Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Banquet Mt. Vernon [#62?] 6 p.m. $2.00 each $4.00. Derrel[?] Martin & Clyde & us! Saw Herb Nelson Sultan Pres. Men's Club? Eliason Mt. Vernon 7 [Ozzie?] Anderson?
A $2.00 a person banquet? Well, it was 45 years ago. . . .

Today was. . . .decent. Slept until 5. Went out for breakfast at 6:30 because the Spousal Unit awoke at like 5:30. So heck, we were back and awake and fed by 7:30! I did diddly all morning. Cleaned off some of my desk, did some other bits of work, watched football starting at 9 for the Ohio St. Michigan game (OSU 42, UM41, I think). Wisconsin had Penn State at home and performed abysmally. Really, it was like a 3-7 team playing. Penn St. just outdid them in every aspect of the game. And Auburn beat Alabama. I was kind of rooting for Auburn even though my dad was a dyed-in-the-wool Bama fan; mainly because Bama's won the last two BCS championships and I want someone else in there this year. This evening I'm watching the USC-UCLA game and probably the Az-Az St one too. The USC-UCLA one has gone back to both wearing their home colors for this game, which I like. It really reminds me of watching them back in the late 1970s.

We didn't do much else all day. I put up more lights when I realized Wisconsin was really sucking, made dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers and collards with. . .bacon! I liked it but the SU thought it was too salty. Just did a basic walk around the neighborhood.

Friday, November 29, 2013

29 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. 127+23=150 bales total hay @40 lbs/bale. 3 ton to date. Joe & Maxine Dinner & Floyd Langdon here for lunch leave 2:30 p.m. Put cedar pole up apple tree. Looks like Thurs will be clear?
150+20=170 bales
Yes, I missed yesterday as it was Thanksgiving and didn't get home until. . . .7:30. It was a decent day I guess. Slept until 4:30 or so, Spousal Unit didn't get up until after 7:30. We left for Gig Harbor around 11 and thence to the sister in law's house. I like the location. Steven (nephew in law) I didn't even recognize because he'd gotten so fat. But a decent day. They had a new 7-week old kitten that slept in my arm for a long time and played next to me for quite a while, too. Cute little thing. Dinner wasn't until 4:40 after we'd been told it would be at 2. Grrrrrr. But not much traffic so it went okay.

Today I slept until after 5, had breakfast here (it's Friday), and then noticed a large, white goose was sitting out in the front yard. Yes, a goose. It belongs to someone a block or so away and we saw it once before wandering around near their home. They need to keep that thing penned up because otherwise it's going to be road kill. The Spousal Unit went down there to see if she could find the owners (no luck) but while she was gone it flew away in that direction.

We went to the game around 11:30, getting lunch at the supermarket on the way. Decent game, 27-17 against WSU. The people around us were in fine form today, i.e., bad. One guy was spitting his chewing tobacco spit out near someone else's seat and they were mad when they showed up, other people were cussing up a storm at the refs, etc. etc. Apparently, when WSU scored a couple of Cougar fans were cheering and someone spit on one of them. Yeah, people wonder why I'm not a Husky fan. I might if it weren't for, well, Husky fans. But it wasn't too cold and for the most part it was reasonably pleasant.

I'm becoming a bit more concerned about the whole football thing. I think the drinking has gotten worse this year, although it might just be the people around us this time. I've heard NFL games have gotten to be one big drunkfest, although I'm not sure if this is a new thing or if people are just talking about it more. But really, the fans around us are the main reason I've really been considering not getting season tickets next year.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

27 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. Me & Angela & Rosalie & Judy cut alders [unk] get 1 gal jam from locke. Board swear in!
Very good day today. I slept in the bed all night! I was truly exhausted last night. Around 4:30 Jack walked up to my face and meowed at me; guess he was concerned. Had a decent workout to boot, although I didn't do the full-body thing again: my knee and back were so beat up from yesterday that I decided to give them a rest and just cycled for a while instead.

Today was GH day and it went well. They're trying to get me to Kenya so I had to write up an abstract for my alcohol stuff for that conference (due Dec. 2), then got ready for Skyping with Michael. He seems pleased with my work although doesn't think the alcohol work is publishable since my results are all negative. I'm somewhat more optimistic about that. But he seemed more positive about me staying on and assuming more roles. Got a decent amount done with the alcohol data, too, mostly with the adherence issue. Still nothing though.

I left at 3:30 but stopped by HRA to drop off the camera and Trimble, but went and forgot the charger for the latter. Hopefully they won't need it Monday right off. Ride home was uneventful. We made Chex mix for the first time, although we didn't have two of the ingredients.

I read a long profile of Tim Tebow today. One thing I gleaned from it that I think is very relevant to me right now is his insistence on "finishing strong". He used it specifically because he did better in the 4th quarter, but he also talked to prisoners and such and would tell them that it's never too late, they can still 'finish strong'. Which is more or less what I've been trying to convince myself of, and really is a massively concentrated version of Tennyson's "Ulysses":
Old age hath yet his honour and his toil;
Death closes all: but something ere the end,
Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.
. . .
Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 
Good advice for anyone of any age. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

26 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. cloudy.
Joan & Allan & chicken here 3:00 a.m. [???]
Rosali & me to church
Nov 19 Budget -- 4079.60 Rec'd 3737.26
Needed 163.20 Nov 19 86.90
I think I read that correctly, 3:00 a.m. Yeesh.

Well, what do I care? I was awake before 3! Yes, just couldn't get back to sleep. I almost did but became wide awake a bit before 4, so today kinda sucked. The Spousal Unit dropped me off at the Mercer Island park & ride -- which, before leaving, I almost thought was across the 520 bridge -- and they came and got me in the truck at 6:45. We got out to the site a little before 8, after a few missteps. Kind of an ugly place. Some logging roads through previously logged areas, meaning lots of big old tree stumps surrounded by ferns and newer trees. Not very scenic. Tough to slog through. We only dug 13 holes which covered the area pretty well. Fortunately, we got done around 3 so I was home by 4 when I was expecting to get back around 6 (though I don't know why, it would have been pitch dark by 4 anyway). Hard day although I enjoyed it for the most part. My legs are probably bruised up and down. Back hurts, right knee hurts. . . .yup, I was in the field!

The Spousal Unit didn't get home until after 5:30, they were filming some sort of presentation. I'm not even walking tonight I'm so beat.

Monday, November 25, 2013

25 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. cloudy.
Yup, real busy in 1967. . . .

Had a really bad anxiety attack in the middle of the night, sheesh. I'll tell you what it's like: remember when you were in school and had nightmares about it being finals week for a class and you realize you'd never actually gone to the class? It's like that, but everything seems that way. In fact, I was thinking that it is a good example of what anxiety disorder is like anyway: it's that sort of feeling but nearly all the time. Not quite that intense all the time, but always kind of there, feeling like you're not prepared and not up to the task, etc. I know everyone gets that way sometimes, but it's like that a lot. I know I used to kind of work through it either by having a Big Goal (usually school related) and also, well, alcohol.

But I worked through it, using all of my tricks (thinking fast, "writing" a story in my head, multiplication tables), and 1/4 ambien. I think the latter really does settle my mind down. Need to investigate that after the holidays.

But I did okay, and had a very hard workout. Decided to to both upper and lower body as I have only two days at the gym this week. Man, the leg part sucked. It was killin' me. I ate my bagels at the HUB and then took a bus downtown to HRA to get ready for the work tomorrow. Ended up being late because I wasn't paying attention to the time, but no big deal. Got everything worked out; should be a fun project. Weather should cooperate as well. I'm going to treat it in best George Mallory tradition and look upon it as a great, albeit mini and safe, adventure. Hopefully with a better ending. . . .

Anyway, I got home by 11, started jeans washing, and then went to McD's for lunch. Did some piddling around and then stopped by Assumption to ask Carol about contractors (busy, no answer right away), then went to UVil SBux for a treat, and then QFC to get some stuff, mostly soda that was on sale and some for tomorrow. Mostly did chores the rest of the afternoon, changing the bed, getting the recycling out, etc. We walked to Subway for a sandwich this evening, for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

24 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Windy. Pt cloudy!
Haul 80 bales to Bud Rogers $40.00. Bought bex[?] stumping powder $14.47. Forest D. Bice G'Falls.
Mike Rogers help me haul hay!
Today was. . . .odd. I slept halfway decently, until around 4:15-ish. I thought that would be okay, but by 7:30 I was really tired and ended up not going to Mass, but napped a good chunk of an hour around 9. I felt okay, but just kind of tired and out of it the rest of the day. Did a bit of work around the house and then we did the whole UVil shopping stuff, including getting a bunch of Thanksgiving junk. We're making dessert and two of them are on special diets (diabetes and kidney) so we don't really know what we're doing.

I don't like Thanksgiving. It's my least favorite holiday.

I spent most of the afternoon putting up the Xmas lights along the roofline. I think I used the multi-colored ones a couple years ago because I had them marked as "roofline" and "vine area". But the staples were in the wrong places for the north half so I had to redo them. Odd. That took almost an hour. I also washed my Mustang after that, it was filthy. Since then (ca. 4) I've been puttering around. Fed Daisy dinner; she gets half of a small can of canned food in the morning and evening. She really likes it, but it's also a way to give her some probiotics twice a day, because she has sensitive guts. She's fat so I'd like to stop that, but she really does love her canned food and it does work on her internals.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

23 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Feed cattle a.m. Lee & Clyde here 1:50 p.m. Turkey dinner. Stay til 7:30 p.m. Still raining. Boys swing & carve totem pole. 
That's kind of cool, making a totem pole. Ha, I was going to say it was odd that they're having a turkey dinner a week before Thanksgiving, but in that year it was the 23rd instead of, as now, the 28th (next week).

I'm kind of happy right now: I discovered I still have my old Jethro Tull Aqualung album. I've barely played it I think. Anyways, it's in remarkable condition. I was thinking about it a couple weeks ago when I was playing bits of one of the songs, I think. I was thinking I'd have to buy a new one because there was no way I'd have kept it since I never played it! Go me. Pack rat. . . .

So I slept through the night, until 5, drug free. Go me again. It felt good to just sleep properly. I did wake up and move to the TV room, but it was still a reasonable night. Let's face it, every night's kind of an adventure. Did NOT go out for breakfast. All I accomplished this morning was to finish refoaming the Advent woofers. I think it went fine. Can't put them back together until I get the one fixed, which I'll probably try to do next weekend. Or start anyway. But we did move out the big brown bookshelf and took it to the Goodwill, so that's gone. Now just the big black one to go and I'm almost set.

We went up to Alderwood, mostly to go to Kohl's and got a few gifts for the nephew. Had lunch there. Walked around a bit. On the way home we stopped at an estate sale by 55th and 43rd. Interesting. It was a lady's apartment -- a big apartment -- and packed full of stuff, mostly clothes and knick-knacks and framed prints. Nothing interesting for me. At home I watched the second half of the Wisconsin-Minnesota game (won, 20-7) and sorted out Xmas lights. I was going to put them up on the front eaves but decided to watch the game instead. I did, however, swap the big Advents in the TV room for the Smaller ones in my room, which (the big ones) are playing as I type this.

Oh well, Washington and Oregon State at 7:30.

Friday, November 22, 2013

22 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Leah to Mt. Vernon Dr. Shepler. Visit Fred Theubit. split alder blocks throw in basement also some dry wood.
So, my first day as an amygdalar-challenged person? Okay, I guess. Still woke up in the middle of the night although it wasn't much of an "anxiety attack" although I was worrying that I'd left a bunch of gravel in my samples (which I, of course, learned today that I was correct to do so anyway). But it was a pretty decent day. Still not certain what effect this all will have over the long term. I certainly feel a bit different knowing I've (probably) got something wrong with me, even though I realize it's rather minor in the great scheme of things. I continue to think that I can largely overcome it by training my mind to think in different ways than I have been. "Train the body, train the mind" I keep saying. I have felt much calmer today, whether that's due to my newfound enlightenment or just adequate sleep I hazard to guess.

But, I had a really good workout, did a decent amount of work, and just came home. Had chow mein from Westlake for lunch. We went to the Apple Store "Genius Bar" to get the stupid Epson projector off of my system. It had been installed last year in Egypt and was still listed as a sound device and kept defaulting to that, with no readily apparent way to remove it. Turned out it had installed itself as a "USB External Screen" or something, so he just removed that and it worked. Took him a half hour though. So, yay.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

21 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m. Cattle in barn? p.m. Not 9 as they should! clam chowder Kiwanis [unk].
Similar weather today: cold overnight (28 I think) and frost.

Slept okay last night and so felt good today. Decent workout although my left knee still hurt. Work was okay, pretty typical. Jen went over next Tuesday's fieldwork with me, should be not too bad although will probably be a long day.

But more importantly, I finished my audiobook on anxiety called Poe's Heart and the Mountain Climber by Richard Restak. It's more of a clinical examination than a "self help" book. It was. . . .enlightening. And I'm fairly secure now in believing that I have some sort of generalized anxiety disorder. Many of the symptoms he mentioned described what I've been going through to a T: excessive worry about minor things, difficulty sleeping from it, etc. On top of that, many of the suggestions he provided are things I've stumbled on myself, such as doing something consciously thoughtful when having one of these anxiety/panic attacks. He explains it as having to do with the brain's amygdala which controls anxiety. It's sort of a basal part of the brain and many of the symptoms have been observed and controlled in animal studies such as monkeys. Consequently, I'm starting to call my anxiety-producing process as my 'scared little monkey brain'. Kinda helps me personalize it.

I think my major anxiety-producing situation or effect is that I am scared of doing something wrong or embarrassing or not being perfect at all times and in all situations. I think it might arise from the reading and TV and movies of my youth: I got it in my head at an early age that you were supposed to be sort of, well, hero-like. Always having the right thing to say. Or doing the right thing. Always getting the girl. Sort of James Bond-like syndrome I think. A lot of books I read involved people who somehow developed certain skill easily, like prodigies. And on TV the characters seem to, say, learn guitar or sword fighting or what have you with ease. I think I assumed I needed to be able to do that and when I couldn't there was something wrong with me.

I have trouble in smaller groups, too, which really manifested itself in recent years. One or two other people, I'm okay. A room full of people I am giving a presentation to, I'm okay. But three or more others and I get anxious that I won't be able to follow along or I'll say something stupid or whatever, so I just clam up. I think that's why I'm also problematic with women. I must have the attention! I should be able to woo them with ease and when I don't, it's a personal failing instead of "they're just not into me". But I end up having to try too hard.

There's really a lot in my life that makes sense in this context. He mentioned that by focusing on a certain task or a goal, it can lessen anxiety, in his view because the frontal cortex -- the rational brain -- overwhelms the amygdala and keeps the anxiety at bay. I note that when I've been working on some Big Goal I have less anxiety. Before I realized I wanted to graduate grade school, I sucked and hated it and was anxious all the time and it screwed me up good. Same thing happened in college before I decided I needed to go to grad school. And once I finished my PhD and had no more Big Goal, I started sliding back down again. Only recently have I started to find some other Big Goal to get my mind focused again.

So I dunno how this will work out. It's a bit of a relief to think that yes, what I've been feeling all my life isn't because I really am a doofus loser, it's my amygdala freaking out because of the junk I read when I was a kid. Who knows, maybe realizing this will let me put it to rest more easily. Already I've been getting a bit of worry about things and thinking "It's just my scared little monkey brain acting up, it'll be okay". I may also imagine myself "consoling" the poor little scared monkey and calming down that way. Who knows. But things feel different now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m. Nice day. Myrtle & Al Rue & John, Olive & Clifford Rod here 7 p.m. DInner Stay till 11 p.m. talk etc. [Unk] alder blocks & burn brush a.m. to Arl[ington] 2:30 p.m. get flowers give Jan Ruth Munings[?]. Davis not home English walnuts?
Happy today. Slept okay, although it took one entire ambien spread over three times. But I managed to sleep until the alarm went off. Very good workout. Went to GH today and got right on the alcohol model because I had a meeting with Barb at 10:30. Anne and I went over for coffee together before that. Meeting went well, I think I am understanding what's going on. Mostly. Rachel and I went over some stuff and that worked out, so I spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon getting my model together and sending some results out. Met the new 'Rowena'. Young. Wearing a blue suit and heels. That probably won't last. I mean the whole business suit thing. Seems nice though.

On the bus home the lady I barely knew from EMS got on when we got off the freeway and came and sat next to me. That may seem minor and weird, but several years ago that probably wouldn't have happened. I was kind of a sour puss for a long time and I think some, especially females, avoided me. I've come a long way in the last couple of years. I try to remember that.

We just went out and got a new light bulb for over the sink, plus some unfortunately too-stretchy clothesline.

36 this morning and up to 46 during the day. Sunny but cool.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Lovely day. Church -- help Leah vacuum. Bertha Myrtle & Sky here for 1:30 dinner. To see Lawrence [Fry/Amy] & Ray & Betty etc.
Budget Nov 12 -- 3916.40
Rec'd " " " 3650.36
Each Sunday 163.20 Nov 12 236.83
Well, this day had its ups and downs. Started off by waking up too early, like 4, and had difficulty getting to sleep again. So, tired. Had a decent workout though, thanks to the Diet Coke before the alarm. Odd, all the females showed up today; they've been petering out lately.

And I forgot my phone. Kinda ticked me off, but as I say "If you're going to be an airhead you have to pay for it". But I had my computer with me so I was not devoid of outside contact. Probably did me some good. And I chose wisely in my bus riding: the 74 was jammed, but I saw one a couple blocks behind it and gambled that it was a 72, so I passed on the 74, and I was right, so I got to sit down for a change.

Work went okay. Had no audio book to listen to (although I re-downloaded Coolidge to the computer and listened for a while this afternoon). I listened to my iPod most of the day. Jenny was worried she'd been too hard on poor Adam, telling him he needed to dress more appropriately at work (his underwear was sticking way out yesterday), but I thought it was okay, because someone else had brought it up and she said it all in context of us all making sure we're not too slovenly. I finished the bags I'd been working on, so Thursday I can start on 1/8" stuff I guess. Supposedly Jen may be back, which would make me happy.

Ride home was okay, crowded bus though. We just went for a walk. Am trying to leave plenty of time to practice guitar tonight as I listened to Frampton's "Do you feel like we do" on the way home, it raawwwwks.

Monday, November 18, 2013

18 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Showers. Burned hazel brush, cut alder.
Phone to locate butcher. Lawrence phone, he will help dress "Bill".
Awww, one of his bulls must have died.

See, I never should have mentioned how well I'd been sleeping! Couldn't get to sleep last night and then I woke up before 4. Grrrr. Sadly, I took 1/4 ambien right before I realized it was almost 4:30. Oooops. Not that it mattered much, it's only 1/4, but I hate wasting the dumb things.

Anyway, still had a really good workout and made it to work okay (HRA, sorting). Pleasant day all around. I started a new audio book on anxiety and much of it resonates with me; I fear I actually have some bit of generalized anxiety disorder (BDA). A couple of the symptoms are interfering with sleep often (check) and excessive worry about relatively minor things (check). I shall continue to attempt to get better by mental discipline and becalming myself regularly. At least, it's getting better than it was.

Looks like we're probably going to be still sorting well into December, and doing 1/8". I think Serah is going to join me in the little lab room (i.e., the "closet"), which is nice, I like her. I actually look forward to going in when there's someone to talk to, although I also like just sitting there listening to a book all day. My Detroit one ran out, but I'm not too eager to renew it; it was kind of depressing.

Rained all afternoon and fairly heavily.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

17 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. cloudy. Lovely day. Sun a.m. Burned hazel Brush.
To Silvana p.m. Methodist Prayer -- sold 10 bales hay @ $5.00 horse man!
I think that says "Horse man". Or "men".

Well, last night I was telling the Spousal Unit how I'd been sleeping really well lately and that, by saying it, I'd jinxed myself.


I woke up around 1:15 and went to the other room. Fine. Except both cats were on my couch! I was able to crawl in and they stayed there, which was quite pleasant. But then I started getting all wound up about something (female related) and that led to other things and next thing you know I was not going right back to sleep. Since I couldn't roll around with the cats there, I decided to go downstairs, which I did. Still took quite a while even with 1/4 ambien. I was probably awake for over an hour and a half. Finally dropped off and didn't wake up again until the furnace kicked on at 4:30, but I managed to doze off again until after 5 when Jack decided he needed to find out what I was doing down there so he wandered around meowing at me, walking over me, etc. He did lie down on my lap for a bit which made me happy (he hardly ever does that). Even Daisy came down to see what was going on.

Consequently, with the minimal sleep and still affected by what I was all worked up about, it was kind of a weird day. I think I'm ready to do something about it; it's something I've been dealing with for a long time -- my whole adult life maybe -- and I'm hoping this is finally the time I deal with it. Although. . . .I kind of did about 15 years ago as well. How's that for mystery?!

I was quite productive today anyway. We went to McD's for breakfast but I ate too much. Came home, wrote up a short Car Lust post, and then started doing some cleaning: the floors, making the bed, etc. Also went through the pile of mail and got rid of most of it. Watched some football and took a short nap.

We did lunch at UVil (I had a cabbage-based salad and didn't much care for it), shopping, blah blah, home. Once at home I trimmed the roses (except one that I just remembered, drat!), and was going to put up the Xmas lights on the roof line but decided it was too windy. Instead I did a couple of ArchaeoBlog posts and glued the new foams for the Advents to the cones. Will do the other part this week. Hopefully Thanksgiving week I can fix the tweeter issue.

Dinner and a walk afterwards. Rained south of us all day but nothing here.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

16 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Moon shine 5 a.m. BRIGHT. Sunshine.
Lovely day. Leah, Gertrude & me to Aurora Village, Edmonds. Lynnwood, Everett, end Marysville [B&M?]. Thompson [unk]. Geo & Viola phone congratulations 2 votes ahead of Martin Nerland. 
It WAS Edward (the diarist) running for election to some office! And he's winning by two stinking votes! I think I may have misread the initials in the earlier post?

Decent day today. I actually slept until after 5. I made my famous oatmeal pancakes for breakfast and then watched football (Wisconsin blasted Indiana 51-3) while I cleaned off my new Advent woofers for refoaming. I watched a video on doing these last night so I'm not at all nervous about it. We went to a place called Panera for lunch at NGate, Spousal Unit didn't like it for the second time in a row, so we shan't be going there again probably. Kinda pricey and frou-frou anyway. Then we went to Lowe's and got a new dimmer switch for the bathroom. I've decided that a bathroom dimmer switch is an absolute necessity since you can slowly turn up the light first thing and let your eyes adjust instead of just blasting the light on. It only takes maybe 15 seconds but it's much more pleasant.

Then we drove over to Ballard to an estate sale; neat house, lots of stuff, but I only bought an old Herb Alpert LP (SRO). Then to NGate again for ice cream. And home. Ordered a Domino's pizza for dinner in addition to salad. I like it, you can order it all online and pay with a card so it's easy peasy.

Didn't rain all day, barely did yesterday, so we ought to be able to go for a normal walk this evening.

Friday, November 15, 2013

15 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. 2:25 p.m. County Library truck passed. Pull [unk] black & line. (Rain). [unk] etc. To Arl[ington] see Mere 39658.5 17 gals. Speedometer cable out about 100 miles? Jan Kraetz says 2 votes diff. Martin Nerland[?] & E.W.S. Recount to be made! Ray Larson [hx?] to Millard Lord. 1st of Bob Murphy, Dick Larson PUD Everett 5 children. [Becker?] not home. New corner Catholic Church. 

Guess he was busy today. And apparently the voting he was talking about wasn't him? We'll see.

I slept through the night with only one awakening, to move to the other room; after that, I didn't wake up again until almost when the alarm went off. Oddly, even with that my workout didn't start off too great, although I got better and ended up having a really good one. That's four good workouts this week.

I mostly did some GH work after coming back home. All for Engi the Egyptian-American grad student. Probably should have worked on my alcohol model but I didn't feel like thinking too much. At noon I went up to NGate for lunch and ordered three sets of blinds from JC Penney: $450 altogether. Not a bad price. Can't wait to get them up, I'm tired of those shutters. I also noticed a gap at the top of one of the opening parts of one window down there, so I need to look into new weather stripping for those.

After the blinds, I sat around the food court with a hot chocolate for a bit. I stopped at an estate sale on the way back, one I'd been to before; nothing exciting. A newer Kenwood stereo. When I got home my shampoo (Amazon) had arrived along with the new foams for the Advents. I watched a video on YouTube about how to do it and it looks not that difficult. I'm a little concerned about the stuff I need to do with the crossovers, but I am set on learning how. I should change the capacitors while I'm at it.

Nothing much else. Oh, we elected our first openly socialist city council member. I emphasize 'openly' because, well, most of them are socialists in practice anyway. And people wonder why I want to leave this place. . . .if any of them had an ounce of intelligence, I might give them at least some credit but, alas, such is not the case.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

14 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Big boy sick? Floyd & John Langdon. Pick up 30 bales total to date 130 bales.
Paid for 200 bales, 70 bales due F.L.L.
Loan Nick Gardner Bible Mother gave me.
Loaned  " " to " "  " " Edw. gave me!
To Everett County Committee Mukilteo & Edmonds transfer!
I think the "Big boy" may be his bull.

Am listening to the Allman Brothers as I type this, on LP. It's been a busy and sort of bittersweet(?) day. Started off rather badly, waking up at (probably) 3:30 and not getting back to sleep. I got up after a while of laying there thinking I might pop a 1/4 ambien, but the clock said 4:09 so I didn't bother and just got up. Worked out well enough though, had a dandy workout. Admittedly, both Tuesday and today this week an exceptionally attractive female was on the squat rack by the leg press so I felt obligated to do a lot of weight (damn you, Y chromosome!). Funny though, I do 5-6 sets in the time it takes her to do two. But, I worked very hard all week and that's good.

Came home in light rain, scared the cats at the door with my umbrella, and immediately set to doing. . .nothing much except eating my bagels. But THEN I set to clearing out my room. . .and clean it I did. Got rid of lots of stuff: numerous old sci fi books I haven't read (or finished) and probably won't because I don't have time, some knick-knacks that don't mean a whole lot to me, and assorted other doodads. I cleaned off the entire brown book case and most of the big black one and consolidated it all into the new ones. I still have a few items on the black one but I think I can put those in a box temporarily while I get rid of the book cases. May need a small unit where the black one is for a few items, but I think it will look much better without those huge things in here. None of it was particularly trying to get rid of, with a couple of minor exceptions.

This wasn't all about 'getting rid of stuff' though: I found an old poster from 1984/85 that I bought on State St. in Madison (WI) that I've schlepped around ever since and rarely ever hung up. In truth, it reminds me of Laurie F. although I got it in the first place just because I liked it: it's a dark blue and black wide one with the silhouette of a piano player at one end and 5-6 little rainbow colored lines emanating from his hands. It's very simple but I think quite pleasing. It's in amazing shape for being moved around so much. I took it to a frame store and am having it laminated onto wood. It makes me feel good to finally give it a good treatment and be able to hang it up. . .for really the first time in 30 years.

But it feels good to clear stuff out. I think all that old stuff does tend to keep one's mind in something of a rut, thinking the same sorts of things you've thought for years.

We had leftovers for dinner and walked. No biggie.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 Novermber 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day a.m. Clean spuds 40! Lion's Club. See about speedometer? [Souls?] or [Roe?] near? $4.60. 
I really don't know about most of that. I assume he harvested and cleaned a potato crop?

Slept okay last night although I woke up like 4 times sometime before the alarm went off (I mean with an hour or two of it). Very good workout. I'm out of Luzianne tea this week so I'm having to drink two cans of Diet Coke before I leave to get all nice and hydrated. It was back day.

Went to NJB and someone was already in Michael's office so I had to go find a carrell to sit at. Meh. I mostly did my alcohol models in the morning and then Anne and I went out for lunch at the Greek place down the street which is now a Chinese place. Nice to just chat with her for a while. Came back and worked with Rachel a bit on some Coptic stuff, and then Skyped with Michael. I think he's pleased with our progress on various fronts. After that I fiddled with the alcohol stuff some more. I'm still not really getting how I'm supposed to construct a model by picking and choosing variables. But whatever, the alcohol doesn't seem very relevant, statistically.

Ride home was largely uneventful. Dinner was our "simple supper" of canned soup and grilled cheese, largely because we hadn't planned out the week very well. Sheesh, tomorrow will be all leftovers, too. See, all this time this week and I can't even plan a dinner menu! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. S.S. & Church. Bertha to [unk]. Visit Hal & Gertrude OSO store.
Budget Nov -- 3753.20
Rec'd  " " -- 3413.53
Needed -- 163.20 Rec'd 207.56
To Les Lothian gravy boat.
Keith Numa at Store!
Egads, I totally forgot to make an entry yesterday! I don't know why, I had the day off and was just kind of busy. Hmmmm. Oh well, I mostly did errands yesterday (Monday) and was quite successful at it. Didn't work out (Vet's Day) so I did some work on an abstract first thing, did some emailing for work stuff, got a mocha, and then headed out around 9:30 I think. Went to Cascadia first to drop off some files, then to Lowe's for some lawn stuff, then to Comcast to trade in my old faulty remotes. And then to Sam's Club because the latter three are all in the same area on Aurora. Gas was $3.13/gallon. On the way home I stopped by Brad's and got a new bolt for the front quarter panel support. Whew. Home, lunch, then. . . .hmmmmm. I did stuff in the afternoon, too, but can't remember what. I cleaned somewhere, I think. Well, tested my new Advents, one tweeter doesn't work. I WILL fix it properly.

Today I worked out very hard (legs) and then came home and fiddled around for a bit and then decided to paint around the windows and ledge in the basement. That necessitated getting a new roller and some paint because I couldn't remember which can we were going to use. So I did that and finished it this morning, had a bad lunch of chicken and faux fool, and then wet to UVil SBux for a bit of a break. Nice to just sit in there for a while. Also dropped some stuff off at Assumption, but Carol wasn't there to get the name of any contractors she might know of. When I got home I put the shutters back on and got the basement straightened out again. Dinner. Walk. Beautiful evening, slightly breezy and mid-50s, my favorite Seattle weather.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain a.m. Loaf all day.  8 a.m. John Hillis phone do not concede! [Nerland?] 264 @ 258. Count absentee ballots [next?] week.
Richfield cards 2 -- good thru April 1968 came today. Moved rake to calf shed a.m.
I wonder if Edward here was running for something? He was some sort of government official but I didn't think it was an elected position.

Anyway, neglected to post yesterday (Saturday) because our football game started at 5 p.m. Was NOT looking forward to going, and it had started raining, but we went anyway. . . .and it was okay. It was Colorado, who are really bad this year, so it wasn't crowded and the drunk rowdy people near us mostly weren't there. Hey, turned out we knew one of them anyway! Katie who used to cut hair. She was a ridiculously attractive girl back then (maybe 10 years ago) but apparently she's gained weight since marrying so I didn't recognize her at all. It rained lightly but not much. It was a blowout (59-7) so we left at the end of the 3rd. We may get tickets again next year. I was disinclined to, but last night was pretty good and I think if we get near non-drunks it might be better. Besides, I watched a show on the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry this morning and started thinking I would probably kick myself later if I neglected the opportunity to attend college football games at a major university when I can literally walk to the stadium.

I slept really well both nights, thank God. We just mostly hung out yesterday until game time (watched Wisconsin beat BYU), and today I went to Mass for. . .well, I was well rested and I needed to do some praying for a slight personal crisis. Part of the whole rehab thing. We went to UVil and then to Marianne's estate sale on Capitol Hill where I bought another pair of old Advents. $20! DAMN IT, I wish I'd waited and not bought that other pair. These are in better condition and WAY cheaper. But, eh. I can always sell a pair.

This afternoon was kind of quiet. Plan on walking to post office tonight to mail my passport in to get a new one.

Friday, November 8, 2013

8 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy damp.
7:00 p.m. Officer's Board of Trustees. No go. Change oil in A.C. Shell 305 NE 3 qts.
Not sure what this "A.C." thing is. Seems like a car but I'm not aware of the model or whatever.

Bit of excitement here, the power went out for about an hour right at 5:30 or so. I was in the middle of dishes (which I finished). We got the candles out, I had my head light, talked with the neighbors outside for a couple minutes, etc. The radio said it might be out until tomorrow, but it came back on before 6:30. Wasn't a wide outage, just weird swaths through the NE area here. I was almost to the door to drive to Northgate to plug my phone in when it came back.

I had a decent day. It was, unfortunately, a 2 Ambien night (meaning like 2/3 of one). Couldn't get to sleep and then was wide awake before 3. Sheesh. But I made it to 5 and had an awesome workout. Chatted with one of the buff females at the gym for a bit while we shared a machine. Nice girl. Shorts are too short IMO. Well, I mean from a fatherly perspective. There are quite a few females down there the last couple of years who are really pretty strong, not like it used to be with the women doing light weights and cardio stuff. I can think of at least four down there first thing who are pretty buff. I like it; keeps me on my toes though, damn Y chromosome. . . .

Work went okay. I may have gone to the field so I wore long underwear and brought my dig bag with me, but I ended up not going so I just sat and sorted all day except for a while entering data. Nothing else interesting. A girl in the bus tunnel had a black kitten riding on her shoulders, to which I gave a few pets; cute little thing (the cat, not the girl). Ride home the bus was crowded, but I was sitting down all the way (stood all the way to downtown this morning). Spousal Unit came home around noon because she stayed late three days this week (see previous days) so she made dinner (home made chicken noodle soup). I had to make the frosting.

So, now the power's back I'm doing this but still goofing with guitar. I had planned on spending much of the evening on it, so I'm going to partly stick with that plan.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. Back to Arl[ington] Hts Hall 7:15 a.m. Back home 10:00 p.m.
Jim Creek vote [Merland?] 56 [unk symbol] 32
Lawrence Fry phoned (OSO) 14 [unk symbol] 55 10:00 p.m.
I don't know what the numbers or any of that means. Election percentages?

Not a bad day. Slept okay although I woke up around 4:15. Decent workout. Today I used less weight and did more reps/sets. I switch to that sometimes; it's probably a more intense and maybe more useful workout, but I also like upping the weight, too. Yesterday I thought I'd strike up a convo with one of the female semi-regulars but she ignored me.

Work was okay. Someone left a note about how one of the units was mislabeled and that I should have asked about it because it used time. But I'd already made the correction so I'm not sure why they (probably busybody Amy) bothered. But it was an okay day. Started a different audiobook, on Detroit (An American Autopsy, by Charlie LeDuff). That place has been an absolute mess for years now. It's horrible and hilarious and depressing all at the same time. Only two of us were there today and not even the main office were well-staffed. So, quiet.

The Starbucks at Westlake was supposed to reopen today but it didn't so I had to walk a couple blocks further again. It was raining most of the day, but not too cold so it wasn't unpleasant. Tomorrow I have to dress warmly in case I need to go out into the field, was kind of hoping to go straight out in late morning from home, but I probably won't be needed. Spousal Unit was way late tonight, like 6:15. Didn't walk, watching Oregon-Stanford (0-17 at the half). I don't really care who wins. Well, maybe I'd prefer Oregon since I kind of hate Stanford as a university.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Edmonds Mukilteo [unk] postponed. Cancelled. Everett 8 p.m. Nice day.
After school 8 p.m. talk to P.T.C. (11-2-67) OK. All cancelled.
H2O in A.C. tires. Pearlie Roff $1.00 (taxes?)
That was kind of confusing.

Well, I had a decent day. Slept okay, although up for a while in the middle of the night, but didn't wake up until the alarm at 5. Very good workout too, although it started slowly. Work at GH went very well, mostly doing managerial stuff, which I'm really liking much better than just data whacking. I looked over the new VIA form data and had some suggestions, got my passport stuff ready (it expired), fixed a stapler, went over some stuff with the RA, worked on my alcohol model, and emailed someone about pediatric respiration rate stuff. Busy but not really as intense as doing heavy data programming stuff is. I like it.

Came home, made dinner for me (Spousal Unit late again) and then knocked over the grease jar which leaked all over and now the kitchen smells awful despite my intense cleaning efforts. We'll probably just have to wait out the smell. Plus I ran out of tea. Grrr. So, not a bad day although it's ended on some low notes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost. Clear.
No SS or Church. Crack walnuts 2 gal! Clyde & boys here to ride [Hork?]! 4 p.m. Add anti Freeze in A.C. Pulp Sax? Stay home nurse cold. Chicken dinner good [unk]!
Well, I woke up before 4. Darn it. Drank soda, etc. Had a good workout. Missed the bus though, so I was ten minutes later than usual in getting downtown. Decent day though, quiet, just spent it sorting and listening to my audiobook which I finished. Kind of sad, I knew what was going to happen and I just kept kind of silently screaming "Don't go up!". I even got a little choked up when it got to the part where Mallory and Irvine disappeared. Well worth reading though. I'm given, after working through it all, the believe that they very well may have made it to the top. Mostly because of Odell's eyewitness account of seeing them up on top of the second step; he was up there for two weeks, I must believe he knew what he was looking at. Either way, I hope they did.

Came home, Spousal Unit hadn't even left work yet (big long meetings this week) so I ordered a pizza from Pagliacci, made a (bad) cole slaw salad, ate that, did the dishes, and went for a walk after the SU got home a little before 6. Now to practice guitar.

Monday, November 4, 2013

4 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost 30 degrees a.m. clear.
Cold. Phone [Pearlie?] Robb! Steve help me put A.C. on truck p.m. Arl[ington] Hts planning meeting 8-10 p.m.? *
This is Arlington Heights.

I had a pretty good day. Slept until 4:30, very good workout, made it downtown in decent time (standing on bus though). Sorting was uneventful although I finally finished what I've been working on since last Monday. Fairly quiet, pleasant day all around. I came home a bit early to try to mow the yard to get rid of all the leaves and cedar junk, but only got the front done because the yard waste bin was full. We went to UVil to get bagels and walk a bit. The neighbor (Jackie) ran the NY marathon over the weekend and finished 15 minutes behind her time from like 15 years ago when she was 29. Pretty good.

Listened to more of Into the Silence. This part is kind of sad, it's the 1924 expedition when Irvine and Mallory both died, so it's a bit hard to listen to the run-up knowing what's going to happen. Mallory was reluctant to go, as he'd spent far too much time away from his young family and had just secured a nice teaching position at Cambridge. He mentioned more than once that he thought he wouldn't come back. Irvine was young and full of life and just starting out. I'm finding I'm rather fond of Mallory, although before I'd read this book and actually during the early parts of the book I didn't think one way or the other and maybe even disliked him some. He had his faults, but I admire his dedication and his devotion to keeping his colleagues safe even when it meant ruining his own chances of reaching the top. It's really too bad he was lost so young (and Irvine, too). I hope they eventually find the latter's body up there.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

3 November 2013

On this day in 1967:
Clear cold. Frost a.m.
Grange OSO? cold no go!
Took Mary Schlemon to Barnhart's sale. bought   5 loads in basement!
The crossed-out portion was that way in the text. I think there is missing text after the "bought" and I don't know what the "5 loads" refers to, perhaps wood?

Missed an entry yesterday because we had a fairly intense storm yesterday (Saturday) and the cable/Internet was out most of the day. I slept well both days, although last night I was awake in the middle of the night for 1-1.5 hours. Today was also the start of daylight savings time so at least I got an extra hour.

So, yesterday: Watched the wind and rain in the morning and then went to U District for lunch and hair cuts. We hit three estate sales on the way back, nothing exciting in any of them. The one did have a nice little Pioneer SX-580 receiver but it was the bottom of the line and I don't really need a receiver so I passed. We spent the rest of the afternoon. . . .well, let's see. The Spousal Unit went back to the knitting store and I started cleaning up the field equipment area of my room so it looks presentable again. Also my new guitar stand came in, so Mr. Fender can sit peaceably next to the wall now. We walked at NGate and by the time we got home the cable was back on. So I watched more football. Heh.

Today, as I said, I slept very well, enough so that I went to Mass. Also went to McD's for breakfast. Kind of a quiet day. Went to UVil for the usual stuff, came home in a hail storm -- I was going to mow the yard and get all of the leaves and junk picked up -- so I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking the chicken and doing some cleaning and chores, etc. Just walked around the neighborhood because it wasn't raining.

Friday, November 1, 2013

1 November 2013

On this day in 1967 (Wednesday):
BREED WENDY. Born June 1 1966.
Cloudy a.m. Cool. Farm Bureau 7:30 p.m. Sam Illman's. Cold in head. Paul Jackson's [meeze?] Thursday. 
Wendy is a cow, btw. Still can't figure out what a 'meeze' is.

Sic transit mundi. That is the phrase that popped into my head this afternoon on the way through the bus tunnel. I have no idea where that came from. I probably have seen or read it at some point, but don't recall it. It means, roughly, 'thus passes the world'. The phrase is probably sic transit gloria mundi, which is the only thing I found online ('thus passes the glory of the world'). Might have to do with my listening to my Mallory book this last week which is kind of classically depressing. Today I got into the 1922 expedition where they got to within a half mile of the peak, and it was striking me -- actually has been to a certain extent for a while -- the danger and discomfort they went through just to climb a mountain. Makes me think of my life the last few years and how a little bit of excessive hot or cold or snow or whatever kind of little irritant caused me to freak out. Not that I'm suddenly seized by the desire to climb a mountain or anything, but I have been pondering what sort of great adventure I can do to test myself physically in that way. Sort of. I suppose working out really hard doesn't count. . . .

Anyway. Day went okay. Woke up at 4:15 or so, another drug-free night. Smashing workout, chatted a bit with Stewart the South African. I went to GH this morning to do a Skype with Engi and Christine, got off to a bad start because my ($@^+)&$@$^@ Crapintosh keeps defaulting to the Epson projector for sound that I plugged into once back in Egypt last year and it won't let me get rid of. Grrrrrrr. That was at 9, Engi ended up driving in from home and we sat in Michael's office and did that. She stayed around a bit and we worked through some stuff, too. Then around 11:20 I went off to HRA for the rest of the day. Jen the lesbian was all decked out. She's what they call a "lipstick lesbian" in these times, one that gets all girlied up and such. Ride home went okay, save for the mystery of the Latin phrasing business. Just went for a walk around the neighborhood.