Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 March 2013 (Sunday)

On this day in 1967:
Plato Stroud 7:30 p.m. Farm Bureau.
Gale Hunter's funeral. Fred & Zoe.
Jim Fred. Frances, Mrs. Cro[??] Rose & Harvey
____ ? St. Helens. Shirley Raush
Fred Keller & Bob Muller there. Mike Berringer.
[???] "   "
I imagine those are the people he saw at the funeral. That was a Friday, btw.

I awoke at around 2 this morning, was a bit anxious, but went back to sleep (with a little help) until. . . .6! Yay. Very nice morning. Didn't do much, but it was pleasant. Went down to Gig Harbor around 10:30, drove my car as it hadn't been on the highway in a while. Not a bad day, I guess. Sat and watched TV mostly. It was sunny and like 74 today so I felt a little bad just sitting around like that, but we left at 4 so have had some time outside. Several lanes of I5 are blocked just before downtown so we detoured on 405 and, despite a slowdown getting back in I5 it wasn't much of a delay. Went for a walk and now about to unlax for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

30 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Sunshine a.m.
Fed cattle in barn.
To Cal - Farm Bickford's [unintelligible name]
Bickford $324.93  To Mr. Holt
Poier 341.06 took map shot
Snoh 343.00 of office Marquette
Stop at Sky & Martha[?] Bannister with us
eat lunch. Get [chirillian?] mums spade spot wood shed.
Busy day, I guess. It was a Thursday.

I guess I should have expected to pay for a week of sleeping rather well: woke up at 3:30 and never went back to sleep. Grrrr. Tried at around 5:15, but no dice. Tried a nap at 9 but that lasted for all of maybe 15 minutes. Still, with the tiny little wafer-thin nap, I didn't feel too bad today so it wasn't a total waste. And while I was trying to get back to sleep I wrote a bit of my field report in my head. It occurred to me that perhaps the north parcel had been graded in the 1990s when the first attempt at development had been made and that's why the vegetation and soils were very different from the south one. And maybe that that had stripped off any archaeological materials.

Went out for breakfast at Burgermaster and I got a "Husky Pup": two hot dogs with chili and cheese. It was actually quite a tasty little breakfast. Filled me up okay, without being overfilling, too. I'm liking this non-breakfast breakfast food thing. I diddled around most of the morning, and sat out on the front steps and read for a while (James P. Hogan's "Bug Park"). We hit a nearby (Laurelhurst) estate sale and I bought an Eagle Creek satchel for fieldwork. I have two old military ones from a different estate sale, but they weren't working very well, and this one has all sorts of pockets and junk to it's far more practical. But I'll see how it works. It was from a UW anthro prof, whose name escapes me right now, but I knew him or at least knew of him. One of my regrets is that I wasn't able to stay in one place for most of my career; I would have liked to retire after a long career somewhere.

We had lunch at UVil outside -- very pleasant -- and then drove up to near Northgate for another estate sale, but it turned out it went only to noon so we missed it. Came home, drove up to Calvary and I tried the aluminum foil rubbing trick, but it didn't work so well. After that we went down to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream and then came home. My pie-making didn't turn out too well, but we got a bit of yard work done -- I fertilized the roses and pulled some weeds along the south fence. Found out one plant we have is an ornamental quince. Dinner was leftover pot pie (meh). AND MY FIRST PIE FOR DESSERT SINCE LENT BEGAN. Recently I discovered that Lent was considered over on Saturday, not Easter Sunday (and if it really isn't I don't want to know). Super pleasant end to Lent: sunny and in the 60s.

I felt okay today. I mean about life in general. I've felt like I started grad school all over again and there's something to look forward to. I felt quite connected to my younger days in Wisconsin and how I felt then, which is a pleasant forward-thinking (by looking back, oddly) feeling. How I used to feel about the '30s, '40s, and '50s when I was young and that made me feel more a part of a continuum, if you want to put it that way. Connected, in a way. Hard to explain, but I've felt comfortable all day.

Friday, March 29, 2013

29 March 2013 (Good Friday)

On this day in 1967:
Anna Walker's funeral 1:00 p.m.
Talk to Ed Gardner2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
To Snoh[omish] h?? Cal-Farm + Mike?
Bit confusing in there.

Got a short email from Bill Holt, the State Farm agent from yesterday. He exists!

Sunny and beautiful spring day today. A bit cloudy and cool in the morning, and I might have felt some light mist, but it turned brilliantly sunny and 65. I spent most of the morning working on the field report, although it's been so long since I'd done one that I didn't get very far. Much of it was spent doing the forms and junk though. I walked up to the SBux around 8:45 and that was. . . .uneventful.

I ate a meat (!) sandwich for lunch that the Spousal Unit had procured for me Wednesday. It would have gone to waste otherwise, so I don't feel too guilty about eating meat on Good Friday (I just blame it on the heathen anyway). Went to UVil and got a couple of cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes for F's birthday. Why is it that these cupcake places invariably attract mostly women who are always complaining about their weight? Well, I got three. Had a nice time, we were able to sit outside in the sun. Left at 3, came home and diddled around until dinner, some tortellini with vegetables in a cream sauce. Went for a walk, this time past the place where the drunk hit and killed two people last week. Very sad. It's not a very safe place to cross anyway.

Petted a dog named Buster.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

28 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Dry a.m., rain p.m.
8 a.m. Bickford's Motors. Windshield 1 [unk]
Eric Duance Gamble [crinkle?] L front door.
8 a.m. Snoh[homish] Pat Dennis with me. At [unk]
State Farm Ins. 324 Ave E., Cecil Holt

Interestingly, this Cecil Holt's son <a href="">also went to State Farm</a>:
In the winter of 1968, Bill Holt had just graduated from Western Washington University hoping to become a music teacher. With plans to apply for teacher positions in the summer, Bill went to work for his father, Cecil Holt, at State Farm Insurance. Shortly thereafter, at age 21, Bill became the youngest State Farm Insurance agent in the country.
 That's really just about a year or so after this diary was written.

I had a reasonable day. Made the early bus to downtown and got in on the Skype call to Kenya at 7:15. Unfortunately, I started with the earphones in so if someone came in they wouldn't be disturbed, but I think this turned off my microphone. I went to a conference room and listened without the 'phones, but the mic still wouldn't work. Oh well.

Worked the rest of the morning quietly. Met Lisa for lunch at the Red Lantern on 5th and Jackson; decent chow mein, though not the best, and Lisa talked most of the time. I caught a bus back home from the Chinatown station, and after doing a little housework, drove over to Cascadia to get the folder of stuff for the report and got my box of KeH sediment samples back. I now have my own magnifier lamp, and I borrowed one of their scales so I can now do it all here whenever I have time.

So this whole 'dumping archaeology' isn't really, well, working out like I thought it was. Really, I had planned to give it up entirely. Throw out all of my books, back up and delete all of my files, and never look back. Upon reflection, it's more of a psychological thing, as I may have noted earlier: I gave up having to do archaeology. Like the monkey was on my back, but now we're just walking along together, to make a really bizarre simile. It's good. I'm more interested at GH, too. So it was a good thing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27 March 2013 (Wednesday)

On this the past two days in 1967:
26 March: Showers. Church only. Meet Ernest E. Graves 2106 NW 77th St, Seattle
Son Keith D. Graves PO Box 213 Armstrong Rd.
[unk] 5-3712
Need Mar 19 6023.64
Rec'd 5889.97
Alan & Joan 4:15 p.m. arrive! No TV.
27 March (Monday): Rublio[?] hearing at Everett 8 p.m. Co. Com.
Clouds a.m.. Rosalie & Judith [unk] Ruby's 1 p.m.
Cut wood, Angela 40 cents. Alan $10.00 silver [unk]
Tuesday: Field day. Took a loooong time falling asleep Monday night, even after 1/3 of an Ambien, but slept until almost the alarm went off. I didn't have to leave until after 7 so at least I wasn't rushed. Drove up to Anacortes with Mike, so not an entirely chatty time. Made the ferry in plenty of time and it was warm enough that I could stand around outside waiting for the boat. THe fieldwork was on San Juan Island over my Mitchell Bay, and the project itself was pretty bland, 10 shovel probes on a couple of lots right on the water. Mike found a flake in one, but otherwise the glacial till was shallow, 25-35 cm down. The one lot hadn't been cleared so getting into it was rough, at least for my probe in there: spent almost as much time pushing through (thorny) underbrush to get to a decent spot. Had lunch on a dock out on the bay -- Sittin' on the dock of the bay! -- and I took a couple of glam photos, including one of some anemones attached to the dock. We'd finished by 2 and then went over to English Camp, which was right next door. Mike had never been there. They've fenced off most of the shoreline now and it seems to have lessened the erosion considerably.

While parked in the ferry line, I wandered about town, bought some lavender from the Pellendaba (sp) -- thanks in part to the rather attractive (older) saleslady -- and wandered around some more, buying a little dinner at a new BBQ place (vegetarian chili). Then sitting in the sun and lightly napping, so so pleasant after this winter. On the ferry ride back I saw a poor dear carcass floating in the water. I presume it was swimming from one island to another but grew exhausted and perished; can't imagine how it might have fallen in otherwise. Drive back was pretty quick, too, the ferry docked at 5:45 and we were back at the office by 7:15. Tired, but it was an okay day. Watched another ep of 'Game of Thrones', might not watch any more. I like some of the characters, but in reality the whole thing is just another iteration of 90% of everything else that's ever been written: Bad rich people, good rich people, noble commoners, etc. Lots of nakedness and simulated sex, I suppose are nice to look at, but for the most part the shorelines are the same as you'd find in 'Dallas'. 

Today: I slept mostly through the night although had to do an Ambien in the middle of the night (12:something). Woke up feeling very anxious, but it didn't develop anywhere. Missed the bus because I waited just a little too long, irritated me but not that much. I think I got all of the data fixed up today, too. Had a brief fit when the numbers came out wrong, but I ran the selection code again and it worked out perfectly. Also will be writing the report for the fieldwork yesterday, so I will be working almost full time this week! No "day off" Friday though. But just found out F's birthday is today. Was supposed to be nice today, but it was mostly cloudy and rained later this afternoon.

Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain during night. SNOW on Stimpson Hill a.m. Dig carrots -- parsnips.
To Arl[ington] 12 noon, cut wood?
Snow! Seems like it might be similar to this year. Maybe they'll have sun in the next few days.

Today I wrote a short memorial for one of our Car Lust contributors, David Drucker. He wasn't a prolific poster, but I think he commented a lot. Died suddenly (for us) last week so we're devoting the week to his posts. I wasn't going to write anything because I barely knew him, but this morning I decided to anyway. Went over well with the other contributors so that made me feel good. Unfortunately, it's because I've been writing kind of a lot of them lately.

Slept basically through the night last night and so work went well today. I went in at 6:30 -- no IMA this week -- and it was nice to be there by myself for a while. I mostly ran long programs, so I was fiddling around with other stuff while it was running. Beautiful day out, sunny and up to 62. I left early, 1:30, and stopped and talked with Norma and Sunny, the elderly neighbors: always enjoyable. We had to go to UVil for some shopping. Apparently around 4 pm there was an accident up by 75th and 33rd where a truck hit 4 pedestrians, killing two of them at the scene. The driver may have been impaired, but I also suspect it had to do with the setting sun and the hill there; whenever the sun is setting it can blind drivers something fierce so whenever I cross around there I'm extra careful. Sad.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

24 March 2013

On this day (Good Friday) in 1967:
Showers. Took Leah to Bertha Monir good Fri Meeting Kisling Hall 12 noon. John Kroze[?] take me to Shell 2 gal. gas. Took 2 Easter Lillies to Church (Bertha's). Pick up Leah Dr. Burgoyne's office Bertha about 4 p.m. No dig carrots as expected.
2 gal Shell 8 gal Farm 8.8 BARDO.
Good Friday then, Palm Sunday now. Of course, I didn't go to Mass because I WOKE UP AT 3:45. *grumble grumble grumble* But I slept through the night in the bed so it wasn't all bad. Jack came in at probably 3 meowing, but I went back to sleep and then when I woke up again -- thinking Jack had probably done that around 4 as is his usual -- I was so sure it must be at least 5. But no. *sigh*

So I took a nap around 9. Watched TV. They're having free viewings of an HBO show called Game of Thrones this coming week which I plan to watch. I saw a couple of episodes at the hotel over in Twisp and quite enjoyed it. At first I thought it was kind of a historical drama, but it's more fantasy/fiction.

We just went to UVil for the usual stuff, but stopped at Sherwin-Williams for the Spousal Unit to check out paint chips for the kitchen. I have a feeling it will end up being some sort of yellow or the same greenish-gray it is now. I put a chicken in the oven at 2:30, but it wasn't done at 5! I had it on 320 which should have been plenty of time (I thought) but no. So we had a bunch of salad for dinner. And quinoa which is actually pronounced "kin-wa" but I say it like "kin-oh-a". Heh. I don't care for it, but the Spousal Unit does. Being this is Palm Sunday, I just have 5 more days of Lent left.

Weather was beautiful, in the 50s and mostly sunny, especially later. The week is looking good, reaching up near 60.

Oh, meant to relate a GREAT quote from Game of Thrones: "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” Now I want to read a lot.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

23 March 2013 (Saturday)

On this day in 1967 (Thursday):
Cloudy, showers. Letter to Numrich Arms Corporation
Remington 22 ammo
Hey, the Numrich Corporation is still around! How about that.

Stayed in bed the whole night again, although I got up at 4. Wasn't too bad though, did another nap thing around 8:30 or so. I actually read a book this morning! Since I've "given up" archaeology, I don't feel the same pressure to be doing something all the time. In a way, it almost feels like I've woken up from a sleep that started in 1983 or so. Oddly, however, I'm not looking at archaeology in the rear view mirror like it's part of a receding past. I'm looking forward to the fieldwork next week (helps that the weather's supposed to be nice). And today I bought a magnifier lamp at an estate sale for sorting through the sed samples but I'm not really sweating it, like I need to start right away. It just feels. . . .liberating.

Anyway, we went for lunch at the Taco Bell on Aurora and 145th-ish. It's cheap but we really still like it. The one estate sale was up on like 198th (whence came the lamp, ca. $10) and we washed the car on the way. We went to another estate sale over in Wallingford, bought nothing. Had a nice, but newer, Technics stereo system, which I wasn't really interested in. Had a nice 10-year old cat though. His collar said "I am Sam" on it, and he was a real sweet cat. They're trying to find him a home. Did nothing the rest of the day except go get a new fluorescent light for the kitchen -- the lamp I bought today works fine so at least I didn't need one for that. Watched the second hour of the Top Gear Africa Adventure, ate dinner, went for a walk. Sunny day mostly, but not all that warm. It is supposed to warm up next week.

Friday, March 22, 2013

22 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. Rain all day.
20 cents to Ed Hume. Planters Books #30.10
100 gal gas Union C.W.S. .301
Leah & me to Schroeders Antique shop
1/2 ton hay - Frank or Georgia Baird
R2. Box 194X GE5-2063 $10.00
Busy day here in 2013. Started off quite well, I slept in the bed the whole night, until 4:30. That felt so good. Had a great workout, although hardly anyone was there (almost all guys, too). Another interesting coincidence: a guy started talking to me about my Wisconsin shirts and it turned out we overlapped at UW-Madison (he graduated in 1987, I believe), and he also has a grandmother who lives in Fond du Lac. Name's Eric, I think.

And in another coincidence, Ann Althouse posted a photo of a leaflet about Jesus and we were all commenting on the depiction of Jesus -- I thought it looked like Richard Chamberlain -- and then while the delivery guys were here (below) the doorbell rang. Thinking I'd locked them out, I answered it and there stood a well-dressed pair of older folks. They handed me a leaflet. . .the same one! I almost shouted "Richard Chamberlain!" but demurred. Jehovah's Witnesses.

With all the coincidences, I bought a lottery ticket.

The new stove was delivered today around 11:40. It barely fit in the space. *whew* Looks good, larger than the old one. Used it for dinner and it will take some getting used to, in that it heats at different rates and temperatures, I think. But it's nice to have something new to cook on: I don't think I've had a new stove to use since my parents probably got on in the 1970s. It's got a flat glass/ceramic surface and is convection, too. Cost $997.

Went to UVil/SBux to meet Fiona, had a nice visit. It turned partly cloudy in the afternoon after snowing fairly hard -- though not sticking -- in the morning. I walked up to SBux during the midst of the heavier snow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

21 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day.
To Pomona. Priest Point 10 a.m., home 2 p.m. Saw Harold Stanger A.C. Cut apple limb. Attend Kiwanis $1.80 Ted Tolofson Jim Creek joined Kiwanis Club.
Burke D. or Goldie Heaton $5.00 + radio cream soda.
Ted Tillotson Naval Radio Station.
Slept through the night last night, yay. I tried the diphenhydramine trick in the middle of the night, but I'm not sure it did any good. I don't know what time it was, but it was my second awakening. Still, once I dozed off again it took the alarm to wake me up again.

I stayed home initially and started working around 6 because we had a Skype call with Kenya at 7:15. It's actually quite amazing: here I was sitting at my computer teleconferencing with three people in Kenya -- on the other side of the globe -- and one on the other side of town. I worked out after that, kind of a shortened one, but no biggie, and then went downtown. We had an 11 am meeting with a student who wants to use our data. Turned out she's Egyptian, at least by parentage (and birth), but she doesn't sound Egyptian or anything. Nice girl. I worked for a little bit after that and then left to come home. Once I got home, there was a span of about 15 minutes around 2 pm when it rained, hailed, snowed, and then was sunny. Kind of cold today, too, only up to around 45 or something.

Kinda diddled around after that until starting dinner. The last dinner on our old stove! It came with the house and it's the only appliance left from when we moved in in 2003. It was probably 20 years old then, so I'm pleased that we got ten more years out of it. I never worked all that well, but it sufficed for the kind of cooking we do. But lately it's been not heating the oven properly, so it's time for it to go. Yeah, we could get it fixed, but there's other things wrong with it as well, so no matter. After this the kitchen in really done.

We walked at NGate because it was raining.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 March 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967:

Windy a.m.
Kind of a boring day, I guess.

Rain, rain, rain this morning. Pretty good soaking rain, too, along with wind. I took my Gustbuster umbrella, but it wasn't very windy in the morning, but rained pretty hard. Unfortunately, I woke up at like 3 and never went back to sleep. Chemical-free again, but 3 is too late to take anything anyway. I wonder if a normal old diphenhydramine would work in the middle of the night? Hmmmm. Might try that. Even at 3 it wouldn't unduly affect me.

Well, at any rate, work was pretty busy today, as I was getting the data set ready, although I found yet more problems and now have to re-do it YET AGAIN. And rejigger the program some as well. I keep getting info on what's going to happen after I've already set it up. Grrr. But I'm not complaining since I'm set for 75% for the next four months!

I should walk back my previous Great Event wherein I have given up archaeology, at least a bit. After talking with CM this morning, she made it sound very difficult to stay on at GH without going a certain track of getting my own large grants and becoming an assistant prof. Of course, I immediately went into panic mode and was all on about What have I gotten myself into again? I can't do that! Blah blah blah. For a while I was thinking of running back to archaeology. Heh. But by the end of the day I'd decided that no, I haven't really abandoned archaeology totally, it's just really more of a psychological shift from thinking I have to be doing archaeology and getting very frustrated when I'm not. It mainly means that I can be okay not doing it. Well, and that I'm not going to be pushing it in my off-time, trying to do some kind of research just so I can tell myself I'm still doing archaeology. So, if at the end of July, further funding dries up, I'm perfectly okay going back to CRM and even angling for a permanent position. That's really just common sense and covering all potential bases in this lousy economy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Needed March 12 5840.22
Rec'd 5748.05
Needed Mar. . .
That was a Sunday, obviously. I slept without chemicals (Ambien) last night, not too badly, at least until 4:30ish. I had a really good workout and then came home and, well, started getting rid of archaeology. I went through my remaining photocopied papers and junk and most of them went out (I kept a couple that may be needed as we finish the KeH monograph). Then I got rid of some books and sent them down to the UCLA ladies from Karanis. I also wrote a little thing for ArchaeoBlog, appended at the end, stating what I'm doing and why. So I publicly "came out" as it were. After lunch, I went to UVil to get a mailing envelope (for the aforementioned books) and a notebook for work, which I found I didn't need, but whatever. Also went to UW Surplus looking for a magnifier lamp, didn't find one, but I don't need one anyway (below). Once I got home, I walked the books up to mail ($4.33) and stopped at Subway on the way back for lunch tomorrow.

When I got back, I went through my other bookshelf and pared that one down as well. I put roughly 3/4 in a discard area, keeping only those that I might need for some public health-related work, and some that I like to read or that have very special memories, such as Dunnell's "Systematics".  Also found a small magnifier lamp that I forgot I had, which should suffice for sorting the KeH dirt.

You know, as I typed the part about Dunnell's book, I had my first twinge of sadness and this. I think it kind of struck me that I'm really not going to use that anymore in my work. It's just a memento from a former life anymore and will sit there for the remainder of my life as little more than a curio from my youth. Dunnell is gone and all that work and worry and promise is now just receding into the rear view mirror. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling. . . .not regret or a really deep sadness, but the sort of feeling one gets when one knows that one is doing the right thing, but it's a bit sad anyway.

Here's what I wrote this morning:

In which I bid adieu to archaeology. Sort of. 

Yes, you read that correctly: I am in the process of giving up archaeology. Mostly. Sort of. In a way. Allow me to explain.

Ever since Egypt last Fall, and for a while before that if I’m honest, I’ve been wrestling with what to do with myself. As I mentioned in this confessional post, my views on the practice of archaeology have changed over the years and went through something of a “revelation” while there and immediately after. And starting back at Global Health — and quite happily actually — recently made me realize that my interests have shifted somewhat lately. The CRM world, at least around here, is still half-dead, the same way it’s been for the last 3-4 years, so I haven’t even been doing much of that. And, you know, as much as I do enjoy being out in the field at times, all the driving and being dirty and wet and cold has lost its appeal. . . .and you know that when one is reasonably young, it does have an appeal!

At any rate, between all that and a lot of other things, it all came to something of a head inside my head this past weekend, and I decided to mostly quit with archaeology and concentrate on health/biomedical research. Again if I’m honest this isn’t that big of a shift, really. I’ve never really made much of a living at archaeology, have done most of my scientific publishing in biomed, and probably have more of value to contribute there than in archaeology. After all, I have been contributing for most of the last 20+ years. Admittedly, this whole archaeology thing has, in some ways, held me back in health research since for a long time I really felt like I was just doing it while I got my archaeology PhD, and then afterwards, as I relate here, I more or less held myself back from not knowing whether I should be pursuing archaeology with my degree and feeling a bit out of place in public/global health.

I imagine it’s more of a mental shift than anything else. I still have the Kom el-Hisn monograph to finish up, and there are still the odd CRM projects that I’ll be working when time permits (going out next Tuesday as a matter of fact), but I don’t really have anything going that I’ll be stopping. It might end up not being that much of a change anyhow, although at least in my own mind it’s a HUGE transition — giving up something that I started on in 1983? Something that cost me 15 years of grad school? In a way, I imagine it’s something like a divorce from someone you’ve already grown apart from for years; not much physically has changed, but actually deciding to end it is a bigger deal psychologically then it looks from the outside. Then again, I’ve spent much of this morning getting rid of the remaining old photocopies of papers and what-not I’ve been keeping around, and the books will soon get sifted through as well. And I have quite a bit of excavation documentation materials that need to be deposited somewhere secure. So at least here in ArchaeoBlog Manor, there will be fewer overtly archaeological materials cluttering up the joint.

But, you know, it’s not really a complete end; more of a change of focus. I’m still going to work on health and disease in past populations, albeit more from a modern health perspective than a purely archaeological one. I’ve found that knowing the health status of our forebears can put a lot of what passes for health information nowadays into perspective. The whole Paleodieting fad is probably the most obvious example of that, but I think that studying the health and health practices of past populations can lead to practices today that give the greatest health bang for the least buck, especially in low-resource areas.

So. What to do about ArchaeoBlog? At first I thought I ought to just quit and remove it entirely. I mean, how can I claim to run an “Archaeo”-blog when I’m not thinking of myself as an archaeologist anymore? But. . .it’s so much fun! I’ve already started running fewer posts, and really concentrating on things that I find interesting rather than throwing out anything and everything archaeological. So I’ll still be posting items that I think are interesting or fun in and of themselves, but changing focus to more past-health-related items and papers. Probably end up being more in-depth in the long run.

OTOH, now that I’m not seeking employment or anything in the field anymore*, I guess I can probably be a bit more opinionated on a few things. In some ways, I felt like I haven’t “fit in” with archaeology ever since the early 1990s when a lot of anthropology departments started getting very overtly political and anti-science. Back in the 1970s and into the 1980s, there was a big movement to make archaeology much more explicitly scientific, and it has in a lot of ways; that’s a large part of what attracted me in the first place. Hence, I may end up being a bit more controversial, although for the most part non-political, and I’ll remain more of a purveyor of interesting links than of opinion.

So, for what it’s worth, there you have it. You, gentle readers, are probably witnessing the biggest life transition I’ve had since. . .1983! When I dumped computer science for archaeology and began this weird 30-year odyssey in the first place.

UPDATE: To kind of summarize, I’ve spent the last 12 years after getting my PhD trying to manage with one foot in archaeology and the other in health/biomed, with both more or less suffering for it. . . .and me as well. Something had to give and my interests and life situation made the health route the more attractive and, let’s face it, more practical. Had to be done and it probably took much too long to do so, but it’s all good. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. =)

Monday, March 18, 2013

18 March 2013

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
Damp. Cloudy. Showers.
Put on new fuel pump. All day job. Plugged line somewhere. Look Monday no go to Legion dinner!
Legion? Hmmmmm. VFW?

For one of the few times, I had to be woken up by the Spousal Unit (I was on the couch): the alarm radio was turned way down and I didn't hear it to wake up. Huh. Don't know how it got turned down so far, I don't remember even touching it.

Had a truly spectacular workout this morning, I could have kept going and going and going. Felt very strong. Work went okay, not that many people there. I thought we had a meeting with a student at 11, but that's Thursday instead. I did find something of a flaw in my coding though, involving bringing in new variables -- I was starting to bring in the diarrhea vars -- and I may have to end up making a full-variable data set anyway. Or maybe not.

Day 2 of no more archaeology? Well, a field project for tomorrow got pushed back, may not happen for me, and I wasn't too disappointed. And ArchaeoBlogging didn't cause me any concern, I posted a couple items today. I think this is much more of a mental transition: I don't feel the need to pursue archaeology in some degree anymore. For so long I felt guilty about not doing it after I'd gotten the PhD and felt sort of a "failure" to boot because I wasn't. I actually think writing up a thing for the Anth Dept newsletter may have tipped the scales: I actually felt proud of writing about my public health accomplishments and perhaps started to see it in a different light.

Weather was okay, I think it rained mid-morning, otherwise kind of cool and sunnyish. SUpposed to get very cold (33) overnight.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

17 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Showers. Robins on lawn.
Leah to Seahorse Mukilteo $3.23. Rain on way home. Pull apple trees at Howard [Clima?] 3:30 p.m. fuel pump konk out. Gas at Enco M[unk].
Maybe that was part of Leah's birthday celebration.


Could today be the end of a 30 year journey? After I wrote last night's entry, I was on the way to bed and the thought struck me to, well, quit with archaeology altogether. And it felt. . . .right. Not that this thought came out of nowhere, I've been rethinking my priorities for a while now, as I've documented here. It felt almost like a weight being lifted to imagine myself not having much of anything to do with archaeology and just concentrating on biomedical/public health research. I mean, it's not like I've made a living at archaeology; far from it, I've made nearly all of my living in public health. Until recently, I've been very loathe to walk away from archaeology, almost like divorcing a wife of many years. But at some point must one just admit that perhaps the experiment is at an end. Did I ever really want to actually make a career out of archaeology? Or was I just enamored of the idea of it, of slaving away in some dusty office and occasionally going out into the field for some semi-dashing adventure? I'm written here that I don't think I had planned on what to do after getting the PhD and that has caused me much conflict and grief.

Was it all just some stupid thing to prove something to Laurie?

At any rate, all day I thought about getting rid of most of my archaeology books and assorted knick-knacks and for the very first time it didn't really bother me. I didn't think of doing so as a failure on my part. Also thought about sending all of my old Kom el-Hisn records and junk off to Wenke or Richard, and similar feelings -- or lack thereof -- were there. I wouldn't completely ditch it altogether, I would still research historic and prehistoric health and disease, but I think trying to do CRM or any sort of fieldwork would be out of the question. I would pursue global health research instead and really dig in and learn it. I don't know what I'd do about ArchaeoBlog though; probably just refocus it a bit on my health research.

Funny, lately I've been listening a lot to the soundtrack from the Tron: Legacy movie, which is, of course, the sequel to the 1982 film, about the same time I decided to go into archaeology.

At any rate, sort of a wasted Sunday, I woke up around 2:30 or 3 and don't think I went back to sleep. Finally got up around 4:45. Spousal Unit got up a little before 7 and I made pancakes. Didn't go to Mass. Took an hour nap at 9:30. We just went to McD's for lunch and then UVil for the usual shopping, dropped the stuff off and then headed quickly up to Lake Forest Park for an estate sale -- had to really move because I didn't realize it ended at 2. Nothing much there and didn't buy anything. I mowed the lawn when we got back as it was sunny and I wanted to get rid of some of the moss chemical I'd put on last Sunday. It was raining after dinner, so we went to QFC at UVil to return moldy strawberries and get some other things we'd forgotten.

So, eventful day, at least internally.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

16 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. Cloudy.
Leah's birthday. To load [Mere?]. For Cline's?
Grange Aux 11:30a.m. Lou's Brush G.I.
Not much of interest there. Happy late birthday, Leah!

Usual weekend sleep, awake at 4:30. Meh, not too bad. Spousal Unit didn't arise until almost 7. Went for breakfast to Burgermaster and I got a corned beef, cheese, and cabbage sandwich! Not as weird tasting for breakfast as one might think, I actually quite enjoyed it. I might get non-breakfasty food there much of the time, I'm getting a little tired of the usual fare.

Came home and took a half hour nap, thank God. Spent the rest of the morning busying myself with cleaning and such, as per my newfound direction. Actually, there was a throwaway line in a movie called "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" wherein one of them says he 'hopes to make up for certain . . .character flaws' which I found sort of resonant. I like thinking of many of the things I've seen wanting in myself that way, as character flaws. Seeing it that way may give me something to work toward without really ripping on myself too much; they're flaws in the same way that thinning hair is. I like it.

We took the roundabout way to the Taco Time on 45th in Wallingford for lunch, and then hit an estate sale near Lake Union. They had a simply gorgeous old Grundig console stereo which I dearly wanted, but it was almost $100, and also a Yamaha keyboard, but that was also almost $100, both at half price! I would have snagged the latter if it had been $40ish. But, I reminded myself that stuff is not part of my fulfillment quotient. Took another roundabout way to the next estate sale near Green Lake, very small, not much there, but a friend does them so we always try to visit hers. After that we went to Roosevelt Square to Almvig's appliances and bought a new stove, a GE. Slightly less than $1000, $997.55 to be exact. I was worried the Spousal Unit would demand a $2000 thing, but this one should suit our needs well. Not fancy, but it has the flat glass surface and convection baking. Wow. The first time in my life I'll not have actual burners! I mean, I'd rather have gas but this will be fine, our current oven is not that great and it's also not heating properly. But we got ten years out of it with the house.

Also had wonderful Peaks frozen custard and hit the pet store/rescue and an antique place before heading home. Well, also stopped at Safeway and got. . .what did we get. . . .oh, hamburger for Hamburger Helper! Heh. And frozen peas. Very comfort-foody. I did some more cleaning and then after dinner we walked up to Post Office, QFC and then another Safeway to buy a Lotto ticket for some dumb reason.Well, if I don't have an entry for a few days it means I became filthy rich overnight.

Friday, March 15, 2013

15 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Green Belt River fill to R1 Monroe.
Bertha 6 p.m. Donald A. Steffan 7 p.m. Bluemke's. 8 p.m. Leave [Mose?] Waterman.
Very odd day. Couldn't get to sleep and then woke up at 3:40ish feeling very badly. In lieu of actually getting up at that time, I laid back down and thought hard. Came to the conclusion that the only thing I need concern myself with is work, self-sacrifice, and serving others. I don't know, I just felt so bad about everything I've done, I'm sure it is just one of those periods of anxiety or whatever, but those three items felt. . . .well, they settled well. I realize that the times I feel good about what I'd done was partially about the times I had a specific goal -- graduating and such -- but I think the goal itself was secondary. What really fulfilled me during those times was simply settling down doing whatever was really important at the time. It was about accomplishing something. Something useful. Not acquiring stuff. Not dissipating my energies in unproductive directions. I looked around my life this morning and decided some things that 'don't matter'. Collecting more speakers: doesn't matter. Goofing off on the Internet: Doesn't matter. Driving to San Diego: doesn't matter.

What does matter: Working out matters. Being good to other people matters. Doing my best at work matters, whatever it is I'm doing. Finishing house project matters. Cleaning the house well matters. Taking good car of the cats matters. I want to settle down on those few things that really matter.

Will it last once I'm well rested again? I dunno. I've been heading this way for a while so maybe it will stick.

As it went, I still had a decent workout, partially due to the bottle of Diet Coke I drank before the alarm went off. Came home and started to do some work-work, running the last program and doing some secretarial stuff while that ran. Went to get a mocha at the SBux and saw Joy there, we worked at King County way back when. She's Philipina and was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous back then. Married and has a kid now. Seems happy.

Finished working around 11 but I'm only saying a couple of hours because much of that was watching it run; took longer than I anticipated for some reason. Went and arranged for carpet to be measured, then came home for a bit before heading off to UVil/SBux. Nice day, lots of scenery (which "doesn't matter" but it's something I appreciate anyhow). When I got back I cranked Rush and changed the cat box and swept and Swiffered the kitchen floor -- part of the stuff that matters -- before starting dinner.

So maybe this is the start of a good productive trend. Let's hope so.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 March 2013 (Thursday)

On this day in 1967 (Tuesday):
Light frost a.m.
Everett Co. Com Arl[ington] & Lakewood
Everett rummage sale 3:30 p.m., Goodwill 79 cent shirt.
Spent $3.00 somewhere?
Pulled pear tree Ed Gardner [unk]
Well, I slept through the night. . . .but only until about 4. =( Still, it wasn't so bad, didn't feel like death warmed over at any rate. Decent workout. . .actually, very decent: back up to leg pressing 525+ pounds. I should make 600 soon. I'd planned on doing something like that on my 50th birthday last year, but I think I topped out at 568 or something like that. Maybe I'll wait until my birthday this year.

Work was okay, not many people were there, I got a decent amount done. Left at 1:10 and barely made the bus, but I was home by 2. I started actually looking at the data for my diarrhea project, and am starting to get some ideas of what to look at. I'm pretty jazzed about this.

Once home, I piddled around a bit, gave the cats some attention, and then went to the UVil QFC for some dinner material and stopped at a newish flooring place called Flooring America to check carpet samples for the back steps. The young lady who assisted me had the nicest name: Illaria Larissa Hare Heiderich. And she's not even married! Italian (Illaria) + English (Hare) + Heiderich (German). A veritable UN right there! Probably got some good samples I could probably decide tomorrow.

Didn't do much else, except start dinner (leftovers). Walked at NGate. Cloudy but didn't rain much (except when we were going walking), in the mid-50s all day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
6:30 PM Snoh[omish] Mens dinner, Ladies also!
Frost a.m. Jim Dolliver 195-204 Maps
Pulled pear[?] tree, Ed Gardner
[shoot 3 sticks?]
Boy, some of that is indecipherable.

So, the little bit of wine I drank last night probably did me in and I couldn't get to sleep for a long time, then woke up at like 4:20. Hasn't been too bad of a day though, but waiting for the bus I started to doze off. . . standing up! I find the more tired I am the more restless I get later on in the day, had to walk at 2 and then go look out the window around 3. I got most of the way through all of the programs though. It's very detailed work, having to make sure each file gets brought into each site and processed properly. I should be doing this at home since it's much easier on my big keyboard.

Very good workout, despite the tiredness. One of the guys was yakking with one of the (hot) girls for like a half hour this morning. Don't blame him a bit.

We took Daisy and Jack to the vet, they were not happy. We close all of the room doors and herd Daisy into the kitchen and close the doors there, too. She knows what's going on and hollers quite a bit. But she let me pick her up and didn't really struggle. Jack, however, I had to hold on with a death grip. Both okay, although Daisy gained .8 pound ( I went to the store while they were being checked.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. To Olympia at 2 p.m.
Annie[?] 4 p.m.
Hearing at 7:30 p.m. on Green Belt River
HB 234 & SB 195, $1.98 Dinner & air cleaner less[?] $2.50. 
Don't know about this "Green Belt River", there's no such river around here and the Green River is farther south.

Odd night last night. I don't know if I went to sleep or not right away -- I don't think I did -- but Jack started whining and sitting on my night stand until I got up. Took a while to go to sleep on the couch but I slept until around 5:15. Doesn't sound like much (and it isn't) but I felt okay today. I didn't go to Mass, instead I decided I needed to clean, so I did a pretty good job on my room here. While doing so, I made the decision to empty the cassette tapes out of my little tape case that I've been dragging around for years. I kept five tapes for the time being, mix tapes that I started listening to and writing down the songs on them. Here is the first one:
Love and Rockets, Saudade
Talk Talk, It's my life
Dreams so Real, Love Fall Down
Jerry Harrison, Man with a gun
Brian Ferry, Valentine
Game Theory, Throwing the Election
Game Theory, Initiations Week
Oingo Boingo, Stay
Oingo Boingo, We Close Our Eyes
Pet Shop Boys, I'm not scared

Ah-Ha, Take on Me
Haircut 100, Love plus One
Psychedelic Furs, Heartbreak Beat
The Human League, Don't you want me
Thompson Twins, Hold me now
Roxy Music, More than this
ABC, Poison Arrow
Spandau Ballet, Gold
Duran Duran, Hungry Like the wolf
Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls
Pretty cool, huh? I've listened to that tape probably over a hundred times. It still sounds decent, hasn't degraded like I thought it might. Partially, I want to list these out so I have a record of what I liked back then, but I also might recreate them in iTunes. Even while I'm typing this I'm almost contemplating digging the tapes out of the trash and poking around Craig's List for a tape deck so I can keep playing them. But alas, I should not. And I will not, I've not wanted to play them in years, except for some of these mix tapes but then only in the car, I think. I can discard them.

We went to McD's for lunch, since we can't go during the week anymore, and then did our usual shopping at UVil. Uninteresting. Went to Fred Meyer up on Lake City and on the way I darn near rear-ended some guy. I screeched the tires and everything stopping; I think he decided to turn left at the last minute, because I don't recall not paying attention. Well, whatever, another mistake. =(

I filled up the propane tank and got the gorgonzola at Safeway after that, since we'd forgotten it earlier. I watched most of a Star Trek movie and then proceeded to make dinner, hamburgers with the aforementioned gorgonzola, brussels sprouts casserole, and quinoa (I didn't eat that stuff). Basic walk.

UPDATE: Discovered this post had never actually posted until March 13.

12 March 2013

On this day in 1967 (Sunday):
Frost, clear.

Ha, I bet you were wondering what the church collections were!
(Last Sunday) Needed Feb 26
Rec'd 5496.37
Needed March 5
If I were more interested I'd tally all these up throughout the year. But I'm not.

OOgh, bad night sleeping last night, woke up and was awake for probably 1.5 hours. Not worrying about anything in particular, just wired. Well, yes, somewhat about Egypt. YES, Egypt, it bothers me! I haven't been asked back! I wasn't going to and didn't want to go back, but it would have been nice to have been asked, and I wasn't, so I feel like I screwed up, okay? I keep going back to the day I left the box of artifacts at the guard house and that's what did it. Or whatever else, that I didn't do good work or something. It bothers me. I still think I did a magnificent job on the Bath, but it's still a bother in this respect. So there, I got it out. It's probably nothing.

But it was an okay day anyway, I got back to sleep and went until the alarm and then had a smashingly good workout (legs). May have been getting checked out. I only mention that occasionally to buck up my ego. But hey, it's nice when it happens (if it ever does and I'm not just imagining it). I'd thought I was going to spend a couple of hours working on the master bibliography, but RJW had about a hundred refs so it took almost all day. I went to SBux in the morning and McD's for lunch (two orders of medium fries only, yum), but otherwise I was pretty steadily working on that. I think that, except for the ceramics references which are now all numbered, the bulk of them are done. That is a major task accomplished.

I did go to Ravenna Interiors to check out carpet but the owner wasn't there. They do really good work when they do it, but this is the second time for this I've left my name, etc., and they just haven't followed up. This is what irritates me when people are always bellowing about "buying local" or "supporting local businesses" like they're automatically superior. They're not. Most often I've found they're not. But Col. Pemberton was there and little spaniel. He's 14 now and has a limp in his front leg, but he came walking up to me and was very affectionate, which I appreciated. He nuzzled me all over, rubbed his head against me, and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him some attention. We lived nearby and met him as a little new puppy.

Went across to the record store after that and bought a mint condition Who album, my first. Never cared much for them in the past, but I'm trying to see if I like them now. $16, a bit more than I wanted, but okay for something of that quality.

Came home and piddled around until dinner-making time. I used the rest of the sparkling wine we had. . .a couple of weeks ago almost, with chicken and cream. We made something similar a few years ago; I didn't like this as much, maybe because the wine was sweeter than usual for what we cook with. Went to UVil and I got two sandwiches for lunch tomorrow and Thursday.

Monday, March 11, 2013

11 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost (snow)
Junior[?] College Forestry
1/4-ton hay $5.00 Dickson

Frost and snow, eh? We're just getting rain here in 2013 and it's fairly warm, in the 50s. Actually, it just started to rain earlier in the evening, just cloudy all day.

Oddly, I slept fantastically last night, for the most part. Woke up a couple of times, but that was it. Amazing. Had a very good workout and then headed off to work downtown, and even the ride there was really quick and efficient. I was all ready to send the data off to Xtine, but then thought I'd do a last quick check of the programming and found. . . .a stray couple of bad dates. Grrr. So a couple hours of running them again and that part is done. Mostly. Found some other problems while comparing sets of files, so I'll have to run them all yet again after adding those in.

Otherwise, quiet, productive day. Lots of people were there. Had a meeting with Xtine, but other than that just another day of hardly any communication with anyone. *sigh*

We went to UVil for some mushrooms for dinner tomorrow, and saw Jenny an acquaintance from the IMA -- she used to work at the desk -- and found she's still working at a nice place she started at a couple of years ago. It was nice to hear she's doing well.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 March 2013 (Sunday)

On this day in 1967:
Cut prune[?] tree & apple Tom Lee's.
Cut apple grovenstein[?] 2 limbs
Noon hamburgers at Cong. Church 1 p.m.
Lou paid $1.75
Al Lemp load dirt $5.00
Sat ==> All Sat.

Not sure what the "Sat ==> All Sat." means.

Daylight Saving Time begins. I woke up at the old 5:45 which meant 6:45 new time. I started out on the couch to try and maybe break this cycle I've gotten into, and did fall right to sleep, but woke up with a nasty anxiety attack (see below). But blissfully back to sleep and through the rest of the night. Since I went to Mass at the funeral yesterday I counted that for today, so I just hung out at home all morning. I decided to finish The Mysterious Island this morning since I was well-rested, and did, although broken up by a trip to Ace Hardware on Roosevelt and de-mossing the lawn. Got a new spreader, a walk-behind one, as I'd been using a hand-held one before (two actually, broke both of 'em). I finished the book around 11, and glad I did. Interesting read, I'd never read anything by Verne all the way through, I don't think. Goofy book, and somewhat distressing, as it took place back when animals were considered mere resources to exploit.

We did the usual UVil thing (lunch and shopping) but then went up to NGate for a mid-afternoon snack (ice cream) and then hit Ace again for paint chips for the kitchen. Might end up being some form of yellow. Nothing much else, finished watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I quite like even though it's got problems in places. Well, and Peta Wilson who is simply stunning. Walked, rain, umbrella.

Now, back to this anxiety attack stuff. I'll relate what these are like: they usually hit around 1 or 2 in the morning and can happen either when I just wake up or while I'm still half asleep, but in the latter case I wake up right away. Some thought will pop into my head and it causes an adrenaline rush. Heart beats faster, I get very warm, and am instantly wide awake. The thought that triggers is can be something important or trivial, but at the time it feels like it's the most disastrous thing in the world. For example, last night I -- for no real reason, as far as I can tell -- just thought about my being 50 years old with a PhD and doing half-time database junk, and somewhat precariously at that. But it can also be minor, like forgetting to water plants or something; at that moment, it feels tremendously important and also terrible. One time, before a Super Bowl, I was dreaming that New England (who I really don't like) won and that set me off.

So I am lying there wide awake, heart beating faster, hot, and thinking that whatever I've done or not done is the worst thing in the world. The feeling is somewhat akin to realizing you've just run over the neighbor's pet with your car. Panic, embarrassment, feeling terrible, all at the same time. Now imagine doing that every night for a couple of months, and most every night for years at a time. The feeling tends to kind of worm its way into my daylight hours as well, which is why I had so many difficulties for a long time.

My strategy for dealing with it that has most often worked at least reasonably well has been to view it as a bunch of energy that needs to be dissipated, both the bodily heat and the "mental energy". So I usually throw off the blankets and imagine the heat pouring out of my body, and to get rid of the mental energy I will try to "think fast"; that is, in my head talkreallyfastandnotverysensiblybutjustalotofwordsveryquicklywhateverhappenstopopintomyheadand
keepitupuntilIgettired, etc. Well, and lately I've been trying 1/3 of an Ambien which works well, but I'd rather not do that. Lately I've also tried to stem the negative thoughts by thinking of positive things I will do to counteract whatever is worrying me.

Now, I believe this is something. . . .biochemical. I say this because I got one once just before the alarm went off, but I was thinking it was the middle of the night. And as I got up and walked to the bathroom, I could feel it all dissipating, as if the very act of getting up and walking was draining it all from me. And, as I say, it can often be something incredibly stupid. OTOH, some of them are issues that are a real bother to me, so I don't just ignore them.

I wonder if this is what some people get as panic attacks. Thank God they just hit me during the night. . . .

Saturday, March 9, 2013

9 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Snow[?] a.m.
Letter to Jim Dolliver![?] [cofner?] of Bill 234-195
Melted by 11 a.m.
Well, definitely no snow here in 2013, it was a brilliant sunny day into the mid-50s. I, of course, woke up at 4:15 and was therefore too tired to really enjoy it. Assumption had a funeral this morning so both I and the Spousal Unit went to work for it. Pity too, it was a 51-year old woman who had worked at the church (but was a parishioner elsewhere), so the church was full. I went in for the Mass and stood at the back the whole time. Lots of younger people there, too. We stayed until around 12:25 and then went off to lunch and a couple of estate sales. I might go back to one tomorrow and buy and old straight razor; I've always wanted to learn how to use one and for $7.50 it might be worth it. Otherwise, not much else of interest. After that we went to PetSmart for, well, pet stuff.

By the time we got back it was almost 3, and while the Spousal Unit went downstairs to try to nap (unsuccessfully, thanks to Jack), I goofed around and swept the floors, also giving Daisy a bunch of attention. Leftovers for dinner. We walked up to the top of the hill (to the east) in order to see a new comet (pan-STARRS) that was supposed to be visible in the western sky, but we didn't see it. It may have been too low on the horizon or behind some clouds that were in the northern part of the sky. It's coming around again in about a week and higher up so maybe then. When Hale-Bopp came around in 1997 we had a good long stretch of clear skies (unusual) and were able to see it most nights. I believe one of the first nights it was visible we also had a lunar eclipse and we walked to some location where we could see both and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life, seeing two very neat celestial phenomena at the same time. They were on opposite sides of the sky so we just kept facing one way and then the other. During that time I was walking to and from campus every night and Hale-Bopp was my companion while it was visible, always in front and to the left of me when I was walking home. I feel very fortunate to have been around for that and it remains, literally, one of the highlights of my life.

Friday, March 8, 2013

8 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Got eggs at Reed's $1.00, 10 miles round trip. with Charles H. Smith to Darrington PM
Meter reader 2496 (6942?)
Mrs. Shirley Reader with C.H. & [S.D.?] Amanda
Mr. Bud Reader, Leah paid lunch 50 cents.

That was a Wednesday in 1967.

I had a pretty good day, all things considered. Slept reasonably well, had another awesome workout, and then came home and ran the Coptic programs all morning. All seemed to run okay, and I got through the entire sequence, so Monday I can check them out and, if all goes well, that part is done, at least for now. Also finished changing the references in the sealings chapter of the monograph from numbered to regular name+year format. I'd actually started to do that a while ago, didn't finish, forgot about it, and now have them integrated into the master bibliography.

Sunny and pleasant day, too, I walked up to the Safeway SBux and got a mocha, albeit a caffeinated one -- I just drank it anyway. Stopped by Assumption to drop some donations off and check with Carol about the funeral tomorrow. Might be a big one. Nice visit with F. at UVil SBux. Interesting batch of people this time including a guy with Hello Kitty glasses and a tall, attractive blonde with a short skirt, high heels and wearing. . .nylons. You don't see too much of that these days, except black ones or some other pattern. Kind of odd to see, actually. She seemed like she'd be well-off but her hosiery actually had a small hole in it, so there was something of a . . . what's the word. . . . .anomaly? Maybe. Odd anyway.

Came home and started dinner -- pasta with vegetables -- but then Spousal Unit came home and reminded me of the salmon we still had, so we had that instead. Nice walk up to the post office.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

7 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Chuckanut Manor 7:30 p.m. Kiwanis.
Tristin 10 yrs old
Special board 8 p.m. Scott at Leis. work at Harold Clings 2 hrs
Shoot Hazel bush back of farm, cut few stick alder.

Slept badly last night, took forever to fall asleep. May have actually been dozing but not knowing it, but it did take a long time to drop off. On the bright side, I stayed asleep until almost 4:30. Might be either the beer I drank last weekend or perhaps the turmeric supplement I've been taking. The latter supposedly has anti-inflammatory properties (for rosacea), but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I'd like to stick with it for another week just to see though.

Had a very, very good workout though. Back didn't even cause problems.

Work was kind of dreary, not many people were there, but in the end I got a reasonable amount done. I left early but will do a couple of hours tomorrow as I need to get these things run (AGAIN) before Monday. So, get to leave early next week one day, too. Did squat when I got home because I was so tired.

This morning I wondered about a project for the house. The hot water plumbing sucks and we've had a lot of work done piecemeal on the plumbing over the years. We looked into having all the plumbing redone, but dropped it because it was so expensive. Consequently, due to leaks and the work parts of the basement ceiling is without tiles. OTOH, we can't use extra tiles to fill in because the remainder are damaged. But we've also been talking about taking out the walls and adding insulation -- which would result in having to take out the ceiling tiles. So, I was wondering if we might not do the demolition ourselves -- taking out all the ceiling tiles -- and having the plumbing done, and then insulating and drywalling and putting drywall on the ceiling ourselves. And, if we suck at it, we could bring in a contractor to do that, without having to pay for the demolition.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 March 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967 (Monday):
Frost a.m. Bertha to Dr., Everett? 10 a.m. Fog!
A decent day, I think. Slept almost until the alarm went off, and had a decent workout. Dry early but it started raining my mid-morning and kept on all day, continuing until I write this a little after 7. At work I finished the last site's file analysis -- some data sets hadn't been included -- and started running them all again. That means tomorrow will be a lot of watching stuff run and trying to stay occupied. I hope some people are there, maybe I can visit. That was it, kind of a boring, but productive, day.

I realized that three of the females that caused me much grief when younger -- that is, unrequited love/lust/whatever -- all had names that were variations on Laura: Lori, Laurie, Laura. What's up with that?

Listening to Duran Duran right now, Rio. I have to admit that the one song -- Hungry Like the Wolf -- had a video that kind of helped to push me into archaeology. Had that whole Indiana Jones-ish feel to it. I am not embarrassed to admit that.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m., sunshine p.m.
SS & Church. Eat at Bertha's. Boys out. P.M. chocolate & cookies
Ed Gardner use axe! Few nicks?
Needed 5553.38 2-26
Rec'd 5426.37 2-26.

Not a bad day. Productive. Am in a sleeping pattern the last few days of not getting to sleep but then actually sleeping through the night. Odd. At any rate, today was leg day at the gym and it went well but Mr. Back wasn't liking it very much for some reason. Didn't actually spasm but it was somewhat painful.

Spent most of the day cleaning the garage, mostly getting rid of junk and clutter that's built up. I wouldn't at all call myself or the Spousal Unit hoarders but we do tend to keep things around thinking "we'll use them later or someone will", but then we never end up using them or giving them away. So we had three old plastic recycling bins that have been here for ten years and not used for almost that many. And various little items sitting around, screws, small parts for appliances and junk. I tossed most of it. Also the Black & Decker Workmate went. That irritates me because I'd wanted one since I was a kid, I thought they were so cool, and finally got one! I liked it. But it was so flimsy that one of the legs broke after only a year or so. Apart from that it was perfectly useable, but I wouldn't fix it. That's what really bugs me a lot, throwing away almost perfectly good items that just need minor fixing, but it is almost impossible and definitely not cost-effective to do so.

But it all looks. . . .heh, actually, mostly the same, just a bit less cluttered. Plus I only did one side of it. *sigh*

That took until almost 2 with a trip to the transfer station in there as well. I didn't like hauling that stuff down in my Mustang; I really shouldn't be hauling trash in that car. We really need a different vehicle.

After that I finished up a little newsletter piece for the anthro dept. M.K. asked me to do a short piece a couple weeks ago about an anthro grad doing non-anthro. It's nice that she knew about me (how did she anyway?) although 500 words wasn't nearly enough to say what I wanted to say. But it felt good to let people know about it.

So, good day. The big question is, do I watch the rest of the REO Speedwagon concert or Pretty Little Liars?

Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost a.m.
Warm Beach? ($15.00 pair!)
3 p.m. start.
112.06 sparkey -- 100.4 or silver
Pull lilac bushes out
Dick Lundberg came
Dick Lloyd Dehulberg[?]
1/2 ton 8.50 check?
12R2 Box 206
Hol-Dem Module 58 A
[barely decipherable stuff about electric fencing]
Hay caramba. That was a Saturday, btw.

Odd night. Had trouble getting to sleep, went to TV room, next time I woke up I was certain it was like 1:30 or 2, so I took a fragment of an Ambien. . . .and then the heater kicked on, it was already 4:30. The Ambien didn't really do anything untowards to me, but it irritated me wasting it like that. Nevertheless, I had a simply stunning workout; so much so that a young female may have been checking me out. Well, at least it's nice to imagine.

Work was fairly intense, I finished the junk for Ngong, and then started on Maseno, which took the rest of the day. ALL day. Met Daisy finally, she seems quite nice. Not much to say about work, I just sat there and was quite busy all day.

It was sunny and pleasant for a change, and around 2 I went out for a walk, which I call my Deep-Vein Thrombosis Prevention Therapy. Really, around 1:30 I start getting really restless and need to walk. I wish our desks were standing desks, but no. I used to think those were the weirdest things imaginable, but the last few years I really wish I had one.

Nice trip home, too, I listened to my headphones the whole way which I rarely do. Was listening to the Tron soundtrack again.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 March 2013 (Sunday)

On <s>this day</s> the last two days in 1967 (Thursday and Friday):
Gold Bar 8 p.m., hearing of Co. committee

Frost a.m.
11 a.m. hay to Harold Cline a.m. $15.00
Am writing these two days today because yesterday we actually went out! And didn't get back until 9 p.m.! Livin' it up here. . . . .

Let's see, Saturday: I think I slept until almost 5:30 -- with an awake period around 4 -- so that made a second Saturday in a row of being well-rested. Yahoo. Didn't do much in the morning, although I think I cleaned some. Went to McD's for lunch and split one of their 1/3-pound burgers; they're too big for either of us, but half is just about right. Then we hit two estate sales, both nearby here. Nothing much at either one, although one was an artist who painted a LOT. There were a couple of little paintings I thought looked kind of nice, but we have art here we haven't even hung yet, so more would just be a waste. I think we got a china plate for serving things one, that was it. After that we went to UVil and got frozen yogurt. Thence home where we hung out, ate dinner, and then ventured out.

Yes, out: to Edmonds to a place called the American Brewing Company. It's a microbrewery and they have their own little tavern/bar in their building. Odd thing, too, it's in a warehouse and it's really just a side door. Almost didn't find it. A friend who works at the salon we go to -- I've been going to Anne for 25 years now -- is in a little blues band and they were playing there. Small room, too crowded, bad acoustics, but it was good to do something different. I nursed a pint of stout for an hour and a half and only drank half of it, partly so I wouldn't feel it that night and the next day, but I also wanted to drive. So, eh. Ken came too and we had a nice visit with him. He seems to actually buy all of the stuff I think about buying (motorcycle, guitar, keyboard).

It also my dad's birthday on March 2. He would have been 83 yesterday. We drank a glass of wine around dinner time in his honor. He loved his wine after retiring, so every March 2 we drink a little wine in remembrance.

Slept badly, first I couldn't get to sleep, then woke up for a long time. Jack really wanted to sleep next to me because he kept coming over and sitting on my nightstand meowing and then when I finally got up he ran ahead of me and was waiting in the TV room. Curled up next to my stomach and had me pinned against the back of the couch all night, but I like it when he does that.

Even with being awake for quite a while, I slept until 6 so yet another weekend day not being half dead! I should have gone to Mass but didn't; Spousal Unit didn't arise until after 7 so I just ditched it. Didn't do much either. It was sunny so we had all the front blinds open. Sat and watched a dumb movie until we went to UVil for the usual stuff. Had some tomato soup at the Italian place but didn't eat much. I wasn't all that hungry, but it seemed like watered down pasta sauce anyway. Only came home after that and I mowed the yard. I've been mowing it once in February the last few years, so it's a bit late this year.

AND. . . .I made steak. Yes, after vowing to never make it again, I got back on the horse. I'd read something a while ago about determining done-ness by feel, but I instead just decided that I wasn't going to let pieces of stupid meat have the better of me, so I just thought carefully about the time needed and they turned out pretty well. Part of the reason is that I don't like/trust pink meat, but the Spousal Unit does, so they have different cooking times.

We walked up to Riot Aid for astringent. My rosacea has been more acned lately so I started using astringent one my face after shaving again and it kinda cleared up. Oh, I also bought some turmeric vitamin yesterday. My friend F. kept telling me to try that, which I did from the spice bottle for a while, off and on. It didn't seem to do anything, besides tasting awful, but I did some research and think the evidence for some anti-inflammatory properties are pretty good, so I'm trying that as well.