Monday, September 30, 2013

30 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers! a.m. Look at prunes & apples? cut some alder. Ordered 200 gal gas 30 gal oil case trans oil Shell!
He's on a farm so probably fills up gas tanks for use there.

Busy day today. F. "dumped" me again, didn't like that I didn't make any comments on her book. I think it might be for good this time! Oh well. Kind of surprised she hasn't turned on me sooner. Kind of sad, but I think years of unemployment, living in her parents' basement, and no romantic interest is wearing on her. But whatever, I'm too busy anyhow.

Busy bus ride this afternoon, too. Stopped it at Convention center and they made us all get off saying there was "a mechanical problem and it would just burn up on the freeway". Turned out they were after some guy who was on our bus. I don't know if they got him or not but I know who it was. I think he'd stolen some credit cards. But they let us back on a few minutes later and it was a nice ride (less crowded).

Jack was throwing up at 2:30 this morning, we think it's some treats that are causing it (2nd night in a row) and Daisy seems to have had the same problem today. We tossed out all the current treats, and will see what happens. I went back to sleep (thanks, Ambien) so did okay today. Stunning workout. Work was okay, mostly quiet. We went to shoe store at NGate for walk because it's kind of stormy this evening.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain a.m. 9.
Work on bolt for side [del.?] rake. Get spring & spring cutters at [Wimkey?]? gas shell & oil? Save corn for seed (Norm Madsen brand)
Getting ready for winter in 1967, I guess. My family never farmed (except the generation before me) so even though I knew about saving seed corn for next year, it's a little jarring to see someone actually doing it.

Rained here, too. I slept until 5 (good) but did not go to Mass; instead I decided to perform the sacrament of cleanliness and did a bunch of work at home instead. I arranged everything on the new garage shelves first, changed the cat litter, and started getting things moved out of my room. I've decided to only keep the things that I really have a personal connection to or will use. So things I have bought at estate sales or whatever that I just thought were cool are going, for the most part. I want to get rid of at least one bookshelf.

Since it was so rainy we just went to UVil for lunch and then shopping. Took back the bike holder we bought last week, and we're probably going to clean out under the basement stairs and put the bikes in there instead. That will mean getting rid of some more junk under there, especially golf stuff. Will trim the latter down to just what I need when I take it up again.

After coming home I think I did some more work, but can't remember what. Spousal Unit tried a couple of recipes from Julia Childs' cook book, one turned out well, the other, meh (a pear pastry thing). I made beef in wine sauce, deeeeelish. The rain had subsided somewhat so we went for a walk, and it rained a bit while out. We walked by an old lady's house who we've chatted with several times (and she has a cute old dog, Shaggy) and there was a big dumpster outside and some guy working. Turned out it was her son and she'd had a stroke! Apparently, she's doing fairly well though.

I started reading Neil Peart's Ghost Rider again; I think partially because I feel good about my current direction and it gives me another reminder of where I've been. I was thinking that last night or so when composing myself for sleep: Compared to where I was, say, five years ago, I've made a lot of progress. Have certainly straightened out in a lot of ways, taken care of some long-standing issues, and generally improved greatly. Still, quite a ways to go. I think I'm keeping up the "stillness" thing fairly well, but upon waking this morning I found myself tensing up within a couple of minutes. As I say, still a ways to go. I believe I am on the right path, finally.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

28 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Mable[sic] Hunter & [party?] Bertha Marquette & Myrtle & Sky birthday belated celebration.? Sky & me shoot 30.06 at R.R. [steel?]. Sky & me take walk up hill -- (back 40). 
OOooo, shooting at the range, eh?

Windy and rainy all day today. I woke up in the middle of the night all worry-ridden about the stupid samples yesterday, as I knew I would. But once I went back to sleep I didn't wake up until almost 6! That's like half the day gone for me! Probably a bit too much sleep as I was kind of blehh all day. We ate breakfast in and then I mostly just watched football all morning except for sweeping the floors up. Had lunch at BBQ place on Lake City and then went to an estate sale in Shoreline (nothing) before coming home. We were supposed to go to the Husky game but the Spoual Unit was feeling poorly all day so we ended up missing yet another one. These things are really too expensive to not use, but. . . .I think we'll drop them next year. Ever since they started playing most games in the late afternoon or at night we've not been very enthusiastic about going. And it's gotten really expensive. So we'll see.

Ordered pizzas online from Domino's and had a salad, too. Walked at NGate, didn't buy anything. Huskies won, Badgers are probably going to lose (Ohio State). Otherwise, just a very usual big rainy and windy fall storm.

Friday, September 27, 2013

27 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Cut [unk] to [unk].
Today was trying on the stillness. Basically, I screwed up sorting the 1/8" and the little know-it-all had to make sure everyone knew it. Not that I was the only one; it was largely a great big cluster**** of no one knowing what was to be done with the 1/8", but I was wrong: I had conflicting information on what to do and tried to reconcile it all instead of stopping and confirming what the proper procedure was. So I spent about an hour in a stressed-out funk, but finally started working my way out of it. . . .only to jump back in this evening. But I have calmed down again by reminding myself that 'the stillness will survive this temporary setback'. I apologized the Jenny anyway and she was very, very nice and told me not to worry about it at all because everyone was doing it differently. Plus she asked if I could do other stuff while I'm there, too, so I assume they like having me around. And I re-introduced myself to one of the historians; we'd been introduced a couple of years ago on my first project there, but never chatted since and she seemed to appreciate the gesture. Well, plus she's quite attractive (odd for a historian, fer pete's sake). I guess largely a good day with a big hiccup in the middle.

Also emailed Willeke about maybe doing a presentation on the bath house at the ARCE meeting in Portland next April and she thought it would be a good idea.

Otherwise, I slept in the bed all night (at least until 4:30) so that was good, and had a stunning workout to boot. Rained some this morning but not the rest of the day. We NGate walked and I snagged an Eddie Bauer rain jacket for $45 which will be good for digging shovel probes in and also just kicking around when it's wet out. The rest of this evening I will watch football (Utah State and San Jose State) and fiddle with the guitar.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

26 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. cut alder & haul to field [unk] [logo?]?
Really not sure what that last bit means.

Kind of a down day today. I slept in the bed all night but woke up at 3:45 by remembering that I forgot to leave F's book out front last night. I think I went back to sleep. Oddly, I tried something new to occupy my mind so I wouldn't start worrying: I started writing a book off the complete top of my head. Just thinking about whatever came to mind. It was actually kind of interesting and I just let it develop. I heard the clock click at 4:30 and swore I wasn't awake for that long. Anyway, it was a bit more difficult to maintain my whole new calm attitude being more tired and all.

Had a decent workout, too, still lots of people there. I thought it took a while to get downtown (mostly waiting for a bus) but was in by 8:30 like usual. Wasn't a great day there, I'd remembered that I'd probably done an 1/8" sample wrong -- I misunderstood what Sarah had said -- and was going to do it again but when I looked at the sample sheet someone else had already gone through it again. I felt bad. Then I clarified with Jenny what we were really supposed to do with the 1/8" ones and they were treated like normal. Still glad I'm in my own room, but it got a little dull. I even installed the I-Heart-Radio app and listened to some talk radio. I need some form of talky thing to listen to, but most "talk radio" bores me silly. Will have to see tomorrow.

It was sunny and pleasant, and I went over to Westlake for lunch, which I shall probably do tomorrow as well, though it's suppose to start raining heavily tomorrow and through the weekend. I mowed the grass tonight, first time since probably late June. Also seeded some in hopes that the coming rain will allow it to sprout properly and grow in some of the bare spots. Probably should have watered more this summer, it was so dry.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Corn to Ed Gardner Sr. (to Marysville TV set 9-23)
Took G.I. to Murrie's copper tube
brake left front $3.19 Labor $2.00.
tube 55 cents brake fluid 50 cents actually 25 cents
Gawd, $2.00 labor. . . . .

Slept well again last night, albeit with an Ambien (1/3) in the middle of the night. Still doing pretty well with the mental state, although I have to remind myself about it often. But it's working so far. Had an utterly awesome workout, facilitated by the place crawling with females. That will last about a month. Work went okay, though I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Left some papers somewhere so I didn't know what was going on with my alcohol regression model. Most of the afternoon I spent rebuilding the big data set to get the DateAccess fixed up a bit, and then running the S2 and S3 programs which took forever. Went for coffee with Anne, talked to Kate before her generals, and Rowena is leaving. She's been very nice to me since I've been there so I shall miss her. Promotion though, so it's good for her.

Bus ride home was stupidly quick and easy, I think it was even early. We started getting the garage back in order instead of walking and have much of the tools back in. I really want to get a plastic tool shed to put in the back for most of that junk so we don't have stuff hanging off of all the walls.

All in all a decent day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

24 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day.
SS & Church. Leah also. Dinner at Lee's. Chas OUT with Boy Scouts Puget Sound.
A decent day all around, I think. Slept okay. First workout in a week. Finally exchanged a short greeting with some female that's been down there for a couple of years. I think she checks me out but she's got a boyfriend down there (I think, at least, a guy she's almost always working out with) so I don't really return any of it. Hey, maybe this whole "stillness" thing is working! Maybe, actually. I've been keeping it up pretty well. I remind myself to maintain it throughout the day and have realized that I need to train my mind in much the same way I've trained my body at the weight room: over long periods of time. So, we'll see.

Nice day at work, too. I emailed Jenny over the weekend (or Friday) asking to be put in the little lab room by myself and she said that'd be fine. I think perhaps someone else hath complained about the one chick having lots of "controversial" opinions. Either way, I worked well in there. Small room, but it's got a window and I can just work and listen to Pandora all day. I even did some of the data entry as well for a change. So, pleasant.

What else. . . .not much. Went to UVil for bagels and some more hanging hooks for the garage so we can start bringing more stuff in. Was supposed to rain but hasn't yet, mostly sunny and 64 today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

23 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day.
To [unk] get TV $34.28. Leah make apple sauce. Stop & see Sky & Myrtle.
There's a name you don't see much anymore, Myrtle.

Busy day today. Slept well, and went out to monitor some construction work for a new bus stop at 65th and Woodland/Woodlawn by Green Lake next to Aurora. Rained a LOT but I fortunately didn't have to stand out in it very much. A nearby bar, which is a converted gas station, had an outside area where the pumps were that was covered and I sat/stood under there while they set up. Rained some when I had to stand and watch, but it wasn't too bad. There was some historic junk, and I found parts of a bovid femur (butchered), but nothing terribly exciting. They stopped excavating around 11:30 so I had most of the day free. I spent a half hour of that doing the little bit of paperwork.

Otherwise, I went to the UVil Storable and bought some shelves for the garage. While there I hung out in the SBux for a while. At one point an absolutely gorgeous blonde asked if the seat opposite me at the table was free and she sat down for a couple of minutes. I felt like a dork for not saying anything, but didn't want to look like a bigger dork saying anything assuming she'd think I was hitting on her. Weird, I know. Anyway, it was an enjoyable 45 minutes or so.

Took a while putting the shelves together while I got the hang of it, but they're up and full of stuff and the workbench is gone to the neighbors! Much more room in there. Now we just need hooks for hanging the various tools and junk and we'll be set. Went to UVil QFC for some groceries after dinner.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

22 September 2013 (Sunday)

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Hot. [Grafton?] School Fair. Lou with us. Meet Dr. Geo. Bovers[?]. John H. & C. George. Bill Summers. Corkey Klein. Trip to [Indivan?]
Few days off, back to making entries. Last one was Thursday, so not much has happened in the meantime really, at least compared to last week. Friday we went to Snohomish and then Woodinville. Just lunch and antiquing at the former, all anyone bought was some fudge (maple bacon) and I got a CD of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which I have on vinyl, but I'd like to listen to it in the car, etc. Went to the St. Michelle winery after that, I tried a couple of wines, though very little as I was driving. That evening we went to Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union for dinner which was deeeeelish. Barb left Saturday morning; we went to Burgermaster for breakfast and it was awful for me: after ordering my stomach started to feel awful and I could barely eat anything. I ordered four pancakes which turned out to be HUGE and ended up pushing down 1.5 of them. Took B to the airport at 9 and was back home a little after 10.

My old friend Alison-with-one-L stopped by with her daughter to get the football tickets I'd offered; she's starting at the UW this Fall and we had hair appts. and what with going to the airport (and it being Idaho State) we decided to just skip it. Alison still looks pretty much the same and her daughter is a lovely little thing although I swear she doesn't look old enough to be going to college. Anyway, she enjoyed the game (her first!) and we had a relatively quiet day. Didn't do much today either, it rained and the UVil was packed and we didn't even park. The students moved in this weekend AND they had Fido Fest, so it was an absolute zoo. I did manage to get en eyehook and put up the clothes line in the basement so Spousal Unit is happy again (and we don't have clothes piled up in the bathroom).

Still attempting to be 'serene' in some sense although I've caught myself getting all huffy about one thing or another, usually involving the %(#%)+$#(@& City doing something stupid about bike lanes again. I don't believe there is one functioning brain among the entire city council or the Mayor's office. Well, that's not saying much: Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach; Those who can do neither go into government.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

19 September 2013 (Thursday)

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy. Co. community 8 p.m. Everett. Pick apples today. Edw talk p.m. while I was [arrow to 'Everett']
Back from trip to Peninsula. A very good one. Left home a little before 9 on Tuesday in rented Ford Edge. Thought it was too big at first, but it worked out well, I liked it. Took the ferry over to Kingston and had lunch at Port Townsend, at a southern place (okay, not great). Kicked around there for a bit, then drove to Sequim. I think we did a little downtown there before going to the hotel, the place with the single-wides. Dinner at. . .thai place. Next morning we drove around to find a breakfast place and stumbled on an IHOP! Decent breakfast, too. Then we went back to hotel and packed up, checked out, and headed out to Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge. Stopped at Swain's, I got some gloves, Spousal Unit got a couple of souvenir shirts.

Hurricane Ridge was great. I was there probably 15-20 years ago, but don't remember much about it. 17 mile drive up a harrowing road and it was probably 40 degrees at the top. They have a nice lodge-type thing up there and spectacular views of the Olympics. I just stood and looked for like a half hour. Then we went for a longish (3+ miles) hike up to Hurricane Hill, that took about 1.5 hours. I didn't want to, but Barb did so we went. Pretty rewarding, some deer and many marmots all over. Views were good, but nothing more than I'd already seen. Decided to eat some lunch at the lodge thingy, all so I could say I ate lunch at 5200 feet (heh).

Went back down and headed to Quinalt. Long drive. Stopped at Ruby Beach and it was spectacular again; every time we're there it's beautiful weather. Love. It. Hit the road again and arrived at Quinalt River Inn around 5. Nice place, clean rooms, good location. We drove over to the Quinalt Lodge for dinner which was excellent, as usual. After that drove up to see the big spruce tree by the Resort, and then back the the hotel. I think we also went into the Mercantile that night, too.

Slept very well, at least, until 4:30 which was fine. We were in a single room so I just went and laid in the other bead and read on my iPad until the Spousal Unit woke up around 6:30. Went to breakfast at the Lodge (Barb really liked it) and it was delicious again. Drove up to see some falls. Went back to hotel and packed up and then went up the North Shore road, saw the big cedar tree and then did the Kestner Homestead trail, which I really like (1.6 miles), and then drove up to the north end and crossed the bridge we'd had lunch at several years ago, a simple beautiful spot where the river is wide and has lots of gravel and cobbles. Didn't stop though but continued down (stopped for more falls), and ate a little lunch at the Mercantile. Love that place, it's so tacky but it's just so. . .homey. So unpretentious it's ridiculous (and wonderful). Then, drove home. I think we started just before 1 and got home here around 4 or a little before, returned rental, etc.

Excellent trip. I noticed this morning that I was completely relaxed. I often do that and try my darndest to keep that feeling/attitude when I get back, but always end up slipping back into stress. There must be a way to daily remind myself to just take it easy. As I read in a Zane Grey novel ("Man of the Forest" I believe) I'd like to try to maintain an attitude of "a stillness, an aloofness, an unshakeable tranquility". Definitely worth striving for; achievable? We'll see.

Monday, September 16, 2013

16 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
15 doz corn Thrifty. $5.25 Floyd Frazier. JJ. Trip to Warm Beach
Corn to Gardner
3 cattle Wards, 2 black, 1 red
Lou here supper.
[unk] Otto [bus?] 91st Div papers.
The day before he mentioned the 91st Division at Camp Lewis. Probably in the Army at some point.

What'd we do yesterday? Oh, we went to North Bend. Not a bad trip although I was tired because I woke up at 4. I didn't buy anything but the women bought a bunch of clothes. Lunch at North Bend Bar & Grill, very good once again.

Today we went downtown (I worked out) and had lunch at the Space Needle! Been here since 1985 and never even went up it. Sort of our anniversary (tomorrow) lunch courtesy of Barb. Not bad, although. . .well, meh. I like simple food mostly. Excellent atmosphere though, Barb really liked it. I had a jidori chicken caesar salad. Weird rotating like that, but it was great. I'd go again.

Kicked around the Center beforehand and then went down to the Market after so Barb could get a couple photos of the original Starbucks. Came home, went to QFC for dinner stuff, now packing for leaving tomorrow for a couple of days so no entries until Thursday at least.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

14 September 2013

Going to skip the 1967 entries for a few days as Barb (sister) is in town and I probably won't have much time.

Slept okay last night and we went to Burgermaster for breakfast. Barb got in around 10:30, and I went to pick her up after doing some cleaning and such in the morning, in addition to washing my car. Went for lunch at UVil and then got a chicken for dinner (badly cooked by me), and hit an estate sale. I got a new DVD/CD player for my room for $15, looked like it had never been opened. Watched Alabama/Texas A&M football game, had dinner, walked to cemetery. Back for Wisconsin football (Az. State) at 7:30.

Friday, September 13, 2013

13 September 2013 (Friday)

On this day in 1967:
Read yesterday's because I entered the wrong one.

Slept pretty well through the night. Excellent workout. Missed a bus by that much because I stopped to help a cute young Asian girl find Red Square. Oh well, good deeds, etc. Work was okay, sorting dirt all day. The ditz wasn't yakking all day but that was because she had on some stupid podcast called Night Vale which was mildly amusing at times. Well, it beat her blathering about guns and crap. It was a bit more interesting today because I was able to weigh and get volumes for the stuff instead of just sorting all day. So it went well. Went to Westlake for lunch, chow mein. Yum. Bus ride home was on time and uneventful. Went to Goodwill (closed) and UVil. Now will watch football (Boise St and Air Force; conflicted on that one).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. FLoyda Frazier no buy corn. Said phone me Sat morn! Talked to Brad Peterson -- bring [unk].
Lina Rutherford phone board meeting. Throw Mattson wood in basement. Joe & Maxine Simins here 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. Corn to Gardners Sugar King & Golden Jubilee!
[bunch of names and numbers left out]
I think he may have been recording the selling of produce to various entities including people and the local Thriftway Food.

Not a bad day. We started our Skype call early (6:45) after I found E. was already online at like 6:20. Happily, C. ended up agreeing with most of my decisions from our earlier conversations, so I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff. Will end up providing E. with more variables, for which she replied via email "I owe you--will think of something.". Very dangerous saying that to a man. . . . .

Anyway, we finished up before 7:30 so I gave Daisy some concentrated attention for a few minutes and then headed off to the IMA. Had a very good workout, especially my calves because I was wearing shorts. I'm vain that way. After that I went to GH for a couple of hours and figured out the problem I'd been having with dates of first access. Can't decide whether it's a bug on my part or not, but I think a bit of both. At any rate, I can fix it fairly easily. Walked over to the HView store with A. for a soda; she's usually good for a walk and a chat, either because she's just friendly or she likes being around males; probably a bit of both. That went until around 12:30 and then headed over to HRA to sort dirt. The one person is just sooooo tiresome. Typical insular campus liberal female, can't get through an entire day without bitching about guns or white male privilege. And people wonder why I didn't bother with academia. Well, one more day until a week off.

Made hotel reservations for next week out on the Peninsula. Should be a nice little trip. We just went for normal walk. Sunny, 78 today.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy a.m. Floyd phoned 9 a.m. Nice day. to OSO p.m. Maud & Bert & Nina Armstrong. Saw Lou Lee at Lee's & Clyde.
Shower nite.
I hope that meant it rained. . . .

Halfway decent day today. Record high temp of 93, hot for this late in the summer. I slept okay, but woke up at 4. Oddly, I didn't have that good of a workout, just didn't feel like I had much energy. It was okay but not spectacular. Went to GH for the first time in over a week, it was good to be back in civilized (and clean!) company again. I got E's data ready and sent it to her, and then worked on my alcohol data again. Met with BR (the biostat) and found I'd not really done the mixed-effects model correctly, so I redid that, and I may have something of significance after all, but only with the Heavy drinkers. Ate lunch outside, a scone, which was a mistake because by the time I got on the buss I was shaking from lack of blood sugar or whatever and ate a couple of mini candy bars. Made just vegetables on the grill for dinner, but stuffed three cupcakes down my gullet afterwards, because I was just starving. Note to self: eat a decent lunch.

We just cleaned house instead of walking, partly because it needs it, partly because it's too warm out.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain Portland. $7.00 [unk]
Leave Joanns = 12:30 p.m.
"" 36843.3 = 237.2 miles
Ar 37080.5 Arl[ington] 5 p.m.
Saw Clyde & Otto [unk] 36942.8
He was fairly anal about his mileage. I wish I knew what sort of car he was driving.

Slept okay last night. Was "on stand by" for the 520 thing and by 6:30-ish T. called to say I wouldn't be needed. So I biked down to the IMA and worked out, biked back, ate a bagel, and then started to shampoo the TV room rug. Partway in I think the cleaner was losing suction, probably clogged somewhere. Didn't really clean the bad parts at all. Sometime this week I'll need to take it apart and clean it out.

Went to Cascadia for a while to work on some museum accession stuff and learned a few things, but really couldn't get much done. Helped J. install a printer on her Mac (it wasn't straightforward), did a little bit else, and then left for home around 1? Close. I got lunch at Mama's BBQ. At home I did some blogging and then drove up some food donations to Assumption and talked to C. (who used to live in this house) for a bit. Apparently, the school was in lockdown for a while due to a shooting not too far away. I also installed the light in the one bedroom, the Spousal Unit's room. Went pretty well, I think I'm getting the hang of this. Then goofed off before making dinner. Went to UVil for bagels (again) and the usual.

Going to watch The X-Files pilot on DVD as it came out On This Day in 1993. I really liked that show and it, for me, exemplifies the 1990s. At the time I was working at King County, had been for about two years, and was trying to make a go with my PhD work. Was formulating my plan to do Fayum lithics which would eventually fall apart in 1994 after a failed field season. At work I was using a generic/local 386 PC with OS/2 on it and running SAS, connected to an IBM mainframe. Oh, I also had been to Egypt that year, the Valley of the Kings with Don Ryan for the second time. I believe I was living with K. at 5049 12th Ave NE. Maybe with T. as well, or perhaps we had moved to the Buccaneer on Roosevelt or 11th by that time? Don't remember, but it was around that time. Grunge and Nirvana and such were in full swing and KNDD "The End" radio station had started two years earlier and was really going strong.

Did I go to Argentina in 1993? I kind of thought so, or maybe earlier. I'd thought I'd quit drinking in 1993 because of that trip as I'd been having a hell of a time sleeping, but it might have been 1992. Hmmmmm. See, I wish I'd been writing this back then! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967:
Sun a.m. BKF at 10 a.m.
lay around Portland [unk]. [unk] go!
Rain [Arl?] started during [Mte?] steady til 10 a.m. Nary Lou Gardner.
Dunno if they went back to Arlington on this day or the next because tomorrow has "Rain Portland" at the top.

Meh, didn't sleep too well last night, probably nervous about the work at HRA today, so woke up at like 3:45. Had a fabu workout and then bussed it downtown to the HRA offices next to the Bon/Macy's. Ended up sorting through shell midden all day. Pretty boring although the lack of sleep didn't force incredible tiredness either. There were four youngish women in with me and two of them were natterers. Well, you know, kind of typical know-it-all grad students. Did keep me mildly entertained though. I got the hang of it pretty quickly but it never got mind numbingly dull. That's about it really, just plugged away all day.

Got home and had spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, and went to UVil for bagels although they didn't have mine ready so they gave me three free ones. Spousal Unit is at a metting in the Chinese Lutheran Church across the street about our break-in and security, etc. I had to print out a bunch of stuff and get ready for the field tomorrow so I am staying here.

78 and sunny today, but foggy a lot.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. HOT. Berkeley a.m. 36201.0
Leave for Portland 4:30 a.m.
Alan fireplace: (624 miles)
36824.9 - 36201.0 = 623.9
Floyd Langdon got another load hay MLG.
That was a Friday in 1967 so he is leaving Berkeley to head back home. End of summer vacation?

Dare I say it? Yet another busy day. Slept reasonably well. Went to McD's for breakfast. Started out by clearing out the main room in the basement and then cleaning the south end. That didn't take too long (less than an album!), and meanwhile the Spousal Unit put her room back together. Looks much nicer, less cluttered. After that I went up to work on the Angle Lake report, and then we went off to lunch and groceries. Nice day, sunny, 70s so we ate outside. I had a hot dog from a cart and the Spousal Unit had a salad from Specialty's (who always take forever).

Came back and did some more cleaning and setting things back in the basement. I also installed the old lights in the main room, with only one trip to the hardware store for longer screws. But they're all up and they work. All of the furniture that was upstairs (save one chair) is now down there again.

I took some photos of some of the cruddier spots in the dry wall just to document the deficiencies of the work. We went with this guy because our plumbers -- who do very good work -- recommended him, so we figured they knew what they were doing since he does lots of work for them. Live and learn, I guess.

We cleaned and put more things downstairs after dinner so it's fairly liveable again.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Marge take us in Mts West of San Jose!
Yup, that's it.

Rained like a sum'bitch this morning and apparently overnight but after I was asleep. Supposedly more heavy stuff on the way tonight and tomorrow morning.

I had a decently productive day, starting with a really good (leg) workout. I initially primed the walls downstairs and then came back up to work on the report from last week. I actually drove over to the Safeway SBux for a mocha because it was raining too hard. The report went well, and I think I've got it 85-90% done, just some maps and figures to go through yet. Not very long because we didn't find anything and the sediments were uninteresting.

I arranged to meet Engi the med student at UVil SBux at around noon so I went there and had a scone for lunch while waiting. We got a decent amount done, but need to Skype with Xtine next week to get some things worked out. Nice to get out of the house. After that I stopped by the paint store for another gallon of ceiling paint, and then back again to try to get the wall paint but they didn't have records of the stuff I'd bought earlier, so we have to find a color from scratch. Worked on the report some more. May go buy some old Advents tomorrow.

7 September 2013

On this day in 2013:
Hot. gas at Kensington S.O. -- 36201.0 mile. Mary took us top hill E on Berkeley then Leah shopping -- I sprayed blackberries! Wrote cards to Doris Edw Walt Benten -- John Kratz[?] -- Chas H.S. Showed Joan pictures of Russel & Jim Murphy Jack E. Joan had check $17.00 asked them to select Blue ones!
Yet another busy day in both 1967 and 2013. Yeah, more painting. Finished the ceiling, at least the first coat, most will probably need two but I'm not doing those right now: my sister is here in one week and I need to get everything put back together. Besides, I may have to texture the ceiling to hide some of the drywall flaws -- he didn't do very good finish work. So we finished the painting and then I shampooed the bedroom and half the main room, and tomorrow will do the other half and then move everything down there again and get it looking halfway livable. We looked at blinds for the windows at Penney's tonight and think we'll get some from there.

Found out F. is mad at me, hadn't been emailing or anything. Oddly, I'm not all that upset about it because, well, she tends to be very judgmental about people and I was kind of wondering when she'd get around to me on that. I emailed an apology back and will just wait until she comes back with anything.

Otherwise, we just went to lunch and an estate sale in the afternoon before coming back to do the carpet and watch football. We went to NGate for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, which was quite good, and then went to the Penney's or "JCP" as they call themselves lately. They've been doing very badly the last year or so, hopefully they won't go belly up.

Am very tired and still have much to do tomorrow.

Friday, September 6, 2013

6 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Leave Jim's for Mary's. Arnie [unk]. Eat & Jim go home feeling ill. Phone Dr. later.
Poor Jim, hope it wasn't the fish. . . .

So today I bought my last pair of speakers: A pair of Original Large Advents. Nice older lady selling them along with some Epi's and Cerwin-Vega's. Total collector, too, she had like 10 pairs that I could see along with a bunch of equipment. Decent price, too, for the walnut beveled cabinets, and she'd recently refoamed them, and properly, too! I've been wanting these for a while, and there's really nothing else that I want; hence, probably my last pair. And they'll only be for sale at my estate sale!

My friend Del had a pair of these when I was a kid and I don't remember liking them all that much, but I really like them now and have been looking for some just like these. So I'm happy, and hopefully my speaker collecting days are now finished. Spousal Unit wasn't too pleased, but I don't care, I worked my @ss off today (and all week) and deserve a little treat.

Otherwise, busy day (again). Slept okay last night, woke up at 3:30 but actually went back to sleep. Near-epic workout and then when I got home I did a bit of sanding on the walls, dabbed some primer on, and then went off to Cascadia. Got everything done there, and then went to the lady's house for the Advents.

Once home, I had a little lunch and then went to buy wall paint. Started painting around 1 or 1:30 and didn't finish until 4:30, exhausted. I did the walls down there and then decided to do the back entryway and steps, which took even longer. But it looks good, a sort of maybe butter/tan? "Buff" it's called. May have to wait until Sunday to do the ceilings because it's taking some time to dry.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

4 September 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967 (Monday):
Jim take me to Winchester house! etc.
That is it. Obviously referring to <a href="">The Winchester Mystery House</a> which I didn't know existed until a few years ago.

Decent day today. Last night I had the makings of a major anxiety attack, but I actually managed to cut it off relatively quickly. Don't know if it'll work in the future, but I sat upright for a few minutes and then tried a new form of "praying": I imagine God/Jesus/Deity is sitting in a chair across from me and asking me "Well, what is it you want" and started just talking about my mood at the time. Whatever, it worked. Very good workout although I kind of burned out an hour in from working so hard.

We'd been trying to get together with my cousin John and we were finally arranging me meeting them for lunch downtown, so we started swapping texts around 10:30 or so and finally arranged to meet by Westlake a little before noon. We were going to go to El Puerco Lloron in the Market but decided instead on a Thai place in Pacific Place. Met his fiance; meh. Seemed a bit shy/reserved/whatever. Well, I shouldn't say "meh". Anyway, it was a nice little visit.

Work went well, I got several things straightened out, went for coffee with Anne, had a Skype call with Xtine after lunch, and got a few more things working well. Actually lunch didn't sit well, I got a cookie on the way back and ate half of it. But a decently productive day.

Once home, after dinner I cleaned off the roof of debris because it's supposed to rain heavily tomorrow, and also dragged extra insulation up to the attic and did an inspection up there: nothing obvious is amiss.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 September 2013

On <s>this</s> the last two days in 1967:
Rained 1 HR in morn. 3-4 a.m. [ML 6?]
With Marion Wolf to see daughter & Hollywood. Ira play tennis! Dinner p.m. Biltmore. Bowl [unk] each!
That was both Saturday and Sunday's entry that was all written as one.

Neglected to post again yesterday because I spent a good chunk of the afternoon priming the ceiling which took far longer than I thought. It just went on much harder than I thought it would. But the whole ceiling is done, and the walls should get done maybe Thursday. I bought ceiling paint as well, and today got new fittings for the lights so all is good to go. I admit I've gotten frustrated the last couple days. I'm sick of the mess, sick of always having something to do, and just sick of it going on and on and on. I'm really going to try to take much of Thursday and Friday to

Slept badly last night, took forever to fall asleep and then woke up at 4:20 or so. Had a really good workout though, and it felt great to do so since I hadn't been in since last Wednesday. Sororities are back now that the football season has begun.

I spent most of today working on the report for the survey I did last week, although some of it was kind of wasted since I find out T. had made an assessment that probably contains most of the background I need.

Yesterday I also spent some time changing all of my passwords in case Johnny Crim was more sophisticated than I thought.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

1 September 2013

On this day in 1967:
Ira & Marion show us Patriotic hall and Public Market.

House got broken into this afternoon. Came in through my room's window -- the one I'm sitting next to as I type this -- and grabbed a few items. No computers, just pocketable stuff: an iPod Touch from my computer bag (but not the computer), Spousal Unit's iPod, some watches and bracelets, and some change from my dresser. When we got back, I saw the fan out of the window and figured the cats had gotten tangled up in it and started cleaning it up, but then the Spousal Unit noticed that some stuff had been moved. So the police came, dusted for some prints -- a first! -- and we've been cleaning up and seeing what all is missing. Don't seem to have taken anything financial though, but I'll be changing passwords and junk anyway.

This is the second time for us, the other one was similar about 10 years ago at our last apartment. Same thing, just a grab and dash of very portable stuff. I think I will not change much, except to keep that window closed and then keep any valuable things somewhere out of immediate sight.

Yesterday I didn't do an entry because, well, I forgot: we went to a football game at the newly renovated Husky Stadium. Not bad. Our are didn't change much although I didn't see the concessions. Track is gone from the field. Band got new uniforms, cheerleaders got new uniforms (better ones, IMO), and the structure is different. They wiped out Boise State 38-6, and this was the first game I have personally seen that had no huddles at all. That's a huge change in college football since I've been aware of it. I found it kind of boring actually, this whole no-huddle read-option thing. Every play looks the same! I'll probably be a grumpy old man eventually, bitching about how "this isn't real football. Why, back in my day. . . ."

ANYway. We got some light fixtures yesterday and one today, but Tuesday I need to check out a lighting store on Lake City to see about replacing the mounting portions of the old ones downstairs. If we can't, they may need to be replaced. I did the minor patching around the windows and stuff, looked pretty good this morning. Tomorrow I plan on getting the primer and putting that on.