Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 April 2013 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1967 (Sunday):
Nice day. Hi 55.
Church & eat with Bertha & Lena Rutherford, $2.25 chicken.
4-23 6740.74 Needed
6785.84 Rec'd (4-23-67)
Busy BUSY day. Had to be over in Blahvue at 7 so we left at the usual time (6-ish), stopped at UVil SBux for a tea, made it over there by 6:25. First time over the 520 bridge in like 5 years; we more or less quit using it when -- actually before -- tolling started. This is being reimbursed so that's the only reason we used it now. Had a safety training, introduction, and then a field trip to the various locations of the project. Was supposed to take from 7-11 but it went to after 12; hence, I didn't eat anything until after that and then only half a bagel. Didn't get downtown to other job until almost 1:30 AND after hiking from the bus tunnel all the way up to Harborview. So that was that. Did some work, blah blah blah.

Think I'll paint the steps this evening since I don't have much else to do.

Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
[catch?] Sybil & tatoo[sic] ears.
Sybil is, I believe, a cow.

Busy day today. Woke up around 4, which wasn't too bad. Got up at 4:30 so I could get showered, breakfast ready, etc., since I was taking mom to the airport. We'd been pondering how to arrange it and some time in the middle of the night I decided I would just take her myself and work from home, so I did. We left around 6:45 and it was only 1/2 hour drive down there, not much traffic. She got off okay, and Hank & Nancy were already there. Drive home took almost an hour as it was jammed from Boeing field all the way to downtown, and was home by 8:15.

Most of the day was pretty normal, just did some fairly basic work. We went to McD's for lunch, a little treat that we haven't done in a while.Stopped around 4.

I learned that mom's back problems are a result of arthritis, which is probably why she's slowed down and is careful on steps. I don't think she's all that 'frail' or anything, probably just the back is somewhat painful. Admittedly, it was nice to have the house back to normal despite enjoying her trip. She called later and actually had driven home to FdL, I thought she'd stay overnight at H&N's to avoid driving at rush hour.

Also found out Cascadia has a Good to Go account set up for our commuting over 520 so at least I don't have to worry about that tomorrow, so I'll get driven over. Just have to find a way back downtown. . . .

Sunday, April 28, 2013

28 April 2013 (Sunday)

On the last two days in 1967:
(27 April) To Snoh[omish] get [Merc?]. See Insurance Co. $21.00  + [conf] of 3 days auto. Paid taxes 172.19.
(28 April) 1966 tax $229.88. $50.00 tax exemption. Statement with tax payment before April 30. Statement from where?
1967 tax: 192.81 - Bldgs, 18 acres
86.04 40 acres
24.59 80 acres
16.37 Personal
$344.40 [total]
Schools - 179.75
Hosp 30.23
Fire Dist 11.19
Forest Fire - 11.59
Library 51.19
Rain & pt cloudy, cut alder [unk]
Yeesh, lots of stuff there to comment upon but I shan't because I'm catching up on two days. We went over to my cousin Jen & Jerry's yesterday afternoon for dinner with her parents (my uncle and aunt Hank & Nancy).

But first things first: I slept until 5! (yesterday) So nice. Not extraordinary but okay for me. We went to Burgermaster for breakfast and mom didn't even bat an eye when I got a chili dog. Deeelish. Then we came home and started ripping up the carpet on the back steps. Took a bit longer than I expected, 1.5 hours total. They used a lot of big nails to put in the little strips holding it down (can't remember what they're called) so that took a while to pry them all out. And lots of staples. We went to UVil for lunch at the Italian place, a bit of shopping for the dessert we made, and then home to veg out. The evening was rather pleasant, their kids were very active, and Hank was doing okay. I can tell he's. . . .problematic at times, When we first got there he wasn't saying much and walking around a lot, but then he got more animated and was pretty okay. Kind of spacey at times, but okay. I enjoyed it.

Coming back, well, that was different. They live in a newer development with lots of curvy streets and we more or less got lost, no thanks to the navigator. Eventually turned the wrong way onto Sahalee and ended up going all the way down to Issaquah (this was in Sammamish). So it took almost an hour to get back. Hence, not home until almost 9:45 -- late for all of us! Mom apparently slept badly.

This morning I slept until 6, which sounds great but I know I didn't get to sleep until at least 11. Kind of a blah morning. Actually all day. We decided to meet J&J and kids at the Ballard farmer's market. Mom probably didn't really want to but went ahead anyway. I don't think she enjoyed it. Well, we didn't either. Just a bunch of yuppie granola heads and junk. Bought some rhubarb though, and a slice of pizza for lunch (mom wasn't hungry and was stuffy and almost laryngitisy all day). They showed up late (thinking we probably weren't going) and we never met up with them. Did nothing except cook when we got back, dinner and rhubarb pie. Whatever I'd eaten earlier went right through me after dinner (hint hint, TMI), but we walked to Safeway for some bread anyway.

Kind of sad about mom, she's much slower now than even a year ago. Walks very slowly, one step at a time down stairs. Walks very slowly. Doesn't seem frail or tired, just. . . .slow.

Friday, April 26, 2013

26 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day.
Cut vine maple & burn brush! Mow lawn p.m. Phone Methodist Church for 3 reservations Gov. Evans Jim [Dolliver?]
Rue & John 7 p.m. dinner.
Dangitall, woke up at 3:45 and didn't go back to sleep. Grrrr. Watched the end of Airplane II, ha. So many good lines from that movie. Mom came down around 6, I think, she'd also been up a while, but had gone to sleep shortly after 8. Spousal Unit made waffles and after eating them I felt very bad, sick stomach, blehh. I went in and laid down, eventually napping for a half hour or so. Didn't feel too good all day as a consequence. I believe it may have been the jalapenos I ate at lunch yesterday.

We left to go up to around Mt. Vernon to look at tulips, finally finding a place called Tulip Town, a farm that charges admission, but has a shop, a little cafe, and tulip fields right there so you don't have to drive around finding them. Nice little place. Then we drove over Deception Pass (stopping for a few photos) and then found a little place in Oak Harbor for lunch. Very nice waitress there, seemed very bubbly and also quite good. So-so portobello soup, but it was what my stomach could handle. We stopped at Fort Ebey State Park on the way down Whidbey Island to the ferry and it was oh-so pleasant. Sunny, some clouds, around 65 degrees. Little bit of wind, but otherwise perfect. Beach was mostly deserted. We found some really big (dead) chitons that I'd never seen before; I think they're gumboot chitons (Cryptochiton stelleri), several inches long, look like lobster tails. Loooong drive to the ferry after that, mainly because I was so tired by that time. Short ride but pleasant, temporarily delayed by a lower-the-rescue-boat drill, which was kind of cool. Sick of driving by that time.

Once we got home, well, we chilled for a bit and then went to Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union for dinner. O.M.G. Just what I needed, it was delicious. YUM. Drove back through campus, yadda yadda yadda, went for a short walk.

Altogether a lovely day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. Cloudy. 26 bales @ 37 1/2 cents[?] Take 1/2 ton hay to Howard Cline Recd 9.75 Leah throat sandy.
Ground damp a.m.
Shower 1:30 p.m. just after hay in Cline's [unk].
As I type this I am listening to music from Twin Peaks, aka, Julee Cruise and Floating Into the Night. Playing it because we -- mom, Spousal Unit, me -- went up to N Bend today. Lunch at North Bend Bar & Grill, which was slow for one of the few times because they only had one waiter working. Still delicious beet -- yes, beet -- salad for me, dressed up with jalapenos from the Spousal Unit's plate. YUM. Went over to the outlet mall after that; I got another $6 hoodie sweatshirt, which I love. Mostly for working in. Then we hit the Falls which were running pretty well. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day, up to around 71. Perfect, not too hot or cold.

I slept in the basement most of the night and Jack had to come down and let me know that that was a different thing to be doing. Slept until 5 though. Did some work and then Skyped with Kenya for an hour....I had a couple of things to say! And then I went to the IMA to work out since I hadn't showered yet anyway. They came to get me there and off we went.

Once we got back I took my old Schwinn bike down to a bike shop and the guy mostly fixed it in about 20 minutes. Just had a couple of problems. However, the derailleur is pretty much shot so I need to get a replacement from another place. They don't make anything for these bikes anymore so replacement parts is my only hope. But it was pretty good to know it was still in decent shape. So, I can probably ride it most of the summer. Stopped and got brats for dinner, made those, went for walk.

Daisy is still not coming out much, except overnight. Jack is doing okay.

Had quite a few nostalgia moments today, of course because of mom being here. It kind of helped when she said they had really wanted to move here before I was born, makes me kind of less frustrated that I'm still here since I could have been raised here instead of Wisconsin. I wonder what that would have been like? Would I have still gone into archaeology? Maybe we'd have ended up back in Wisconsin anyway as we went to FdL anyway because Dad had a job there. Lots of interesting what-ifs. OMG, I would have been a Pac 10 fan! Well, Rose Bowls would have been more fun. . . .

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
63 [merc] to Shoh. [comet?] home 6 [unk]
6 cents mile -- 3 days insurance co will pay.
Mow lawn both lawn mowers work OK. To Honor Camp meeting. Arlington Heights hall with Hobbs 8 p.m.
Harold Cline wants loan. Hal Sundberg has $30.00 Shower 10 p.m.
Slept okay, fabulous workout, work was okay, picked up Mom at SeaTac about an hour late at 6 p.m. Kinda lateish getting back so short entry.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23 April 2013 (TUESDAY)

On this day in 1967:
Pt Cloudy. Nice day. Edw. & Maxine & Scott
Lee David & Roger
catch frog.
Caught a frog???

Well, if I caught a frog I'd probably write it in here, too.

Another beautiful sunny day around 64 degrees. Last night was fun. Woke up probably around 2:30 or 3 -- the moonlight through the skylight was already up by the couch at the east end of the room -- and as I was walking through the kitchen to the TV room I thought "Well, at least it's Sunday so I don't have to wake up at. . .aw, crap." Miss Ambien helped me back to sleep, but it took a while and I was still sound asleep when the alarm went off at 5. Sheesh. I'd been having another action/adventure dream and woke up sweating.

Still, had a marvelous workout (legs), nice ride downtown, and got a decent amount done again today. We bagged a new way of determining PCR tests because the Kenya people thought we should keep doing it the old way, so I happily just used the old code that I'd saved. A new table took a while though, partly due to a mistake on my part that I didn't find for a couple of hours. That's programming (still). Still not a lot of people there today, so it was pretty quiet. Probably quite a few tomorrow.

I still felt tired all day despite getting fairly adequate sleep. Partly it's due to my contacts being old I think. Went for a pleasant walk around 2:30. Bus ride home was uneventful, we walked, and then set up the TV room for mom.

Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
A.m. Meet Otto Bluemke
To Lynden! Cheese $3.55. 2 5-lb Red Boy 3.55 - 7.10 .30 tax, $7.40
160 miles R. Trip Otto paid $2.50 on gasoline?
I think it it was $2.50, couldn't see the decimal actually.

Managed to sleep until 4:30 this morning, waking up around 2 after dreaming another action-adventure dream having to do with an aquatic bull or something, among other things. Woke up breathing hard and sweating. Sheesh. Anyway, Diet Coke, good workout, blah blah blah. Did anything exciting happen at the gym? Hmmm. No.

Reasonably productive day at work, I got the next-to-last progress report table done, which was a bit of a struggle. Had to calculate age 6-weeks to 3-months, and some test stuff. Then got all turned around for a while because one table that had been working all of a sudden wasn't; finally figured out I'd been making up test data last week and it was using that instead. Pretty quiet, not many people there, although Laura and Daisy showed up in the afternoon.

Sunny today, part of a 3-day stretch of nice weather. Around 70 by Wednesday, they say. Will feel very good for a change. I might wear short sleeves as the office gets very warm. Need to dig some out though. . . .

Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Sunshine a.m.
Milk Wanda. 2 lbs send sample to Olympia, get tatto![sic] Cut wood til 11 a.m. then to [Maple?] tire spare?
Riding lawn mower repaired at Harold Tolson 21.31. Set points $1.85. condensor 1.25 plu 1.10 muffler $1.25 Lube 15.00 tax .86 H.A. Stanger saw Walt Bunton at Olson's. Phone Chas[?] H. Smith Phone Bickford - Dennie Perrigue. Also Parts D.
Mow lawn with rider front back done N & S not?
Hooray the riding mower is fixed! Not sure what the Wand business is all about but he was a milk inspector so one presumes he milked Wanda the cow and sent it to Olympia for testing. Did he really get a tattoo?

Had a nasty little anxiety thingie last night at 2, but went back to sleep relatively quickly (thanks, Miss Ambien!). And so, slept in until *gasp!* 5:30. Even went to Mass so I'm all holy 'n junk. When I came back from that I think I just watched TV for a bit*? Yes, until about 11:30, then the usual UVil, etc. We cleaned the basement some while listening to AC/DC's Back in Black (RAAAAAAWKS!!!) which the Spousal Unit didn't care for. Mostly just dusted, vacuumed, straightened up, blah blah blah. Then did some dinner preparation: I made kofta again and it turned out perfectly. Also made an apple cobbler. We never ever had cobbler as a kid, but I quite like it. And it's pretty easy. I made it with Splenda (fake sugar) and I think it turns out fine.

I listened to Jesus Christ Superstar on vinyl while baking and cooking, and I am listening to it right now as I just purchased it on iTunes. It admittedly hasn't aged well, at least not like some of their other musicals. Still, I like it for a number of reasons. Some of the songs are very well done and emotionally involving. I recall my Dad hated it, but when I first listened to it (my sister had gotten it, the one with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple as Jesus) it was really the first time I really understood what was going on with the Passion. The vinyls are in such good shape I thought I should get it digitally so I don't play them very often (not that I would anyway. . . .).

* No, I ArchaeoBlogged a bit, too.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

20 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers, rain. 459 slugs[?] a.m. Cut wood, vine maple, took Bertha to Dr. Everett. Back 11:30 a.m.
Mrs. M.H. Gardner here. Spare tire repaired Ivar Erickson (loan me tire)
Bought hex wrench, Penney's 30-cents.
Take note there, a hex wrench for 30 cents!

Odd day today. I woke up at 2:30, took 1/3 ambien and went back to sleep until 5 (good). Didn't feel all that great all day though, not sure if I ate too much for breakfast -- if I overeat for breakfast my stomach can feel lousy all day -- but I never really felt very well. I did some reading in the morning and cleaned the other bathroom in advance of my mother arriving Wednesday, watched a bit of TV. We went for lunch at Rainin' Ribs up Lake City and thence to a couple of estate sales up thataway. One of Marianne's (nothing) and one other, the one I almost dashed up to yesterday. Good thing I didn't, the receiver (a mid-late '70s Pioneer SX-1250) was sold within 45 minutes of opening yesterday. . . .for $900. Sheesh. I mean, I really like this vintage equipment and all, but I won't spend that kind of money on it. Well, if I were wealthy I might. . . .but then, I just don't think it's really worth it. I probably should have gotten the Denon CD player, but that was $65 at half off anyway. So we got nothing. There was another one on the way back in, but it was mostly a rummage sale out of a home and mostly fabric and junk.

We went to Animal Talk pets where they also rescue cats and one broke my heart. She was the sweetest thing, very affectionate, just meowing in that sort of "take me home with you" fashion. She had three kittens in with her, too. I know she'll find a good home, but I really wanted to give her a home with me! Right before that a song was on the radio that gets me <I>right there</I>, called something like 1000 Years ("I've loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more") from some stupid vampire movie (Twilight) which I don't really like, but it's a fabulous song (by one Christina Perri). Made me very sad for some reason. . . .really, not about anything and not a really bad kind of sad, kind of an. . . .existential sadness. Kind of felt good to get it all out later on.

Anyway, the rest of the day was mostly uninteresting, although I bought eight pairs of new underwear at Nordy's Rack while on our mall walk (raining again), which I think I mentioned yesterday. Nowadays, when I find a piece of clothing I like I buy a lot of them and they last me for years (socks, shoes, underwear, etc.). I buy them in bunches so they all wear out at the same time, then I buy a new batch, lather, rinse, repeat. We also got a new bowl to replace the one I broke and a couple of pillow protectors.

Friday, April 19, 2013

19 April 2013 (Friday)

On this day in 1967 (Wednesday):
To Arlington see Otto Bleumke
Gil Russell.
Mow lawn small mower! Mary Sehlom a.m. phone from Jack Carpenter. Paid Andy got stuff for Leah. 
This was a good day. Slept all the way through the night in the bed until almost 5. Jack was all upset in the middle of the night -- probably because I was still there -- and meowed a lot, but I kept going back to sleep. Yay! Utterly fabulous workout as well. Did not want to stop. Partly because of sleep, also watched Schwarzenegger on a show last night. He's done a lot of things I really disapprove of, but I still love the guy.

When I came back from the gym (chick day down in the man cave, too, for some reason), I cleaned the TV room carpet. Still dark in a few areas, probably won't come out except with a professional cleaning, but it only took like an hour. After that, I futzed around a bit and then contacted some concrete people to come out and look at our rat-infested slab, and then talked to Comcast (cable) and got our bill lowered quite a bit for the next two years. We'll even get HBO.

And I almost dashed off to an estate sale because they had a big-ass Pioneer SX-1250 receiver which was their top of the line. But I averred. Probably very pricey and I don't really need another receiver anyway (it's already sold at the time of this writing). Alas, I just went to McD's for lunch, dropped off some free bus passes at Assumption, and then went to meet F at UVil SBux. Ye gods, the attractive women were out in force today. Tough assignment, I have. Nice chat, even saw a couple of eye candies for her. Came home, piddled around, made dinner (baked rockfish), and then went to NGate for our walk. I bought a couple pairs of new underwear at Nordy's Rack, my old Jockeys are getting a little ragged. These are called Tommy Johns, newish small company. I like the design, but haven't tried them yet.

Rained all day. Felt pretty good, too.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

18 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Mow lawn. Small mower!
Yup, that's it. Riding mower was busted.

I slept in the bed all night again! Until 4:15 or so, but not bad. Jack decided that was all wrong -- me still being there -- and had to squawk about it. And our Skype call was cancelled (CM emailed me at 6) so I worked out at the normal time (awesome). Work wasn't going well most of the morning, could not figure out why I was getting different numbers, SPSS was being retarted, Excel was being retarded, etc. Lots of cussing; one good thing about working at home. I got most of it done though. Not a whole lot else today. Jack and Daisy only came in a couple times for attention.

I'm going to try taking a Tylenol (generic) every day/evening for a few days, as I read a study today suggesting that it had anti-anxiety effects. Ya never know. Otherwise, it was mostly cloudy all day then started to rain steadily later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

17 April 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:
Lawn mower Howard T. Olson truck p.m. Harold Ganglbr not on job[?]
Busted lawn mower.

Halfway decent day today. Woke up around 4:15 again, which wasn't too bad, but you know, the usual wake up early + Diet Coke = Awesome workout. It was Wednesday so lots of females in the Man Cave.

Oddly, GH wasn't that crowded today, I think because there was no KRP (Kenya Research Project) meeting, which usually brings in a lot of people. I worked fairly steadily all day trying to get a data set ready for Engi (Egyptian student) (Egyptian only by birth, she's mostly Texan), which turned out to be useless anyway since we needed a different set of variables than what I guessed at. But mostly getting the CDC progress report tables in order. Figured out a couple of areas where I was off, and fixed them, but one table still has a natty problem. I think C. may have manually removed some from the count due to. . .whatever problems. Around 2:30 went for a short walk, which I call my "Anti-DVT therapy" walk, DVT = deep-vein thrombosis. Which I have no worries about, but it's a neat excuse. Halfway sunny so pleasant.

On the bus I thought that I am dreading the day someone offers me their seat for being old. Grrrr.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Eat at Bertha's (chicken)
Needed 4-9: 6453.90
Rec'd 4-9: 6608.52
Showerr. Wendy Heat.
Ruby Out gum & candy to Mark.
Wendy born June 1 1966
Ruby " " Nov 16, 1966
Didn't really understand that bit about Wendy and Ruby. . . .

Nice day. Slept in the bed the whole night for a change, woke up at 4:15ish -- thanks, Jack! -- so I had an especially good workout due to the extra Diet Coke this morning. note to self: always always ALWAYS ride the bike first.

Everything else went pretty well, too. Got a lot done at work, although I got confused some due to duplicate code and such. All of this needs to be gone through in some detail again as I discovered what may have been a small bug, but maybe not. Mostly worked all day, except for a meeting with C at 10. I should be done with all these reports this week or next, so hopefully I can get to some research. Introduced myself to Kate nearby, she seems not too scintillating of a conversationalist, at least not around me. Lots of people there today, too.

Rode the bus home with Shaniqua, which was a pleasant change as well, so I didn't nap or anything. Cutting off the computering quick so I can watch more of The '80s on NGC. They're doing the whole "greed" thing tonight which kind of irritates me, but we'll see how they handle it.

Mostly sunny, mid 50s.

Monday, April 15, 2013

15 April 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967:
Cool. Nice day.
Cool. Nice day [yes, twice, ed.] Work at church a.m. $574 [unk] roll wire 77 cents. Arl[ington] Hdw
Lou here for supper has tiny dog. Tried to start riding lawn mower, no spark, compression[?], gas?
Nice day here, too, albeit a bit chilly. Bombing at the Boston marathon so all the news networks are falling all over themselves reporting mostly nothing. I have come to not even bother watching or listening much during these things since for the first 24 hours almost nothing of what they report turns out to be true.

Slept okay last night and had a decent workout. One of the current fashions amongst the young women at the gym is very short spandex shorts, such that the bottoms of their butt cheeks often poke out. Half of them are constantly pulling them down so you wonder why they're bothering. One primarily wears them for attention, though, although she works reasonably hard, despite checking her phone between every set. One other one is just incredibly buff and wears them, no doubt partially for the hotness factor, but also probably because they're unrestricting. I'd wear spandex shorts myself -- they're very comfortable to work out in -- but then I'd look like a douche.

Anyway. Decent day at work, utilizing my newfound introvert skills to concentrate on it all day. Got a reasonable amount done, although must meet with C. tomorrow to get some other things straightened out. Not many people there, usually Tues and Wed are crowded.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

14 April 2013

On this day in 1967 (Friday):
Fix fence and sell 1 ton hay to Lloyd A. Walker, game warden $18.00
He must have had at least a reasonably functioning farm, although from what I remember he was more of a government inspector than an actual farmer.

A nice day today: was expecting lots of clouds and showers but it was mostly sunny and pleasant, if a bit cool. Slept through the night again. Jack sat on my nightstand right off the bat meowing, which usually means he wants me to go to the couch so he can curl up next to me. So I went out there with Jack leading the way, gave him a few treats, and then he settled down next to me. I couldn't get to sleep for a while so I eventually had to move him down to my feet so I could roll over. Didn't go to Mass as the Spousal Unit didn't arise until after 7. Probably should have anyway. I putzed around most of the morning and read a couple more chapters of the book; much of it still feeling familiar to me.

We just did the usual UVil thing, although we went to McD's for lunch, as there aren't that many places in UVil to eat anymore. Well, other than sit-down places, that is. It's been getting more and more "upscale" with fewer and fewer places we're likely to even go into. Clothes and trinkets mostly. As of this writing they have three -- THREE! -- women's (primarily) exercise clothing stores. Might be needed as 90% of the women around here walk around in yoga pants or spandex (which I don't really complain about, mind you). Barnes and Noble went out a year or so ago, we went there a lot and only set foot in its replacement -- furniture store called Room and Board -- once just to look around. Oh well. Progress?

When we got back, ca. 1:30, I mowed the lawn because it looked like it might rain, but it didn't, and hasn't since. Also pruned the holly bushes by the north side windows, which really weren't that bad. Dandelions are bad this year, too, for some reason. Cooked ribs, first on the grill and thence to the oven, but they turned out kinda tough. C'est la vie, I guess. Walked up to Riot Aid for mints.

I should reiterate at this point why I am writing this. It's not that I think I have a fascinating life or even a particularly interesting one, although probably a bit more fun than many. It's bothered me the last few years that there are things about my earlier life that I don't really remember, and I decided -- in addition to wanting to keep a journal for a long time -- that I should try to start one. I used someone else's diary as a crutch to get me to regularly write, and that actually helped me to think about what I would want to read about, say, 50 years from now. Mostly what daily life was like, what stores were around, how people did things, etc. And when I'm old I can look back and see what I was doing when I was 50. Besides, it's a good little historical note as we mostly get "official" histories of "important" people, not from normal folks. I don't expect many people to ever read this, but if it provides some insights someday into what life was like in the early part of this century, I'll consider it worthwhile.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

13 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Feed Wanda & Ruby.
Cut wood. Showers?
Guess there were showers. . . . .

Here, too. Even some thunderstorms! Around 5 we had a lightning very close and a big boom and Jack went scurrying. Hee!

I slept quite well last night, thank God. We went out for breakfast and I got a bacon cheeseburger. Delicious, but my guts felt awful afterwards, though I think it was from the previous night's comestibles. Mostly this morning I red the new book, Quiet, which I believe I've already mentioned. Not bad. A lot of it is resonating with me, describing things I have felt and feel very often, how I look at a lot of the personality-driven culture that is being promoted a lot. It's actually making me feel better about who I am. . . .perhaps that's one large source of my anxiety of the last few years, being around a lot of Type A people and feeling. . .inadequate in some sense. At any rate, It's been pretty good so far.

Otherwise, we hit four -- yes, FOUR -- estate sales. Bought two old wool blankets (military) from one, along with a couple of kitchen implements. One place had a couple of nice speakers, old Epicures from the 1970s. Probably very good speakers, but they're too large and heavy so I won't bother. Probably. Nah, too big. I hope they find a good home though, very nicely built. That was mostly it, schlepping from one to another. Nice family at the last one, they were doing it themselves, and I stood outside and talked with I think the grandson and/or grandaughter/spouse or something. Nice folks. Sat around the rest of the afternoon. While out for a walk we got a little bit of hail and rain, but not much. Pretty cool, only around maybe 50.

Friday, April 12, 2013

12 April 2013 (Friday)

On this day in 1967:
Leave 10:30. Stop to see Amy Galamore at R3 Issaquah. Hal Reade name on road.
Mileage [unk] 30,201.12
Leave Portland 29,956.5 = 244.7
[unk] 264.7 + 244.7 = 509.4 round trip
Tough night of sleeping, couldn't get to sleep, woke up around 2:15, blehh. I took 1/3 of an ambien at 2:25 anyway, and it worked at least. Decent workout, but nothing exciting. I did weigh myself and found I'd gained a few pounds to 145.7. Which is pretty good for me and I think it's mostly muscle.

Had little to do this morning, checked the file I uploaded yesterday and it worked, so FINALLY the IRB data might be out. Was trying to figure out what to do when I decided to reload Winblows on the Spousal Unit's computer. Sheesh. How much do I hate Winblows? What an adventure. I won't go into the gory details but Windows remains the most abysmal excuse for an operating system ever. If there's one company that would do mankind and civilization in general a tremendous favor by going out of business, it would be Microsoft. But anyway, enough time wasted on those morons.

Got most of it done before leaving for UVil and SBux but still various annoyances. Nice chat with F. Globs of scenery for me, very little for her. Which is typical, but I figure I should mention it anyhow.

I did start reading a book called "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain. I'd heard about it before. Dunno, it seems kind of self-serving and the fact that she picks Al Gore as an example makes me think she's as gullible as a 3-week old kitten. Or just kinda dumb. But I'm hoping to get something out of it and perhaps recognize that maybe I can use my generally introverted (in most senses) personality to my advantage and not be so hung up on not being a total Type A extrovert. That might be a lot of my problem.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

11 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Western Evangelical Seminar 10:30 chapel service.
8:00 p.m. silver tea. Joan & Leah.
Dr. Eldon Ferman W.E.S.
Slept through the night again although until I finished working out I felt really tired, especially my eyes. But the Skype call went okay, I contributed a bit this week. Workout went GREAT, owing to sleep and lots of tea and Diet Coke beforehand! Went quickly, too, I just went from one thing to the other. And I left at 8:30 and got back by 10:30 so I made up a half hour. Go me.

Work was kind of frustrating most of the day (at home). Stupid program wasn't working properly: it would run all the way through, but then the resulting data file would read as "Zero kb" size and then just disappear. Did it twice and it runs for like 3 hours. I finally figured it out, I'd left out a second Save and Get for the file, so I think it was. . . .well, doing something. But I finally got it to work, and did some other stuff in the meantime and ended up working until 4, so made up another half hour. So, all in all, a decent day.

Weather was rainy this morning, partly sunny in the afternoon, only around 55.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 April 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:
To Portland 10:30 - 3:30. 
Obviously not an exciting trip. . . . .

Another okay day. Slept well. Great workout. Lots of females downstairs today for some reason. Sadly, work did not go quite as well: I was about to export the big data file for a student, but when I downloaded the Zip file from the ftp site, it wouldn't unpack, it just errored out. C. couldn't do it either, so it must have been a corrupted file. So, had to start the whole process over AGAIN. I went to the KRP meeting which was kind of interesting, and chatted with people. Otherwise, kind of a boring day overall.  Cloudy and it rained on my way from the gym to the bus but the rest of the day it was sort of mixed sun and clouds.

Guess I started to get kind of low again this afternoon. I suppose it was the meeting that did that, so many people asking intelligent questions and offering opinions on various things and I felt, well, almost out of place again. Makes me wonder still if this is the right path for me. Am I really that excited about these things to make it a career? I don't know. I wonder what my niche really is?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Wanda Fresh Heifer calf "Buddy".
Mae Richardson phone a.m.
That's kind of cute, they named the calf (born yesterday) Buddy.

Good day here. Slept through the night, awesome workout, work went well. Well, kinda. I spent more time than I wanted to re-running some longer programs (testing a new date-assignment strategy), but I think I got most of the indicator things running properly. Lots of people there today, although I neglected to introduce myself to Anjulie again. . .don't want to be thought of as "that weird guy who never talks" but she should be there tomorrow, and now that I'm done doing the heavy lifting, I can probably be a little more sociable.

Also walked over across Broadway to check out some of the local architecture in search of the aforementioned literary house. May have found one or two possibilities, took photos, but have to check the description in the book again.

Got kind of excited because a job announcement went around for a data manager in Geneva, Switzerland from May to December. I seem perfectly suited for it so I'm going to apply. It's with WHO and would totally rock. Kind of revenge for abandoning archaeology? Sort of.

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
Rain. a.m. Les Lothian came for Jap plumb tree. Loaf all day! JJ 267 days. Mike Rogers [Bug?] no group [britt by months in!?]
Calf born to Wanda.
Wish ol' Edward had practiced better penmanship. . . . .

A good day here in 2013. Slept through the night, had a spectacular workout, decent day at work. Had two brain hiccups though, the combination of which prompted me to post the following on Facebook:
Compute me=dumb.
That is faux SPSS code. Dumb thing 1: Been trying to figure out for years how to use macro variables to put in functions throughout a program of a non-string sort. In essence, define a date up at the start as maybe "EndDate" (e.g., 12/31/2012) and have it put in the given date wherever the EndDate (technically "!EndDate") would be. I never tried all that hard to find the answer, but it sure wasn't obvious. I could do it with filenames. So I joined a list server, submitted my question, and within 15 minutes two people had told me how to do it and it was stupidly simple (remove the quotation marks). Arrgh.

Dumb thing 2: A James P. Hogan book, Bug Park, was set in Seattle and I was thinking of "driving over" to one location to see if I could find a particular building that was described. Then I thought I might just use Google Maps with its "Street View" feature to just go "over there" and search like that, but it doesn't have street view for that area, oddly. Then today I realized that the area was like 3-4 blocks from where I work. Sheesh. I could walk over there any time in like 5 minutes.

But still a decent day. Rode the bus home with Shaniqua again, that was entertaining. Went to UVil and when we were leaving the parking garage they had closed the exit and were trying to direct outgoing traffic back through the entrance, but we were confused and ended up driving in circles for a bit. Weird.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

7 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m. Clear
Grange 8 p.m.? Cut wood a.m. Vine maple.
Bertha to Dr. Secord 2 p.m. Leave Arl[ington] 1:30 p.m. Back 2:45 p.m. Methoodist Church party at 3 p.m. Found rearview mirror?
3 deer in our field this afternoon.
To grange 7+ p.m.
Not frost & clear here, no way, no how: rain, rain, rain. Raining when I woke up (@5:30!) and rained until around 3. I went to Mass since I slept okay last night, it was nice to be back although it was kind of sparse as it usually is the week after Easter or Christmas. Did a little final editing on the report and then we went off to Sam's Club and PetsMart at around 10:30. Had our list of "Canned food Daisy likes"; we check which flavors she eats and then buy those; otherwise we waste a lot. Well, we still kind of do, she can be finicky.

After that, the usual UVil. Pallino's was chock full o' kids as they eat free on Sundays. I suppose it's kind of nice for families to bring their kids there on a Sunday; most of the time there are quite a few families meeting up. Kind of noisy, but I guess it's okay.

Shopping was unexceptional.

I did some cleaning in the afternoon and made a pumpkin pie (frozen) that actually turned out well, if a bit burned in spots -- still figuring out this new oven. Bean sh*t for dinner, and also for lunch tomorrow.

Felt pretty good today. When I woke up I started thinking it was really okay for me to change the way I do things and think about things and such. Even in Mass I was thinking "I can be a new person" without the fear (if I can use that word) of losing my old self in the process. I see it like shedding an old skin: it's still me underneath, but it's still different.

Daisy needs attention. . . .

Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 April 2013 (Saturday)

On this day in 1967:
Frost Clear a.m.
Cut wood? Leah to Katherine Burke 2:30
GOP meeting 8 p.m. Anderson talk.
Bad bills H.B. 802
" "   "  "   H.B. 748 Send letters to senators
John McCutcheon Jack Metcalf
Joe Pritchard
Like the last diarist, this one too is a conservative/Republican. I believe this state used to be fairly conservative until the Californians moved up in the 1980s, fleeing their own failed state and creating the same thing here.

Slept on the couch all night, but at least it was all night until 5:30. That felt good on a weekend for a change. I worked on the Wong survey report most of the morning and it's in a state I feel good about handing over. Still a few things to do, but just small details, I think. Watched a bit of TV later, mostly South Park. I mostly love that show. It's filthy and dirty and hilariously funny at times. Today's was one about a hot school teacher having a fling with a student, this one 5 years old. Of course, all the men were just kind of envious. Heh.

Went to get hair cut at Hair.Comb. Kind of fun, but. . .eh, I dunno. Pizza for lunch at Pagliacci on the Ave, and then to a couple of estate sales, one in Wallingford and one in Laurelhurst. The former was an interesting house full of stuff, but nothing much I cared for. The second was in a neat, although small, house, and was mostly furniture. He did have a pair of DIY giant speakers which were cool, but way too big. Once I got home I had an email from Randall at Cascadian saying he'd be in the office this afternoon so I dropped off the paperwork for this project. Stopped by Safeway for some dinner stuff, yippee.

For our walk we went to Target by Ngate, not something terribly exciting for a Saturday night, but whatever. It rained a lot this morning and until about 2, then it was sunny, but rain keeps rolling through.

Update: Had a laughing fit this evening when we got back. I decided to 'surprise' the Spousal Unit but closing the bedroom door and changing into my Wisconsin pajama pants. I don't know why, I just thought it would be kind of goofy to so in and shut the door to change. She didn't like that; had to keep me from closing the door and then go in with me to see why I was closing the door. I found that uproariously funny for some reason and was d-a-i-d daid laughing for like 5 minutes. I've done this many times before, something just strikes me as incredibly funny and I'll lose it. My dad used to send me over the edge. The first time I did it around them he was all worried I was going to -- literally -- "bust a gut" laughing and he had to go walk around the block.

The very first time I did that was back in my frat days when Tim was sitting around trying to decide whether to stay in Madison for winter break or go work at the ski hill. After about 20 minutes he decided: "I'm just going to have to do something I don't want to." Killed me. Like it was the first time it ever occurred to him. I think I was giggling for 45 minutes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. P.M. Clear
To Dr. Sheppard 11:30 a.m. Haul 1 ton hay to Harold A. Cline 15.00
transplant Chrysanthemums near garage.
Visit Chas H & Amanda Smith 7-8:30 p.m.
I mentioned this in the other diary, that I appreciate it when they go visiting friends in the evening. I suppose other people do this, but we sure don't very often. Part of it is that we work early -- arise at 5 a.m. -- so it's difficult to stay up later than 9 or so. But I still like the idea of just visiting.

Day started off well, I slept in the bed until 4:45. Before sleeping I did repeat to myself a few times that I would not wake up in the middle of the night and worry, and I didn't. That's worked a couple of times in the past but not regularly. I may keep it up though. But that felt great for a change.

Fabulous workout, too, because of the adequate sleep and being able to drink some tea before 5 (I got up at 4:45). Really good workout. Came home and started working on the report right away and it went quite well, I found several other reports and, thankfully, someone had already done a summary of the Snug Harbor work. So I think I have most of that finished, just some touch-ups tomorrow or Sunday. Can't finish it completely because I don't have all the materials, but I can. . . .hmmmm, I need some of the landscape descriptions, too. Well, not a whole lot to do yet anyway.

Had lunch here (ramen) and then went and paid for the carpeting and thence off to UVil SBux and F. Nice visit. Crowded today. Came home and diddled around, made dinner, blah blah blah. Had to walk at NGate again because it was raining. Raining very hard at 5 a.m., but then cleared up some by the time I went to the gym at 6, and was dry most of the day, but then rain moved in again.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 April 2013 (Thursday)

On this day in 1967 (Tuesday):
Harold Cline? New gas hose tank to Sed. bowl. Take 1 1/2 cords wood to Ruby Schloman no on home. Nice p.m.
Mandy & Nina stop 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. tea & cookies. Letter to Mary Anne Richards. [Lunch?] $7.95 pd. Dec 22 1965. Look for cancelled check Ozark Bank for [Micro or it?]! Fed cows in barn p.m. Ruby 2 later. TV & to bed. 2 1/2 yards gravel Thank Lord no accid. 
Busy day. I wonder why he's looking for an almost 2-year old check?

Well, $_@*^%&)*#(. My day started before 3, although I stayed in bed until 4:30. Sucked. Wasn't really worrying about anything -- except the usual Egypt stuff AGAIN -- but just couldn't not drop back off. Almost did once, too. One thing I try to calm my mind down and not get all worked up over things is that I'll just start thinking of random words, whatever pops into my head:
Brain, kindle, knock, sensitive, baloney, hemorrhage, far, idiotic, swindle, indigo. . . .like that, all those words just popped into my head just then. Otherwise if I try to think of something repetitive, like saying a rosary, I end up being able to think the words, but also think other thoughts at the same time. So, got up.

Started working at 6, which is my usual time leaving for the gym, and then we had the Skype call at 7:15. Only lasted until 7:45 today, not much going on. C. called me right after to talk about what we would be doing that day. Then I headed for the gym, and got the 8:15 bus to UW. Had a very good (leg) workout, saw one or two of the early morning people, but neglected to check the bus schedule before I left. I guessed at the time, but of course it was pulling away just as I got there. So I called the Spousal Unit and she kindly came to get me. I got a decent amount done, even though it was slow going due to my fuzzy brain. We went to McD's and I got some sort of super snack wrap thingie. Eh, not bad. Too big though, felt too full all afternoon. I worked until 4.

It rained nearly all day, only quitting around 6:30 when we were mall-walking. We did stop by the Verizon store to look at some phones, smartphones this time. I need to get an iPhone since all of my junk is stored on Macs, but the Spousal Unit will probably get a Droid-based one.

Yes, I'm still having fits about Egypt. Hate it. I thought I'd really kicked that this time, that I was doing everything right and that I could leave it rest. But no, I had to go and make a couple of mistakes that are nagging nagging nagging at me.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost, Clear.
Load GI 1 1/2 cords wood, go as far as Osborn's
Visit Harold Cline not home. Phone see 4-4-6
Merc. 324.93 check
40 savings 78.75 Veleran
20-20 63.20 Leah SS
10 cash 50.00 S SS
K. Kelshaw[?] 1.15 Darigold
Mac Curdy[?]
K.E. Curdy
1/2 ton hay Frank Baird $9.00
Too many numbers, I wish this guy would write stuff that's interesting.

I managed to sleep through the night, without an action-adventure science fiction dream, but with help. Bummer about the latter, but I'd rather be well-rested. Had a pretty decent workout, nothing terribly interesting at the gym, although I did run on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Lots of females down in our man cave today, too. Not that I'm complaining. . . .

Work went fairly well. Now that the main data set is done I was able to start doing something a little more interesting, in this case coding a bunch of tables for reporting to the CDC. I'm trying to make it as simple and easy to manage as possible for when we hand it over to the Kenyans. Time goes a bit quicker when one is doing something at least vaguely interesting. I managed to get most of it running a little more efficiently, but still having trouble making the table all in one place (probably can't).

OTOH, I talked to a biostat for a bit and he thought just doing a simple regression of year vs. # burials would make a reasonable analysis to tease out whether 1918 has more then expected burials. I think I'll need 1920-1939 though.

Talked a bit to Lara (couple cubes down), she's looking okay for being knocked up with twins. I like her. Not much else exciting. It was nice out so at 2:30 I went for a short walk outside. And a nice walk this evening, plus I weed-and-feeded the lawn when we got back as it's supposed to start raining tomorrow.

Ah yes, the exciting life I lead.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m. Clear (p.m.)
Lou called 9:05 a.m.
SS & church, B. Morris dinner
Darrel Martin visit us 3-4 p.m.
Mar 26
Need   6167.06
Rec'd     6228.62
Offer Easter  338.65
Today   252.23
Nice day. Apple pie & ice cream
to Martins?
I think this is the first time they received more than they needed!

Halfway decent day today. I managed to sleep until 5, with an awake time in the middle of the night: got out of bed at about 12:30 after an action-adventure dream involving aliens and invisible space things. It was all taking place inside various buildings and I knew (it was like a movie, you know) that there were, in fact, lots of small flying things all over, but they were invisible and the only way they could be seen was by flipping a switch somewhere. I was in the process of bravely going to where the switch was, surrounded by various humanoid aliens, along with some female ones with like 8 arms, when I woke up in a sweat. Sheesh. But I went back to sleep.

So, decent workout (legs) which I shall no doubt pay for tomorrow. Work was okay, as I expected when I looked more closely at the way we'd randomized the ID numbers -- what I'd been worrying about at night -- was perfectly fine and actually quite clever. Found one potential problem, but it won't crop up for quite a while. I did find another coding error (darn it) so I had to run the entire thing through again, but that was finished by the end of the day. Met with C. to set up the next round which may end up not being much of anything since there may not be anything I can do to simplify it. We'll see. Met another person in my area, Patty. Husky, deep voice.

And paid the taxes. Well, filed them. We get $3771 back which kind of irritates me that we're giving The Beast a no-interest loan all year. Really, they should have the election the third week of April instead of November.

Decent day. Cloudy, but reasonably warmish.

Monday, April 1, 2013

1 April 2013

On this day in 1967:
Heavy frost. Clear! Nice day.
[Wanda swelling near?]
Rummage sale Arl[ington] Hts. Square shingle hatchet hammer chain wrench large pipe $1.00.
10 stainless trays USH @ 10 cents.
Bales hay $5.00 Dickson
"  "   "   " J. Kerry
State Farm Mutual Auto Ins Co
Bill J. Cable 324.93.
Don't understand that bit near the top at all.

Well, I went and woke up at 3:30, grrrrrr. At least I got to drink some soda before 5 so at least the workout went well. Felt really cruddy though. But it was a decent day overall, although I didn't get as much done at work as I had planned. Got sort of hung up thinking I had to make sure the random ID numbers were being generated properly and that took a while to run out, but in the end it looks like I was correct all along. I should trust myself more. But I think all that stuff is done and ready and I can start moving on to something different and a little more interesting. Started my 75% this week, wow, long day going until 4. Sheesh. And fours days a week! Computer was bogging down though.

I will still get to write most of the report, as it's not due until the 9th so I have this Friday to do it. They seem to really want me to write it up, so I'm fine with that. I enjoy having both jobs going to some extent.

Really, kind of a dull day, just working. We went to the UVil for our "walk" and did some minor grocery shopping as we didn't do it yesterday.