Friday, August 30, 2013

30 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
up 8 a.m. Nice day?! look at blackberries a.m. (shave). Card & Edw. & Maxine. Lou Lee (spray Hymalia's B.B.)
Joan & me walk to grocery 2 loaves Bread! Harold at Decoramento[?] today leave 5 a.m. Gas leak gas pump? 36072.9 [Back?] Coop said OK!
Still in Berzerkley I guess.

Up at 5 and I'd turned off the alarm yesterday morning -- guess I thought it was already Friday. Also prepared Daisy's breakfast canned food. . .and then immediately put it in the sink and turned the water on it. Air. Head. Still, I didn't do so bad the rest of the day. Got down to the work area again, and a young female duck was immediately upon us. Sadly, she had a badly broken leg. Mike gave her some crackers and she gobbled them up. We couldn't grab her because, well, we had work to do. I think the neighbors are looking after her because she knew about people and food; I so hope they continue and maybe capture her and bring her to a vet or something. At any rate, the little bugger is in my prayers.

The work went fine, although my last hole was problematic. I'd remembered where it was, but overnight with the heavy rain the paint had washed off and when I called Abbey to make sure where it was we got all confused; turns out they had the addresses for #16 and #17 reversed. On top of that it was a bear to dig because about 50 cm down it became very hard and compact. A neighbor brought over a breaker bar just as I was finishing and told us some stuff about the area. Drive home (left around 10) was uneventful but lots of traffic downtown.

I didn't do much the rest of the day. Met F. at NGate, that was pleasant. Dunno why she can't find a boyfriend, she really is very. . . .well, hot. Well, I know why, she's got impossibly high (read: bizarre) standards. Stopped at hardware store on the way back and bought some spackle. Started dinner but had no eggs so I couldn't make crab cakes, so just vegetables on the grill instead. Not my best effort.

We went to UVil and I got my prescription. Cloudy this morning, sunny and upper 70s this afternoon.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

29 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Leave Shasta 8:20 a.m. Floyd Langdon Load hay MLG.
Arrive Berkeley 2 p.m. shorts[?] 35799.1
[Card?] to Lee Otto & Nick -- [lamps?] at P.O. near Vicente Ave. 1 qt. $1.40 stamps $1.48. Post cards 86 cents.
Kensington P.O. folded
Willows 15.4 gal @ .359
36069.5 (Berkeley)
35799.1 (Shasta)
$21.79 gas & oil
758.5 miles Arl[ington] to Berk.
Okay, so he/they definitely is/are on a little vacation to California, Berkeley via Mt. Shasta. Wonder if he got his degree there?

Field day today, up at the usual time (5) and left a little after 6:30 for the office. Met Mike there, we went down to Sea-Tac. Were in residential areas digging probes for a new sewer/water line. Pretty spread out and Meg showed me all of the locations first off so I didn't start digging until after 11. We did 12 of 17 so have to go back tomorrow. It was raining heavily when I woke up, but it mostly didn't rain all day. A few times we got a short downpour, but I'd taken off my rain pants by 1 or so when it was sunny. I wore shorts underneath because it's in the 70s and humid (ca. 75%) so I was comfortable. Only one hole was really bad, very compact, so I had to use the breaker bar. Otherwise, it was fairly pleasant, in a nice quiet neighborhood although I5 was close by. Didn't interact with the public very much.

Got home okay, home by 5. I went to UVil to get a prescription, but I ended up coming back without it: long line. Had to clear the rain chain because it poured very heavily around 5:30 for maybe 20 minutes.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Leave here 5 a.m. 10 doz corn to Thrifty/Thrifter foods. Nick to turn H2O on & off.
Eugene -- Dexter ORE.
14.2 gal @ .339  35558.1 Eugene?
11.7 " @ .369 35716.9 Klamath [unk]
14.1 " @ .369 35371.3 [unk]
Mt Shasta 5 p.m. 35799.1
Aha, he drove down to California. Those are mileages and odometer readings.

Odd note: At this moment I am listening to Laura Branigan's Gloria for about the 10th time today. I heard it this afternoon and then looked her up and found she'd died in 2004! Didn't remember. I don't remember being especially enamored of the song back then (1982-3) but it's totally tickled my fancy right now. Makes me kind of sad to learn she's gone.

Gawd, it was so nice to get back to work today after doing manual labor around the house for the last 10 days. I slept through the night and had a great workout. Started out kind of slow at work getting back into the groove, but I eventually got into it. Had fits with my alcohol data again, having weird numbers again and trying to figure them out. Found another potential error in the old computed variables, too -- it was discarding any visits before access, but then later assuming something could have occurred up to 90 days before access. I finally waded my way through the usual sets of tables and was ready to start the regression model around 3. Ride home was uneventful.

We walked up to the Safeway after dinner then started some straightening up. I'm getting ready for the field tomorrow and it's supposed to rain all day. I need better rain gear.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rev. Chas Gaffney sermon. Leah phone Elan Hincle[?] V.
Needed Aug 20 -- 1958.40 Rec'd 1694.16
" 163.20 Rec. 8?.20 - $76.98
[com?] & Bertha & Garnet Bertha
cash $40.00 for me 2 20s.
Clyde & Chas to Siberia.

Well, hallelujah, the drywalling is d-u-n dun. Man, what a relief. AND he did all the little fixy things I'd been worried he'd leave for me. So, all's pretty good.

Woke up at 4 although I slept through the night. Decent workout, little slow to get going. Came home and started doing work-work while he finished up downstairs and in the garage. Looks pretty good. I had a PB&J for lunch and then got to work cleaning up the basement, mostly vacuuming. I also moved the futon couch out of the one bdrm down there to the living room area. I found the old vacuum didn't work all that well, so I picked up most of the junk with it and then went over it with the Electrolux and that worked well. It's looking better and I will watch TV down there tonight.

Also bought some new dryer duct and put that up in the garage. Also called J. at HRA and looks like I can do lab work for a few weeks starting Sep. 9. More income stability! Yay.

Must practice guitar. . . . .

Monday, August 26, 2013

26 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Harold & Mary & kids leave 12:15 p.m. 10 Doz. corn to Thrifty[?]
Another non-busy day in 1967, another busy day in 2013. Last night, tired as I was, had difficulty getting to sleep but then I was out until after 4. Little early to wake up, but I felt okay. Had a decent workout, nothing spectacular. Uber hottie was there again, even tanner than usual, which looks a little weird if you ask me. Being too tan, that is. She's attractive enough as it is, being too dark just detracts. My fashion and style statement for the day.

The garage is finished! I took down the one side of the door rail and up went that side, put it back up with little difficulty, then did the other one, again with little difficulty. After that, around 10:30, I went to Ballard to pick up a U-Haul pickup, that took about an hour or less. We loaded up the old sofa and I took that to the Goodwill (yay), and then stopped at McD's for a double cheeseburger for lunch. In the afternoon I first loaded up the truck with all the detritus of the garage ceiling and other junk, which took about 45 minutes, and then headed to the transfer station. Whole wad was about $60, another $50 for the truck rental, so about $110 which is about a third what the 1-800-Got-Junk people would charge. I had that returned by 2:30 (due back at 3). Stopped at QFC on the way back and treated myself to a hot chocolate.

It was actually raining a bit today, not a long rain, but maybe for a full hour or so. Very glad to see that and we should be getting more over the next couple of days. At least I don't have to water much this week.

Jenny from Historical Research Associates emailed and asked if I could do some work for them, mostly some lab work! Yay, no going into the field. So I should be fairly well employed for the next couple of weeks at least.

Am so looking forward to being able to clean up tomorrow and getting the basement and garage at least marginally functional again, at least enough to move furniture back in and out of the various places we've stashed it. I admit I continue to worry about the drywaller. Afraid he's going to leave quite a bit of stuff for me to kind of fix and repair and stuff. I think next time I do anything like this I'll either do it myself or let someone else do it all; I don't like being only partly responsible for some of it. I was okay with clearing the ceiling for the plumbers, but having to do all this other stuff for the drywaller was too much. Live and learn I guess.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

25 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Harold help me fix Rake!
Not a busy day, I guess.

And then there's me. What an awful night. Woke up, went to other room, fell asleep. So far okay. Then I woke up and started worrying and was almost on the verge of drifting back off when it struck me that maybe the junction boxes hadn't been made accessible! Oh. My. God. Because I didn't actually remember them being that way. So went my brain for the next hour or so, probably even more. Total and complete anxiety attack. I mean I wigged out. I was running through scenarios of having to tear down the whole thing to uncover them, maybe getting a new contractor, etc. I kept telling myself "Oh, he knows what he's doing, I'm sure he's recorded where they are if nothing else" but it didn't do much good. I finally took half of an Ambien and actually went to sleep on the floor just for a change of environment. That's where I woke up at 4:30. Miserable night. And, of course, when I went down there later in the morning -- after panicking the Spousal Unit with my fears -- that they were all exposed except for two that are marked. So, all for nothing.

After that discovery (and a short nap) I finished taking out the wood around the one lowered portion so everything is ready for tomorrow. We drove down to Gig Harbor as the Spousal Unit's aunt has been there for a while. Everybody else was there, too. Had late lunch (2) and then I went to the Ace Hardware to get a Shop-Vac filter (accomplished), the Riot Aid for mints (accomplished), the Goodwill to check for speakers (none worthwhile), and then gassed up at Safeway ($3.64/gal). Oddly, I didn't even nap the rest of the day.

Seems to have rained a bit while we were gone, but nothing in the back got wet. SO I DON'T HAVE TO LIE AWAKE TONIGHT WORRYING ABOUT THAT.

All that's left for tomorrow is to finish the garage, at least as far as my tasks. Then I have a truck rented to haul away all the junk. Oh, we also moved the old sofa up so I can take that to the Goodwill tomorrow as well.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

24 August 2013 (Saturday)

On this day in 1967 (Thursday):
Pall bearer Free Methodist Church 11 a.m. today. ["Elvis"?]
Don't really know what that last word is, Elvis or what.

I guess today was halfway decent. I managed to put the garage door opener back up after getting the drywall in. I have decided I probably wouldn't use this guy again. He just noticed today that two pieces totally did not come together above the window downstairs and wondered "What are we going to do about this?" I said "We're going to fix it". And he knocked the opener off the ladder support while putting up a piece. And there are some gaps and junk in places that I will no doubt have to patch up (oh, he also said I needed to fix a hole he'd botched). Plus I'm doing too much. Actually, sitting here listing all that out kind of depresses me that we're paying him all this money. Decent guy though, but he definitely needs an assistant and also needs to be more detail oriented. At any rate, about half the garage is done and only two more things to be done on the basement. I'm quite pleased with my self having gotten the opener back up though.

Otherwise, I slept until after 5 (thank God) and we went to McD's for breakfast. Worked most of the morning on the garage stuff and then went off to Home Despot for a new faucet, and hit a couple of estate sales. Both houses were large and very nice, but didn't really want anything. One had a pair of great Klipsch speakers, but I have no use for them. I bought free range chicken from Metropolitan Market and it was, meh. I suppose I like the idea of happy little chickens running around until they get slaughtered, but not sure I want to pay that much for them. We walked at Northgate, too, just because I wanted to get out of the house and be around a bunch of happy, clean people for a while.

Friday, August 23, 2013

23 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cloudy a.m., hot p.m. Harold help me cut cotton wood & haul to house. Mary & david fish a.m. & p.m. Leah to Robertson's try on dress, phone Maud.
He wasn't busy but I sure was. Again. Woke up at 4 (bleh) and had a really great workout. I started in removing the wires and junk from the garage ceiling and did a pretty good job, save for breaking the garage opener wire, although in my defense I think it was already almost broken from being stapled too tight. Fixed it marginally well, but needs a better job. Got everything down reasonably well and then he put up the stuff on the west end, but left because, well, I still needed to take down the rest of the wood over the garage door. I'd thought I could do that while he got the stuff ready, but no. And he was right, it took me like 2-3 hours to do that. And I broke one light fixture. I was actually rather annoyed, thinking he should have stayed to finish the garage today, so I bought the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian and had at the rest of it. It was rather therapeutic. I finally got it all done and then panicked because the opener wasn't attached to a joist and I had no way to lengthen the rail, so I sat on hold with Genie for like 45 minutes before being told it wasn't possible. Harumph. So I called up a garage door place here and they helpfully sent someone out. I was ready to just take the damn thing down. But he said I could just nail a couple boards to the joist and attach it to that. I had kind of thought of that but was all wigged out again, so I felt a little embarrassed. Well, I had been all stressed out so I don't care.

So whew. We went to a new vegetarian place at the UVil for dinner, not bad of a salad. No fizzy drinks though. Then we went to Ace to get a new battery for my drill but they're like $60 so I just bought a new corded drill instead ($60). Got home, took out the remaining boards and now I'm spent.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

22 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. To Arl[ington]. Cy Locker With Leah Defeway & Arl Feed & Farm. Mayo sell electric drill - neighbor here to ask! Mary & Harold Fish a.m. & p.m. after supper. H2O in corn. Hot & dry today!
2 beet Pulp 3.40
1 gal [unk] 3.29
1 fly strip 1.98
2 fly swatters .20 = 8.87 + .25 = 9.12 Check 15.00
He was busy! Or at least kinda wordy.

Another busy day here, too. Had a decent workout (legs) and once Kurt got here he started hanging the remaining board in the basement while I started getting rid of the old insulation. He had me come in once and try putting up some pieces of wood to screw the drywall into, but I failed miserably and went back out to tear out insulation. After I finished that (ca. 10:30) I headed off to Home Depot to get some more, although I had to wait there for like 20 minutes while they restocked what I needed. Stopped at McD's on the way back for a burger and soda ($2.19) and then went back and spent the rest of the day putting up new insulation. Went okay although there are some places I need to remove wood and hardware before finishing that. Very tired at the end of that, around 3:10. Went to UVil to try to find a bike light, no luck.

Was feeling very. . .well, at least vaguely bad this afternoon. Dunno why, the work day went well, and I think he was quite impressed that I'd taken down the whole ceiling yesterday. Felt like the old anxiety or whatever, just a general feeling that I sucked. Or something. I wonder if this is a biological thing because I never really got that when I was younger. I mean, I felt bad at times for one reason or another but it was for a reason, such as a girl that didn't like me or if I was not doing well in school. This seems to have no real source. It's decreasing in frequency so I think that, rather than age, I may have just gotten into a habit of thinking like that for quite a while and I haven't kicked it completely out yet.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nite shower up 8 a.m.! Cloudy. Bar 30.00.
Hot and dry 11 a.m. -- on. Leah to Dr. Shepler 1:15 p.m. Look for Harold & Mary 8 p.m. Mary phone 3:30 p.m. to be here 8 or 8:30 p.m. Vacum[sic], pull carrots. Elmer Frederickson heart attack [unk]. Mary & Harold here 8:15 p.m. 4 hrs from Joan & Alan. 118.85 oz silver $154.00. @1.30 per oz. 
Too wiped out to say much. Had a good workout and then was going to start on the next light in the back bedroom, but decided it was a sucky fixture and had the electrician just put in a new box. The latter got here around 10 and re-did a bunch of stuff (to the tune of over $700!). It's all much better though, we have two new recessed lights in the bedroom in the lowered portion and it looks great. All of the insulation is almost in down there, just a few panels by the outlets to staple in tomorrow morning. The laundry room, at least, is finished.

When the electrician got here I asked them if electricians and drywallers were mortal enemies or anything like that. Heh.

I was left with nothing to do most of the afternoon so I started on the garage. . . .and took it down. To make a long story short, it’s been worrying me all along and I almost canceled that portion a couple of times. I’d decided to just drywall over the existing ceiling, but that way the old thin cruddy insulation would still be there and we’d lose a half inch of an already kind of low ceiling. Then this afternoon I just decided to rip it out. PANIC. I hate hate hate it when I start tearing things apart and don’t really know what I’m doing. But I got most of it off and I’m glad I did: the “insulation” that’s there doesn’t do much good and I’d probably be regretting it later if I didn’t do a decent job of it. Tomorrow I get to remove all of the old junk and then put up new stuff and then we can put up the new ceiling in there. Really, I was very anxious while taking it all down, but once I was done I was glad I'd decided to go ahead and do it. Shouldn't cause any delay and might make his job easier.

We just went for a walk this evening. 82 and sunny all day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Clear nice day.
S.S. & church. Bertha to Palma[?] [unk] 5.00 check. Pioneer [frimio?] 1.00 check 2.00
Less & Roberta here p.m.
Aug 13 -- 1795.20 Rec'd 1617.18
Needed $163.20 Rec'd 242.57
Stripser Cal Marsh Ralph & Connie
Frank -- Doris -- Mrs. Wrage Snap shot
Leah bake pie p.m. Sprinkle.
Man, a lot going on there that I don't get.

Today was. . . better. I was kinda upset yesterday, mostly from the frustration at all I had to do yesterday and the electrical problems. Had a decent Skype call with Kenya this morning, that went almost until 8 from 6:30. Drywaller showed up around 8:15? Only worked half a day again, due to needed electrical work. The electrical dude is coming out tomorrow around 10 to fix up some things and it should go quicker after that. I spent most of the afternoon raising the two lights in the laundry room -- successfully! First one took like two hours, but the second went quicker once I understood it. Sadly, I had forgotten my old mantra of Patience and Learn -- I started rehabbing with those goals of what I needed to start doing: PLOM: Patience, Learn (to do things), Others come first, and it's not all about Me.

Bad night sleeping last night: Woke up in the middle of the night and was awake for quite a while. Not really worrying about anything in particular, just stress. Man, once I fell back to sleep though it was utterly relaxing. Usually is the second time. I did, however, I will confess, say a rather odd and meaningful (I hope) prayer. I was getting tired of saying the rosary (I do that to occupy my mind), and started wondering about the whole 'does God exist, if so why hasn't He ever just come out and said "Hey, you know, you need to do such-and-such" or whatever'. So I thought what I would say to God if He were finally standing there listening to me and saying "Okay, what is it you really want". I only thought about it for a few seconds and then said (to myself, obviously, not out loud) "I just need peace (in my mind), calm (in my mind), and confidence. . . . .and four or five millions dollars". Hey, I was honest.

Anyway, got all that done and then went to get a pizza at Pagliacci on Sand Point for dinner, then to UVil for a couple of items. I got a 16 GB stick for $9.99. I still have difficulty believing so much memory is so cheap.

I'm doing better with the remodel.

Monday, August 19, 2013

19 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Clear, hot. [lightning?] Rain [unk]
To Arl[ington]. Everett Penney's Magarette with us back 11 a.m. Visit [Lothinhs?] PH[?] Wes Rosenbach -- Janice Lothihn Wife Sister of Les Lothihn.
Kind of unclear in a lot of that stuff and I guessed at the spelling of the last names near the end (but they're close).

Criminy. Busy, frustrating, anxiety-ridden day. Had a great workout, but then it got busy. Drywaller showed up around 8:45. I have to admit, I was very worried at first. He had to borrow some tools and pieces of wood and the first section he put up fell down twice. I sure hope he knows what he's doing. Turns out I had quite a bit more to do, and realize now that he really is just a drywaller; meaning he doesn't do any of the demolition and such. That changes things, meaning I have to go through and do everything for him. Had more of the old pieces of wood to remove -- unfortunately, many of the difficult ones I'd put off -- and I am even supposed to move the electrical boxes out. I think he assumed everything would be ready to go and he'd just have to put up drywall all day. So anyway, he decided to leave at 11:30 and get all his materials picked up and get at it again tomorrow.

That left me in the afternoon to remove more wood and junk and haul stuff out of the basement. I was getting very frustrated and annoyed, mostly at all the crap I had to move. How can two people have so much stuff? I dunno, I guess I should have had it done beforehand, but then again I/we didn't really know what to expect (frankly, I thought I could just move some of the stuff out of his way as he went). So anyway, I pretty much got everything done, but then some of the wiring behind one wall looked a little hinky so I called our electrician and he will come out tomorrow afternoon to have a look and hopefully fix it and a couple of other things so the drywall can go in quickly.

We're going to see if we can cut the job down and forget about the garage. That was turning into a massive piece of work. We'd thought he would be taking down the old ceiling, but not we know not. So I was either going to have to spend a huge amount of time taking the old stuff down, along with the wires and junk that are attached, put new insulation in, and then have the drywall go up, all within a day or so. And it just seems too much to manage and I'd really rather have him concentrate on the basement and do that properly. That would also cut down on the amount I have to do which is already substantial.


Like I said, very long, frustrating day. Must goof off on guitar and hopefully relax.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

18 August 2013 (Sunday)

On this day in 1967 (Friday):
Nice day. Marion & Ira have bkfst leave 10 a.m. for Monroe. Leah & me to Arl[ington] 11:45. Work on plastic sheet hay barn/farm? Edw. Maxine Scott here 2 p.m. Took map shots of Ira & Marion & Edward & Scott.
Monroe is in the same general vicinity.

Last night kinda sucked. Between ca. 9:30 and 1 I had gone to sleep, gotten up and gone to the other room, and woken up again, all hot and worried. Last night was sort of a classic in the anxiety attack genre: I woke up while dreaming of something I'd done wrong or was embarrassed about or whatever -- last night it was being at the Mustang show -- and was all hot and sweaty and with my mind immediately starting to run a thousand miles an hour. I usually don't on the weekends, but by 1:09 when I looked at the clock I decided to take 1/3 of Miss Ambien. Worked like a charm and I slept until after 5:30. Last night I had big plans of going downstairs to start moving things around, but I just sat there and drank Diet Pepsi and watched TV. Well, the end of Field of Dreams was on so I had to watch that. One heretofore unexceptional little bit of that movie struck me this morning, actually two things: The first was when Moonlight Graham, after relating how his dream was to bat in the majors and hit a triple, instead hit a sacrifice fly to score a run; obviously intentional to the plotline, but I hadn't really noticed it before. The second was the interaction between Shoeless Joe and Ray:
Ray Kinsella: I did it all. I listened to the voices, I did what they told me, and not once did I ask what's in it for me.
Shoeless Joe Jackson: What are you saying, Ray?
Ray Kinsella: I'm saying, what's in it for me?
Shoeless Joe Jackson: Is that why you did this, for you?
More of the self-sacrifice theme: he did all this to benefit others and only benefits himself at the end.

But enough of that philosophical mumbo-jumbo: what did I do today? After eating (oatmeal) and showering, I installed insulation in the major plumbing area under the bathroom. Then we spent a couple of hours putting various items away so they don't get in the way and moving some furniture around to make things easier to move around. I wanted to get a lot done so I could forget about it the rest of the day. I didn't even venture down there after noon except a couple times to put things away.

After that, not much of anything except making leftovers for dinner and watching TV. You know, relaxing. . . .before the storm. . . . .

Saturday, August 17, 2013

17 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Lovely day. Hot & dry.
Ira & Marian Wolf here 2 p.m. Stay over night. Floyd & Anna Landen here 7:30 look at hay. 5 ton $20.00. Ira & me look at corn & Jim Creek.
Another warm day here in 2013 as well, although only about 75. Busy day, too, we took down almost all of the particle board walls (W and S), and then put new insulation up. Whole basement is a mess and I'm leaving it that way and staying upstairs as much as possible. Hate having everything a mess -- usually when we do big projects we like to do a certain amount in a day and then put it back as normal as possible. This is too much destruction so I'm just trying to be patient until it's done at the end of next week.

Otherwise, we went up to north Aurora for lunch and then hit the Home Depot on the way back and got some more insulation. Then a couple of estate sales on the way back. I'm trying to get rid of at least one of my bookshelves, hopefully two. (Did I even write in this yesterday?) Yesterday I went through my books again and have purged probably 20. I'll send a few down to Sonali in LA and the rest drop by Cascadia, and then maybe sell the rest. I could get down to my one bookshelf, but that may necessitate putting new shelves in the closet. Getting rid of more of these books has, once again, made me rather sad, just because it's sort of more of the archaeology going away. I know, I know, I decided I could leave it behind but it's still kind of. . . .this is not where I thought I'd be when I started way back when. I am perfectly okay with not being an academic archaeologist and doing global/public health stuff, but. . .well, you know.

We went for a walk and saw Shaggy the little dog out for a "walk" with his owner (an old lady) but he made it across the street before just plopping down. He's 13 and has had numerous joint problems, poor thing. Friendly little guy though.

Friday, August 16, 2013

16 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Clear. Hot. Monkey around, no work. Lou here try our cool house. Gave her few carrots and zucchini! Pick large zucchini -- give to cows? Try! 8-17-67.
Yeah, this is the time for zucchinis, we've gotten two so far and made two cakes and a couple of breads. The cake is supposedly pretty good, but the last one was very dry.

Today was also pretty warm, 83.

I didn't do a whole lot. Slept okay, though not well, and had a very good workout. After I'd consumed my bagels, I started tearing down some wood in the basement but stopped because I kept breaking things. Then the contractor showed up and we finalized plans, he'll start next week. I can't wait for all this to be done. He will do the walls as well. Then I did some computer work, mostly finishing a couple of Car Lust posts, and then went to McD's for lunch -- just fries -- and hit the Ace Hardware up on Roosevelt for some wall insulation. I thought about taking down some of the walls, but figured I'd break stuff anyway. Then I went and sat at the UVil SBux just because I wanted a nice break. So I did. I just sat and surfed on my phone, checked out the various people. . . .parka lady was there, as usual. No other regulars, I don't think.

When I got home I fiddled on the guitar for a while -- am making some progress there, actually, I think I am speeding up some in changing chords although it's often still a struggle. What helps is learning new ones (I think they call them 'chord progressions'). And I've built up enough variety so I don't get bored doing the same thing over and over again. I know I have to do the same things over and over again until I master them, but it's still boring. But I'm getting more, dare I say, musical?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice & hot.
To Victoria B.C. Via ferry & bus. $7.45. Leave Anacortes 8:15 a.m. With Hal & Gertrude. Lovely trip good congenial company. Saw [Aken?] & [unk] Mr.s Davidson. Merc lub[?] at Bud Ledes W.W.
Our weather patterns are quite divergent: it was cloudy and showery all day, which is very good as far as I'm concerned. No watering today or tomorrow! It was very humid though (ca. 80%) and even though it was only 70 and no sun I wore a short sleeved shirt all day. It's usually not very humid here in the summer, only around 20-30% most days. I enjoyed it.

I did NOT enjoy waking up at 3:45. Damn it damn it damn it! I thought I'd be all nice and relaxed and such, but no, I woke up and immediately started worrying about stuff. Well, and Daisy came in yakking up a storm then. So *sigh*. Had a decent workout due to the Diet Pepsi and iced tea though, so it wasn't a total waste. Came home by bus -- a youngish girl, coincidentally, got on the bus at the same campus stop as I and also got off at 68th & 35th, too -- and did some Coptic stuff, did some Cascadia stuff, ate lunch, and then went off to drop stuff off at Cascadia and hit Sam's Club. Okay, I stopped at St. Vinnie's and Goodwill looking for speakers, too, but nothing of interest. Came home and mostly piddled around, including fiddling with guitar. Last night I started learning part of Rush's 2112, which is kind of my dream to play the "Discovery" section. It's a really nice acoustic/electric part and I've always thought it's a neat sound. Doesn't appear to be too technically difficult and it should give me good practice changing chords to ones I haven't really used before. Plus I like it.

Tired today and got to feeling a bit down, but I attributed it to the weather, lack of sleep, and not doing a whole lot constructive today. Tomorrow morning I plan on removing as much of the wood that's still left on the ceiling.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14 August 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:
Get Hong Kong coat?! 9:30 a.m. $10.97. Back home to WWI picnic Pioneer grounds. Back home 1:30 p.m. have tree top from hill.
No idea what a Hong Kong coat is nor why he would have wanted one. A WWI picnic, there's something you won't see anymore. I've been reading a book having to do with WWI and we forget what an impact it had before WWII.

Anyway, I FINALLY slept through the night last night. Had a halfway productive Skype with Kenya although it took a bit to get things moving. I think R. is starting to get how the programs and such work. After that I turned into a complete airhead (which is not that unusual). I went to the IMA and was going to go straight to Harborview from there. Then I thought that I had deleted the files I copied from my desktop to a thumb drive and also thought I hadn't copied them to the notebook yet. Which would have made going downtown a waste of time. Went back to the locker room and turned on the computer to check, but the battery was down so it wouldn't turn on. I could have hunted around for an outlet, but that would have meant digging in the bag, blah blah blah. So I just trundled home -- running from the 65 bus home -- copied the files again -- and ran to the 71 bus. Just made it! I actually think I had the right files on the drive, but I had no way to check. But, made it down in plenty of time. Meeting with the biostat went well, too, I'm on the right track.

Had a later lunch with Anne, although I'd already eaten because I was dying. She's trying to get an apartment with her sister. It's very sweet, I think they have a nice family. Spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the data for the new linear modeling, bus home, etc. I think it's raining now!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Perfect morn. Cool.
Gas in Merc. Get check 9:15. Chuck & me to S.S. Then Leah & me to OSO. Nice picnic OSO school.
Well, he had a better day than I did, that's for sure. Another lousy night's sleep, capped off by waking up before 4. Kinda forgot to take a shower as I wasn't thinking too clearly -- I don't shower before going to the gym but today I was going to the field. So I just didn't bother. Got out to the site okay (been there many times, T-ramp) but it's been 3 weeks since I'd been out so maybe I was "worried" about that. They didn't even start doing anything until 9 and I was there at 6:30. Mostly incredibly boring. I left around 12:30 though because they were just pulling out vegetation all afternoon. We did find something though, a bunch of trash and junk. There were some big pieces that they didn't recognize so they called C. the archaeologist who called me to go check it out (I was down in the wetland at the time). Few cans, bottles, some concrete with funny aluminum rods sticking out, wood, and part of the front of a car, I think. Kept me slightly busy for a half hour or so.

I went to my car for lunch, parked on Bellevue Way, and two motorcycle cops were parked behind me radaring people. I think they nailed four people in the 20 minutes I was up there.

So, left at 12:30, home by 1, spent the rest of the afternoon showering, doing up my paperwork, and slowly getting dinner ready. Also did some watering in the back, it's dry dry dry. After this I need to go hand water some stuff out front, too. Might get some rain later this week. Otherwise, another sunny day around 80.

Monday, August 12, 2013

12 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Cut 2 logs in field. Vacuum-shave-bath. Chicken snak[sic] 6 p.m. PALMER SATHER
Tell Shell "Vance" want gas & oil in Sept. 
At the moment I am typing this I am also attempting to transfer the 2112 album (Rush) from my iPod to my iTunes on my Mac. It is not cooperating. I don't know how it got onto my iPod because I don't have it as a CD but I can't seem to get it off of there. iTunes is a constant source of irritation. I'm glad I got a Droid instead of an iPhone.

Anyway. Slept badly last night, kept waking up, etc., etc. Had a decent workout though. Contractor dude came by around 8:30 -- same one who stood us up a couple of weeks ago -- and he seemed competent. Quoted $5100 for drywalling the whole basement ceiling and the garage, too. We can drywall the ceiling if we put little access panels for the junction boxes.

Aha, I do, in fact, have the CD! Fancy that, I'd forgotten I'd bought it. Oh well. . . .

I mostly worked on Coptic stuff all morning, getting the progress report run for our Skype meeting Wednesday, then switched to alcohol stuff. I think I've got the new routines figured out, but I won't have Tuesday free to do anything as the plumbing inspector came today so I said I could work tomorrow on the 520 project. I was going to stay home all week and drywall myself, but I'll wait until the contractor dude is out working and then I can get help if I need it.

I spent some time writing up two posts for Car Lust as well, one on the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, for a couple of weeks from now, and one for the Toyota Celica, which is the first car I ever thought about buying. Went to UVil to get some stuff after dinner. *yawn*

Off to practice gee-tar. . . . .

The difference between me and my old college friend Virgil: when he learned guitar, he learned James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg songs; I'm learning Rush.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

11 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice a.m. Chuck Gould & Clyde here for BKFST 8 a.m. Shoot 22 (up hill) Cut alder? Two logs hauled down.
I assume he was shooting a .22 caliber rifle.

Did not apparently rain or thunder here overnight, at least I didn't hear anything and did not see the ground wet this morning. Oh well. I think I woke up about a thousand times last night anyway, and up for good by 4:40 or so. Which isn't bad for a weekend day, sadly. We went out for BKFST at Burgermaster and then came home and did not much of anything, although the Spousal Unit cleaned the bathroom. I think I mostly practiced my gee-tar for about an hour and was actually making some progress changing chords; I'm almost up to speed on the Something For Nothing chorus intro. Decided on my next Car Lust post, the 1972-81 Toyota Celica. Mainly because it was the first car I ever actually thought about buying, back in the late 1970s. I remember reading the Consumer Reports and seeing it was highly rated. Never did though. Buy one, I mean. But I'm trying to write more car-centric posts for CL, perhaps a bit shorter ones. I want to do this partly because I have time these days, but I also want to get my post count up and I'm tired of open threads and what-not.

At any rate, we just did the usual UVil shopping thing in the afternoon. Nothing exciting although I got a new aerator for the second bathroom sink. Came home and did some yard work, mostly watering and then cut down a couple of branches, one on the big blue spruce and then a couple of branches on the neighbor's cherry trees. Made salmon for dinner than went for a walk. Nothing terribly exciting.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Chuck Gould bkfst. [No?] to Sultan 9 a.m. Leah & Lou no buy anything! Help Leah make 30 qts Apple Sauce Lou's apples.
Lou bring 3 pcs cake 7 p.m. also dog & coffee & cake.
Hoe weeds in corn. H2O all day in corn. Lightening 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. HARVEY CONNOVER here 3 p.m.
Sultan is a town north of Seattle. We also had lightning here overnight last night. It woke me up at some point and then later I heard it raining, which is good because we need it.

OMG I slept until after 5:30 this morning! Musta been the rain or something. Even the Spousal Unit only barely overslept me. Kind of a lazy morning, just cleaning, mostly downstairs. Have cleaned stuff (notably the countertop in the laundry room) that probably hasn't been cleaned in years so all this construction and junk is worthwhile in that respect.

Out plumbing isn't quite up to snuff: we found out last night that the kitchen hot water doesn't really  doesn't work; it turns on but doesn't get hot. And this morning we found the same thing (almost) in the shower: that seems to have been hooked up wrong because it gets colder the farther you turn the handle (opposite what it should be) and the spout is too loose. So I'll call them on Monday.

Nothing else exciting happened, got our hair cut down in the U District, lunch at Pagliacci and I got some new Rite in the Rain paper from the U Bookstore. We went up to Target after that for my contacts, and then hit an estate sale on the way back. It was in our neighborhood (31st and 68th-ish) and was a pretty neat house. Much decor from the 1960s, I think. Might go back and get a clock, and I saw a really neat dresser I liked, but probably won't get that as we've nowhere to put it. The basement was finished and it was also dated but I enjoyed being down there; it seemed very homey in an old fashioned sense, as if it were finished in the 1960s and not really touched much after that (kind of like ours). It also had a separate garage which was really something of a what they call 'man caves' these days, with lots of tools and such but a little more than just a work area. I enjoy estate sales primarily because I like, well, poking around peoples' houses and seeing what they were like, the sorts of things they did when they were younger, etc. Didn't buy anything though.

When we got back I cut another patch for the hole cut out at the top of the garage door, that one fits perfectly. And I drank (2/3 of) a beer, Miller, the same kind we found behind the panels. I was going to put the old can and a new one back there but the Spousal Unit wants to keep the old one out. Walked at NGate.

Friday, August 9, 2013

9 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Fog 7 a.m.
Chase cattle to barn. "FLY KNOCKER" H2O tank. Fire permit Jim Mountgomery a.m. Milk cream whip SafeWay.
Maud Armstrong here sandwich & coffee!
To Dr. Shepler 1:45 p.m. Check tires at Shell, 2 qts trans fluid 75 cents.
Fly Knocker. Hmmmmm.

It is, as they say, finished. Plumbers came back this morning to do a few more things and that's it. Mostly. For some reason the kitchen hot water still does not work in the kitchen. And that was the main thing that started it all! Anyway, new toilet in the second bathroom. Haven't used it yet. Heh. They left around 10 and I had already started the Big Cleanup. Still lots to do, but at least the main floors are clean and most of the basement is put back together and vacuumed. I also cleaned up the laundry room -- site of much activity -- and even did some extra stuff that was absolutely filthy.

Oh, slept until the alarm and had an awe.some workout.

So I cleaned most of the day after they left. Around 1:30 I went to the UVil for a break and to exchange the coins. Had a pleasant half hour or so sitting outside SBux, by myself, but nice. I fear some teen girl was trying to get my attention because she came back and sat right near me. Very pretty little thing, she will be popular with the teen boys (probably already is).

This afternoon I did, however, spend some time playing my very first song! Really, all the way through. U2's Running to Stand Still which is ridiculously simple -- just a bunch of D, G, and A chords -- but I was able to sorta keep up and it sounds right. I'd like to practice that one a lot to train my fingers in chord changing.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

8 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Cool cloudy a.m. P.m. hot sunshine.
Cut [brow?] log a.m. some stray pieces. Leah & Lou to Lefebar ( Le fe bas [phonetic speilling]) water carrots Dahlias & Zucchini. Hoe 2 rows corn. Nick sending Chev to paint it a dark blue. $10.00 gallon paint!
That's typical weather here: cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. It was that way today, too.

Another busy day. Slept okay, until 4, had a decent workout, came home and started working at work work. Trouble running S1 programs again (couple of misnamed files and variables changing type again, grrr). Plumbers showed up around 8:30 and were busy all day. They got almost everything done, just need to install a new toilet and a couple of other things tomorrow morning and then it's done. I may be a big miffed because I think the kitchen sink problem could have been fixed (at least for a while) by cleaning out the filter. But, I think we would have had more leaks, ruining more ceiling tiles, spending hundreds more over time, so I still think it's been worthwhile. I started the drywall patching process today by cutting out a patch for one hole. . .only five more to go! Seems pretty straightforward actually. Will probably try the main walls downstairs next week.

I left for lunch and a couple errands around 11:40 and got back around 1:30. Saw a bus sideswipe a car.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7 August 2013 (Wednesday)

I'm going to forego On This Day again as I'm beat. Busy couple of days. I didn't enter anything last night because we had our Night Out, which is a block party originally started by SPD to get people to know their neighbors. It started at 6 so I didn't have much time after working all day to sit at the computer.

Anyway, yesterday: After working out, I came home and after the plumbers got here, I started removing more of the ceiling slats. I'd decided Monday to get a junk removal service to come get the stuff so I decided to get as much of the rest of it down before they got here (rescheduled for Thursday). So I spent most of yesterday tearing that stuff down, doing so systematically so I could do it as long as needed. I got most of it down except in some places where it is connected to other things that need to stay up for now, or in places I can get later, which will need more time. Was pleased with it. The junk guys came today: $350 to haul it all away. Pricey yes; I plan on hauling any other junk away myself once we get a new vehicle for such things. But it's all gone!

The Night Out was pleasant. I made the fruit salad we make for funerals at Assumption and it went over well, mostly gone. I met a few new people including Paula, one of The Borings, as I call them, from the other end of the street. I dunno, they just seem. . . .boring. Pretty but not overly attractive wife, same for the husband, uninteresting kids, uninteresting vehicles. . . .boring. She was pleasant though. I only stayed until 8 because my back was hurting.

Today we had a Skype call with Kenya that went poorly, no one was prepared, so we'll try again next week. I worked most of the morning and until 2 but will do more tomorrow because there were too many interruptions and such with the plumbers here. They did lots more cutting and drilling and it was getting very unnerving. Later in the day I decided it would be a nice challenge to learn drywalling myself and I'm kind of looking forward to patching things up. Might even re-do all the basement walls and put more insulation in since we discovered there's only like an inch of it there now.

Found two items so far: a box cutter knife with a fleur de lis design on it sitting on top of one of the piece of wood attached to the ceiling. Probably left there by accident and has been sitting there quietly for 60 years. The other is a Miller beer can that I had seen behind a wall but couldn't get to. I think that was deliberately left there.

S, lots of work and more yet to come. I'll probably stress out a lot over it, but I think it will be worthwhile doing. Unless I start working again soon and we'll hire someone. Heh.

Monday, August 5, 2013

5 August 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
Nice day. Hot.
1 cord wood $12.50. Carl Mattson fill today. MaCaw here. Anna Robbin funeral. 1 p.m. coffee at Bryant Fire Hall.
Well, we are in agreement on the weather, 85 today.

Very busy, too, thankfully I slept mostly through the night until 4:30 so I felt pretty good. I rode my bike to the IMA, had a really great workout, came home and the plumbers arrived around 8:15. I had a dental appt. at 9 so I left for that; everything checked out, I had a different hygienist who kept telling me what great teeth and gums I have (thanks, floss!). Went well. Chatted with Mary some, that was pleasant. Her daughter's going off to college so she's a little freaked out. After that, I came home and we worked our butts off cleaning out the garage. We tried removing some ceiling boards, but could only get them out with difficulty and breaking some, so we're going to let the plumbers just cut out wherever they need to. But cleaning was a big job and we got rid of a LOT of junk in there. I also called 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to come and haul away all the junk that we've been discarding. I'm having them come Thursday to give me time to get rid of more of the ceiling boards in the other two rooms down there. Hence, I will be working hard again tomorrow.

Went to McD's for lunch, continued working until around 2 or 3 when we relaxed a bit before cleaning some more. Now the basement is kind of all messed up, but not too bad. Daisy actually fit herself under the couch down there! I had no idea she could fit. We chased her out so she could hang out in the TV room instead. Had leftovers for dinner and then went to UVil to get fruit and junk for the Night Out tomorrow.

And now, I remove my contact lenses and go downstairs to watch Top Gear and fiddle with my gee-tar. . . .

Sunday, August 4, 2013

4 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Hot & dry.
Haul wood from pasture. Haul in corn & cord from Carl Mattsen [unk] 1/6 cord 12.50. Leah to Katherine Bunke. Also see Manda Smith. Gertrude at Bank. 2 silver certificate in Bank. Grange meeting. Home 11:30 p.m.. Switched officers?! * 3 graces men in women's clothes. 


Same weather here, if you call 84 hot. It was SeaFair Day (hydro races) so few people at UVil which was pleasant for a change. I actually slept until after 5 this morning! Of course, I woke up like 5 times all night. Stayed in for breakfast and I spent most of the morning writing up a Car Lust post on the 1973-77 Pontiac Grand Prix, one of my favorite cars. I had planned on washing and waxing the car but decided I should wash it this afternoon (which I did) and wax it tomorrow, both in the afternoon when it's in the shade. When I was washing it I found a metal support to the bottom of the front quarter panel had snapped off, or at least the bolt holding it on had broken or come off. I really want to retire that thing for car shows and that's about it. I think I've convinced the Spousal Unit that we really do need a new vehicle.

We also went up to the Fred Meyer on Lake City and I got a new hose, one of those compact things that expand when filled with water and is very light and small when dry. Seems to work well for washing the car and using on the front lawn since I can keep it in the garage and move it around easily. This evening we walked down to the Metropolitan Market on 40th and 55th for some cat treats. They're special ones, Daisy really likes them.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Hot.
Cut vine maple. Tree haul down to cut up. Haul to house.
To Arl[ington] -- Perry & Edna here 2 p.m. lunch, leave 3:30 p.m. Leah & me to Otto Bluemke, Hattie cramps. Saw Lee & David. Mail letter to Marion Mt. Vernon. R6 Box 308 Mt. Vernon. H2O in corn all day turn off 7 p.m.
Barometer 30.01. 8:40 p.m.
Busy day. Slept until almost 5 (good), ate breakfast here, and spent most of the morning tearing down wood from the basement ceiling; doesn't seem like a lot of work but it is. Got most of it down in the main room, and then I thought perhaps we can just tear out boards from the garage ceiling instead of cutting a hole? May try that tomorrow.

Went for lunch at NGate (Greek) and then an estate sale, a small one near NGate. We bought a Nepalese rug for $75! FOr the front window under the cats' guard towers. Looks great! Of course, when we pulled up the old carpet remnant that was there we realized they'd thrown up on it a dozen times, soooo. . . . .we gave them both a lecture.

Once we got home we went down to the Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream and then to Calvary for some more data collection, just the basic demographic stuff from 1920-29 this time. Only spent like an hour doing that. My arm was getting tired of holding the iPad, I may start using my Droid for that stuff. Came home, made dinner, went for a walk. Practicing chords. The usual.

Friday, August 2, 2013

2 August 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Hot.
Cut alder 8 a.m. - 12 noon. Verteran's check to bank $78.25. See Otto at Thrifty Foods. [unk] no change. 10 p.m. phone Aunt Anna [Deed?] Perry Jr. to Turnip seed. Lou & Leah honey $1.35. Lou eat supper with us 6 p.m. County Dump [unk unk] wire etc! Black top.
Note that he says 'supper' instead of dinner. Out here nowadays everyone says 'dinner'. When I moved here in 1985 I was still using 'supper' as well.

Slept most of the night, had an AWE.SOME workout. Came home, ate two bagels, and then went over to Assumption for a funeral, stopping at the Safeway SBux for sustenance. They were expecting a big one but there were only like 75 people there. I just cut fruit up and then made it in for the second half of the Mass. I like going to the funeral Mass. Pretty good day for that.

After that I came home briefly and took some stuff over to Cascadia, chatted with them a bit, and then went to a small estate sale. Nothing there although they had a cool old reed pump organ. It was in beautiful condition, may have been refinished, but it looked gorgeous. Also a piano. I just came home after that, did the dishes and practiced guitar for a while. I'm getting better, slowly but steadily.

Walked at the mall. Unlike in 1967 it finally rained here today, albeit only 0.06" officially. I think it got the lawn at least reasonably watered, at least enough that I don't have to do it for a couple of weeks. Will probably still have to do the plants over the weekend though, because I don't think this was really enough to penetrate the soil deeply.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

31 July 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. HOT.
See tailor 2508 Colby. New suit coat. Try for fit? Nice day a.m. Water rododendron[sic] fire place?
Stop at Sky & Myrtle's visit Wm. FECHT (FATE 3 p.m.)
Gertrude Sundberg pick raspberries 1 1/2 flat.
Look at fence! Open hay field to cattle 5 p.m.
Gertrude leave 9 p.m.. Tea & ice cream & cake!
Last day of relative over-employment and back to under-employment: last day of 75% at GH, tomorrow I drop down to 13%. That makes for 6 hours per week. Which works out okay, I suppose, at least it keeps me around. Had a halfway decent day, too. The new admin person took me out for coffee for my last day (ish) and we had a nice chat. She's sooo young, like 25. Just starting grad school, I felt so old. Worked on a few things, minor alcohol analyses, mostly fiddling with the quarterly report code to make it a bit easier to read. Leftovers lunch was awful so I got another raspberry scone from the coffee shop downstairs.

I slept remarkably well last night, moving out to the TV room around 12:15 and then sleeping until the alarm at 5. Had a fabu workout. Some crazy lady was on the bus, actually fairly lucid albeit weird. She knew she was being odd and said lots of stuff for our benefit. I, of course, immediately posted some of it to Facebook:
-- Crazy bus lady not wanting to "molest the boundaries of others"
-- And she doesn't mind talking about "what's really going on".
-- "Ooo, a guy with a job, get me one, that's hot. " 
Rather entertaining! 
Was very cool today, only cracking 70 and mostly cloudy, 12 degrees below what they predicted. Thunderstorms moving in the area but none over us yet. 
You know, I'm not all that anxious about not working as much this time around. I guess I don't automatically see it as some sort of personal failing anymore. Not that thinking such was wildly wrong before -- I was, to some extent, instrumental in my piss-poor employment situation -- but I feel good about the work I've been doing.

1 August 2013 (Thursday)

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. 30.15 barometer
Leah hose out garage & wood shed!
Cut some alder.
Well, first day of semi-unemployment was spent. . . .working! I am at 6 hours/week and so today I put that in. Started out Skypeing with Michael, the PI, and it went. . .okay. Changed up the alcohol project analysis, which I thought was getting close to a final configuration. But it makes sense. But he also said he's talked to Grace and they have money at some point and I'm first in line to get it. In sum. So, happy me. Perhaps all of my rehab work is finally starting to pay off.

At any rate, decent night's sleep and a pretty good workout. Biked both ways so I took the leg workout a little easier. Spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to measure CD4 count at each month past first access which should not have been difficult, but it took quite a while. Went to McD's for lunch. After I finished working around 1, I started cleaning the house as I'd promised myself I would. . . .at the Rush concert, come to think of it. It's one of my goals, to make my living space pleasant and clean and uncluttered. Why not?

Went to UVil for dinner stuff, taco salad materiel, although I didn't think we needed cheese which we did, so I ordered a pizza instead. Still hasn't rained yet. Hope hope hope.

Daisy wanted a lot of attention today, which I was happy to provide. She spent like 10 minutes in the sink -- we call her 'sinker bear' (from 'stinker bear') when she gets in the bathroom sink, and is right now sitting next to my chair gazing up at me in anticipation of pets.