Friday, February 28, 2014

28 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Went down to [Senior?] High during lunch time. Barbara and me broke up today. Guess she just can't be satisfied. Took the car back to the church after school. Studied about four and a half hours tonight. Mostly [unk]. $16.00

Also: February 29, 1952:
Took the car to school today. Picked up Wanda Phillipps and took her to school. Barbara about threw a fit. Got turned in for speeding in front of the school. Went to Teen Night at the church for about an hour. Then came home and worked on [some music?].
HA! I'd almost forgot to add in the February 29 entry, but I'm glad I did. Broke up with Barbara and then the next day he's already scamming on Wanda. I guess I kind of don't like Barbara.

So anyway. I woke up at 3 this morning and gambled that 1/4 ambien would get me back to sleep. . .and it did! Before 4 I think. So I got a decent amount of sleep after all. I drove down to Kent to do a survey of a couple of properties in Clark Lake Park. Old houses the City of Kent bought and is demolishing. The buildings were still there and vacant. Kind of fun. The former residents left trash in the first one's garage and I snagged a couple of wooden Christmas reindeer decorations. The other house had a few outbuildings -- it had been a farm at some point -- so I was able to explore in those, too. One was kind of neat, it had a poster "I can't hang in the until Friday" (with a kitten) and a few pinup girls in a back corner that looked like little Sistene Chapel like things. Hard work though, the sediment was pretty compact and rocky. On the first hole I banged my right hand with the shovel handle when it hit a rock and it still hurts. Heck, both my hands still hurt. I used my old workout (fingerless) gloves and they worked great although my right ring finger started getting a blister. But I'll keep using them. It was a beautiful sunny fay and in the upper 50s. I thought I might be getting too much sun, but no. A hawk was nearby but I got too close before I could snap the picture. Otherwise, a quiet and mostly pleasant day out there, except for working too hard.

I was done around 12:15 so was back around 1:15, so I went and hung out at the SBux in UVil for a while. Reward, donchaknow. When I came back I did all of the photos for the day so I remembered where they were taken -- I didn't write a bunch down because I was just snapping pics of the various buildings.

Cold walk though, it's very windy out.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

27 February 2014 (Thursday)

On this day in 1952 (Wednesday):
Took the car to school today. Barbara was absent today. After school took the car back to the church and picked up dad. Stayed home and spent about four hours studying Algebra and Social Studies. 
Okay, so eventful day today. I had a meeting with a guy over at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at UW and it went well. They're starting up working with some Nairobi people and are looking for people who work with both HIV and alcohol for collaboration and such, so it might be a good fit. And they work with Amerindian groups so I might be able to work in with that somehow. I'm a bit more optimistic that I can work in this field.

Archaeologically, still busy. I started on the Fremont report, but it will be a slog. We have nothing from that area so I will have to do quite a bit from scratch, which probably means rephrasing a lot of an earlier NWAA report(s). Fortunately, I have this weekend and Monday and Thursday and really Friday to work on it. So not that crucial. Tomorrow I have fieldwork in Kent.

I went to get a new outlet this afternoon and stopped at the Lake City Toyota dealer. The guy was okay. He started with the whole car salesman routine, but he calmed down after a couple of minutes. Hafner is selling his S6 Audi wagon (2002) which has me totally excited because it's a totally badass car, but probably not practical: 20 or less mpgs, mostly. And it's an Audi so perhaps pricey to maintain. So, meh. Still debating how much to spend as I may be curtailing archaeology if the alcohol stuff gets moving. That's kind of in the back of my mind as a plan: assuming I'll get real work right after buying a field vehicle, it might be a good idea to get the vehicle to guarantee the job!

Otherwise, an okay day.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

26 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Dad took me to school today. Barbara and I had a hell of a[sic] argument about who was at her place last night. She said it was her sister. (of course) She thinks I am [crazy?] now. [Dave?] around to night[sic]. Listened to the [Tracy?] band practice at the YMCA. $0.5.
Oh dear, trouble in Barbara paradise. I can't wait to see how this ends.

I woke up around 4 this morning but it wasn't too bad, I mostly slept all night, sans assistance. Had a very hard workout, pretty crowded, lots of scenery. Met a guy from Wisconsin -- he commented upon my Packers shirt -- and turns out he just came out here 6 months ago.

I went downtown today and that was just busy all day. I spent the whole time, until about 2, getting a draft of my alcohol paper ready and I think it looks good, minus the crap analysis. I still can't get the damnable AUDIT data properly merged. I don't know why, it's just defying me. But I got a decent amount done and even did some new analysis of site vs. site. Pretty meaningless probably, but not bad. I just worked and worked and worked. Anne and I went out for coffee and walked over outside because it was nice (57 today!). Pretty boring mostly, although Alyson stopped by to chat, that was nice. I think she used to think I was a (quiet) weirdo but perhaps talking on the plane and in Kenya got her to liking me somewhat.

Came home, dinner, blah blah blah. Went to UVil to get bagels. They got my name wrong over the phone, the bagels were labeled for 'Pony'. The guy there seems kind of dim, but he's very nice and he was laughing a lot at the 'Pony' and my explanation of why I'm usually 'Henry'. He gave me two stamps on the card, too!

My sister named her new JeepFiat Cherokee 'Bunny'. Lord.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25 February 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Took Barbara home after school. Tonight I spent most of my time parked down the street from her place trying to figure out if it was Barbara or her sister [necking?] in a car in front of her place. Never have found out. $1.00 gasoline. $1.00
Yet more intrigue! I think that said 'necking', or it could have just been 'parking'? Not really sure, but this Barbara doesn't seem to be dead set on our friend here as a lifelong companion. Or he's a creepy stalker or something.

Darn busy day again. Slept decently I guess. At the gym my back started tweaking during squats so I fear those may be out. And my knees really hurt some doing presses, so I am left thinking I need to drastically rejigger my leg routine. I tried moving my feet in on the press and that seemed to help. But, between my back and knees old age might just be starting to really impinge on things, finally. But we'll see. There might be something I can do for my knees after all. Back is probably long gone. =(

When I came home I immediately set about writing up a draft of my paper to give to Michael. That's been worrying me some. But I lifted a lot from my outline I'd done much earlier, modified it a bit, and now I just need to write the Discussion section tomorrow and add in the tables and figure (already done). It will be a starting point anyway.

The electrician came at 10 and it was kind of a waste. He couldn't do the closet light without tearing apart more wall -- irritates me because it doesn't work because of what they did last time -- and he just cut some holes and put new junction boxes in where we needed covers. But I think we might tear that whole section out, have them get rid of the boxes altogether and re-do that. But he did get the smoke detector up on the ceiling without a wire across the ceiling. After lunch (Korean ramen) I went to Cascadia to get a breaker bar and then did the Fremont survey. Just one hole, took about an hour. I dropped that stuff off and then came home and called in the locates for the Kent thing Friday. That took a while because I wasted time looking up the Section-Township-Range junk when I didn't even need it. That was done, started dinner (chili, first time in years), and then found the other kitchen outlet was buzzing so I had to disconnect that one, too (see rant below). We just went for a walk around here because it wasn't raining. Got up to 54 and very pleasant today.

Rant: Stupid outlets. They're these fancy schmancy things -- probably required by law -- which I find obscene, but entirely expected, that they go out in a few years. Yeah, those old fashioned ones that you could put in and expect them to work for decades, tsk tsk too old fashioned and daaaaangerous I guess. But then, most stuff is like that these days. More complicated and less robust. Not that I'm engaging in total pastopianism, but some items are definitely worse these days.

Monday, February 24, 2014

24 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Drove up to American River about nine o'clock came back in time for church. About two I went over town with Lee to see if he could find himself a used car. About sox o'clock me and Lee drove down to Tappenish to see Karen. Got back about 10:30. Gasoline $1.00.
Dang busy day today. Started okay, had a decent workout, came home, snarfed down bagels and then loaded up and headed for Camano for a project. Raining. All. Day. Surprisingly the car didn't leak all the way up! I left about 8:45. Got up there in good time and started work. It's a house about three down from one I did last year. Most of the property was covered with gravel, stone, and brick walkways or concrete so I only did two probes. Found midden-derived (i.e., archaeological) shell in both, in one like someone else did in 2001. Both looked disturbed. Under the house there was more, also disturbed.

Before I really got into it, I popped down to see what was happening on the old house and they'd already raised it. BUT they actually had excavated! Mostly scraped/graded it down level a couple/few inches, and also dug down a few inches in places to set temporary footings. They said they wouldn't do any excavating. Not sure if they lied or if contractors have a different idea of what "excavating" means, though probably mostly the latter I think. I checked it out and almost dies when I saw some bone on the surface. Happily it turned out to be cow or something and there was historic junk all over so it wasn't anything to worry about. Still, I was more careful about the new place. Because of the midden material she'll have to get an excavation permit.

I was done there about 11:45 and stopped on the outskirts of Stanwood for lunch and gas. Made it home by 1:30, good time again. Car leaked. Really need new vehicle. Once home I worked on the report; it's easy because I can use 90% of the other one. That's good because I've got like three projects lined up PLUS the global health stuff PLUS my presentation in April. Yikes!

Had a panic attack last night, *sigh*. The usual stuff.

We mall walked because it was still very drizzly.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

23 February 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Did some work at the church this morning. Went driving for a while. [Seen?] Barbara at home a few minutes. Played Ping-Pong in the afternoon at the church with Ted. Went to the [unk] at the [Sky Slut?] too. Gasoline $1.00.
Yeah, I know it doesn't really say Sky Slut but I tried to put down what the letters look like in case someone can decode it later. You know, at his age I might have written down that I played Pong at his age, the simple video game that came out in the 1970s. We got it and played it quite a bit but then dropped it because it got kind of boring. I think we got the Odyssey version.

Slept well last night, and until 5:15 or so. Unassisted! Jack woke me up with a sneeze in the middle of the night when I went out to the TV room. Because I was well-rested I went to Mass and enjoyed it. Kinda sparse this week, but a few new faces. I've decided for Lent this year I shan't be giving up desserts again -- my usual sacrifice -- but instead I'll read the New Testament every night before bed and put all of my spare change to some worthy charity.

Did nothing the rest of the morning except watch junk on TV: Mars Attacks! (movie), The Princess Bride (movie), and the Daytona 500, switching back and forth between them. The race got through like 38 laps and then had a loooong rain delay; hadn't started again by 5 our time. Actually, I'd started watching it again around 2 before I realized they were replaying some of last year's race because of the delay. I'm not becoming a fan of NASCAR really, but I'm trying to watch it some to know what's going on at least.

We went to UVil for lunch and such, no big deal. When I got home I mostly did nothing, too. Watched some TV and then played a video game on my old Playstation 2. I looked through the games and found two that I didn't even remember buying. This one was Monkey Island 2, which is kind of old and the graphics aren't great, but it's very funny. I played the first one on my sister's old PC many years ago.

We bought six 12 packs of Diet Pepsi. On sale for $3 each. That's a decent price these days. Really, I'd have a soda fountain in the house if I could.

We went back to UVil because I forgot to get bottled soda for the field this week. Probably just watch the funny home video show and then whatever.

I haven't watched much of the Olympics this year, and I used to really like the Winter games, probably more than the summer. But I didn't like the way Russia got them, I'm not happy with NBC's coverage of them -- sucking up to Russia and tossing off the Soviet Union -- and the millions that were killed in it -- as, I believe they said, a "pivotal experiment". Yeah, a 25-million-dead experiment. So I skipped 'em for the most part.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

22 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
There was no school today. Most of the morning I helped mom around the house. Scrubbed the bathroom. Layed[sic] around the house the rest of the day. Went driving about 7:30 with Barbara and the girls [unk] 1:00. Eats $1.00 Spent $2.00.
Well, he mentioned "mom" again so maybe she isn't dead or gone or something. Maybe he just doesn't talk about his mom very much. I kind of like how he often just goes driving; you don't see that much today, I don't think. Maybe because it's kind of a chore to do these days and we don't like wasting gas.

I did not, unfortunately, stay in the bed all night. Matter of fact, I didn't even go to sleep there. Oddly, I went right to sleep out on the couch once I went out there. And until almost 4:30 so that was good. We went out for breakfast, although I ate a Twinkie before that. I just sat around most of the morning watching various things on TV (okay, Top Gear and Graham Norton). Also took a short nap. It started raining around 11 or so and hasn't quit all day. Just a miserable cold, rainy day, only up to about 40 or so. I don't mind the rain when it's in at least the upper 40s, but I hate hate hate this cold crap. Happily, I'm at least not out working all night.

We went to NGate for lunch and then hit a grocery store and estate sale on the way. Meh. Not much interesting at the sale. I guess we got home around 2-ish. I ate the last of this season's pomegranate. =( Well, they have some small ones still but they're pricey now, like $3 for a small one. So back to nothing. That's one good thing that came out of the last Egypt trip, I learned how to eat pomegranate seeds by the handful.

I practiced the guitar some more this afternoon -- haven't done much the last couple of days. I changed my technique a bit and so my fingers really hurt again. I think I'm going to get a new one for my birthday this year, some sort of semi-acoustic. I think this one is too large for my hands and doesn't have easy enough action for me. I told myself I'd try playing for a year and if I was still at it, I'd get something decent. It's almost been a year and I'm still at it.

Otherwise, we went walking at NGate. Walked around the Barnes & Noble a while. I didn't buy anything.

Oh, this afternoon I watched the movie 2010 on DVD. It's got its problems, but it's 1984 and I really like it. It seems very 1980s without being even set in the 1980s. It reminds me of when I thought computers were totally cool. Funny though, all of the screens in it were big CRTs when in the original 2001 all of the (simulated) screens were flatscreens which is what we actually have in 2010 (as opposed to the CRTs we had in 2001).

Friday, February 21, 2014

21 February 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Did not feel like going to school so stayed home in bed about half the day. Did about two horus of drawing. Took dad and mom to [unk] meeting and then drove around [unk] with the [boy?]. $.25
I had a reasonably busy day today. Started out by sleeping in the bed all night, third time this week. Had a fairly decent workout although I felt kind of. . . .uninspired. Dunno why. I did a little work when I got back but headed to Cascadia around 10:15 and spent until 2:30 working on a proposal. It's for something down in Kent, demolishing a couple of houses. T. thinks we probably won't get it, as they'll probably get a cheaper bid, but I learned a lot just doing it. I drove over to Qdoba for lunch and had a waaaay too big burrito (everything is huge these days). It was pretty good though. I started the day thinking I was going to have to work overnight Saturday night on 520, but that fell through. T. also said R. was planning on asking me if I was going to continue in archaeology or go to public health; I said I was doing both until one broadened out enough.

I still haven't decided which I might head into. Admittedly, archaeology is more fun and I may fit in better there. But I really do like the research and the atmosphere at global health and it's nice doing something international. UW would probably make more sense over the long term. For the time being I'm happy doing both.

I finished my Allante post. I like it, probably will get quite a few comments. We just went for a walk around the neighborhood.

BTW, I should mention the whole anxiety junk, vis a vis, chamomile.My considered opinion is that it has improved things markedly. Saying this with some trepidation, I've had a lot fewer middle-of-the-night panic/anxiety attacks and new projects and such don't cause me the sort of intense worry that they used to. I won't say it's all gone away as I still have some; I have had a couple of night attacks, although not as intense. And I occasionally get sort of 'down' or what have you. But I feel like there's been a quite noticeable improvement. No side effects that I can see either. I'm going to call it a success.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

20 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Dad took me to school today. Went to school school[sic] about a half a day and came home. Got in a little argument[,] Barbara got mad and couldn't [unk] anyway. Called her up after school and I guess think[sic] straightened out. Dad was leaving tonight. $.10 telephone $.20 pictures of Barbara $.30.
More drama with Barbara! I hope the next couple of years sees this whole thing with her through.

BUSY day today. And eventful. I slept in the bed all night (yay) and had a decent workout. Still unsure about the squats, my back felt bad again but I worked through it again. Made it downtown okay, went for coffee with Anne, met with Grace at 10. Okay meeting, she basically just suggested I just get myself out there more so other people know what I'm doing (or want to do) and give me ideas about how to get money, who I might work with, etc. I spent most of the day trying to get viral load data integrated in, but then found out there was hardly any anyway, so that was a big waste. I left around 12:30, spent some time back home running that still.

Apparently there's lots of work at Cascadia coming up and tomorrow I need to go in and help make up some cost estimates. Also might have to work a night shift this weekend, ugh. But with all that's going on. . .I'm not stressed. I've been working toward getting more responsibility and it's working. There's one other reason, but I shall not divulge it, but it has to do with a TV commercial.

We went to UVil to get some stuff.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19 February 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Took the car to school today. Having a good snow year. Took Barbara home after school. Took her to the play at the High School The Firefly. When I got home I went straight to bed. Spent [unk] $1.00.
Apparently The Firefly is this:
The Firefly is a 1937 musical film starring Jeanette MacDonald and Allan Jones. The film is an adaptation of the operetta of the same name by composer Rudolf Friml and librettist Otto A. Harbach that premiered on Broadway in 1912.
 I'd never heard of it before. 

Had some trouble getting to sleep last night again, second night in a row. I may use a preemptive 1/4 ambien tonight to get out of the pattern. But I had an AWESOME workout. I really felt like hitting it hard and I did. Sheesh. I was almost shaking afterwards. Once I got home -- Daisy, btw, doesn't even raise her head when I come home anymore -- I did a little work, but then went out to do the little Fremont survey. I think it's basically nothing: the building sits on a rise which is probably a big pile of fill. I decided one probe was in order so I marked it out and called in the utility locate so sometime after Friday I should be able to go do the work. Of course, I went and left the spray paint can there so I had to go back and retrieve it later. I did a little bit of investigating of the area when I got back via 1936 aerial photos. Had buildings on the site even then.

I had ramen for lunch, then went to do the spray can retrieval. I then made an attempt to get some Diet Pepsi at the QFC on 35th and 85th, meaning a long semi-meandering route back from Fremont. . .only to find it wasn't on sale any more! So I got some mints at the Riot-Aid across the street and went home to work on the Allante post some more. Still not done but it's getting there. Dinner, walk, etc.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Took Barbara home. Not much new in school. Stayed home tonight and practiced a while listened to the radio and did about an hour of studying. Spent $.15.
I had a busier day.

Had a decent workout this morning (legs) although I didn't get to leg press because the machine was in use all the time, which my knees probably appreciated. My back started to feel like it was going after I'd done squats and calf raises, but it went away after a couple of other things. I'm hopeful I can still do squats if I managed to avoid that today. But we'll see, I increased the weight on the squats to 50 lbs. (measly I know).

I went downtown a little early because I was meeting a drug and alcohol guy who was giving a talk nearby. Got some good feedback from him. I need to make up a more detailed abstract of what I've already done that he'd like to look at. I worked for a while on that afterwards (met him at 9:30) and ate most of a scone for lunch before leaving to come home. I'm going back on Thursday anyway. Didn't do much when I got back except work on the Allante post some more. Dinner was. . Hamburger Helper! Not so good. I mean, we usually like it every now and then as sort of comfort food, but this stuff wasn't all that hot.

We just walked the box with the two little masks up to the post office, coooooold. Well, 43 but it's windy and clear. It rained most of the day. I also got another project to work on, this one a little one in Fremont.

Monday, February 17, 2014

17 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Went to Sunday School this morning. Went to church at Les Roy's church. Went driving to Ellensburg and Toppenich. Went to church with Barbara to evening services. Did an hour of studying together. Gas $2.20. 
Lots of church and a church and studying date. How sweet.

I couldn't make it three nights in a row: I got out of bed at 3:15 and went to the TV room. Oh well. It was close. Today was president's day -- a faux holiday, IMO -- so I didn't go to the gym. I was fairly busy most of the morning though, finishing up some Cascadia stuff, including fighting with Word to make a PDF file. It's so blasted stupid, Word. First it split it up into three separate documents which I had to manually combine into one, but then it was like 10 times larger! I finally opened up Open Office and converted it from there, no problem, and no larger. Why on Earth Microsoft got so big with such awful products I'll never know.

Around 10 I went off to the Sam's Club for a few items, and also got gas there ($3.18/gal). Stopped at the Goodwill on 145th, but diddly there. I was going to stop at the post office and mail the two little masks but it was inaccessible due to construction on the front entrance. It's a holiday so it was closed, but they have a self-service machine 24-7. So I just came home. Had leftover pizza and broccoli-cauliflower salad for lunch and then. . . .actually, I worked on a new Car Lust post most of the afternoon, until around 3 anyway. This one was on the Cadillac Allante, and so far it's quite good, if I do say so myself. I think it will be a decent one, one of my better ones.

Went off to the dentist at 3:30ish. Got to see Mary. Have I mentioned she's about the most attractive woman I know? She is, just absolutely gorgeous. And super nice, too. I'd be friends even if she weren't uber-hot. Anyway, that went well, no cavities or anything. We went to UVil for bagels after dinner. Plan on practicing guitar a bit, trying out some of Crosby, Stills, & Nash's Daylight Again.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

16 February 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952:
Slept until about noon. About 1:00 I went down to the school and got the car brought it home and give it a good washing and polishing. Went to the [unk] at the Gay [Shout?] [Toe?].
I really wish I knew what sort of car they had. Couldn't really make out the last bit.

At the time of this writing it's raining hard and very windy. Another system blew in late this afternoon and promises a lot of wind and rain. That's been the pattern for the last week or so. Warm but wet and windy.

I slept in the bed all night again, go me. Until 4:30. Fairly uneventful morning; I went to Mass, came home, did next to nothing. We hit McD's for lunch and then did the usual shopping at UVil. The rain held off until well after we got home. Back here I reconnected the electrical outlet in the kitchen -- successfully! -- although one of the screws walked off so I had to go to the hardware store and get another one. I'm hoping my Bag of Many Screws eventually gets full and diverse enough that I need not go to the hardware store ever again, at least for screws. But it works.

I made steaks on the grill, not very well I'm afraid. I'm lousy at steak, maybe I try it once a year. Either too done or raw. I like mine with just a touch of pink.

We didn't walk obviously, just cleaned up some. Jack is basking in the electric bed.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

15 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took car to school today. Sure like the new band room. Had Weekly Review test. Took Barbara home after school. Went to the basket ball game between Yakima and Ellensburg. We won 53 to 35. Went to fun night at church unk unk then came home. 
"fun night at church" doesn't sound very exciting. But maybe in 1952 it was. I always forget how different things were back then with little TV or other distractions. The first diary I did (1948) had them going to friends' homes for dinner and playing cards a lot.

I slept in the bed all night! Until 4:30, which was fine. Excellent, as a matter of fact. Sadly, we only had two Diet Cokes left in the house! I only had one so I could save one for the Spousal Unit when she arose. I drank iced tea instead.

Rained all day, pretty much. Well, around 11 it started. I did next to nothing all morning. We went to Ivar's on Aurora for lunch, then to Sky Nursery for orchid stuff. Ha, then we stopped at a Safeway to get more Diet Coke. Hit the ice cream store (Basin Robbins near us) on the way back for a snack. I got two scoops and it was more like four (I'd brag that the counter chick liked me, but it was a guy -- SHUT UP), so I brought half of it home. I watched the rest of the movie Top Secret this afternoon; love that movie. I still see things in it that I've never seen before. We had plans to go out for dinner, but the Spousal Unit felt poorly so we just ordered pizza in. Went up to NGate Target etc. to look for a clock radio and a Seahawks hat for Veronica (niece). Fizzled on both counts.

So I dunno. I felt okay today. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

14 February 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952:
Walked to school this morning. Gave Barbara a valentine the first thing this morning. ["It was bid"?] in band this morning was easy things to unk unk band room. I was the first person to play an instrument in the new room. I played [Jack's Heart?] at about 2:00. The piece first played by the orchestra was The American[?] Irish Death[?]Call up Barbara [tonight?] and talked a good while. Bought some tickets for a [unk] today. A [dollar?] a piece. Worked about an hour on Social Studies $2.00.
He wrote a lot on that one in very small print so it was difficult to decipher.

Today was a fairly good and perhaps important day. Slept okay. With a little assistance at 2:30. Workout was great and, as predicted, quite un-scenic with the exception of the Fitness Model. Well, she's worth at least three. But it was a good hard workout anyway. When I got home I started working on getting my alcohol data ready which took all morning, it's been such a bugger. I did a couple of minor things, walked up to the SBux around 9:30, and wrote up most of a Car Lust post on the 1940 Ford. I got more ideas for it and started those; I'm working it around sort of a Phillip Marlowe theme. I really want to make a better introduction, writing something like the first paragraph of a detective novel but about a car. It could go as-is but I'd like to refine it some more.

I went to McD's for lunch and just ate fries. Got a text from Teresa that Jana would be in the office today so I drove over there. Once there I -- this is where the Important Stuff starts -- we talked about the Camano stuff. Happily, my other report there was accepted by DAHP and Jana really kind of went to bat for it. So I done good. Meg said they had writing and project management stuff that I could do soon. So perhaps my hard work at getting over this whole anxiety crap is starting to pay off.

Anyway, I went to UVil after that and sat in SBux for a while. Meh. I went to QFC after that to get a bunch of stuff for a carrot cake, which was the VD surprise for the Spousal Unit. Turned out pretty well. We just went for a walk around here.

I'm hoping I've turned some sort of corner lately. I may have really turned it a while ago, but it looks like it all may be paying off. Let's hope so.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. We moved some of our [unk] into the band room today. Played a concert for the PTA tonight. Took Barbara out after the concert and drove around. 
Kind of an odd day today. It was really quite pleasant out, sunny and 54, between storms. . . .and I stayed inside all day. Dunno why, I just felt there was work I needed to do at these various computers. I spent a lot of time re-running all of the Coptic sequences to get my new alcohol data in. I can't believe it took so long. But I think it's done. Also did some piddly work with KeH and such. And I wrote up a couple of Car Lust posts, one an open thread for next week and one on the 1940 Ford. We've been kind of thin lately.

So, lots of just sitting around. Slept okay last night, although it took a while to get there; but I slept until almost the alarm went off so that was good, and had a stunning workout to boot. Lots of scenery there today, too, for some reason. That means tomorrow will be dead.

So, not a lot to say. Got to talk to Mary at the dental office for a few minutes, that was nice. Otherwise. . . .slow day.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 February 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952:
Dad took me to school today. [Not? unk] new in school today. After school [met?] Barbara's relatives at the Drug Store. Stayed at home and worked on four hours on my Social Studies. 
You know, he really hasn't mentioned his mom but once. I'm thinking his parents are separated or something, which I mentioned before, too.

Forgot to say one thing yesterday: I fixed the sound on the TV/receiver in the TV room! I hooked a vintage Yamaha receiver to the new LCD TV, but could never get the sound right. The TV has optical audio output only, which the receiver obviously can't take. But I got a converter which should have done the trick, but it kept distorting, like a buzzing sound. I finally stumbled on the answer at a random forum: I had to set the TV's audio output from Dolby to "PCM" or something. Fixed!

Woke up at 3:45 this morning, bummer. So I drank two Diet Cokes, and then the power went out at about 6:10. So we were in the dark and such getting ready to leave. This is like the fourth time in the last several months it's gone out, although there was significant wind overnight. Had a pretty good workout and then headed downtown. Didn't get much done, I kept trying to get the alcohol data combined, but it just never worked properly. So I decided to just go ahead and add it in to the normal routine (note: have Rachel do it, too) by the end of the day. Had coffee with Anne, she got her hair cut and it looks really great on her. Mostly sat and watched code run all day and get frustrated when it didn't work. But I researched cars while waiting! I'm leaning towards a Mazda CX-5.

Also had a decent Facebook exchange for a post involving Viking funerals. Also listening to Frampton's Do You Feel Like I Do twice today.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Not much new in school. Took Barbara home from school. [Took]? in tonight and took Barbara driving. The right back [lon?] floor [unk] and put a big dent in the side of the car. Gasoline $1.00.

We never did find out why Barbara decided not to see him for a while. Can't make out what part of that was about but apparently had a slight accident with the car.

Yet another busy day. Slept okay, until 5. Worked a bit and then Skyped with Michael at 7 where we mapped out a plan for grant money in the future. I'm a bit less optimistic about it all but we'll see. I was able to grab the 8:05 bus to campus to work out -- decent workout (legs) and the back is still doing okay -- and then came home and worked on the graphics for the Brier report, and the scope of work for the Camano island one. Had to talk to the engineer about the APD graphic because he or I wasn't really getting it, but we worked it out. Also called the other client, seems like a nice lady who works at Nordy's. Teresa offerred the whole thing to me to work on, which is fine with me.

So, not much else, but I felt busy all day. I took time out around noon to eat lunch at McD's and do a couple of errands, including getting Daisy more guts medicine. Well, probiotics. If she doesn't get them she kinda gets nasty. . . .errrrrm, dumps.

We mall-walked because it's raining. Supposed to rain all night and into tomorrow.

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Went to Sunday School this morning. Went to church at [Lee?] [unk] church. Took Barbara [unk]. We drove to Toppenish up by Goldendale and [unk]. At supper at the church tonight. Went to church with Barbara tonight. $1.00 gasoline  Spent $1.00.
Apparently very church oriented young lad.

What a busy day. I probably woke up four or five times last night and finally thought it had to be almost 5, but it was only 4:22. But good enough. Had an absolutely stunning workout. When I came home I. . .what did I do? Had lots of emails. Grace had forwarded my email to her about getting grants for my alcohol stuff to some people and got some good responses. Actually, I probably got little done, but I felt busy. . . .

I started stew in the slow cooker and a load o' laundry and then headed out. I stopped by Ace to get putty for the speakers, had lunch at NGate, and then went up to an estate sale at Lake Forest Park; they canceled yesterday because of snow. Nothing interesting there. Neat house though.

When I got back, more emails, mostly to do with Cascadia stuff. Oh yeah, the work this morning was mostly about the Brier work and there was some issue with us getting conflicting information on the size of the area. We were debating going back out for more probes but probably will not. But I need to change the report up some. I guess they're pretty swamped so I should be getting more work from them. Which is good, I guess. Must start searching for new vehicle then!

So, busy and kind of hectic but that's a good thing.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

9 February 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952 (Saturday):
Went to the show with Lee [& unk] this morning. After the show we went to the church and came home with [Ted?] at 5:00. [unk]. Took Barbara to Youth for Christ tonight. After [unk....unk] Wapato send back stopped at the XXX had a cola. 25 cents show 35 cents [unk unk] film. $1 gasoline. 46 cents drinks. Spent $2.06. 
A lot of that was difficult to read, obviously. I guess they went to a movie and then he took Barbara to some church function followed by a soda at the XXX which is not some pornographic thing but a drive-in type place, XXX Root Beer; there's still one around here over in Issaquah.

I managed to sleep until almost 5, yay. I woke up around 3:15 but happily managed to doze back off again. I decided that, despite being well rested, I would perform the Sacrament of Cleaning instead of Mass. My room really needed it: dusty and cluttered and dirty floor. It's much nicer now and I look forward to working here tomorrow.

That took up most of the morning and I practiced guitar again. I am trying to get my pinky toughened up and stronger as there are some things I want to start doing, namely playing Crazy Little Thing Called Love. But I'm back to just doing boring drills again; tedious but every few weeks I realize yet again that I need need need to get basic things down cold: chords and picking properly and scales and such.

We had lunch at Specialty's which I don't like but the Spousal Unit does. Meh. I had a Greek salad. Did a little shopping afterwards. After I got home I went back up to the estate sale at the top of the hill but didn't get anything. All of the stereo gear was gone, save for a CD player. The remaining LPs I didn't care for either. So, came home, practiced a bit more, started dinner (bean sh*t). We walked up to Safeway for a couple of pomegranates and ramen.

Oh! It snowed! Just like 3" overnight. And it was very slushy all day, being above freezing. There's still some there this evening but mostly on the yards. I think it will warm up overnight and start raining.

Felt kind of bumming since this afternoon for some reason. Nothing in particular I don't think, perhaps the overcast skies?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. We had a[sic] assembly today put [on by] one of the world's best [Vanterkperste?]. Took Barbar home after school. [her?] [Show?] was in to visit [unk]. Studied about 2 hours. Spent $.10.
At this moment I am listening to an Engelbert Humperdinck record. Yes, indeed. A previously unopened LP! Got it at one of the three estate sales we went to today. More on that later.Really nice sounding album so far. Very 1971. Amazingly, this record could have been played through these Advent speakers when both were relatively new. And now here, over 40 years later, I'm playing both together on a somewhat later stereo system.

Ye gods, I slept until 5:45 this morning! Whoa. That felt so good. We went out for breakfast at Burgermaster. I spent the rest of the morning working on the KeH excavations chapter, which still has a bit of work on it. Also finished up the Brier report.

We decided to hit to estate sales on the other side of the lake and left a little before 11:30. We ended up somewhere around Bellevue and looking for a lunch place; finally landed at some goofy burger place -- Cloud 9 burgers -- which looked kind of divey but it was run by Asians so the burgers were bound to be good. Yes, it's true: Asians make great burgers.

There was a previously unknown sale close to that which we went to and the Spousal Unit bought a small Queen Elizabeth teddy bear. I liked the house, very 1960s-ish. The next one was called a "man cave hoarders" and it definitely was. Place was packed with stuff. He had a lot of stereo equipment but most of it was not that great. Lots of Pioneer speakers, older Kenwood and Pioneer receivers and tape decks. He did have a couple of nice Carver amps, but they were too pricey for me (like $150 each, probably an amp and preamp). Boxes and boxes of light bulbs, too. I don't think we bought anything but it was fascinating to poke through. After that we went to one in Clyde Hill which was pretty empty, but had a bunch of LPs, hence the Humperdink. There were quite a few old ones, but this one was unopened so I just had to buy it. Kind of sad really, all of those old LPs probably most going to a land fill. People bought them, listened to them, and now no one wants them for the most part.

Well, after all of the sales, we drove up to Woodinville and had an ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery, a little shopping at the Top Foods up there, and then home.

Where I cracked open my beer! Not too bad. Not nearly as sudsy as commercial beer. Had a bit of a bitter after taste that stuck with me, too. But entirely serviceable. I think it was weaker than normal beer, too, at least it didn't buzz me as much. I thought it went well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

7 February 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952 (Thursday):
Took the car to school today. Not made [unk] in school. Ate supper at home this evening. Bought myself a clarinet reed. Practiced on my clarinet a while and had about two hours of Social Studies [unk]. $.15

Very tired while typing this. I must still not be quite over the jet lag. I managed to sleep in the bed all night, at least until about 3:45. Vicious workout, too. Not many people there, or at least not many females although the Fitness Model turned up around 7:15. I worked on the KeH excavations chapter figures most of the morning, and then did some on the Brier report. There's still some work to do on the excavations as I'm sure there are figures being referred to that don't exist. So it will take at least one close reading.

I went to McD's for lunch and just ate some fries, and then drove up to the electric store and got a new outlet for the kitchen. Broke down and went to UVil SBux for a while, too. When I got home I made myself practice ye olde guitar for 45 minutes. I need to get my pinky finger toughened up because I need it. We went to an estate sale around 3:30 and I bought 3 LPs: Quiet Riot, Chris DeBurgh, and Bob & Doug Mckenzie. TOTAL 80s!

We walked at the mall and now I'm just fighting to stay awake.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

6 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Not [much?] now in school to except a lot of work. Took Barbara home from school tonight. At at home. Did about and[sic] hour work on my Weekly New Review. Started going with her again. 
Barbara is back on!

It's kind of pathetic when you find yourself getting over jet lag by starting to wake up at 3. Which is what I did. I was sure it was later, but no. I got up anyway. Drank two cans of soda before 'getting up' for good, too, which resulted in a pretty good workout. I'm still getting very sleepy after about 7 though.

After the gym I worked on the Brier Park report, fighting with Word the whole way. It actually bombed when I cut and pasted some text! Why is it still doing crap like that in 2014? You'd think that after 30+ years software would work so well I wouldn't be having the same problems I was having 30 years ago. But no, junk still doesn't work, junk still crashes, etc. Rather infuriating.

So I did that most of the morning except when I went out to get a mocha; cold. Should have driven. Tomorrow I think I'll make a milk tea thing like I had in Kenya. Lunch was Korean ramen. Jack and Daisy were kind of busy seeking attention this morning as well.

In the afternoon I sanded down the patch above the garage door and it looks pretty good. Tried to get the bathroom one smoother but it's not working. I primed them both. We had to go to UVil for milk and some other stuff. It's cloudy since the afternoon so the overnight temps should be a bit warmer than last night, which was around 20.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 February 2014 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1952 (Tuesday):
Took the car to school today. Had a Social Studies test today. Played for a school basket ball game at the Armory, after that school was out. Barbara says she still likes me and wants me to go with her again. I haven't decided what to do yet. 

Ooooooo a little more Barbara drama. Well, we've got two more years to see how this plays out.

What a day. I've slept exceptionally well the last couple of days. Right to sleep, wake up once, and then back to sleep until the alarm goes off. I had a stupendous workout this morning as well. Not changing anything upper body, just more of the same.

Work almost went badly: I found I'd forgotten my power supply. I finally located one to use and spent most of the day trying to integrate the new alcohol data into the regular stuff, but not doing too well at it. I gave Anne "her" shirt which she seemed to like and we went down for coffee which meant going out in the cold because neither one of us had our badge. Yeah, cold, like 25 degrees first thing. I got a call about the Honda around 1 (went to Subway for lunch) and he couldn't get it to start because he wasn't doing the security thing right, so I left a little after that to go to the shop (on the way home). Well.

Today was the big Seahawks parade downtown, which Anne went to, and several others. It. Was. Packed. Never seen so many people downtown, they estimated 500-700,000. Decent crowd, too, just happy and reasonably well behaved. Probably because it was Wednesday and in the morning and cold so no drunks. Trouble was they were on 4th and I had to get to 3rd to the bus tunnel. Fortunately I caught it near the end so I walked up a couple of blocks and could cross. Tunnel was packed with people, too! The 71 came only ten minutes late (which I was, too) and wasn't too terribly crowded until we got to Westlake. Still, not too bad. I made it to Salmon's by 2, showed him how to work it, and then walked home. He called a little while later: Only bad spark plugs and wires, so it is now fixed and sitting in the driveway ($318). We walked up and got it after dinner.

I liked the whole parade and atmosphere. I thought it was great, all those people coming down to celebrate a football team like that. Beats the hell out of crowds for some dopey politician or something.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Ate at home tonight. Did a lot of studying. Took dad to work at the church and then went to dance band practice at the high school. Bought some Social Studies [maps?] $.05.
I slept the sleep of the dead last night. I almost made it until 9, but I just couldn't. By 7:30 I was almost falling asleep typing and then when I went downstairs to watch TV at 8 I was nodding off while sitting on my exercise ball. I went upstairs at 8:30, read for a short while and then was out like a light. I woke up once and went to the TV room and was out again and didn't wake up until the alarm at 5.

Workout started slow, but my knees didn't hurt at all so I think there's something I'm doing down there that's making them sore. So I decided to rework my leg routine, skipping the one-legged stuff completely for a start. I did squats today, but with very light weight and I went way, way down; it actually felt better. I went through the point where I usually stopped and my back didn't feel anything weird. In fact, at the point I usually stopped was where it kinda felt like it was tweaking. So we'll see. I way overdid it though, I am going to be SORE tomorrow.

Didn't do much the rest of the day. I got my photos transferred and put some up on Facebook. Got a mocha. Made ribs. The Spousal Unit called about 4:15 and said to go to the Salmon's Service Center and get her cuz her car was doing something bad. Not sure what, I'll find out tomorrow. Seemed relatively more serious than usual so we'll see if a new vehicle is really in the offing. I'm guessing it isn't much of anything really serious.

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 February 2014 (Monday)

On this day in 1952:
Ted went to Sunday school with me this morning. Ate dinner at grandma's. Mother came home yesterday and is staying at the house. Went home after dinner. Went back down to [shards?] for supper. Spent $.15 candy $.15.
Odd that "Mother" staying at home would be unusual. I wonder if they're divorced or if she's ill or something.

I think when last I entered something I was still sitting in the Nairobi airport. We finally took off a little after 4 which was 5.5 hours later than scheduled and over an hour later than the delayed time. Not a bad flight I guess;  popped an ambien and promptly fell asleep for 2-3 hours. Rest of the flight was only exciting in the suspense of wheher I would make my connection or not. It was to leave at 10:40 and we landed at around 9:45. Fortunately, we deplaned pretty quickly and by running I was able to make it in the nick of time. The next leg was pleasant (as much as a 9-hour flight can be); I was next to the window in an exit row and had gobs of leg room. Finished the Dune book. Some kid sever seats behind us barfed about 10 minutes before landing. We got in early, around 11:20.

Found out the Seahawks won the Super Bowl handily, over Denver so I didn't miss much. (Am practically falling asleep as I type this) I'm happy with that outcome. The rest of the day has been a struggle to stay awake until 9, but it's only the last few minutes where I've become really sleepy. We had salad and breadsticks from Pagliacci for dinner and then walked at UVill.

2 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Slept in late. Drove down to Toppenish and saw Karen. Ted went along to see Kay. Took Ted to church basketball game. We got home about 10:00. Dad [moved?] to 12:00. Ted stayed all night with me. Spent $[unk] 5-cents pop. $.50.

Well, last day in Kenya. It's been an okay day. I managed to sleep until 4:30-ish, hung out until around 10:30 and then went to Mass. Actually before that I panicked a bit when I couldn't get the microwave to work! And I'd bought milk to make tea lattes and all I had for breakfast was oatmeal! Turned out I didn't have it plugged in properly. *whew* Mass was okay again and I recorded the end singing stuff. I think I liked last week's songs better but it still made me feel wonderful just being there. We went up to the YaYa Mall directly after and . . wait, before that I was standing out front waiting for Engi and this little girl appeared at the gate. She kept looking at me and I finally waved and she came right over. She was kind of lost looking and said she couldn't find her mom (her name was Karen). So Engi came out and I walked her over to some other people and they said they'd find mom. Apparently it happens quite often. Cute little girl though; she held my hand as we went to find someone. I learned that Grace's (Fr. Mena's wife) actually lost a brother/sister that way; the kid just wandered off and they never saw him/her again.

So we went to the Masai Market at the shopping mall and did some quick souvenir hunting. I would have liked more time to argue over price, but it was blazing hot up there and we had to be back by 3 so Engi could watch her sister's kid's baptism. I did okay, I guess, although I could have done better. I paid 2300 for a shirt for the Spousal Unit, and then got a large mask for me, small one for Spousal Unit's dad, and a small ebony elephant for her mom. And a little keychain for Anne. We walked back. Saw Fr. Mena on the way back so I got to say goodbye to him and get a photo. Came up to the room, showered, changed back into my thermal shirt (back to winter *sigh*) and got everything packed away. I'm heading to the airport at 6:30, four hours before flight time because of security delays.

Kind of sad to be leaving; I've liked everyone here, everyone was friendly and welcoming, and it was just a pleasant and productive time all around. I don't feel bad that I didn't do any sightseeing; attending the Mass was really as uplifting as a safari walk would have been.

UPDATE: Sitting in Nairobi airport and it's after midnight. Which technically would make this the 3 February entry I suppose. . . .

Plane's late. I got here about 7 and found it was four hours late (2:50) and I had no way to call the driver back. Must. Get. Phone. So I've mostly been doing laps of the airport. Boring airport, just a bunch of duty free shops and a couple of little restaurants. I've chatted with a few people, but mostly just walked. I bought a wireless stick so I could at least surf the web while waiting. I got a dry scone around 11. Supposedly we will have over an hour in Amsterdam to get to the net flight but we'll see. I suppose not an auspicious beginning to my trip back.

1 February 2014

On this day in 1952:
Took the car to school today. Played for a basketball game after school [in the g -- crossed out]. Ate at Grandma's. Came home did five and a half hours of drawing.

Last full day (more or less) and it started, once again, at 3:30. Tried tried tried to go back to sleep but no luck. I just figure it's a condition while I'm here. I did take a very short nap a little later in the morning but only for a few minutes I think. Loooong morning. Guts felt better but the lack of sleep was kind of wearing. I was kind of waiting for John to call to go see busaa, figuring he'd all around 9 but that never happened; admittedly, I'm kind of glad of that. I really didn't feel like doing anything today. I sat around down in front for almost an hour this morning from around 8-9. It was pleasant; a bit cool but nothing too bad. Saw a couple of kittens running around and one was very talkative. I think there is some form of hawk flying around, or something that looks much like a hawk and sounds like a hawk (or an eagle?). Not too many people came in or out so I didn't get to chat with anyone much but it was a nice little morning break. I still stop myself sometimes and remind myself: I'm in Africa. I know, I know, I've been to Africa several times, but Egypt just doesn't feel like Africa, it's much more like SW Asia or the Middle East generally. I keep imagining that, sometime within the last couple million years some early hominids might have been wandering around *right here*.

At any rate, I ended up not doing much of anything. Engi came up around 9:30 and worked on her stuff while I mostly piddled around. We vaguely talked about going to the Carnivore restaurant but never did. With all the running around and socializing I did all week -- not to mention WAKING UP AT 3:30 -- I didn't feel much like adventuring today. Francois, the IT guy, was going to the grocery store so we waited for him and then went and did that. I got some milk and tea and a few cheesy postcards while they bought party stuff for Naveen's (lady downstairs) birthday party tonight. We had lunch in the same food court, this time I had a Kenyan dish, beans and rice with vegetal matter on the side. MUCH better than the Indian stuff I had last week. And we walked back! Took maybe 15 minutes. And the place with the Masai market is close by too so it's eminently walkable.

I kind of wish I could stay a few more days, but I'm not too bummed about leaving after only a week. I really wanted to just come here and work and make some progress on the career front and I think I accomplished that. I think Nelly was telling Michael that I needed to come back once a year. So, a day spent doing nothing instead of going to some tourist-heavy spot doesn't bother me all that much.

[Later] I went down to celebrate with Naveen for a few minutes and then Engi and I went off to some service over at the church. Kind of a simple thing, they had some prayers first (we came in midway through) and then they read a chapter from the Old Testament (Joshua 13) -- he made Engi read part of it -- and then he sat down in the middle aisle and gave a sermon.

31 January 2014 (Friday)

On this day in 1952:
Nothing new in school today. Ate at Grandma's and came home and drawer [sic] about two and half hours and then studied for a Social Studies test. A lot of snow melted today but we still have a lot. Monthly [Feelings?] [underlined) $11.60.

Busy day today. Slept. . .meh. Okay. Woke up at 4 but I mostly slept through the night well enough. I think I felt better today, guts-wise especially after a second. . .well, TMI. Still not back up to complete normal though, but I think I'm getting close.

So essentially, I was up almost five hours before I had to be anywhere. I tried to go back to sleep about an hour later, but no luck. So I ate, showered, read, and then headed over to the Clinic at around 8:30, just because I was bored. We didn't even start doing anything until almost 10. I just trained Richard all day on the computed variables, which ended up being very useful as it's something he really wanted to learn about. Nelly came in later on and the three of us went to a real dive for lunch. It's just up the street by the Nazarene church, just a shack with a covered seating area. I had baked bananas and a beef stew. The latter was. . .tasty, but the meat was tough. I ate mostly bananas; they didn't really even taste like bananas more like potatoes. Deeeelish, but I ate too much. When we got back I mostly just piddled around helping with various things. John came over around 5 and we talked about his ideas for some alcohol work. Sounded interesting.

We cancelled another busaa trip, but John may be arranging for it tomorrow. I'd really like to get to something touristy like the elephant orphanage but we'll see.

Oh yeah, they gave me a Swahili name: Mutiso. Says it means 'sharp' (i.e., smart or something) although I am still suspicious it means something dirty.

30 January 2014

On this day in 1952:
The showers in the new building of the school is being used today. They're just laying the tile in the band [unk] [unk] [unk] it [unk] is left to use [unk] [unk] it. Went to the City [unk] youth largest at the Christian church tonight with Thad. After went [unk]  to [east shore?] and played some games. Came home with dad and did about an hour of Algebra.

Okay then. After my entry last night I got a call from Engi saying she was downstairs at one of the apartments and they'd made mahalabeya and ful just for me and if I wasn't in bed yet I should come on down! Well, I did and there were like 15 people there (eventually) all celebrating Engi's birthday. I ate a small bowl of mahalabeya and then was forced -- forced! -- to nibble on a couple of other things. Then the mom made me take back a bowl of ful, a couple of cups of mahalabeya, some bread, cake, and two cans of pre-packaged ful. Oye! I slept badly. Although I think some of it might be because of the intestinal stuff which is still plaguing me somewhat.

I had a yogurt and then full, cheese, and bread for breakfast (eish wa gibna wa ful) which didn't really feel good afterwards but was rather delicious. I went to the conference this morning, presumably just to see Richard's presentation. It went well, I thought. He did much better than in the practice round. I sat through both sessions and was vaguely interested in a couple of them. Midway through the second one I started feeling kind of lousy. Hard to describe how. . . .something like when you get a sugar high and then crash but without the shakes? I dunno. Haven't felt quite right since and it may be because the cipro is finally pushing whatever it was out. At least, I hope so.

The drive back to Coptic was kind of long with lots of traffic. I just had a bowl of granola for lunch. I did the training which went quickly and was back here by 3:30. I read for a while and mostly just vegged out. I saw the local tortoise down on the walk and went down and took a couple photos of him. There was also a lizard up on the wall that they had to knock down and kick around. I hope they just let it go. Harmless little thing. I sat outside a while and the tortoise walked right up under my legs; tried to get a movie of him but I couldn't see the buttons on the camera so it turned out badly. I was trying to get a little color in my face before going back.

Didn't see much of Engi today, but she stopped in with a fruit salad for me which I scarfed down. I wasn't very hungry but I felt I needed the nutrition. Kind of just felt like cocooning since this afternoon.

29 January 2014

On this day in 1952:
Nothing new at school today except I had no home work to do. Did a little drawing when I got home from school. At 8:00 I went to the concert at the High School to hear the school band.

I had a decent day today. It started out as potentially somewhat disastrous as I awoke at around 2 and couldn't get back to sleep for a long time,, but I finally went back to sleep until 5:30. Hence, I felt pretty good today. My guts were still not in the best of shape so I broke down and started on a short course of cipro; it worked. Apparently, all the gas I'd been experiencing had something to do with some biological agent I'd acquired, not what I was eating. Odd, that; I've never had that happen before. But it's lessened considerably since starting it, almost back to normal.

So I did training all day and it went pretty well. We made it through the S2 program and the S3 and it all pretty much worked out. I'm not sure how much they're absorbing, but I think they're getting at least some information they can use later. It was also Engi's birthday so I reminded them to get a cake or something, which they did, and we had it at around 3:30. I think she really appreciated that. We took her out to dinner with the other Tony to a place called Soiree that served 'choma' or barbecued meat. I didn't eat much because lunch had filled me up pretty well, but I enjoyed sitting around. I picked the remaining meat off of everyone's bones and was feeding a couple of cats, which I enjoyed.

Nelly took me to lunch along with Catherine and Julia, both of whom are very attractive. We went almost across the street to some Kenyan place; I had a bite of 'ugly' which is sort of a flour and water paste type stuff (totally bland), but mostly I had chicken and some kale stuff and a mango "juice" which was actually just thick pureed mango. So I got my fruit for the day. We had a nice talk. All three are very nice.

Oh, I got my sunglasses back! I'd left them in the library after Monday's session. Thank God, these suckers are expensive. Good on them.

28 January 2014 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1952:

Took the car to school this morning. Had assembly put on by the telephone company this morning. Got out of school at 2:30 for a practice aii raid drill. Ate supper at grandma's. At 7:00 I went to dance band practice at the high school. Spent five cents [unk] pop $.05.

I. Am. Done. Wow, what an ordeal. My presentation today. I was, in fact, very nervous about it. I don't really know why -- well, yes I do, it's my first medical talk. So I was very nervous. I didn't flub or anything, although I had my notes and immediately got them fouled up so I did it by memory anyway. Audience didn't react much. So, it was kind of a mechanical thing and I'm glad it's over with. I felt WAY tired afterwards. Oh, and Engi went after me, we were the last two for the session and right afterwards some old lady stood up and was bitching because Coptic didn't have any Kenya collaborators, kind of ripped on poor Engi for not saying she had IRB, and ethics and such. She even kind tracked me down afterwards out in the courtyard and was, well, not chewing me out, but . . . .eh. She even got kind of heated with Fr. Mena. I didn't even go back in I was so wiped out. While waiting to go to Michael's house for a party I was even nodding off. Just the stress and then waking up at 4 this morning. But it's over and the rest of the week is just training and junk.

27 January 2014

On this day in 1967:
Went to sunday school this morning. Ate dinner at grandma's. About 1:00 went to a show with Les Ray. $.55. Ate supper at about 6:00 o'clock. I really feel sick tonight. $.85 banquet ticket $1.00 for gas. $2.40.

I slept like a log last night for the most part. I kept waking up but also going back to sleep. At one point, perhaps the third or fourth time I'd woken up, I was certain it must have been at least five, but it was only 3:30. Happily, I managed to go back to sleep for another hour. So, I am almost completely un-jet-lagged now. Which is a good thing because today was a busy day. I had a leisurely morning, ate a bowl of granola, a 1-slice cheese sandwich and a 1-slice PB&J. It actually kept me pretty full until later morning.

At any rate, Engi called up around 7 asking if I wanted to walk over to the university with her for some walking and to see where it was. So we went there, it was kind of a busy walk, lots of traffic, but not too bad really. Michael and Jay were there along with some others so we chatted a bit. I walked back okay and then went to start training some of the staff on running the merging syntax. We were at that until almost 12:30. Kind of hard to get across just what was going on with the code, but they wanted to try running it themselves eventually. Michael came by around 12:30 and we started doing out presentations. Mine went okay, although I really had some of the slide formatting messed up. But nothing of any real consequence. I think my delivery got me away with stuff. So we did that, and then the rest of the group came back and they started trying to run the code. With mixed success. All they were really able to accomplish was to change the paths to the various files on the Ngong program, but they all got it to run, minus the Python parts for most of them.

After that was over a little before 5, I came back to the house and did a little Internet surfing and going over my slides again to make all the appropriate fixes. It should be ready to go although I would like a printout of my script. I may take my computer tomorrow and make some handwritten notes on some paper to use instead of trying to scroll through the Word document here. One of the other residents, and Egyptian lady, offered to bring us dinner, some Egyptian dish I'd never heard of and didn't particularly like. It was beef cubes over rice and a sort of slimy chopped-vegetal sauce. The sauce was slimy, like it had used okra. So we all chatted for a bit and now Engi is working on her slides and I am trying to find something to do without falling asleep. I may be mostly over the jet lag, but I'm still might sleepy here at 8:30 am my Seattle time.

26 January 2014 (Sunday)

On this day in 1952:
Slept in late this morning. Got up and called Barbara and told her I was low. Worked from 12:00 to 5:00 at the church. Ate at grandma's. Went to the  [unk] by [SHot Tac?]. It looks like I have a heck of a cold.

I slept like a log last night, but unfortunately only for about 5.5 hours; I woke up right at about 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. Fortunately, Engi had a bottle of water for me last night so I was able to make tea this morning and had an oatmeal packet and some protein bars. That kept going reasonably well.

Now, something very nice. Engi, who is Coptic, went to the Mass this morning and I tagged along. It. Was. Wonderful. Well, the ending part anyway. Most of it was kind of dull and tedious Mass-like stuff, but then at the end around communion time they started singing what I think are traditional African songs. Wow. It was. . . .not "moving" exactly, although I was getting a bit choked up. . . .I was very happy to be there experiencing it. Probably one of the best things I've ever done. I'd kind of like to go back next week and record at least that part of it. Also at the end, Fr. Mena had everyone new stand up and a deacon took a microphone around and had the newbies say who they were, where they're from, etc. I, of course, being just the local Catholic observer, didn't stand up, but Mena saw me out there and had to announce such, so I had to stand up and say something and then he said a bit more about "Dr. Tony". It was rather nice but I could have done without the attention. We went up to see him afterwards and he gave us each a slab of the consecrated bread, for which I was thankful because I was STARVING. But yes, I will remember that as one of the finest things I've ever done.

It lasted for like three hours, too. After that we found someone to drive us over to the supermarket complex where I got out some money and did some grocery shopping. Got PB & J, bread, milk, cereal, etc., and of course Diet Coke. Got some Indian-ish food for lunch and brought it back here, ended up eating at 2:30, late but that's okay. We're both sitting around my little apartment because it's sunny and has lots of windows and a big table. I went through my slides again and fixed up the script in case I have to run through it tomorrow; I didn't get the email about it and I'm scheduled to be data training, but I may have to anyway. A little annoying, but I suppose it will make the actual presentation better if I've already done it once. Outside of my head, that is.

24-25 January 2015

24 January
Took the car to school today. Had a Lettermens assembly and the Spirit Cup assembly this morning. Took Barbara home after school. Ate at Grandma's tonight. Studied on Social Studies about an hour and [timespread?] some music $.15.

25 January (Friday)
Took the car to school again this morning. Play in the band [orchestra?] for an evening concert at Franklin. It started at about 8:00. Took Barbara and her mother home from the concert. She tried to flirt with every boy there tonight and I am about [full? fed?] up. I intend to call her up tomorrow and find just where I stand. I am just full up.

(plane on the way to Nairobi)
Here on the second leg of the journey. At the moment I am pretty tired although the sun is shining brilliantly through all of the windows. It's 4 am my time but probably 3 pm Kenya time. The first flight wasn't too bad (more later). I slept pretty well last night -- meaning the night before the 24th -- and took the bus to the gym. I was trying to make the day as normal as possible, so I worked out and came home, ate bagels, etc. Only the last hour or so I just sat around and waited until it was time to leave. The Spousal Unit did pretty well this time, only got a bit weepy the last couple of days. That's progress for her! I, on the other hand, was remarkably calm. I don't know if it's been the chamomile, the relaxation techniques, or finally coming to grips with this, but I haven't had much anxiety the last almost week.

Trip to the airport was uneventful, as was screening and boarding, except for I forgot the contact lens solutions in my carryon which used to be a no-no but the guy let me through it after testing it and explaining his method of lens cleaning. The flight to Amsterdam was pretty full. Had a nice entertainment system, but I didn't watch much. I finished an ebook. The guy next to me drank two beers and didn't go to the bathroom for like 6 hours. I got up several times just to stand up and move. I didn't get too restless and the time (9 hours) actually went by fairly quickly. It was an Airbus A330-300

This second one is also quite full; I think there's a big tour group. Odd, but it's a flight on Kenya Air to Nairobi but it's like 90% white people. It's an older-ish 747-400 with a distinctly inferior entertainment system, but probably state of the art 10 years ago. The other one had a USB port! The crowd here is very talkative which is why I think they're in a group. They're up and chatting and taking photos and having a good time. The couple next to me is Dutch and talkative between themselves (younger people).

-- after arriving --
We got in at around 8 and it turned fiascoish after that. We disembarked from stairs and took busses to the terminal. Pretty crude, bare concrete floor, visible pipes, etc. Took probably an hour to get my Visa, but then the bags came out okay. The only other hiccup was the computer. The guy wanted to charge me for it, and kept asking how much money I had (he wanted $100), but I played dumb and kept saying I'd just leave it there and someone would come and get it. He eventually just let me go with it, after I promised him that if he ever went to Coptic Hospital I'd make sure he got treated well.

Found the driver okay, and made it here. Engi was waiting, bless her. The rooms are great; it's really an apartment they've got me staying in. Plenty of room. I managed to remember to turn on the hot water heater and the shower works okay, but sends water on the floor.