Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Shadows & sunshine.
Met Glennie & Mrs. Sandberg on 12:30 p.m. Sunset bus going to Frederick's for the 1:00 p.m. style show. Good lunch, having New England dinner. Shopped after the show at Frederick's on the different floors & also to basement. Sundbergs looking at refrigerators. Seriously considering to buy.

Was a refrigerator that big of a deal? Probably was in 1948. I would think every house had one, but I can't really be certain. BTW, it was Frederick & Nelson, not the other one (which was around back then, apparently).

Slept until 5 today and was only awake for a bit around 4 maybe. Spouse slept until after 7. Ate at home and then went outside to clear the roof drains because it's been raining steadily for the last couple of days and it was coming down the center of the roof so I knew something wasn't draining correctly. FULL of needles and junk and hardly draining at all. It was raining all this time, too. And I broke the rain chain so now the bottom 3 cups are missing. Went to U District for hair cut and lunch and I picked up some "compression shorts" aka, spandex boxer briefs for working out. Apparently, no one much wears tank tops anymore either so I'm a bit out of date, I guess. Must start buying new shirts, don't know what style yet.

Then came home and stayed except for a walk. The Yamaha is doing better -- I Deoxited it again and turned it upside down so it would maybe get to different places. Seems to be working better, but not clear yet. Watched an ESPN doc on some guy named Steve Bartman who interfered with a Cubs ball in the NLCS in 2003. Very interesting. Poor guy. I wish him well.

Steady rain all day, sunshine later this afternoon and maybe thunderboomers tonight.

Friday, March 30, 2012

30 March 2012 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
Nicer to-day. Sun shone. About 3:00 p.m. walked down to the locks & home again. Dad is at a precinct meeting at Ballard.

Also a small newspaper clipping:
BY REQUEST -- By special request of Aileen Pringle, I am quoting the "Ode to Spring" by Althea Fuhr, the Bronx Nightingale:
Ah, 'tis spring!

The boid is on the wing

Why that's absoid

Everybody knows

The wing is on the boid.


Slept okay last night, although I woke up at 2:45 and read The Illiad for a bit (a god convinced a Trojan to shoot an arrow at Menelaus) and managed to go right back to sleep. . .until 5! Had another epic workout, came home and wrote about circumcision and a couple of other things for PHEgypt, saved some financial statements for the refi, and then cranked up Boston's first album on the ol' Yamaha. Today it's been working a bit better, at least I've been able to listen for an hour or so without anything cutting out. Really liked cranking Boston though, and I swept the floors while doing so. I've not liked these KLH speakers much, but then I realized they probably aren't any worse than my first Matrecs speakers that I loved, so whatever. I enjoyed cranking them up some. I think I'm just going to hang onto this thing for a while and see if it clears up.

Met Fiona at 1:15 at SBux, left a little before 3 and went to Assumption to assist in setting up for the fish fry, which is going on as I type. Probably wasn't needed as they had a lot of school kids to help.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

29 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Not such a nice day some intervals of rain. Stayed in bed all day.

Man, she stayed in bed for like two days! Wonder what was wrong. Migraine?

Today it rained. All.Day. Literally. It hasn't stopped since I woke up. Had an epic leg workout today, due to barely adequate sleep (4:30) and a Diet Coke before the regular pre-workout breakfast -- hydration helps immensely. Spouse drove me to the gym and then I went to Health Sci rotunda for post-workout bagels and soda, then to Suzallo for a couple of books. Got one on the development of wheeled vehicles in the Near East (to 330 BC), took notes on that one and might go back and make copies of figures. Then I went over a short paper by DM Dixon on Egyptian waste disposal practices, and walked home, stopping at Radio Shack in UVil for Deoxit. I've used it twice on the receiver so far and the right channel is still not working properly. Have tried it again and we'll see in the morning.

Otherwise, Spouse brought home leftovers from their party for dinner (some good, some no-so-good) and then we went to Assumption for a badly organized setup for the big fish fry tomorrow, which we will not go to anyway. I may or may not go to setup tomorrow afternoon, though I probably should to make myself at least somewhat useful.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 March 2012 (Wednesday)

On the last two days in 1948:
[March 27 Saturday]: Perfect Spring day no wind warm & clear. After breakfast Millie & I went to Volunteer Park to see the camille show at Museum. Opened at 12M. Beautiful & artistic flower arrangments. Sat in park & viewed scenery, perfect day, walked down to Broadway & had lunch & home thru on bus stopping at Rhodes Dept. Store. Millie buying earrings (blue). Had dinner & I went to bed early & had a bad night having a "head ache".

[March 28, Easter Sunday]: A perfect day for new Easter Bonnets. I was in bed all day. Dad & Millie went to Easter Service (9:30 a.m.) at Plymouth Church. Lovely music & beautifully decorated with Easter lillies & Red tulips. Dad took Millie up to see Golden Gardens Park. She liked it. They got dinner & Millie left by taxi at 3:20 p.m. to get bus for Bellingham.

Wonder why she quoted "head ache"? Is this some sort of code word for some other ailment that I am not privy to? Hmmmm.

I only noticed that I missed posting yesterday. Completely forgot. I was kind of busy and also muftig. Rather a bad day yesterday, compounded by lack of sleep; haven't been sleeping well all week so far. Last night I went right to sleep but then woke up at 3:15. Weirdly, I watched the Mariners play baseball at 4:30. In Tokyo against the A's. Good workout though, and went to Sam's Club this morning. Spent most of the day working on PHEgypt paper, making some decent progress. Also started filling out the papers for refinancing the house. Pleased with our saving prowess, but not my income. We went to our usual McDonald's for lunch. Kind of a half pleasant day, some rain, some sun. Walked up to Safeway on 35th & 75th after dinner and it started hailing just as we walked in the door.

Yesterday, I was just muftig all day, principally from the unemployment grind. I didn't leave the house all day, just worked on my paper and various other little things. I did send a message to the EEF lists on Egyptian toilet habits and got a few replies; less than I was expecting, really, so it looks like I am breaking somewhat new ground, as it were. I could probably do an entire paper on it, which I shall no doubt do eventually. We went to Target at NGate after dinner and I bought a can of air to blow out all the junk I'd sprayed into the receiver volume knob; I decided it wasn't working. I bought the stuff thinking it was just like Deoxit, but I think not. It was working better, but not well, and I think it was probably just getting in there and making the contacts better without really getting rid of any oxidation. After blowing it out, it actually worked worse, which makes sense if my theory is correct. Tomorrow on the way back from UW I will stop at Radio Shack and get the real stuff and try that. Feel better tonight.

Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March 2012 (Monday)

On this day in 1948 (Friday):
Beautiful day.
Met Millie & Arlie Jean Smith at Bon Marche & we shopped a little and Millie came home with me. Arlie Jean is a charming & sensible young women(sic). Millie had just had a(sic) air plane trip to Fairbanks, Alaska on the Pan American Air Lines with Arlie Jean and all the way up & back had perfect weather day & night. Perfect full moon could see all scenery perfectly the mountains look like a row of castles.

"Arlie Jean", there's a name you don't see very often. Interestingly, we've come across her and Millie before in this entry where we find she is an "airways purser". I wonder if Arlie married and became Arlie Jean Payne? Haven't found much else on her.

Back to working out today, thank God. Still a bit wiped out from yesterday, but the workout went pretty well, thanks in part to the Diet Coke I had between 4:30 and 5 when I got up. Had trouble sleeping last night, no doubt because I slept -- *gasp!* -- 8 hours Saturday night.

Came home and did a little work on the Yamaha, my PH paper, and a bit of Car Lust blogging. Altogether not a terribly productive day. I made flat bread again for lunch, and it worked out better this time: with cucumber and humous, yum. Fiona brought over some chocolate chip/chunk cookies as well, more yum.

The receiver is not completely working yet: the volume knob is still wonky. Otherwise, everything is functioning fine. I have to find a way to remove the Balance and tuner controls so I can swing the front plate out and get at the volume know mechanism, maybe just to spray some deoxit into it. Otherwise, all the other problems have largely resolved themselves.

We did grocery shipping after 3 because we couldn't yesterday, then went for a walk. Daisy and Jack have been very affectionate today, because we left them alone all day yesterday. Cloudy, then sunny, around 53.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

25 March 2012 (Sunday)

Yesterday in 1948:
Newspaper clipping:
The Seattle Council of Churches will sponsor services at Plymouth Congregational, 6th Ave and University St. from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. today thgourh Thursday. The speakers will be four of the new members of the city's ministerial fellowship. . . .etc.

Went to Wednesday service

Believe I missed yesterday (Saturday). Woke up in the middle of the night Friday-Sat worrying about stuff, partly this stupid receiver. Turned out to be no worries: the case has fasteners which some guy on Audiokarma is giving me for shipping cost (and a screw for the knob) and the speakers/volume knob just needs (probably) Deoxit, though as of today it's still a bit problematic. Sadly, I hooked up my Onkyo integrated to the new TV but it won't work: hooking it to the cable box makes an echo (delay for processing) and the TV only has a digital audio out. So I'll end up selling this Yamaha after I fix it up.

Saturday we just did some hanging out and yard work and went for a nice walk after dinner (around 60 and sunny), and today we went to the in-laws to help cutting up a couple of trees that went down a couple of months ago. Spent an hour and a half with a chain saw and my right hand is tired and sore, and I'm beat. Otherwise it was similarly sunny and upper 50s today, but clouded up and in sprinkling now.

Friday, March 23, 2012

23 March 2012

Nothing on this day in 1948.

Busy day today. Slept okay. Tried steel cut oatmeal for breakfast this morning, but realized too late that it takes like 20 minutes to cook, so the Spouse took it to work and ate it there. Not bad. Kind of like eating hot Grape Nuts. Very filling.

Worked on my Egypt PH paper most of the morning and a few other things. Kinda broke Lent and had leftover pepperoni pizza for lunch (otherwise it would undoubtedly have gone to waste so I didn't feel too bad), and then walked to UW to see if some books I had on hold were in (they weren't) but it was sunny and 50 and pleasant for a walk. Stopped at SBux in UVil on the way home for a hot chocolate and sit in the sun, which was a mistake because the ol' rosacea got real bad later, even though I put on SPF-45 before leaving.

Walked home, and then drove to Hawthorne Stereo on Roosevelt to check their prices and on a lark stopped by this used record store on 22nd and 65th, I think, and he had an old Yamaha CR-620 sitting there and sold it to me for $25 AND a mint LP of Jesus Christ Superstar for $8. Receiver has some issues, but most seem to be easily resolveable. Beautiful machine, too. Always wanted a Yamaha and now I have one.

Spouse passed her comps, which was expected, but she's quite happy about that.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 March 2012

Nothing apparently of import happened on this day in 1948.

Here, I slept okay, until the alarm, though took a while actually getting to sleep. Not a terribly productive morning, though I spent until about 10 gathering my various Egypt-related public health stuff and trying to read a German article (got most of the necessary bits, thanks Bing Translate). Went over to Cascadia to get my minuscule paycheck -- they have me down for 30 hrs/week with the 2013 WSDOT contract -- then to Goodwill Ballard. . . .O.M.G. Three vintage receivers -- two Sansui and a Yamaha -- and two nice sets of speakers, Infinity and Advent. Everything was pretty overpriced though, and the one (nicer) Sansui had a broken power lever. So, nothing. I may head to a few estate sales tomorrow (Friday) to check those out, too.

Then went to Lowe's for moss stuff and compost, and then Sam's for gas and Clorox II. I de-mossed the back yard this afternoon and composted the one garden bed. It was pleasantly sunny and about 50, and I talked to Norma for a bit as well.

Fiona quit her week-old job today, too. Very sad. Sounded like a frat house though, so I suppose it's. . .better? She's in a very bad mood.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 March 2012 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1948 (Sunday):
Poured all day long, hard.
Didn't get up until 10:30 a.m. slept good. Went over & fed Puffy. At breakfast at 11:30. Dad ate his breakfast at 12 M. Read Sunday Times Paper. Fed Puffy at 5 p.m. and we had our dinner at 7 p.m. Walked down to Ballard to mail a couple of letters that I wrote to Carrie Ober & Bell Colborne Hamilton. Playing cards with Dad.

That makes two of us that slept well, I didn't wake up until the alarm at 5. Felt pretty darn good for a change, and I got quite a lot done today including much of PH in Egypt paper (done with the draft of the public health section) and finished the draft of the Subaru BRAT post. That really kept me busy most of the morning. Also we tried bulk cream of wheat and it turned out okay, though I had to fiddle with the measurement some.

And I tried a new recipe for lunch, Turkish flat bread. Recipe here:
180g strong flour
¾ teaspoon salt
20g fresh yeast (less if very active yeast)*
100ml lukewarm water
1. Sift flour and salt together in a large bowl and make a well in the centre.
2. Dissolve yeast in the water then add to flour mixture and mix until a soft dough is formed.
3. Turn out on a lightly floured surface and knead for 4-5 minutes or until smooth and elastic.
4. Place in a lightly oiled or floured bowl, cover with lightly oiled plastic film and leave to rest for about 30 minutes.
5. Divide in four and press or roll out to 10cm rounds. Heat a large flat-based pan over a medium heat.
6. Lightly oil the pan and cook bazlama for 4-5 minutes.
7. Turn over and cook for a further 3-4 minutes.

Went okay for a first shot and was actually edible, and rather tasty. Forgot the salt at first so I mixed some in during the kneading so it wasn't really tasty but quite passable. Smeared humous on it along with some cucumber slices. Will make it again.

Weeded this afternoon for a bit, but otherwise leftovers for dinner. Walked, etc. Sunny most of the day but in the 40s.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Showery day.
Had breakfast at 9 a.m. cleaned house Dad had breakfast about 12 M. [???] Went to Ballard to shop. Faye O. Snelson Florist gave away corsages to first 100 ladies orchids, then carnations & gardenias all that was left [11?]. Shall wear to church to-morrow. Put Sam's mail in the house. They have gone to Vancouver B.C. and fed Puffy this evening. Dad is working until midnight. Popped corn & writing letters.

Really don't know if that is the correct spelling of the florist, "Snelson".

Today I again woke up before 4:30, but didn't feel too bad. Worked, badly, until around 10 when I left to go to Goodwill downtown and Goodwill Renton looking for a receiver, hitting a St. Vinnie's in Renton on the way. Had one Harmon-Kardon at the Renton GW, but I didn't buy it, looked in too bad a shape. Nothing really at either one. I'll check the Ballard GW Thursday, I think, and then just keep checking back in and hitting estate sales. I'd really like to get a nice vintage receiver rather than a new one. I'd been demanding a remote control but then decided I'd gotten lazy and settled on getting a vintage one anyway. I'll just be patient.

I checked Fry's in Renton, too, and then met Spouse for lunch -- went to Popeye's Chicken and had one of their deeeeelicious biscuits, cole slaw, and a bit of the Spouse's chicken. Then went to American Auto Body and checked with Junior on how much to fix a few dings in the ol' Mustang (little over $400), and then back home. After I got back I decided to walk to UVil for bonito flakes for the cats; it was kind of cold, but sunny and fairly pleasant on the way there but cloudier on the way back and not so pleasant. Got the flakes and a little new can of food for Daisy. Took 1.25 hours for the whole thing. Then did veggies in foil on the grill for dinner, walk, and now blogging. Started a new post on the Subaru BRAT which started out to be one of my better ones, I think.

Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March 2012

On this day in 1948 (Friday):
Beautiful day again cold wind.
At 4 p.m. heavy shower & hail with it. 18 Ladies from Circle 3 from Plymouth Congregational Church. Hot dish, noodles, tuna, peas & cheese with green peppers & parseley[sic], hot rolls, jelly & pickles & home made cake with whipped cream that Mrs. Blanchard made. The German Bride was the High Light of the Day. All were interested in seeing Cheryl's wedding Pictures & also Marge's (DeMoss's?). Mrs. Blackwell helped me. Dad got work to-night. First time in weeks & weeks.

Hmmmm, I thought Dad was regularly employed. I know later in 1948 there is a strike but I don't know why he would not be working much, or perhaps just not at night?

Went and woke up before 4:30 AGAIN, so tired, but did not work out today -- not all week as it's spring break and the IMA doesn't open until 11. Wrote my PH in Egypt paper most of the morning, and also spoke on the phone with Wendell White, the historian with Sinclair Oil. He had some comments on my post. I was kind of worried about it, but he was very friendly and made some good comments. For instance, I had used a company logo that they never used -- it was something made up by souvenir sellers.

After lunch at McD's, I went off to drop some food donations at Assumption, got my hair cut at the barber's, and then hit the Value Village and Goodwill on 145th looking for a receiver. VV had a vintage Technics SA-200 and GW had a vintage Kenwood KA-2400. The latter was only 20 watts and $30, so I passed, but the former was looking pretty good -- on paper, or rather, on screen: after looking at both I went across the street to a Starbucks and used their WiFi to look 'em up on my iPod. I was set to get the Technics, but then noticed the glass was gone, so decided it wasn't worth it. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the downtown GW and maybe the Bellevue or Renton ones, and then lunch with Spouse, so hopefully I can find one there. Otherwise, there was a decent newer one at the 145th GW for $40.

Down to 30 overnight and then 45-ish today, but sunny. Pleasant, but cold. Went to UVil this evening to get some more groceries.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

18 March 2012 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Typical March days, yet the wind cold from the north. Still cleaning house getting it ready to entertain. Ray went with me to do my shopping.

Also a newspaper clipping:
BREAKFAST -- Ninety-nine per cent of the population of the U.S.A have eggs for breakfast every day. They have different things daily for luncheon or dinner, but breakfast is always the same. Who started the idea of having eggs for breakfast? In what way are eggs superior to other types of food as a breakfast item? My belief has always been breakfast should be a heavy meal. The human engine should be stoked up for the day's work. Maybe our grandpappies had the right idea when they had steak for breakfast.

Cute. The statistic probably isn't correct. In Egypt they usually have bread (flat, like pita) and foul (pronounced 'fool') a brown, spicy fava bean dish, something like refried beans.

Buggers, I woke up at 4:30 again this morning. Spouse didn't get up until 7 when I was getting very sleepy. So I didn't go to Mass again, but did manage a half hour nap which made me feel much better. We went back to the one estate sale but I didn't get the receiver because it didn't have a remote control, although later on I may have decided that I didn't really need that? I dunno. The usual UVil for lunch and shopping and then another estate sale where some Lenox china was (it was all gone). I did a little blogging this afternoon, but mostly didn't do much, too tired and a little muftig. We went for a walk though, as it stopped raining; dark clouds may be coming this way. Rainy this morning, showery all day, 41 degrees.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Nice day but wind sharp.
Called this evening on the G.I. German bride. Find her charming & think lonesome for want of companionship. Have invited her to the Circle 3 Group on Friday.

Not sure who this "bride" is, but assuming it's some serviceman's wife left alone, perhaps while he is stationed in Germany? Tried to find something on "Circle 3 Group" but no luck.

Today was an estate sale day. Ended up going to 4, I think. One I will return to tomorrow and see about buying a receiver for $12.50. The others were in interesting homes, but nothing of particular interest. This one had a Gerrard turntable and some cheapo speakers and some other newer equipment, but nothing exciting. We stopped at Top Pot donut which was near one sale and got a couple, a small part for a snack and the rest for dessert. I've been kind of lax with my Lenten no-dessert rule, but I didn't go whole hog for it this year, too many other things going on. Watched two episodes of Battlestar Gallactica (new one) this afternoon as well. I quite like it though I didn't watch it during its first run.

Rainy and 34 this morning, went to Burgermaster for breakfast, but turned sunny and about 50 this afternoon. My new backspace key doesn't seem to be clicking properly, though it does work. . . .hmmmmmm. . . . .

Friday, March 16, 2012

16 March 2012 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
A fellow went to heaven & was kept busy at 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. shining stars & pearly gates & complained. Well the keeper said, to-morrow you can have a Holiday & go to Pergatory.
Why are you all sitting about down here, because there are so many, can get the work done.


Also two newspaper clippings:
About Petting
Dear Perplexed Girls:
Several years ago a problem concerning "petting" similar to yours, came to our attention and we polled a number of young men to get their opinion. All agreed that they would attempt it, even on a first date, but that they honestly thought the girl who "cooperated" too quickly and too easily wasn't the type they'd ever want for a wife. {stupid boys, ed.} They suspected she was too free with her favors and had little respect for her.

Also another column for on "Mary Ross -- Home Counsel" with a similar type of query.

Busy day today, starting off with sleeping until the alarm! After working out, I came home and finished the Sinclair Gas post and sent it to the retired Sinclair historian for review -- should run next week. Then I walked to Suzallo to pick up a book I'd reserved, Ancient Egyptian & Cnidian Medicine by Robert O. Steuer and then to the parking place to get my permit for next quarter. It was 12 by then so I had lunch (clam chowder) at the Health Sciences rotunda, and then walked back to UVil to meet Fiona -- our last Friday "date" for a while since she starts her new job next Monday. Will not know what to do with myself next Friday!

When I got home I quick drove out to find an estate sale, but couldn't locate it (waste of time) and came home and made dinner. We walked and now nothing else to do except type this in and watch TV. Have several estate sales to go to tomorrow.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

15 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day but not clear as yesterday.
Washed clothes, but didn't hang them out. Washed bed spread. Cleaned the woodwork on three doors & cleaned table & chairs. Wrote a letter to Cheryl to-day. Very quiet on the waterfront. Dad has gone to town this evening to a Republican committee meeting to meet the head men of the club & also they are going to have refreshments. Don is busy with his salesman ship with Pacific Telephone Co.

Speaking of bedspreads, they don't make many of those anymore. I recall being in a Bone Marche a few years ago and an older lady was there asking about bedspreads and the clerks really didn't know what she was referring to. They're still kind of the standard bed covering for me.

Woke up at 4:30 this a.m. but felt okay. Decent workout, and then came home and had to clean floors because Daisy dropped a dingleberry that I stepped in before leaving and tracked God knows where. Then I finished reading Old Egyptian Medical Papyri that I have on PDF, and finished doing the paperwork for the Afterglow thing I did last week -- forgot about the photo log and monitoring form. I got all the documents together and took them to Cascadia. On the way I got a new cable remote, but the same problem is still happening (0 button doesn't work in the program listing). Shall try to program the remote for the TV this evening, too.

I mostly finished and old Car Lust post on Sinclair Oil that's been sitting there for months. It was difficult not to do a long detailed history, when all I really wanted to do was say how cool the dinosaur was. Still has some major editing to be done, but I think I have all the right stuff in it.

Skin is dry, dry, dry. Rain, rain , rain until about noon then showers and around 52.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 March 2012

On this day in 1948 (Sunday):
Beautiful day yet cold wind from the north.
Went to church. Had donuts & coffee at Golden Glow shop, walked along the water front. Saw private car embedded under a truck. Unloading hardwood logs from ship& booming thru. Went to see Mildred, cheerful. Had 10 lb. tumor & sists(sic) removed. Face was burned from the mask that was put on during operation. Had dinner at 4:30 p.m. Played cards in the evening. Dad beats me mos the time in the card games.

I'm guessing this tumor that Mildred had removed was not cancerous, being that large and all, and one would think she would have mentioned it if it was. So good for Mildred.

Very cold here today, started off raining and 36 though it warmed up from the southwest, but rained all day and will do so most of tonight and tomorrow as well. The rest of the country is enjoying spring-like weather while we are stuck in February.

The big news today is that I started writing my public health in Egypt paper. I'd been working through public health theory and history and then in to Egyptian health practices (mostly their view of disease) before I felt I could really get started and I reached that point today. What I wrote (appended below) largely lays out what I think about it, so I'm relatively pleased with it. Definitely a first stab, but I think I got the essence of what I have been thinking. Sent it to Wenke to see what he thinks.

Otherwise, we went to McD's for lunch and I went to the store for dinner fixin's this afternoon, but that was about it for the day time; otherwise I sat here and read and wrote. We went walking at UVil again because of the rain, but the Spouse also planned on buying some wine for a work friend's house warming.

Have decided to hook up these old KLH speakers to the new TV; I think they'll work well. Small and pleasant sounding, a little boxy, but I think they'll have a nice warm sound for that room, not overly bright or boomy. Well, until I find something better, I suppose. Will try to find a decent receiver tomorrow or over the weekend.

Public Health in Ancient Egypt

A great deal of knowledge has been gained regarding both the bodily afflictions of the ancient Egyptians and the practice of medicine that sought to alleviate them. Our principal sources for health information are documents that describe various conditions and their treatments – the so-called medical papyri (e.g., the Ebers and Hearst papyri) – and the skeletal and mummified remains of the Egyptians themselves which have allowed paleopathologists to diagnose many of the common maladies afflicting Egyptians of many socioeconomic strata. This array of data on the personal health of the ancient Egyptians has proven invaluable from a nutrition, epidemiological, medical historical, and in some cases social perspective.

There is, however, another aspect of health that has remained relatively neglected in the overall study of health in ancient Egypt: public health. Compared to the analysis of personal health, the study of health from a public perspective takes a more inclusive approach by deriving health data from larger units (groups of people) and examining the strategies and behaviors that affect the health of the overall population rather than at the individual level. This involves more than statistically summarizing data from individuals, though much of the data necessarily derives from individuals. It is also not the simple application of epidemiological methods, though epidemiology is certainly an important aspect of public health research. But by dealing with groups rather than individuals, a public health analysis is able to bring these various health-related threads together with social, cultural, economic, and even evolutionary factors to produce descriptions of overall health that are not only more far-reaching in scope, but also explanations for why and how societal structures developed to deal with issues affecting the health of the population. [integrative aspect?]

Consequently, I will first describe what constitutes an analysis from a public health perspective and provide the general scope of inquiry that public health entails; i.e., those aspects of community health that are typically part of general public health research. Second, I will provide examples from the Egyptian archaeological and philological records that coincide with these aspects. Finally, I will show how an analysis from a public health perspective can provide new insights into the origin and elaboration of certain behavioral and social traits and how they can affect the evolutionary trajectory of Egyptian society. (this is far overreaching what I hope to accomplish, but there you have it anyway)

Public health
Like many fields that developed in the absence of a single unifying theory, public health has been defined many times by many different practitioners. Perhaps the most widely cited definition is that of C.E. Winslow which I reproduce here in its entirety:

Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical health and efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, the control of community infections, the education of the individual in principles of personal hygiene, the organization of medical and nursing services for the early diagnosis and preventive treatment of disease, and the development of social machinery which will ensure to every individual in the community a standard of living adequate for the maintenance of health. (Winslow 1920:34; italics added)

Often shortened to the highlighted portion, Winslow's definition has provided the basic template for the public health sector in succeeding decades with modifications generally occurring by adding on additional responsibilities as scientific awareness or political needs dictate. In broad outline, however, this definition ultimately derives from the Sanitarian Movement of the mid-19th century that placed the health and welfare of the population as an obligation of society via a state-sponsored apparatus (Rosen 1993).

Deriving as it does from within the context of a modern western state structure, this definition effectively incorporates desired goals into the definition and assumes a certain level of social and political organization with at least part of the organization's duties directed at achieving those goals. This goal-directedness presents something of a liability when attempting to apply the definition to non-western societies with simpler socio-political structures, or those with no explicit – or in some cases even the concept of – community health goals in mind. It also makes things problematic from an analytical perspective since embodying goal-seeking motives within the very definition of the area of inquiry presents something of a tautology.

Consequently, while I will use much of modern public health theory as a framework for examining those aspects of Egyptian society that impact community or group health, a somewhat less value laden definition will have to be utilized in order to provide relevance for this study. Thus, following a long line of anthropological precedent, I now provide my own definition of public health: any learned behavior that impacts, directly or indirectly, the health of more than the individual. This definition is not only simpler, but avoids many of the interpretive pitfalls of the above definition. It incorporates the social aspects of public health by requiring that any behavior be transmissible to others and thus be amenable to cultural selection and evolution. By doing so it necessarily provides a social underpinning but without demanding a particular organizational structure. It also restricts the analytic sphere to those behaviors that affect more than the individual which allows for the incorporation of various forms of social and group theory. Finally, by avoiding any particular goal of said behaviors, it allows for explanation without reference to any particular end product of health, whether positive or negative, and is therefore more analytic than prescriptive.

Winslow, C. E. 1920 The Untilled Fields of Public Health. Health Service, New York County Chapter of the American Red Cross, New York, NY.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

13 March 2012 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1948:
Still our nice days.
Cleaned bedroom & swept the walls. Ronald R/Budinson[?] brot the ram over for Kitsap Cabin. Find that the apartment is terribly dirty so was kept busy until 5 p.m. Got ready & we went to Ray & Sam's for dinner. Swell pot roast, cooked cabbage potatoes & gravy & chocolate cake. Played Court Whist & Ray & I beat Sam & Walter a goodly score. We listened to basketball Huskies beat California to-night 58-64.

Aha, looks like we know one of our particulars' names: "Dad" seems to be 'Walter'. Was talking with Lisa yesterday at lunch about how these people go over to each other's homes for dinner quite often, which we put down to not having TV and computers sitting at home above all. And they play cards! I am personally trying to do more socializing in some fashion since I started reading this thing myself. Not just for nostalgia's sake, but because I think it's a good thing.

Our weather is not so nice as theirs. It's been snowing today, everywhere in W Washington, but also here, though it's not cold enough to stick on the ground here in town. Today after the gym I did some more in-depth research into the ancient Egyptian view of disease and found a good number of sources, some of which are only available in print so I've got three books on reserve at the library which I will procure in a couple of days. Good stuff, I should be able to actually write this paper in the next few weeks.

Otherwise, I went to Target for lens solution and tried to find some spandex shorts for the gym at the Sports Authority but they really had none. Apparently they don't really make them for guys anymore, though they are making these underwear-like spandex things, which I might have to go for. I've taken to wearing spandex shorts under my regular ones just because it feels better. I used to just wear spandex ones, back when it was vaguely OK for men to do that. I just like them better, they give you an unencumbered range of motion with no pinching, binding, or riding up (as it were).

UPDATE: Also stopped by Comcast to get a new HD box for the new TV and it's not quite right yet. The old remote (which they said would work) doesn't work all that well, and the volume is screwed up in two ways: first, the cable remote won't do anything to the volume, and second, the volume is inconsistent. On normal channels, it's LOUD such that the TV volume has to be set all the way down to 4 or 5 (it probably goes up to 50), but then when in On Demand you can barely hear it at that volume. So, must get new remote and figure out the volume problem. Much nicer picture though.

Monday, March 12, 2012

12 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Glorious spring day.
Walked up near the Locks to see the million dollar apartments. Two buildings completed and occupied and more being constructed. Dad went to Plymouth church Men's Club for dinner. And I listened to Huskies p[lay California. California won.

Too bad, UW got booted out of the tournament this year as well.

Busy day today. Sadly, woke up at 4 so tired. I worked out well, and then went to Health Sci Rotunda for bagels (which I forgot this morning) and a Diet Coke, in which I did not put enough ice so it was kind of warm, and the bagels were dry. Blech. Then I took the Health Sci Express to 9th & Jefferson building for Amy's dissertation defense. I was the first one there so I got to chat with her for a few minutes, which I enjoyed, and then she had probably 20 people show up. And they cheat! She gave a 45-minute talk and then answered questions for only 15 minutes! I talked for maybe 5 minutes and answered queries for an hour. Harumph. Talked to Christine for a bit, too, and I'll be getting involved in some capacity with their new digital data entry stuff. Nice to see everyone. Then lunch with Lisa at the Arctic Hotel restaurant; not bad, kinda pricey, but delicious cobb salad.

Sadly, on the bus home my stupid UPass card didn't work and I had no idea why because it was paid up through the end of the quarter and I'd used it a month or two ago. So I just stood there and looked dumbfounded -- which I was. Called them up and found out they had no record of me even having one. Sheesh.

We walked at Northgate and I obtained a sample of some Clinique junk that's supposed to help rosacea. We'll see.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 March 2012 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948 (Thursday):
Wonderful Spring day.
Walked down to the Canal & home for lunch. Went to the Doctor's Hospital to see Mildred but she was terrible blue and do hope the next time we go she shall be in better spirits. Listened no went to see basketball games at U.W. Mt. Baker beat Seattle High School Garfield. And such bad loosers[sic] went to locker room & broke the windows at Edmunson gym.

Daisy came in as I started typing my portion. She slept most of the day and has been wanting attention since about 3:30. She is my.little.girl.

Daylight savings time began and I celebrated by waking up at 4 (old time) so felt awful most of the day, although I took a whole 20 minute nap about 10:30. Otherwise, not a great day. However, I did manage to do something of a dry run on my Living In The '70s week and didn't touch my computer very much. I really want to get away from this stupid machine some; not to the extent that I end up like an old fuddy-duddy with no clue about what's going on tech-wise, but I need to step back and do more in the real world. That's one reason I've been kind of wanting an organ or a piano or something: to spend some time doing something besides typing on this stupid contraption. I need more time around people and doing actual things.

Also went for a quick walk east of here, up the hill. The radar before we left showed a blob of rain coming towards us, but I thought we could get a decent walk in before it hit and I was almost right: We quickened our pace and cut short the distance, but. . . . .then it slid north and missed us completely. Best laid plans. . .

I look forward to tomorrow and going downtown to see the old Global Health mates and Lisa. Amy Liu -- she should be a famous researcher by the time someone reads this -- is defending her dissertation tomorrow and I'd like to be there. Then lunch with Lisa.

Storm-a-comin' tonight, tomorrow should prove to be blustery. Low 40s all week including today.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Having nice days.
Washed clothes at Ray's for she was entertaining the Presbyterian Aid[?] Home at 3:30 p.m. Dad took flower's(sic) to Doctor's Hospital to Mildred Eldridge for she was operated on for a tumor. We had supper at church & heard Rev. Bayne speak. He is the Esp Bishop for the Olympia Diocese. He & Dr. Cart met or knew each other in Springfield Mass. Very fine speaker. Go hope Mildred gets all O.K.

More or less slept until 5 this morning so not a bad start. I don't think I did much this morning. Lunch at Wendy's (I had a baked potato-- for a reason), and then to Almvig's appliance to check out ovens, and Peak's frozen custard (hence the light potato lunch). That stuff is heaven. Made one last visit to the Cloud 9 store that is closing today after about 50 years. Kind of sad. Came home and I mostly finished my 1929 post. . .not terribly pleased with it except for parts. I dunno, just couldn't come up with a decent angle on it to be really interesting.

I also figured out how to use the camera on the iMac and actually recorded a couple minutes of me speaking. I hadn't realized that I tilted my head to the right all the time. I wonder how I can work on that, maybe turning my head to the left?

Went to dinner and Bai Thai on 65th with a grouchy Spouse and then Northgate-walking. The Nordy's there has some old electronics from the 1960s there -- spherical 8-track decks and such in bright orange. I actually had the small B&W Philco TV set when I was a kid. Not sure where I got it from, but I remember it didn't work very well. Still, sad that some of my old stuff is now turning into kitschy antiques.

Friday, March 9, 2012

9 March 2012 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
Again north wind, cold.
Up late. Went to vote about 11 a.m. for Devin, mayor. Mrs. Payne was over to bring Antique magazine & stayed so long visiting that I had to put off my washing. Shopped at Ballard and see Alma North she was down from Bellingham to see her sister Mrs. Hamlin who had had a heart attack. Dad & I took bus to University Way & walked to U of W campus. Seeing new construction. Had dinner at Frances & Don's. Good. Listened to Basketball game, Huskies & Oregon, Huskies won.

I wonder what the UW campus looked like in 1948? Actually, you can see some of it here. Weird film, but interesting how different the environs are around some of the buildings; it's very much built up since then.

Woke up at 2:30-3 this morning and never went back to sleep. Bummer. Had a great workout though because I drank a Diet Coke before the alarm went off -- hydration works wonders on my workouts. Came home and had my usual two sodas and two bagels and worked on my article review some more, incorporating some ideas that I'd thought of in the middle of the night (i.e., after 2:30-3) and at the gym. Then I worked on my 1929 Car Lust post some more and kinda-sorta finished it, though I will go back and possibly add a few more items. Eh, maybe not, it's pretty long as it is. Lunch and then to Calvary for a FindAGrave photo and then UVil to see Fiona. She's starting her new job in a little over a week so I went to the candy store (The Confectionery) and got her a retro-metal Sugar Daddy lunch box and a selection of chocolates to go in it. She seemed quite touched at the gesture. Said the lunch box was to carry her lunch in and the Sugar Daddy was a daily reminder of what she's supposed to be looking for. Heh.

Came back and did not do much. Crab cakes for dinner and a walk at Northgate because it's raining.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Better day truly a north wind cold.
Finished cleaning venetian blinds and went for a walk. After dinner went to the Republican Club. Joe Hazard spoke. Going to run for State Auditor. Thirty-four members came. Mrs. Strom & I made coffee.

Busy day today, although I woke up at 4:30 AGAIN; sadly, this is becoming habit, I think. Good workout (outstanding actually) and then I worked on reviewing a paper for publication -- peer review -- all morning and into the afternoon. I try to be thorough since I don't get that many. I was putting it off, but eventually got into it and it was nice work. The only part I have difficulty with is determining the larger significance; picking apart methodological flaws and limitations and what not is kind of fun ans easy(ish). I also try to say as much positive as possible, although I haven't gotten to finishing it to that extent yet. I'll write some positives and submit it tomorrow. Made me feel good to be doing something quite useful.

Then I washed the car -- sunny and 60 today -- and set up the iMac in place of the old Macbook while the Internets was out. I got everything transferred over okay, and it seems to be working fairly well, though I will have to remap the keyboard I'm sure. More room on the desk anyway. Will have to fix the hinge on the Macbook even though it's probably $500+ but still cheaper than a new one, and it works fine as it is. And it's got a camera! And accessible USB ports!

We made our spaghetti sandwiches for dinner again -- regular spaghetti sauce over Jimmy Johns bread -- yum, and then went to UVil for bread for tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 March 2012 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1948:
Still cloudy.
Went to church and stayed home all day. Sam & Ray came over in the evening to tell about Marge & Cliff. She hadn't been able to teach on account of floods & children can't get to school.

The one thing that continues to fascinate me about this diarist's life compared to today -- at least with most people I know -- is the amount of socializing they do. It seems as if almost every day they're getting together with friends for dinner or lunch or some other function. Apart from kids coming over to play and such, I'm not sure most people today are that sociable (the one possible exception being Lisa W.). It's kind of too bad we've become so insular. But I suppose with TV and Internet there's enough to keep one busy at home.

I woke up a little before 4:30 but was sure it was close to 5. Had a good workout and then prepared a resume of sorts for Cascadia to use as a proposal to be the on-call firm for WSDOT. Guess this means they want me around for a while. Which is nice. Lunch at McD's and split one of their large burger meals, which Fiona thought was so small we'd just have to be starving. Really, for the last ten years I've had the appetite of a 13-year old girl. In the afternoon (and much of the morning) I did the report on Monday's monitoring work and got the draft to Meg.

Got an email about Amy Liu's dissertation defense next Monday which I shall try to attend. She's very nice, we sat back-to-back at GH last year. Funeral Monday though, so I might have to come back quickly for that. Just mashed potatoes and veggies for dinner. Sunny and 50-ish today, warmer supposedly tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
Still rains on & off.
Left Chery''s about 10 a.m.. Lyle took us by G.N. depot where we checked our bags took us to Countryman's enjoyed seeing them, on to Boston's. Had lunch with her about 2:15 p.m. Walked to St. Luke's Hospital to see Frank. After his working hours went to his home & stayed until 5:10 p.m. Met Dad at Smith's Cafeteria. When we came out met Mrs. Johnson & Jim, walked to G.N. depot & left on 6:48 p.m. train for Seattle. Many men traveling.

Long day. Seems kind of nice to be able to goof around like that and then take a nice train ride home, although I'd rather be able to leave whenever I wanted to (i.e., in a car). As I've mentioned, I think this person is probably from Bellingham originally as she seems to talk about it a lot and has many friends there.

Did okay sleeping last night and woke up with the alarm (5). So-so workout and I was very, very thirsty afterwards and mostly all day as well. I worked on the monitoring report most of the morning and then went to Cascadia to get some old reports, drop off the screen, check in, etc. Happily, they are preparing a contract to be the on-call archaeology firm with WSDOT and I shall be listed as one of the field directors, so I guess they want me around for awhile. Interestingly, was talking to Meg and she said their longtime San Juan guy doesn't like to write, takes a long time to do it, and then doesn't do it very well. And I can't find a job??? Irritating sometimes.

Anyway, the new TV (32" Toshiba) came today -- free with the Spouse's Boeing points -- and it is now set up in the TV room. The old CRT one was just getting too small: some networks are now broadcasting only in letterbox format to fit with the new digital widescreens and it makes our old 20" just too hard to see. Sound isn't very good, so I shall start looking for a small receiver and speakers for better sound. Unhooked the stupid Tivo as well (hated that thing). We'll probably hook up a DVD player to it.

Walked to Rite Aid after dinner. Snow showers this morning but nice and sunny in the afternoon and in the mid-40s.

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 March 2012 (Monday)

On this day in 1948:
Some rain not a nice day. [unk] at Cheryl's not up in time for early breakfast. Met Dad at 12 M. Had lunch at Mannings. And met so many friends guess best place to see every body. Went to Clarence McGregor funeral at 1:30 p.m. We afterwards went to Hillview for ice cream and the late afternoon to visit Freida's. She looks better. Dinner at Cheryl's & up to campus school to see She Stoops to Conquer which Lyle took part of Tony Lumpkin. Very fine. Rode back to Apartment of neighbor's of Cheryl's & Lyle's.

That was a Friday, btw. Must be spending at least Thursday and Friday in Bellingham.

Woke up in the middle of the night last night and didn't get back to sleep for a while, but finally did. I had to drive up to Anacortes to do monitoring at San Juan Island for the day. It was set up so that I wouldn't be getting home until 10:30-11 tonight -- taking the 7:30 ferry -- but they did less digging than they thought and I got the 3:40 instead, getting home at 6:30. Whew. Nice place on the SW side of the island near Roche Harbor. Pleasant day, but cool and windy, but it was nice out there. They dug one septic tank hole -- 40cm or so of soil and then till -- and scraped off another drainfield area, so nothing major. Only one suspicious little patch that was probably a burned root. Stopped at King's Marine Store to buy some shades -- $8! -- because I didn't expect sun. Bit of snow out there on the way back but warmer this week so no big deal.

Was tired, but I took a 10 minute nap on the ferry and didn't get sleepy on the drive home.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

4 March 2012 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Went with Cheryl to choir practice at First Congregational Church at Bellingham.
Most beautiful day we have had for such a long time. Up at 5:30 a.m. breakfast & left house to get 8:15 a.m. train for Bellingham. It's a wonderful ride always at sometime seeing Snow capped mountains, Mt. Baker so clear to see. Arrived at 11 a.m. phoned LuluCozier to have lunch at Smith's on Magnolia. Back at office with her & stayed & visited until 2:30 p.m. Went to Countryman's not home then to Boston's & found Frank & Matty[?]. Frank fixing the door bell. Had coffee & mince meat pie that Frank had made. He does all the cooking for Mertty not a [reasonable person?]

I woke up at 4:30-ish this morning, irritated, got a soda, sat and watched TV, had half a donut. Then realized I'd taken a decaf soda and decided to try to go back to sleep -- success! I think for maybe a half hour, woke up to the alarm at 6. So, not too bad of a day in that regard. Went to Mass, got a ride with Norma across the street. Fiddled around blogging and then we went to lunch, Fred Meyer, Sam's Club for gas ($3.75), and UVil shopping. Passed on the old JBL speakers. . .kind of wish I hadn't, they seem very interesting old speakers. But, they wouldn't have sounded very good and I have enough of them sitting around. I emailed the Estate people on the off-chance they didn't sell. So, eh.

Dinner was fried potatoes and vegetables, as I am off to the field tomorrow -- San Juan Island, but the weather people are talking snow tomorrow so it will be an interesting (and cold) trip, I think. Hope it will be safe. No post tomorrow as I leave at 6:30 and probably won't be back until 11.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3 March 2012

On this day in 1948:
(Wednesday) Beautiful day. So started to wash venetian blinds. How dirty & grimy just had to use real elbow grease. Didn't get them all cleaned so have another day of grim[sic]. Went for a short snappy walk & home to clean my clothes for we are going to Bellingham to stay with Cheryl & Lyle. Especially to see the play "She Stoops to Conquer" which Lyle has a leading part. Had to cancel a work party which the Mountaineers were going to have at Kitsap Cabin on account of ferry strike. All ferries on Sound tied up.

Aha, so yesterday's play bill had Lyle Bickford, so these are Lyle & Cheryl Bickford. I found Cheryl's obituary here, just died this past year. Lyle apparently died earlier. And I surmised correctly that the "tied up" ferries were due to a strike.

Slept badly last night, or at least slept well until about 3:15 when I woke up. Bah. So tired all day. We went to Burgermaster for breakfast, then a small estate sale and lunch at Panera at Northgate. When we came home the Spouse finished writing her exam questions and then we went to Greenwood Ave for an estate sale; neat condo, straight out of the 1960s. Had a pair of old old JBL speakers which I may go back for tomorrow. Fabulous shape, but only a woofer + whizzer cone so they no doubt sound terrible. But someone else might want to buy them. Hate having all these stupid speakers around though.

We walked at UVil and are now home. Fiona got a job!!! In Bothell doing something with a roofing company. Don't know if she'll like it or not, but I am glad for her. Still living at home, and I won't have a Friday SBux partner anymore.

Friday, March 2, 2012

2 March 2012 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
[First line covered up] nights are frosty. Days nice.
Washed clothes, should have hung outdoors but hung in basement. Went for a walk and got home before the dark clouds gathered & spilt upon us.

Also attached is a 1-page program for a play at the Western Washington COllege of Education (Division of Drama) for "Oliver Goldsmith's Famous Comedy SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER" or ("The Mistakes of a Night"). None of the actors' names are highlighted so I don't know if she knew any of them (or the crew either). Like her, we often hang our clothes to dry in the basement. This house had a pole for clothes lines at one point but it was gone when we moved in. I may think about putting lines up again.

Slept better last night, at least I slept until the alarm went off. Epic workout again, and I read for most of the morning, as well as some writing for ArchaeoBlog, mostly for a piece on "the Solutrean in America" which Dennis Stanford has been kind of pushing for a while. Interestingly, they mentioned a site that had been published with undoubted lithics dated to about 20k BP. I read the paper and it appears to be a securely dated site in good context, so I'm wondering why I haven't heard about it before now.

Also spent an hour on my car using the new gunk remover to clean under the hood. Worked well in spot, did nothing in others. Pagliacci pizza for dinner, walk at Northgate.

Marginally interesting: We watched a program on Discovery Channel or something about the biggest cheapskates in America. I thought it was mostly funny but the Spouse was actually getting angry at some of them. I was kind of fascinated, at least from the perspective of these people having an overall goal for living. I mean, they're working on it every day, which is something I've been missing for years now. Anyway, despite thinking they were bizarro, we've actually been adopting some of it! I started turning off lights and everything when I'm out of the room, only using cold water to brush my teeth and such, and using the toothpaste until I couldn't squeeze another molecule out of the tube. And trying to have what we call "Finance Free" days: where we spend no money at all. We're doing that about once a week; it's harder than it might seem. Kind of fun though.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 March 2012 (Thursday)

On the last two days in 1948:
[29 February, Sunday] Beautiful day.
Mabel Furry came by at 9:00 a.m. with Harriet Walker Collie to pick up Dad &I to scout out a trip. Went to Edmonds parked car & took ferry to Kingston. Beautiful winding road, with huge mossy maples. Went down a trail to beach & along a sandy beach to this sand spit. [/] wind blowing bu sat among the logs ate our lunch & back where there are logging & back to get 2:30 p.m. ferry. Feel fine for being out-doors. Air so grand. Lulu Cozir[?] birthday. Rare to have Sundays in February.

[1 March] Day nice.
Busy crocheting pot holder to get finished for Lulu's Birthday. Wrapped & took to post office to mail. All ferries tied up on the Sound. The workers from the islands are having all kinds of troubles to get to work. The government employees are brot back & forth to work in L.S.I.[?]

That would be the ferry to the Peninsula. Probably impossible to find out where they actually went that day although I see something on Google Earth with a sand spit on Miller Bay which isn't very far from Kingston. I don't understand the second day; why are they "tied up"? The weather seems okay, must be some sort of labor dispute.

Yesterday and today were both eh days. Couldn't get to sleep either night and then woke up at like 4, so tired. Wednesday (29th) I stayed home most of the day reading and working on my Car Lust 1929 post which I'm enjoying but is a lot of work since I know next to nothing about 1929. In the evening I went to a lecture at the UW (Comm 226) on some early Egyptian Christian stuff which was interesting. Good speaker, Nicola Denzey Lewis having to do with the Nag Hammadi manuscripts, how they were found, what Codex 2 might mean, etc. Interesting. Parked behind the IMA and walked past it; whoa, what a lot of people there. I'm glad I go 12 hours earlier.

Today I also mostly stayed inside working on another Car Lust post, a group effort on the Death of the Road Trip. Trouble getting Typepad to format correctly, get the right photos, credits, etc. That took most of the morning. In the afternoon I cut down a branch on the tree out back with a small caterpillar tent in it, and then read PH in Egypt some more. I wouldn't say I'm enjoying the latter, but I'm learning an awful lot and cementing some knowledge of the history of public health generally so I feel like it's productive.

Cold both days, only to about 40 and some snow Wednesday but not sticking (although other parts of the area actually got snow that stayed on the ground).