Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 June 2012

I just erased a rant on the $(@*$^( Seattle plastic bag ban, in effect tomorrow. I'd probably use too many words I might regret later.

Probably as a result of tiredness since I was awake at 4:15 this morning, blehh. On a SATURDAY. I suck. At any rate, we went out to Burgermaster for breakfast, and then I did next to nothing all morning. Well, it was raining, too, but I still had little to nothing to do so I watched a show about dealing with dead bodies and fell asleep for some of it. We decided to go downtown as well, mostly on a lark. We used to go down there quite often; I spent many years -- pretty much from 1985 through to 2009 with a couple of years away -- working downtown, but I still liked going down there for lunch on the weekend. My first job was a temp position at the Federal Home Loan Bank, as a Collateral Control. . .Officer? Something like that, probably not that important-sounding. But it was my first job here in Seattle and my first in a real office environment. Did that until school got too much and I went on loans for a few months -- probably worked at FHLB from late 1985 until 1987 or so. What on Earth did I do for money after that? Ah, youth. Still manged to drink a lot though.

Errr, what was I talking about? Oh yes, downtown. I ended up back down there in 1990 when I started with King County, at the Prefontaine Building, then to the First Interstate nee Wells Fargo until 2005 when I got booted out and went to Washington Mutual in their old big tower. I only stayed there a year (including a single week in their new smaller tower shortly before they went belly up) and then left downtown for a year and a half, and then back for 15 months before leaving mostly for good. I liked downtown. Always people around, lots of lunch places, stuff going on. . . .my friend Gwen at FHLB took me to El Puerco Lloron ("The Crying Pig") down in the market which has old bodega-style metal card tables and chairs and deeeelicious food. Even my mom liked it. That and the Italian place right in the Market we've been going to for years -- the Italian place guy remembers us, which is pretty neat. I like to rag on people who celebrate "mom and pop" places (over chains), but sometimes they are very good places.

Funny, in 1985 I rolled out here, a bearded young goofy midwesterner just starting grad school and here almost 30 years later I'm still going to the same places.

Well, apart from that little diversion into my deep, dark past (did I mention the Three Girls Bakery and their yummy and gigantic liverwurst sandwiches?), we hit The Bon Macy's and *gasp!* Spouse actually bought a backpack! A purse-like one for Chicago. I think she's been looking for something like that for two years and finally -- FINALLY -- broke down and went for it.

There were a lot of people downtown today, oddly, given the somewhat gray weather. The new ferris wheel which-is-not-a-ferris-wheel opened yesterday so maybe some were down for that. Still, quote a lot of people, including Norma and . . . . hmmmm, whatever the 92-year old's name is. Can never remember. They were going to a show at Benaroya which neither could remember who it was.

We hit the UVil for grocery shopping -- one last dash to grab as many of the Dangerously Evil plastic shopping bags as we can -- and then just home. Where I forgot to cook up the corn on the cob we'd bought. Well, I was excited because we got brats, too, and I was going to get to drink half of a beer. How far have I fallen? We walked, we're home. TV and bed. Saturday night excitement.

Friday, June 29, 2012

29 June 2012

I have posted an ad on Craig's List for a new diary. Still perusing around the Interwebs for one. There have been a few on eBay, but nothing really suitable. A couple have been very old and going for a few hundred dollars, others have been cheaper but have really tiny entries, like one or two words. Actually, I just used eBay again and found a few suitable ones, although all more than I really want to pay. Hmmmm.

Anyway, woke up at 4:45-ish this morning after not getting to sleep right away and had a date with Miss Ambien last night. Still, fabu workout and our man cave downstairs at the gym was populated by several females this morning. so we had to be on our best behavior. And, of course, working out much harder.

Oddly, when I got home I was a bit perplexed as to what to do today. My paper is out, the reports are almost all done, and I have no other projects going right now. Happily, however, the screwup I thought I'd done at Lopez last week turned out not to be, so the worrying I'd done was for naught. Made some mods on that report and I think I'll send it out Monday. I had the Spouse dump me off after Mickey D's and I walked up to the UW library to drop some books off and get another I'd put on hold, which turned out not to be the one I thought it was. Useful, but not right now. Darn it. After that I walked down to UVil and met Finoa-Shaniqua at SBux and we checked out the various hotties abounding there, mostly eye candy for me, but we actually had a few hot boyz today. Of course, I only noted said hotties for their fashion sense or lack thereof.

The only big excitement was. . .the church door was left open! We walked by Assumption and the front door was wide open. We went in and poked around to see if anyone was there, but no one was so we shut it and left. Carol -- former owner of this house and Assumption secretary(?) -- said the funeral this afternoon probably left it open. Apparently, the oboe player in the choir died from an accident; only 51. Hit her head in a fall. Very sad. I suppose I might recognize her, but I don't recall her face offhand. Goes to show how quickly our journey here can end.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

28 June 2012 (Thursday)

Hot damn, I managed to sleep until. . . . .4:45! A small victory, I know, but it's what I deal with. And even a darn good workout, too. So, good start to the day and it was even sunny.

The morning I spent finishing up some loose ends on various Cascadia projects, like getting photo logs together, daily work records, etc. That took most of the morning. And sent out the Lopez report and there might be a problem: I didn't do an area set back from the house. I believe I didn't because the contractor guy said it was out of the setback area. So, might have to go back out and put in a couple more probes. I'd do it on my own dime, since I screwed up in the first place, but we'll see. Probably be waking up in the middle of the night worrying about that and assuming I'm The Worst Archaeologist In The World. . . . .

I dropped all that stuff off after lunch and was going to go to the post office to mail a box to the Idle-A-While Motel where I'd left my fleece jacket, but I called them and they were getting ready to mail it to me anyway. The rest of the afternoon I diddled around and worked some on modifying the Calvary database. And reading the blogs and junk about the Court's Obamacare decision. I'm okay with the reasoning, provisionally: It depends on how the mandate was defined by them as a tax, and many are saying it was rather tortured. So, we'll see how it all pans out. As it is, I'm kind of hoping to be in Egypt for this election. . . .

It was sunny most of the day, but clouds started moving in this afternoon and it is sprinkling as I write this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27 June 2012

Yet another 3:30 wakeup this morning but I thankfully manged to doze off for a little while. I started writing a new paper in my head this morning, kind of a shorter version of the old one. Didn't completely work, but I think it got me on the way there.

At any rate, a decent workout including 20 minutes on the cycle with U2 banging on the iPod (Joshua Tree). I worked the rest of the morning on the Lopez Island survey report, including scanning in a copy of the house footprint plan, complete with a cheesy scale I had to put in myself. Interestingly, the landowners are both, apparently, in the military and are overseas at the moment (though in the area this week for a few days). I was able to lift most of the background from the other report I did for the property right across the street so it wasn't too difficult. After the usual Mickey D's for lunch -- spicy popcorn chicken bits, yum! -- I went out to Calvary to try gathering data with my new iPad and database app. It was. . . .marginally successful. The design could still use some work, but the iPad itself is a bit more difficult to work with than the old Palm, oddly enough. More difficult to see, heavier to hold onto for a long time, and actually kind of clunkier. I think the whole database design will eventually work better, but it's not slipping easily into the routine of data collection as quickly as I'd hoped.

We went over to UVil to get bagels and some cat stuff, including some dry food samples for Myra. Today was sunny and around 70 so lots of shorts and skirts and it looked all summery out for a change. I also got a call from Jana at Cascadia this afternoon and I get to write up a monitoring plan for next week, yet another new and exciting task. Actually, one of the former clients called me and asked about the status of their report -- which had been sent to San Juan County -- and after I told him who it got sent to, he called that person who said she'd never seen it. So I sent an email message to them and such, and have covered my @ss successfully. Go me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

26 June 2012

Day 2 without the diarist. . . . .

And it was a pretty good day, all things considered. Sadly, I woke up too early (like 3:30, what else is new), but had to get up at 4:30 anyway to leave for Stanwood at 5:30 for the last day (supposedly) of monitoring on this project.

So I get out to the site and no one's around the office. "Oh well," I thought, "they're probably already out at the other end ready to excavate." So I put on my boots, vest, etc., and started walking out there. Hmmmm, the road sure is muddy. I mean really muddy and I didn't think it rained all that much. Come to think of it, there was a lot of water all over. Walked along a little more. . . more mud. . . .and no tire tracks or treads from the excavators going out either. Hmmmmmm. . . . .

I finally saw the track hoe out on the west dike -- where we weren't digging -- but continued on for a bit until I could see the other end where we were supposed to be: no one there.

Hmmmmmm. . . . .

I found Rod's phone # and called him up to ask where they were. Oops, the west dike was breached over the weekend and they've been working to fix that for the last couple of days. Hence the water and mud. So they weren't excavating today! He was quite apologetic, and I was getting paid anyway so I wasn't all that upset. Still, I charge 'em for the drive home. Called Lisa too to see if she had lunch free, yes she did, so I went homewards in rain and much heavier traffic than on the way up.

I didn't do much at home, except the kitchen floor and dishwasher, and a few emails and such, then left for downtown. Saw some EMS peeps (not too exciting) and while waiting for Lisa emailed Christine to see if she was at global health (yes), and had a tasty gyro lunch.

After that I popped up to Global Health by Harborview and talked to Pam and Xtine. Turns out they're going to hire me back on for a bit again in a month or so, same old programming stuff, BUT. . .perhaps some research and writing, too! Only half time, but still, regular work. In a cubicle, blehh. But it made me feel good. I rode the Shuttle back with Pam, hit the UW Surplus Store (somenice grand pianos but nothing else very interesting) and then sat at SBux for a while. Lots of people, but I got a table anyway and enjoyed myself sending some emails and junk and enjoying the scenery. Walked home from there. In the rain most of the way. WILL IT EVER STOP RAINING?

And so, after our walk, I sit once again blogging. In a happier mood because of that. Oh, I also sent out a few copies of my PH Egypt paper -- it's not entirely done, but there's only a bit more to do on it, and that may take some time as I wait for a paper. Maybe that's an important hurdle.

Monday, June 25, 2012

25 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
While at home this morning I was trying to carry a chair up the stairs & heard the milk-man at the front door so I opened the door & asked him to help me. It was then that I realized that I was still in my negligee and I saw his eyes feasting on my feminine form. As I bent over to. . .

I may have made that entry up.

Well, here we are. I'm on my own. Eek! No crutch! No angle! No raison d'etre for writing! It's all on me me ME until I find a new old diary to transcribe. Ah, the burdens of authorship. . . .

Well, whatever. I went and woke up at 3:30 and promptly started worrying about anything and everything, and even attempting to write something of my paper in my head didn't work. You know, I used to say a rosary or do multiplication tables in my head to calm my brain down, but it's gotten so that I can simultaneously do multiplication tables and think of something else entirely. It's kind of bizarre not to mention completely unhelpful. So I got up at like 4:15 and had a Diet Coke so I'd at least be good and hydrated for my workout (which was excellent, btw). Saw Emma-with-the-rubber-feet again today and we waved hello so at least one familiar person is down there this summer. And my sorority-running-partner-GF, too, but we don't talk.

I worked on and finished the South Park report all morning, including a run to the Shop to get the quad map and a screen for tomorrow. I wasn't going to take a screen but the guy from the Tribe (Stillaguamish) is planning on being there and I could just see us finding something funny and there I'd sit without even a screen. We stayed home for lunch and had tuna sandwiches. Most of the afternoon I spent finishing up some stuff on my PH in Egypt paper, including getting the references all straightened out, finding a couple more, and doing a little more polishing. I just have one section I'd like to write a bit more on but I need a paper from the library for that. Did a little emailing work stuff, too. I probably could have worked on the other report (Lopez) some, but I didn't think of that until late. Instead I made dinner stuff (salmon and leftovers) and watched Top Gear, etc. Usual walk and now blogging.

I found out some bad news as well, my friend Kim's (Kim-Possible!) from PATH partner is very, very ill and could possibly die. I don't know from what. I never got that from any of her Facebook postings. It's very sad as she's working on her PhD now too, but had to work full time since he is unable to work at all. She's about the only person I am still in contact with from PATH; we got along because we're both 'Sconnies and adore Leinenkugel's beer. Anyone reading this please think good thoughts or prayers for both of them.

(So? How was that? My first solo post!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 June 2012 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948 (Thursday):
Wonderful day all day first time to feel like summer. Kay ate lunch with us & didn't she enjoy watching us eat when ever she wants any kind of food it is beans, I want beans. The sun is wonderful & warm truly could get a [unkn]. Going to take a bath & get clean clothes & rest a bit & eat. Have to walk to Buchan's to get bread. Good pickings at Anderson's patch. Got a lot of berries.
I'd hate to be sleeping in the same room as Kay. . . .

And that, as they say, is that.
When I started this last year, I really didn't know what I was doing or where this would lead. As I wrote earlier, I mostly used it as a crutch to get me to writing down what happened every day. It worked I guess, I haven't missed too many days in the last year. The question is, can I keep it going when I don't have an old diary to go from? Only time will tell.

I've quite enjoyed looking in on May's life. I won't say that I feel as if I "know" her exactly; she didn't write much about what she thought or felt, only what she did. I wonder if she did it for her kids? I bought it at her daughter's estate sale, so perhaps the daughter looked at it often to remember her mom. I enjoyed learning about the relatively simple life she led: picking berries, being a housewife, shopping and lunch at the big department stores, going to church on Sundays, playing cards with friends. . . .things I certainly don't do much of. In some ways, I wish she'd put in more about what she was thinking, feeling, etc., but the entry space is so small I imagine then I'd be complaining that she didn't write enough about what she was actually doing in 1948.

Anyway, I shall miss it.

Potentially bad news from 2012: The tree in back whose root I cut doing some stream work is in bad shape, many brown leaves and at least one entire branch dead. I hope I didn't kill it. Perhaps it's just dropping leaves from stress and will come back eventually.

I went to Mass today, first time in 3 weeks, and it was a good thing. Makes me a bit more calm afterwards. Fr. Oliver's last Mass for a month as he vacations in Ireland for most of July. I won't go for that period as I don't care for Fr. Basso -- he talks too much and does too long of a Mass; 45 minutes is ideal as far as I'm concerned. I'll be gone to Wisconsin for half of that time anyway. I slept until 5 this morning which is why I could go.

Did squat when I got back except for a bit of cleaning the main bathroom -- I desperately need a servant to do that stuff, cleaning is just way too Sisyphean for me: why doesn't it stay clean after I clean? I know, I know, not logical but I still think that way. I wish to God I could maintain a clean house all the time.

We did the UVil thing and then came back and did a bit of yard work -- I mowed, Spouse did some raking and cut up a fallen branch -- and then I did a little more editing of my paper. I do have more work to do on it, as I skipped over some beer stuff waiting for a paper (which finally got found at the library but I couldn't get it in time). Still, hopefully this week.

The weather is fine, no rain, and mostly sun albeit kind of cool (low 60s). Should be a delightful walk.

Friend Fiona is feeling badly about her work prospects and I feel badly for her. The problem is, the longer you're unemployed the more unemployable I think people see you as. I've been fortunate to have been doing some archaeology, so I haven't been totally out of it. I really need to buck her up some more.

And one final item: I have a pair of eye glasses that I've had for probably 30 years now. Fortunately, my prescription hasn't changed so I can still wear them. They're kind of the old fashioned semi-round ones with the curved-around ear part, all metal, etc. A few days ago one of the lenses appeared scratched and I couldn't buff it out, and also a small bit of wire was sticking out the end of the ear part and being somewhat painful. I mentioned to the Spouse last night that I may finally have to get rid of them. Well, she messed with the lens some and the 'scratches' turned out to be gunk, so I got that off, and I took them upstairs and filed off the metal part and they were back in business. And today I washed them good in the dish water and now they're practically good as new! I have a newer pair but I don't like those as much. I get a kick out of having something old that still functions brilliantly. Ready for another 30 years!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

23 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day but about 10 a.m. the fog drifted in over the land to Mt. Constitution but this p.m. beautiful & was a little hot yet can't complain can't keep track how many carriers I pick in a day. To-day Virgle[sic] Carlson's birthday. Went on the beach with the Carlson's to toast weenies & marshmallows. Mrs. Van moved in second apartment of tent, have a wonderful dog Tursa[?], smart. Would like him very much.

As I noted last year when I started this thing, she is currently staying on Orcas Island in the San Juans where Mt. Constitution is. At the time, I had thought they she/they were simply vacationing there and picking berries on the side, but now it appears she uses it as something of an early summer job, perhaps as a favor to friends or perhaps just as something to do. I wonder how many 40-something year old women of today would spend a couple of weeks living in a tent and picking berries all day? Probably not many.

The rain continued overnight last night, although it had let up by early morning and it stayed dry for most of the morning. I had quite a productive morning, finishing up the 'Water' portion of my public health in Egypt paper, after which we went to the U District for the Spouse's hair appt. and thence to lunch at Pagliacci's. I had planned on returning three books to Suzallo, but they didn't open until 1 pm (Summer quarter, donchaknow); we were going to goof around some and then drop them off at 1 (they are old, relatively fragile books so I didn't want to just dump them in the drop-off bin), but by the time we finished with lunch it was starting to rain and by the time we got in the car it was really raining, so maybe later.

BTW, Pagliacci's has the most awesome soda fountain EVER: it's the size of a refrigerator and has a touch screen where you can choose any one of dozens -- DOZENS -- of beverages. Regular Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Cherry Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, etc., etc., and ETC (other types of beverage as well). I think if I had one of those, I would never leave the house.

Came home and I worked on said paper some more and actually pretty much finished it, at least in the sense of having a very rough draft written all the way through. I started going back over it and I was actually quite pleased with it. Oh sure, there were some spots I kind of sloshed through thinking I'd get back to it later, but those are fairly minor so far. I do have a reference that I can't find, even though this time I tried my darndest not to do that -- write down a reference ("Smith 1947") but then not put the whole citation in right away -- but one managed to slip through. Still, I should be able to have a draft ready to distribute for comment by the end of the week, barring lots of fieldwork. It's been causing me some worry in the middle of the night, as I very much need some public health research cred to maintain my affiliation at the UW. I hope that sending it to David at the Dept. will impress on him sufficiently that I am serious about PH research now and in the future.

I edited that until about 4:30 -- good way to spend a rainy afternoon -- but by then it had stopped raining and we went out for dinner, the Macaroni Grill at Northgate. Their food is generally meh, but the mushroom or lobster ravioli is To.Die.For. Then we wandered the mall for a walk and I bought some new cross-training shoes, as these new/old minimalist Pumas still kind of hurt my feet and I'm not sure I can walk distance in them. We'll see.

Daisy is lying on the floor beside my chair waiting for some attention. I think she felt poorly the last couple of days, but she seems better now.

Friday, June 22, 2012

22 June 2012 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy morning but at 1:30 p.m. Sun shining and it's beautiful now. Thru picking berries for to-day. And hope to-morrow may be nice too. Anne Nordstrom was telling about she was asked what kind of sandwiches she had for lunch, she didn't like hers & wanted to trade with her to-morrow but the Mrs. Van wasn't to work to-day.
That one was a bit hard to follow, at least regarding the sandwich business.

Rain, rain, and more rain. It's rained steadily since about 8 this morning. This is more like a February rain than a June one and par for the course for this Spring. This has been one of the worst I remember. I believe it only reached 57 degrees today, one of several times this month it hasn't gone above 60. IN JUNE.

Anyway, I had a stunningly good workout as usual these days, I did my legs and back because, well, I've only been to the gym three times this week. When I came home I did some work-related things and then went to Cascadia to drop off some gear and get a key made -- my own key! Interestingly, I used a self-service kiosk for the key, my first. Worked okay, too, although it's card only, no cash. They don't do car keys for some reason, my guess is either there are too many variations or for criminal reasons.

At any rate, when I got back we went for lunch at Mickey D's, and then I worked on the South Park report the rest of the afternoon. The longest and most tedious aspect of that was getting the references together. Formatting references is something akin to getting one's toenails slowly pried off, IMO. I think I have most of it written though, and should be able to polish it off and up on Monday. That means this weekend I have free to work on my PH in Egypt paper and maybe finally get it nearly done. I've been putting myself back to sleep in the middle of the night contemplating what to write on the water part, so once that's done who knows what else I can do during those middle-of-the-night anxiety attacks. Reminder: still need to do the probe table.

We walked at Northgate this evening due to the rain and hit the Bed, Bath & Beyond. I don't know why I mention that in particular, but there you go, early 3rd millennium consumer society. Will BB&B still exist when some future person reads this, or will it go the way of Frederick & Nelson, The Bon Marche, and other stores that May has mentioned going to?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

21 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy this morning but may not rain & didn't. Berries were very wet until noon for picking but got thru the day without a soaking rain. Anne Nordstrom was telling about her daughter was candle lighter at the Community Church at East-Sound & when the preacher said do you take this woman for your lawful wedded wife & he fell right down. The[sic] picked him up & went on with the ceremony & when he was to kiss her fell down & faint[sic] & had to carry him out.

Poor guy.

Also this letter:
Dear Walter,
Such dubious weather and this year so different from last, we picked to-day but every minute wondered if it would rain and the berries don't smell so good for don't have the sun to ripen them. It's amazing how many berries as cold as it is. To-night is looking like possible rain. Am wandering up one side & down the other but is skipping along on the row here & there. So eager I guess to see the only big ones. Well we'll see how it works out. Camp this year is De Lux compared with last year.
Please bring some nails for have nothing to sit on. I have only a block that Oscar got for me. I wanted to make a bench how interesting am tent mates will be. She was saying would be glad to get to camping for she wouldn't have to get up & build fires for Mrs. Smith would do it. Ha! Ha! That may be possibly I'll be up first but min, you me, coffee I cool for only my self. If she thinks I'm going to wait on her she has another guess coming. [unk] Oscar, said, such party cook for them selves. She is staying with the pickers but seems can't go directly but he had no nails only too small size they nail their crates up with. Can imagine you will feel like a free man again. And glad you are doing so well. Am writing this by the stove out under the big fir; it is still warm. Must get to bed for had a full wet day. All morning the bushes were so wet.
Please bring some nails. Will be seeing you up this way. Much love to all.
Another eureka moment? Walter is the diarist's husband, so I'm thinking she is named "May". May Smith. I did a quick Interwebs search and found this link:

Cheryl Bickford passed away April 20, 2011 at age 87. She was born October 2, 1923 in Bellingham to Walter W. and Mae Reasoner Smith. She was preceded in death by her husband, Lyle Bickford, and brother Don R. Smith.
 "Cheryl and Lyle" have been mentioned before, so I believe this is it.I also acquired this last year shortly after April 20.

So. Her name is Mae Smith, maiden name Reasoner and is the mother of the person whose estate sale I bought it from. I suppose it's fitting that I only find this out after nearly an entire year spent looking in on her life. One would suppose she was born around the turn of the century if Cheryl was born in 1923, so my guess that she was in her late 40s or 50s at the time of the diary turned out to be fairly accurate, or so one would suppose. I haven't been able to find anything on May/Mae on the Web yet, but I only searched for a bit.

Requiescat in Pace, May, wherever you are.

As for me in 2012, my day started at 3 a.m. as I had to be in the 6:15 ferry from Anacortes to Lopez island for a survey. Slept right through until 3 when I woke up on my own and the alarm went of at 3:15. I left about 4:15 and made it with 20 minutes or so to spare before boarding (i.e., plenty of time). Uneventful trip over, pleasant, but no wildlife to look at worth noting.

The site is a property on the water next to the one I did last time, but on the other side. All wooded and very heavily vegetated; fortunately, Bill Lewis the contractor and his son were there and they had cut some paths already so it was mostly a matter of finding out where the boundaries of the future house were. That took some time, but I manged to get good locations on all of my probes and I think I covered it pretty well. Found nothing; all sand and then glacial till. One little burned area, but I believe it was a natural root burn. I did some extra survey along the shoreline and found some more midden -- it extends much further than the property -- and four pilings way out by the water (it was a very low tide). It was simply magnificent out there today: sunny, maybe some high clouds, around 70 degrees.

After they left I wrote some notes on the beach and ate a bit of lunch and admired the rocky beach, the clouds, the mist, and Mt. Baker in the distance. Absolute perfection.

The ferry left at 2:40 so I got there at 1:30 to make sure I got on (small boat) and I did, hit Anacortes at 3:30. A ways after we were off the boat everyone was going very slowly and I soon learned why: A deer was walking along the side of the road trying to find an egress into the woods. Wasn't panicked or anything, just strolling along trying to find a way out. The rest of the trip was pretty good except traffic sucked by 175th; apparently a rendering truck had stalled and/or dropped part of its load. I snuck off at 145th and made it home by 5:30. So, long day, but a good one.

Oh, the Spouse made sure I took the yard waste out to the bin -- it had two small rats in it, which she'd discovered earlier. Poor little things. I took the bin out to the back corner and tipped it over so they could make their escape. One went shooting right out, but the other needed some encouragement. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Sunday rainy again but by noon lighter & Oscar moved my things down to the tent. Had a man come & put a frame & canvas over [stove?]. I unpacked & put in cupboard that I had made. Ate at Carlson's had weiners & baked beans & lovely cake that Irene Kenna had baked for father's day. Slept in big tent all by myself. 

Only five days remaining in this diary: I found my first post was 25 June last year. As I suspected, she is off on the San Juans, Orcas Island I believe, picking berries on some sort of working vacation. I'm guessing she knows people up there with berry patches and goes up in the summer to pick. Interesting. Still have not found a replacement so I shall have to just make do with relating my very interesting daily life until I come up with a new one.

Today started out well, although I woke up at 4:30. I even left early for the IMA so I could have a nice, long workout. . . .except that when I got to the door I realized I'd forgotten my wallet. So allllll the way back to the car, all the way back home, etc. Ended up starting 20 minutes late. Grrrrr. Had a good workout anyway and came home and worked on reports and such most of the morning. The South Park one I have to write almost from scratch since we don't have anything nearby to draw from. I'm not making it very long and detailed because it was a small project, but it's nice to be blazing new ground.

Had to go to Cascadia this afternoon to get some new forms and some more info for tomorrow. Lopez Island, leaving before 4:30. Blehh, I hate having to catch a ferry that early. I'm hoping the work won't be too hard, although I just found out it's fairly "overgrown" so no nicely landscape lawns to work in. On the plus side, I probably won't need sunscreen.

Daisy was very demanding of attention most of the morning and Jack took over later in the afternoon.

Weather was sunny and low 70s, but turned a bit cloudy later in the day. Still, it's nice to have summery weather on the first day of official summer. Tomorrow supposed to be a bit warmer, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Dubious looking day, fog hung low on islands, but late afternoon the sun tried hard to make the earth warm. Picked strawberries all day, but didn't do so well, hard to get started but as was closing time really was ambitious. Picked 10 carriers for cannery, 6 large boxes to a carrier. Had supper at Carlson's. Going to bed early. Hasn't rain[sic] yet.
Must've been tired because half of that doesn't make any sense to me. We had something of a similar day here in 2012: cloudy, cloudy, cloudy this morning -- up on Camano Island, to boot -- and then the sun shone brilliantly around 2 pm and I was, alas, far to warm. I wore long underwear and was still cold most of the day. It's later June fer Chrissakes! But typical. Next two days are supposed to be nicer.

Was up there monitoring at Port Susan Bay again, after yesterday's aborted attempt. Rod called at 5:15 to say they'd not be starting until 8:30, but then called a half hour later to say they'd start whenever I got there. So I left at 6, got up there by 7, and worked until about 3:30. Long day. But they finished and I don't go back tomorrow. A tribal guy came out and I didn't like him all that much. Seemed like a trouble maker to me. Otherwise, dull, dull, dull. And did I mention I was cold?

Drive home was decent though, not a whole lot of traffic and I made it in about an hour, which is what it should be.

Monday, June 18, 2012

18 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day.
Picked berries to-day & was a perfect day sun felt good on back & soft breeze. Mrs. Van first day & she found it tiring. Was picking for cannery. Don was picking (the boy), last year who was so good until Mother appear & he immediately had a tired back or back ache.
We're getting close to where we started last year, they were picking berries on Orcas or something at that time.

Kind of a good day. I slept rather well, until 4:30 (alarm) and got up to Camano okay. . . .but then found out they weren't working because of the rain. So I turned around and went back to Seattle. Happily in time to hit the IMA and have an utterly stupendous workout, full body because I might not get back to it until Friday. I walked over to Mickey D's and met the Spouse and about all I ate were french fries -- for some reason, after working out I don't want protein, just carbohydrates. Drank to medium Diet Cokes, too. I took some stuff in to Cascadia this afternoon and did a bit of work there, and then came back and did a little more on a few reports.

I tried a new cooking method for pork tenderloin, wrapping it in foil with some bbq sauce and cooking it slowly for about an hour and a half. Turned out okay, but drier than usual, so probably not a good method. I'm finding the low-and-slow method only works well with cruddy cuts of meat. Also forgot to say a 'blessing' for the pig, too; I've started doing that, sort of as a prayer and a thank-you to the animal. Not a budding vegetarian, but I am finding more and more I want to respect where my food comes from.

We went to Target at Northgate for our walk as rain was coming in, bought lens solution, treats for Myra the cat, and soap: Dial Glycerin White Tea & Vitamin E soap to be exact. We've become quite fond of it for some reason. I don't know why, it just lathers up nicely and smells nice. In a way the aroma reminds me of summer for some reason, maybe we started using it last year (on a lark actually) during the summer. Pretty good shaving soap, too. We'd actually thought they'd discontinued it as our usual stores stopped stocking it, but Target had a big multi-pack so we're set. Weird, I know.

I was poking around the Lynnwood Honda web site looking for a Pilot and a little chat window popped up. Of course, I used it because the chat-er was named "Dawn" which hooked me, knowing full well that 'Dawn' could well be 'Larry' in reality. Still, I have a contact of sorts there now, and they had a decent Pilot. Should be able to snag a low-miles one for under $25k.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 June 2012 (Sunday)

On the last two days in 1948:
(16 June, Wednesday): Nice morning yet threatening among the islands. Started weeding at 9 but had to quit at 11 a.m. on account of heavy shower on heads & rained & rained & I went to bed sick on account of eating too many strawberries.

(17 June) Cloudy & might rain or turn nice, but the men Raymond & Oscar Carlson went for the pickers & they were drenched for rain caught them before they got to Carlson's. The Pockers stayed until 11 a.m. & then they were taken home. Mrs. Carlson served coffee & toast.

Did not write anything yesterday because we got home late, around 9 pm. I worked out at 11 yesterday morning and had a very good one; my legs are suitably sore today. After lunch we went to a "Man Cave" estate/antique sale: lots of good stuff but I didn't buy anything. One vendor had a bunch of old military weapons, including an old gun and swords and knives, various other oddities. After that we headed down to Tacoma for the niece-in-law's graduation at the Tacoma Dome, but I bugged out and went across to the LeMay car museum. That was about 3:15 and it was open until 5. I had a great time by myself among all those beautiful automobiles. In part, it was kind of dull because it was the usual array of high-value collector cars -- Duesenbergs, Cadillacs, muscle cars, etc. They had some very interesting very old ones though, including several pickup trucks from the 1920s and 1930s, and quite a few general cars. I saw my first Tucker and my first EV1, the latter of which I wrote about on Car Lust once. Couple of DeLoreans. They had a series of Indy race cars, another area of Ferraris which I didn't see (not enough time). Really enjoyable, though I wish I'd had more time.

At 5 -- I didn't expect the graduation to be over until at least 6 -- I left the museum wondering what I might do for an hour, so I went to the car and ate the rest of my donut (and contemplated driving off somewhere but I didn't), and then wandered down the street and found a huge used book store in which I lost myself for an hour or so. . .well, 45 minutes. Bought a couple of the Dune books and a DVD movie for the Spouse. By that time they called and said they were done, and met the various in-laws. Quite a few interesting fashions worn by the graduates including quite a lot of very short skirts and very high heels. I think my dad wouldn't have approved. Then we went to Federal Way to the Red Robin for something to eat and visit. It was very pleasant for a change as I sat with the aunt and uncle and had a nice talk with them. I usually don't visit much because, well, it's usually so loud with kids running around. We talked about cars a lot, they like their Honda Pilot so I'm kind of thinking about that one now.

Unfortunately, I had difficulty getting to sleep last night and then woke up at 5 so tired today. I neglected Mass again due to sleep deprivation, so there's that. I spent the morning writing up a Car Lust post on the museum, and then we did the usual UVil shopping. They're having their Sidewalk Sale this weekend which we used to look forward to, but nowadays all of the stores are clothing, expensive junk, or for kids, so there's not much to get excited about. Still, a rather festive atmosphere. Once we got back I did little except get ready for the field tomorrow and do a little cleaning. We had salmon for dinner, teriyaki style, about the only way I like it. I understand that the aboriginals around these parts used to consume 4-5 pounds of salmon a day; welcome to it is all I have to say.

We just got back from our walk, and it's turned cloudy and windy and tomorrow may prove to be very wet, just perfect for standing in the open watching some guys dig around where there is nothing of archaeological import whatsoever.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Friday, June 15, 2012

15 June 2012 (Friday)

Catching up on the last few days in 1948:
13 June (Sunday): Rain & rain all day until to-ward evening. Wrote letters & embroidered. Rode with Oscar Carlson as far as Main Highway & I walked to Chicken in a Basket & had coffee & cookies & visited with Mrs. King & her daughter-in-law has baby 3 mos. old. Walked back and seemed swell to be out in the fresh air.
[also a newspaper clipping of a "Home Reception" for Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Morris King (Iris Louise Bowden. Interestingly, on the reverse there is an article about how an "Insulated Home Has Greater Value" and a Mrs Ralph Bauthues and son, Larry, left Thursday for Chapel Hill, N.C. where they will visit for two months with Mrs. Bauthues' relatives."]

14 June: Lonely day.
Picker picked 60 flats. Shipped 57 to Belling. Picked 9 carriers & 2 boxes. Wholesale price per crate $6.50. My dear friend Freda H. Uhlman died. She & I taught school at Franklin School in Bellingham. Freda had 1st grade & I had 2nd grade. [Also three newspaper clippings about the death]

15 June: Nice day to weed; no commercial berries to sell market flooded.

Not sure if Mrs. King's daughter-in-law is Iris or not; the clipping may be an older one seeing as she's got a 3-month old baby, but you never know, maybe they got busy before the marriage. I'm guessing the former though. I guess Dad is still in the hospital and the diarist is up in Bellingham picking berries. At least we know she was a school teacher at that school at some point. I'm thinking whoever she was, she was not the old lady I bought the diary from; if she's roughly the same age as Freda Uhlman she would have been near retirement age in 1948.

The last three days have been busy. We (Teresa and I) went to Twisp/Winthrop Wednesday the 13th for some fieldwork, leaving at 7 and going over highway 20, a spectacular drive. The work wasn't difficult, only a few shovel probes and some turnovers in a few locations, but we had to stay overnight. Same place, the Idle-A-While, though different rooms this time rather than the cabin, which were much nicer. We went for dinner at Paco's Tacos and then a grocery store where I found (finally!) French cruellers. Odd, a big cosmopolitan city like Seattle doesn't have them anywhere I can find, but a little podunk town grocery store does.

I watched the new Dallas and had a lot of nostalgia going. Tim and I used to watch it and Falcon Crest in college (drinking beer) before going out on Friday nights, and I mostly kept watching until it ended its run. Nice to see it back, although I'm not sure it will grab much of an audience. Seemed to have a bit harder tone but the same old scheming and stuff. Slept well that night. The next day we were done by 11, Teresa went to do something and I wandered off to get more French cruellers. We had lunch at a little place called the Hoot Owl Cafe, kind of a dive, but the food was pretty good. I had a BLT that was quite tasty, although I managed to mix the toothpick in with the cole slaw and tried to eat it. Also I left my black fleece jacket at the hotel, this after going back in twice to check. Grrrr.

Today I worked out very hard, and then went to Cascadia to start some reports. I did the first two and now have a couple more to write up. Should have done more today, I'll have to spend much of tomorrow and Sunday (well, at least 3-4 hours) working on those. So much to remember to do! Had SBux with Fiona. . . .she's becoming somewhat despondent and frustrated about things, and I don't blame her, she's had a tough time. I hope she snaps out of it and finds a job that she likes soon.

After dinner we walked up to the Rite Aid (we call it Riot Aid) and got some stuff, me some new reading glasses, but also some Dial White Tea & Vitamin E glycerin soap. Odd, I know, but we both like it. The fragrance reminds me of summer for some reason, and it works decently well as a pre-shave soap. Now I am getting caught up on this.

Was feeling very anxious for the last few hours. I do have quite a bit of reporting to do for Cascadia, and the feelings of 'inadequacy', if I may call it that, were starting to surface again. It feels like being overwhelmed and that I am not up to the challenge; discouraging, disheartening, whatever. One almost feels like one could just give up. That's what I was like a LOT for several years and it is obvious I have not completely left it behind, though I have been doing much better lately. I believe I can overcome it eventually with sufficient mental discipline. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

HRA also called and asked if I could do a 2-day project out on the Peninsula around Poulsbo; said I would pending Port Susan plans. Good to know I'm wanted for archaeology at least. . . .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day.
Hank Reasoner graduated from the U of W to-day in Forestry.
She mentioned him once before. We just had graduation this past weekend so they're on the same schedule, obviously.

Happily, I slept well last night. Started to worry in the middle of the night, but I halted it by thinking of the water portion of my paper. Odd how that works. I even started writing the stuff I'd been thinking about this morning, plus some new insights along the way.

Good workout, saw Jed on his last day at the gym before leaving for Chicago. I hope I can see him when I go there, I need more male friends. Mostly after working out, I puttered around, although I did print out a couple of sat photos for the work today. It was in South Park and I made it there without incident. The work was easier than I'd feared, as the sediment was nice soft sand, so I was done by 1:30. Tom M. the County archaeologist came out and looked over our dirt -- they were interested in what I'd find in that area. Said it was dredged-up fill from the Duwamish. Had some trouble getting back, but I eventually figured it out and got home around 2:45. One of the neighbors stood around talking to me for the whole time, which was kind of nice.

I mostly have everything ready for tomorrow so I don't have to wake up and worry tonight (though I may anyway, knowing me). Finally this might be becoming routine enough I don't flip out every time. We went to UVil to grab a few supplies (mostly food) and I still had time to blog a bit. I'm only bringing my iPad with me instead of a laptop so I can just check email and such. My sister sent me a couple cases for it, so now I at least can protect it a bit.

Myra the cat came over several times today, once after being chased by the stupid brown cat from the other side of the block.

Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June 2012

Nothing on this day in 1948.

I went to the skin doctor today about my rosacea. Sadly, he didn't think it was caused by my use of that minoxidil stuff either, but gave me some antiobios as an anti-inflammatory. I'm going to stop using the hair junk for a solid three months first and then if it doesn't go away, start the ABX. This just started -- no flare ups or anything previous to coming on full bore -- shortly after I started using this stuff, so I'm still suspicious of it. So, we'll see.

I had a decent workout and came home and went to Cascadia to work on a couple of things before my appt at 10:45. After I got home from that we went to McD's, and then I got my hair cut and went to the bank to cash the ol' Cascadia check. When I got home Teresa was begging me to go to Winthrop again on a survey for Wed-Thur (maybe dribbling into Fri), so I worked madly on the Peshastin report and Jana said she'd finish up the details on that. So it looks like I'm going. I'm actually looking forward to it, just me and Teresa, not worrying about any other people, just digging holes and surveying. I like it over there. Kind of short notice though, I'll have to gather supplies tomorrow evening. Right when I'm done typing this I'm going out to mow the lawn as it's quite long and it's supposed to rain overnight.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 June 2012 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:

A newspaper clipping entitled "It Can't Come Too Soon" and it's about a special session of the Washington State legislature and advocates for the Republicans going after the governor -- Monrad C. Wallgren -- for a number of things, including this:
Wallgren was driving two state-owned Cadillacs, had two bars in the governor’s mansion, and had encouraged the state Department of Fisheries to buy a $15,000 yacht, which Wallgren personally used.
And also the ferry issue mentioned in the above link. Apparently it worked because Wallgren was a single termer.

Today started off on a bad note with me waking up at 4 and not getting back to sleep. Grrrr. I seem to have more trouble sleeping on the weekend for some reason. At any rate, we went out for breakfast at the usual place (Burgermaster) and amused the counter person greatly when we hemmed and hawed and then ordered the same thing as usual. At least I've gotten something different a few times.

Didn't do much when I got back, and did not go to Mass (too little sleep), but I did get a minor bit of research done: I think I can write up the water section of my public health in Egypt paper, as I got some refs off of the EEF list and then another paper had occurred to me and that might give me enough to work with. Otherwise, I napped on the couch next to Daisy watching TV and then we hit the UVil for lunch and shopping. This afternoon was rather pleasant and sunny, so I vacuumed both cars and did the wheels on mine, and then went up on the roof and cleared debris, a constant problem.

Wait, this morning I did do a bit more car research and discovered that the 2013 Ford Escape is one bitchin' ride. I really like the turbo 4 engine that gives respectable power and mileage (supposedly). At the moment I'm favoring that or a CRV. Actually, I'd probably go out next week and buy one.

I made a late decision this afternoon to make hamburgers for dinner (spaghetti was the plan) because I'd put beans in to soak last night for faux fool. We'll have the latter tomorrow, but I did make a fine mess of faux fool this time.

Today my old friend Father Anthony McCarthy -- aka Father Tony -- officially retired. They were having a big to-do in Wisconsin for him, which I got an invitation to, but we're going back next month. Good ol' Father Tony made the first summer I met him much better than it would have otherwise been. I'd been painting the rectory at St. Patricks (Fond du Lac) and having trouble with Fr. Sippel/Sipple, and Tony and I got acquainted. He eventually left St. Pats after a year or two because there was nothing much for him to do, Fr. Sippel didn't really need an assistant. We've stayed friends ever since and usually meet up when I'm back in Wisconsin. I certainly hope he can enjoy his retirement for several years -- he has a heart condition -- as he certainly deserves it. I always envied his lifestyle; generally very quiet and mostly simple, but busy. He always lived in the rectory wherever he was and that made for a clean, quiet residence. Perhaps much of what I envied was his lack of material possessions, at least compared to me and the people I know. Sometimes I fancy that I might like it if I just took nearly everything I owned -- computers and stereo excepted -- and just gave it all away. I've been trying to get rid of an item a day, but have hit something of a wall since I've gotten rid of nearly everything I don't care about. I am starting to look around at various items and wonder if I really need them, too. My Lara Croft statuette for instance. Or the Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head. I do so envy homes that are simple and uncluttered.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day.
Picked berries in morning. Oscar shipped berries to Bellingham got $7.50 for each crate.
Back to berry picking, where we were when I first started this thing last year. Still haven't found another diary to work from after this one's done, so I may end up using one online, although that feels somewhat unfulfilling. I've been looking on eBay, but haven't found an adequate one yet. Many are of famous or semi-famous people and therefore expensive, and some others I've seen are missing a lot of entries or have very small areas for writing daily (like 3-4 days per page). Tough to search, too, as "diary" brings up hundreds of new ones.

Oh well. Woke up at 4:30 this morning but that wasn't too bad. The Spouse didn't get up until almost 7 so I was up a while by then. I'd started making the steel-cut oatmeal around 6:15 thinking it would be done by the time she got up and it worked okay that way (takes about 30-40 minutes). I washed my car this morning and then put it in the garage to dry some before waxing it this afternoon. We went to an estate sale by Northgate: meh. Lots of junk mostly. I did like the basement though, as a man had lived there because of all the tools and workshop areas. My dad was never a big handyman type and I mostly inherited that as well, but I still kind of wish I had a workbench and various tools that I could, well, do something with. What, I don't know.

I dropped the Spouse off at home after that and got some more wax from the O'Reilly at UVil, and then spent an hour waxing the old beast. We walked up to Top Pot and got a donut for a snack (I only ate a couple bites) and thence to get Ironman II from the public library. I kinda liked the first one, although it was predictable and ridiculously unbelievable -- has any moviemaker ever even heard of 'the laws of physics'? -- but the dialog and such was pretty quick and clever. She is supposedly starting to watch that while I write this up.

We walked after dinner, and went to see Shaggy, an old lady's small dog that we've taken to petting whenever we're over there and he's out. Cute little guy, although he might have been abused or neglected before she got him. He seems a bit. . .slow lately. Might be old, too. Myra came by and didn't eat many treats and then laid down for a rest; she's old, too.

Really, not a bad day. Barely cracked 60 but at least it didn't rain.

Friday, June 8, 2012

8 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day.
Cheryl & Lyle took me down to Osage 7 a.m. Mrs. Carlson met me unloading from Osage dropped carton of chicken soup in sound. Oscar put their small tent up near their house for me to live in & I'm living or eating at their house. At 1 p.m. began weeding at Anderson's patch.
What an odd entry. She's living in a tent next to someone's home? Someone dropped a carton of chicen soup into the Sound? Huh.

Oh well, good day here although still cool (high: 59) and showery. . .typical June. I awoke in the middle of the night worrying about a paper and my continued affiliation with the School of PH. Hate that. I sat up and read The Illiad for a bit and managed to get right back to sleep and was still blissfully asleep when the alarm went off. Pretty good workout, and I did a full-body one because I can't go in tomorrow morning (Saturday). Jed was there with his dad. Fewer people, as usual on the last day of finals week.

When I came home I worked on the one report, got that mostly done, and then started on the other one, a larger one due next Thursday. We went to Mickey D's and Taya got her butt touched by a developmentally disabled person so she didn't slug him. After that I went and got my summer parking pass and then hit UVil SBux with Fiona, whom I now call Finoa-Shaniqua. Scads of teenagers and well-dressed graduates, some perhaps a little too. . . .well, not exactly 'skanky' but in rather short skirts and high heels -- nice to look at from a male point of view, but probably not appropriate for the occasion. But maybe I'm just old. Quite a nice time and we made much merriment commenting on the fashion sense (or lack thereof) of various people.

When I got home I mostly just poked around the Interwebs looking at car reviews. I was briefly fascinated by the Mazda Cx-5, but I think it's got too weak of an engine (good mileage though) and not enough off-road clearance for my needs. Leaning now for the Rav4, but much depends on the tailgate: it must raise up rather than swing out, all to create a spot out of the rain.

We just walked around here. Otherwise, a pretty good day, all things told.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 June 2012 (Thursday)

On this day in 1948 (Monday):
Hot day.
Hank was free & took me every where that morning to the various errands that I had to do. First to Bank of Commerce paid on note $50.00 Hand[sic] had some stops too & on to Compensation office to give in extra time will ad an $1.00 all helps. Got standard time bus - at 11:45 a.m. Arrived in B. at 2:30. Cheryl & Ruthe met me. Shopped & went swimming Larabee Park. Met at Frank's for big birthday party for me. 
 Happy birthday, anonymous diarist woman! Looks like she's up in <a href="">Bellingham</a> again, I guess that was the "standard time bus", about 2.5 hours up there.

Here in 2012, it rained and rained and rained this morning. Oddly, however, I wasn't all that concerned. I think partly because I may have made something of a breakthrough on seeing fieldwork now as something like 'normal', as I slept okay last night and just had my usual pre-workout breakfast -- nothing unusual. That was lighter fare, and I stopped at the QFC in Stanwood and got a big-ass custard-filled donut before heading to the site. A couple of aid cars almost parked me in, but I managed to squeeze out: score one for a small car.

The site work was a short day, just some clearing in a couple of areas. Saw a young rabbit displaced and was worried about him because he kept moving away from me and toward where the track hoe was working; I think he made a successful escape though. And a small frog, I saw one of those, too. I was able to leave there before 11 so it was nice to get back here in time for lunch. Almost didn't make it out of there though because some Snohomish PUD trucks went and almost parked me in again! They parked and then all walked to the other side of the place ( a long way), so I was down to either moving one of their vehicles myself -- he'd left it running -- or squeezing through. I measured the gap (95 cms) and then measured my car (65 cms, or so I thought) and figured "No problem"; I think I read the latter wrong though because I barely had an inch or two clearance. But I made it: score two for a small car.

When I got back it had mostly stopped raining, although it poured around 2 again. I did some work on getting the photos squared away and then just hung out and watched TV and made dinner later on. Jack was being a little pill, demanding attention all the time. He's adorable but he can be a PITA. This evening we just went to UVil for a walk, even though it wasn't raining.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Went to church & Melbourne & Hank stayed home & had dinner for me. Seemed heavenly to sit down & eat. Frances & Don came over in the evening & took the dunnuye bag to bus depot to check to Bellingham for to-morrow will go to Bellingham.
Well, it wasn't hot here. A few years ago I was quite disgusted with this area when, on a June day, the high temperature was only in the 50s. Now the whole week looks to be that way. I don't mind all that much, I suppose, although I could do without the rain, especially since my car leaks from right above the rear view mirror when it rains.

Today started out at the unholy hour of probably 2:30 (I rarely look at the clock when I awake in the middle of the night), and never got back to sleep. Just more mind-racing stuff, as usual, though nothing in particular was causing me anxiety. Probably just had to do with today's project that T was getting kind of worked up about, having the tribe involved and all. And I had to leave early, though only 5:30. I ended up arising for good at about 4:20 so at least I could prepare myself in leisurely fashion. At any rate, I was beat all day, including now. Harumph.

Mind-numbingly dull project, too, a septic installation and the sediment was all sterile beach sand, which meant boredom for me, but fun and excitement for them as they had to dig a hole twice the size it had to be because the sides kept collapsing. A pair of chickadees had a nest in that corner of the house and were flitting about all day trying to get in to look after their chicks. Didn't find anything save for a few historic items, but I dutifully kept the tribal guy informed as to what was going on and he never bothered coming out. My strategy is to keep them in the loop as much as possible; ready communication eases a lot of fear and loathing, I think.

They finally finished around 2, and I stopped in the park & ride in Stanwood for a short nap before heading back as I could tell I was going to be sleeeeepy on the way back. Home for dinner (pizza) and a walk, UNLIKE YESTERDAY. Also had my three Rush CDs waiting for me, listening to Vapor Trails right now. I'd kind of avoided Rush albums after Moving Pictures but I'm giving them a new try, partly because I found out they eased up on the keyboards, but. . . .I dunno, I just feel like trying their newer stuff out. A few months ago on a Rush thread at Audiokarma someone (younger) mentioned they liked new Rush better than old Rush, which blew my mind -- I didn't think thwat was possible -- but he laid out why and I could see it making some sense. Admittedly, I still don't find the music as compelling as their old stuff, but it's growing on me.

Rain early today, mostly sunny this afternoon, and soared. . .SOARED. . .to about 60.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 June 2012

Nothing on this date in 1948.

What a day. And I say that in a decidedly negative voice. Mostly.

Started off okay, I woke up in the middle of the night and started worrying so I read The Illiad for a while and decided I wasn't going to go back to sleep anytime soon, so I broke with tradition and took half an Ambien. Did the trick though, and I woke up with the alarm. So, I didn't feel too tired for the long drive.

But it was raining. All the way up and over the pass it was raining and my headliner was dripping. Got a donut in Cle Elum as usual, and made it to the site by 8:30 after leaving at 6, which was pretty good time (near Leavenworth). I'd planned for alluvial sediment, but it was mostly rocks. LOTS of rocks. BIG rocks. So that sucked. But I finished around 2 so I was looking forward to being home for dinner.


I decided to take Hwy 2 home -- big mistake -- and ended up not getting back until after 6. Most of the drive was okay, but then 2 was closed somewhere east of I5 so I was stuck there for probably an hour. Then I had to get off on 209 and then take a roundabout way back on non-freeways. Seems like every decision I made on the way back was the wrong one. So lesson learned: ALWAYS take I90.

That's it, up at 4:30 tomorrow to do it all again (well, in a different place, but still. . . .).

Monday, June 4, 2012

4 June 2012

No entries for this day in 1948, although on these two pages for this date and tomorrow is a small piece of paper with "1948" written on it.

Bad night sleeping, but helpful. I awoke in the middle of the night thinking very bad thoughts about something -- which I shall not mention -- but did not wake up fully and worry for an hour or two but went back to sleep. More on that later.

Had a full-body workout because I was planning on losing the next two days of workouts to fieldwork, but turns out I'll be missing the next three, so good for me. I stopped and got bagels on the way back from the IMA, free cuz I had my filled-up card, and then did some prep work for these next couple of projects. The one tomorrow should be adventuresome, mostly in getting there. That really shouldn't be much problem until I get near the place, as it's just a driveway off of 97. I have a good idea of where it is, but, you know. Car's all gassed up and ready to go, as I went to Cascadia for equipment and Sam's Club for gas and junk. Stopped by the dentist to see Mary and get a free toothbrush and change my appt to July 16 from the 23 as I shall be in Wisconsin for that. I also exchanged my new cowboy hard hat for a standard one. Eh, I dunno, the cowboy one just looked dorky. This one is green and has a brim all the way around. I found a pith helmet on online, but that one turned out to be a non-hard hat, so, eh. I suppose I could paint this one tan and put a strap around the front. . . .

Otherwise I didn't really do that much today, except cook. I did sit around for two hours this morning waiting for the chicken to cook in the crock pot before realizing I hadn't plugged it in. Turned out fine though. We went up to Northgate to pick up a Gazetteer for the road, although I probably shouldn't need it.

So last night: Perhaps what calmed me down during this little anxiety attack was immediately telling myself that however bad this thing I was thinking about is (not really, but distressing in a personal way), when it all boils down I still have my one goal for the remainder of my life: to serve others. Really, that's how I put it. To back up some, I believe many of my 'mid-life crisis' for the past few years has been a result of being somewhat rudderless. After getting my degree I really didn't know what to do with myself and that started a lot of other things going. In some ways, I still don't know what I'm doing with myself; I know I am going to become a good archaeologist, but. . .that sometimes seems not quite significant enough. At some point, however, I decided that The Next Big Goal, really what I am trying to devote the rest of my life to, is really putting others first, always and everywhere. This is difficult for me, as I've always been, in sort of a passive aggressive way, very selfish. I don't quite know how I'm going to do this; I will inevitably fail sometimes; but I will try. And I hope that keeps me going.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 June 2012 (Sunday)

No entry for this day in 1948.

Writing this is the afternoon so I don't have to do it this evening; no reason, I just feel like doing it now. I awoke much too early this morning -- 4 -- but after watching TV for a bit fell back to sleep for over 1/2 hour, so today wasn't a total waste. I even went to Mass, which was pleasant, not very crowded.

After that I just came home and watched TV for the rest of the morning before leaving for lunch, grocery shopping, etc. The Humane Society Adopt-A-Pet van was at UVil, as they are every first Sunday of the month. I bought Lisa W's birthday gift card from Williams-Sonoma. Very little else exciting happened there.

I sound incredibly boring today. Not sure why, but words are simply not flowing out of my brain and down to my fingertips today. One side notes from yesterday: I watched an old episode of Dallas. Yes, Dallas! I saw the one where we found out Who Shot JR, although at the time that one aired (1979 I think) I wasn't watching it even though I did know about both the show and the Who Shot JR business. I kind of became addicted to it in 1983/84 when a couple of us frat guys -- mostly me and Tim -- started watching it on Friday night before going out. We'd watch Dallas and Falcon's Crest and drink a bunch of beer and eat pretzels and then go out and drink more. It was a hoot! The latter even had Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark (Paul Freeman and I didn't even have to look up his name, how pathetic is that?) for a season or so. Once I moved out to Seattle for grad school I continued to watch it, mostly, I think, for nostalgia reasons. I was actually kind of sad when the series ended in 1991 or so; kind of the end of the 1980s which I've always considered something of my hey-day. In retrospect, most of it probably sucked, but at least for a while there I had loads of fun. Probably what's been missing from my life recently, loads of fun. How I get that back sans beer, I have no idea, but I am trying.

Anyway, they're bringing the show back with some new cast members so I'll no doubt watch it just for old time's sake. . . and maybe for a little bit of just plain fun.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
Newspaper clipping showing an attractive young woman:
Mrs. Dwight Cart will give a book review at the benefit tea to be given by the Women's Council of the University Christian Church June 2 in the church parlor.

Looks a bit like Ann Landers -- similar hair -- but better looking and with a 5-string pearl necklace. I did a little searching online and found this link to the Clark County, Wisconsin library where we find this:

The Plymouth Memorial Chapel of Seattle, Wash., was the scene of a simple but pretty wedding on Saturday, Feb. 18, 1950, when Miss Evelyn Steager, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Steager of Withee (Clark Co.), Wis., became the bride of Mr. Dale Kamm, son of Mrs. A. E. Sill of Sedro Wooley, Wash.

Rev. Dwight Cart officiated at the double ring ceremony.  
Yet another Badger moving to this state! Guessing the Mrs. from above is probably the Rev's wife, the diarist goes to Plymouth Congregational. Clark County is in mid-upper Wisconsin, and I've never been there.

Sadly, I woke up at 5 this morning which sounds pretty good (for me) but it took me forever to fall asleep. Felt well-rested though. Used the new waffle maker for breakfast again -- eh, so-so -- and then I mostly just watched TV all morning. We headed out to an estate sale on 115th and 24th (nearish to Northgate) where nothing of real interest was found, although I kind of had a hankering to buy an autoharp that was in really excellent condition. We hit the BBQ place on Lake City for lunch and then headed to Marianne's sale up in Shoreline. Nothing there either. They'd had four Bose 301s that I kind of wanted to look at, but they were already gone. Struck out with the speakers all day. After a quick stop for ice cream at Northgate, we came home and did a little yard work. I finally got around to clearing a circle of sod around the one tree on the terrace so I don't have to mow right up next to it, and it looks better anyway. It was pleasant enough outside that I sat in the back and read for a while, and. . . .well, no, scratch that, I was going to read but I decided to web surf instead (on the iPad).

I called my brother for his birthday and a child answered:
"Hi, is this Robin or Veronica?"
[Definitely Veronica]
Brother wasn't home, he's been in Australia for two weeks. They're probably going to Wisconsin this summer as well, so I'm hoping we'll overlap by a couple of days, although not the whole time. I like my family and all, but 7 people crammed into a small house is a bit much.

Unfortunately, the apple cobbler I made yesterday was not my best effort. The recipe said to cook it for 20-25 minutes and I let it go 30 but I think it was still not done all the way through. The edges were okay, but the center was almost soup. I nuked what was left of it for 4 minutes and that might have done the trick. Must remember that for next time.

Friday, June 1, 2012

1 June 2012

On this day in 1948:
<blockquote>Hank & Melbourne came to stay with me until Hank graduates from the U of W at June 12, 1948.</blockquote>

For those not familiar with this place, UW is on the quarter system so Spring quarter doesn't end until early June. Of course, that means they don't start until the end of September, too, which is actually a good thing for this climate because summer weather doesn't really start until at least mid-June and is pleasant through September.

Today was mostly a very good day. Started off badly with me waking up before 4. I didn't even have that good of a workout even with the added Diet Coke. Not a bad one, just not a very good one. I had some work to do when I got home, although I started off with a donut I bought last night and failed to refrigerate overnight which, technically, shouldn't have been a problem; however, I dislike partially
'melted' donuts and this afternoon my guts were a bit churned up and I blame that. At any rate, today is National Donut Day anyway, so I did my bit.

I finished the Clark Septic report and sent it off, albeit with a couple of typos, darn it. The septic thing next Wednesday is turning out to be fairly significant as well, and the tribes are getting involved because there's a known burial within 50 feet. So Teresa is having me work with them to coordinate. Good, I suppose, that she trusts me and I really don't mind. I also linked to a couple of funny items on ArchaeoBlog, one on how to best dispose of a dead body and one on "old people smell", the latter containing a bizarre link to an India blog post on the wonders of Southern Indiana women's delectable. . .armpits.

Did some more of that this afternoon and also walked up to the Safeway for some milk for the apple cobbler I was making -- which turned out delicious, I might add. Should have used the Splenda though. Made so-so crab cakes and vegetables as well for dinner, yippee. AND I made egg salad for the spouse this morning, too, and the eggs turned out quite well, I wanted to eat them myself. I ate man a too-hard hard boiled egg in Egypt over the years, so I demand done but not too done eggs.

Very humid today, weatherman said it was 80% so it felt rather like Wisconsin this afternoon, i.e., very pleasant.

At the moment I'm listening to the CD of the Daylight Again album I bought yesterday. Seems like a very good remastering although I haven't compared it to the LP directly. Nice to have the inner tracks not all distorted though, I can tell the difference there without even comparing. I could be in trouble this weekend as two estate sales with vintage speakers are occurring, one with Bose and one with Advents. The former are 301s which are, meh, and I don't know which Advents they are; the ad doesn't show a photo.