B when out working all day. And the delicious breakfast was really welcome (though I'd frankly prefer more standard and less sweet fare m'self). And it's wonderfully dark and quiet out there. But it's maybe not as convenient as a regular place. We'll see.

We finished our probes up by 9:45 (it was lightly raining again, arrrrgh) and then went to Spencer Spit to take care of the other work. We finished there around 11:15. Nice place out there although it was rather cold and windy. Very scenic though. Then we went up to Lopez Village and only found one lunch place open (close by) and it was kinda pricey. Went to Duane's house and gave him his tape, said farewell, went to the ferry line. That was all on time (I got an ice cream cone from a nearby store), pleasant ride over -- the sun came out by the time we finished working, grrrr -- and we made good time on the way home, 90 minutes to the office. Oh, another screen broke this morning, too.

Got home, had dinner (starved), and instead of walking I cleaned up the Forester and put all my junk away. Tired. Ready to go to the gym tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

15 October 2014 (Wednesday)

Completely forgot to make an entry yesterday! We made it up here okay, and started work around 12:30. We're in a cow pasture almost the whole way and had a bunch of cows mooing at us and keeping an eye on us. They seemed curious, but perhaps only in hopes of being fed. We did 13 probes yesterday in beautiful weather. The same B&B as last time, I took the room with the bathroom which is incredibly small. We went to The Galley for dinner and it was really quite good. Nice, fairly attractive bar maid. When we got back, I did some goofing on the computer and the other two drank a bunch of port wine that's put out for guests. I went to bed and was out like a light until 3. It rained a lot over night, too, but I heard nothing. I was probably not going to go back to sleep but I took 1/4 ambien and slept until 5:30. What a joy. 

Breakfast was awesome, an apple soup (really, chunky apple sauce) and rhubarb muffins. Not terribly filling though, I had to eat more muffin around 10. 

It rained on us most of the day. Not cold or windy, just rainy and not pleasant. The cows were more friendly today. One of them even let me touch her nose! I think she was limping, poor thing. Anyway, we got most of it done, all of the pasture part (39 probes in all) and then started the road portion and did 3 there. We have maybe three left to do tomorrow. But Teresa and Mike texted/called and asked if we'd do a couple of things for them at Spencer Spit, so we're going to do that tomorrow after we do our stuff real quick. Should be on the 1:35 ferry. 

Ate at the same place tonight, it's quite good. Bar maid was there, but sitting as a customer. Didn't talk to us much but she did help me get the ferry schedule. Back here drinking port (I had a couple sips) and unlaxing. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

13 October 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Skipped school today and left home about 7:00 and went and picked apples all day. Made $8.25. Ate at grandma's and then came home for a while. Went down to [Shaois] place and talked to her for a while and then came home. Lee was over a little while. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I think Senioritis has definitely kicked in.

My strategy of going directly downstairs when I got up in the middle of the night didn't work as well as I'd expected: I woke up around 3:30. Eh, I guess mostly stressing about the fieldwork and other junk, although I wasn't really stressing all that much consciously. I laid there until 4:15 or so and then got up. Made for a decent workout though. Went straight to Cascadia. I actually didn't do much except get caught up on things and prepare for tomorrow. Was hoping to take Mike or Janet but Mikk's going. I mean, he's okay, but needs kind of a lot of management. They were all giggling in the background while I was on the phone with him because they know a phone call with Mikk rarely lasts less than 20 minutes. But we're all set. Even the weather looks to be less rainy than anticipated. So, all seems okay on that front. Janet and I went to Staples, then Sam's Club and then an ATM to cash a per diem check (Columbus Day, banks closed), and then I left there about 2.

Came home, got more stuff ready, had a phone call with the Tarte/Korell contractor, made dinner, etc. We walked at UVil because I needed some supplies and prescription. And to get money out for the per diem. Was warm today, high of 70, pleasantly sunny until later in the afternoon. Started to drizzle around 7.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

12 October 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Slept in until 11:00. Skipped sunday school and church. Barbara called to ask why I was not there. Washed the car after I got up and then went to grandma's to eat. After dinner went to the show with Lee. Went to the Capitol $.75. Got home about 8:00. Went over to Lee's and listened to [records] until about 9:00 then I came home and went to bed. $.75 show. Spent $.75.
So, Sunday. Kind of a blah day. Didn't sleep well last night and spent the latter half on the floor. Once I woke up like that (ca. 4:20) I determined that doing so probably isn't a good thing and that I really should get myself to ye olde doctor and seriously talk about anti-anxiety meds. One thing I was thinking about, however, was. . . .and I think I've mentioned this before. . .besides the potential side effects I worry that taking something might make me. . .not me. This is what and who I am, after all. It's how I got here. Would I have gotten a PhD without it? Gone to Egypt? Argentina? China, Kenya, etc.? Working out all these years? I shrink back some from taking away pat of that which makes me me.

At any rate, I didn't go to Mass because I was too tired, and did some odd jobs and took a nap around 9:30. A nice one, too, although it wasn't very long. Made me feel much better though. Watched the Green Bay game most of the later morning (they eventually won! Over Miami 27-24 with a last minute TD drive) (which I missed). We went to UVil and did the usual. Came home, did little else. Well, not true, I did the usual Sunday chores. Walked in a very light drizzle. Sprinkles mostly.

What else. Not much. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

11 October 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Left Ted's place about 10:00 and went to a show at the Roxy. Bought myself a lemonade and a [sapphire] $.75. Went by a saw Crow a little white this evening [I swear that's what it says ed.]. Worked [sent] to the dance again tonight [pp] $.10. Show $.25 gas $.50. Spent $1.60.
We just got back from NGate area and Target, etc. I was kind of looking for a cheap raincoat to take into the field. Kind of difficult getting there since it had just poured rain and everyone seemed to have the same idea. Found nothing though.

Slept kind of badly last night. I'm realizing these late night anxiety attacks are really something. . .biochemical or something, because: I woke up at one point and went through the whole thing, went back to sleep. Then I woke up a while later and didn't have one. So I think there's something going on that triggers it at some point in the night. BTW, after falling back to sleep the first time, it was a totally relaxing sleep, I was breathing very deeply when I woke up the second time.

We went out for breakfast and then did not much else most of the morning. We drove up to North Bend (raincoat shopping again) and of course I kind of made a right turn in front of someone and they honked and then I started feeling just total guilt guilt guilt! for about an hour after that. That's the difference between 20-something Me and 50-something Me: 20-something Me would have just crushed it off; 50-something Me will probably wake up and obsesses over it tonight.

On the way back we went on 202 and while it was raining rather heavily on the straight stretch between there and Snoqualmie some cars were pulled off to the side of the road. Why? A herd of elk was hanging out! Cool! We pulled over, took a few photos, and decided that was worth going up there. I don't think we bought anything at the outlet mall. Note: Outlet malls used to be cheap places where companies got rid of overstocks and small defects and such. Great places to get stuff cheap. But then they started calling them "factory stores" and basically made them into an additional channel for just somewhat different stuff, so it's not all that cheaper. They do have some stuff that's been discontinued so it's possible to find some good bargains, but it's not like it used to be. I guess on the whole they're usually cheaper than the retail stores, but maybe not when the latter have sales.

Anyway, stopped at an Albertson's on the way back and got dinner stuff, and then at the Redmond Dairy Queen for a snack. Watched football when we got back. Mississippi State beat Auburn and is doing very well this year for a change. Dad liked MSU a lot, and I kind of gravitated to them as well. Michigan sucks this year. Wisconsin and Washington both won. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

10 October 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Pick Barbara up at the bus stop at 9:30 this morning. Had another band marching practice. Got in a fight with some of Barbara's friends and she got mad at me and broke up. Played at the Wenatchee and Yakima football game. Yakima won. Drove around a little after the game. Slept up at Ted's place tonight. 
Break up, get engaged, break up. . . .*yawn* anymore.

At the moment I am listening to A Flock of Seagulls. Hee! We stopped at an estate sale and I snagged like 13 CDs from the 1970s and '80s.

Slept badly last night. Couldn't get to sleep and then at 2 or so I had a big ol' anxiety attack and ended up on the floor for the rest of the night. Maybe stress from meeting with Michael today? Maybe. But that went well, to get ahead of the day; he put me on some sort of grant with carryover money so I will probably be back to one day a week in a couple of months. Odd because at the gym this morning I was really wondering why I was so wedded to the UW. I really kind of loathe what the university (all of them) have become -- politically correct centers of dangerous silliness -- but I still go to the IMA and still try to hang on there. Why? I wondered if perhaps it was akin to my oftentimes devotion to certain females that I couldn't have. You know, you want something that you can't have even more. "Why am I knocking myself out to ingratiate myself to something that doesn't want me?" And, despite the eventual outcome of them actually, you know, wanting me, I was really pretty cool with just moving on and getting on with life outside academia totally -- and feeling pretty good about it. None of the sort of panic I'd had before. Just goes to show: it's all in my stupid head.

Anyway, I had a decent workout. Came home and then bussed it to the UDist, snagged a mocha, and then the shuttle to Harborview. Read a couple HPV papers before the 11 meeting. I skipped lunch and rode back to the UDist to try to find a hat for the Spousal Unit at the Bookstore (no luck), and then walked to UVil to meet Spousal Unit there. I was hungry so we went to the Menchie's yogurt place and I made a big ol' dish of yogurt, fruit, and whipped cream. Eee! And then came home and ate caramel corn after the two estate sales (nothing at second one). Made salmon that Mike at work caught a couple weeks ago. Walked at NGate. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

9 October 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Drove to school as usual this morning. Had a hard morning marching and a lot of hard work in gym. Took Barbara home after school. Had a lot of geometry to do tonight.
Daisy just hissed at me. =(

Mainly (okay, only) because I was the Bad Guy this afternoon and gabbed her at the in-laws' and put her in the carrier. She's never hissed at me before. =( =( =( =( =( =( =(

Anyhoo, I slept okay last night. The alarm was at really low volume though and I'm not sure it even woke me up or I just happened to wake up and barely hear it. But I had a decent workout, and then came home and did little except eat a bagel and work on the CRV post I've been trying to finish. Not much of a vacation day, I guess.

We left for Gig Harbor around 10:30 and had lunch at a Sonic. I had a Chicago dog: hot dog with vegetables on it. Actually pretty good, although they make really good hot dogs anyway. I managed to corral the aforementioned Daisy and Jack, actually pretty easily. Jack was pretty calm on the way back, I think because he finally recognized the Spousal Unit and although he meowed constantly he was rolling around and not meowing very loudly.

Finished the post after we got back and then goofed off. Should have practiced guitar but I just felt like laying around. We went to UVil for a little grocery shopping.

I felt really good all day, but this evening I started to go downhill. Dunno know why, maybe just getting back to normal routine? Too much TV? Not enough outside? I just felt really calm at the gym this morning and most of the day, generally just looking forward to things. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

30 September -- 7 October 2014

Here are all the entries I made while on vacation to the Olympic Peninsula, basically Lake Quinault and then Sequim:

7 October 2014 (Tuesday)

Kind of a tale of two days today. I woke up at 3:30 and went to read a book but had difficulty focusing. So I just laid on the couch and eventually went to sleep until 5:10. We went to a new place for breakfast, the Mariner Cafe. I liked it and would go back again although it was a bit pricey. The Spousal Unit didn't like it so much though. Nice place, lots of old folks -- no doubt regulars -- and I liked the food and the service was good. Oh, also read a nice Neil Peart essay early this morning.

We went to Sequim Bay State Park to walk a rocky beach, which was nice. Then we found the Manis Mastodon site, and went to the fish hatchery, but there were no fish there! Only a few fry in a small tank. What next. . .had lunch at the 101 Cafe, a retro '50s place. Meh. Nice sitting at the counter though. After that we hung out downtown, looked around, bought a bit of lavender stuff. Hit a couple of thrift stores.

Dinner was okay, went to a pizza place where a bunch of old folks had commandeered half the tables. Decent salad and bread sticks (which was just a medium pizza dough cut into slices). Dairy Queen afterwards,and thence to the JC Penney across the street. Nice little store. Friendly few overweight young ladies working there. Then across to Goodwill and back.

Sadly we brought up my job situation and I had to explain how difficult a 50+ year old man has finding a full time job and I felt worse again because of . . . Well, where my bad choices have brought me. Realistically, I'm in decent shape compared to a LOT of people, but it doesn't make it that much easier.

So, a few ups and downs. We were kind of left with not a whole lot to do today, which is probably about right: away enough until a bit of boredom sets in makes it easier to go home again. Still, so not looking forward to getting back to the big stupid crowded city.

Also alternately sunny and foggy all day, mirroring the day as a whole.

6 October 2014 (Monday)

Slept badly last night for the most part. Had trouble falling asleep since I was all worried about stuff in general. Then I woke up at 10:30 and worried some more. I did, however, realize a few things. I think I went to Egypt and Kenya for essentially the same reasons I sleep in different places many nights: I'm trying to do something new or different or unusual in the hope -- sleeping it works -- I think that doing so will maybe trigger a shift in attitude. I may have mentioned that I've done this before in my life, just change directions suddenly. And I think I've been waiting for that to happen again. I may have thought that going to Egypt would precipitate a Big Attitude Change. Ditto Kenya. I kept thinking I was getting something like that -- and many times since for anyone who's followed this -- but  it's never really stuck for the most part. No Big Goal has presented itself since despite my efforts to find one. 

And then I asked myself: What happens if it doesn't happen? Am I stuck wallowing around like I did through most of school? I don't know. Maybe it's too late for Big Attitude Changes.

Oh well. Anyway. We ate breakfast in, goofed around, headed for Port Angeles around 10:15. Easy drive. Went to the usual places, didn't but anything. I only went into the antique mall briefly, just because I didn't want to for once. We went to Fort Worden for a wile and the fog came in. I posted a photo of the fog and Laurie commented on it which made me happy. Guts felt pretty bad most of the afternoon. I had an ice cream at a place in PT. Drove back, stopped at knitting store and cake store for two birthday cupcakes (it's the Spousal Unit's birthday, 48), and prepared for dinner. Ended up at Appleby's which wasn't that great. Very busy. Not bad, just not really good except for the cole slaw, yum. We walked up Washington street. 

5 October 2014 (Sunday)
I woke up at 2 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Well, I eventually did, but I needed assistance. And slept until about 5:15. We ate at McDs this morning. The plan was to go to Port Townsend, but then I read they have some big goofy race all over downtown so we decided on Port Angeles instead. And it turned out well. We parked by the Marine Life center and walked around a bit to find somewhere for lunch.  I asked at an art store about a local place to eat and we ended up chatting for a while. Turned out he was from Wisconsin originally. We ended up at a creeps place and it was okay. Went through the Marine place -- they had tanks for touching critters which I didn't do but the Spousal Unit did. Then we went to Swain's and I bought two pairs of work pants. Yes finally broke down and got some specific field clothes. Both Wrangler, another first. 

And then up to Hurricane Ridge. Nice trip up. Beautiful. Took a nice selfie with the SU. Still kind of a scary drive though. Stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back for some supplies. Ate leftovers in. Walked at railroad bridge park. Pretty good day all around. 

4 October 2014 (Saturday)

First full day in Sequim. Not bad. First night I've woken up and had a worry attack, that was a bit distressing. I took 1/4 ambien because I really didn't want to be tired all day -- it was 3:15. So I went back to sleep until 5:30. We went to IHOP for breakfast and I thought it was better than the Lodge, to be honest. Better service and the food was better as well, I thought. We went to a nearby laundromat (copyrighted name by Maytag btw) and did our laundry. We went downtown to the museum for some knitting thing and the candle store and a couple of other places. Lunch at Taco Time where we got two free taco, it being National Taco Day. Yeah, I know, weird. But a free lunch! 

In the afternoon we went to the little antique store and chatted with the owner, a little old lady who was born in Wisconsin! Crivitz, I think. Nothing there we wanted though. Then we went to the Jardin du Soleil lavender store (nothing) and then quite a while at the Spit. I took a nap. Came home, watched a bit of football, dinner at the Sawadee Thai place across the street, ice cream at Dairy Queen next door. What a location this is! For our walk we just went to the Goodwill and other places over across the street. 

Many upsets in football today. 4 of the top 6 got knocked off. 

3 October 2014
In Sequim at this time. In some ways it's kind of a downer after a rustic cabin in a wonderful natural area, but then again we have all sorts more room and amenities and things to do. But we're back in civilization with its cars and traffic and too many people. 

We had breakfast at the Lodge which was okay. Not overly exciting although the bacon was good albeit not crispy enough. We packed up and then started off around 10 or so. Before we left Walter brought us a chipmunk. Ugh. It was still alive and I'm not sure she ended up killing it or not but I hope not. Sweet cat but still a hunter. 

We stopped at the Kalaloch Lodge on the coast for the first time. Not bad. We got there a little before 11 and so wen ton a short hike nearby and were back around noon. Lunch was meh. Burger was good, but the salad and dressing was watery. Not great for a fancy lodge IMO. The drive was otherwise okay. We stopped briefly  in Forks and checked out the highly Twilight-centric visitors center. They had two trucks parked outside, one the same as that used in the movie and one like was described in the book ('63 and '53 Fords, respectively). Then we drove on again, not stopping until Port Angeles. The 10-mile stretch of 101 along Lake Crescent is still my favorite drive.

Oh! We stopped at Ruby Beach again. Absolutely gorgeous. I went over by the rocks and checked out tide pools and watched a seagull swallow a whole starfish. Took a minor nap. Could have stayed a while but Spousal Unit was ready to go. 

Here in Sequim we're at the Sequim West in a mobile home. It's okay. Tiny TV but I'm hoping not to watch it too much. The place was missing glasses so I walked over to the Goodwill across the street and bought some, a Minnie Mouse for the Spousal Unit and some goofy old parrot ones for me. And a San Diego Zoo mug for me as well. We drove over to where the Three Crabs used to be. It's gone now, they're trying to restore the land. Sad. Then over to the Dungeness Park and walked along the bluff. Stopped at Safeway for soda and paper towels. Like I said, amenities but not as peaceful as Quinault. 

2 October 2014 (Thursday)

Walter the cat slept inside here all night. She's a sweetie; she was under the blankets much of the night and waking up kneading and purring, etc. I woke up at 4:30 and found her under the covers right up next to me and when I started petting her she snuggled up into the crook of my arm. She's in here now as well batting a Coke cap around. 

Anyway, I slept okay. Despite various cat disruptions. We ate in again, and then went on a 2 hour hike, the Trail of Giants trail, maybe 2-3 miles? Much of it uphill though. Many, many big trees to marvel at. Passed a passel of Germans who were saying something about a couple of bears in red and purple behind them. Was a couple in their group. Yeesh. But it was a nice hike. Finished just in time for lunch at the Mercantile again, chili dog didn't sit well. We went up and saw the big spruce after lunch, which I always like. Then another store for some ice cream.

AND THEN. . . .I went out in a canoe!! I decided if the weather as this nice and I didn't do it ideally regret it later. So I did. Nervous at first but once I got the hang of it again, I loved it. Stayed out there an hour, went and explored near the mouth of the river and the log pile up at the south end. And I went a bit north as well. The water was super calm and I got some good photos of the mountains and sky reflected in the water. I'm  very happy that I did that.

We went to dinner a the Lodge. Meh. Well, it was good food but the menu was somewhat limited. I had a bowl of chowder. And a berry cobbler for dessert. Then we walked the lakeshore trail for about 30 minutes. Walter met us up near the parking lot and followed us down. The fire is going again and I am about to change into my pj bottoms because the Spousal Unit is making the fire and she likes to make a freakin' bonfire in there. I was actually too warm last night.

1 October 2014

Still at the cabin at Quinault. Interesting day. I slept pretty well although I woke up at 4. I stayed in bed hoping I'd doze back off but no luck. However, since I'd slept through the night -- I only woke up briefly 3 times -- it didn't put a damper on anything. Spousal Unit got up around 7. We had breakfast in and then went out exploring. Did a couple of trails, small ones, and ones we'd done before. Maple Grove and the Kestner homestead. The Maple Grove part was the one I had something of an epiphany last year with the whole relaxation/calmness thing. So I took a cople of pictures there so I can put them up on my computer as a reminder. We drove around the top and crossed over the big bridge, stopping there for a while. It was beautiful.

On the drive south we followed a coyote for maybe 100 yards! He was just trotting down the road ahead of us, checking to see where we were. Once we got too close he went off to the side, but it was very cool. We had lunch at the Mercantile across from the lodge. Not too bad. After that we did the other little nature trail at the south end and enjoyed all the big trees. It's through a grove of  huge trees, Willaby Creek. On the way back we stopped at a little store for some tea bag, AND I found a jar of Nestea instant! Been looking for that for a long time. Just a weird habit of mine,I loved it as a kid. And we got an ice cream. 

When we got back I went down on the bedrock by the lake and took a nice little nap in the sun. I was hellbent on taking a kayak out but they had holes in them which I think was a feature, not a bug. So I didn't and sat outside reading A Farewell to Arms instead. 

And THEN. . . .we were heading over to the Lodge for dinner when the left front wheel started SCREECHING. I pulled over, nothing visible. Kept screeching. We eventually pulled into Amanda Park and called AAA. While on hold the Spousal Unit reversed (again) and it stopped. I think a rock or something had lodged in the wheel somewhere. Anyway, instead of the Lodge we ate at Dino's Pizza and Grill. Which was pretty okay actually. But the Spousal Unit felt I'll afterwards. Now we are back, Walter the (female) cat is inside, and I went for a walk up the road. 

30 September 2014
Typing this from the Lochaerie cabin. I woke up at 3:50 this morning and was going to get up, but decided to lay back down for a while and ended up snoozing again. So the day started well. Had a very good workout, too. Came back home and scarfed down bagels and then started getting things ready to leave. I actually had to do some work before going for the Lopez project. 

Getting the cats packed up was almost easy. I felt bad for Daisy; she knew we were taking her somewhere and she was so scared she pooped. But they did okay once we got them in the car. Of course, we were past Boeing field when the Spousal Unit said we had to go back and get something. I was irritated but not at her, just at Fate generally. But as I was lying in bed this morning I really prayed for, yes,stillness. So I just went with it. Ended up getting down to Gig Harbor around 12:15, so not too bad. We didn't leave until 2:30 which was later than I wanted, but it turned out okay. Jack was doing okay exploring but Daisy was still very scared. Poor thing.

Trip to here was uneventful. Fairly sunny, but it's rained here today. The cabin is quite nice. Small but nice. We have a fire going already and took a walk down to the beach which is full of drift logs and rocks and bedrock. Haven't really relaxed yet, still all wired up from the trip and the newness. But we have cell service!

8 October 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Had another hard marching practice this morning on the football field. Went down to the church after school and then to grandma's. Tonight was open house at school. Practice from 7:30 to 9:30 with the dance band in the [lard some] up there. Had a lot of geometry to do tonight.
So anyway, I just got done cussing a blue streak at the iPad since, after using some app on it to write diary entries while I was gone, I can't figure out how to get the stupid file off of the iPad and onto the computer. Why do I have to go through all the rigamarole of looking all over for the damn thing and maybe synching and crap like that? JUST SHOW THE ($@$&^$@ FILES AND LET ME COPY THEM. JAYsus Christ. [Update: Figured it out: I could email it to myself from within the app]

Well. Home again. I'll start by saying that I spent the majority of last night on the couch in the trailer/hotel in Sequim. Woke up with a massive anxiety attack at 11:45. Slept out there on my bathrobe all night. So it's not reading the Internet that makes me wig out; I did that at the cabin and slept okay. I don't think it's TV because I didn't watch much of it. Heck, I was in Egypt and didn't watch any and I still did that.

I thought I'd had some good insights last night, but I've forgotten them by now. Oh well.

So we went out for breakfast at IHOP, packed stuff up, dropped our change off at the animal hospital (for the Humane Shelter there), and then set out. We went to Poulsbo first, after getting stopped on the Hood Canal bridge while a boat passed (never happened to me before). We made it to P-bo and went to a couple places in the downtown area, and had lunch at another retro '50s cafe, and it was good, although I wasn't really hungry and just ate a few fries. And drank a bunch of soda, the import of which will make itself known presently.

So we did that and then set out for the Kiana Lodge and I promptly went the wrong way. Almost dropped it when I was kind of out of the way, but then decided to go back anyway. Turned out it was much farther away from downtown than I'd thought and we were almost to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal by that time. At any rate, I ended up having to sop and pee before getting there, which kind of irritated the Spousal Unit, who was kind of irritated anyway. But we eventually found the place and there was no one about. So what did I do? Got out and walked confidently through the gate, expecting at any time to be challenged as to what I was doing there, and expecting to, in my most disarming fashion, explain the pop cultural nature of my quest. Didn't see anyone except a couple of landscapers who said nothing. Wandered into the ballroom/banquet hall, no one, so I snapped a photo of it, wandered out back to the beach, no one, so I snapped a picture of the big log. Wish I'd wandered around a bit more, but I just took those two iconic photos and left. Ha. THEN the Spousal Unit thought it was pretty cool. Pppbbbbblllllt.

Left there and went to the ferry terminal, waiting there for probably a half hour, and then took the ferry back to downtown. I hadn't done that run in probably over 20 years, most likely closer to 25. Kind of a nice change, and I got a couple of nice pictures of the crossing. Got out of downtown okay, and arrived at the homestead around 3:15. Put everything away pretty quickly, got salads delivered from Pagliacci, went for a walk.

I'm not really that . . . disappointed? sad? resigned?. . .whatever, to be home. Not really anything, it feels more like just a continuation. I haven't done anything work-related or anything yet either. So I guess it's pretty good. Haven't gotten all irate at traffic yet either. So maybe I'm going to be okay.

Oh, I did finally conclude with reasonable certainty that most of my difficulties started upon getting my PhD. That was indeed the real kicker. Getting rid of that Big Goal let the anxiety manifest itself and I lost control of it. That's really the long and the short of it. How I get out of this is the next step. But I'm confident that's it. Maybe some age-related stuff, but that's secondary.