Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain a.m., rain all day.
Fence H.G.[Steve?] bring[?] paper 5 p.m. talk to State Retirement chief.

Well, last day of February, not a bad one although commuting was tough both ways. I5 was backed up southbound so the UW Shuttle took a weird alternate route and then the 76 was late on the way back. Raining most of the day.

Spent most of the day finishing testing the data, finding more problems, some potentially going back a ways (i.e., forms that didn't get into the final data). Met with C.M. and she said I'm on the budget for next period (August on) but maybe not at 50%. Will make sure she knows I want to stay on and learn all I can about infectious diseases.

Weird night last night. I must have woke up 3-4 times, always thankfully going back to sleep, but having very weird dreams. Also another great workout. I find if I guzzle enough tea right upon waking, it hydrates me enough for a better workout. Back's almost back to normal, only some slight interference with a normal routine.Back up to about 430 lbs on the leg press.

I've been not wearing my glasses at work or at home on the computer and it's working out okay. I wanted to try not wearing them because I thought they might be causing a lot of the rosacea acne-type stuff on my nose; turns out probably not to be the case, but I've found my close focus has gotten much better. I was reluctant to wear the glasses as I thought it would just weaken my eyes further, so I'm happy that I've been able to reverse that decline somewhat. At this point even putting them on doesn't make much difference.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. Rubin & Mary [Sehloman?] here 9-10 a.m. Look at fence? Leah & me to Lars Lenvoldi lake goodxx. Ed Gardner here P.M. talk about [unk] his place [kuf?] a beef? etc!?
Haul alder from field 25 DUCKS!
Money to bank for Bertha $129.97

Whew, busy day for Edward. Really that is 'ducks' with a 'd'.

Slept well last night, until the alarm. Very good workout (back) as well. Uneventful day at work, probably said 10 words all day. I need to get out more. Well, I need to be doing something other than programming. Went to NGate for a walk and bought more black socks, did not like the last batch.

Yessirree, Mr. Excitement here on a Wednesday. . . . .

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26 November 2013 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1967:
Church only.
Bertha's collection 129.97
Needed 2-19 5409.96
Rec'd 5296.40
Needed each Sunday 143.42
Rec'd 2-19 133.10

Not a bad day, slept in the bed all night, or at least until 4:30 when I woke up and Jack decided he needed to start yakking. Wasn't too bad though, I was well-rested and drank a soda so I was all nice and hydrated for the gym. Almost a full leg workout, too, the back is getting back to near normal.

I got a reasonable amount done today, too. I got another (small) chapter's references in the master bibliography, and then went up to Sam's Club ("the place with all the stuff") for some junk (and gas) and stopped by St. Vinnie's and Goodwill on the way back (no scores). Had leftover taco salad for lunch and then waited for Rush to be on some interactive Wall Street Journal thing. They were late and it didn't work too well, so it wasn't really worth watching, but it was kind of nice to see at least two of them live. After that I walked a bill up to the post office and stopped at Subway on the way back for tomorrow's lunch. While walking back a police car pulled over near where I was walking and seemed to be either checking me out or some other guy walking in the opposite direction. A purse snatcher has been working this area; they caught him later this afternoon.

Daisy wanted attention a lot today, which was nice. I made meatballs using my mom's old recipe, they are delicious. Actually I quit making meat balls and just brown it all up and toss some into spaghetti sauce.

Also I wanted to relate something interesting that I read recently that explained something I'd been wondering about. This was a part of an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1977 (with a porn magazine, of all things) and he said the following:
I'm constantly amazed when people ask me about discipline. Discipline is what you use when you don't want to do something, when you have to force yourself. . .Do you have to discipline yourself to have breakfast, lunch or dinner? Of course not; and so discipline—the usual concept of it—doesn't apply here. I had to discipline myself to learn English, but never to train.
That's very true.  I don't have discipline to work out every day, I do it because I love it and I have to have discipline not to for whatever reason. I wonder if I really don't have much self-discipline. I mean, I do when I really want to be doing something, which I've explained here a few times as having some goal. Or maybe most people who we think of as "disciplined" are really just doing what they want to do.

Monday, February 25, 2013

25 February 2013

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
Nice day. Trip to [Hutton?] Warrens?
Couldn't read that very well.

So anyway, I made up for a nice weekend of much sleep last night: couldn't get to sleep for a looong time and then woke up in the middle of the night for quite a while. *harumph* I did okay all day though, didn't even get sleep at work or on the bus home. And a fabu workout. I think my friend F. might be correct that spring break is causing more females to hit the IMA because there were quite a few down there again today, although it was kind of the usual people. Had to work in on one thing with one as it was the last thing I had to do before going upstairs. I usually don't like to do that with females because I worry they'll think I'm just doing it to hit on them, but I didn't say much so I think it was okay.

Work went well, too, although I mostly sat and watched stuff run. You know, boring but productive. Quite a few people there today, too, Mondays are usually pretty quiet.

Nothing much else went on. I did wonder a few things this morning though, such as how much of what I dod is making up for childhood. I know that part of the reason I went for a PhD is because I kinda sucked in school, and part of the reason I work out is to make up for being an unathletic, goofy little dweeb when I was a kid. I wonder how much else is that way?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Pt. Cloudy. Nice day.
1 ton hay to Rogers $15.00/ Cut alder top, pull out of woods

OMG OMG OMG. I slept until 6 this morning! Hardly knew what to do with myself, I'm used to being awake at least an hour before the Spousal Unit gets up and today it was only like 20 minutes. Felt so good I even went to Mass despite Mr. Back still not being up to snuff. I think I may have had kind of a big 'anxiety attack' in the middle of the night though; I haven't been getting those very much anymore, so I was a little surprised and disappointed. I managed it fairly well though and wasn't awake for all that long.

Mass was okay, although I had to lean on the front of the pew a lot while standing. Watched the start of the Daytona 500 and then some of the actual race, too. I'm becoming a bit more interested in NASCAR, actually ever since a little Top Gear film on it. I don't know why, but there you have it. They had James Franco (actor) do the "start your engines" thing and he blew it, saying "Drivers. . .and Danica [Patrick]. . .start your engines!" I think he meant to say "Gentlemen" but muffed it. Poor guy.

We just did the usual lunch+shopping stuff, although the Spousal Unit spent much of the morning cleaning. After coming back from that we sped up to Lowe's on Aurora and got two backs of bark and one of topsoil to finish off the little front yard planting areas. One side is uneven so I think sometime this summer after the daffodils and stuff are done blooming I'll dig it out and relevel it. But it still looks and smells nice.

Not much going on this evening, Oscars on TV but they interest me very little anymore.

We were both coooooold this afternoon, even though it wasn't all that cold. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

23 February 2013 (Saturday)

On this day in 1967 (Thursday):
To Everett 8 P.M. ? Check from Edw. $45.00 Meet CHas. A. Smith at Arl[ington] 7 P.M. 2 Gals milk at Bill's.
That was kind of boring.

I SLEPT UNTIL 5:30 THIS MORNING. I don't remember the last time that happened on a Saturday. Wow. No nap. Wasn't half dead all day. I wish I could do that more often.

We went to Burgermaster for breakfast. For future comparisons, we had cinnamon swirl french toast, two eggs, three bacons, and two drinks: $19.18. Shouldn't have drank the tea, or at least that much of it, it was strong and I nearly had the shakes later on. I did some cleaning after that, mostly in the kitchen but also in the other bathroom. Then I washed my car; it was kind of sunny, but still kind of cold. Had hair appts. at 11 so we parked on campus and went there. Had lunch at Pagliacci, and then went up by Haller Lake to an estate sale. I bought two old military bags to use as dig bags for about $35. We drove the Honda then while I put mine in the garage so we could take the Honda to the car wash (mine can't go through those anymore because stuff likes to fall off of it).

AND this afternoon we planted some very fragrant plants we bought. . . .last weekend? Dug out some sod right on either side of the front steps, moved some of the bulbs -- with plants coming up already, I hope they all survive -- and tomorrow need some more soil and bark to go over it. I think it will look nice especially in later February next year when the new plants will be blooming and fragrant and all of the other things are coming up as well. My back did okay for that and actually is feeling pretty good right now. We walked up to the Safeway to get some buttermilk for breakfast tomorrow.

Friday, February 22, 2013

22 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day.
Work on fence. "No soap" makes noise on TV & Radio, put manure on [candby?] raspberries, mail letter to Remington Works [ellion?] NV.
Don't understand the "no soap" business.

It was an early start to my day, unfortunately. Had a very strange, kind of bad dream involving Daisy and woke up at 3:30, never to sleep again. Had a decent workout, but then the stupid bus was early and I missed it. I actually flipped the bus off as it drove away because he didn't even wait to see me running for it. I mean, I was right next to it. And I hope he saw it, too. Fortunately, it was only 15 minutes for the next one so I put on my iPod and listened to CSN's Daylight Again (one of my favorite albums) and waited. Got home, ate bagels, etc., and then discovered that the 65 bus went right up to Brad's. Sheesh, I could have been taking it all along instead of walking miles from the 71. It was rainy and windy and not a pleasant wait for the bus, but it went okay. I admit I wasn't pleased with the price -- $1560 -- but they really got the steering working nice, almost like the Honda; really nice and tight. Talked a bit about it, and I suppose $3k every few years isn't that bad for a classic, and very driveable, old car. I was sitting in there when I heard the loud roar of an engine so I got up to see what fantabulous awesome muscle car was making all that noise. . . .and it was mine!

Came home, had Korean ramen for lunch (it's Friday after all), and then piddled around until it was time to go to the UVil to meet F. I wasn't too keen on it, being kind of tired and all, but we had a very pleasant visit. Lots of eye candy for her (for me, goes without saying) for a change. She didn't like the term "negroplasty" which is a South Park thing. Heh. Tomorrow I plan on washing my car and starting the process of cleaning it inside and out for the Mustang show in July. Hopefully, not much driving between now and then. Hey, wait, I don't want to drive it to San Diego before that. Hmmmm.

Anyway, went for a walk, windy and cold but it quit raining around 2 and turned nicely sunny.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost A.M. Nice Day (p.m.)
Work on fence.
Kiwanis Club Mark Hereth talk on New Zeland (sic) $10.00 dues pd!
You know, both this guy and Lillie -- the previous diarist -- were both members of clubs. I don't know if I know anyone now that is in one. I guess even in 1967 entertainment choices were limited and perhaps these clubs provided some social engagements? I mentioned during that diary that I feel a bit remiss at all of the socializing that I don't do. We don't have people over for dinner, or cards, we rarely go out to friends' homes, we don't belong to any sort of social clubs, etc. I think a lot of people are like this. My parents weren't, as I recall, very sociable either, although they did play cards with some adult friends every now and then. Maybe it's the German reserve.

I woke up at 4:30-ish this morning and that afforded the opportunity to drink a DC which helped with the workout. Back was okay, since awakening early also allowed me to sit on the heating pad for a while. So the workout went okay. Work was actually kind of interesting as I had to put yet more forms into the code, including some that should have been in already but weren't. So it was at least challenging.

Ride home was late as a bus got stuck in the tunnel. I was ready for a long wait but they actually got a tow truck in pretty quickly and pushed it out. So I was only a half hour late. Was fairly cold today but didn't rain, although it was slightly drizzling on our walk.

Car is costing $1500. Yikes. OTOH, it's probably about $3000 a year, usually less, to keep that stupid thing running which is probably cheaper than a new car anyway. And more fun.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost, clear.
Leah to Dr. Zook. Hospital for blood sample, veal meal at Arl[ington] Feed for Ruby, $11.65. Try to burn berry canes, put new hook on chain, use forge.
Ed Gardner here 30 min., talk, etc.
Leah again. Wife? Girlfriend?

Halfway decent day today. Actually a pretty darn good one. Slept okay, at least until the alarm although I spent part of the night awake. Must change radio stations, I hate waking up to commercials. The back felt better after sitting on the heating pad for a few minutes before leaving this morning, so I had a decent workout. I even did a few easy sets of some abdominal exercise, worried that it would wreck my back even more, but it actually felt much better afterwards. Lots of females in the gym today, too, for some reason (not that I'm complaining).

Work was okay. I gave Lara back her chair and I think she appreciated it, even though I still feel kind of bad for pilfering it. But there was another one like it close by, she could have just snagged that one. But we fixed some problems and I read a bunch of papers on diarrhea and HIV. I'm interested in it because diarrhea has probably killed more people over the millennia than all other things combined, but it's not a high-profile disease. I'd like to find some way to use the data we have on it, but I'm not sure how it might work. Perhaps a survival vs. socioeconomic analysis with diarrhea as a factor in morbidity and mortality? Got some more work to do tomorrow getting the data all straightened out, but hopefully I can start to work on that.

Car will be like $1300. I dunno.

Bus rides were quick both ways. Actually, pretty much everything was efficient today, I should have bought a lottery ticket. I did, however, buy some Pepsodent toothpaste, two for the church and one for me. I get a kick out of using that retro stuff, plus only 88 cents! And a can of Foamy for 99 cents! I definitely should have bought a lottery ticket!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19 February 2013 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1967 (Sunday):
SS & church Leah & me.
Needed: Feb. 12 5266.54
Rec'd Feb 12 5163.30
Each Sunday 143.42 Rec'd 175.77
Visit Hal & Gertrude
Apple pie.

I wonder if he's the church treasurer? The "Needed" & "Rec'd" seem to me to be church offerings for each Sunday, or in this case To Date. They publish that in our Sunday bulletin.

Good day today. It was sunny and around 50, beautiful, but I was inside all day, at home, working. I slept through the night in the bed although I woke up at 4:15; felt okay though. I had a soda and used the heating pad while I sat there watching TV until the 5 a.m. alarm and my back felt pretty good. I did a legs workout today and the back didn't bother me all that much, although there were a few things I didn't do. And I used the heating pad all day at my desk. Hopefully it's starting to rehab.

Mostly I worked on the KeH monograph. I had to insert my citations from the Burials chapter into the main bibliography, and then assemble the figures and such for the Burials and Excavations chapters, which was a lot of work and took me until 3:30. I don't feel too great about the excavations, I stripped out a lot of photograph references and other junk. RJW is just printing a a review copy this week, so before it goes to print formally, I really want to go through it in detail and make it better.

Had a chicken in the slow cooker all day, turned out very well.

Also wondering what to do with my car. It's going to take another $1000 for the brake thing and the steering rack was leaking, and that makes like $2500 in the past two months. If I stay on at the UW I won't be driving it much, so I may be able to just keep it. Otherwise, I'll have to sell it or store it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

18 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Frost, clear.
Cut alder -- Nickhelp[ed] gave him limbs, $1.00. Trip to Arl[ington] P.M. chain hook, fencer bulb $1.01.
Pay Nick $1.00 help split alder.
That's pretty good, ol' Edward is 76 when this is taking place and he's splitting wood. I think I kind of like this guy.

As for me, sheesh, another day, another awake-at-3:15 and sore back. This back thing will just not go away. I don't know if sitting at a desk is doing something or what -- I worked at home today, it's President's Day -- but it isn't recovering like it has most often in the past. Anyway, here is what I've been waking up worrying about now: When I first started back at Global Health I asked Margaret if there was another chair I could use and she grabbed one from an "empty" desk. Great. Except a couple days later someone came in and sat there. I asked if she wanted the chair back but she said she was fine, but it's started to bother me, thinking I 'stole' her chair. I know, I know, they aren't anybody's chairs and I did ask, but you know, At any rate I'm giving it back Wednesday because A) it's obviously not doing my back any favors, and B) Maybe I'll STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT AND GET SOME SLEEP. I did leave my desk and took another 40 minute nap so I wasn't a total waste all day, but it still kinda sucked. I wore my glasses all day because of it, too.

But I got a decent amount done, got everything run through 12/31/2013 and Wednesday I can at least start to do something else. Also got a fun post going on Car Lust on the Cars of 'Once Upon a Time' the TV show. We did our grocery shopping this evening.

Oh, also called my mom. She's doing okay although she sounds a bit more 'jowly' all of a sudden. SHe might come out for a short visit with Hank & Nancy in late April. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

17 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Dale Hendrickson Haul hay to Woodinville, 2 ton @ $22.50
Rain. to [Ave?] get Fencer
Day started out poorly with me waking up at about 3:40 and not going back to sleep. I watched TV for a while, then tried to sleep again but no dice. *sigh* Happily, I slept for over an hour around 8:15 and that helped immensely. Consequently, I vegged most of the morning doing nothing except TV, mostly some stuff about Freddie Mercury. We left for the in-laws in Gig Harbor around 11:45, stopped in the shopping are for movie tickets (gift) and some other items. Back was doing better; I found that if I sit normally but don't let my lower back go against the back of the seat it does wonders.

Mostly sat around down there in a way that helped my back and watched the TV; not much else to do without being in pain. Some of the others came over around 3:30 and we got pizza from Round Table. We all used to get that quite often years ago, mostly in the '90s. I just remember eating way too much of it (I love RT pizza) and feeling over full. But I do look back rather fondly on those years for the most part, before they fell on some harder times. Haulia cake for dessert, delicious. Only took about 55 minutes to get back, too, usually it's more like 70.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

16 February 2013 (Saturday)

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Trip to Farm Bureau. Snohomish back to Marysville WAYNE LEIFER R2 Marysville with Harold Cline. 27795 HOME.

Farm Bureau guy. Marysville is near Arlington or at least up in that general area.

I must have woken up half a dozen time after midnight last night, but I managed to stay more or less asleep until about 5. It was frustrating, but I think this is probably the first Saturday in a month I'm not dead tired. Back is still hurting a lot though; I really did a number on it this time. It's slightly better than yesterday but not much. At night it only bothers me when I have to roll over.

I didn't eat much for breakfast either, but I did eat a bowl of fruit afterwards which is utterly and completely out of character for me. But, when it's there and prepared, I'll eat it. We walked up to SBux and got something, but other than that I didn't eat anything else all morning. I spent most of the morning writing up a Car Lust post; it's a $100,000 challenge: If some billionaire gave you $100k just to spend on cars, what would you get? There are a few stipulations, such as you have to spend it all (or close) and it has to fit the needs of your entire household for the near future. I thought it was kinda dumb at first, but then I really got into it. I started out with two vehicles -- and SUV and a Cooper S -- but then expanded it to a motorcycle, then a cheaper SUV and a 1977 Trans Am and a motorcycle. Hee! Spousal Unit was actually getting kind of irritated that I only got her one vehicle. . .with a hypothetical $100,000!

We dropped my car off at Brad's and then had lunch at Rainin' Ribs on Lake City. YUM. I had a hot link without bun, cole slaw, and green beans which was just what I was in the mood for. I rarely eat full sandwiches as combining bread and meat fills me up way too much. Then we hot the Lowe's and got some plants and potting soil, then the Animal Talk to visit all the cats, Whole Foods for a couple of things, and then custard at Peaks -- the latter is just plain utterly and completely delicious. The ultra smooth texture is almost as good as the taste. Wasted time on getting home, actually watched the end of a movie which I've never seen before, and thence made dinner (leftovers mostly). Mall-walked because there was rain.

Friday, February 15, 2013

15 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Nice day. 8 a.m. Snoh.-Merc. Leave 2 pm [faster?] came from Everett 12:30 $28.24 fill at Biekford's, Snoh. Saw Clyde Kinely[?] 10 a.m. coffee & donut. Eat noon Bakery $1.15. Built day Chas. strain Ruth Zackary. Cake ice cream Clyde Kinch & wife there HEM[?]. Bill & Mrs. Voerier came as lift. Ruth Zachary.

Oye. Hard to decipher writing. I wonder if his earlier diaries are this messy?

Odd day today. I actually slept okay despite the back acting up and woke up just a few minutes before 5. The workout was, of course, simplified, but I could do quite a bit without too much pain. I thought I could bench press because, after all, it's just laying down and pushing up, right? No back, right? Well, yeah, so I got it all set up -- painfully -- and then realized that I could barely, you know, lie down. And probably not be able to get back up again. So that was that. But still a decent workout.

When I got home I set to work finishing up Redding's bibliography and finished that in relatively short order, with only a minimum of swearing at Word and then after some minor piddling around finished the last of the mix tapes. Two sides were virtually the same, both labeled "Mid '80s Techno Pop", don't know why I'd make two the same. One was unlabeled but found later it was a "Road Tunes" tape, but not the good one (that I can't find). I'm going to try to tally up how much it would cost to re-create them in iTunes. This time only one was a mystery, but Ken came through again. I've already thrown out the tapes and put the case in the to-go pile. =(

Had lunch at McD's, they have fish nuggets now which they call Fish McBites which are a nice change from their McFishy thingie. Then I wandered around UVil (buying a pack of Sharpies from Office Despot) before meeting F. at SBux. Beautiful day, mod-50s and we sat outside, it was ridiculously pleasant. Lots of dogs.

Came home, piddled around some more, then sat on the heating pad and watched some of the Tron:Legacy DVD, the "Making of. . " stuff. I didn't see the original Tron movie and wasn't interested in it, but I stumbled across this one and just started watching it and found I quite liked it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Co. Com. on [Delbrook?] Dist. Organization 8 p.m. Room 228. Shoft of snow [unk]
Leave 10 p.m. home 11. Via Kackman Road!

Good day? Bad day? Had difficulty getting to sleep, woke up in the middle of the night and worried, took quite a while to fall back asleep. Jack slept at my feet most of the night, he's taken to bugging us and sitting on a dresser meowing until I get up. After the power thing yesterday my alarm clock was reset so the alarm didn't go off and the Spousal Unit had to come in and wake me up. My back HURT when I got up and it just got worse. I don't know what I did to it yesterday, but it hasn't been this bad in a long time. Barely made it through my workout which was only riding the cycle for 50 minutes. Only stayed at work until around 11 and then came home and worked here the rest of the day. With a heating pad. And ibuprofen. Acetaminophen doesn't work on this, only ibuprofen does. Still in much pain now.

Made teriyaki pork chops, sauteed green beans, and leftover brussels sprouts casserole for dinner, pretty good. Not much of a Valentine's Day, I'm afraid although I'm going to vie the Spousal Unit her gift presently, the DVD of Tron: Legacy. Will veg out the rest of the evening with the heating pad.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 February 2013 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1967 (Monday):
Rain. Joan got [bkfst?]. Write letter to Olympia. Sun[?] 2 pm. Mrs. Lars Larvold & Bryan Hearst [ill?] at Thriftin[?] foods for "Mines".
No idea what that last stuff means.

Slept okay last night, but too another 1/3 Ambien again, which I feel like I've been needing too often lately. Hope I haven't gotten into a pattern.

But I had a simply spectacular workout! Gads, I felt like a freakin' bodybuilder, except for the, you know, huge amounts of weight. I think my lower back may be paying the price, too. But a truly excellent one. Work day was actually a bit interesting as I found more stuff wrong with the one variable (TBCurren) and the S1 programs had to be run for some CDC report, too, so I was busy most of the day. One thing I don't like about this job/place is that I hardly ever interact with anyone. I think I maybe said ten words all day. I converse with C. by email, even when we're on the same floor. So it's not something that I really look forward to all that much.

It was Ash Wednesday but I didn't do much for it except for abstinence -- after that workout I'd have been dead if I'd fasted. I'll still not eat dessert, I think, it shouldn't pose too big of a problem. Kind of reminds me of Spring as I do this every year so the taste of yogurt and granola makes me think of Spring coming.

We went to UVil to get a bunch of fruit for the Spousal Unit to make a fruit salad for work tomorrow. I called it the Funeral Fruit Salad as it's the same stuff we make for funerals at Assumption. Heh.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Church only Joan Alan[?] & family here 1:30 p.m. Leah & me to OSO Kliench[?] Geo. Fry Lothian [I don't know either].
Needed 2-5 5123.12
Rec. Feb 5 4987.53
Short 135.59
Needed each Sun 143.42
Rec 2-5-67 239.71
Marian Anderson here.
Seems like he's got a few lady friends. . .I wonder if he was widowed? If he was indeed born in 1891 he would have been 76 in 1967.

Busy day today. Pretty good workout (legs) but had to wait 10 minutes for the stupid bus. Busses are truly for those with time to kill. Got home (finally) and. . . .didn't do much until around 9 when I started doing the floors and started some laundry. Also got the Goodwill stuff together including the old trash can from downstairs! I'd been planning on fixing it for years now, but could never find the right piece of plastic for it and finally got rid of it, much to the Spousal Unit's delight. That's why I actually understand these hoarders. . . .

F. went to Goodwill with me just for fun. I even took her over to the outlet store, what a zoo. Kirean kimchi ramen for lunch and then goofed off until around 1:30 when I went up to the Silver Platters at NGate to get a DVD for Spousal Unit for V-Day and, well, snagged a couple of LPs in the process: Styx II and Firefall. The latter I don't care for all that much but for some reason I thought of it yesterday and then today there it was on the front of the shelf for 99 cents. I figured it was fate. Also stopped at QFC for chicken for dinner. Turned out okay, pounded it (two breasts), browned it a bit in olive oil, garlic and onion, and then cooked it in cream of mushroom soup. Had my last dessert for 40 days, Lent starts tomorrow. Although I may not be too strict about it this year, I've got so much going on with my internal life I'm not keen on piling another stricture on myself if only temporarily.

Monday, February 11, 2013

11 February 2013

On this day in 1967 (Saturday):
Rain to Mt. Vernon
Dr. Jack Shepler
Obviously not a terribly exciting day.

Another weird night: I woke up having a huge anxiety attack and went to the TV room, obtaining 1/3 of an Ambien on the way. Took me a while to get back to sleep, too. I haven't had one like that in a while. Perhaps not coincidentally, I had gone back on vitamin E that day so I'm wondering if that's had something to do with it. I thought that the E had made me feel somewhat more. . .I dunno, 'vigorous' maybe, but I went off of it for a couple of weeks and it didn't seem all that different, though I could tell a difference in the past. These anxiety things aren't entirely useless and negative, there are some real issues behind what I'm worried about, though certainly not worth that extent of worry. But they're not baseless. I've tried to recognize the really stupid ones and use the others as indicators of things that really are bothering me about what I'm doing. But I think it may have been later than I thought because I didn't feel like I'd been asleep very long before the alarm went off.

Decent workout but nothing spectacular. Went running again, only about 10 minutes on the track. I hope my knee doesn't hurt because of it.

Work was okay, I delved into the TB variables. I also tried to not wear my reading glasses, so I had to make some fonts bigger. I'm thinking maybe wearing them is what is causing the acne-type stuff on my nose. I mean, together with the rosacea. Worked okay, although my eyes felt tired, but not as bad as when I wear the glasses. My group also went out for lunch to some Chinese place. It was okay. The new person, Daisy, came in today, all decked out in high-heeled black boots, skirt, and black nylons which looked nice, but seemed a bit out of place. Not that I'm complaining. . . .

We went up to NGate to walk, shoe store (DSW) and. . .that was about it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

9 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Rain. Work in Canby's?
Make check for A.A.A. $27.00 Leah & me!
Mrs. Lars Lervold[?] here. P.M. Green River belt[?] Bill! GREENBELT RIVER.

More odd stuff.

And it's Saturday so that must mean I woke up before 4. Yeeeup. 3:45ish. I actually got out of the bed in the middle of the night to move to the couch and remembered I hadn't turned on the dishwasher so I did that on my way. Yeesh. Managed to take a nap though, maybe 30 minutes. I was going to cook breakfast at home, but we didn't have the requisite materials so we went out. Did not entirely waste the morning though because I did a lot of the bibliography. And watched an episode of Hoarders. I do get what they're thinking as I kind of have a touch of it myself, I think. I don't get rid of a lot of stuff because I tend to think that "I can fix this and still use it" or "I'll need this some day" etc. It's something I am mindful of and have gone through a couple of Great Purges where I get rid of a lot of stuff. Such a Purge is coming, too.

We went downtown. Ate at El Puerco Lloron (The Crying Pig) where I've been going for years. Hit an antique store, and the Bon (aka, Macy's) and got a new computer backpack to take to work. The briefcase is just too heavy with my computer, lunch, etc. It's kind of a new era for me, as I've had a briefcase like this -- canvas Land's End -- for years. We also stopped by Westlake Mall and got a snack before heading home. We watched a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and then walked down to Metropolitan Market (55th and 40th, the old Albertson's) for some breakfast stuff (buttermilk and bread). Will probably watch junk TV the rest of the evening.

Friday, February 8, 2013

8 February 2013 (Friday)

Seem to have made a mistake and entered some entries from the wrong dates (March). Won't bother editing, just continuing on from here. So, on this day in 1967:
Hi clouds.
1 p.m. Window washer. Fog - SL Frost, work on raspberries at 11 a.m. Installed Bickford's [unk]
Arl. Vol. Fire Dept. 2:00.
Volunteer firefighter as well.

JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY software is irritating me today. I was fighting with Word to make bibliography entries format properly and it keeps insisting on formatting them randomly. Now iTunes and its new idiotic interface -- which not only makes stuff hard to find and requires numerous steps to do just about anything -- keeps playing songs at random as well. JUST DO WHAT I FUCKING TELL YOU TO DO, SOFTWARE.

Sorry about the French. If there's one thing that irritates me it's poorly designed software.


Anyway. Grrrr. It wasn't a bad day anyway. Jack slept next to me almost all night, which is sweet, but pins me to the back of the couch all night. But I slept until almost 5 this morning. And had a simply awesome workout, totally making up for Thursday. Also ran at the end, which is much harder than cycling, I need to do it at least once a week. I spent the morning running the new code for Coptic and doing the bibliography for the monograph. Except for the formatting, it's going okay, although some refs have been missing, but I think I found the right ones.

I went to McD's for lunch and had their new fish nuggets, not bad. Cashed a Cascadia check afterwards, as well as the coins, and then wandered around a while before retiring to the SBux to await F. Nice afternoon, abundant eye candy for me as usual, but only a couple for F., also as usual.

Been listening to the sound track from Tron:Legacy all day. I really like the movie, but the soundtrack is really great. The main theme really struck me last night. Hard to say why exactly without sounding totally 12-years old, but it's made me aware that whatever good I do in my daily routine is truly ennobling. Something to strive for. Was I depressed earlier? Was it just anxiety? Or just down? Whatever, I think I can be proud that I pulled myself out of it without help, without drugs, without therapy; just me. I will forge ahead regardless and be what is best in men.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
Chucknut Manor 7:30 p.m. Kiwanis.
Tristin 10 yrs old
Special board 8 pm Scott  at Lei's work at Harold Clings 2 hrs
Shoot hazel brush back from cut, few sticks of alder.
I slept until almost the alarm this morning, but the workout was difficult. It was a leg day and, despite the good night's rest and a good guzzle of iced tea before leaving, my legs were really weak. By the time I got to the barbell lunges they were doing okay, but it took an inordinate amount of time to get going.

I worked at home today and got a decent amount done. The big program kept running out of drive space, but I finally figured out that I needed to put the code that deleted most of the variables up even higher so it doesn't even make the big data set. I didn't quite get it all run again, but I'm going to set it going tomorrow morning.

Had to order more Luzianne tea today as well. A few words on that. I've been addicted (figuratively speaking) to iced tea since I was a teenager. Back then I drank Nestea instant which might seem odd, but I loved it. No sugar even, just straight bitter Nestea goodness. For whatever reason, the bitterness just quenched my thirst so well. Sometime after moving out to Seattle -- probably in the '90s -- I discovered Luzianne tea which makes the best iced tea because it doesn't get cloudy. I bought a Mr. Coffee iced tea pot and that stupid thing lasted me for years, using it year round; for a while I didn't drink it iced in the winter, but I've since gone completely to the Dark Side and now have it nearly every day. I can't imagine how many gallons of iced tea I've drunk in my lifetime. You can't get Luzianne around here so I order a few boxes at a time. For a while, their web site only allowed you to purchase it by the case so for a time I was giving out boxes of tea to people for Christmas presents or else it would last me forever.

So. I love tea.

Jack was mildly annoying today, desperate for attention. He was happy when the sun hit the TV room and I made the ottoman up high enough that he could nap in the sun. Daisy was fairly non-insistent for attention for some reason, but she got some anyway.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 February 2013

On this day the last two days in 1967:

(February 5, Sunday) Sunshine. SS & Church.
Eat at [Bertha's?] Boys out
PM Chocolate & cookies
Ed Gardner use axe! Few nicks?
Needed -- 5553.38  2-26
Read -- 5426.37       "  "

(February 6) Bertha to Dr. Everett? 10: AM. Fog!
 Sure wish I knew what the numbers meant. And who is Bertha? Lady friend?

Was in the field yesterday so no entry, as I didn't get home until 7:30 after leaving the house at 5:15. That, in 2013, is what CRM (culltural resource management) archaeology is all about. For the uninitiated, we drove up to Anacortes for the 7:40 ferry to Oracs Island after loading up J's car at the Cascadia office with screens, shovels, tarps, and breaker bars. We got a little something at the Orcas Island Hotel, and then drove about a half mile to Bayhead Marina. Apparently, it had just been purchased and the new owner was going to do some land-altering work. Since it's in a fairly sensitive area -- almost anything along the shoreline around here is likely to have an archaeological site on it -- they had to have an archaeological survey done. What we do is use sat photos and such to determine what areas will be disturbed and then dig shovel probes -- ca. 1-meter deep holes dug with a shovel -- to see if any cultural material is there and what the deposits are so we can determine if they are likely to disturb any archaeological remains.

Most of it was useless, as they dredged the little bay and piled it all up around the whole area so whatever may have been there is either moved and dumped or deeply buried. So most of what we dug through was this disturbed junk or fill brought in from somewhere else. I.e., mostly useless. But it was a fairly pleasant day. Worked with M, an older guy (probably around 60+) who has been out of work for a while. I feel bad for him. Especially since we're almost in the same boat, although in my favor is the fact that I probably both look and act much younger than my true age.

Anyway, slept like a log last night because of it. Even though I'm fairly strong and in shape, all that digging and screening still wipes me out. I did, in fact, sleep through until 4:30 at which time I decided it was more important to get up and hydrate with a Diet Coke rather than try to go back to sleep. Worked out well since I had a very good workout. I think I'm not quite over whatever has been making me feel poorly the last few days, but I'm not feeling as bad today (or yesterday for that matter).

Got an email from a Scout leader. O.M.G. All I asked is maybe if some Boy Scouts might like to do a little data gathering at the cemetery and I get this huge long email -- two now -- from this guy detailing the many and myriad ways this could be done, should(?) be done, etc. Lawdy. I thought he was some sort of hyper-micro-managing manager or something, but I think he's just ex-military. Now he's talking about ground-penetrating radar, using Google to photograph and crowd-source all 20,000+ gravestones, etc. JAYsus. Well, I'll humor him. I'm finding it kind of funny actually, although the Spousal Unit thinks he's a know-it-all jerk. We'll see.

Monday, February 4, 2013

4 February 2013 (Monday)

On this day in 1967:
Sunshine A.M. 4:30 to 7:30 Masonic Temple Snohomish [Torkby-Han?]
Cut vine maple & Look at fence?
Sold 1 ton hay Schulberg $17.00
Ah, a Mason. Have no idea what the "Torkby-Han" means, I looked it up on the web but nothing like that.

Felt pretty lousy when I woke up this morning around 4:30. I dunno, just. . . .lousy. Like a hangover or something like that. But, a Diet Coke put me in fine form for a decent workout, although I got a bit weaker as I went. There's something wrong with me, that's for sure.

Work was fine, met with P. and C. about data stuff, and they were quite positive about trying to get someone -- hint, hint -- to be permanent part-time to manage this data and do research, so I'm going to push that. The computer was running like crap all day, ridiculously slow. I mean, doing a little search-and-replace in SPSS was taking like a half an hour and not finishing! I removed the antivirus I installed last week and then it ran okay. I'll just have to practice safe surfing I guess. But a decent, if kind of boring, day. We're on the 13th floor and the elevator ride down took forever, I think it stopped like 6 times on the way. Otherwise, the trip back went pretty quick for a change. We went to UVil to get a prescription and some other junk, notably bonito flakes for the cats.

Nice day, dry, little sun, wish we'd gone up to Orcas today. . . .

Note: I am exceedingly pleased that our building has a 13th floor. I have worked in one building downtown that did not have a 13th floor and it was built in the 1980s! How could such a superstition still be around even then!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 February 2013

On this day in 1967:
To SNOH Bickford's. Shell service Pd. Ace Hdw, milk, replace DIVO[?] -- saw Gale Kelley Duke & driver others.
left Shell 2:30 p.m. talked to Danny Perrisogue[?]. Saw Jersey & Pat Dennis
Worker[?] to be installed Wed 1 p.m?
Still having problems with the handwriting, although the 'Arl" from yesterday appears to be "Ace" Hardware.

Felt lousy last night so I slept on the couch the whole night, until 5 am. Turned out not (*knock wood*) to be the flu, as I am mostly better today, although I still think I may have a slight fever. Went up to Assumption in the middle of the 8:30 Mass to talk to the Scout lady, but she was in the Mass so I had to wait. Talked with the other Scout people though and afterwards the other person (Diana) said they'd probably have 8-10 boys to do it for an afternoon or something. That could get quite a lot done, although probably not enough for the whole project. That's okay though, we can always do the rest. Walked up to the SBux after that and then vegged the rest of the morning. Watched Top Gear.

Still not feeling 100% so we just went to UVil for lunch and shopping. Not many people there as this is Super Bowl Sunday, though there were more in the grocery stores, no doubt stocking up for parties. This afternoon I mostly piddled around, but also made an attempt at making 'mahalabeya', an Egyptian rice/milk pudding that I grew to love while there. The attempt was marginally successful, with not enough rice flour so it wasn't thick enough. It also tasted different, not sure why. Also made a boxed soup mix that's been sitting around for (literally) years and it was quite good, and I whipped up some biscuits, which I am becoming expert at.

We watched some of the SB, although I'm not that into it. Baltimore vs. San Francisco, I want the former to win, more or less. Power went out in half the Superdome midway in the 3rd, ha. Don't know what the score is, but it's probably late in the 4th by now. I quit having much interest in the NFL in the mid-'80s, partially due to school and other interests, but also because of, well, the Icky Shuffle, a stupid dance performed by the Cincinnati running back, Icky Woods, whenever he scored. I thought it was lame and dumb and it's gotten worse since, so it turned me off of pro ball.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 February 2013

On this day in 1967:

Cloudy, rain. 7 p.m. No work today, look at fence no find trouble must be in breaker? Will take in [unk] and have repaired. Pauline visit us about 11:30 a.m., stay til 3 p.m. no go to G.O.P [unk] 8 p.m.
Definitely a Republican then. That was a Thursday so I wonder why no work? Both of the "[unk]"s were the same sort of thing, look like Ail or Arl or something.

I woke up at a little after 4 this morning (grr), took the usual nap, etc. Thus, a wasted morning although I watched the season opener of Dallas, the second season. Larry Hagman died recently so they're going to have to work that in this year. I'm not all that interested as I thought I'd be. I guess I'm just not into this sort of television show anymore, about all I watch these days is science fiction type stuff and Top Gear. Just not interested in all the soap opera and scheming I guess.

We went down to Renton for lunch and went to Sam's Club and Uwajimaya for ramen and calendars. Ate at a Popeye's and I had gumbo. Not bad. Went off to Dairy Queen after that, drove home on Lake Washington Blvd for a change; pleasant little drive. Will watch The Maltese Falcon tonight.

Friday, February 1, 2013

1 February 2013 (Friday)

On this day in 1967 (Wednesday):
Cloudy. Rain 7 pm. Cut alder & throw in basement. 1 alder tree.
Loan tire pump to Steve -- let him [unk]!
GOP Snoh. Co $1.00 month?! * [star]
Thinking like Lillie he was a Republican. This state was fairly conservative until the 1980s when a lot of Californians started moving up here.

Another good night's sleep! And another stunning workout. Hope I don't injure myself soon. . .

Didn't do much this morning although I cleaned off my desk, installed some UW antivirus software on both my Macs, and poked around the Kom el-Hisn data for the source of a flotation sample. I thought I had the flotation book at least photocopied, but I can't find it. Perhaps I decided I'd never need the data and just sent it away. While cleaning up I looked into some old notebooks I used to keep for research, and some of those read almost like diaries. I may start entering some of those when some days in this one don't have anything. Here's the way I started out one of them:

All events are contingency-bound; the explanations are not.
Am I a total geek or what? I don't know where I got that, although its ultimate source if Dr. Dunnell.

At any rate, I walked up to the Starbucks but some panhandler lady like to stand outside of it with her dog so I went to the Safeway one instead. Came home, did the piddling work, and then drove up to the McD's for lunch because I was sick of sandwiches or whatever. I just got another one of their remaining McRibs (yum) and talked with Norma for a bit. Then I went to UVil at 12:45 and wandered around until 1:15. Kind of pleasant, it was a bit warmer and a bit sunnier so it was pretty nice for a change. I did stop by Assumption on the way back to drop off some food bank stuff, but school was getting out so there were people all over. Were moms that hot when I was a kid? I'm pretty sure not. But I dumped it off and got Carol to send me an email of the Scout troop person. I'm thinking of having someone else do some more data collection at Calvary so I have better data. Must go to pancake breakfast Sunday to see her.

That's it. Walked. 53 today, marginally sunny.