Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014

On this day in 1052:
Took the car to school today. Stayed at school only until 11:30. I came home and ate and painted on the car the rest of the day. Went to traffic court for speeding yesterday. Got off with a good talking to. Painted on the car until [unk]ited later. Bought some letters[?] for the car. [Unk]. $1.20 mostly spent $21.56 [in a box]. [also] $49.16
I wonder if someone has a case of senioritis with all the trouble he's getting into and such.

I had another decent day. I managed to sleep until the alarm at 5, unassisted. I drove to the gym, and it took longer than I expected because the car (Honda) was caked with frost that I had to scrape off and then I had to stop because it was all fogged up inside. It felt really good to work out again and I had a pretty good one.

I started working on stuff pretty quickly once I got home, mostly the assessment. I think I have a decent handle on it, although I desperately need to go over it with someone as I ended up marking out 52 probe locations. Well, I was being liberal with my probes. Also got some of the paperwork (physical and e-) all together on some old projects to archive away. I ate lunch here and then went to Cascadia for a while to archive the projects and do some other stuff. Ended up getting back here at about 3. I found out that J. is probably going to be leaving Cascadia for 9 months in August so I may be stepping in as a project manager for that time. That would be nice.

My Car Lust post didn't generate much interest yet. I kinda thought it would. Well, Monday may not be the busiest day, traffic-wise. We'll see if it picks up the rest of the week.

Nice day otherwise, sunny and around 60.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

30 March 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952:
Went to sunday school with Barbara this morning. Between Sunday and church I was driving around town with Barbara when I got picked up for speeding around a woman at 1st Street & Chestnut. Have to see the jud[unk] [athirsty?] tomorrow. Painted on my car the whole afternoon. Took Barbara to church tonight. Droved[sic] around after church and parked a while. Had more fun with her tonight than I have had since I have known her. She is sure changed.
Hmmmmmmm. . . . . .

Well, today was a good day all around. Started out by sleeping until 5:15 (!!). The Spousal Unit got up at a little after 7 and we went out for breakfast. Kind of ate too much but it was good. When I got back I performed the Sacrament of Cleaning instead of Mass (too late anyway). I wasn't going to do any sort of work, but decided to make up a post for tomorrow which may end up being controversial. Has to do with a Cadillac commercial. I ended up. . .well, I'll post the text at the bottom for posterity's sake.

We went for lunch at McD's and then did the usual shopping. Nothing exciting. Stopped at the beer store and got a few supplies, I'm planning on making the mead this week so it should be ready for Christmas. We drove up to the Brown Bear car wash on Lake City and around 145th and got in line but it had broken down. So the Subaru remains dirty. At home I cleaned up the roof of spruce needles and then fiddled a bit more with the post, made dinner, walked. It turned sunny in the afternoon but not too warm. Pleasant for a change.

Here's the introductory text of the post:

Why do we here at Car Lust work so hard? For what? For this? For posts about goofy old cars? Other web sites, they do articles about high end super cars that a total of 29 people actually drive on a daily basis, super-expensive classics that touch asphalt one day a year, and snarky treatises on the detailed ins and outs of the auto industry, and get up to 25 million hits per month. 25 million! Why aren't we like that? Why aren't. . .ummm. . .we like that? Upside-660
Because we're crazy, driven hard-workin' believers in weird cars, that's why. Those other web sites think we're nuts. . . .whatever (we are, btw). Was the Vega nuts? (yes) Pontiac Aztec? (yes) Gremlin? (yes) Allanté? (yes) Were we nuts when we pointed to the AMC Hornet and said it was The Best Bond Car Ever? That's right, we bad-mouthed the 1969 Camaro and you know what we got? A bazillion comments. So we went and bad-mouthed the BMW 3-Series a few months later, and do you know why? Because we really like lots of hits.
But I digress.
It's pretty simple. You write about cars you really like, treat them fairly, and you gotta believe anything is possible. As for all the goofy cars. . . .that's the upside of looking at cars lots of ordinary people live. . .and die. . . with. N'est-ce pas?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

29 March 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952:
Did some school work first thing this morning. Took a bath about 11:00 o'clock and then polished the car. Checked all over town trying to find some brown automobile paint for my dashboard. Found some at last and painted about two hours $.35 on the paint. Played at the Boy Scout too with Manny and his band. Got home a little after one this morning. $.35. 
I think it's kind of neat that he plays in bands. Not many do that anymore.

Today we have hit over 9" of rain in March, a new record. And we've still got two more days! Just rain, rain, rain this year.

I woke up at 4 this morning which annoyed me. I hung out until almost 7, but the Spousal Unit had not arisen yet, so I laid down. . .and slept until 7:45! Wow. Certainly didn't feel like that long, but it felt really great and made the day much better. Most of the morning -- meaning from 9-11 -- I worked on my slides. I think I've almost got it. I now have something of a story to tell that ties everything together, the history of research, the burials, and the strat/chronology. I like making my talks into something of a story, it's easier to remember and better for the audience.

At 11 we drove up to North Bend in the new wheels and had lunch at the NBBG. I changed up and had some blackened chicken thai taco appetizers which were deeeeelish. We did NOT go to the outlet stores for once. Instead we went over to the Falls which were roaring because of all the rain. Didn't spend too much time because of, well, the rain. We came back via 202 and thence to 90 to avoid 520 tolls. I think we got back here about 2:30. Stopped at Dairy Queen in Redmond.

I watched most of The Great Race during the rest of the afternoon. What a great movie. I remember liking it a lot as a kid. I like it even more once the ol' hormones kicked in and I realized how perfectly gorgeous Natalie Wood was. I think some of it was even recreated in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles. I think I may do a post on the two cars.

I made pozzoli for dinner. I really like it but the Spousal Unit isn't thrilled with it. But, meh. It was raining again so we walked at UVil. RIght now it's just cleared up as the sun is setting.

Friday, March 28, 2014

28 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Went to school until 11:30 then came home. I got so sleepy I couldn't study. Spent $1.00 on Band Uniform rent. I slept most of the afternoon but went back to school and took Barbara home. Took Barbara to the show at the Capitol tonight. Cost $1.10. Couldn't have asked for a better night! The kisses were sure [fine?] tonight. Got in about 11:00 o'clock. Spent $1.25 on gas. Spent today $3.85.
Well. I guess he and Barbara are doing. . . .well.

What a day. Slept okay, although I needed assistance at what I figure was about 2-2:30. At that same time I remembered we hadn't started the dishwasher so I ran it in the middle of the night. I started out from the house around 6:15 and successfully got the auger and papers from Cascadia, and then headed up to Whidbey. I took the wrong exit, but it was still the right one, just took a bit longer (I took 525 instead of 526). Found the house okay, the lady was sort of a. . . .ummmm. . . .well, definitely not a yuppie. It was raining when I left and still raining when I got there and then I realized I'd forgotten my (waterproof) work boots. Eeek! Happily, two things conspired to make it not that bad: First, it stopped raining. Second, the sediment was almost all soft beach sand so the digging wasn't very difficult. I was finished before 10. I was able to snag the 10:30 ferry back and after stopping to drop off equipment and papers, was home in time for lunch (at NGate).

I did some work on the report and then went to UVil to cash a rather nice sized check that Delta Airlines sent as compensation for making me hang out at the stupid Nairobi airport for 8 hours. Had a hot chocolate at the SBux, which wasn't that great because it was crowded and I had to sit in one of the low chairs and couldn't really people-watch. Got some fish at the QFC and gallantly assisted a mom and her young child getting a cart unstuck, and then went to the UW transportation office for a parking pass. Thank God, I don't have to take the stupid bus back from working out every day. I got back about 3:30, did a bit more work, and then did the dinner thing and then we walked at NGate because we thought it would rain but it was actually sunny. Oh well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

27 March 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Barbara had to stay home and take care of her dad. Worked on the car a while after school today. Play for the Gold and [Green?] Ball at Tappenish tonight made $10.00. Got home about 1:30 this morning. 
I guess he's pretty good to be playing for a dance. I think it's the Gold and Green Ball. I found this link to something called Gold and Green Balls which is a Mormon thing. That would explain them going to church so much.

Odd day today. Slept well, unassisted again. I went downtown right away -- still no workouts -- and got there by 7. Worked away steadily if not terribly productively. Was hoping to see Anne for coffee but she was in a meeting. Was hoping to see Anne for lunch but she brought hers. So I emailed Lisa to see if she had time which she did so I went over to her building at 12:30. Had lunch, okay, nice. Walking back by the stadium we were waiting patiently for the light, and then started across. . .when BLAM a dumbass bicyclist plowed into us. He just grazed us but knocked some other guy over. Jerk. Didn't apologize or anything. I didn't help him at all. Well, I wasn't going to but Lisa made me help him up. I would have just left him there, he wasn't really hurt or anything. Oddly, everyone seemed to take more interest in him than the guy who got knocked down! I held my tongue, but I probably shouldn't have.

So then I worked some more and then came home, starving because I didn't eat much for lunch. I really wanted a slab o' meat by the time I got home but we didn't have any so I went up to the store and got hangerburger and made burgers for dinner. We just walked after that, and I just finished working on my slides. I'm more or less concentrating on the burials. Going into the field tomorrow and it looks like it's going to be wet.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

26 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school. Took Barbara home after school. Greased the car when I got home. Had a Social Studies test. I made the third best in class. Took Barbara to church at our church tonight. Bought me some [unk] for the car tonight. $1.00. Put them on after I got home from church tonight. Also did some Algebra. [unk sentence] Spent $1.50. 
A guy and his car. Gads, who greases a car anymore? Their own car? Who does much of anything? Well, except for me and my 40-year old car. . .

Wow, I stayed home today! No fieldwork! How nice it was. I started working right at 6:30 on the SJI memo report and got it done today. Cussed up a blue streak at Word because of what it was doing to a stupid table. Finally figured out how to make it do what I was telling it to do. I also took the Spousal Unit's computer to Cascadia and installed the top map software on it; I hope it works consistently without the CDs so I can make my own topo maps here. I'm actually starting to run up against computer and software problems. All of our computers are at least four years old, probably more like 5-7. And it's beginning to cause some hassles, notably the graphics I have (Illustrator and Corel Draw) are old Windows ones which means I either need a PC or the Windows-in-Mac which works very slowly. And my old Toshiba is acting up, software wise. The new stuff is stupidly expensive. Many companies have gone to a rental model where you don't buy discs or anything, but they lock you into paying them a certain amount per year or per month to subscribe. They claim it's so you can have all the latest updates, but it's really for their own revenue stream (and so they can put out the usual beta-version crap and fix it as they go while you pay for it all). Not sure how long I can still manage. The Spousal Unit may have to get a new one and I may take over her old one and use it for any Winblows-only stuff I need, although that's a pain, too. There are just no good options that don't involve spending a couple thousand dollars.

Anyway, I had a decent day working on all that. Went to Cascadia and talked with Randall some. Hit the UVil SBux and then got a pork tenderloin for dinner, made that and broccoli-cauliflower-asparagus junk. We had to go back to UVil and QFC for some other stuff.

Kinda showery/rainy all day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 March 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. School was about the same. Took Barbara home after school. Drove around a while after school. Took Barbara and her mother to the hospital to see her dad. Bought two tickets to the [Rafael Mundy?] concert, the world's best trumpet player. $1.00. Studied a good while on my Algebra tonight. Spent $1.00.
No, I didn't make an entry yesterday, got back too late and was wiped out. Good day though. Finally met Steve Kenady, who's done a lot of archaeology around here. I was actually kind of nervous! But we hooked up okay around Burlington and then went out to San Juan island. Relatively easy survey, no midden, and mostly soft junk to dig through. Trouble was we ended about 1/2 hour too late to catch an early ferry and ended up having to wait for like 3 hours. Which was pleasant, we drove around the island and walked around English Camp, and did a bit of archaeology there. He did some work there way back when and we went back in the woods where we dug some test pits. Apparently there's a much larger mound back there which may be. . . .something. Disconcertingly, he thought maybe we'd excavated in one of Treganza's old trenches. But it was okay, spent an excruciatingly pleasant hour and a half in Friday Harbor enjoying the sun (it was sunny and like 60).

Today I did monitoring at 520 and it was rainy and cold. And boring. I was so chilled I even walked over to the Burgermaster and got a (decaf) coffee, which helped a LOT. I was home by 2:30, and did the paperwork for that for another hour. I'm beat. But at least no fieldwork for a couple of days. . . until Friday! Then I go to south Whidbey. It was either that or back to 520 all day. I'm really looking forward to just staying home and doing report writing tomorrow. . .and staying warm!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 March 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Sunday):
Took Barbara and her moth and sister to Sunday School this morning. We took their car. I went to Sunday School and church and went to church at her's. Afterward I slept most of the afternoon but did a little studying. Took Barbara to [unk unk] services and to evening [unk]. After I got home from that I [unk] and did about an hour studying on my Social Studies. 
Having a bit of trouble with today's entry as I am in the middle of one of my "spells", which I learned a few years ago is 'migraine aura without pain'. I started to get them around 2004 or so. Usually when I really tired because I haven't been sleeping very well, or perhaps also with stress.

I slept okay last night but kept dreaming of this project tomorrow, mostly because the procedure is different and I'm meeting a new person for the first time who I've heard a lot about. So we'll see. I'm hoping I got it all out of my system last night. But I still slept okay. I was on the couch all night because the Spousal Unit has something like a cold and was coughing and sneezing and junk. I went to Mass this morning. Nothing spectacular.

I did a little work when I got home, I think. Yes, preparing for tomorrow. Watched a bit of TV. We went to McD's for lunch. It was a beautiful day so UVil was pretty crowded, but not many young people -- spring break. We just did the usual and filled the Subaru up with gas for the first time. I mowed the lawn when I came home, and also fed/mossed everything. The former neighbors came back to do something -- Rob and his daughter Reyna(sp). She's 15 now -- almost 16 -- and turning into a lovely young lady. And tall! When we first moved here she was a cute little girl playing basketball with her brothers. *sniff*We visited with Norma and Sunny for a bit, too.

That took a while. Cooked, did some piddly junk. FInished the final edits on the Beaverton Road survey report. Walked.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

22 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Had the car fixed this morning. The main wire had shorted on the frame. Work about two hours at the church. Took Barbara to the hospital to see her dad and then to [your?] [5a?] church. After [8:30?] we left and I went out and played with the orchestra at the [unk unk unk]. Spent $.20.
We had a busy day. I slept in the bed most of the night, getting up at 3:30 to go to the other room when Jack decided it wasn't right that I was still there and had to tell us all about it. I actually went back to sleep until 4:30, too. We went out for breakfast at Burgermaster and then I worked on my ARCE slides some more. Went up to Carter Subaru at 10 to have the back seat guards put on, which only are attached by cords. I thought they had to like screw them in or something. But then we hit a couple of estate sales and had lunch at Panera at NGate. They have one kind of bread that I really like, but otherwise I think it's pretty bland. I think we came home right after that. I had to bottle my beer and that went well. I think it turned out pretty well. A sample looked right and tasted right, so I'm confident I didn't screw it up.

There was a huge mud slide today up by Oso, which is near Arlington where my previous diarist lived. Apparently a big one and 3 dead so far. They're worried that the Stillaguimish is building up behind it and the TV had a blurb on the bottom saying people should evacuate, but I haven't seen anything else. Rained a lot this month, over 7" so far.

Friday, March 21, 2014

21 March 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952:
Took Barbara's girl friends to school this morning. Barbara came home with me for a little while after school. I took Barbara and her mother up to the hospital to see their dad again this evening. We took [Ball's?] [age?]. Drove around a little with my car after we dropped her Mother off home. Burned of the [unk] in the car and had to have dad [just?] me home.
Well, looks like the both of us are having trouble with technology in our respective day. My iMac decided it was going to need five minutes to navigate Finder. My old PC decided it would just sit there when I opened a folder. Now my ftp app tells me it uploaded three files, it shows them in the file list, but Firefox refuses to see them. This is the same crap as it was 20 years ago. Do software engineers actually test their software or do they just write it and assume it will work? Idiots.

Anyway. Slept pretty well last night without assistance. Almost went berserk in the middle of the night but I staved it off. I may try going back to writing my novel-a-night in my head, this time trying to imagine how I would write the story of my real, ideal life say 20 years from now. 

I worked out but didn't feel really energetic. I think I may have been dehydrated. Last workout for over a week. Went to Redmond Town Center to pick up a guy at the Bear Creek site -- they're screening a pile of junk the contractors weren't supposed to excavate -- and we went to Lake Sammamish Pkwy to do a small survey. Just a little plot in between houses providing access to the lake. There was an old grill or something down by the water. Very wet, only took like 1.5 hours. I got back by 1:30, changed, and went to UVil to cash checks and hang out a bit at the SBux. Not very exciting. Came home and worked some more on the Beaverton Road report and it's almost done, just some editing over the weekend. 

So a decent sunny day. Two more days of fieldwork and I can rest a bit (I hope) and finish reports and junk.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

20 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Everything about the same around school. Took Barbara home after school. Also took her and her mother and sister to the hospital to see their dad. Afterwards we went driving a while and stopped at a drive-in and had something to eat. Her sister bought the eats. Gas $1.00.
Long day here in 2014. Slept marginally okay with assistance. I left about 7:15 for Lopez Island for the 9:25 ferry. Well, it was cancelled. So I waited around for the 10:20. All went well. Had a bit of trouble finding the guy's house and then spent until almost 2:30 driving around the north end there looking at the areas they were going to put in water lines. For part of it his dog and another small one helped us, having a high old time chasing each other and walking around with us. Made us nervous when we were by the highway though.

At 2:30 I inhaled my lunch and then attempted to find places to put pin flags in for probes. I was very nervous at that point. I really thought I was in over my head. But I calmed down and did my best and I think I did okay. That took until almost 4, and I think I put in maybe 25. Ferry was at 4:20, all that went well, took a nice photo of Lopez Sound. Or Bay. Whatever. Stopped at McD's in Anacortes for a little dinner. Made great time getting home, too, I left McD's at 5:45 and got home a touch after 7. Hit all the lights right on 20.

So. Tough and long day. I really was nervous there.

It rained up until about Mt. Vernon and then cleared up and it was nice and pleasant the rest of the day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19 March 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Got in a fight with a kid today. Me and Barbara are back together again. I am now going to study with her. Picked her up tonight and took her [unk unk] a church meeting. Did some studying on my Social Studies. Page 5. Telephone 10 [unk] $1.00 $1.10.
NOTE: This entry for the diary is actually yesterday's and vice-versa; I got 'em mixed up. So it looks like he got back together with Barbara. Maybe this will put an end to his misbehaving!

I had a good day today. A very good day. Slept well. Had a really good workout. Got a decent amount done at work (Harborview) and went for coffee and to get a soda with Anne and she came by to say goodbye on her way out (she's heading for Denver tomorrow), and my post on Car Lust went over well. And I'm getting globs of work at Cascadia. I admit the latter is making me a little nervous but it's okay. Just a lot of work now that I haven't really done before. My first assessment is tomorrow which makes me a little anxious, but normal anxious not anxiety anxious. I think I'll do well. I did some background checks on what's out there so I know kind of what to expect. And I'm looking forward to driving the Forester out -- no worrying about beating up my Mustang, a nice comfortable -- and quiet! -- ride, and I won't look like a dork coming up in a classic car.

Plus I transferred $2k into my (Schwab) savings which I haven't done much of so that's good. I am somewhat optimistic that things are looking up, all the while remembering that things can go south in a heartbeat.

We went to UVil to walk because we needed bread. Showery and in the 40s.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Six period the [minth?] [spoken?] had a assembly to which we were told of the different careers we could take at [unk] [might?] next year. One [unk] make a [unk] today. Took Barbara home and took her and her mother up to the hospital to see her dad who is going to be operated on tomorrow. [Unk] tonight. Spent $.50
I'm kind of glad he's still friends with Barbara. Nice of him to drive them to the hospital.

I slept mostly through the night and unassisted. Jack was out on the couch when I went out there and slept with me the rest of the night. I liked that. Had a decent workout, but not spectacular. I worked steadily most of the morning on the Beaverton Road report and I think I got most of it done. I went to Cascadia after lunch and took care of a couple of things including the thing Thursday. Bit nervous about that as I have to decide how to put in shovel probes and where along a 2-mile stretch. But they trust me to do it, so I figure I can. They liked the new vehicle. I told them I can sneak up on them now. Worked more in the afternoon when I got back. Busy.

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Wanda was sick* today. After school she call me up and told me her parents would not let her ride in the car with me any more. This really makes me mad. Driving to first they say. Work on the car for about two hours tonight. Did about an hour of studying. 
Ha. Smart parents. I like that, 'driving to first'.

Bad night last night. Well, from about 2-3. Was awake fretting, yes, about the car and money and everything else. Geez. I tried getting through it without Miss Ambien (1/4) but my head would just not settle down. *sigh* Of course, I am much better today. I took care of a lot of stuff today and worked most of the day on the San Juan report. Got insurance on the new vehicle squared away and also on the Mustang -- I can get classic car insurance for really cheap, provided it qualifies, which it should. The Spousal Unit worked from home today so we went to McD's for lunch. Jack was bugging me for attention for a long time this afternoon and I admit I was kind of irritated, but then I realized he just wanted a few minutes of brushing. I rarely refuse them attention, although I was trying to work. A few minutes of brushing isn't really a big deal; it's one of their simple pleasures and, after all, they don't have as much time here as we do so whatever little bit of sacrifice of my time is well worth it, I think.

Everything will work out okay.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

16 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Slept in until [ten?] but [unk] and went to Sunday School. Skipped church and want and picked up Wanda and went driving. Came home after [unk] and studied the rest of the afternoon. Took Wanda to church tonight. Only stayed for half the services then went driving again. Spent $2.00.
I think this Wanda is a bad influence. Getting kicked out of school and skipping church. . .tsk tsk tsk. Hope she's hot.

Bad night. I woke up twice before 12:30 and woke up again around 4. Yeah, worrying about the car. Well, just the money aspect, though I know we can afford it and I'd be worrying just as much if we'd gotten something higher mileage. "Did I waste money on a lemon? Will it die on me?" blah blah blah. But I went down the path of feeling lousy about my career and such. I've gotten much better, but I'm not really cured.

So I was awake for like three hours until the Spousal Unit got up. She made buckwheat waffles (blech) and then I took a nap from 9:30-10. Watched a bit of TV including some of The Blues Brothers; I made up a weekly open thread on it for tomorrow, too.

It was nice going to the UVil and such in the Forester. Thing's got lots of room, it was nice and quiet, easy to get in and out of, easy to get junk into and out of. And it's going to be very nice when I take it to the field and don't have to worry about leaks or the noise or blowing lots of gas. We also did our taxes today and once again realized how little I'd made (though more than last year). That plus the lack of sleep plus the incessant rain today just made me feel kind of a downer most of the day. I'll recover. Tonight probably won't be much better though.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

15 March 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952:
Got up at 9:30 and went and got me a hair cut. After dinner I went to the church and helped dad with some of his work. Played the dance at the [unk unk] T's[?] tonight in the [Plane?] of [Ice?]. He is in Seattle to [ice?] the state basket ball [year?]. Made $9.20 tonight spent $1.50.
Well, we've done it: bought a vehicle. A 2014 Subaru Forester. It's 'used' with about 6k miles on it. Dark gray. Wow. I didn't really intend to buy it today, but the Spousal Unit seemed amenable. Total cost was around $30k. Which is quite a bit more than I'd planned on, but we also got quite a bit more vehicle, too. I was nervous. I've been nervous for weeks. But on the way home I realized that we got the right vehicle and it was about time. So I'm okay with it.

I'm beginning to get sad about my Mustang though. I mean, now it's 'that car that sits in the garage'. That car was really me. My worry is that, as I start driving the new one all the time and the Mustang sits in the garage, I'll slowly start to ignore it and eventually it won't mean a lot to me. Really, it's almost like I'm leaving a part of my life behind. But perhaps I'm overreacting; I might grow to love it even more now that I don't have to constantly keep up the maintenance and stuff. I dunno.

Anyway, we spent like three hours at the dealer. Decent people, too, not really at all like the typical car dealer experience. So I'm pleased.

Anyway, that's the big stuff we did. I went and woke up at 4, had breakfast in, and then I worked some on my ARCE slides. I'm going to start reading more KeH stuff so I know everything inside and out, at least more than I already do. We went to Sam's Club and PetSmart and ate lunch at an Ivar's. Walked at the mall tonight because it's raining.

Friday, March 14, 2014

14 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Took Wanda home. Wanda went out with another boy tonight. DOn & me drove around town. Went to the [bowling?] [unk]. SPent $1.00 gas, .50 eats $1.50.
I guess he and Wanda maybe aren't strictly 'going out'? Interesting.

What a day. Woke up at 4:30, not bad. Fabulous workout. I was thinking the other day that this is the first time that I've been working out -- like 25 years -- that I'm thinking I'm pretty good at it. Mainly because I haven't gotten injured in a while *knock wood* and started drinking a lot before going so I have way better workouts. But it went well. When I got home I immediately finished the Kent/Clark Lake report and sent it off. Did a few other things with other projects and then fought with software. GAWD, it just wouldn't let up! First I had a devil of a time converting a Word doc to PDF -- Word makes the PDF file like 6 times bigger than it was, so I opened OpenOffice to convert it, but it had a new version so I got that, but it didn't open the Word doc properly, fouling up all sorts of formatting and dropping images. Total crap. (I blame Microsoft) So I went back to the old one and that worked. Then I started on the San Juan project but Illustrator bombed! Sheesh. Found out it would cost me either $600 or $20/month for a new one. Buggers. I'll reinstall it tomorrow.

So then we went for lunch at NGate, came home, and I went to the Subaru dealer on 175th and Aurora and drove a 2014 Forester. Went well, I liked it better than the CRV. About $1000 more than the 'new' 2013 CRV we'd had a line on -- which is now available again-- but the Forester is almost new: 5k miles, one of their loaner cars. So I'd go get that one tomorrow. Well, if it were up to me I'd have an old Bronco or an Xterra by now.

Came home and did a little more work. Daisy -- the Spousal Unit worked at home all day -- was down in the basement nearly all day. Around 4 Jack came up and would not stop whining. Like he wanted attention but he didn't. He just would not shut up. FINALLY. . . . .Daisy came upstairs and he quieted down. I think he was all in a kerfuffle because Daisy wasn't where she was supposed to be.

We went to Fred Meyer for a walk because we needed litter. Not much else.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

13 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took Wanda to school this morning. Got kicked out of school this afternoon for throwing a [carrot?] on the teachers desk. Practiced with [unk] orchestra tonight. Did some studying too. 
Sheesh. The young lad really is full of himself with his new young lady. . . . .

So a pretty good day today despite not getting to sleep for a while* and waking up at 4:15. But, meh, whatever, I felt okay. Pretty good workout, but nothing spectacular. I started working on the Kent report right when I got home and had that finished a little before noon and sent it to Teresa to look over. Hope she wasn't too brutal. I'm not even looking at it until tomorrow. Engi emailed to wonder if we could meet up at UVil to hand off the shirt she bought for the Spousal Unit in Kenya -- I'd gotten a size too small -- so I went there a little before 1 but had to wait a while as she got stuck behind the Montlake bridge. So I didn't get to chat with her for very long, but it was wonderful to see her again.

I came home and did a little more work on some other report, mostly looking up sites and references on WISAARD. Oh yeah, I went to QFC and got a chicken before coming home and stuck that in the oven. Boring afternoon, but pleasant as it was nice out, 57ish and sunny.

I did look at more Foresters and decided to pop over to Carter in Ballard tomorrow and check some out. I'd not mind a decent 2013 model even though they only have four gears and get not the best mileage, but I think saving money on the purchase price would mitigate the greater mileage one a new one. We'll see.

I did make a minor breakthrough on the guitar this evening. I've been trying to learn Pete Townshend's acoustic version of "We Won't Get Fooled Again" at the Secret Policemen's Ball in 1979. I've always liked that one and it's one reason I want to learn to play this thing. And I've been doing okay with it. I think because it's something I really want to play rather than some of the other little songs I've been trying to learn. Plus I get a little more aggressive with the fingering and it's. . . easier. And a bit more enjoyable to practice!

* I may have fallen asleep? Sometimes I think I am just laying there for a long time when I've really dozed off for a while.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12 March 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took Wanda to school today. Got kicked out of English class today for talking too much. After school I took Wanda home and then went down town. [Got more?] a little [portability?]. [a crosley?]. Took Wanda to church about 7:30. Then came home and fooled around with the car. Gasoline $1.80.
Oh, naughty boy, probably all het up over his new girlfriend and got himself kicked out of a class. I wonder if this is his senior year? Senioritis!

Strange day today, sort of. I slept quite well all through the night except for the usual wakeups and the trip to the TV room. So that was good (and unassisted!). Had a really good workout because of it, too. It's the last week of classes for the quarter so it's getting thin down there. Went downtown to Harborview and worked steadily all morning getting my new analysis ready. That actually took most of the day.

I took a little time out to deal with the Camano stuff. I called Gretchen at DAHP and she said, yes, they'll require a permit, so I had to give the client the bad news. She's not thrilled. But it will be more work for me and I do kind of enjoy working with her. That's one neat thing about this job, working with the public. I like that. It's also reminding me that it's not just a job, what I do can cost people thousands of dollars.

Might have decided(?) on getting a Forester, too. One of the Car Lust guys said that CRVs kinda suck in snow or off road and the Forester would be way better for field work. He's no doubt right. And they're cheaper and a little less common around here. So we'll see. I could live with one.

Other than that, I worked on my presentation some more this evening after walking. Beautiful day, sunny and 63.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took Wanda to school this morning. After school we washed and waxed the car. Wanda stay for supper and until about 8:00 o'clock. I went down to her place and played some. Went to the drug store for some [eats?]. Got home about 11:00 o'clock. Spent $.56.
Really beautiful day today, sunny and 58. Sadly, I was up for a while in the middle of the night having a minor little anxiety thing. Really, not as bad as they've been in the past. Mostly just worry about getting various reports and junk done. Well, I felt like I wasted much of yesterday afternoon, too. And worried about buying a car, but that fell through anyway: someone beat us to it. Well, I probably could have rushed up there this afternoon and offered more but I didn't want to beat someone out who'd already agreed on a price. So, back to square one. Last night I kept repeating to myself that work, serving others, and learning was what really fulfilled me and that's what I should put aside most things to do. Which is something I've thought before, but sometimes it bears repeating.

Anyway, I had a decent workout, knees doing okay now that I've stopped the really heavy leg presses. I worked steadily all morning on the Clark Lake report and got a good chunk of the background done, minus a trip to SBux (just felt like a mocha this morning). I decided to go to UVil for lunch and had a salad at the Italian joint, and got some hamburger and bleu cheese for dinner. Worked some more on it when I got home, including trying to get the Cascadia email to work on my Mac (unsuccessful) and the phone (successful). One client called up after I sent her the report, the one that had all the midden, and she was a bit distressed that we had to recommend an excavation permit and monitoring. We're going to try to work around it, but I doubt DAHP will respond favorably.

We walked the neighborhood this evening, pleasant but kind of chilly despite being so nice.

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Brought it back at lunch time for had to take mom to the doctor in Tuppenish. Got my car tonight. Took Wanda driving tonight. Got in about 11:00. Spent $.30 Gasoline $1.00 Spent $1.30.
Yup, he got a car, no doubt the Plymouth coupe in the previous post.

We may have found one, too. I checked Sam's Club and there's a practically new one -- 2013 with 47 miles -- up in Lynnwood for a good price. I'm going to go up and see it tomorrow, I think. Looks good. Top trim line (EX-L) and most of the bells and whistles.

Otherwise, I slept very well. Also had a great workout. I spent all morning getting two projects put to bed, and started on another one. After lunch (ramen) I worked a bit more and then went to UVil to deposit a Cascadia check, had a hot chocolate at SBux, got bagels, and stopped at The Ram to talk to their brewmaster about some stuff. I think the alcohol measurement is fairly straightforward.

We went to the Fred Meyer's to get a new iced tea pitcher but they didn't have the right one, so I ordered one from Amazon. Mine's cracked a bit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

9 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Went to Sunday school today. Took Wanda home from church and stay at her play[sic] about a half an hour. Took dad home and use[?] and look at car for me [a?] [unk] to get it. A '39 Plymouth coupe. [$180?] Wanda called me up and I went down to [unk unk unk] and stayed and ate supper there. Took mom and dad to church and then took Wanda to church. After church we picked mom and dad up took them home. I took Wanda home. We sat in the [unk unk unk] 11:00. [sentence unknown]. What a day!
The car probably looked something like this:
I think he bought it for $180 but much of this entry was garbled. Again I say, they sure do go to church a lot.

I had a decent day. Today daylight saving time started and I slept until about 4:30 (old time). Didn't go to Mass because the Spousal Unit didn't get up until 7:30 (new time). I worked on my ARCE slides for a while and then got sleepy and took a short nap -- like 10 minutes --before heading off to UVil for the usual Sunday thing. The big news is that I took my old black Kasala book case to the Goodwill. Kind of sad actually: that was the first real new piece of furniture I bought by myself after I moved out here in 1985. Looked really nice, but too big and I am downsizing. I want less furniture and junk in my room and in my life.

When I got back from taking that down I washed my car. It's going to be weird not driving that thing regularly. I wonder if I'll slowly start to ignore it and lose interest in it once it's parked and I don't drive it for months at a time. That would be sad, it's been with me nearly half my life.

It was a nice day and we walked in the sunlight for the first time since last November.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

8 March 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Went to the church with dad this morning did my work and spent the rest of the morning look[sic] at used cars. Brought the car home for [unk]. Went [unk unk] with Wanda[?] in the afternoon and stayed until I had to go after dad at 5:00. Took her to the show tonight about 7:30. After the show we drove around a little and spent some of our time parked. Got in at 12:30. Spent $1.10.
Man, he's quick! Dumps his old girlfriend and less than a week later he's parking with another one! I guess he must've had her on the line for a while. Heh.

Anyway. Slept okay last night, I guess. Up at 4:30. We went out for breakfast and I ate too much. Just two slices of bacon and some hash browns (okay, and some of the Spousal Unit's french toast), but I felt too full all day. Hate that. I didn't do much the rest of the morning, at least until around 10 when we went. . . .car shopping! Up to Lynnwood Honda. Looked at quite a few, and sort of almost decided on a 2012 CRV. Loaded. A bit too much though, they're asking over $29k. Still kind of toying with whether we should just spend a bunch less and get me a primarily field vehicle or go ahead and get a decent one. I'm leaning towards the latter since the Civic is getting to be pretty well worn these days, although we could keep it going for a looooong time yet. We took it for a test drive and I liked it. But, we'll see after a couple of days.

We hit the one estate sale on the way back, and bought a couple of small highball glasses for $1. The Advent speakers were gone (thank God) but I don't feel bad because they said whatever they don't sell goes to some home or other, but not the dump; so I'm glad someone took them and they have a good home.

Tried to make beer when I got home and I fear it did not go well. The only two problems were the boiling -- I turned the heat down, but it stopped boiling and I didn't see it for like 20 minutes -- and the yeast. The yeast was in a plastic packet which I thought I just had to dump in but I was supposed to mix it with some junk and let it sit for like three hours. So I just dumped it in and hoped for the best. Oh, and when I was putting it in the fermenter I left the spigot open and a bunch poured out. So, kind of a mess. I hope it works though.

We were going to mall walk but I was so frustrated after the beer fiasco and dinner and junk that I sent the Spousal Unit out of the kitchen and just spent like a half hour cleaning up. So I did that, we watched the end of the movie Prometheus -- which is really a stupid movie, but I like the end anyway -- and then did some cleaning.

So, hopefully we will have a new vehicle by the end of the week. Might be a newer CRV or maybe an older Mitsubishi. Who knows. We'll see.

Friday, March 7, 2014

7 March 2014

On this day in 2014:
Took the car to school today. Today was Sady Hawkins day. Played in the High School dance band for the 9th grade [mixer?]. Brought Wanda to school this morning and took her home after [unk]. Play [unk] for a party [unk unk unk] anything more if it Con[unk] Dixieland. [More unk] $1.20.
Well, I guess Barbara is really history and Wanda is the new girl.

I slept all night in bed! Until 5! I was so well-rested I didn't know what to do with myself! But I had an awesome workout, came home and read through the Fremont report once more and made a couple of changes based on what the client told me. Sent that off this morning. That was causing me some stress. And I went through the Camano report as well, that's probably about ready. I finished all that by 10. Then. . . car shopping. Went to the Toyota place. . .meh. The only thing I'm interested in there is a 2010 Explorer which would be a great field vehicle. Lots of room, fairly simple, good off-road. 63k miles. I'm worried about reliability though. But Brad would probably work on it. After lunch I checked at the Ravenna Volvo and they still had a 2012 Acura RDX which was niiiiiice. I'd really like that. I even test drove it. Needs premium gas though and not the greatest mileage (about what the Explorer does, ca., 20-22 highway). Otherwise, tomorrow I'm going to Lynnwood Honda to look at CRVs. Probably end up with a CRV, the Acura, or the Explorer. Either one would work fine, I guess.

Oh, also went to the home beer store and got supplies for my next batch. This will be a bitter. Much more involved than the first batch with grains and junk. I'm going to try to really learn something from this batch instead of just following directions.

Nice day, too, 60 and partly sunny. We had a nice walk.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

6 March 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school. Barbara and I broke up today for good. Took Wanda home after school and took her to the church potluck. Went up to see choir director's place and practiced my solo. Evening prayer meeting. Wanda and I went driving [by what for?]. Gasoline $1.00. Pop $.30 Tickets for  [unk] $25 $1.00.
Guess he got a little taste of Wanda and decided Barbara wasn't worth it. . . .

Decent but busy day today. Slept okay, although I woke up at 4:15. Had a decent workout (legs). Still fiddling with the routine. I've started doing the leg press with my feet closer together and it seems to be helping my knees.

I worked most of the day on my Fremont report and got it done by 1:30. Looks pretty good. I ended up throwing a bunch of junk in from an earlier report just to make it look better. So, eh. It'll do, I think. I did a little on the Lillquist one, too, but not much. Will finish that one tomorrow morning. I went over to Cascadia in the afternoon for a little bit to do some planning on reports and when they're due and such. Dinner was taco salad. Yippee.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4-5 March 2014

On <s>this</s> the last two days in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Took Barbara home [as usual?]. Took the car back drove to the church to dad. Me and dad looked at some used cars for me. Stayed at home tonight and studied. Social Studies test tomorrow.

Took the car to school today. Our Social Studies test was [unk]. Stayed and took Barbara to the [faculty?] and [times?] basketball game after school. The [time?] [soon?] 30 to 20. [unk] my [unk] at the church for [Friday?] night. $.20 [unk].
Obviously 16 or 17 if he's getting his own car.

Missed yesterday's entry because I was out in the field all day and got back late. Miserable day mostly. We left for San Juan at 6:30 and got back to the office at 6:45 so it was a long day. Made it up there okay, but it rained the whole time. The project was a ditch next to a road and it had running water in it and the rest of it was either rocky, boggy, or just plain fill junk. Kind of a useless survey if you ask me. But we dig four probes, did some shovel probes, blah blah blah. Mark, my friend from grad school who lives there stopped by to chat for a while; I haven't seen him in years, probably since 1993 or so. We finished by about 1 and the next ferry wasn't until 3:40 so we got in line and then had lunch at Herb's Bar (not bad). Traevis (the field tech) went and sat in his car and I sat in a coffee shop and wrote up my probe forms and notes. Shopped a bit at the Pelendaba lavender store. Trip back went okay. It had mostly stopped raining on SJI by the time we finished, but was raining in Seattle.

Today went well. Slept okay. Had a decent workout. I met with Michael at 9:30 and that went well. He's more positive about this whole alcohol thing and I think it's going to move forward. Otherwise I just worked with my alcohol data all day. Am chatting more with people there. I'm finiding I have to relearn how the whole academia thing works. When I was in grad school, we were very isolated in our program which was way different from elsewhere. At the time other people noted that as well. It was a tough program, but didn't foster a lot of camaraderie and collaboration. Plus, in archaeology there are no post docs, so once you're done, you're gone. So we really don't get the interaction. Some do, the ones who eventually make their way into academia, but if you have a proclivity for isolation work, it's a good place. Which it was for me. But I have to adapt.

I do vacillate between doing archaeology and this stuff. I do like the archaeology work, minus the cold and rainy useless fieldwork, of course. It's not that great of a challenge and I like it. I like helping to maintain the archaeological record. I like learning history and prehistory of the region and going places I probably wouldn't go to and seeing things I probably wouldn't have. But. . .I can also see the challenge wearing off eventually and the lack of notoriety for the work in general. And when I get out of a good meeting with someone in GH, I'm excited about that, too. And getting grants. And helping other people with their work.

Okay, and the oodles of hot babes that hang around Global Health. Heh.

But it's a challenge. I'd like to be able to say "I got grants to do research". I'd like to publish more. And go to Kenya and elsewhere. And it would be more lucrative, I think.

But who knows, maybe I'll end up doing both somehow.

Monday, March 3, 2014

3 March 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Everything went very smoothly at school today. After school came home and did some [Studying?] at 7:30 went to dance band practice at the High School got home about 10:30 and did a little Algebra. Pop $.05.
Same here in 2014 actually. Slept okay last night AND discovered a mental exercise, as I was writing about yesterday: I started counting up from 70 by 7. As I say, I'd been doing multiplication tables at night and decided to go past 10x7. It was surprisingly difficult. I was half asleep the whole time, of course, so I kept getting kind of confused, but it worked. Like three times! Hence, woke up at 5 with the alarm. Had a decent, but short, workout and came home to load Jack up in the carrier to go to the vet. Hate doing that as he hates hates hates it, but Operation Capture went easily and I dropped him off before 9.

I worked the rest of the morning on the Fremont report and got a good deal done on it. Wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I went to Cascadia after lunch to get some quad maps done and get the material for San Juan tomorrow. Should be not an overly long day (*knock wood*) as we may not have many probes to do. I'm hoping we can grab the 3:40 ferry back. Also did some other stuff while there.

When I got back I called the vet and Jack was all set and we went to get him a little after 4. He was soooooo glad to be home. He just went and laid down in the TV room and kneaded and purred. We just walked.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 March 2014

On this day in 1952:
Went to Sunday school today. Did my school work at the church during morning service in a [cloak?] room. After [unk] [drove?] around a little and [so more?] studying. Barbara called me up and invited me to [unk] church with her. I went and we got our argument settled. Drove around a little after evening service. $.10.
Ha! Smart guy, lets her see him with another girl and she comes crawling back. Stud. I'm still kind of fascinated by this whole "driving around" thing he does.

I woke up at 2:45 this morning, but managed to get back to sleep unassisted. I keep trying to find some little mind exercise when I'm awake like that that will give my mind something to do, but not too much that I'll get all worked up or something, but not too repetitive than I get bored and my mind starts wandering. Sadly, I seem to be able to think of two entirely separate things at once. For instance, I'll try just doing a stream of consciousness thing (e.g., "The wall of flowers flows gently over the balcony onto the smart car below. I drive it to the harbor and see a boat. . . ") but I can often be thinking things like that but then also think about something else -- something worrisome -- at the same time. Making up a fiction story sometimes works okay, as does multiplication tables. I'd like to find something like the latter that I can do that keeps my mind focused on something without undue thought.

Anyway, I woke up for good about 4:30. We ate in and instead of Mass I cleaned out my big black bookshelf. Got rid of more stuff, but I still have a few items I have no place for so I wasn't able to take it down. That and I don't know what to do with it. Goodwill? Trash? Curb?

I took a short nap around 10:30 which I don't think made me feel much better. I felt kind of muftigh most of the rest of the day. We did the lunch/shopping thing at UVil and came home fairly quickly: it was cold and rainy all day. I did a bit more cleaning, started cooking spare ribs, aka, country style ribs, on the grill, etc.

Oh, this morning Panda the neighbor cat was hanging out. She's really interested in coming in the house, and was sitting on the window sill meowing for quite a while. Spousal Unit called her owner (on tag) just to make sure she still had a home. She's soft and never eats anything here so we know she's got something of a home, but I wish they'd keep her indoors more.

We didn't walk after dinner because it was raining hard. The Oscars are on -- I couldn't really care less -- but someone from Karanis (Egypt) in 2012, Kathryn, attended. I think a friend of hers was in film school at USC and he got tickets for the grandstand or something. She wore a beautiful blue gown and looked absolutely stunning. Well, she's very attractive anyway.

Also made hotel reservations for the ARCE meetings.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1 March 2014 (Saturday)

On this day in 1952:
Went down to the church and worked a while this morning. Came back about eleven when had had [sic?] to take mom to the doctor. Worked a [unk] hours on my music. [When?] [unk] to ]our?] [shower?] [unk] [unk] and practiced my solo. [Went?] to the dance at the [by?] [Shot?] [Figs?] but [unk] about 10.00 o'clock and went to bed.
A lot of that was hard to read. And since it was a leap year in 1952 we are now on the same day. That should make things easier.

I had a decent day. Slept well, until 5. We went to McD's for breakfast around 7. They make a delicious egg white and sausage McMuffin that I love love love. I didn't do much after that but get ready to go to the gym -- I didn't go yesterday and won't again next Tuesday -- and had a smashing workout. Very hard. I did both upper and lower body and spent a good hour and a half at it. I met the Spousal Unit at Pagliacci's on the Ave and inhaled a salad and a bunch of Diet Coke. You have to watch your fingers around me when I eat after working out hard. Got our hair cut after that. I gave Anne the 1 pound Sugar Daddy sucker and said I had something big for her to suck on. Heh. We got some good giggles outta that.

After that we hit two estate sales, nothing exciting at either. Came home, ate ice cream, practiced guitar a bit, made dinner (leftovers). Walked at NGate.

Been kind of thinking about buying Hafner's S6 some more. Monetarily, buying a cheaper one up front would mitigate the low mileage, plus an older car would be cheaper to insure. So now I'm seriously considering it. We'll see.