Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29 November 2011 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1948. . .nothing of any consequence seems to have happened.

However, much has been happening here in 2011. Yesterday I began work on the final report for the Mariner's Cove (Whidbey Island) project I monitored a couple of weeks ago. Primarily, I finished the description of the work which was very brief, now I am awaiting the dredging plan that I need to describe what was going on and why, and must photograph the small artifact. I bought some black cloth last weekend and will experiment with it.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of my dad's passing, November 28, 2005: the Monday after Thanksgiving. I was working at Washington Mutual Bank at the time, and had just started a couple of months previous. Monday I had phoned in to tell them I wouldn't be in all week because we had to fly back to Wisconsin because dad was in a very bad way, and we got the call late that night. I've been okay with the anniversary the past few years but last night was rough. Perhaps it's the continued underemployment -- dad was always obsessing about us making a proper living -- but I was also playing a CD of solo piano Christmas music and the last song was Amazing Grace, which was one of his favorites. I wept quite bitterly and am rather muftig today. But in a good way, I think.

So today, after a very good night's sleep and an excellent workout, I started discarding the Kom el-Hisn heavy fraction samples from 1988. Nine boxes, I think, and a couple hundred pounds of sand, gravel, and artifacts. Shame really, but there's nothing more I can do with it, and no one else wants to do anything with it. I'd planned on dumping it in the yard somewhere and making a little landscaping project out of it, but I emailed Seattle schools and am in contact with someone there -- Katherine Law, who is also president of the local ARCE chapter -- who might be able to take it off my hands for teaching purposes. I don't really have any regret at dumping them. . . .I got my MA with it, and there's really little to be done with it analytically. Hopefully it will go to a good cause.

Also went to UVil to check on my new bank card, buy the spouse's present (a Nook Tablet), and had prints of two old photos made, one of dad and my sister at her first communion (or something) and one of my grandmother (maternal) and my sister and brother as youngsters (same time frame, probably 1967-8ish). The former I'm giving to my sister for XMas and the latter to my mom for XMas as well. Next time I am at mom & dad's in Wisconsin I will try to grab all of their old photos to scan in and hopefully get info on the subjects, dates, etc.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

27 November 2011

On the past few days in 1948: Nothing, apparently, happened, at least in our diarist's life. Couple of newspaper articles were posted on 25 and 26 November though:
Double Trouble Goes for Spin in Washing Machine

OKLAHOM CITY, Nov 24 -- When they named Double Trouble, the yellow kitten, they named her right.
She went for a spin yesterday -- in an automatic home washing machine.
It was only a dry run, but it was almost enough for Double Trouble.
At the Acme dog and cat hospital, Dr. Alfred C. Zedlitz says its a bad case of shock.
"Her sense of balance is definitely disrupted," he explained. . ."But I think she should be able to go home in a few days."

Goes on to say that the 3-year old son decided the kitten needed a bath and in she went. Thankfully, it was a happy ending although the kid did get "an awful spanking". Child abuse! At least these days. . .

Pasted into 25 November:
Thank thee O Lord for our health, our happiness, for this land upon which we toil. Guide us in the days ahead so that all our lives we never will lose sight of Thy presence. "Guide all men in the ways which are just; protect and soothe those less fortunate than we. Lessen the pain of those confined; bring peace to all in distress.
Such may the Pilgrims have said when, in a new land they rested and toock stock of days behind and of days ahead.

Then on 27 November there is a wedding announcement:
Presbyterian Church Scene of Follis-McBeath Wedding
Friends and relatives from far and near gathered in the beautiful First Presbyterian church Saturday evening, Nov. 27, for the impressive rites which united Miss Beverly Elaine Follis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Follis, and Mr. David M. McBeath, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton S. McBeath. Tall, white candles in standard candelabra burned brightly at the altar, their soft glow falling on clusters of large fluffy white and lavender chrysanthemums, which denoted the color detail of the wedding.

As usual, the dresses of the bride, mothers, bridesmaids, etc. are all described in detail (including the flowers making up the corsages), as is the setting, where the reception took place, who did what, etc., and even a partial list of guests. Seemed a fairly attractive young lady, Miss Follis.

Thanksgiving day in 1948 was the 25th, hence the prayer. Poor kitty. I guess the old drying-the-kitty-in-the-microwave joke isn't really too far off.

Here in 2011, Thanksgiving has passed and The Holidays are currently in full swing. At the moment, I have a CD of piano Christmas songs playing. Most years, I refuse to listen to any Xmas music until Thanksgiving day. I think last year I started early and was tired of them before Xmas day. Really, I can't take more than a month of it although I do like it nonetheless.

Thanksgiving day wasn't too bad. We were going to the Spousal Unit's sister in law's, who has traditionally had bad taste in boyfriends/husbands. She just moved in with a new one in a place kind of out in the boonies and in, as MIL described it "an older double-wide." Hence, we were expecting the worst. But the house was not a dump -- quite nice actually -- and the parcel was a good acre-and-a-half of woods (quiet), and the new family was fairly normal and happy. The daughter (Ruth, I believe, an adult, there with her boyfriend) used to play hockey at WSU and was a decently attractive young lady and well-spoken. They're all kind of nerdy -- the New Guy works in software, I think -- and are into gaming of the D&D/WoW sort. And they watch football! We didn't sit down to eat until 6 so I didn't eat much (too late for me to eat a lot), but it was a fairly pleasant day nonetheless.

Friday I worked out at 11 and then we went to UVil where I purchased a Pandora charm bracelet with a little cross charm for niece Robin as a birthday/Confirmation/Christmas gift, and Ben Bridge was giving away a pair of pearl earrings for free (with entry into their mailing list, gah) so I snagged those for niece Veronica. They, I am certain, don't read this, so I think I'm okay relating that. Today I think we shall hit UVil again to get another gift for my sister and then that leaves only my brother and SiL and my mom. So, nearly done again this year.

Yesterday was mostly lazy, watched tons of college football, whence the Badgers clinched the stupidly titled "Leaders" division (or "Legends", I get them mixed up, they're both ridiculous names) so they will play Michigan St next week for the Big 10 title, the first with two divisions! And then Washington beat WSU, Stanford over Notre Dame, and USC trounced UCLA. I do not think I will watch much football today. I also pruned back the roses for the winter, although 3-4 might need to come out and be replaced next spring.

Several storms marched through last week so although it was warmish (low-mid 50s) it rained a lot and is raining again today. I don't mind, everything needs water.

Monday, November 21, 2011

21 November 2011

On the past few days/weeks in 1948:
13-14 November: Newspaper clipping headlined "E.V. Durling" with this poem snippet by John Dryden:
Why should a foolish marriage vow,
Which long ago was made,
Oblige us to each other now,
When passion is decayed?
We loved, and we loved, as long as we could,
Till our love was loved out in us both;
But our marriage is dead, when the pleasure is fled:
’Twas pleasure first made it an oath.
(part of this longer work).

Also a short article about headaches which the diarist seems to have a lot of.

19 November: Another clipping, this time from the Bellingham Herald, a short article on Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, including a full quote of it. It concludes:
Those majestic words might have been uttered no less fittingly over the battlefields of other great wars which have engaged this nations' devotion to the cause of liberty and self-government.
At Gettysburg Abraham Lincoln spoke for America, past, present and future.

No handwritten entries recently or in the near future.

Here in 2011 since 12 November. Since then I did another project for Cascadia Archaeology, this time a monitoring of dredging at Mariner's Cove on Whidbey Island. Started Monday morning at 6:30, which meant that I had to arise at 3:15 and leave at 4:15 so I could get up there by then. Kind of brutal. I did that M and T, and again Thursday (University of Wisconsin weekday abbreviations: MTWRF. I still want to use 'R' for Thursday but nobody would get it); Wednesday they were offloading for which I didn't need to be there, and Friday I went in around 12 so I was able to sleep until 5 -- blessed -- and work out at the UW, but ended up staying until 6 p.m., well after dark. They were trying to finish that night, but could not due to low tides. So I had to go back out Saturday, by 11 so I still was able to "sleep in" until almost 6! Stayed up there until 3. You know, earlier in my life I would have been quite irate about working on a Saturday, but I actually almost enjoyed this, probably because I was nominally in charge of things, no real input from the office. So, maybe it's the field or maybe I'm just changing my attitude after all. Probably the former and only a bit of the latter.

Oh, and yesterday (Sunday) I discovered my car had a flat; lucky for me it didn't go up at the site, that would have sucked. As it was I spent part of today getting a new spare (the original from 1977 was still in the trunk) and ordered a replacement which will get here next week.

Otherwise, I am still suffering this _($@^(^@= cold. It will.not.go.away. Still coughing, still sore throat. Quite annoying. I'm actually hoping I will still have it Thanksgiving so we can bugger out of dinner at the sister-in-law's which will be both late and with a bunch of people we don't know or like. Complete drag. I'd rather have root canal.

Daisy (cat) had a dingle-berry stuck to her behind last night and we had to trap her and pull it off. She was very scared and just sat there when she realized she was trapped and meowed rather pitifully. She was back to normal a couple of hours later though. This evening we went to City Peoples' for spray paint (house numbers, which I realized I haven't put back up after painting) and thence to Katterman's pharmacy for some other items. I amused the checkout dame after she commented the The Spouse how "the one you got [a set of measuring spoons] is really cute, too" by saying "Oh, I thought you were talking about me". Heh.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 November 2011

On this day in 1948: Nothing. But since I have been lax in posting, here is the gist of a newspaper clipping from November 8:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Monday, November 8, 1948:
Godliness is profitable unto all things. . . .I Timothy 4:8. Today's text suggested by the Rev. W. Raymond Wilder of Capitol Hill Methodist Church.
Our New Old Age Pention Law: Washington voters have enacted Initiative No. 172 into law, and the state is committed to a program which will inevitably add many millions of dollars to its annual expenditures. It is entirely possible that this can be attributed to the fact that many of those who voted for the measure were completely unaware of the manner in which it jeopardized the financial security of the state.

Goes on to argue that outside of King County it passed, but in King County -- "where voters were fully advised by The Post-Intelligencer of the dangerous character of the measure", it failed by a 3 to 2 margin.

Any current resident of King County would be boggled by both of those items. Nowadays, King County is very liberal and the newspapers both followed that trend, although the P-I has since gone under (mostly). I wonder if the liberalization didn't occur because of Californians moving up here in droves in the 1980s. I kind of think not as I believe it was trending liberal in the 1970s.

You can read the text of Initiative 172 here. I don't know what happened to it or how it ended up affecting the budget in the years that followed.

I see the 9th was my last entry and this is already the 12th. We wrapped up the survey up by North Bend on last Thursday (10th); beautiful sunny day in the upper 50s. Yesterday I did not work and went to Sam's Club in the morning, met Fiona at U Village at 10:30, then worked out at the IMA around 1, after a light lunch at Pallino in the UVil. Good workout, first in a couple of weeks. At UVil the main Starbucks was jammed, as was the small ancillary one, so we went to the cafe in the Barnes & Noble. That B&N will soon be going out -- UVil refused to renew their lease -- and that distresses me greatly (well, somewhat anyway). It's one of the few places there we even go to: most of the stores are frou-frou clothing or knick-knack stores. Apart from the B&N, we largely only go into the QFC and Bartell's, and a couple of the restaurants. It's turning into a mid-high end boutique mall for the most part. But, that's progress I guess. Maybe when I have more disposable income again I will appreciate it more, but I doubt it.

Today I managed to sleep until after 5, and then we went up to Alderwood Mall, mostly so I could hit the nearby Wal-Mart. I needed to find a water-resistant plastic clipboard for fieldwork, but I also picked up some other items while there, as usual, including a new Barbasol: Arctic Chill with Menthol. I seem unable to just stick with one shave product anymore, I need to rotate at least a couple in. That's one rare place where I am not comfortable with routine.

We came home and I watched the last of the Boise State-TCU game (TCU won) and had dinner and then just got back from a cold, rainy walk. I'd checked the radar before leaving and it was clear, but it was windy with a heavy mist that apparently doesn't show on radar. Now I am writing this up, doing a few things, and then will retire to the downstairs to watch the second half of the Stanford-Oregon game. For whatever reason, I don't feel a great deal like watching football again this weekend; that's twice this year. Want to sleep well tonight so I can go to Mass tomorrow, and then Monday I must arise at 3:15 so I can get to Oak Harbor by 6:45 for monitoring on a dredging barge.

Listening to Michael Jones solo piano as I type, which has become cold November weather music for me; when I first moved out here I discovered solo piano "new age" music such as Jones and George Winston and before bed at night I would listen to it and read 17th and 18th century literature and poetry and such, so it is very relaxing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 November 2011

Nothing on this day in 1948, but there is still a newspaper clipping from yesterday (the 8th) that I need to summarize; will do that in a day or two. Have been into the field all week so far, up by I-90 and SR-18 again. I was in charge last Friday and yesterday, and we got a decent amount done, although today I went out without getting the maps from the office so we were a bit uncertain as to where to go, but I think we got it figured out rather well. Tomorrow we need to do a couple more in one area, a couple more in another area, and then go across the road for some more. Jana seems to think it will go quickly, but I am a bit concerned it will take longer than expected.

I finally slept well last night, first time since I caught this stupid cold. I first felt it coming on October 28 and it is just now kind of tapering off. My throat was very sore when I woke up, but I haven't been coughing much today, though more as the evening wears on. Worked with Sarah all day today, that was a nice change from digging alone. Tomorrow it's just us guys and Jana.

Was very despondent coming back home this evening, I kind of didn't want to do this project next week, but that may have just been tiredness and a bit of the old panic coming back. Though I do wish I could be working out again. . . .

Monday, November 7, 2011

7 November 2011

No entry for this day in 1948. Tomorrow there is only a newspaper opinion piece.

Today, back out in the field. It rained starting about 11 and continued the rest of the day up by North Bend, so I was wet and filthy by the time we were done. We started at 7 today so at least I was home before 5. Many of my items are being washed as I type. Two new people, Sara somebody and Michelle somebody, both in their 20s. The latter pulled out some beef jerky for lunch and I mentioned that I first ate beef jerky only a year ago. She was like "Really? What else did you eat?" Ha. Seriously, I never tried it. I suppose it was okay, nothing I'd make a habit of though.

Otherwise, I slept fairly well last night but am still feeling the effects of this dad-gum cold, mostly coughing.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 November 2011

On this day in 1948. . . . .nothing apparently happened. As noted earlier, few entries for several days.

Here in 2011, the Cagle household is tired from last night's Husky game which started (again) at 7:30. Damn them. Setting the clocks back sorta helped, but I still woke up at 6 (old time, 5 new time). We got back about 11:15 which wasn't bad. They played Oregon (and lost) so it was a fast game. They (UW) did better than I thought they would, or Oregon did worse. After last week I was rather hoping the Ducks would stomp them but it was only 34-17.

Yesterday was mostly a rest day, as I still have a cold. I watched some football in the morning (mostly Iowa-Michigan) and then we went out for lunch at Arby's by Northgate and stopped by Animal Talk pet store/cat rescue. Lots and lots of kittens and cats for adoption. Hard to see them, but I know they'll all eventually get good homes. Also stopped in at some consignment store next to it that we always hit when over there. I found two brand new Eagle Creek travel wallets! My favorite wallet, I've used them for the last 20 years or so. They're nylon and have a velcro flap to close it up with and I love that. I've had 2-3 over the years, but they're apparently quit making them and my current one's velcro is starting to wear out so I've been looking for a substitute. Yay! Sadly, however, I was thinking that between the time left on my current one and these two I will probably have enough of a supply to, well, last me the rest of my life. I guess you know when you're old when you start thinking of things like that.

This cold is still miserable, it just keeps hanging on. Today is the last day I let it slow me down; tomorrow I start ignoring it. Oh, on Friday I was field supervisor for the project I'm doing with Cascadia, shovel probes up by the SR18 and I-90 interchange. I quite enjoyed it, it was much more interesting to be figuring out where to dig and mapping stuff in than just digging hole after hole. I think I did okay, we got a lot done. Still, I felt a little bad directing Mike around who has been doing this for 10 years and knows far more about the archaeology of this area than I do. I did, however, make sure I was consulting with him a lot and didn't shirk any duties at hole digging.

Today we will probably just go to the U Village for lunch and grocery shopping and I will hopefully mow the yard, not only for the grass but the cedar tree is also dropping stuff in the back. It does make the mower and yard waste bin smell quite nice. Sunny today and yesterday but only in the 40s, and low 30s overnight.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 November 2011

On this day in 1948 1956:
[Newspaper clipping from the Bellingham Herald 10/28/56 -- newspaper and date typed in] Somewhere or Someone
First Book at 72 -- Norman C. McDonald, who came to Whatcom County in 1896 with his parents and was skipper of cannery tenders for many years, has written a book.
It's his first, and he wrote it last year when he was 72. He's writing another now. He lives in Newburyport, Mass., where he moved from Lummi Island about 10 years ago.
Mcdonal'ds book, off the press next Tuesday and ordered by a local book store is titled "Fish the Strong Waters".

There are actually no written entries for several more weeks although I see there are other newspaper clippings inserted in various locations. I shall attempt to put in my own entries anyway in that time. The book mentioned above is even now available on Amazon, how about that. According to Amazon, he had two more books up until 1972, so perhaps good ol' Norm lived to a ripe old age.

Back to work today and I felt okay, or at least much better than yesterday. I didn't really start to flag until about 2:30. This blasted cold is finally on the downturn side, I think. Today was a pretty good day, it didn't rain until we were almost done and then it just hailed lightly. Tomorrow I will be "in charge" which just means I get to do the mapping and record the shovel probes. Hey, I wonder if I get paid more. . . .actually, I'm only "in charge" because I have the requisite minimum MA and one is required to be out there. So, eh, little less digging, which is fine by me.

We walked up to the Safeway after dinner to get me an apple for tomorrow; for lunch I am eating a meat/cheese or PB&J sandwich and I am craving fruit or vegetables. Am not working out tomorrow or all next week since daylight savings begins so we will be leaving at 6:30. I have come home and put Vivaldi on the stereo for some high (and relaxing) culture after all day in the woods and dirt. Can't do this for much longer, although I am happy that I am almost 50 and still able to dig holes all day, even with a cold.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 November 2011

On the last two days in 1948:
[November 1 (Monday) Newspaper clipping] Too Many Pamphlets To the Post-Intelligencer: Why does the secretary of state waste taxpayers' money sending out so many pamphlets relating to the amendments to the state constitution? To date I have had six copies delivered to me by mail. I was given to understand that these were to be delivered to registered voters, but when over a million copies are printed and mailed promiscuously at the expense of the taxpayers it seems as if some one is doing quite a bit of advertising for himself at the expense of the taxpayers.

[November 2] Morning grey, but by noon raining & blowing seems to be Election Day weather. Went to work at 7:30 p.m. & stayed or was thru at 11:30 p.m. A mother had brot in a little boy & he was sitting upon an apple box watching the people go in & out the machine to vote. Mama, he piped up & said, "Are you going to die when you go in there?" Starting at 7:30 p.m. there was a continuous line a waiting sometime 27 to 44 waiting that meant about 1 hour before it took your turn.

Ah, the more things change, again. Every few years there's a news story about how the incumbent is using his office's mailing budget to send out little "updates" about what WONDERFUL and GREAT and FABULOUS things they're doing, which is pretty much just taxpayer-funded reelection campaigning. There aren't any entries for a couple of days, so she must have been upset that Truman won.

Odd, I just typed "one" initially instead of "won". I truly am beginning the downward descent into senility.

I started catching a cold last Friday and today it appears to have reached its denouement as I stayed home from work today. We started a project over at the I-90 and SR18 interchange doing shovel probes, and I felt pretty lousy yesterday and this morning woke up feeling entirely more awful. Plus I didn't get much sleep, I woke up at probably 2 and perhaps got a few minutes' sleep after that. Too bad, it was a nice sunny day today, as it was yesterday, albeit cold in the morning. It is raining rather profusely right now but tomorrow -- when I hopefully go back to the field -- it should be showers only.

Was in bad shape yesterday. Felt awful, tired, and hated that I was out in the cold digging a bunch of stupid shovel holes for a job. And I don't like being cold. I know much of it was just being sick and tired and as I have felt better today, I have felt better about going out again tomorrow. It is work and regardless about what I think of it, I shall do my best to do well at it.

Glad I stayed home though, because I really felt like crap this morning, and most of the day.