Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Spent most of the morning packing and went home with Ray and Lola about 11:00. Rained all the way over. Ate went[sic] we got over here. Spent most of the evening watching television. Bought roll of film $.55. Spent $.55. Monthly spending 42.15.
I'm still amazed at how little he spent. Maybe. Did I spent that much when I was 16-17?

I had a decent day today. Slept okay, until 4:15 which was way better than the night before, obviously. Decent workout but not spectacular. When I got home I did some work on a couple of reports, perhaps FINALLY finishing the Lopez one. I headed out in the Mustang around 11:15 to go pick up Kim-Possible up in Shoreline. Great to see her again. We kind of kept each other sane(ish) the last couple months at PATH together. She's had a bad couple of years with a sick and crazy spouse and is up here (from Tucson) getting their old house ready to sell. We actually drove almost all the way back here because she wanted asian and neither one of us knew anything up there so we went to the Bai Pai thai place up the street. Very nice. She's much fun to talk to.

So I took her home and then drove down to Renton. . . .AND ALMOST RAN OUT OF GAS. I could hear something in the back making sort of a buzzing noise, and I knew the tank was on the L line but figured I could let it go a ways before filling up. Whoa. A few blocks from the Sam's Club where I was going to get gas it started sputtering! Happily, I was right next to a Chevron so I pulled in quick. I put in 15 gallons which ought to have left me two left but I may be misremembering the amount the tank(s) hold. So hmmmm. That's a first. Dropped it off at the paint/body place and they're going to fix up the bumpers as best they can. That should be enough for the show. Walked over to the Spousal Unit's work building and we drove home after a quick stop at the Target.

Walked around here. Sunny after morning clouds and about 80.

UPDATE: I checked and it was 17 gallons. Hmmmm. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

29 March 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Pushed in the fender and broke a fog light going to church this morning. $1.50 to get it fixed. Missed sunday and church[sic]. Had a wedding this afternoon I had to help clean up after. Ate dinner at grandma's but a supper here at the house. Lola and Ray are staying here again tonight. Went to church at our church. Gas $1.00 Spent $2.50.
Man, I don't think even inflation would take care of $1.50 to fix a bumper and fog light!

Well, from high to low in less than 24 hours: Woke up at 2 this morning and never went back to sleep. Big ol' anxiety attack, mostly this time about the KRP thing. Awful. I may end up not doing that anyway, after I've thought about it some more, but whatever. I took a half hour nap this morning so the day wasn't a total waste. I did some work on alcohol interventions this morning so I felt a little better.

We just went to UVil, I was very tired still. The usual stuff. This afternoon I did some piddling work involving dinner and such but not much else.

I dunno, maybe the highs from Friday evening and Saturday really had to correct themselves today. Maybe it's a whole new syndrome I've got! At any rate, I guess if I had any hope that reconnecting with Laurie had put the anxiety to rest, that is now moot.

We walked up to the post office this evening, she's doing better walking without any aids (boot, tape). Still slow though.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

28 June 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Went down to the church and worked today. Ate and washed my [head] at grandma's. Fixed a flat tire on my car this afternoon. Went down to the church again about 9:00 and helped dad clean up after a wedding. Lola and Ray are staying here again tonight. 
Still quite the bummer.

I had a good day today, helped in no small part by a decent night's sleep, mostly. Woke up a lot. But it was all unassisted. I guess I had been stressing out about Laurie a lot. I'm still unbelievably happy about all that. I consider seeing her again a true gift. Life is okay.

Anyway, we went out for breakfast, and I cleaned up my room some, mostly dusting. Hair cut in the U District at 11:30, we left at 11. I hung out in the Bookstore and surfed the net on my phone and drank a truly awful mocha. Half, actually. Blech. Lunch at Pagliacci. One estate sale that wasn't all that interesting, and then grocery store and home. I practiced ye olde geetar for 45 minutes this afternoon while watching TV and it went quite well. Dinner was unspectacular, vegetables and potatoes in foil on the grill. I felt I needed something simple. We walked at NGate tonight. I bought my annual college football magazine. I usually wait until at least mid-July for that, but I haven't been able to find the Sporting News one the last couple of years so when I saw it I grabbed it. Not quite ready to think about football yet though.

Showery and sunny day today. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

26 June 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Went down to the church and got some of the floors polished. Ate dinner at grandma's. [After] we all went to the funeral parlor to see how they [finished] mother. Stayed at grandma's the rest of the afternoon. Went to the [sloppy park] at 7:00. Saw [Woody] tonight. We [unk] to [Tieton] and around town. $1.00 for gas. Got [slept?] in this morning. Lola and Ray are staying here tonight. (Mowed my lawn about 5:00) Spent $1.00.
He still isn't showing much emotion here, that may be how they were back then, or perhaps he's just using this as a "Things I Did Today" thing.

I slept okay, at least until 5. Last night I went downstairs to finish the night just to do something different. It kind of helps, I think. I came home after a decent workout and worked on a couple of reports. Left for downtown around 10:30, but we didn't leave for lunch until 12. The place is okay, it's French. I had an overpriced cheese sandwich. Michael is really jazzed about alcohol and such, thinks we can do another grant as well. So yeesh! He's also decided he's really into coffee and wants to start his own roaster/cafe in Nairobi! Me and Anne rode the shuttle back to campus together.

When I got home I got the report back from Jana who chose to watch the stupid soccer game (US 0, Germany 1) instead of looking at the report. Silly game, we lost but we're still in it. Got dinner going. Laurie and them were coming back from Orcas today so we're getting together tomorrow afternoon around the Center. I don't know that area. Id like it to just be me and her but we'll probably have the whole family. But we'

27 June 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Ray and Lola and all of us went down to grandma's and from there went to mother's funeral.
That is just so sad.
Which was at 2:00 o'clock. It lasted until 3:30. Wanda went with us to the funeral. Afterwards we went back and took some pictures. Ate at grandma's. Lola and Ray stayed here tonight. $1.00 gas. Spent $1.00.
I feel really bad for the mother.

I am okay now. Met Laurie and her family at around 4:30 at the big fountain. She looked great, very much unchanged except for a few wrinkles and such. Nice kids. Husband was meh. Nice enough although I wouldn't have expected her to end up with him. But who do we ever expect? Went to McMenaman's, which I saw on the way in and remembered. It was good. It's kind of a load off of my. . .soul. Almost feels like waking up from the last 30 years of my life.

I worked quite a bit today on various reports and such. Went to Cascadia for a couple hours. Worked out very hard this morning. It was kind of cloudy and showery all day, but some sun.

All is good now. Good night. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

25 June 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Lola and Ray came over this morning. We made arrangements with [Shaw] and Sons for mom. We [plan] first to the cemetery to get the graves. Many of the church people were in. Spent most of the day a [sic] grandma's when we were not looking after the other things. Went to summer band practice tonight. Lola and Ray are staying at Grandma's tonight.
That's not something you'd see these days: Kid's mom dies and he goes to band practice the next day. I think back then they were more used to death than we are. I looked up the "Shaw & Sons" and they are still in business, and I Chatted with someone to see if I could find out the person's name, and they said they'd look into it. I'm kind of hoping I can find out so I can put her on Find a Grave.

Day started out too early. Woke bolt awake at 2:45 and even taking 1/4 ambien it took a while to get back to sleep and then only until 4:15. Still, I had an epic workout. Came home and started working on various things, went to Cascadia and didn't get a whole lot done there, although Janet kindly did the references for me. (Hate those) Tried to write some project files to a CD and that was futile (Winblows machine), tried to print something and that didn't work (Mac). So I left so I could swear at my computers in peace. Ate lunch at NGate and stopped at Big 5 sports store and got ankle weights for the Spousal Unit.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the Cornet Bay report and it went okay, but then found out it was actually a survey so I had to change a bunch of things, found the ToC was all fardoed up, blah blah blah. Finally got a decent copy done. Then I went out to my car to test out using a rag and cleaner on the wheels and, lo and behold, it worked fine. So much for a brush. Takes about 10 minutes per wheel, done. So much for time saving gadgets. But I'm confident now that I won't embarrass myself too badly this year. I mean, the engine bay still looks awful but the rest is in decent shape, considering.

Walked up to post office to mail show form and fee.

Kind of pensive tonight as well. One of the Spousal Unit's former coworkers just died. Somewhere in his 40s, healthy, exercised, ate well, etc., caught MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and took only 2,5 weeks and he was gone. Very sad. Death can come swiftly even to those who are supposedly doing everything right. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

24 June 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
LeeRoy went with me to work at the church. We worked until about 3:00 and then we went to a show at the [Onences] $.25. Ate at Grandma's. We [sic] to dance band practice at 7:30 at the YMCA and didn't get back until about 10:30. Mother passed away this evening at 8:10. Dad was with her at the hospital at the time. I did not find out until after I got back from practice. We called most of our friends. Spent $.25. 
How sad. I was expecting it, but you know I'm a bit choked up as I write this. He never said what it was, but it was something that went on for several months at least so I'm thinking cancer. What a terrible thing for a teenager to go through. Although one is a bit surprised that he didn't come right out and say it at the beginning. Maybe he's trying to be stoic. It's a bit emotional looking at the words this person actually wrote when this happened. God bless you and your mother, sir. 

My day was better (obviously). Slept okay, although woke up at 2:45 and had a minor anxiety attack. Sheesh, like 5th day in a row. But I went back to sleep, with assistance. Had a pretty good workout. I worked most of the morning on finishing up the Lopez report and then the site update form for the Tarte/SJI survey, and then got in on the Cornet Bay one which is actually due Thursday. But it's mostly done at this point. We went to McD's for lunch and when we came back Norma drove by and said the old man up the street got back around 10:30 last night, with a note from someone that he'd been "found" or helped at Hewitt Ave which is probably in Everett. So that was good. 

I worked for a bit and then went to the PT with the Spousal Unit, and I went and got my hair cut, sat outside the bookstore in their little patio area and checked out the hot young coeds sipped my hot chocolate. Bought the Spousal Unit a UW jersey that was on sale cheap, too. She likes that stuff. 

I did a bit more work when I got home, composed more of my post comparing my first computer (Leading Edge PC-XT) to my soon-to-be new Macbook. We walked at UVil to cash a check, get some candy, and check out the hot young coeds get a couple groceries. Was cloudy this morning but gorgeously sunny this afternoon. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

23 June 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Did the lawn here the first thing this morning. Lola and Ray came over this morning about 10:30. Went to the hospital several times today to see mother. Ate dinner at grandma's and supper over at the [McAnny's]. Went to the [sic] see the Joe Chitwood [unk] show at the fairgrounds tonight with Les, Roy and [unk]. Cost $1.50 Gas $1.00 Spent $2.50.
Still avoiding reading ahead to see what happens to Mom. . . .

I slept pretty well last night, albeit assisted. *sigh* At any rate, I had a magnificent workout. I think the combination of pasta the night before and hydrating really makes a difference. The Spousal Unit dropped me off, which meant she was driving! She went in to work today and make it in okay except the ankle hurt, but then she hadn't taken any ibuprofen this morning either. I went downtown, met Michael at 9 and we went over the paper, so I think we're getting close. Also talked about grant stuff. Looking good. I worked on getting more variables most of the rest of the day, talked with Deepa Rao as well and she hooked me up with some other folks in Kenya. Kind of boring mostly, but I got to see Anne and that was nice.

Left at 2:30, ride home was uneventful. DId some chores and dinner, Spousal Unit didn't get back until almost 5. We didn't do much of a walk because we stopped at Norma's to find out why there was a police car down the street. Turns out Sunny's husband -- she's like 85, too -- hadn't come home from driving somewhere yet. Apparently he's gotten lost once before driving around so he's starting to lose it some, so were suspecting he's probably just lost. Which isn't good but we're not expecting anything really bad. So she was chatty and then Gloria nabbed up and she was chatty so we didn't really walk anywhere to speak of.

Sunny, maybe 73 today, rain moving in. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

22 June 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Mom took real bad about two o'clock this morning. Dad was called to go down to Grandma's to be with. I went down in time for breakfast this morning. They took her to the hospital about 11:00 o'clock this morning. I had to take one of everything at the church today. Ate my meals at Grandma's today and went up to see Mom several times. 
That's too bad. I've been wondering if Mom was ill and it looks like she's very ill. Cancer? I'm resisting the urge to read ahead too far.

A decent day here in 2014. I got up in the middle of the night as usual and was going to lie down in the TV room but it was occupied by two cats! Ordinarily I would scoot them off but Daisy was right next to the pillows and she was just so comfortable I just couldn't. I went downstairs and threw everything off the couch/futon down there and went to sleep. Assisted, unfortunately. That's the 4th night in a row for an anxiety attack. Dunno if it's the car show, Laurie, or what, but it's bugging me.

Didn't go to Mass, I needed to do a lot here instead, mostly cleaning. In my office/room. Mainly some dusting today. Then I did a little cleaning on my car, mainly vacuuming out more spruce needles and cleaning up the battery, but I did a little on the inside as well. We went to Ace Hardware before lunch to get some brushes. Got those, went to UVil and had a nice lunch outside. Did the grocery shopping and I got some paint for the engine at the car store. Kept running back to put stuff in the car and back since I'm the only one that can carry things.

When we got home I tried out the brush on the drill on my wheels and it worked pretty well. Two Dremel things didn't. So the wheels look pretty good but still need a bit of work with a stiffer brush. Not a whole lot more I can do apart from the washing and waxing and trying to paint and clean more under the hood.

I'm getting better on the guitar. I've been struggling for months with the "Won't Get Fooled Again' part where it changes from an E to a C, but I've been doing rep after rep after rep going to the C and I'm finally getting close to it without any really bad errors. It's been much harder than I thought it would be. But I think I'm finally getting close to the point where it's not such a boring pain to just practice chord changes because I can almost do many automatically. If not spectacularly well. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

21 June 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Got down to the church about 10:30 this morning. After dinner I worked until about 2:00 then Jerry LeRoy and I went up in the hills hunting rattle snakes. Went to the dam at [Easback] Park tonight. Got in a little after mid night. .30-22 shells $.25 [unk]. Saw Janice tonight. Spent $.55.

Had a pretty good day today. Minor anxiety attack last night but 1/4 ambien took care of it quickly, although I also did some other things to ease it up, too. Slept until almost 5! Breakfast in. I sat for a bit after breakfast and then edged the terrace grass. That only took an hour, then I came in and took a little nap around 11. We left at 11:30 -- after watching a bit of Roxanne, one of my fave movies -- and had lunch at the Burgermaster drive-in on Aurora. Burger was good; fries too big, soda too small. Lowe's after that to get some hanging plants and look for a brush (negative). Stopped at an estate sale (nada) and then got some dinner stuff on the way back. Once home I started cleaning my wheels. They're sort of lacy spokes and they're tough to clean. I used a toothbrush. Took about an hour and I still need to do it again; I think a spinning brush might get the rest of the stuck dirt off.

After dinner we went for a short walk and then I did a longer one by myself. Sunny and 73 today.

Since the last goodbye it's all the wrong way round.

Friday, June 20, 2014

20 June 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Slept in sort of late this morning. After I got breakfast I mowed the neighbor's lawn. Went to the [unk] and got some water and then went to grandma's for dinner. After dinner I went down to the church and worked the rest of evening. Went back about 9:00 to clean up from a wedding they had tonight. Talked to Janie a little [while] and [unk] on the phone tonight.
Looks like this Janice chick is getting quite a bit of attention.

No entry yesterday, didn't get back until 8. I slept badly, mostly because I woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack, and the same last night. But both times I went back to sleep (with help) so I didn't feel too bad. Worked out yesterday morning and then went up to Orcas. Wasn't bad, found some middenish material but probably not. Worked hard on the three probes. I got done around 3 so I had plenty of time for the ferry. I had dinner (salad) at the Orcas Hotel (I think) and then wandered around to get some ice cream. I was choosing when an older lady told the counter lady she'd buy "that gentleman's ice cream if he helped me load a TV into my car". Me? Yes, me. Okay. So I did and got a free ice cream. One of the things I'd been doing in the middle of the night was praying somewhat to do what I know I should be doing, part of which is something Norman Vincent Peale wrote: Be Positive, give honest Praise, and do at least on Good Deed a day. So I did and maybe it's paying off some.

Had an awesome workout this morning, thanks in small part to the presence of the Fitness Model, but I felt pretty good anyway. Worked on the Lopez report (finishing it) and a couple of other things before we went to the phys therapy and I talked with Dennis at the alkyhol place. He's pretty optimistic, too and will be one of my mentors. So yay.

We went for lunch at NGate and then I went to the shop and got some things worked out (later) and then went to UVil to get dinner and some other junk.

The worrying things at night were 1) my car and the show -- will I get it to look good enough? -- and 2) General work stuff -- am I good enough at archaeology? So first thing Thursday when I got to the ferry terminal I called the body ship and will have at least the bumpers fixed up by then. But I was still awake last night worrying that it would look like crap and someone else would show up and beat me, blah blah blah. Work-wise last night I was worried about this Tarte thing because I didn't think I could do the monitoring. But of course Teresa gladly said she'd do it and Randall was okay with me admitting I probably wasn't experienced enough to do it. So that worked out.

Dunno why all of a sudden I got this way, maybe too much stress? I don't know. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

18 June 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Went to the church this morning and help dad. Ate dinner at Grandma's. Saw Janice for a while this afternoon. Went to summer band practice this evening at 7:30 to 9:00. Spent $.10 on a bottle of [Tips]. Spent $.10.
It really does look like "Tips" but I don't know what that is. Recall he's probably referring to the noon meal as "dinner".

Today was. . . .weird. Didn't sleep very well. Woke up at 4 and remembered I hadn't called in the utility locates for Orcas tomorrow so I was wide awake. Worried about that. Worried about meeting with Michael. Had a decent, but short workout, and on the bus over to Harborview was feeling pretty low and anxious etc., with full furrowed brow. I didn't like that so I went through my little 'meditation' routine, thought about being on vacation on the peninsula and in the forest, breathed deeply and started to calm down nicely. When I got in I found out the meeting was scheduled for next week so I went in early for nothing. Still, went for coffee with Anne so that was pleasant. Had lunch outside even though it was not sunny yet, but I needed to get out of there. I worked on the alcohol paper most of the day and made progress, such that I think the analysis is almost finalized. I need to determine whether to look at adherence or not, but I think I should. I still find that those on ART do better (CD4-wise) if they drink. So hmmmm.

Oh, at some point in there the client sent an email and we talked on the phone and it shouldn't be a problem to dig without locates. So that bit of worry went out the window as well. Which I kind of knew it would, at least intellectually.

I left a bit early because I'd gone in early and took the 71 bus home. Not bad. 2-3 hot young females (relatively speaking) sat near me, which I mention because that's something for an older guy. There was a study a while ago -- that comports with my experience -- that people prefer sitting next to attractive females on the bus; even other females. Besides, it makes me feel nice and harmless.

Anyway. Banged the bend out of my shovel when I got home, got some stuff ready for tomorrow, made dinner (leftover brats, beans, and salad) and then went to UVil to get some groceries and cash a couple of Cascadia checks.

Oh, I met with Michael for a bit anyway, and he was very optimistic about the potential for a grant. Again, worry worthless. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

17 June 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Went to work with dad at the church today. Ate dinner at grandma's. This afternoon I drove down to Toppenish and visited with Karen for a while. Ate supper at grandma's this evening. After supper I went up to Janice's place for the evening. Practice a little when I got home and cleaned up the house some. 

Meh, okay day. Had trouble getting to sleep last night. Decent workout, nothing spectacular. My back tweaked though, so my new exercise is not a magic bullet after all. Not bad though. Took the Spousal Unit to the phys therapist at 8:30 and I went to the Ave and sat in the U Bookstore. They're having a sale on a Mac notebook so Friday I am going to get one. This one is just getting way to slow. I think I may keep this one though, maybe to use for traveling since it's very light and I wouldn't mind banging it up some (since it's already banged up). We'll see. Its hard to keep things on more than one machine.

We went for lunch and then I went to the shop for a bit to get a screen and tarp and take care of some things. Then I went to UVil to get bagels. . . .and, um, I sat in the SBux for a bit. DIdn't get the bagels, they weren't ready so we went back tonight. Spousal Unit tried to drive but it didn't go well so she's probably stuck here the rest of the week. I'll probably go clean some more of my car this evening. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

16 June 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Went down to see if I could get a job but everything is full up. Went down to church about [2:00] and worked all day. At at Grandma's. Went to a party this evening. Took Barbara and her sister. Barbara just got back yesterday from California. She got herself a job packing today. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
I had a very good day today. Slept okay, although I had to use the bathroom twice in the night. Dunno, I guess I was just venting water or something. At any rate, I had an AWESOME workout. Really just had a lot of energy and focus. Was really beat at the end. I chatted with two people, too.

I went to Cascadia pretty quickly so I could get some stuff taken care of there. I think I finished the Lopez report. At one point I was getting exasperated with all the references an burst out with "Randall. Why did I go into archaeology!? Biomed doesn't have all these references!" Hilarity ensued.

Got everything squared away with that and then came home, stopping at Jimmy John's (sandwiches) to get the Spousal Unit one for lunch. I had my leftover taco (heavy) from Taco Time for lunch, by which time I was shaking -- probably from killing my blood sugar this morning. And then I worked on more reports and junk and ended up really getting irate at Word, so much so that I walked away and did something else for a while. That kinda did me in and slowed down from there. After that I just piddled with dinner, ate that, walked most of the way to the post office with the Spousal Unit and then she turned back and I continued to the PO. Only caught her as she got home, so she's moving pretty well.

So. Felt good today, got a lot done, and feel pretty good about all that. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

15 June 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday school at Church at the [Nazarine] Church this Sunday. Went home and then went [to] the high school with LeRoy. Went to the [Avenger] $.40 Eats $.10. After the show I went to see Janice for a while. I went to evening services at the Nazarene Church this evening also. [unk unk unk] for a while after church. Gas $.50. Spent $1.60.
I was going to mention that I'm glad I'm a Catholic because we never had to go to church that much, but maybe even they did back then before Vatican II.

I had a decent day. Slept quite well until 4:30 which was enough. Sat around until almost 7 when the Spousal Unit arose, made pancakes (oatmeal) and then went to Mass. I wasn't going to but felt well-rested and thought I should go light a candle for Tim's surgery Wednesday (very early pancreatic cancer). Good service and kinda quick today. I saw Marge (Norma's friend) who is like 95 and still is quite energetic. Bill from class a few years ago was there and looks like he lost weight; good for him.

After Mass I sat around for a while and then cleaned up the floors and did a few other piddling tasks. We left for UVil at 11:30 -- plenty of time for the cripple to walk over! -- and had lunch at the Italian place where I had a child's portion of pasta. Yes, and even that was more than I could eat. I once figured out I really eat quite a lot of calories in a day but it's mostly front-loaded in the morning. Lunch I don't eat much and dinner/supper. . .well, more than lunch, but not a lot more. That started in the mid-'90s some time, I just lost a lot of my appetite and ever since have to be very careful about how much I eat or else I feel way too full. Mostly from working out, I think, my metabolism is sensitive enough that I don't have to think too much about how much I eat, except on the negative side.

Anyway. I drove up to the car wash after dropping the Spousal Unit off, stopped at an estate sale on the way back, an older asian chick was probably hitting on me, and then just came home where I had to make cookies. Hate making cookies. Too much time for too little reward. Then I got out the steam cleaner and tried the attachment on my car's carpet. Worked pretty well, I think. I'm glad, I can make the interior look really spiffy. Still need to find a brush for the wheels though. Made brats for dinner.

We went walking but it started to rain, which shouldn't have been a surprise but Id checked the radar and there was nothing nearby. Oh well, I like the rain. She did okay, made it up to 75th today.

Father's Day. Miss my dad. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

14 June 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Got up early this morning and went to church and helped dad all day. Got my meals at Grandma's. Went to the [unk] at the [unk unk] Tol for a while after[unk]. I went back down to the church and helped dad clean up after a wedding.
I had an okay day. Woke up too early but I took a 25 minute nap in the morning and felt okay the rest of the day. I didn't do much this morning. We left to go to the PetSmart around 11:15 and then went for lunch at a Taco Time on Aurora and 145th. Then back to Sam's Club for gas (3.71) and then hit a couple of estate sales. Well, three. No, two. One we'd been to before. Nothing much at either one but the houses were really nice. Spousal Unit bought some old library-type book for $2. When we got home I went back to the grocery store (we went on the way back as well) and got a hunk of cheese for the dinner. I mowed the yard because it looked awful. Already starting to go brown because it hasn't rained for almost three weeks until last week. We went for a longish walk after dinner, up to 73rd or something and then back. Spousal Unit it walking more.

Laurie's actually in Seattle today. Weird. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

13 June 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Went to some more packing houses to see if I could get a job. Mowed the neighbor's lawn and our lawn and worked at the church most of the afternoon. Went to the show with Lee tonight (Yakima) $.55. Enlargement of Barbara pictures $.25. Spent $.80.
Today was kind of an. . . odd day. I must have woken up like 8 times last night, one to go to the other room, once to go to the bathroom, and then a bunch more times. I kept thinking I heard birds starting to chirp -- meaning like 4 a.m. -- but went back to sleep, rinse, lather, repeat. Yeesh. But hey I ended up getting up for good after 4:30 so that was okay. Workout started slow but was pretty awesome eventually. Few people there, and mostly guys. I switched a couple of things up, tried the cable rows again, but I think my lower back still doesn't like them. We'll see if anything's sore tomorrow; if so, I may try working them in anyway.

Worked some when I got back, and then took the Spousal Unit to the otrho. Still in the boot for another week, but starting phys therapy next week and she's supposed to walk more. So this evening we had a cheap dinner at NGate and walked a bit there. I mostly worked on the Lopez report, man that's a bugger. Just so much there to describe and I want to make sure I cover everything. The bumper place wants like a credit card and driver's license photo and junk so I skipped that and after asking around they convinced me to put it in the show. So I think I will and maybe try to fix up the bumpers between now and then. I spent an hour under the hood this afternoon continuing the cleanup process. Tomorrow I might try to use the rug cleaner on the carpet in there.

What else. Not much. Really cool and rainy all morning, which is good. It was nice to hear the rain outside last night and that helped me keep going back to sleep again and again.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

12 June 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Went to work at the church with dad this morning. Atre dinner at Grandma's. Stayed home in the afternoon. Went up to see Janice's place most of the evening. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00.
Oh dear, who is Janice now. . . .

Not a bad day today. I managed to sleep until 4:50, thank God. And had a decent workout, too, though nothing exceptional. Well, I did change up my routine a bit.

I went in to Cascadia early so I could make up a couple of summary/invoices and get those taken care of. Apparently, one of the projects I did the home owner was contesting, and critiqued my report a bit. A few years ago I would have been sunk into a deep depression (not really) over this (well, it would have made me feel very low and stupid). Now I just kind of let it wash over me. That is a LOT of progress.

I stopped at the Sam's Club and got gas ($33 worth) and thence to Target to get my contact lenses and a new WaterPik for the Spousal Unit. Nothing exciting. Then worked on the Lopez report more; that's taking a lot of time, more than I budgeted. We lunched at NGate and I worked on it some more this afternoon. Still a ways to go. But I need some info from Mike and Janet.

I didn't go for a long walk because rain is moving up and I didn't want to get caught in it. I plan on fiddling with my guitar for a while, though I did that this afternoon as well. I can play "I am Weary (Let Me Rest)" with some facility now, a vast improvement, so these new strings are making a difference. Really, before it was kind of a painful and tedious and frustrating chore to practice, but now at least I can see some progress. Its actually a bit more fun to practice now. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 June 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
After breakfast this morning Le Roy and I went around to all the packing houses to see if we could get a job. Looks like they are all [unk]. Helped dad a[t] the church all afternoon. Ate at grandma's. Went with mom to the doctor this evening. Had the car [unk] and the trans. checked and bought some gas. Gas and oil $1.50.
Okay day today. This morning I felt kind of bad, and tired because I woke up too early, but still had a reasonable workout. Chatted a bit with one of the chicks I see quite often. I am trying to be a bit more gregarious down there. Michael had sent back my paper with LOTS of comments which kind of immediately sent me feeling all anxious. But I read through them carefully, some were good, others were contradicting what he'd said earlier, etc. So I felt okay about it. Spent all day working on that again. Ferinstance, he thought I should add in more about Coptic and how things work, so I dug out one of his old papers and modified that, which in the end looked pretty good. I also re-entered the people who did not have ART -- again, he said drop those earlier, now suggested putting them back in -- and I think it does make more sense now. So I will try to work with that as my final set of analyses.

Anne was there, nice to see her again. She's very nice but I think she's kind of a left-wing fanatic. One of her projects is showing how the public health(?) dept is rife with systemic racism. So, you know. I talked to Jen as well and she is helping me with my K grant and had some good advices*. Got a bit tiresome on towards 3, and I was so ready to leave. Nice day, too, sunny and about 74.

Bus was late and I talked with Norma across the street on the way back. Mabel the crow was hanging around when we went walking. Still don't feel that great, but oh well.

* Advices: Schwarzenegger said that in "Pumping Iron" and I think it's hilarious.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 June 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Left Ray's place at 11:00 and got back to Yakima at 2:00. Went home and unpacked and then went down to the church and mowed the lawn for dad. Went down to Grandma's place for supper. I came home afterwards and saw some of the [kids]. Gas $1.60.
Busy day today. Slept okay, but only until 4:20 or so. Dandy workout. I left pretty quickly for Cascadia and got our probe locations straightened out. Janet's kid really liked the papyrus and Nefertiti head I gave them. She said he never really shows much emotion but he was just beaming at them. So that was a good thing, and I got rid of a couple items. They didn't get the contract for the west side of the 520 contract, so that was bad news. Apparently some big company is now grabbing up all the contracts. Just before 10 I left there and went down to Renton to have my Mustang looked at. Would cost $1500 to paint it, so I think I'll just try to get the bumpers replaced before the show and go with it. When I got back we went to McD's for lunch, and then I worked on the Lopez report all afternoon.

On our walk we visited with an older man from the other side of the block who told us all about his (hip) injury and other stuff, I walked more and now this.

Oh, my TV show is starting again tonight.

Monday, June 9, 2014

9 June 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952 (Monday):
Left Ray's about 9:30 and drove to Everett got there about 11:00. Went to see Mary had a short visit and then started back. Stayed at Ray place all evening and watched Television. Getting to bed about 1:00 this morning. Spent $2.60 gas & oil. Spent $3.20.
I've been thinking about maybe tallying up all that I spend each day and writing it down but I'd probably not like what I see.

Managed to sleep pretty well last night, and had a very good workout. I went to Cascadia pretty soon after coming home so I could get going on the report. I got Janet started doing a probe table. I forgot my wallet so I couldn't get a mocha on the way, but I was nearly there before I remembered it. So I went without. =( Got a good start on it there. Came home and we went for lunch at NGate (Ivar's), came home, did some more work, and then I went to UVil to get some more bonito flakes for the bears (cats) and a couple other things. . . .well, bagels. Worked some more and then dinner and we went shopping at Safeway for some other junk so the Spousal Unit could walk around a bit. Not too bad of a day. I felt okay. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 June 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning a[sic] Ray's. Fixed a flat the first thing and put in some spark plugs. Layed[sic] around the house most of the day. Watch Television the most part of the evening and stayed up to mid-night. .35 to get the flat fixed. Spent $.35.
It is rather interesting how much he spends fixing that car. Lots of oil, flats, etc.

Today was a decent day. Productive mostly. Only slept until 4:15, so I didn't go to Mass. Oddly I watched some documentary on the Soviet Union was was really none too flattering. . . .on PBS! How'd that get through?! Took a short nap this morning and then I did. . . something. Oh, I went out and did some weeding. In front and back. I need to do something with the front area near the sidewalk. Plant a tree, do some landscaping. . . something. I also pulled out a bunch of parsley from one of the planter beds in the back. I don't remember planting it but it went crazy and filled the whole thing. Now we have enough parsley to start a spaghetti sauce factory.

We went to UVil for lunch, so the Spousal Unit could walk around some. Ate outside as it was nice out. Did a little sidewalk sale shopping (bought nothing). Groceries. I bought some new sunscreen to try on my face. This rosacea thing started shortly after I started working outside a lot so perhaps too much sun is exacerbating it? Well, I've tried the shampoo (no) and the hair junk (no), so this is the next controlled experiment.

When we got home I backed the Mustang out and continued cleaning under the hood. Still much to do on it, but I got the valve covers cleaned as well as the spark plug wires and some other parts. Would like to get it up on a lift and clean underneath, I wonder if Brad would let me use his for part of a day? Made taco salads for dinner and went for another good long walk. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

7 June 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Left Ray's place about 9:30 and drove to Seattle. DId some sightseeing along the dock and went to a show. Drove back to Tacoma about 5:30. Went back to Ray's and ate supper. Drove out to the park (Point Defiance) and [watched] them fish for a while. Drove around town a while then went back to Ray's and watched Television. Bought myself a ring in Seattle $5.00 Show $1.00 Gas $1.25 Spent $7.50. 
Sums don't seem to add up but neat that he was actually here back then.

I just got back from a good long walk. I listened to my phone the whole way, first Klaatu and then Loreena McKennit's Lady of Shallott. Walked a good long way at a good clip. I decided I need to drop some weight, mostly around my gut. Well, all around my gut. I don't look fat at all, but I can tell.

Nice day today, sunny and 75. I slept well, we went out for breakfast, I cleaned a bit and then went to the gym. I did legs today and worked them very well. We went to UVil for lunch, and then hit a couple of estate sales. Bought nothing. Some nice houses though, two up in Laurelhurst. Spousal Unit was getting around okay. We hit a QFC for dinner stuff and then went to McD's for a little ice cream and then home. I went out back and read in the sun for a while, mostly to get my legs a little sun. Schwarzenegger's book again, he's up to meeting Maria and doing the Conan movie.

Took the Spousal Unit around the block again and then I set out. I went up the hill east on 68th, cut over to 75th on maybe 52nd or so, down to maybe 45th or so, up a couple long blocks and then back on 39th. Almost an hour. The music helped me walk without thinking about things. I tend to think too much and then get all worked up. I need to relax and not think. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

6 June 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Friday):
Worked on the car the first thing this morning. Went down town and had a new fuel pump installed $6.00. Ate dinner at Grandma's. Left for Tacoma at 3:00 [unk] here at about 6:00. Stayed at [Luke's] and [Roy's] place. Spent most of the evening watching television. The pass was good and I didn't have a bit of trouble. $3.00 gas. Spent $9.00.
I'm really liking his car. It seems very nice to me to have a really simple car like that to work on and drive. Even my '78 seems way too complicated for me to do much with. Seems right, three hours to Tacoma. The Passes can still be snowy at this time of year.

I had a decent day. WOke up a bit too early, a little after 4, but that was okay. I woke up far too many times last night. But had an AWESOME workout. Well, partly because I watched part of Pumping Iron last night. Sheesh. Felt good though. The fitness model was there, early this time. And Stewart the South African came back after time off and I asked where he'd been gone to lately. Turned out he'd been in a pretty serious car accident, t-boned by a pickup at a high speed. Said he thought his wife had been killed but they both just got bruised up pretty badly. Very lucky they were. I said we'd give him that one. Too many accidents for people I know lately.

I decided to work at home and I'm glad I did. I ate two little scones the neighbors brought over but they were too heavy and my stomach felt full all day. We went to McD's for lunch and sat and visited with Norma and Marge who were there. Spousal Unit is walking better. I finished the new analyses on my paper and I think it's good this time. Found a significant effect of alcohol (positive) which is odd, but I can't find anything wrong with the data or analyses. Sent that out and then started getting the AUDIT data together. I went to UVil to get my ambien prescrip. Yay. I have a good amount built up so I can rest a little easier (pun sort of intended). Got home and just piddled around mostly.

Guitar is coming along a bit better. I'm gaining more facility at switching chords even though they're still kind of rough at times. I'm feeling better about that.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 June 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Barbara went to California this morning for a vacation. Got up early and went down to the church and helped dad about all day. Ate my meals at Grandma's[.] this morning I worked on the car for quite a while. Don came down and helped me. Spent $.20 [unk]. Spent $.20.
Five days of fieldwork, done! Sunday at 520, M-W on Lopez, and today up at Cornet Bay (Whidbey). Whew. Today was pretty easy. We left around 7:15, got up there around 8:30-40, and were gone by 10:45. They just backhoed 7 trenches, we checked them, found nothing, so headed back. Not bad. Me and Mike don't talk a whole lot for whatever reason. But I was also tired. Stopped by Cascadia for a bit, ate my (pizza) lunch, headed back home, stopping to get the truck washed on the way. I did some more work in the afternoon after I realized that I had to go to the UW tomorrow -- I'd been planning on going in to Cascadia -- so I did photo logs mostly. That went until 3:15 or so and I washed the Honda. I was going to go to UW tomorrow, but I figure not many people will be there, I'd have to take the bus to the gym, and well, whatever. I'll work here.

I went to UVil for my walk, mainly to cash a check. Walked around a bit, it's sidewalk sale weekend. Nothing much there I'd want, but the scenery was nice and I remembered I needed a tire valve stem cap so I went over to the parts store and got a new pressure gauge while I was there. I'm going to stick with my hand pump.

So, not a bad day. Slept okay. Happy to be working out tomorrow, and I think I'll go in Saturday as well. Gotta get training for when Laurie is here. Not to impress in some vain hope that she'll throw herself at me (I mean, duh), but I'd like to make a good impression. And make her regret not throwing herself at me back in the 1980s!!!!!!!

So there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

4 June 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Went down to grandma's for breakfast this morning. Left for school from there. The last day. Took Barbara home after school. Drove to Toppenish with mom to the doctor. Saw Barbara after graduation exercises at Dave's [unk]. Book fines $.30. Spent $.30.
So he's off of school for either the summer or the rest of his life. I guess we'll see in three months.

Did I even do an entry last night? I can't remember. Yes, I think I did. today was really pretty good. I woke up at 2:30 -- WIDE awake -- but took 1/3 ambien and then slept until 5:15. Go me. Piddled around some, did a little paperwork, and then had a really nice breakfast: A cooked pear half in a sweet sauce, fresh fruit, hard boiled (brown) eggs (meh) and home made carrot muffins. Yum. We went to Duane's to wait until Bob got done meeting with the Mordor person, and off we went. No problems at all, nobody even came out to watch us. Probably inside fuming. Heh. So we did all we needed to do, went and looked at another area real quick, and then went to Lopez Village to look around. Not much there to do or see. We got lunch at a little grocery store deli and then ate it on the beach. I managed to buy a soda and then immediately dumped it over. Harumph. Fed much of the sandwich to the crows, not that it was bad, just way too big. Walked around a bit more and then parked in the ferry line and hung out by the water. Drive home was uneventful. A light came on the dash saying (I found out later) a tire was low, which it was once I checked and pumped it back up.

Saw much wildlife this week. Several deer. An eagle flew right in front of us at the ferry landing shore and then a couple times over the vehicle. Ravens were squawking all over the place. Many vultures. A falcon tried to get a dove early this morning, but missed. A mink or river otter (I think a mink).

So, good trip. All worked out well. My first assessment and multi-day survey, and all done quite well. I'm pleased with myself. And I didn't get all nervous once, at least not after the assessment. Much. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 June 2014 (Tuesday)

Busy, busy couple of days. Monday we got up here okay, except for a hiccup where all my forms were gone so I had to print some more up. So we were a little late getting away but once we got to the ferry we had plenty of time, not like last time when we were almost wait-listed. Met up with Duane and he told us one area had people who were very irate about the whole project. So we went there first, and he even called the sheriff to tell him that some people might be calling him about us,

Well, one did. We'd done about six probes and when I started #8 a old bat came out and said we were on private property (we weren't) and we should stop digging. Duane was very nice to her but she was just being a hag. Wouldn't even tell him her name ("None of your business"), but he suggested she call the sheriff, which she did, and we just left so they could all figure it out. We went elsewhere and got busy, the sheriff came by and said he couldn't do anything, but they've been negotiating with cooler heads and hope fully tomorrow after a meeting we'll be able to go back out and finish.

Otherwise, it went well yesterday. We had dinner at a local joint, not bad, and then came back to the B&B (MacKaye Harbor Inn). It's okay, but I think I prefer a simple motel room. Nice views though. I slept great, at least until 3:30, blehh. Diddled around until 7 when we left.. They don't have breakfast ready until like 8:30. We went to a gas station which the owner here said had great McMuffin type things, but they were very average. Met up with Duane again -- he makes obsessively good coffee, although you couldn't tell by me. But we got to it and finished everything we needed to do. Mike found a small biface on the surface so I need to do an isolate form for that. Otherwise not even any historic stuff.

We had dinner at a place called Bucky's and I had a deeeelicious blue cheese burger. Then I ruined it by eating one of Janet's fried oysters. Blech. Like eating someone else's snot. I choked down 2/3 of it. But then we went to Watmaugh Bay, a really neat rectangular bay with high cliffs on one side and lower ones on the other, a nice gravel beach, and piles of fallen rock. Duane had done a project out there involving placing large trees on the strand line attached to tons of concrete to keep erosion from washing away midden that's there. Beautiful little place. Of course, my phone battery was almost dead so I only got a couple of pictures.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll finish and get the early ferry back.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

1 June 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday school and church at Barbara's church. Went out and stayed all day on a [kide] [until] today. Did some swimming in the creek. Went to church this evening with Barbara. Came home to get some sleep tonight. Spent $1.20 on gas. Spent $1.20.
Today started early, at 3 a.m. I woke before the alarm and immediately checked my texts. One from Mike (at 1:37) saying his area was done. Great! Short day? Texted Teresa, who was out on site, I think from midnight. Meet her there, bring rubber boots. So I got ready, left a bit before 4. Sadly, I had a tough time finding my way so I didn't get there until almost 4:45 (but I'd said 5 anyhow). Made it and just stood around watching until noon when Mary -- whom I'd never met before -- relieved me. Pretty slow. Mostly fill with some old woody junk (from when they built the old ramp, late '60s) and gray glacial clay. Very wet, too. Was cold, it didn't get sunny until almost 10:30. I had a quickie lunch at the Burgermaster across the street and headed home, getting back around 1:30. So long day already.

I like what they'd done though. They've uncovered a stream that had been in a culvert for like 40 years and now it's a nice little meandering stream between Bellevue Way and 520, with some stumps and logs and junk. I like it. There's already a lot of birds hanging out -- I counted quite a few different species (hawk, crows, killdeer, pigeons) so I think it's going to be a pleasant little area for critters.

Didn't do much at home except the regular Sunday chores and get stuff ready for tomorrow on Lopez for three days. I think I've got everything. It's only Lopez though.

We went to the UVil QFC for shopping and the Spousal Unit even went for some exercise and get some walking on the foot. I think it's a good thing to do.

So may skip the 1952 entries for the next 3-4 days as I don't want to bring the diary with me. I'll do a recap on Friday or something.