Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 October 2011

On this day in 1948. . . .nothing of interest apparently occurred. As noted earlier, there are several days with no entries; the next is November 1.

Not the greatest weekend thus far here in 2011. Friday I woke up in the middle of the night (i.e., early morning) with a scratchy throat, and it kind of went away, but came back Saturday morning much worse. Well, worse anyway. Haven't felt very good since. The UW football game didn't start until 7:40 so last night was a late night: we didn't get back until almost midnight, which is very unusual for us since we usually hit the hay by 9:30 even on the weekends (thanks to my habitual and extremely annoying habit of waking up early). I think Saturday I woke up at 4:15 or so and couldn't get back to sleep.

The game was a good one, against Arizona. They have a new coach, Stoops having been fired a few weeks ago. They whomped UCLA last week and played pretty well this week, but UW beat them 42-31. Went down to the last quarter, so at least worth watching, even though I felt tired and pretty miserable. Frankly, I hope Oregon kills them next week; I've never taken too much to the Huskies, and the fans are some of the worst I've been around. Anyhow, I still woke up at 6 this morning and although I took an almost 40 minute nap this morning (that is almost shockingly long for me) I'm still tired and the cold progresses.

Otherwise, preparing for Halloween tomorrow, which hasn't been much of an effort this year due to various factors, mostly Badger dying -- not that we're too morose to do anything, but it was stressful and I never really got into the spirit, so to speak. I carved the pumpkin yesterday, not my best job, but interesting: I got one with a large stem and made that the nose with a shocked-looking face on it. We really only ever get maybe 2-3 groups of trick-or-treaters totaling maybe 10 kids. Partly due to the local malls doing things for them, but also we're in Jew Central aka Viewridge aka Jewridge (I didn't make that one up). I still have to sit in the living room from 6-8:30 or so because otherwise I can't get to the door in time. I usually plug in a computer and either watch football online or slap in a DVD or something.

Meatloaf for dinner (mom's recipe, below), weather in the 50s and showery. Yesterday was sunny, but cold at night.

1-1/5 lbs ground beef
1 cup oatmeal
.5 C water
.25 C ketchup
1 package onion soup mix

Thursday, October 27, 2011

27 October 2011

No diary entries from 1948 today.

I went up to Camano Island for one day of fieldwork. Went with Jana, I like working with her. And this evening I am Beat.To.Hell. We worked in a little embayment -- you can view it in Google Earth at 48-13-29N 122-27-08W. It's a shallow bay with bazillions of driftwood logs in it. The water isn't terribly deep but it is treacherous. There's a dike separating it from the Sound which is . . . don't know how old, but I had to put in two cores right next to it where the logs are. Had rubber boots on so I slipped and fell on my butt like 3 times. Hard. Lost two trowels -- slipped and into the drink they went, which might not be so bad, but the water is probably a foot and a half deep and then it's probably another 2-3 feet of muck. I reached down for one up to my shoulder, but to no avail. I'm kind of bummed, too, because that one was my first trowel! Took it to my field school and Egypt the first time -- I even carved my name in glyphs on the handle. [insert string of expletives here] Buggers!

Anyway, we did four holes inside the bay and five outside, and then two shovel probes. Just sand and clay and organics mostly. There is an old '50s mobile home in the area as well. Trashed on the inside, but I bet it looked fabulous in its day, beautiful light wood paneling in that neat mid-century design. I didn't venture too far into it as it seemed a bit dangerous, but it was very neat despite the wear and tear.

Not much wildlife, a pair of bald eagles was goofing around and chirping most of the day. It was sunny and pleasant actually.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 October 2011

On this day in 1948:

Nothing, except for a newspaper clipping. Seems to be a portion of an editorial dealing with two fellows named Langlie and Wallgren who were governors of Washington, among other things. Interesting, Langlie was a Republican and was governor bracketing Langlie's term. This article is largely positive to Langlie, furthering my hypothesis that the diarist is conservative.

There are several entries missing for the next few days so posting may be sparse, but seeing as this is also my personal diary maybe not.

There was no entry yesterday as well. That day (the 24th, Monday) was uneventful. I had a good workout, came home and ate my two bagels and two sodas, and then did a few things. I moved the red azalea to the back by the fence and put in a new plant where it was up front -- the new one was given to us for Badger. The azalea never did too well up there, and I think because it's too dry: when I dug it up the soil was very dry below about an inch down and it had rained a lot all morning. Must try doing something about that.

Today I had an epic workout, and then dropped my car off at Brad's and walked home. His ship is at 130th and we're at 65th so it was a hike. Took me one hour and 40 minutes, but I stopped at Starbucks for a while and also at Pierre Ford to take some photos of a 1953 Hudson Jet they have in their showroom. Neat car. The rest of the day, I searched for jobs online, did some other minor tasks, made meatballs, etc. Cold this morning (40-ish), cloudy until about noon when it got sunny and pleasant.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

23 October 2011 (Sunday)

On this the past few days in 1948:

[21 October, Thursday] Nice day.
Was over to see Mrs. Blackwell this morning. Cleaned house & ironed the clothes. Nearly all put away. More mending of socks yet.
Mrs. Sayre called to invite me to their precinct committeemen dinner at First Lutheran church. Friday night. Haven't been out doors to-day.
Wednesday. The Human Ambulence[sic] came to get Mr. Blackwell's dog Duke to send to his Happy Hunting Grounds for he is too old to hunt birds ever again.

[no entries for 22-23 October, but the following newspaper clipping is put in between both of those days. Ed.]:
The Voice of the People
School Discipline Needed.
I can't say I exactly agree with Dr. Barbour's article "Discipline Covers Best From Within".
I am a retired California school teacher from a large city system. I have seen education swing from the strictest discipline to self expression, from old Gordon phonetics to no phonetics, from quietly marching into a room to rushing madly to see who could get there first, from "Good morning" to "Hi there" -- Oh, I could go on indefinitely.
I, too, believe in a freer classroom, but from my observation there is too much "classroom chaos." I have seen many a young teacher enter the profession with enthusiasm, only to become a nervous wreck at the end of the term. Little children can be trained to have freedom in their rooms but first of all you must have discipline.
It is easy enough for a supervisor, superintendent or principal to talk about indirect control, but they couldn't or wouldn't teach that way.
No, you need discipline. I don't believe my first graders were ever afraid of me but we followed rules and regulations -- yes, the children made them, but everything was done quietly and business like. When we got organized into groups everyone had a job and it had to be done as well as that child could do it. Every child in my room learned to read and not always because they were ready, for some children would never be ready.
All children are different and it takes time to find out why they react as they do. Did you every try to work in a room when everyone was talking and the teacher had to blow a whistle to get a little attention? You can't think and neither can little children.
I believe children should enter their rooms quietly, sit down, wait for their teacher, plan their work carefully, know what they are going to do -- and get to work. And that means discipline.
I would like to add I never had an idea setup for modern education -- that is 25 or less in a class and a large room for activity. I always had 45 or more and during the war as high as 60, and you had to have discipline with a capital "D."
A. Wolfram, Lilliwaup

I guess the more things change the more they do stay the same. I'm afraid I don't get the bit about the "Human Ambulance" taking the dog away. . .maybe that's a joke? Poor ol' Duke, I hope he was very ill and not just too old to hunt birds, although back in those days dogs weren't always treasured pets, they were kept for a purpose and gotten rid of when they were unable to perform.

Here in 2011, Friday (21st) was. . .weather than I cannot really remember. I continued writing up my now-annual Halloween post on Car Lust "Great Cars of Death" which I shall, I think, subtitle "Ford's Revenge" or something. I'm doing the whole thing on the Bonnie and Clyde 1934 Ford rather than several different ones. I did a couple of errands in the afternoon, including sitting at the U Village Starbucks for a while, which was quite pleasant.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a mixed bag. It rained most of the day, which I liked, and we just went to a couple of estate sales in addition to the Spouse getting her hair cut in the U District. Nothing exciting at the sales although the second one had lots of nice furniture and other pieces. It was a dumpy-looking house, but they'd remodeled the interior to make it look something like a mansion -- large front room with high ceilings and a chandelier, etc. For some reason, I didn't much want to watch college football all day, and usually I watch at least two full games. Wisconsin was even playing at 5 (morons lost to Michigan State) and instead of watching the second half, I sat upstairs and read Dracula, which is really quite a good book. It really is masterful suspense. Even though I largely know what happens (from various movies), it still creeped me out when the protagonist learns that Dracula is actually the only person in the castle, i.e., no servants. I think I even had a minor nightmare about it. Last night was beautiful, however: cloudy, a bit windy, but in the 50s so it was just a very pleasant Fall evening, probably why I wanted to just read an old book.

Oh, one other item from yesterday: I have these old (1968) KLH Model 23/24 speakers from an estate sale. One was apparently not working, so I'd taken it apart, checked all the wiring, bought a meter to check various components -- not like I know what I'm doing, I'm just learning -- and was totally stumped because everything was checking out. Then I checked the back of the amp and one of the wires there wasn't in contact; speaker worked fine after all. Grrrrr. They sound pretty good, I'm listening to them as I type. Not nearly as good as my Advents, but really not too bad. I will sell them eventually but I'd like to hear them for a while.

Anyway, slept okay last night, woke up at about 5:30, but the Spouse didn't get up until 7:30 so no Mass for me today; I'll try to go Monday morning instead. Today we shall just go to U Village for lunch, groceries, etc. Weather today is in the upper 50s with perhaps a few showers but some sun.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 October 2011

On this day in 1948:

Nice day.
Don came in for lunch had waffles & bacon & syrup. After noon walked to Woodland Park still making many changes there & walked back home. Evenings have a game or two of 10 to 1, am scoring at it fairly well.
Jim [Rahm?] & Mrs. Sayre were over to pick up envelopes we had addressed. Our next door neighbor came home with baby boy from hospital.

Waffles and bacon for lunch! "Don" must also be "Dad" and hence my potential scandal from yesterday is probably all for naught. Definitely close to the Ballard area as that is close-ish to the Zoo. An earlier entry of mine also noted that 1948 was a time when the Zoo was making a lot of changes. The Zoo -- or WPZ -- is doing a lot of renovations now as well, for the past several years. One thing we don't like is that they spent money on what amounts to a big indoor play area for kids. I'd frankly MUCH rather see them spend the dough making better conditions for the animals, since they've already closed the nocturnal critter displays because of a lack of money. Animals first!

Today I did construction monitoring down in Tukwila, the same project as last month. They'd been trenching in the middle of Interurban so no need for us there, but today went up off the road a ways where they could hit undisturbed sediment. Of course, they said they were going to be in all disturbed stuff, which they weren't. But Mike the project manager said they had some other projects and were going to probably use Cascadia since they already have a relationship with us -- and presumably because they think I did okay for them. Teresa at Cascadia also called and said they have two projects for me in November, one of which (a survey by North Bend) I will be the field supervisor for. Yay! Maybe I'll make it in archaeology after all. . . .

Also dropped a purple scarf off with Mary at the dentist office. We're fairly good friends, meet them at Husky games, email every now and then, etc. Then crawled under my dashboard to check the fuses -- right turn signal all wonky.

Cool, showery in the morning.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
[Tuesday) Not such a good drying day.
Washed clothes & hung them in the basement, spent rest of day home but about 4 p.m. walked down to Locks. Big locks are being repaired & many small fishing boats going out & two boats from Bellingham came in. The name of one was "Comet". Don came in late Tuesday night for the Elk's basket team had played Navy & Don had refereed the game & was thrilled about it. Left his clothes here.

Hmmmm, left his clothes. . . .

The "locks" are the Hiram Chittenden locks. I've only been to see them once since moving out here, but they're supposedly a big attraction. She obviously lives in a different location than the house I bought this diary at since that would have been quite a hike, especially at 4 in the afternoon. Although perhaps they walked farther back then and thought nothing of it, but it still seems quite a way.

Today the weather has turned as well, from a few days of glorious sun to cloudy and now rain. And tomorrow I have to go to Tukwila and observe more sewer trench digging at 7 am and it promises to rain. This is the last bit though and the sediments might be interesting.

Today I painted the old bench out back in a navy blue and it looks quite nice. Still beat up -- I didn't bother filling in the cracks and such, just left it weathered as it is -- so it looks old, but with a nice coat of paint. I hope to move it inside in a few days, but with the rain it might need longer to cure. Also tried to fix a problem with my Mustang (II, 1978): the left turn signal doesn't flash and the front light doesn't go on at all when the headlights are on. This has happened before and it was usually a burned out bulb but not this time. Maybe just a fuse? Anyway, I tried but failed to diagnose so it must go to mechanic, at which time I'll have him check the gas smell and oil leak.

Cats are now chasing each other around. Daisy and Jack are the only ones here now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Extra nice day.
Mrs. Blackwell washed worked on rug & stayed home all day, while cleaning up house looked out window & saw a little 1 1/2 year old walking [along?] the street shoes & cover all wet looked as tho came from a distance. Called Gale Muellar & said he had never seen the child & didn't belong to neighborhood. Had him take care of the little boy & I phoned police & soon they were out soon father was there too! soldier with care [license?] with permit Fort [Lawton?]

Apparently Fort Lawton which is in town here, though a long distance away from this person's residence. Probably the father just worked at the Fort.

Interestingly, we seem to have had similar weather: today was spectacular in 2011 as well. Sunny and in the upper 60s. I worked on an old wooden bench that was sitting in the back when we bought the house. Not a very nice one, but it looks like an old hand-made piece so worth saving. It had peeling green paint and is in fairly bad shape in spots. I sanded it down in the morning, not to bare wood all over (not worth it), and then primed it this afternoon. Tomorrow I shall paint it, either a brick red or navy blue, probably the latter. Actually, maybe the red would look better. . . .

Otherwise, I spent a bit of time at U Village cashing an archaeology check and sitting at Starbucks with a hot chocolate in the sun. Had a spectacular workout this morning -- slept well last night -- although my left knee bothered me a bit at first. I fear I cannot run again as I had stopped for several weeks and my knee got better, and then yesterday I ran for a bit. I love running and am sad to not be able to. OTOH, I'd rather be able to do heavy leg work.

Monday, October 17, 2011

17 October 2011

On this these past few days in 1948:
[14 October, Friday] Beautiful day & cold north wind.
Frances & Don in for dinner to help eat the pheasant which Mr. Blackwell gave us. Don telling about his trying to get in referee work in basketball games.

[15 October] Beautiful day yet a cold north wind blows. Went to University District. Dad & I walked about the W. campus went to ducking pond, many mallard ducks & students feeding them peanuts. Spent some time eating spud-nuts & coffee upon University Way. Base of doughnuts made of mashed potatoes. Went to Knitting Needle to buy yarn & started bed jacket for Frances.

[16 October, Saturday] Beautiful day warm in the sun. grand for football games. Dad is listening to Michigan & Northwestern football game.
Went to Ballard to shop & met Mrs. Sundberg & met Glennise[sp] from taking their pup to vet. Having his teeth come in giving him trouble. Went to Sunshine dairy had lunch & came down & saw them off bus to home. Did my shopping but lost my toilet paper. The couple just ahead of me grabbed my bag of toilet tissue & I had to [tell?] clerk put all in 1 bag[?].

[17 October] Beautiful day.
Went to church & had lunch at Plymouth. Sat at table with our Captain Mr. Mottet & told us where to go to take church census which was city wide. We were to go to Rainier Ave & 12 in our group. That section many vacant lots & crooked streets. Good lunch, creamed chicken on biscuit jello salad, deep apple pie hot biscuits & coffee. Got back to church about 5 p.m. Made out report & had hot coffee.

Okay, I looked it up and Michigan beat Northwestern 28-0 on 16 October 1948. That was part of a 9-0-0 season for them that year. Also that day the Washington team played Washington State in Pullman and lost 10-0. I think they were known as the Sun-Dodgers back then. . .wait, strike that, they were the Sun-Dodgers until 1922 when they changed to the Huskies.

The "ducking pond" referred to is probably Drumheller Fountain along with "Frosh Pond". The pond was originally created for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition held in 1909, and it is still there largely in its same form. Ducks still hang out there and they used to put in a wooden ramp for the little ducklings to walk out of, though I haven't seen it in a while. I think they may be discouraging water fowl from it anymore. It's very large and pretty deep and is currently surrounded by beds of roses.

You know, I never understood what a "spud-nut" was until just now: a potato-based doughnut. Looking it up, we find that they were made with potato flour or mashed potatoes and the former were supposedly lighter than regular flour doughnuts. Fascinating.

The last few days have been uneventful in 2011, but we are having some lovely weather. Saturday we went to the Husky football game where they crushed the Colorado Buffaloes 52-17 or thereabouts. Today was sunny and about 60 and tomorrow should be even warmer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

13 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Nice day.
Went to Mountaineer Club rooms & on to Plymouth Church to help decorate dining room tables for the dinner at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. Blachard helped me.
Mr. Blackwell (next door neighbor) came in from Prosser after a hunting trip. 5 men & 2 dogs brot home 40 chinese pheasant cocks. Beautiful sight. They gave us one young cock.

No doubt this is The Mountaineers to which she refers who have been around since 1906. My supervisor at King County was a member and one time had me do up a little flyer thingie for them, although it was on govt. time. I didn't think much of it at the time -- and I shouldn't have -- but I wasn't exactly full up with work then and it gave me a chance to practice my Corel Draw skills. Still, big no-no and not something I would agree to now.

Interesting about the hunting. Funny, but poking around it seems that pheasants are not native to this continent, all derived from China/Asia. We have a small quail that has taken up residence in our neighborhood (Viewridge/Ravenna) that I see occasionally. Always wanted to try some sort of game bird, but I'm not a hunter. Seems like a lot, 40 of 'em, but I suppose between 5 people. . . .

I met Fiona at UVil at 10:30 for Starbuck's and chatting in the sun. She is temporarily working at the Girl Scouts, but has been almost entirely unemployed for almost two years now. Then I had lunch and waited at the Apple Store to see if my Macbook Air's hinge could be fixed for something resembling a reasonable price: no deal. Because it was kind of beat up looking they said they'd have to charge me $430. Yikes! My sister gave it to me and she is hard on stuff, so I'm not totally bummed. . .what do you want for free?

Then I stopped at the vet's to retrieve Badger. I was surprised he was ready so soon, but they apparently have a small crematory on-site so they did it themselves. Said they could handle up to 50 pound critters. For some reason, it's much better having him back with us, even though he's really, well, not. I remember feeling uneasy when Turbo died in 1996 or so -- my first pet to die on me -- and we didn't get him back for two weeks. It just feels better having him here. Nice urn, too, a green stone one made in India. We got a nice card from the vet as well, and I wrote a Thank You card to Dr. Christensen for seeing us so late. Now is just the road to getting used to not having him around.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Some rain.
Dad came home from Longview. Couldn't keep two places on prospects.

Well, that's it. I believe an earlier entry noted that he was selling insurance. I thought he had something to do with the Longshoremen; maybe he sells insurance on the side and is doing more of it during the strike? Longview is south of Seattle, about 2/3 of the way to Portland, about a 3 hour drive (to Portland) these days. I would be he takes a train.

Here in 2011, it was showery this morning but pleasant in the afternoon. We continue to mourn the loss of Badger; the other cats couldn't care less, mostly. They never really were friendly to him, mostly just ignored him (to Badger's evident delight, I might add), although Jack would occasionally cuddle up with him and Daisy would sometimes try to play/tussle with him. He didn't like the latter, didn't mind the former. I miss him very much.

I worked out at the IMA (UW) and then started some projects. The electrical outlets will be done by an electrician on Friday (black), and I am looking into carpet for the back steps. It's got an ugly burber or whatever now, and some fairly ugly linoleum or vinyl under that. I'd thought maybe there was some nice linoleum underneath and considered perhaps removing the carpet and shining that up, but I think it's a lost cause. We'll probably just put down some commercial-grade carpet back there.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Nice day.
Don was in to have lunch with me.
Went to Republican meeting. Mr. Strom brot me home & said his wife seriously ill.

Aha, I was correct on their political orientation. They would be in the minority in the city today.

Today we mourned the loss of Badger, and we were both tired due to poor sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and took a long time going back to sleep, as did the Spouse. I realized that that little cat had been with us for nearly the Spouse's entire adult life and 2/3 of mine. That's a long time to be with an animal. Still sad, but all in all he had an excellent life and about as good of an ending to it as one could hope, short of a quick and sudden passing. He had stopped drinking most of Monday, and by the evening was bereft of any signs of enjoyment of his existence; we'd arranged to take him in this morning, but thought better of it. I'm glad we did, he would have suffered unduly. I will miss him greatly.

The Spouse took off work so we drove up to North Bend and had lunch at the North Bend Bar & Grill -- I had something called "Irish Nachos" which was basically nachos but with potatoes instead of chips -- and then got a couple of items at the outlet mall. It was very showery all day, many of them heavy. It rained most of the night as well, putting last night's events in good context.

Altogether a sad week thus far.

10 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Stayed home & wrote six letters that was an exhausting job.

Well, not much there. It was showery in 2011 as well.

Sad day though. Our 19-year old cat, Badger, had to be put down. He fell ill last Monday (Oct. 3) and declined steadily. X-rays indicated a large tumor in his chest, probably lymphatic. We tried steroids to get him eating and drinking and with more energy, but they never really worked. I think he probably had other things wrong as well, especially in his digestive tract. He'd stopped eating on his own Saturday and by Monday (today) he'd stopped drinking as well. I was going to wait until Tuesday morning, but he looked so miserable by evening that I felt it was unfair to him to wait. We will miss you, Badger.

Otherwise, I took the Spousal Unit's Honda to get some exhaust work done, and chatted with a lady from Assumption while waiting. She's exceptionally attractive so I think I scored points with the mechanics. Heh.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

9 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful day & hot like summer, breakfast & Ray stopped to leave key so as to take in mail & water plants. For on their way to sunny California. Lyle, Cheryl & I went to town & met Alice Marie Anderson & Mrs. Anderson. Also met Mrs. Burke & Mary Louise. M.L. had flown[?] up from Salem. Was lonesome down there. Had lunch in Old Times Bldg. & home. Lyl[sic] & Cheryl packing their car & leaving for Bellingham about 3:30 p.m. A very hot day.

Salem, Oregon, that is. The Old Times Building is still there and last I was down thataway had at least the Seattle Mariners Team Store in it. I vaguely recall it once having an actual Spitfire (or similar) fighter hanging from the ceiling of a bar/restaurant in it, late '80s or early '90s.

Today was fairly quiet. I woke up at 4:30 but swore it must have been more like 5:30; I'd woken up earlier and thought I'd heard the furnace on (which clicks on at 4:30) and went back to sleep, waking up later feeling actually well rested. Sadly, no. OTOH, Badger was up and moving around. I think between the steroid treatments and the meat baby food we'd given him last night he might have been feeling better. At any rate, he was motoring all over, even going downstairs to get a drink of water down there -- they like having a bowl of water in the basement -- and sitting on my lap for a minute or two before going back upstairs. Today he's a bit more subdued, and still isn't eating on his own, although we don't know what he does during the night. I am still sad, but have started to accept it more.

We did yard work in the afternoon; I did the edging around the terrace and front walk, the former of which had grown probably 6-8" over the sidewalk. I kept it neat the first couple of years we have lived here, but then let it slip, so I think I shall now keep it edged properly from now on. I also decided that tomorrow I will attempt to remove the carpeting on the back steps. It's ugly and dirty and such, and I will either clean the underlying vinyl/linoleum and put maybe some rugs down, or just get some new carpet. And paint the walls down there, too.

Rainy this morning, but nice and sunny this afternoon, low 60s, I think. SUpposed to rain a lot tomorrow.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 October 2011

On the past few days in 1948:
[5 October Tuesday)]: More rain.
All day in bed with a headache. Don came in so took notices to Ballard Tribune & Ballard News.

[6 October]: Rain & showers.
Did the ironing and all put away. This afternoon mailed two packages of candy one for Aunt Ada & other to Miss Ida. Also bot stamps & post cards for Ray. They (Sam & Ray) are taking their vacation Saturday. Going to California for three weeks.
Dewey & Harry Truman are out in the west making presidential speeches.

[7 October] Nice day yet took an umbrella in case of the unaware showers. Shopped in morning with Ray to help her choose house coat & other articles for Saturday, going to take a trip to California. Went to Chinese tea at Plymouth Church. Homes , Had dinner at Sam & Ray's good boiled tongue potatoes & corn on cob from their garden. Delicious all the eats. Went to board meeting & didn't get home til 1 a.m. Argue & argue about summer Outing money profits.

[8 October (Friday)]: Cleaned house & nice day. Cheryl phoned at 7 a.m. to say couldn't be down til 8 p.m. or later. Had table all fixed to serve dessert. Glenise[sp?] & Jo Dixon & Sam & Ray came in to celebrate Cheryl's belated birthday cake & ice cream. Laughing about a drug store clerk selling Feinalox[sp?] Phillips milk of Magnesia & other laxative drugs to & on handing him he[sic] package the clerk said "Hope the latch on the gate doesn't stick to-night. The man when got out the store dawn on him what the clerk said & laughed all way home.

Ha! Can't figure out what "Feinalox/Feinalax" is, a person's name or a product? Couldn't find a product of that name. I really kind of envy the simplicity of the diarist's life. Shopping, tea, having dinner with friends. No cell phones, emails, running all over creation to do dozens of things in a single day. I wonder if I'd be bored silly or, at this point in my life, relax and enjoy the pace.

Sadly, here in 2011, life is not so good. Our old cat, Badger, who is 19 is on the path to dying. He seemed fairly slow and weak Monday evening, and was off his eating and drinking so I took him to the vet Wednesday (Oct. 5) and he had fluid in his abdomen, an irregular heart beat, and a suspicious lump right above his heart. Some tests ruled out an infection (probably) and the radiologist thinks it's lymphatic cancer. He hasn't improved much since, although we've started him on steroids to bring his appetite back and make him more comfortable. Treatment is ruled out at his age and stage, so it's just palliative from here out. He perked up a bit after the steroids and is drinking more, but is still not eating properly. It seems like he wants to eat, eats maybe a teaspoon (if that) and then stops like it's unpleasant or something. He'll do that maybe 2-4 times a day and we've taken to gently force-feeding him a couple of times per day to keep his strength up. I really don't want him to just starve to death (although I've heard that can actually make for a pleasant end). We're just trying to maintain him in reasonable comfort until the cancer affects something crucial and he just crashes. Or his heart just stops beating. Hate this.

Otherwise, it's been mostly rainy and showery all week. I had a good week of workouts, thanks mostly to halfway adequate sleep most nights and a good glass of water the afternoon before. We tried a new Greek restaurant on 55th and 35th, within walking distance, and it was pretty good although my stomach eventually didn't like it. I had "neo yeero" (i.e., gyro) and the Spouse had spanicopita. Yesterday (Friday) I went to Target to get puppy pads (Badger has missed the box twice now), The Sports Authority to trade in the Spouse's new (birthday) rain coat, and U Village to hunt down various canned foods that Badger might eat. The Spouse's birthday was Thursday and I made dinner (Civil War mac & cheese, not my best effort though not as messy as the first time, and steamed broccoli), and some sort of Hawaiian layer cake made with coconut milk. That turned out rather nicely: white cake mix with the coconut milk, with layers of some goop made with coconut milk, sugar, and corn starch for a thickener, and our usual whipped cream & cream cheese frosting. YUM.

Today we shall journey to Bellevue to an estate sale (lots of mid-century stuff) and try to exchange said rain coat for yet another one, and maybe Macy's/The Bon for. . . something or other.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 October 2011

On this day in 1948:
Rain & Rain & heavy showers.
Washed clohes but hung them in the basement. Worked on rug & wrote letters.

Also a newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Conservation or Socialism?" Partly it reads:
Conservation of our natural resources came to the foreground in the speeches made simultaneously by President Truman in Salt Lake City and GovernorDewey in Denver. . .And Governor Dewey displayed a far more statesmanlike comprehension of the subject than did his opponent. . .Conservation has been made one of the major New Deal strategies for socializing the United States, with no regard for constitutional methods or for state sovereignty.

The more things change, I guess. It goes on to argue that most of the large public works carried out by the New Deal were more geared towards increasing federal control and at odds with the Constitution rather than the sort of functional things Republican administrations had carried out. There's also an accompanying short article about the columnist's impressions of Dewy and his "efficient" campaign train. The diarist looks to be conservative, which would seem odd to someone from Seattle today. I don't know a whole lot about local history, but I think it's been trending strongly Left since the '70s or thereabouts. Kind of neat reading about the famous Truman-Dewey election though.

Tuesday here in 2011: Few showers, low 60s. I didn't do much except work out, read "The Ancient Egyptian State", look around for a few jobs, and get a couple of furnace filters and a birthday present for The Spouse (a Columbia rain jacket and small rake). Badger has been a bit under the weather, which worries me since he's 19, but I'm hoping he's just feeling poorly for a day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

3 October 2011

On this these past few days in 1948 (why that is follows):
[September 28 (Tuesday)]: Morning misty. P.M. rather nice.
Washed clothes but hung them in basement. Shopped at Ballard met Ray & she was going to Steele Lake to have dinner with Cliff & Marge.

[September 29] Sunny yet cold north wind blowing.
Mislade[sic] my pen & such a scamble[sic] to find it & during my search My conscious lastly woke up & told me where I had had it last. The Blackwell's are all working in their basement on making seats, just piece work on rush orders at the furniture factory where their son Gordon works. Went to Dr. Schmidt's & walked over to University Way. Saw Mary Belcher at Kopfstien's.

[Setpember 30] Ironed clothes & got them all done & put away.

[October 1 (Friday)] Dad came home about 9 p.m. was expecting him until Saturday.

[October 2] Cloudy day.
Had dinner at Sam & Ray's. Played court Whist & the ladies beat the men by two points. Had a swell dinner I made huckleberry pie of the berries picked at Kitsap. To-day is Cheryl's Birthday but she isn't here to celebrate it.

[October 3] Rather nice day but took an umbrella to be sure as not to be caught in these heavy showers. We went to Plymouth Church. Took Roosevelt Way bus to Frances & Don's for dinner. Took Don's baby book to Frances. Dad left for Longview on 6 p.m. bus & I for home.

The last week has been busy and. . . .weird. The Wife left on a business trip for LA early Tuesday morning (Sep 27) so I was home alone with the cats the rest of the week. I wrote the final report for the Tukwila sewer project (archaeology) on Tuesday and Wednesday -- this was the first time I was able to write the final report on a project -- and then Thursday. . .I don't remember what I did. But the Internet connection was out from Wednesday afternoon on. Big mess with switching out an old cable box for just the other newer one we had, plus they said their was an outage in this area. Whatever the case, it took until Saturday afternoon to get it back up and running so I was left bereft of Internet connectivity for *gasp!* four days! I did get quite a bit done otherwise so I didn't miss it all that much. However, I was unable to check the Wife's return flight Saturday evening (ETA 8:55 pm) to see if it was on time or not, and I'd already gotten rid of all the old phone books so I didn't even have a number to call (it came in like 45 minutes early so no harm, no foul).

Not going to Egypt; contacted the project head and she said they'd gotten permission only for portions of the work so only a few of them are going over and even that is in jeopardy. I'm not optimistic about how things will go there. On the bright side, I will get to stay here for all of bowl season. . . .

Today (Monday) I just worked out and then went to Assumption to work a funeral. I was only able to go in for the second half of the Mass as we had fewer people than normal. It was refreshing to go to Mass as I haven't been in like three weeks due to sleeping poorly on the last couple of weekends. This afternoon I trolled for jobs (on the Internet!) and started a new Car Lust post about 1991.

A young female at the IMA (gym) is initiating conversation with me, which actually makes me quite happy since A) I hope my efforts to be more sociable are working, and B) Hey, what an ego boost to have a hot young babe talking to you! Horrible case of acne, poor thing, but otherwise she is very attractive; I hope the acne doesn't cause her too much distress especially when it come to attracting males (or females, I suppose). Eh, maybe I'll get back to my old social butterfly self eventually.