Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 October 2013

Hallllooooowwweeeeeeen. . . . . .

On this day in 1967:
Rain a.m. 10-30-67
Paid last 1/2 taxes. Take down fence cattle in corn field. Late check $158.30 today! Rain!
Cows in the corn! And more rain. Wet Autumn.

I am sitting at my desk at 8:10 with the WSU-ASU football game playing in a browser window, while I await any straggling trick-or-treaters. We had a big group of like 10 right off the bat, then a group of 3 a little while later, nothing since. That's more than usual, most years we get maybe 3 kids total. So I was busy for a bit!

Slept well last night and had a very good workout this morning. It's thinned out this week probably from mid-terms. Full bus ride downtown. No costumes on the bus. Saw a few, but not too many. Very attractive Peter Pan in the bus tunnel though. And an old-time golfer on the bus back. Work went okay, got quite a bit done. Well, mostly just plowing through the same bags. Listened to my book for quite a while. But I also listened to the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou? which was a good thing because I discovered a song I could learn to play and practice on: I am Weary (Let Me Rest) by The Cox Family. Pretty simple, just D, G, A all the way through. But it will help me get those chord changes more smoothly and practice some slightly more complicated strumming. And actually play a song!

Other than that. . . .got a bit irritated doing the dishes. Yes! I got home later so the Spousal Unit cooked, but there were a TON of dishes! I said "Where are those other six people you cooked for?" JAYsus. We didn't walk, I did some minor chores while waiting for the first groups.

All in all, a decent day and a good October. Cloudy but around 58 today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 October 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. No rain!
PTA meeting Arl[ington] 8 p.m.
Cut cotton wood log 3 hr. [unk] in basement. Paid last 1/2 taxes $172.21.
Yeah, they were having a lot of rain. . . . .

I finished the jack-o-lantern last night. Meh. Well, it looks okay. I need to work on a better design for next year.

I slept all through the night without an ambien assist! By "slept all through the night", of course, I mean "went to TV room and woke up several times", but it was okay. Oddly, my workout (back) wasn't all that great. Not a bad workout, just not AWESOME like I would have thought. Hmmm. Anyway, today was a global health day and it went okay. A bit hectic because Anne wasn't in and the key wasn't in her desk so I sat at her desk for a while. Mostly helped out with stuff and didn't do a whole lot until later on when I got to sit down with my mixed effects stuff and go through it in detail. It is making sense. I only stayed until 2 because I need to go in Friday for a Skype call. Came home, made a meat loaf, practiced guitar a bit. We went to UVil to get a couple of electronic candles for the pumpkin -- tired of using real candles -- and a couple other things. Walked through Restoration Hardware -- it's actually a pricey interior design store -- and saw some cool gadgets that they sell. I desperately want a retro handset for my phone! It's an old telephone-shaped handset that plugs into your cell phone. It would be hands free!

Also downloaded Rush's Power Windows album from iTunes. I'd bought an empty CD case of it a few weeks ago and decided I might as well just get the dumb thing. I didn't like it when it came out, too much keyboards and junk, but lately I've been giving post-Moving Pictures Rush a second chance. I'm making myself listen to them several times before deciding. It all started when some guy posted that he preferred new Rush to old Rush, something that just blew my mind. It's been interesting. . . .some that I dismissed long ago I find I really like, such as Hold Your Fire.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

29 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Hi clouds cool.
S.S. & Church
Budget 10-22 -- 3426.80[?] Rec'd 3141.18
Need 163.20 Rec'd 83.37
Talk to John & Char H at Cicero.
Well, my short entry last night was a big waste: I ended up not carving the pumpkin after all, but will do that tonight. Just had too much to do last night.

Slept okay last night, but woke up in the middle a couple of times (well, like 3-4). Dandy workout, trip downtown was okay. Sorted most of the day, with an hour or so of data entry at the end. Listened to more of my audio book, which I'm still enjoying. Their adventures in the Himalayas make me feel a bit wussy though, but then I didn't die young either like many of them.

Bit of excitement at the office, had a car accident outside. Oddly, they didn't tow away the vehicles for a couple of hours. Of course, we all gathered in the conference room to rubberneck. No injuries. Something happened elsewhere though, because several police cars went down 4th at high speed. I never found out what.

Kind of an uneventful day, more or less. Nothing much good or bad, although a decent night's sleep and a good workout is fine by me these days. Until I get regular at it, I'll count both as positives.

Many of the conservative news and blog sites are trumpeting the fact that Obama repeated multiple times that under Obamacare no one would lose their current insurance if they liked it. Of course, that was a lie at the time and we all knew it. Many are speculating that the regular news organizations will finally call him on it, but I doubt it. They'll report it, at least enough to cover their assess, and then ignore it and begin the process of rewriting history ("Everybody knew what was going to happen. It's just politics"). Mark my words.

Monday, October 28, 2013

28 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. Lee & Clyde & Boys[?] blueberry muffin BKFST?
[unk] 22 [unk] 75 cents
2 W.B. wood in basement. Saw Ed Gardner's TV & Music.
Didn't get much done this evening, was busy writing Hank Williams post. Slept okay, work out was great, work went well. Pretty ordinary day so far. Went to UVil for a walk and to get bagels. Short entry as I need to carve the Jack o Lantern!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

27 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Leah to Mt. Vernon. Dr. Sheffer. Merc have busted water hose. Take to PYGMYR Lincoln-Mercury West Division. Bill Wiegand 424 2311 $28.01. Mary Louise phoned 8 p.m. No go thru weekend! Arl[ington] Times photo 10 a.m.
Tried to find this "Pygmyr" Lincoln-Mercury dealer online but was unsuccessful. More rain.

Hey, we had rain today! Finally. More like slightly extended showers this morning, but no fog. It was supposed to get really windy but hasn't yet. I enjoyed seeing the rain again. I slept okay, until 4:30. No nightmares! Spousal Unit didn't arise until past 6:30 and we had buckwheat waffles. I'm not down with the buckwheat. I may try another recipe or two with it, but otherwise I don't care for it. I cleaned some this morning -- no Mass -- and then finished my Hank Williams post for the most part. We took a bunch of stuff to the Lake City Value Village and then went to UVil. We did lunch at the sandwich place (Specialty's) which I don't care for all that much. Females seem to like that place for some reason. But it and the Italian place (Pallino) are about the only reasonable places there any more, the rest are frou-frou sit-down places. It's becoming much more upscale every year. Really, if it weren't for the Bartell's and QFC we'd probably rarely go there.

At any rate, after that we came home and I worked on the post a bit more, and also made up a Halloween Open Thread post. And did the usual cleaning and such. We also got all of our summer clothing put away. In one day! That's like a record. And got rid of some items. Still trying to get rid of a lot of junk. Dinner was pork loin with my rub on it which wasn't all that great. Just a normal walk after that.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

26 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Lights off 5:30 p.m. Wm P. Hordyke. Pole broken at ground level at Ralph Pistorese place. Son-in-law. Ole Strand.
A power outage! Still a rainy October in 1967. I don't have the stats handy but we've been very dry most of the month so far.

Slept okay last night, until 4:45, no ambien. Decent morning, I spent some of it starting to maneuver plant data for Kom el-Hisn, but I think I need to wait and let Cathy and Wilma work their respective identifications out. And watched football, cleaned up some. We left for North Bend at 11 and had lunch at NBBG -- I had a huge plate of nachos of which I didn't even eat half and was still over-full -- and then hit an estate sale up there. The person had won 22 Emmys for documentary film-making. He had some guns, pricey cameras, and some football helmets but they only had a Texas one left and it was $90 and I wasn't going to pay that for a team I didn't particularly like. Be nice to have a real helmet though. I got a hot weather hat and the Spousal Unit got some quilts.

We went over to the outlet mall after that and I spent like $95 on underwear at the Jockey store. Kind of a lot but I'll wear them for years, they're good quality. Got some thermal ones as well. Drive back was uneventful, we got back home around 3:30. We're not going to the Husky game tonight because it starts at 8, and we sold the tickets to one of the hair cutting gals in return for free cuts next weekend.

Walked up at NGate, I had to get some saline solution at Target and Spousal Unit returned some clothing. I ate the rest of my nachos (actually not even all of it then!) for dinner. Now: more football.

Friday, October 25, 2013

25 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Russia 8 p.m. Civic Auditorium [crossed out]
Cliff Knudson show trip to Canada etc.! Church pot luck! Good Mary Knudson show! Home 8:30 p.m.
The Russia thing seems to have been crossed out and he went to the pot luck and vacation slide show(?) instead?

I had a decent day, all thing considered. Woke up at 4:30 and had an awesome workout. Even the ride downtown was okay, although the bus was kind of crowded. Jen was still out sick (bronchitis) so I was alone all day. Jenny took me to SBux in appreciation of going out in the cold Monday, it was nice to chat with her for a bit. Mostly I just sorted and listened to my new audio book. It was good. Not distracting and it was relatively easy to follow along. I think I'll stick with nonfiction, not sure I could handle someone pretending to be various characters. Besides, I'd rather learn something while I'm sitting there.

Still on the same sample since Tuesday, I think. Will finish it up Monday morning no doubt. Talked more with Adam and Serah/Sareh (she changed her name to a different spelling) just to break things up a bit. Pleasant, if uneventful, day. Foggy/cloudy all day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

24 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy rain 4 p.m.
Feed cattle corn. Cut cottonwood log & haul to field -- cut 12' log haul [seme?] to [file?] in yard. Rain 4 p.m. etc! Watch T.V. p.m.
More rain in 1967, contrary to ours which was foggy again, but no sun today.

Damn, woke up again with a nightmare. This time I was killing two aliens that looked like a couple of squiggly sea stars. I knifed one and had just sliced the other one in two when I woke up with a start. Tried to get back to sleep on my own but failed and took 1/4 ambien. Yeesh. Am I eating something that's causing these things? At any rate, I then slept until 5.

Very good workout. The Fitness Model was there in a pair of purple shorts. Starting to thin out a bit, which is normal after the first month of classes. They finally got one ab thing fixed up, which pleases me because I think it really helps my back.

Trip downtown was good, the 74 came first, but an emptier 72 was right behind it so I jumped on that and got to sit down. Jen was out today, apparently trying to get over her cold before going to the field next week. I was bummed because I got used to chatting with someone. I listened to some talk radio in the afternoon, and this evening I got an audiobook from the library onto my Droid so I can listen to that tomorrow if she's still out. Apparently she'll be out for a whole month starting next week so I might have a few books to listen to. We tried listening to a fiction book on the car stereo once but we both hated it. This is non-fiction called Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest, which I'd started as an ebook for the bus, but never finished. Hopefully I can get through this in a couple of days. 

We went to UVil for our walk because we needed bread and a couple pomegranates. Gawd, I love eating pomegranate seeds by the handful.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. Dave Jones stop -- tea 1 p.m. Feed cattle corn. Leah go to Everett with Lois, gave her corn, carrots, hand full new Eng walnuts, 1 zucchini! Back at 5:30 p.m. Put 5 wheel barrows wood in basement. Put grease on cable G.I. Straighten some on drum?
Not sure about that last sentence. He's giving away a bunch of produce including the ubiquitous zucchini. I think we got two this year.

Long night. I woke up at 3:15 from a nightmare: I'd been having one of those dreams where you are dreaming you're where you are -- in this case, sleeping in the TV room -- and there's someone there. You'd swear there's someone actually in the room with you (source of many alien and ghost claims) and this one ended up being some weirdo in a black cat suit and white thing over his face. WHen he grabbed for me I woke up. I had to sit in a meeting today so I took 1/3 of an ambien anyway and went back to sleep. *whew*

Anyway, had a really good workout (back) and went to Global Health. Good day, although I realized later on that I'd been using the wrong time variable for my regression. Yeesh. No wonder it didn't make sense! But I helped Rachel with the syntax, went to the meeting and learned someone else was working on alcohol. Rode the bus home with Rowena who used to work there, dropped the ticket off at Hair.Comb, and then missed the 71 so I started walking. Spousal Unit called and came and got me at 17th and Ravenna.

Oh, when I got in I had to get the key to the office out of Anne's desk drawer so I asked if she minded if I dug in her drawers. Heh. "If I had a nickel for every time some guy asked me that. . .".

Foggy again but it got sunny.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

22 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
3 1/2" rain during week!
S.S. & Church [unk] $1.25.
Leah pour at Edna & [Penny's?] reception. Bryant Garage 2-3 p.m.
Need Oct 15 3263.60 rec'd 3052.84
Each S. 163.20 Oct 15 $147.43
Definitely different weather than we're having: foggy again today but at least it turned sunny in the afternoon.

Slept until 5 (yay) and then had a bitchin' workout. Had to stand on the bus to downtown though. Nice day at work. Had fun talking with Jen, and we even both have Neil Diamond on our iPods! So we listened to my live one and some other weird stuff. I sorted one batch in the morning and then entered a bunch of forms, fixed some others, and then did a bit more sorting. Nice. I like working there. The SBux at Westlake is closed for remodeling, which irked me a bit.

Ride home was entirely uneventful. Walked.

Monday, October 21, 2013

21 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Wash rugs. Stuff to Carl [Lewg?]?
Not a busy day, I guess.

In contrast to me! Well, last night I went out to the TV room and both cats were on the couch. Miraculously both stayed on while I got under the blanket and they both mostly stayed there the rest of the night. I managed to sleep until 4:30 again, so okay. Had a fabulous workout, too. It looked like it was going to be a normal boring day at the lab. . .but wait! J came in around 9 saying the E-Line people had called to say they needed a monitor at 5th and Wall downtown. Well, I was about the only one free to go and even though I was distinctly not dressed for it, I went. Wasn't too bad, at least I had a fleece jacket and a long sleeved t-shirt on, but it was still pretty cold. They were digging trenches and it was boring, although a couple items popped up and Cece, one of the workers, was pleasant to chat with. That went until 2:30 when I walked back to the office (ca. 6 blocks), wrote up the paperwork, sorted for a few minutes and then came home.

We tried making a chicken pot pie from scratch using those biscuits in a roll in 45 minutes and it turned out. . .well, meh. Spousal Unit thought they could come out after half an hour in the oven but they weren't really done, so I had to nuke the plates. Should be okay after reheating. We just went for a walk, and then I ran the mower (in the dark, but with the flood lights on) over the back portion of the yard to get rid of some mushrooms that had popped up.

It was cloudy/foggy all day again and only got up to like 54.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

20 October 2013

On this day in 1967 (Friday):
Leah to Dr. Shepler. Take garbage to dump.
Yay, another decent day. Slept "in" once again until 4:30. Consequently I went to Mass. It was okay, although neither the readings nor the homily were particularly memorable. I was very calm in church though, and felt even more like I was in the right place mentally. Made buckwheat pancakes again, still okay but nothing special. They aren't fluffy either. But not bad.

I didn't do much for the rest of the morning although I fiddled on my guitar some more and have been using the pick lately and doing more tedious practicing fingering, etc. I'm okay with that. We left for UVil around 11:30 because it's been very crowded lately, ate lunch at the Italian place -- that's almost the only place we go as it's about the only non-frou-frou place left -- and then did the usual shopping. And then just home for an afternoon of doing mostly nothing. I just wanted to do that today after all last week of doing stuff around the house. Didn't watch much football, but I checked out one of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries, this one on fantasy sports, specifically the origin of Rotisserie Baseball Leagues, My old roomie Ken used to do that in the 1990s, he'd even take a vacation to go back to Chicago for their "draft". I never got into it and I think it's kind of silly, although I can see the allure in a nerdy sort of way.

I made salisbury steak for the first time, too. Never had it before, except in TV dinners. Not bad. Need to stop using the mixer on ground beef as it makes the texture too smooth; I don't like it. Went for a walk to the Wedgwood Rock. Cloudy/foggy all day, only up to 50.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

19 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Meet Allan Anderson Island noon!
Not really sure about that entry: There is an Anderson Island but it's in the far south Sound way down past Tacoma.

Today: Good day overall. I think I only woke up twice during the night (I usually average 3-4 times) and slept until 4:30 which is good for me. We went out for breakfast and I ate too much and felt full the rest of the day, which I don't like. Mostly did nothing all morning except watch some football and rolled up coins ($75.50 worth). Took the coins to the bank and then lunch at McD's. We hit two estate sales, one up in Viewridge and one smack on the water in Laurelhurst. Not much at the first one, mostly a lot of old junk and clothes, although a couple of furs, which I found icky. I mean, the fox stole was mostly pelts sewn together, ugh. Bought nothing. The second one was in a huge and gorgeous house, and I was going to buy two books but didn't. I'd picked them up and was walking around with them, when one of the employees asked if I'd like them to hold them. I said no thanks I'll just carry them, but she said "They'd like to hold them". Well, whatever. Then I got in line with about 5-6 people in front of me. Good lord, the woman was slow slow I ended up just walking out without buying. She kept telling people that she'd been in business for 35 years "so we know how to do such and such" but it amazes me she's had any customers in that amount of time. She doesn't have an email list, she still uses post cards for Christ's sake! Well, whatever, won't bother with them again.

After we got home we put up the long light in the garage. Spousal Unit is a little annoyed because she wanted the switch on the wall but when I put up the light it was too far from the wall. Eh, whatever, it works. Actually went up pretty easily. Also rehung the smoke alarm in there, the standalone one. So the garage is pretty much d.o.n.e. What a relief that is.

Walked at NGate just because I didn't feel like going outside again. Nice walk, went into Bon-Macy's and B&N book store.

Now, probably more football. Husky's got whomped 53-24 by ASU.

Friday, October 18, 2013

18 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain 10 -- nite.
With Otto to hunt deer. FINN SETTLEMENT. Look at papers in basement? * Out with Darrel Martin [unk] FLoyd Langdon. Mrs. Harvey. Willard M. Wamsley.
A deer hunter, eh? Wonder if he got any. I've never hunted, never really wanted to kill anything like that.

Woke up at 2 again. But went back to sleep and had an AWESOME workout. Really killed it. Came home and then started putting the garage back together. I started by putting up the wires for the garage door opener and the smoke alarms. Was going to put back the long fluoro light, but decided it wouldn't fit real well and wondered whether it should go back at all. Spousal Unit suggested putting it back up but in a different area and that might work. Waited around for the furnace guy, eventually went to the hardware store to get ducting for the dryer, but they called almost right when I got there (ca. 11:25). That took about an hour; I ate a cheese sandwich quickly for lunch.

After he left I finished a couple other garage things and then went to UVil SBux for a bit. It was nice. I sat inside and tried to figure out what several attractive young people were doing. Couple of young women in little black dresses and heels, and a couple of young guys who were dressed fairly nicely, and they were all interviewing similarly attractive young women. Thought it might be a Greek thing, but I couldn't tell. Hit the City Peoples hardware store for duct hangers and drywall screws and came back and put up the old duct. Eh, it's the flexible stuff but it'll do. And then. . . .well, hung out. Walked.

Foggy a.m. sunny p.m., very pleasant.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

17 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Pt. Cloudy.
Pull down Cottonwood top! [Brake?] chain at corner bottom of hill.
Don't know about the [brake chain] thing.

A busy day today. Almost slept very badly last night, I woke up at one point and really thought it was going to be close to 4:30. . . .but it was only 2:40. I'd thought I was sleeping really well, too. Alas, I started to go into anxiety mode, so I popped 1/3 of a Miss Ambien and went back to sleep, so I was reasonably well-rested and alert. Had a very good workout (legs, it's Thursday), and after I came home started in on the garage ceiling. Meh. I missed a couple of spots sanding and didn't see it until I was already priming. I sanded and primed in the morning, finishing that at 11:55, went to McD's for lunch, and then hung out a bit and painted in the afternoon. Looks much better but still kind of messy, what with tape sorta visible and such. But it's quite livable now. Tomorrow I'm putting everything back up.

So, tired. After finishing I watched the last 2/3 of "Oz the Great and Powerful" which is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. I kind of liked it although James Franco was just not right as Oz but someone named Michelle Williams was perfect as Glinda, and, oddly, Mila Kunis also seemed to work as the Wicked Witch of the West. The last ten years or so there have been a lot of these "reboots" of classic stories. Most I like better than the originals.. . . .

Went to UVil for bagels and a walk. Foggy in the morning sunny and pleasant in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
<-- Week 1 1/2 inches rain
Scott 1 yr old today! Rain during night. Sunny p.m. put rake together, take off cutter. A.C. mower? Corn to Geo & Viola. Bought cap (red) $1.35 and[?] tax 10 [unk]. CLyde phone meeting p.m. no go!
Seems like they were having a rainy October in 1967. Here, not so much. Been sunny the last few days and promises to continue.

I slept through the night again, yay! Had a very good workout, chatted with Hannah and a new female, actually one I asked about her foot a few months ago (it was in a plastic boot then). Nice girl, seemed pleased that I inquired. Although she then called me 'sir', *harumph*

Today was GH day, and I sat in Michael's office. I suppose it's kind of nice but lonely. Got a decent amount done, mostly on my alcohol and mostly working through the mixed effects model. Am slowly working that through, and interpreting the results. I spent an hour with Rachel the RA going over data stuff. Also congratulated Jennifer on her pregnancy although he mother also recently died.

Bus ride home was uneventful. Walked up to the library to return some of the Spousal Unit's books. Meh. Will go fiddle with guitar now.

I have on Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms CD from 1985. I'd forgotten how really great that thing was. I still remember how it lost the Grammy for Best Album to Phil Collins that year, too, which -- however much I like Phil -- was really a shame. It's bringing back lots of memories from first moving out here to Seattle. Notably Diane Baker who befriended me at the Bank (Federal Home Loan Bank). I've been trying to find them on Facebook or something but have been unsuccessful. They seem like they'd possibly be non-Facebook or tech people so it may be futile.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. 41 miles to E.S.S.
793 - 712 = 81.
Budget 3100.40  Rec'd 2910.38
Week 163.20 10-8 189.32
Back from Seattle 7 p.m. Arl[ington]
Don't know what "E.S.S." is but it might be in Seattle. That's about 41 miles.

BUsy day today, mostly. Foggy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and quite pleasant. Worked out very well and then when I got home I. . .well, went to the SBux. Helped a young mom out the door as she had a baby and her other hand full (okay, it helped that she was attractive and kept looking at me). Walked home, and then got to work putting joint compound on the garage ceiling. Kinda messy at first, but I got the hang of it. I was worried about mixing it up but it turned out it was premixed in the box, so another useless bout of worrying come to naught, as usual. I was going to sand it this afternoon but it wasn't drying quickly enough.

Piddled around the rest of the morning and then in the afternoon did a few more little jobs, including lemon Pledging my car. I'd used Armor All for a while but then one of the Car Lust guys said he just used Pledge on his vinyl stuff for 30 years with nary a crack, so I switched. Fiddled with guitar for a while, started dinner (vegetables in peanut sauce). I think I can sand and prime Thursday and maybe put the ceiling back together Friday.

Monday, October 14, 2013

14 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Film from Ellen (-5) 5.89. Leah to Dr. Shepler. Flu shot No Pay, $2.00 maybe! Gas & oil in Merc 12 m.p.g. Leah make cake for Scott.
Yeah, 12 mpg seems about right for a 1960s Mercury. Wonder what it was?

Today started out badly with me waking up at like 3:15. I really tried to go back to sleep but didn't and got up a little before 4:30. Felt okay though. Went to 65th and Woodland for construction monitoring, which only lasted until 9:30 or so. They're putting in some sort of express bus thing and have been doing all sorts of utility work for it. Bunch of historic stuff: bits of glass and ceramics, what I think is part of a toilet, a glass knob, some bone (bovid probably), and probably a metal-ceramic shower head or for a watering can. Kind of fun but mostly uninteresting.

When I got home I drove to UVil and then walked to the IMA to work out, then walked back and had a salad at the Italian place (Pallino) for lunch, then home. I spent most of the afternoon writing up a quick Car Lust post on the Peugeot 504 because they're doing a French car week or something. Okay post, nothing spectacular. Also did the paperwork for the work today. I managed to get my old HP scanner to work on the iMac; the Mac software is out of date and they didn't write any new drivers for OS-X. So I installed the Winblows version on the Parallels Desktop (a virtual Windows) and it works! I do this mainly because mine will scan several pages into a single PDF document whereas the one downstairs doesn't, or at least I haven't figured out how. Made dinner, blah blah blah.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

13 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. 8 p.m. Parry & Edna Klein home. R4 Arl[ington]. Feed cattle corn fodder! Rain p.m.
At the moment I'm listening to an old LP of Renaissance Christmas music I got at an estate sale. It's quite pleasant, a decent recording. We went to two sales today, one up by Thornton Creek and one closer by here. The former was a big house by a former Microsoft exec who decided to downsize so he (I assume it's a he) is selling nearly all his stuff. I got a few CDs, including two Rush ones (Roll the Bones) and Power Windows. . . .except the latter was empty! Why didn't I check? Oh well. And Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms) and the Animal House soundtrack. Have fond memories of the Dire Straits album, came out in the mid-80s. The other sale was kind of meh, although they had a really nice old Magnavox stereo console with a couple of KLH 19 speakers! (They're decent) Someone had just bought that.

For some reason the football game totally wiped me out yesterday, I was struggling to stay awake by 8. But I ended up sleeping all the way to 5:30. Decided to perform the Sacrament of Cleanliness instead of Mass, and spent a couple of hours getting the floors good and clean including Swiffering. Around 10 I stopped to watch a bit of the Packer game (beat Baltimore 19-17) and then we went to the sales and lunch, shopping, etc. at UVil. Heh, I ordered a "bambini pizza" (i.e., a child's portion size) and still couldn't eat the whole thing. This afternoon I cooked up a rack of ribs -- I'm starting to like these baby back ones.

SeaChickens won again, barely I think. Played Tennessee.

My post on the 30th anniversary of the cell phone went live today and I'm fairly pleased with it. October 13 1983. At that time I was in the frat (Alpha Chi Rho) at UW Madison starting my 4th year, so I must have been already into archaeology majoring by then. That was a Thursday so we had already decided it was the weekend and were no doubt going out drinking somewhere. Was probably living in the frat house itself on Gilman St (17 W. I think it was). Had I met Laurie yet? Probably. Also probably deep in the throes of unrequited. . .whatever. I know I sort of mythologize those days as happy and carefree and stuff, but I was kind of miserable a lot of the time. Still, those were heady days, with lots of emotions good and bad flying around. And I was doing well in school (finally) so it was good in that respect.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

12 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. Waffles a.m. Dream about Mother! Saw Allen Anderson meet at Island Thursday noon.
That was a Thursday in 1967. Kind of neat that he dreamed about his mother. I still occasionally dream of those who have left us, including cats. I like to think that means they still exist in some form somewhere else.

Slept through the night, mostly, until maybe 5. Jack was up getting into trouble at 4, I heard a noise so I went to my office to investigate and he kept making little meows but I couldn't locate him in the dark. Finally I realized it was coming from above my head and he was sitting, quite pleased with himself, on the corner of my tall brown shelves. He'd jumped up from atop my turntable, darn him. I think I went back to sleep for a bit after that; at any rate, I felt well rested.

Didn't do much all morning although I did practice guitar for almost an hour. We left for the Husky game around 11:20, ate lunch there (game was at 1) and I had a too-huge nachos with all sorts of junk on it. Decent game for three quarters, but Oregon finally pulled away in the fourth, 45-24. I'd thought the UW would knock off Stanford or Oregon, but neither. It was Blackout day (everyone was supposed to wear black) and so I believe at least 60% of the females were wearing black tights. That's kind of the go-to outfit these days.

Did NOT like the first quarter or two. We're sitting with a bunch of obnoxious people, who are loud, stand up a lot, and are mostly drunk. I almost went out and watched on the TVs in the concessions area.

Once again, rubber duckies were put in the urinal troughs. Heh.

Had dinner when we got home and I went out for a short walk. Now I must watch more football!

Friday, October 11, 2013

11 October 2013 (Friday)

On this day in 1967 (Wednesday):
Rain. Watch World Series Game. Boston 8 (3 pitchers) St. Louis 4 (8 pitchers).
OFFICIAL Board of Trustees 7 p.m.
3 hamburgers to Margarette.
At least a marginal baseball fan. St. Louis (obviously) won that series 4-3. This was the 6th game of the series.

Well, the day started out perfectly crappy. Last night I rolled over while the Spousal Unit was still reading and sandwiched my head between the pillows. Right as I was half asleep, she started yelling at the cat. It then took quite a while to get back to sleep, only to wake up at 3:30. WIDE awake. I was so irritated I threw the pillows and blanket on the floor (I was in the TV room) and decided I was just going to get up and get something done and give no quarter to tiredness the rest of the day. Hence, I did some emailing, tweaked a Car Lust post, and had a great workout (even talking a bit with the Fitness Model) and thence to work. That went okay, I sorted three bags all day, with lots of stuff (right in the middle of the midden). Talked with Jen quite a bit. My one concession to the lack of sleep was getting two big ol' iced teas from SBux during the day. Came home, the usual.

Cloudy and kind of rainy this morning. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 Oct. 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Feed cows not very hungry! Leah to Darrington 1 a.m.
I continue to be just tickled that he has cows.

Tired today, woke up in the middle of the night and had a big ol' anxiety attack (or whatever) and didn't go back to sleep for probably over an hour and then woke up at 4:15. Had a Skype meeting with Kenya at 6:30 and that went well; I did most of the talking. Oddly. But I liked it, they like the work I'm doing, and I feel okay about handing more stuff off to the new RA because they think I should be writing papers instead. So, good. I have a minion.

Went to work out after that and that also went well, got to do everything I needed to. Pretty un-crowded after 8. Walked back through Red Square and they were already setting up the ESPN Game Day stuff, they're doing the show from here Saturday. Work was okay, at HRA; I did data entry all day. And stayed awake. Jen had her iPod radio thingy and played decent music the whole time and chatting kept me alert. I left at 3:30 because I didn't want to start a new bag. Made Hamburger Helper for dinner and then mall-walked because it was sprinkling.

I continue to be on the fence about this whole anxiety business. Can't decide if it's biological or just bad habits of thought. Just when I think I'm controlling it, I have a night like last night and wonder if I'm just managing to keep a lid on a boiling pot or if I'm really fixing the way I think. I also think I probably did more worrying and stuff when I was younger, and I may be working toward an ideal that really is that, too ideal.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. Nice day.
Feed cattle corn fodder! Floyd L. Langdon $40.00 deposit Bank. SIde delivery rake post welded $1.90 paid from $5.00 bill check cashed Arl[ington] Hdw. Saw Rick Gray at store. [Unk] by O'Sullivan's & Larry [Jentz?] drove up -- said I had dented fender & bumper. $100 damage? [unk] Leifer [Mipol?]. Also Chief Gobin about 4 p.m.
Looks like he had some sort of accident. I think at the end there it might be the police showing up. I guess we'll see. . . .

Tough night last night. Jack slept right next to me and I woke up at 1:30 having a nightmare about a giant wasp with a human head wearing a hat that had landed on my arm and I couldn't shake it off. There have been stories lately of giant wasps killing people in China.

Still, managed a decent sleep and had a great workout. Went to GH today and had a busy day, mostly meeting with people. Hardly did any coding or anything. Also went out for a group lunch, I only had a salad. It was nice to do something besides code and I enjoyed meeting with the students I'm helping, although I couldn't do a thing for Engi and her Stata problem. I hooked her up with the other student who knows Stata better, hopefully they worked it out.

Barely left in time to catch the bus, but it was pleasant and quick ride home. Went to UVil with Spousal Unit who returned today.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. Cloudy. S.S. & Church. Bertha & Lena R to Palmer [unk]
Needed Oct 1 2937.60 Rec'd 2721.06
Each Sun 163.20 Rec'd Oct 1 330.78
Kind of a short entry tonight. Spousal Unit is out at a meeting overnight and I have to give the cats some attention. Plus, busy. Had a great workout this morning, legs felt very strong. Too many people there though, although mostly the one moron who used the leg press for like 40 minutes. Jerk. Work went well, Jen (one of the three) is in residence in my little lab room and I like talking to her so that's good. Once I got home I had a TV dinner (hee!) and then took a box of books to mail to S. on CA, buying mailing supplies to do so. Now just doing this, cleaning, playing with cats, and then bed.

Monday, October 7, 2013

7 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. 3 1/2" rain during week (up arrow).
[Do-Di?] Kiwanis Bkfst $3.00. Corn to Lee! Mail tennis balls to Ira J. WOlf. Ed & Steve Gardner help take [Mosie?] W. trunk upstairs. Gave MRs. Gardner carrots [and] green tomatoes. Leah to Stanwood with Lee.
Our big rain was in the week preceding so we're almost on the same page weather-wise.

Had much difficulty sleeping last night, took a while to get to sleep and then woke fully awake at 1:45. But managed to get back to sleep right away-ish (thanks, Miss Ambien!). So had a really good workout this morning. Still a lot of people there, I think this is the third week so maybe one more after this and it will start to tail off.

Work went okay, although very slow. Really, at 1 I thought I'd been there 8 hours already. But I got a decent amount done, although the samples were very, very blackened and dirty. I think it's from a hearth or something right smack in the middle of the midden because it had lots of ash, fire modified rock, and shell galore. No other artifacts though. Still have the 1/4" to do tomorrow. We went to UVil to get bagels and junk this evening.

Last night I reverted back to just practicing random chords on the guitar. I go through these phases of deciding to try to play songs, not doing very well, and then going back to just repeating chord changes over and over again. The latter is really what I need to be doing over and over and over until the chords are like second nature. Hard to do though, it gets so boring. But I knew that's what I was in for.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

6 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Grange meeting p.m. Home 12 midnite. Everett a.m. Rummage sale. Lou Lee visit 3:30 p.m. BRIEFLY. 13 gas Shell [unk] 38301.4 - 224[TK?]
Sadly, while it was an absolutely gorgeous day today -- sunny and 73 -- I was d-a-i-d daid tired: took a long while to fall asleep last night and then I went and woke up at 4. Yes, I took a nap around 9 but it was still a pain being not well-rested. I did okay though, I might have just 'needed' a day of not much sleep as I wasn't always falling asleep (but I didn't give myself too many chances to either). I made the Spousal Unit's birthday carrot cake this morning and that turned out well. We went to UVil for the usual lunch and shopping; Spousal Unit got a salad at Specialty's and I got a hot dog from the hot dog stand and we sat outside in the pleasant sunshine to eat. Just perfect. Fairly quiet too as the SeaChickens were playing the 10-1 slot.

After shopping at both the QFC and nearby Safeway we went back to UVil for yogurt and more sitting in the sun. *sigh*

I was busy most of the afternoon with cooking dinner and doing some other stuff, such as changing the sheets and moving the boxes of heavy fractions from Kom el-Hisn into the house from the back patio. They were well covered but I didn't like the idea of leaving them outside like that. Really need to sort through them and then ship them off to U Michigan or something. Also cleaned the inside surfaces of my Mustang and was going to Pledge them but we were out. I stayed busy so I wouldn't take any short naps. Birthday dinner was leftover (but better) chicken, collards, and faux fool (beans). YUM.

Mom called. My SIL got a new car and niece got their old one. Walked up to the Safeway and got some more Pledge so I can do my car whenever I want.

Just a nice day.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

5 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Sprinkle. Take off Gould pump & piper? Finish today. Elmer's glue 100 amp in barn. 3 tennis balls for [unk] $2.00. [Birth?] cards 2.
Don't know what the "Gould pump & piper" are.

Kind of a nice, but 'off' day today. I had big plans of plastering the garage ceiling but I woke up before 4 this morning (in the bed!) and didn't get back to sleep so I was tired. We went out for breakfast (2 slices of bacon and hash browns for me) and then I took a half hour nap, so I did a bit better. Still, I just sat around all morning. We went up to Sam's Club for some stuff, lunch at Ivar's on Aurora, then a moving sale nearby. I bought another diary to use, this one from 1952-54, with most days filled in. He had some nice stereo equipment, but nothing I could use.

We'd planned on going down to Southcenter to the Outback restaurant as we have a gift card for it, but we couldn't find it. Instead we walked up to the Wedgwood Broiler. We'd been there once before, but I didn't like it then: it was a smoking business, and their non-smoking area was quiet and I felt like we were in steerage or something. It still looks like it did in 1965 when it opened and by all rights I should adore the place, but I'm not fond of it quite yet. The food was pretty meh; vegetables were way overcooked, my steak was thin and had a lot of fat, etc. Spousal Unit's prime rib was good though. But it's just the right sort of decor that I like and it's very friendly and good service, so I might go back a few more times and try to find something they're really good at. Nice walk home, too, it was like 65 today.

Friday, October 4, 2013

4 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Joe & Maxine Simons[?] here 1 p.m. Shot Colt 25 & Winchester 22 also Joe had Winchester 22-13 long rifle repeater.
Second time they've been out shooting. Nowadays around here he'd be considered a "gun nut".

OMG. I slept through the night, in the bed, until 5:00! Well, maybe 4:45 but close enough! Consequently, had a smashing workout, saw Hannah there, she'd been in Norway all summer. Nice to see her again. Came home, at a bagel, and then drove the car to Salmon's on 35th and 65th, walked home (via SBux) and then spent a couple hours entering data for HRA. Tedious. Finished that at 11:30 and the car was ready -- didn't have to replace the passenger window motor after all -- so I got that and stopped at McD's for lunch.

After that I drove up to Alderwood which was kind of a waste as the Disney store there didn't have any watches. I got one at Sears and then also got a Disney gift card in case she doesn't like the Sears one. I just came home after that. A chicken was in the slow cooker so that was dinner, along with corn on the grill. My back (lower) was really being problematic around dinner time (no reason) so we walked at NGate in case I needed to sit down, but by then it had worked itself out (I hope).

Regarding my last purchase of speakers, the Advents: The lack of desire to buy anything else is still in place. Even estate sales aren't all that appealing to me anymore. I mean, if I find something I know is valuable for cheap I'd still go for it, but I'm not really wanting anything else, just a bit impatient that I haven't cleaned up my room enough to put them here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 October 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy rain
Farm Bureau 10:30 to 3. Wayne's Village Inn (Snohomish) to Sultan & return too much rain. Stop at Monroe & [unk]. Chicken snack at Palmer S.
Saw Alan Anderson said he would phone Wed!
208 gal gas 64.69 @.311
25 @85 cents 31 gal oil 21.25 (tax 1.37)
6 @1.54 .385 qt. 9.24
64.69 [+] 21.25 [+]9.24 [+] 1.37 [=] 96.55
Not a bad day today. Actually a pretty good one. Slept well enough, pretty good workout but nothing spectacular (legs) but made it downtown quickly; I jumped on a 74 and it was kind of crowded but went the usual way downtown (I'd not taken it before). So I was a bit early and ended up actually going out for lunch (curry at Westlake).

Daisy just walked in; we'll see if she ignores me because I had to pick her up earlier to have her butt cleaned.

Work went okay. A new guy, Justin, shared the lab room with me (Daisy did ignore me) but he was okay. I actually took off my head phones (actually ear buds) and chatted for quite a while. Vaguely pleasant, all in all.

Tonight we went to UVil to return probiotic cat treats that they ignored, and got two pomegranates (2/$5) and a chicken ($5.42) for Sunday or tomorrow or something. Was cool today but dry and fairly sunny.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 October 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:
Just some long division to get what appears to be a result of ".385 qt".

A quite decent day today, all things considered. I'm appending much of a very funny Facebook exchange I started last night; see end.

I slept in the bed all night which was a welcome treat. Sometime in the middle of the night I felt the Spousal Unit reach over and poke me to see if I was there and then proceed to try to pull the blanket over. I resisted. Woke up a little before 4:30 but that was quite enough. Had a really great workout, too. Work went quite well. I did, however, find a bunch of bugs in one of the programs, and fixed those right up, but it means running nearly everything again. Anne came by to see if I wanted to go for coffee around 10:45; I had but walked over with her anyway for a break.

A new RA started this week so I met her for a while and started to go over the data. She seemed a bit shell-shocked, but we'll see what all they have her do. It was fun though. Rowena is leaving at the end of the week, too, so I actually got a goodbye hug. A first there? Maybe Christine did. The women there are always hugging, but I stand off a bit from that, largely because I don't know many that well. Rowena always liked me though, maybe because I was just a poor temp who sat behind her. Actually, we'll probably get together after this, she's only moving a block or two away.

Easy bus ride home and a walk and that was it. Kind of not looking forward to HRA tomorrow, it's kind of dull sitting around sorting dirt all day. I really would like to go with GH.

Now, let's see how this cutting-and-pasting works. . . .

Me: I think that one of the real impediments to learning to play guitar as an older male is the lack of any practical incentive to woo women with it.