Thursday, December 29, 2011

29 December 2011 (Thursday)

No entries for this date in 1948.

Today was spent at home, for the most part, doing a lot of cleaning (mostly on the Spouse's part). I took down the outside Christmas lights as well, which I usually do on Dec. 26th, but it's been raining a lot (as it is now). Was supposed to be in the field today, but the schedule changed and now I will go out tomorrow instead. We spent the morning doing little things, went to UVil for lunch, then back home. I went to Cascadia for a bit to find out how to do some things, and then came back home and watched football (Champs Sports Bowl, Florida State (18) v. Notre Dame (14)). Now the Huskies are on playing Baylor.

Yesterday I was in the field, up at Cornet Bay monitoring some construction. It's a pretty high probability area, but they were only going down 18" yesterday so nothing really to watch, although they went down about 5 feet near a sewer thing, but that was all fill as well. Weather up there was pleasant, but I was cold, just standing there. Sadly, I woke up at 3:30 yesterday morning so I was dead tired, almost falling asleep standing up. Probably should have pulled off and taken a quick 10-minute nap on the way home. I think I've been slightly ill because the last 3 nights I've had trouble falling asleep and then woke up early. Happily, today I managed to 4:30 so I wasn't too bad. My new boots worked well, though it didn't rain so I couldn't test their waterproofedness.

More rain this evening, making up for the dry December otherwise.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27 December 2011 (Tuesday)

No entries for several days in 1948 and nothing else to the end of the year. There is a long newspaper column pasted in on Christmas day titled "Westbrook Pegler: A Christmas Rhyme" by a George Spelvin, American. I'm not going to transcribe it.

In the intervening days since last Tuesday, I again supervised a field project, this time down in Tukwila next to Interurban, the same area I was monitoring in October. It's a plot of land between the river (Green) and Interurban that we surveyed and shovel-probed. The owner said it was all fill, but we found only a few spots where there was any fill and the rest was typical alluvial (i.e., native) sediment, so if it's ever excavated it will probably have to be monitored. Pleasant day, sunny but cool, but we were nice and warm in the sun out there. Wet though. I continued working on the Duvall report which ended up being more work than I thought, and Meg gave me a template document to work with. Basically just a lot more background stuff needed to be inserted and written.

Otherwise, we went to the zoo on Xmas eve as usual. It was beautiful, sunny and in the 40s, just delightful. One of the siamangs came over to sit next to me -- guess he/she was lonely since hardly anyone was there. Went to the in-laws, not bad, the sister-in-laws didn't show up until after 4 so it was a quiet afternoon until then.

The Spouse surprised me by getting me a. . . .WII game console. Surprised in . . . well, surprised. I'd never mentioned even wanting one before. At first I thought it was a joke and she'd just boxed the real present in a WII box so I said "Are you serious?" (not in a negative way, mind you, I was really perplexed). So, deciding whether to take it back or not. I could really use a GPS unit, and I kind of doubt whether we'd ever really use it since she's in school for another year and I hardly ever use my Playstation II anyway. So, we'll see. Otherwise I got nice functional long underwear and stuff.

Today I went downtown for my annual Xmas lunch with Lisa W. She took me to a bad Mexican place close by. Nice talking to her though. Then back to the U District to meet the Spouse and thence back home. This evening we shall go to Northgate to find me a pair of waterproof boots to work in tomorrow since my old ones seem to have become non-waterproof. And it has started raining again and will continue for the next several days so I do need them. Will be up on Whidbey at Cornet Bay monitoring the next couple of days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20 December 2011 (Tuesday)

On this day -- and the last few days -- in 1948, nothing of any apparent importance occurred.

Since the 15th (last Thursday), I mostly spent Friday working on my little report in the morning, although I did work out as well. The Spouse took the day off so we stopped by Cascadia where I got a couple of things and then we went off and had lunch (Arby's), then hit a couple of estate sales in Ballard area that we saw signs for while heading to Swanson's Nursery (they had two reindeer/caribou, a camel, and a donkey). At one in Crown Hill I got a beautiful mid-60s Corning Ware coffee pot that looks un-used. I think it's a perfect little mid-century design and I prefer the golden wheat design to the traditional blue cornflower. It's sitting on top of a book shelf as an art piece rather than as a functioning coffee pot since I don't drink coffee anyway. I just love looking at it.

Over the weekend, I slept badly Friday night (woke up at like 3 am) and we only went to Northgate for a bit; that's all I remember. Saturday night I slept better and we went to Alderwood Mall for some minor Xmas shopping. Since I slept well, I made it to Mass Sunday as well and prayed for calm. Monday (yesterday) I spent most of the morning working on the Coy-Duvall report, went to Cascadia for a bit to check out the WISAARD system the State has for looking up site reports and some other stuff.

Today I, again, spent most of the morning working on ye olde report and then preparing some for the job tomorrow, down in Tukwila. Had a nasty 'frustration dream' (where things go wrong) last night about this Tukwila thing so I assume that unless a knife-wielding maniac attacks us or something it should go blessedly calmly. Also parked at UVil and walked to IMA to work out, as I did yesterday (though then I cheated and parked behind the IMA -- I have a parking pass but it's only good between 4pm and 8am); I do have much better workouts in the afternoon. Way more people though so 6 am will remain my workout time. After that I bought Fiona's Starbucks gift card for Xmas, had a hot chocolate for myself, and then came home for more Tukwila prep.

We went to UVil after dinner so the Spouse could buy 12 boxes of chocolates from The Confectionary for work-people gifts. Took quite a while since they had to box them, seal them, and tie each with a ribbon. I read my iTouch Agatha Christie novel while waiting (Secret Adversary).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 December 2011

On this day in 1948:
Newspaper clipping again, something entitled Westbrook Pegler and has to do with Truman -- through his DOJ -- thwarting the rooting out of Communists throughout the government. A sampling:
With President Truman's reiteration of his old war cry of "red herring" we resume where we left off. For reasons plain to anyone who has followed the career of the committee on un-American activities, the President is still determined to thwart the committee and to disparage its actual revelations of treason and similar treachery in the state, war, navy, and commerce departments under the Roosevelt regime. . .Whatever Truman's motives are, he certainly is a primitive American of the Spelvin type and such treachery is to him as evil as to any other naive, corn-fed, 100 per center from the First World War.

Well! I guess calling presidents names isn't quite a new phenomenon after all. Here's something on this Pegler fellow. I'm guessing 'Spelvin' isn't this one. . .actually, that may not strictly be true: apparently "Spelvin" is a pseudonym used by actors for anonymity. Well, I dunno, it kind of makes sense.

In 2011, I managed to sleep almost through the night, had a pretty good workout, and then went to Cascadia to drop some stuff off and find out how to record all of our shovel probe forms. For the latter, some straight transcribing what's on the forms but also some interpretation as well which was jolly good fun. Quite a bit to do for the final report though, I will try to get a good start on that tomorrow. Randall Schalk and I walked over to "Mamma's BBQ" for lunch -- Mamma turned out to be an old Asian man, btw -- and yakked it up regarding post-processualism, feminist archaeology, and how those awful academics are so grossly overpaid compared to us far more deserving types.

Was in kind of a bad mood all day though, for no particular reason. I even got mad at my car for having awful tires that start spinning going up a stupid hill when it's wet out! (Well, they do suck) Was going to make our famous broccoli-cauliflower salad, but the cauliflower smelled bad so I was forced to steam brussels sprouts and a carrot instead (with more leftover pizza).

It rained and was warmer today, which was good, went all the way to 43 -- heat wave!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 December 2011 (Wednesday)

On the previous day in 1948:

Small newspaper clipping:
When the bright sunlight shimmers Across the sea so blue
When the clear fountain in the moonbeam glimmers.
I am with you wherever you are Roaming And you are near!
The sun goes down and soon the Stars are coming
How I wish that you were really here.

That was a devilish quote to find online and most of them were in old Google books.

Just a quick entry as I am tired. Was in the field yesterday and today, in Duvall. Had a heck of a time finding the place -- Duvall, that is -- yesterday, largely because we decided to go a different route than I had figured out. Turned out to be a fairly easy project, on a 4-acre empty lot. I was trusted to be the sole field supervisor, which makes me glad. And I am to write up the final report as well as do the stratigraphy. Cold yesterday, 29 when we got there and only 35 when we left. Today was better -- 32 when we got there! Wasn't too bad though, as long as you're doing something. Nothing terribly exciting found, except for a golf ball with "Noodle: Long & Soft" on it, as well as an "Al Dente". Heh.

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 December 2011

On this day in 1948: Nothing much happened, apparently: no entry.

As for me, I slept okay, woke up at probably 3:30 but I think I went back to sleep at some point. . . .I don't remember dreaming, but I sure wasn't lying awake that long. Still, pretty good workout. Went to Cascadia office to prepare for job tomorrow: Not bad, it's just over in Duvall so not a long, long commute. Will be cold though, probably 28 first thing in the morning and not much warmer (well, maybe 40) during the day. Today was brilliantly sunny but only hit 39.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

11 December 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Morning rainy but cloudy now.
Have been busy packing sleeping bag & getting my things [assembled?] for going to Kitsap Cabin for the Christmas Party. Dad checked my sleeping bag at Colman Dock this morning & I'm carrying a box holding the Christmas candles & angles[sic] made by art teacher at Monroe Junior High School, Florence Schenk.

I'm guessing this is some sort of company Christmas party. "Kitsap" is the Kitsap peninsula, probably some large cabin out there suitable for large gatherings. The Colman Dock is downtown Seattle and has ferries going to both Bainbridge Island and Bremerton which is on the Kitsap peninsula.

Today I woke up at 4:30 which did not distress me unduly as I slept mostly through the night and will make going to bed tonight easier. Went to Mass, and then we did our usual lunch and shopping at UVil. Went into the Italian place (Pallino) but left because it was jammed with people -- they apparently now let kids eat free on Sundays and Tuesdays so our days of lunch there on Sunday may be over. I had to buy a wrist brace since my left wrist is still hurting from digging shovel probes nearly a month ago and I will do more starting on Tuesday. Also hit an estate sale on the way back -- probably lots of nice stuff (Viewridge home), but nothing I wanted and much was no doubt already gone. They had a little Pioneer receiver but it was not for sale. Tonight we will just watch TV (American's Funniest Home Videos and Once Upon A Time) and that's about it. Making pork tenderloin, ful, and whatever else for dinner.
Cloudy, showery, 40 degrees.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 December 2011 (Saturday)

On this the last couple of days in 1948:
[December 8, Wednesday] Cold & rainy.
Dad working until late at night. Don refereed at Roosevelt school last night and he is liking it fine & received compliments.

December 9 has a newspaper clipping from the Seattle PI:
Alaska-Bound Cargoes Wait
FREIGHT MOVES AGAIN -- But trucks must await their turn as Alaska shipping logjam breaks with end of long maritime strike. This is but small part of double row of trucks waiting to unload at Alaska Steamship Company's Pier 42 for transshipment to Alaska. Line extended outside gates in front of pier and four blocks north along Alaskan Way yesterday. Ten Alaska ships were being worked on Puget Sound.

[December 10 1948 Friday] Cloudy & cold.
Christmas cards are being[sic[ to arrive already & we haven't thot[sic] of writing ours.

Interesting how kind of bland and factual that little newspaper thing is. No "storytelling" as modern "journalists" are wont to do, just a blurb about what's going on. "Dad" is probably back at the port/pier working to catch up on the backlog of freight going out. I kind of like the idea of Christmas cards although I hardly ever send them out myself. Last year (or the year before) we decided to send some out, but never seem to get around to it. Perhaps I'll go downstairs and while watching TV tonight write some out.

Last Thursday I can't even remember what I did. Friday I drove down to Renton to have lunch with the Spouse (Greek) and stopped at PetSmart for litter, Uwajimaya for ramen and calendars, and then home, with a couple stops at bakeries looking for French crullers (my current quest). Also hit the downtown Goodwill for speakers but found nothing worth buying. One had a nice cabinet (like my Genesis'), but cruddy drivers. I thought maybe I could buy the cabinet, take out the drivers (2) and replace with good Genesis ones, but decided against it. I'll just keep looking. Only a single speaker to be found at the Outlet place.

Today I slept until almost 6 (!!!) after waking up at 3:15 for a while. Then went downtown for lunch at the old LoPriore Brothers in the Market -- finally tried their pizza, not bad -- and thence to Macy's. BUT on the way back up we stopped at a little Mediterranean grocery and finally found the little brown fava beans for ful! I've been making it with pinto beans because I can't find those beans anywhere. Also got a box of Egyptian Lipton Yellow Label tea, which is good stuff in Egypt. Hit a couple of estate sales (probably missed out on some vintage audio at one) but the Spouse bought an old Leg-O-Matic card table (Lorraine Mfg. Co.), probably 40s-50s-ish). Nice little project to restore it.

Otherwise, Thursday and Friday were foggy to clear and sunny and around 40, but dry, dry, dry. Last night it finally started to rain some and the air has cleared out.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

7 December 2011

(Writing the next day) On this day in 1948:
Cloudy & cold.
Dad went to work after months of long shoremen strike which began September 2nd.
It has been a hellish fall, couldn't write in diary. Linkletter has been in Seattle with his G.E. House party & a prise[sic] was given the fattest women who was Edith Baker weighs 361 lbs. from Bellinghham, Wash. And Linkletter as a little boy what is a winesap. Ans. He a man who is drunk.

So apparently Dad, who was selling some insurance at times, was not working due to the strike. Not saying what was so "hellish" about this Fall, but perhaps it was Dad being out of work? Illness? Bad weather? Anyway, looks like more entries for the coming few days, or at least newspaper clippings, but latter December looks empty again.

Today (actually yesterday) was pretty good here in 2011. I slept quite well Tuesday night, always a treat. Got a couple of job leads, one at Battelle Research which I was talking over (email) with the hiring person. I've found contacting someone involved personally gives you a much better shot at getting an interview, so here's hoping. It's only half time, which is good, so I can also work on archaeology. Also applied at PATH, though I doubt I'll even get past the first screening, nor might I want to work there again. But who knows.

Went to lunch at McD's and Norma the neighbor was there and had to introduce us to . . . Marge who is 91 and also a regular at Assumption. They have to go to McD's now because Wendy's discontinued their double stack. Norma's great.

Weather yesterday was mostly cloudy and cold, only around 40.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 December 2011

As before, no entries until tomorrow.

Slept iffy last night; woke up at probably 3 but happily fell back asleep within an hour so today wasn't bad. Had a quite good workout this morning and then came home to await a phone interview with the Regional Heart Center, but they postponed it again. Instead, I job hunted online, did two loads of laundry, then went to UVil for some turmeric and throat lozenges. Throat is sore AGAIN. I've been sick for the last two months straight, almost. I think the last week I was fairly well, but now I've gone and caught something else.

The turmeric I am trying for therapeutic purposes. Fiona suggested it as a possible remedy for the redness on my cheeks that has cropped up recently. Hoping it's not rosacea. Might be the 'hair tonic' I've been using, too. Spent much of the afternoon reading my book on health at the origins of agriculture. Oh, good news from yesterday is that the data I collected on PNW skeletal health indicators might be usable after all. Kristina Killgrove (bioanth at Vanderbilt, I believe) gave me a name of someone at the Global History of Health project to contact with the data and he responded that he was sending it to the project data person so hopefully I shall be able to use their big data set to compare it with.

Monday, December 5, 2011

5 December 2011

Again, no entries for 1948.

Today I worked a funeral at Assumption. Not someone I know or recognized, but the church was full, probably 150 people. They played Amazing Grace (I went in for most of the Mass) and I got a little wispy-eyed. Nice bunch of people though. Had a rather amazingly attractive granddaughter, though I think her attire was a wee bit inappropriate: little black dress and impossibly high heels. But then, she's young and kind of lightly goth -- she had a Marilyn Monroe face tattooed on her arm -- so I suppose it was in character (showed up with an obvious musician boyfriend who tried to look and dress like Ray Davies of The Kinks). Seemed very pleasant and engaging though with many of the guests, so another reason to not judge a book by its cover, etc.

When I got home I put up some Xmas lights. Not a lot of inspiration this year, so not as many as usual, but it looks nice. Tomorrow I shall probably put out our vintage Santa and some candy canes and call it good. Then I made a decent dinner of teriyaki salmon, leftover Pagliacci pasta salad, and steamed broccoli. One note from yesterday: I actually made quite an amazing dinner: two top sirloin steaks on the grill, fried potatoes (on the grill) and collards. The steak was actually very, very good and odd because I have difficulty doing steak to my liking. Dunno why I fail, but I do. These I did perfectly: seasoning and grilling. The Spouse's was done a bit more than she likes, but she chowed it down. So yay me.

Tonight a Charlie Brown Christmas is on and we shall watch it, even though we also have it on DVD. Last year, ABC cut parts of it out so they could run extra commercials for their stupid new special; I think they got a lot of negative feedback for that because they showed it again a couple of weeks later in full. Idiots. You just don't mess with the classics.

Also am using a regular keyboard and mouse (Mac) to type this and it bugs me. I haven't used a mouse in years because of my wrist and this is just a pain in the butt. I already miss my old IBM clicky-key Trackpoint keyboard and it may go back on tomorrow morning.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 DEcember 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948. . . .nothing happened. Again. Next entry seems to be December 7.

Last Friday I spent the morning working on my final report for the dredging project and sent in a draft. Our little "artifact" is still of dubious authenticity: I'm thinking more and more that's it's a funny looking natural rock. But maybe not. Also met friend Fiona at Northgate Mall in the afternoon, whom I hadn't seen in several weeks, I don't believe. She quit her temporary job at the Girl Scouts with many stories to tell of how dysfunctional the place is. And is not renewing her gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness due to how dysfunctional the place is (mostly because she keeps getting bugged by strange men, but then she goes at 9:30 at night). Watched football that evening.

Saturday I watched more football in the morning (actually not that much), then we went out for lunch and errands, got back to watch Georgia-LSU (I wanted Georgia to win but they didn't), and then settled in for the Wisconsin-Michigan State game. Sparty won the first meeting this year on a last-second hail mary, and this was the first Big 10/12 conference title game. The Badgers pulled it off! I was surprised, and indeed somewhat hoping they would lose so they wouldn't have to get beat soundly by Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Well, maybe they'll pull it off.

This morning I actually slept until 6 (!!!) and then messed around on the new iMac (new to us, it's my sister's old one). Planning on setting it up and using it for a few weeks and then hooking it up downstairs for Taya to use for school, etc., since her PC with Winblows is just godawful slow. So far this one is working well, though out of 165 gigabytes it only has about 11 free. Still trying to find out where all the space went, though it might have a full copy of Winblows XP on it. Then we went to UVil for lunch at Pallino (I had pizza, Spouse had a panini sandwich) and the usual shopping. However, we got a gift for my mom (an iPad case and keyboard), iTunes gift cards for my sister, and a Williams-Sonoma card for Lisa at the County (we still exchange small gifts every year even though we haven't worked together since like 2005). I mowed the yard this afternoon, though mostly to pick up all the leaves and junk; it looks very nice. Tomorrow I will try to put up some Xmas lights if the funeral doesn't go on too long.

Oh, I had a go at putting up our old 1960s-vintage silver aluminum tree on Saturday as well. I had it about 1/4 done but decided not to finish it to see if Jack (the cat) would try to eat it. Well, it took less than a half an hour for him to find it and start chewing, so back into the box it went. The "needles" are rather sharp ribbons of aluminum foil and would not do well in his guts, so it will be a real tree if anything again this year. May not. For some reason, my whole Xmas spirit hasn't really kicked in this year, probably due to continuing unemployment. . . .or maybe I'm just paying attention to other things this year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 December 2011

On this day in 1948. . . .nothing. No entries or newspaper clippings.

On this day in 2011, I had a fine workout and went to the Cascadia (archaeology) offices to finish up some projects. Had to fill out some shovel probe forms that I just wrote in my notebook, check the map locations of said probes, and do some other things. Wednesday (30th) I began discarding the heavy fraction sediment samples I did for my master's thesis. I've been schlepping them around -- all 9 boxes -- for the past 20 years and finally decided there was nothing to be done with them. I posted it on my blog and someone suggested trying local schools. It's mostly sand and gravel but it has a lot of artifacts (mostly ceramic fragments) so school kids might think it's pretty cool. A teacher at Assumption-St. Bridget School would like 20 bags, and Tom Minichillo, the County archaeologist, saw the post and his kid's school might like some as well. Also, Seattle Public Schools' teacher Katherine Law -- president of ARCE Northwest as well -- would like to use it as well. So, instead of making an Egyptian-themed landscaping area in the back yard, they will go to a good cause.

Tuesday (29th) I got a new tire at Discount Tire, replacing the one that went flat. I now have a new spare, too, which is good since the old one was the original that came with the car. Had lunch with Spouse both Tuesday (McDonald's) and Wednesday (Wendy's); it's a fun little thing we do when she works from home, go out for a burger.