Tuesday, September 30, 2014

29 September 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Went to school a little early this morning. Had an English test first period. Every[sic] else about the same. Took Barbara home. Drove down town with Carl tonight. Talked a while with [Elma] and Shirley Hadley about Barbara for quite a while this evening. Did geometry until after midnight. Spent $.10.
I'm writing this the next morning on the 30th. . .I forgot to write last night completely! Was busy getting ready for trip.

Yesterday was okay. I only slept until about 4, meh, but had a really good workout as a consequence. Finally talked more with one of the employees there, Christina, who I've chatted a bit with occasionally. I came home before going to Cascadia. While there I mostly just entered probe forms from the Rosario project last week. Apparently they found all sorts of midden, intact and otherwise. Went for lunch at NGate, left around 2. It started sprinkling around 2 and then rained most of the rest of the day. I stopped at a couple of places on the way home, got my parking permit for this quarter, came home, cleaned, etc. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 September 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Got in about 7:10 this morning after being out last night. Got breakfast and then went to bed and tried to get a little sleep. Got up in time to go to church. Ate at Grandma's and came home. Carl came down and I went driving with him. Went to orchestra practice at 5:00 and went to church with Barbara. Am tired as a dog and I know Barbara is also. Got to bed about 11:00 tonight. Eats $.20. Gas $1.05. Spent $1.25.
I guess I had a decent day today. Well, no, it was a good one. I slept until 4:30! Kind of pathetic that I get excited about that. But I slept through the night, so I went to Mass. I'm glad I did although it was difficult to pay attention. Well, okay, partly because a new and very attractive female was a few pews up. But I was kind of. . .distracted generally. Have quite a bit to do before leaving. So I just went and came home. Cleaned up some more at home here, I think everything is just about ready. I mean, it's not like we're going away for 2 months or anything.

We did the usual UVil thing. The new parking garage/lot is finally done! We've had to park way over in the other parking garage for about a year now and it was kind of a pain. It's two levels and the bottom one is open, the top one should be in a couple of weeks. It effectively doubles the space which will be a good thing. It was nice to be able to buy heavy things there (QFC) again. Lunched at the Italian place and then came back again after the Safeway to get a yogurt.

We went to a Laurelhurst estate sale, bought one book. It;s a nice house on the inside, but apparently the children of the former owner are going to tear it down and build anew. It's kind of too bad, but apparently it's not in the best of shape structurally, even though the interior is -- I think -- quite gorgeous. Hopefully they'll salvage much of it. The estate sale lady is one that really irritated me a while back (a year ago, actually), but she seemed okay today.

I mowed the front year so it will look nice while we're away (and the back yard didn't need it yet) and used the grill with the new deflector. Meh. I cooked some bacon on it; we're making a batch of bean scheisse for the cabin. Oh, bought a butane lighter at Eddie Bauer and. . .it doesn't come with butane! So we walked to Riot Aid and found you need photo ID to buy butane! Yeesh. Another thing to do tomorrow.

You know, one thing this guitar is teaching me, something that admittedly I should have learned long ago (and probably did at some level): it takes a lot of practice to become really good at something. I guess I'd always kind of assumed -- probably from reading books and such -- that people were good at things more or less naturally. No, not that people (save for prodigies) could pick up and play a piano in 10 minutes or anything, but that it didn't really take some people all that much effort. And I have, in a way, been searching or waiting for that thing that I would be naturally good at and I would do it and love it. Well, no. I didn't practice my trumpet so I was never very good. Have I been good at any of my jobs? Yes. . . .good but not great. It's something I noted a couple weeks ago, I think, from Scott Adams: You don't become good at something because you're passionate about it, you become passionate about something when you get good at it. I'm not completely sold on it, but I do wonder about that. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

27 September 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Went to work with dad this morning. Took the Plymouth up and had the fender painted. Afternoon I came home and mowed the lawn and put my skirts back on the car. Went to work about 7:30 at home about 12:30. Barbara called me up from Vera's place and wanted me to take her home because they had a big fight. After I picked her up she decided to stay out all night with me we parked and necked all night until about 6:00 this morning. I took her home about 7:00. What fun! Spent $1.35.
Oooo making out all night! Well, I guess we are to imagine that's all they did. . . . .

Weird day today. Slept okay until maybe 3:45, blehh. But I managed to take a good half hour (at least) nap around 9. I did some cleaning this morning, mostly straightening up and putting things away. I did a little of that also before sitting down to write this. We went to the football game around 11:45, and got a parking ticket! We stopped at McD's on the way and didn't notice that it was no parking *at all* on football Saturdays there. I'd thought last time I looked it was 2-hour parking on football Saturdays, but no. Ticked me off, it did. I'm debating paying for it by writing like 15 checks of different amounts. I admit I've become quite dismissive of nearly all government anymore. As far as I'm concerned, it deserves little to none of my respect because it's simply out of control at all levels. So while I may not be able to "fight city hall" I might minimally piss them off every now and then.

Game was pretty good. Stanford (#16), ended up 20-13. Neither team played very well, although I think Stanford's over-ranked. Crowd was okay, although these people like to boo their own team a lot.  Nothing else terribly exciting.

Walk home was uneventful. Had crab cakes for dinner. I'm trying to eat up all the leftovers so we don't have any when we leave for v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n on Tuesday. It was nice and sunny again! But only around 72. Still, I wore shorts and a t-short for the 4th game. That's never happened before. I even took the t-shirt off for a while (had black wife-beater on underneath), No walk tonight, just some cleaning and watching more foooootball. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

26 September 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Drove my Plymouth to school this morning. Had a pep assembly during sixth period. Took [Uno] and her girl friend down town and took Barbara home. Went down to the church and worked a while before supper. Took Barbara to a meeting down in Union [Gap]. Took her by Nina's place and picked her up and drove around town for about 2 hours. Got Barbara home about a quarter to twelve. $.10 telephone $.10 pop $1.00 gas Spent $1.20.
We didn't get back from NGate until 8 this evening, walking and buying rain gear for the Spousal Unit for next week.

Today was pretty good. Slept okay last night. Had a good workout. I went straight to work, stopping by McD's on the way for a big ol' soda. I like that, I can drink some on the way. Did mostly busy work all morning, getting projects ready for being away. Had lunch at NGate. What else. Well, I got a map done for Jana, that was good. Came home by way of UVil; I just wanted to sit in SBux for a while, although the scenery was sparse today for some reason. Came home and mostly just made dinner. Well, I made meatballs. Damn, forgot soda again, too.

I'm already kind of hitting vacation mode. I'll work a good chunk of Monday but I've already kind of started to relax and get ready for more of same. I'm going to try to maintain this while I'm away, typing some on the iPad. Not sure how since we may not have internet access. Probably need to get some sort of text editor for it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Took my Plymouth to school today. Had marching practice all first period. At at Grandma's and took Barbara to the fair $1.70 is all. Worked on the car about 2:30 hours afterwards. Really had a lot of fun  got down the [here] fasts. Got in about 12:30. Had the Dodge. Had to do some geometry after I got home. Spent $1.70.
Well, I did not go to Vancouver. Couldn't get to sleep for a long time last night and then woke up before 4 so I bagged it. I kind of feel bad but not really. We didn't pay anything for it. So I worked out, came home and ran the dishwasher and ate my bagels and then went to Cascadia around 10:30. Really didn't feel well, so I just ate a yogurt and granola and a couple of molasses cookies for lunch. So yeah, I'm glad I stayed home. I got a lot done though, even did some mapping for Jana before I left. Had to find out what was going on with some project from last April, too. The client was. . . I don't know if she was irate, but she was upset because her permit had been held up for some reason. Hope I don't have to go back out. If it's just for one hole or something I'd probably go do it when we're out there on vacation or something.

Anyway, I still felt kind of icky all day. Maybe a wee bit depressed. Or whoever. Actually right now I feel kind of annoyed/angry/sad that when we go on vacation next week I'll not be paid for any of it. Just irks me is all. And nothing's really getting better.

Made a request for a reservation at Lochaeire on Lake Quinalt. Three nights at a cabin. Despite everything, I can't wait to be just completely in quiet. I'm going to try to keep that vacation relaxation feeling like the last time.

You know, I do find myself really wanting to do this archaeology work. Odd that. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

24 September 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
This is [Yachmin] day and there is no school. Play for the fair this morning from 10:00 to 11:00. Took in most of the exhibits and the [band]show. Got in free. Got 2nd and 3rd prizes on some drawing that I had entered. Went down yo Grandma's for supper about 5:00. Went back to the fair and then went up to Barbara's place for about two and a half hours and necked.[!!! -ed.] Did a lot of Geometry tonight. Eats $.50. Spent $.50.
Might have been "Yakima day" but I really couldn't tell.

I guess I didn't sleep all that well last night. Kinda sucked. Couldn't get to sleep and then I woke up around 3:45. So most of the day I was tired and irritable and felt really bad. Oddly, once I came home (from downtown) and scanned in a couple old photos I really felt grand. I think keeping mindful of my glorious past is probably very helpful. I also started wondering about a project for my last roll of film: Either My 20 Favorite Things (I have about 20 frames in the film) or My Top 20 -- if I had 20 items I could remove from the house before it would be incinerated, what would they be. Interesting. It's been hard to come up with 20 to be honest. I could probably make do with about 5-7. My old teddy bear,  Genesis speakers, computer, Mustang, and trowel, for example. I was up to 19.

Anyway, downtown was okay. It was raining steadily all night and all morning and I neglected to bring my umbrella so I got kind of wet (had my rain jacket though). I read a couple of papers, sent an idea or two and some data to Michael, and piddled around a bit. Left around 12:30. I went to UVil after I got home, got bagels, but decided I had enough dinner material.

When I got back I broke up the two pieces of drywall that were left over -- messy -- so those are out of the way (in bags, one in the trash already). And I did a few more little things. Jack has gone back to his "war my bed", the electric little cat bed my sister got for them. It must be Fall!

Was really feeling anxious about the trip tomorrow. Yeah yeah, it's not much different from all sorts of jobs I do including the long drive (really, it take as much time to get to the San Juans, albeit half of that is on a boat or waiting, not driving), but it still makes me nervous. But I decided that if I sleep like crap tonight I just won't go; I'm not going to drive 3 hours on 4 hours of sleep or something. We didn't pay for it so no big deal if I don't.

Neighbors let some guys talk them into fixing their car. They just drove by and offered. I wouldn't have but we'll see if it works out.

Life is really okay. I just need to always keep that in mind. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

23 September 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Rode to school with Lee Roy this morning. Everything went about the same today. Barbara rode as far as my place with Lee and I and I took her the rest of the way home. Carl and I worked on our cars until quite late tonight. Had a lot of Geometry to do also.
I guess he didn't spend anything today!

Odd day. I woke up at 3 with a major attack (attack! attack! Tora Tora Tora!) and took 14 ambien for it. Yeesh. I went downstairs for the rest of the night. Morning. Whatever. Am listening to my new Imelda May CD, so far really nice.

Anyway, had a decent workout. I came home after that so could go to the SBux and use my reward. Oh, on the way to the IMA I saw two pennies and picked them both up. So when I was at the QFC I bought two lottery tickets.

Went to Cascadia, and worked on various cost estimates all morning. Made the trip to the QFC -- Panda Express! -- and then worked until 2:30. Was trying to get out of Vancouver Thursday but I ended up saying I'd do it. I guess it's kind of important that someone goes. So I shall bite the bullet and do my duty for the cause. Was kind of . . . annoyed? Irritated? Or maybe just anxious? . . .about having to drive three hours each way for it, but whatever. I'll be making money. And earning the good will of my colleagues.

Practiced guitar when I came home. Mostly just changing chords. Sometimes I think I'm making pathetically little progress. But then I think back to what I was like when I started and couldn't even begin to do a bar chord and I guess I've made pretty good progress. Slower than I expected though.

We walked at NGate tonight. Because it's raining. This year the weather rather closely followed the seasons: right around when summer started, it got sunny; now the day after fall began it's raining.

Last night I was panicking about the whole employment thing and the fact that I ought to be financially secure but all my choices seem to have gotten me to this point. That's not a new one. I do realize, however -- and I was telling myself this last night -- that much of it was just my way of dealing with the anxiety. Plus some bad luck, etc. And these corrupt people in government. OTOH, looking at it broadly, I'm in okay shape. I didn't deal with it by hoarding or anything like that. Or substances. I channeled some of it into working out which I am far and away better for. Plus, I realize what's going on now, and I am working on, if not fixing some things, then at least finding ways to deal with them and even use them to my advantage. Yes, things could be better, but they could be far, far worse. And most of that I chalk up to my upbringing.

Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Rode to school with Lee this morning. Dad left the car at the school at about 11:30. Took Barbara home. Sat in the car and talked a long while. Worked on the car a while and then went to eat after [us at] I took the car and drove around quite a bit. Did hours of Geometry and a lot of English tomorrow. Gas $.50 Spent $.50.
I slept mostly through the night, unassisted, albeit part of the time on the floor. Had a dandy workout, too. I'd have thought there'd be more people there but it wasn't very busy (classes start Wednesday).

I went straight to work, first one there, and got right in on the one report, planning on finishing it this morning. Which I did. Went with Janet to the store twice. I even brought my lunch! And I bought a box of ginger snaps to much on, which I needed. I mostly finished the report by noon, sent it for review, and then started on some other small things. Duane from Lopez called and said we need to do more survey. This is a wetland area which means two thing: 1) Will probably be very wet unless we could do it right away which we can't, and B) May be a good boggy place to find something really good. They found bison bones with cut marks in a similar place on Orcas a few years ago.

Almost got into trouble as I hadn't sent bids to some clients, but I'd thought the contractor had done that. I was mortified(ish) but it turned out the clients had thought he was handling it, too. So it all worked out and I sent them off later in the afternoon. I didn't leave there until almost 3. When I got back the Sister called from the nunnery on Shaw and I talked with her about the project.

We went to UVil to get the film prints -- turned out I'd just taken a few pictures of my car with it earlier. Need something interesting to do with the final roll of film. I might take it to Facebook for suggestions. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

21 September 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Rode down to church with dad this morning. Went to Sunday school with Barbara this morning. Came home during church and practiced. Drove around with Lee some this afternoon. Went to orchestra practice down at the church at 5:00. Barbara drove around with the car during [yound peoples]. Played in the orchestra during church. Did a lot of studying after I got home from church this evening. Sure am tired tonight.
God, it's been a week and he hasn't broken up with Barbara again. . . .

The day began rather inauspiciously. At 3:30. I laid there for 50 minutes but still couldn't get to sleep and wasn't even close so I got up. No worrying exactly, just mind moving a thousand miles an hour. I managed to take a 20-30 minute nap before the Spousal Unit got up though (7:15), and that made the day somewhat better. We went out for breakfast because the Spousal Unit had wanted to. And I didn't feel like waffles. Was pretty good, too. Busy there today (Burgermaster).

I cleaned when I got home, mostly putting junk away that's been sitting out since painting. While I was at it I found the old iMac and decided it was time to get files off of that and wipe it clean. I had some files on there that didn't make it over to this one, so I had to get it out anyway. So I got that wiped out and reinstalled the OS, which took over an hour. Now I just need to find it a good home.

That took up most of the morning, apart from some other minor things. We left for UVil around 11:40, had lunch outside which was very pleasant today as the temperature was just right. Lots of people there, too. While there I got some Johnson's Baby Shampoo. That's my latest attempt to deal with this rosacea and its attendant forehead zits. It came on so suddenly I keep thinking it must be some external thing, maybe a chemical sensitivity to something. I think this because whenever I put almost any sort of junk on my face it gets worse. And it seemed to clear up some last week when I was using some old baby shampoo we had. So we'll see.

Just hung out at the UVil and did the shopping thing and then came home. I made ribs for dinner and watched football while practicing guitar. SeaChickens were playing Denver, who they whipped in the Stupor Bowl last February (which I didn't see). Went down to over time, too (SeaChickens won). I imagine this game was what everyone had hoped the Stupor Bowl had been like.

Also switched between that and the movie "Stargate". 1994 I think. I actually hated that movie when it first came out: the usual stupid "Left field whacky archaeologist makes silly claims about the pyramids and that everything 'real' archaeologists know is wrong, etc." I mellowed out later and now I don't care too much. Actually like it, and we watched it religiously when it became a television series. I liked it mainly because it wasn't all spaceships and junk.

Walked up to post office to get a flat rate box to send niece Veronica's SeaChicken hat in. Nice day, around 80. Actually pretty perfect. Despite the lack of sleep, today went well. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

20 September 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Went with the band this morning to Naches and marched in a parade they had there. Stayed home and slept most of the afternoon. Barbara went out to the dance with Carl tonight and I give her the Dodge to go back home with. She came from a party at the Y.W.C.A. It's about 2:00 in the morning now.Gas $1.00 [Days] $.10 Spent $1.10.
I slept quite well last night, oddly enough. Mostly through the night until 5. Had breakfast in and didn't do much all morning except watch football. Wisconsin was playing Bowling Green and they whupped 'em. Indiana beat a ranked Missouri, so maybe the Big 10 isn't so down after all. We hit a couple of estate sales close by before noon, some interesting stuff but nothing I wanted to buy. Had lunch at NGate at a new piroshki place. Eh. Well, great for a hangover or if one isn't feeling too well. We went right home, watched more football (!) and then went to the game, stopping for an ice cream beforehand.

They played Georgia State, who has only had a football team for like 5 years now so it was supposed to be a cakewalk. . . .BUT. . .they sucked in the first half. Just awful. 14-0 at halftime. But they came back big in the second half and it was 35-14 when we left partway into the 4th. Another sunny day but a little cooler than it has been.

What else. Eh, not much. I will say that I was watching something on Joan Rivers last night -- she died recently if I hadn't mentioned it -- and I had another little revelation about how one should behave. Can't say exactly what it was. . . .just to generally be really generous and outgoing with other people. I think I may be settling into a new groove. Let's hope so. And let's hope it keeps up and bears fruit. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

19 September 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Went to school with Lee Roy this morning. Took Barbara home after school. She rode as far as Lee's place and I took his car and took her home. We talked a while before she went in and I am now engaged to her. [!!!!!!!! -ed.] Worked on the quite[sic] a wile tonight. Barbara called up about about 7:00. Did a lot of school work tonight. $.10 Coke $.50 I gave Lee for the use of his car. Spent $.60.
Break up six time in less than a year and then get engaged. Yeah, that's the ticket. Well, no formal ring was involved so I'm kind of skeptical. We'll see.

Busy day today. Last night was weird. Well, weirder than usual. More or less. I thought I'd been in the bed for quite a while, went to the TV room, couldn't get back to sleep. Well, the cats were on the couch, and I managed to move Daisy -- who was surprisingly amenable -- but she didn't like laying next to me so she got up a couple minutes later. Anyway, by the time I realized I was going back to sleep I checked the clock and it was only 12:20! I popped 1/4 ambien and went to the basement. Slept under a really thin afghan the rest of the night, and rather comfortably at that. I really don't need heavy blankets at night. But I slept until 5 so that was okay. Hard to get up though.

Had a really. . . .well, a good workout, objectively speaking, but I felt not really into it. I went straight to Cascadia, only Janet was there spilling coffee grounds on the floor. I worked in the report for an hour or so and then we (Janet and I) went to the UW to drop some stuff off and get a couple other things from the hardware store for the house. And then we went to Sam's Club and had lunch at the Ivar's next door. It was nice to hang out with her for a while.

We got back to the shop around 11:45, I worked a bit more and then went with the SuBAHru over to the dealer (Carter Subaru on Aurora) for its maintenance thing. $100 for oil and filter change and a bunch of other junk. I probably could have done most of it myself. While I was waiting I had my computer and worked on the report some more in their waiting room. Drove by the car wash and got it washed, too, and made the mistake of getting on I5 back which was pretty jammed up, but whatever. I got home around 3, did some more piddly stuff, practiced some chords on the geetar (Mumford and Sons' Little Lion Man, Am-C-F mostly). We walked at NGate after dinner. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

18 September 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Didn't go to school this morning. [Boarded] a little over two hours starting out my fender skirts. Barbara call about noon to see why I wasn't at school. Worked from 12:00 to 8:00 at the church. Went down to the junk yard and got myself another fender $xx.xx. Took Barbara to a meeting tonight had a lot of fun on the way. Played for U.S.O. dance tonight at the Y.M.C.A. Got home about 11:30. Spent $4.00.
He must be a senior this year if he;s skipping this much school.

What.A.Weird.Night. I went to sleep okay, got up to go to TV room, fine. Woke up a while later -- it felt like quite a while -- and starting getting all worked up, ended up on the floor, decided to just work through it. Didn't work; almost went to sleep but not quite. I was counting by 12 at first -- up to 1200! -- and then did the whole multiplication table and then sorta half fell asleep, but not quite. Figured it must be after 4 by then. No, it was only 2:20! JAYsus. So I went for the ambien. *sigh* Oh well. Slept until 5 after that (on the couch).

Had a dandy workout. Went off to Cascadia, started in on the report. Almost had a new project, but no. I got a good chunk of it done, mostly the maps and figures which were more complicated because I can't use a Google Earth aerial/sat photo because none of the roads are visible (or accurate). But it went well. Went for lunch at NGate, worked some more, and then left around 2:30. I stopped at the drug store (hard candy, astringent) and the vet's for more gut stuff (probiotics) for Daisy. Unless we give her that stuff daily, she gets really soft poopers. I think she may be allergic to the canned food somewhat, but she loves it so much.

Hamburgers for dinner because today is National Cheeseburger Day. Yeah, whatever. We headed out for a walk but dropped a book off at Norma's and ended up talking for an hour. She just got back from Disneyland. Rained some today but not a whole lot. Weatherguy says regular rain starts later next week. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

17 September 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took my car to school this morning. Played with the band down town until five. Got in a wreck and messed my Plymouth all up. Played for football [alinst] at Davis Field this morning. 
He has a heck of a time with tat car of his. And now he's wrecked it! Dad will not be pleased.

Today: Odd. Good. Pretty good?

First things first: I been married ten years today. That's not that big of a deal since we'd been living together for like 10 years before that. It was basically a formalization. It was in North Lake, WI and Frs. Tony and Roger did the duty. Moms and dads were there. We did nothing really special, though I made coq au vin for dinner. Turned out pretty well. I'd tried it once before with marginal results, but this time I used a quickie recipe off the web for it. I'd gone to QFC for the stuff for it, including four little bottle of cabernet.

Otherwise, I slept pretty well last night, until about 4:20 which was okay. Workout was great. Got downtown okay, went for coffee with Anne and then lunch with her, too. We went to Cedar's a few blocks away. Meh. Well, it was pretty good IMO, but I'm fairly easy to please. I didn't do a whole lot except read through the HPV protocols and a couple papers and start to percolate some ideas. I left around 1, got home, did the shopping and then practices guitar for a while. Good practice, too.

I just erased a big long thing because I don't want to overanalyze it and lose it. Suffice it to say, I need to knock off trying to find something to do that I'm "meant for" or that I'm "passionate about" and get passionate about just doing whatever I'm doing as well as I possibly can. The guitar practice started that tangent off.


Listening to Julee Cruise's Twin Peaks album. I watched more of the Making Of. . . last night. Heady time that. Back in 1990-91 Seattle was peaking: Twin Peaks, Starbucks coffee, and grunge all came together to make this the happening place. And I was here!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

16 September 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Took my car to school this morning. Had a Boys [League] Assembly this morning. Everything else was about the same. Went down to the church after school this evening. Helped some of the people from the church make a float for the parade Saturday. Carl was down here tonight until about 10:00. Had a lot of Geometry to do tonight. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
ENTRY #1000!!!!!

I can't believe I've actually written these things 1000 times. Almost three years' worth. Wow. I kinda didn't think I'd do it, but the diaries really helped. I really want to see what these people did back then.

Looooong day today. Up at 4:15 (not that unusual I admit) and left around 5:15 for Orcas. All went well. Got there with maybe 20 minutes to wait, trip over was fine. I didn't have much difficulty finding the survey area even though it was a tiny private road on the east side. I think I made one wrong turn. It was very steep and I only found one place to dig a probe and it was hard hard HARD digging even there. I put in a bunch of shovel scrapes where I could, and then tried to walk around as much as I could which wasn't a whole lot. Like I said, very steep. I was very uncomfortable at times. Came close a couple times to sliding downhill. And I found out that stinging nettles really do sting. Arm's been dingy since like 10:30. Didn't find anything except for a couple stumps with springboard notches and an oldish shed. Got done by noon.

I drove down to Obstruction Pass state park hoping to find a nice quiet empty beach to sit on for a while but once I got down there it was full of like 20 kayakers. Probably just as well, I didn't have all that much time. Got back to the ferry line at around 1:40 for a 2:20 boat and managed to take a quickie nap and get a hot chocolate as well. AND I was placed so I was like the 7th one off the boat! Hardly every happens to me. So the trip back was pretty good, too, and I was home by 5. So all in all a decent day.

I was a bit worried though. Last night I dreamed that I was sitting in my Mustang at an intersection and the Grim Reaper was walking toads my car! I was frantically trying to roll up the stupid window so I couldn't hear him and then I mouthed off back at him, too. Heh. So happily not an omen.

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 September 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Drove around a little before school this morning. Had an hour of marching practice. Had a tough [pork] of in swimming today. Took Barbara home from school today. Found out she went out driving with another boy sunday while I was in Seattle. That just don't settle too good with me. Did some studying tonight. Sat and talked with some of the bus from school who came up tonight. Sure am tired tonight. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Yeah, he goes to see Wanda at the drop of a hat. . . . .

Anyway, slept fairly benignly last night although I woke up at 4. Blech. I got a free bagel on the way back from the gym (excellent workout, btw) by answering their trivia questions:
1) Who was Baby Ruth candy bar named after? (Ruth Cleveland)
2) What was the capital of West Germany before reunification? (Bonn)

I was the first to get the first one so far. Most people said Babe Ruth. So that was a nice start to the morning. Went straight to Cascadia. Didn't have a lot to do but I busied myself until about noon. Turns out I have to go to Orcas tomorrow, with an early start. Which is okay, I was kind of hoping to go. I'm hoping it's an easy one, but maybe not. Rough terrain.

I had lunch at NGate and while there I checked at a sports store for last season's Seahawks sideline hats, which the niece wanted, but was unable to find. Turned out they got some in and people were fighting over them, but he suggested a place called Lids at the other end and they had a bunch! So I snagged one ($30!) and dearly hope she still wants it.

I came home and then went to UVil in my car just because I felt like sitting in SBux for a bit. Of course, when I left I was shat upon by a small bird. That's like the 8th time! I should buy a lottery ticket. Came home and did a bit more work and then made dinner blah blah blah. We went to UVil again to get bagels and some other items, mostly for tomorrow. Warm again today, high of 86. Supposedly cooler tomorrow. Good day for a field trip. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

14 September 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Got up at 5:30 this morning and Carl and I drove over to Seattle. We got there by twelve and went to a show $.75. We drove around town for a while and came back the Chinook pass had a flat on the way back. Got back about 8:30. We had [Carl's] car. Gas $1.75 Extra $.30 Spent $2.80.
I had a decent day. Yes. Slept mostly through the night. Woke up at 4:20 or so. Ate breakfast in, went to Mass since I was reasonably well rested. Got back, hung out a while, I think I may have swept the floors, and then around 10:45 we went to the Library book sale at Magnuson. They have it in a big ol' hangar building. Used to do it twice a year, once in April and once in September, but the last couple years it's only been in Sep. I got like 13 CDs. For you future people, those are Compact Discs, small silver discs with digitally encoded music on them. Yes, one of them was Abba. Some others: The Police Zenyatta Mondatta, Alice Cooper School's Out, an early Soundgarden, Cheap trick, Jane's Addiction, etc.

We went to UVil and did the usual stuff there. Had lunch at the Italian place (Pallino) and had a salad again. Warm today, like 86. Went to a small estate sale where the chick -- whom we know -- commented upon my calves. FINALLY. I've always thought I had skinny calves but I've been working on them. She thought I was a runner.

Practiced my gee tar for quite a while this afternoon, just doing D-A-G over and over. I switched back to using my pinky for the G; seems to be easier to maneuver. Spaghetti for dinner. Walked.

What else? Not much. The SeaChickens lost to San Diego. Probably a good thing, otherwise they were probably thinking it would be a cakewalk to repeat. Green Bay beat the Jets, too. And everybody's whigging out because Adrian Peterson, Minnesota's running back, took a switch to his kid. Times have changed. Everyone under 40 is gasping in shock; everyone over 40 is saying "Yeah, so?" FWIW, I think it's unnecessary, but everybody's going overboard with condemnation. Moral preening is just so satisfying. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

13 September 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Mowed our lawn and the neighbor's lawn this morning. Painted the heater in the car today. Took Shirley home from down town. Carl came down and worked on his car for a while at my place this evening and then went with [unk] to Grandma''s to eat. Went to work tonight at the [Gay Shot Toe]. Carl also went along. He is staying all night with me tonight. Took my car and drove around after I got off from work. Gas $2.50. Spent $2.50.
I believe on Tuesday I will have entered my 1000th entry here. Wow. 1000 times I will have sat down and scribbled typed what I did that day. Will anyone else ever read this? Will someone 60+ years from now read this somewhere and enjoy a little look into life in the early third millennium? Remind me not to be too boring from here on.

Well, I woke up at like 3 this morning or something like that (maybe 3:45) and thought I'd not get back to sleep but I actually did. Yay for me. I reset the alarm clock until 6 just in case, but I woke up at 5 anyway. Not complaining.

Ate my super-delicious (that's non-boring, right?) oatmeal pancakes this morning and then did mostly nothing the rest of the morning. Read a WWI book for a while, along with a short nap. Football game was at 1 so we left around 11:30 and ate lunch at McD's first. I'm getting tired of blech supermarket food we bring in and blech stadium food so when I can I will not bother. So we parked, walked over, and it was sunny and pleasant, around 80 today. They played Illinois and it was pretty dull. Illinois hath sucked for a while now and they didn't disappoint. I think it was UW 21-3 by almost the end of the first quarter. Illinois pretty much gave up after the third TD. They still kind of made it interesting, ending 44-18, but we left at the end of the third. Big Ten is really a mid-level conference in football anymore.

The group around us is pretty good this year, not horribly drunk. Pleasant so far for the most part. Ran into a bunch of Badgers while there, one older guy and a group of younger ones. They were amazed that the stadium wasn't sold out.  "Cheap tickets and it's close so we had to go!" Yeah, its different here. We walked back to the car and I called Pagliacci to order some salad and bread sticks and picked them up on the way back. Deeeelicious. I really needed cool veggies. I didn't drink much at the game so when I got home I slammed two DCs within an hour. And I might need more!

I walked by myself this evening. Spousal Unit wanted to shower, but I wanted to go for a quiet walk after being around all those people today. I watered stuff when I got back. Probably still watering for another week at least. Of course when/if we go on vacation it will start raining. . . .

Friday, September 12, 2014

12 September 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Took my car to school this morning. Everything was about the same except for and English test. Came home at noon and got my sax. Got out to play for a pep assembly six period today. Talked to Barbara after school this evening for a while. Also saw Shirley and took her up to Ted's place. Carl and I worked on our cars tonight and then we drove around town in his car for a good while. $.05 Coke $.15 ice cream. Spent $.20.
Today almost started with a big disaster: I woke up at like 2 and felt like I would go back to sleep okay, so I didn't take any ambien. Finally I got up and it was still only 3 so then I tried 1/4 ambien, and even that didn't really work until after 4. So I ended up losing like two hours of sleep, but as is my wont, I slept for a bit before the alarm so I didn't feel too bad today. At any rate, I had an awesome workout. Talked to Mickey, my old PI at King County EMS.

I went straight to Cascadia, stopping at Slaveway to get a soder. I started right in on a couple of emails and managed to keep myself busy all morning. Last night I was worrying about getting those things done and whether I was spending enough time there to get to know how things work and such, plus about the alcohol paper. So today I took care of all that and hung out some, but there wasn't that much to keep me occupied. Went to lunch with Spousal Unit at McDs and then came home and she did some yard work while I finished my paper and did a couple of other things. We went to UVil for a snack and then got some fish and other junk for dinner. I washed the Honda when we got back. Nice to have a car that I can wash and it will be nice and clean and stuff.

I got annoyed with the Spousal Unit last night. I was downstairs watching football and she came down and went into her office down there and started bitching about how I'd done something in there and messed up stuff (which I don't think I did) and then later she came back down again bitching because I'd gotten paint on my blinds's drawstring and it wouldn't shut. I mean, big deal! We'll clean it and it'll work fine. Sheesh. So I was in a bad mood and didn't say much before bed.

Listening to Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. Awesome soundtrack. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

11 September 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Took my car to school this morning. Got an assembly [rests] this morning. Ate early tonight and came home [had] and rested some. Went down to Carl's place for a few minutes about 5:30. When I got home a[sic] got ready and went and played with Bob Dalton's dance band at the Y.M.C.A for a U.S.O. dance. Got home about 11:30. Did a lot of geometry and English it's now after 1:15 in the morning. Gas $1.50. Eats $.25. Spent $1.75.
At this moment I'm listening to a new U2 album that I got for free from iTunes. Probably wouldn't have bought it; they had such a great run up to Achtung Baby and then I started not liking what they were doing. Neat thing, distributing free albums on iTunes. What a world we live in now.

After signing off last night I wept rather intensely. Not really about Fred, but that's what kicked it off. Just another person I know passing away.

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up around 3:45 and thought I'd end up remaining awake, but I managed to fall back asleep until 4:45 so it wasn't too bad. I wonder if I should start writing down what things I get all worried about in the middle of the night? Some of them are kind of stupid. I think I tried writing them down in hopes that it would cancel them out or something, but it didn't work.

At any rate, I went straight from the gym (good workout, btw) to the shop, taking way too long in the process. Stopped at QFC for a soda, that took too long, tried to turn left onto 75th (from 25th) and that was letting one left turn at a change, that took too long (after the second change I took off straight and turned left at the next block). Got some things straightened out at work, billing and proposals and such. Left around 11:15 for lunch and hair cut in the UDist. Pleasant day, too, high around 76. Cool overnight though.

I'm trying to remember to do my micro-meditation/relaxation routines again. That really used to work, I think. Hard to recall during the day though. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 September 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took my car to school this morning. Skipped out of sixth period with Carl and came home and worked my car[sic]. Ate at Grandma's. Went down to Carl's place for a little while. We brought the cars up here and worked on them until about 10:30. I put an extra gas tank on mine. Bought a hamburger and soda $.45. Gas $.50. Did a lot of geometry tonight. Spent $.95.
My day began very inauspiciously at 3 this morning. Tried to go back to sleep with 1/4 ambien, but no go. I wasn't really worrying about anything in particular, just my mind was running fast. Had so much I wanted to do today. I finally got up a little after 4. Had a good workout because of it.

I went to GH today and was planning on spending most of the day, or at least all morning, getting the paper fixed up, but it didn't take that long. Anne was there, it was very good to see her. I think she may be having a tough time of things, as she hugged me before she left and she made that noise one makes when you're hugging a good friend. *warm fuzzies* So I got all that done and left around 12:30. I took any old 7x bus to the U District and stopped at the U Bookstore and got a copy of EndNote ($70) and a connector cable for this little iPod Shuffle I found last weekend. Says it belongs to "John Bonham" which I think is a pseud (Zeppelin's drummer). Got mostly hard rock stuff on it. I'll keep it and plug it into the car or something every now and then for variety.

Stopped in to see the girls at Hair.Comb for a few minutes.

When I got home I installed EndNote, took down some of the paint tape, and then drove up to QFC for dinner fixin's.  I made a small batch of stew with the leftover beef from Sunday. Just went for a walk afterwards.

Here's what I wrote including the announcement:
“Dear colleagues: I know some of you have heard this news, but I wanted to make sure all of you are aware of this. Fred Nick, the former Director of CSSCR (Center for Social Science Computation and Research), died this past Friday of a heart attack. Fred retired just one year ago, after serving for more than forty years in this position. He was an indescribable support to so many social scientists, from undergraduate students to beginning graduate students, to frustrated dissertators, to junior faculty struggling to learn new systems, to seasoned social science faculty undertaking new projects, using new data sets, and to so many others. When I came to the UW in 1982, CSSCR was right down the hall from my office. I turned to Fred more times than I care to count. Fred’s constant availability, generosity, and patience, were legendary. There was no problem too small, no problem too difficult, for Fred.”
Fred was one of those Great Guys. He was there when I started grad school back in 1986. Back then, of course, computing was in its relative infancy and social scientists tended to be notoriously computer-ignorant. Not all, of course, many of the archaeology faculty were way ahead of the curve, and we ended up using the computing facilities for much of our class work. In those days there were a few PCs, but mostly we used minis and mainframes, the latter primarily DEC Vax’s of various flavors. We used terminals and line printers as well. Most of the software was some graphics (I use the term somewhat loosely) and statistics, notably Minitab and SPSS.

And Fred was there as the main support contact and instructor. And he was excellent at both. He was a big bearded friendly bear of a man, and I don’t really recall him ever being snarky or mean or anything like that. He was patient with those who were new to computers and his method of teaching was very straightforward and stepwise, doing the basics of what people really needed to do without trying to instruct everyone on the ins and outs of operating systems, etc., which would just be confusing. A really excellent teacher.

Since I was kind of a geek, I hung out at CSSCR a lot. And made a lot of good, though sadly as it turned out, temporary friends there. Mostly with his undergraduate research assistants who worked there as consultants and helped us a lot with our geeky extra-curricular projects. Some of these may or may not have involved text-based and semi-graphical adventure games, but mostly it was a lot of data whacking. And Fred was always there to answer our questions and shoot the breeze with us. I went back a few years ago for some reason, and Fred was still there and took out some time to talk over whatever it was. I’m guessing he would have been able to make a bundle in the private sector in an IT department somewhere, but I think he was happy where he was.

So long, Fred. I’m sure you’ll be up there ready to show us the ropes when we get there as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9 September 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Rode to school with Lee Roy this morning. School was about the same. Barbara rode [up for as] my place and then I took the rest of the way home. I call her up this evening and we got into a hell of an argument. Ate at Grandma's and mowed her lawn. Drove down & saw [Vera] for a little while. Went to [dance] band practice with Lee at W.M.C.A. tonight. Got home about 10:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Odd, I would have expected they'd have broken up. Again.

So last night was going fairly normally: Woke up, went to TV room, woke up a couple more times, then woke up again and kind of felt reasonably refreshed and my mind started going. Must be near 4:30, right? 2:42. Criminy. So I took 14 ambien and went downstairs and slept down there the rest of the night, although not all that well. Had to bring my phone down and use that alarm, although I woke up on my own at around 4:45.

So I had a really good workout (legs) and that was okay. When I came home I prepared for painting and then got a mocha and then came home and painted. Went okay (back steps and landing) although the tape I'd used wasn't as wide was Id thought and I got some on the ceiling. Must go back and touch it up some. But it's done, now all that's left is the kitchen. I went to McD's for lunch and got a jalapeƱo burger. . . .good, but I should really take some of the jalapeƱos off, they put on a few too many. Came home, did some more piddling around. Oh, I thought I might start using my phone without the heavy duty case so I took it out before McD's, worked okay, but then I dropped it so I cleaned the case really well and put it back in. *sigh*

I went to Cascadia around 1:30. Poor Janet. Her BIL apparently was arrested for "child exploitation" which is really creepy and not nearly as exciting as I had been thinking (drugs, whatever). Her in-laws have a lot of problems and drama. She looked pretty hot today though, black leggings and boots. Anyway, I did some piddling work there and then hung out a while and talked with Janet and Mike. Apparently we probably do have black widow spiders which are actually brown. I showed a pic to Mike and he thought it was one; supposedly, there are "brown widows" and some juveniles are brown. Gonna try to get a better photo and send it to a guy who does spiders. TT says there are some around here, too. I don't like that.

We went to a End of 520 Project happy hour thing at a place called The Yard on Greenwood. Nice place. Had some non-ally beer and some appetizers. Nice to chat with those guys outside of the office.

Going to GH tomorrow. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

8 September 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday): Rode to school with Lee Roy this morning. School is going good. Started playing my clarinet today in band. Talked to Barbara about an hour after school. Ate at Grandma's and then went to Carl [Brown's] birthday party and Ron [Moon's] going away party. Got home about 11:00 and did an hour work on my geometry and some English. I am just now done and it[sic] after 1:00 in the morning now. $.10 protractor $.15 ice cream Gas $1.00 Spent $1.20.
Busy day today and fairly productive. Had a big ol' anxiety attack in the middle of the night -- still on the stupid car show embarrassment -- and slept on the floor. I think I went to the TV room at around 11:10 and then woke up again at 1:15 or so. Or maybe 2:15. Yes, 2:15. Had to take 1/4 ambien. Yuck.

But I ended up sleeping fairly well anyway, all things considered. Low standards these days, I know.

Had a darn good workout though. This is a Week of Many Reps so I killed myself daid. Happily I did not burn over the weekend. Once home, I piddled around until going to Cascadia. They started wrecking the concrete in the lot at the end of the street this morning and I think it got Jack and Daisy all het up. Daisy was under the bed when I got back and Jack was in his box on the floor, but was roaming around my room meowing a lot. He eventually went away and I found him curled up under a blanket on my pillows in the TV room  and he really wanted attention for about 15 minutes.

Kind of a boring day at the shop. I worked on the assessment some more, mostly that until around noon, then I did a couple of other things and tried again with the EndNote and references. Fail. Will just have to break down and buy a new copy I guess. Left there around 1:30 and stopped at Lowe's to get some painting things and then came home and taped things up in there. And dinner (souvlaki). I fiddled with my guitar again for a while, exclusively repeating chord changes D-A-G over and over again. I go through these phases where I'm okay just doing that, which I should have just done for the first 6 months I had the damn thing: chords, chords, chords, over and over and over again.

We went to UVil as I had to cash a couple of checks from Cascadia.

Cloudy all day, sprinkling now.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

7 September 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Over slept this morning and missed Sunday school but got there in time for church. Ate at Grandma's and after dinner did some geometry. Went to the shoe at the Capitol with Carl today $.55. Stayed home from church this evening. Gas $.50 Spent $1.05.
Last night I ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs. I went to the TV room around 1 but Daisy was there and I felt guilty kicking her off and she looked like she wanted to go back except for me being there. It was warm up there anyway (hit 90 yesterday) so I went downstairs. Didn't have a bad attack but I was awake for probably 45 minutes. I slept until almost 5.

We went to McD's for breakfast and it was deeeelish. When we got home I started working on the refs for the alcohol paper with an online version of EndNote. Went fine until I tried inserting them into the document and then I couldn't figure out a way to do it and/or the software wasn't working. Yet another example of the same software crap problems we were having 20 years ago. So I quit and did a few other things. Well, okay, I read on the steps for a while. I'm going to copy a nice passage from Jimmy Buffett's book A Pirate Looks at Fifty:

I have been called a lot of things in these fifty years on the good old planet Earth, but the thing I believe I am the most is lucky. I have always looked at life as a voyage, mostly wonderful, sometimes frightening. In my family and friends I have discovered treasure more valuable than gold. I have seen and done things that I read about as a kid. I have dodged many storms and bounced across the bottom on occasion, but so far Lady Luck and the stars by which I steer have kept me off the rocks. I have paid attention when I had to and have made more right tacks than wrong ones to end up at this moment -- with a thousand ports of call behind me and, I hope, a thousand more to see. My voyage was never a well-conceived plan, nor will it ever be. I have made it up as I went along. 

Wish I could remember that -- "I have made it up as I went along" -- and not see that as hopelessly bad. I have done many things I read about as a kid. I've been many places and done many many fun things. Made some bad calls. Made some good ones. I think I've been more good than bad. When I am on my death bed will I look back and be glad I did all that rather than have a nice, solid career all my life? That's the way I always saw it.

I used to really think that way. I wonder what happened.

Anyway, we went to UVil for the usual Sunday schtick. Had a nice salad outside; I'll miss it when we have to move indoors for the winter. Did the usual shopping, Spousal Unit bought 3 t-shirts at Eddie Bauer for $20. We didn't buy a whole lot actually. I got some stew meat for dinner that turned out meh.

When we got home I ate a mini ice cream cone for a snack and while the Spousal Unit made "Nanaimo bars" which we are calling Captain Nemo bars, I mowed the back yard. Not that it really needed it, but the clover in spots was getting high. Cleaned off our roof and then cleaned off the neighbor's. I asked her if I should do hers next time I did mine, so I did. Lots of junk up there and I took off some branches that were hitting their roof and ours. Pretty warm up there, 83 today as well. Looks like at least another week of sun, so after our walk I watered some more. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

6 September 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Did my lawn this morning and took my car to the garage for its 400 mile tune-up. I had to change a tire and I greased the front end. At at Grandma's and after supper I washed [of] the Dodge before going to work. Drove up to see Barbara before going to work. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I wonder where he works on a Saturday night? Fairgrounds?

I had a busy day today. First, I slept okay and for the first time in at least a couple of weeks I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack. I did take two chamomile at around 5 which I had quit doing, so maybe I'll start that again. But I slept pretty well. Until 4:30ish.

Piddled around, watched an ep of Top Gear, breakfast. Football. Then we went to the football game which started at 12 today. We go there about 11:20 with our lunch, got some beverages and ate the sandwiches in back in the concession area away from the sun; it was very warm today, in the 80s. Our seats are on the north side so we were in full sun. Before it started one of the (alumni) band women collapsed on the field and she was lying there for a good half minute before anyone noticed, but an opposing player went over to check her out and the team people also came out. Just some heat exhaustion. Most of the females around me -- including the Spousal Unit -- went back into the concession area before the end of the first quarter and stayed. I did okay after a while. They played Eastern Washington and it started out looking to be a blowout, 14-0 (UW) before 5 minutes had elapsed. But EWU got their crap together and actually made a game out of it. We left at the half though, as the Spousal Unit wasn't going to go back out. Final was like 58-52 (UW).

We walked back to the car (parked north of campus) and stopped at the ice cream shop on the way, which was very nice. Got home around 2:30-2:45. Mostly watched more football, dinner (leftover bean scheisse), and then a walk. Had to water stuff again since it's hot today, hot tomorrow, etc. Was hoping I'd be over that for the year.

Felt kinda bad all day, too, like I am coming down with a cold. Might have been the colder air I was blowing in all night though. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 September 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Took Lee Roy to school this morning. Didn't feel much like going to school today. Have a terrible cold. Took Barbara home after school and tried to teach her how to drive the Plymouth but we ran out of gas. [Practiced] about a[sic] hour up at [Marshi plan] on [somemusic]. Spent $1.00.
You know, without jinxing myself (hopefully), I've never run out of gas. Came close a couple of times (just a month or so ago, if you may recall) but never quite did it. Can't figure out how people do that.

I had a decent day today. Had to take 1/4 ambien last night, having a major anxiety attack. Sheesh. Around 2:30. Ended up on the floor the rest of the night. But I slept okay mostly. Had an awesome workout, too. When I got home I did the usual bagels and installed my old copy of EndNote, and then headed to Cascadia. Had my first mocha in a few days, deeeelicious. But it had too much foam. I should have let Sara at the Slaveway make it for me. But it was good; I think the chocolate needs the bitterness of the coffee, something that the tea doesn't do.

I was pretty busy in the morning. I finished the assessment and I think it looked pretty good. I went to NGate for lunch and then when I got back I had an answer for a couple of proposals so I did those for another hour and left around 1:30. I went to the UVil to get some fish for dinner and sat in SBux for a bit, mainly because I really needed a hot chocolate; stomach was unsettled. Pleasant.

When I got home around 3 I practiced guitar for a while and was doing well at it. I went back and retried part of a Nirvana song and found I was hitting some of the chord changes much quicker than I used to, so I'm really feeling like I'm making some progress. Also watched some football (Pitt at Boston College), dinner, walk, and more football this evening! WSU at Nevada. Should be a good one.

Warm today, 82 and warmer tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

4 September 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Took Lee Roy to school this morning. Had a band test. Things went pretty well today in school as a whole. I have just gotten settled in all my classes now. Mowed the lawn this evening. Had about and[sic] hour of work to do. $.95 English workbook $.10 [cake] $1.08 gas $.35 car [fuere]. Spent $2.46.
Things were pretty good in 2014 as well. I slept okay last night although I woke up at 4:20, but wasn't awake much during the night. I had a decent (leg) workout. Not spectacular. I scarfed bagels down and made another tea mocha. Definitely not as good as regular ones though. I'm wondering if there's a way to make a shot of espresso on the cheap, like without one of those big Keurig things or something, and also not really messy.

I drove the Mustang today because it was sunny. I spent from 9-1:30 at Cascadia working on the assessment. I learned a few things from it, especially finding historic maps and junk. Tomorrow I'm going to clean it up some and do the references and hopefully have most of the afternoon free. To do more work, or I might go to the UVil just for fun.

When I came home I cleaned up some and practiced the guitar as well as doing a bit more looking into the report. I'm getting much better at the bar chord although it still takes time for me to get the fingering right, but I'm getting quicker at it. I'm actually quite proud of myself for doing that, I didn't think I could. Takes practice and a song I really want to play; and repetition, repetition, repetition.

We had bean scheisse for dinner and did a normal walk.

Oh, the NFL season starts tonight, Seattle playing Green Bay. I wore my Packer shirt today. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 September 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took Lee Roy to school this morning. Had assembly about our A.S.B. Got transferred into first band today. Had my first geometry lesson today. Worked about two hours on it at home. Took Barbara  home after school and then came home and [moved] about half of the lesson and cleaned up the car. [Coke] $.05. Spent $.05.
It seems odd to me that he only started geometry in high school. I seem to recall starting it sooner than that.

Update on rain last night: we had several cells move through and heavy bouts of rain. Loved it. I could almost hear the grass soaking it up like a sponge.

I woke up in the middle of the night with another anxiety attack and had to take 1/4 ambien for it because after probably 45 minutes I was still awake. But I slept (on the floor) to 5. Had a dandy workout, too. Came home, scarfed down bagels, made another tea mocha -- with a separately brewed snort of tea -- and headed to Cascadia. I worked on a few cost things for a while, then got another thing to work on, this time a Phase 1 Assessment. That's where you basically do background research to determine whether a survey is needed or not. Probably will. It's for a new section of an existing (newish) cemetery for "natural burials", that is, without vaults and stuff. You know, when I was younger I used to recoil in horror at the thought of me decomposing to nothing after my demise. I always thought I should be preserved as much as possible, telling myself it was for the benefit of future archaeologists. But I dunno, maybe it was just thinking I wanted to still be around in some sense. Lately I'm more disposed toward going back to the earth when my time is done and almost looking forward to my physical being going away.

I left there around 3 and did some minor chores at home. We walked to Safeay and I got some nonfat milk for my mochas. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 September 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
School started today. Lee Roy rode to school with me. Got my locker and most of my books and got about half of my fee's[sic] paid up. Took Lee Roy and Barbara home. Afterwards I drove down to the church and then down to Grandma's. Drove around a little tonight looking for a tail light lens. Cost $.75. Didn't have any studying to do tonight. [unk] $.05 Decals $.10 $.95.
So I'm guessing he's a senior this year.

Interesting day today. I slept weirdly. Had to get out of bed before(?) falling asleep and went to the TV room -- Jack had already brought the stick up from downstairs -- and then mostly slept through the night until about 10 to 5. Had a pretty decent workout (legs). I came home and made myself a tea mocha. Basically hot chocolate into which I dropped a tea bag. I'd been making what were essentially tea lattes -- sweetened 70-30 milk-water tea -- and though I might start having fewer SBux mochas since they're like $4.30 each. So I made that and it was okay. I think tomorrow I might try making the hot chocolate the usual way and then doing a concentrated tea (like 1 ounce of water boiling with a bag in it) and dumping that in like an espresso shot. And I put $5 in my change jar as sort of a Mocha Savings Account.

Anyway, I went to Cascadia around 9 and worked there until almost 3 with 45 minutes out for lunch since I forgot mine. I finished up a couple of cost estimates and started a few others, since we're getting busy again. One is for Shaw Island which I've never been to. And it's with the nuns! It was nice working there with everybody all day.

When I got back I piddled around, but not much actually. I cleaned the kitchen floor, emptied the dishwasher, started working on dinner. We went to UVil and when we were walking from one place to another the heavens opened up and it poured down rain for about 10 minutes. LOVED IT. I love a good hard rain, especially when it's fairly warm out. And I don't have to water again for a week! Grass will probably grow a lot this week so I think by Friday I'll have to mow. Nice to see it raining.

Oddly, despite the productive day I feel rather anxious this evening. But like I've said on occasion, it's not really all that situational. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

1 September 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Left with the high school band for Wapato at about 9:00 this morning. Marched in the parade there and play with them at the Harvest Festable[sic]. Stayed there until 5:00. At at Grandma's and then went up to see Barbara at about 7:45. Sat out in the car and talked and did a few other things until about 11:00. I came home and began to get ready for school tomorrow. Ray and Lola staying here tonight. Gas $2.00. Spent $2.00.
"did a few other things". Uh-huh. SO that's what they called it back then. . . .

Slept okay again last night and made it until 5. And not on the floor! We went to McD's for breakfast and I had a couple of breakfast burritos. Just to be different. Probably a bit too much food, too. But good. I did nothing again this morning except sit and watch TV although I did change the bedding, the litter box, and cleaned off my desk. Okay, that seems fairly productive. But then I watched TV. We went to Woodinville for lunch and shopping at the Hagen's (formerly Top Foods) up there as well, just for a change of pace from the UVil. Pleasant, I guess. Bought a bag o' litter. Had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. That's a place with a few kinds of ice cream and then they let you mix in whatever you want. Showed up a few years ago in various guises around here but they're the only one that's managed to hang on that I know of.

We came home around 2 and I . . . actually, I think I did the bedding this afternoon, hmmmm. . . .anyway, I made a new batch of beer and was going to mow the lawn but the yard waste bin was full so I thought I'd wait until after the rain tomorrow. Practiced guitar for a good 45 minutes and made good progress on the bar chords I've been working on. I don't go to it easily yet but at least I can do it reasonably well.

We went to UVil for some stuff but most of the places were closed by 6 (Labor Day), but hit the grocery store. Watching football this evening, Louisville and Miami. I have a longstanding hate of Miami.