Monday, August 29, 2011

29 August 2011 (Monday)

On this day these days in 1948:
[26 August, Thursday] Morning fine but had to rain about 4:30p.m. to 5 p.m. Did the washing & was all thru by 10:30 a.m. Dressed & went to Ray's while she got ready. I put jam in jars. (Peach jam)Took Uni-Ballard bus transferred to Roosevelt to 75th & walked to Banner Place to Mrs. Newell's home for lunch. Lovely table, glassware & silver, china. Rice & salmon hot dish, beets cottage cheese molded salad hot rolls & pickles, jelly & two kind of pie lemon or cherry pie with ice cream. Mr. Newell brot us home on account of rain.

Hmmm, that's the last one until Sep. 4. Some spread on that lunch. I am thinking she didn't live in the house that I bought the diary in, as that one was on about 111th NE, far north of the University where she caught the first bus. You can go to Google Maps and enter "Northeast Banner Place Seattle" and see exactly where she went and the relation to 75th St. A very good friend of mine today lives quite close to there as well. I-5 was being built in that time frame but I don't know if it was there at that time yet.

Here in 2011, I spent last Friday (the 26th) at the construction site. I'd gone in later that morning (10) because the previous day I'd decided most of the rest would be in recent fill or very old weathered sandstone and so I just needed to look in to make sure and maybe not show up again until they went in a different direction. Well they were all in a tizzy because they'd found something different. Wasn't anything archaeological, but the sediments were very different and there were two fairly large 'fingers' of black charcoal extending down one side. So they'd stopped and called the project manager who called me right when I arrived. I could see right away what it likely was (burned tree roots) but decided I'd better have a closer look at the stratigraphy to determine exactly what it all was, so I spent a half hour scraping and drawing and describing and photographing. They'd even not yet dumped the truckload it was in just in case I wanted to look through it! I have them trained well. . . . .

Saturday was at the in-laws in Gig Harbor, yesterday doing various errands, and today back out at the site from about 9:45-1. Saturday also hit the driving range and was hitting the ball very well. I changed my grip and it's helping (i.e., less slicing). Oh, also made the BEST blueberry cobbler from berries the neighbors brought over.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Nice day.
Was in bed nearly all day with headache. Dad working at Alaska Steamship Co. [unk], checking.
Eleanor Smith Graham was in at 10:15 p.m. to pick up her bags leaving on evening train for Portland to visit her Mother at Hillsboro, Oregon. Then on to Los Angeles, there to live.

I would guess this person is in her 40s or 50s. Grown children, husband with some health problems. Kinda neat that the trains are still a major mode of transportation. I wonder whatever happened to Eleanor after moving to LA?

I had my pseudo-last day doing the current fieldwork project. They didn't really think we had to be there in the first place, and written into the work plan was that our involvement could end at the discretion of the archaeologist (that would be me). Today I determined that we don't really need to be there any more. The stuff they're going to be digging through is recently disturbed (under an existing road; they're putting in sewer lines) and if not that is probably millions of years old (or possibly thousands) so either way it's unlikely they're hit anything. I suggested I should be out there twice more, but that's it. I really don't want to be out there wasting taxpayer money for no good reason.

Otherwise, it was warm and sunny all day, up to 82. Happy to be working out tomorrow again, but my legs and feet have been liking me not doing it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 August 2011 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1948:
Rain, rain nearly all day.
Lyle & Cheryl left for Vancouver, Wash. for a trip. Spent the day mending and making Brownies.

Another short entry. It just occurred to me that I was forgetting that back then very often wives simply didn't work outside the home for most or all of their lives. That was what had me rather confused as to whether she was retired or not and who this "Dad" was -- that is, I thought it was her father. My own mom didn't work until all of us were in school and then she immediately took a part-time job and pretty much worked until she retired. Not that she was any sort of a "feminist" or anything, but she really didn't want to not work -- my parents met while both were in the Air Force, and so she was used to and prepared for, if not a career, at least a lifetime of work. Sometimes I feel somewhat guilty about making her stay home to take care of us three kids. . . .I know she felt 'trapped' at times, especially with three kids <5.

Today it was about 84 and sunny all day. Very hot out at the work site. Only measured the wooden conduit box for excitement although while they were backfilling the trench I did a quick survey on the other side of the road and up the ridge a ways. Bunch of clothing, alcohol bottles and cans, etc. No bodies. Found an old pull-tab can of Lucky 96 beer though. Vaguely interesting.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23 August 2011

On this day (finally!) in 1948:
Cloudy day.
Jad lunch with Mary Belcher who use[sic] to be a neighbor when we lived at Lake Whatcom. Cheryl & Lyle also was with us. Mary took us to her special club on Union St. Wonderful eats.

Nearly three days away from writing and not much to resume with. Not sure what club she is referring to, although the Washington Athletic Club is right off of Union, that would be downtown. My first thought was The Rainier Club but that's too far down.

Second day of work down in Tukwila. They're putting in some sewer lines across Interurban Ave. Apparently, Interurban is along an old railroad line that ran from Tacoma up to Everett, thus the "inter-urban" name. The planners were a bit miffed when they were told they had to have an archaeologist present -- they had said they wouldn't be in any "native sediments"; of course, that turns out to have been false. Eh, we're all getting along. Today we came upon a wooden conduit from 1922 that is actually still being used to carry fiber optic cable. Otherwise, nothing.

It rained some on Monday afternoon and evening but today and for the next several days it is supposed to be sunny and warm.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 August 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:

Nothing apparently happened. There are no entries from August 20-22. Checking the weather for that period we find that the temperatures were fairly cool with highs in the mid-60s to 70 and some precipitation. Here in 2011, it has been very warm with highs from the upper 70s to low-mid 80s. One of the very few days over 80 this year was yesterday (Saturday).

Friday I finished painting the overhang by using my foam-on-plywood platforms to move across the patio deck roof (fiberglass). Worked quite well, I thought. Then I went to Cascadia Archaeology in Greenwood to get materials and a briefing on a monitoring job down in Tukwila I'm starting tomorrow; may last for a couple of weeks, and I get to do the final report as well. Yesterday (Saturday) we went to several estate sales, notably one in Shoreline, a neat mid-century house that was a single-level U-shape that wrapped around an in-ground pool. All/most of the walls facing the pool were glass or sliding glass doors. Very cool. They had a set of Advent /9 speakers I kind of liked (1980-84 vintage), $20, but they would have needed new foam and I don't think I could have sold them for the cost of it all; and I don't really adore them anyway, so I left them. Today we just went to University Village for lunch and shopping and then came home and I managed, through drilling and banging with a hammer to get the old burner off the grill. Might need to get a whole new grill though, since I can't find the model # online for parts. Harumph.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

18 August 2011 (Thursday)

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy & lighter in p.m.
Cheryl in bed with bad cold.

Wow, that's it for the day. Seem to be some short entries and blank days coming up, too. Wonder why. Funny part of the year for a cold as well.

Today was only 72 but somewhat sunny. I tried my idea of plywood and foam platforms for doing above the patio roof and it worked! Parts were a little iffy, but nothing collapsed or broke. I scraped and primed and tomorrow morning I will attempt to paint, I think. That will finish the overhang, although two coats may eventually be necessary.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17 August 2011 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy mornings & afternoon hot.
Ray came by & wanted [unk] to have lunch with her at Bon Marche Tea room (Crystal) It was very good. [crossed out on page]
Cheryl & I shopped she found a right pattern to make a gray skirt, but when we went to buy material previously been seen was gone. Then we went to every store & lastly found at McDougal the right gray & full.

No idea why that part is crossed out, unless it was for some other day? I've been seeing her refer to a Ray or Rae -- spellings are different -- and I think it's the same person. Try this link for a copy of a Bon Marche Crystal Tea Room for June 3 1950. "From the Saladier. . .Creator of Salad Magic"! How can you pass that up? I rather like the sound of the Dungeness Delight: "A tempting crab Louie. . .with old fashioned garnish of Tomato, egg, peas and olives".

As for me, I got little done today. Half of the back of the house has a concrete patio abutting the house along with a roof. We replaced the plywood and shingle roof a few years ago with a simple wavy fiberglass covering. Now, of course, I have to paint above that very roof and the fiberglass won't support anyone standing on it. I don't want to take it down because it would take forEVER and then I'd have to redo it. I thought about maybe extending something over it to stand on, but it's like 21 feet so I'd need a pretty hefty beam to span that. I was in a quandary, but may have a solution: I bought some 3/8" plywood and have put some foam padding on one side which I shall use to stand on. I'm hoping that will spread out the weight enough to not crunch the fiberglass. Will try it tomorrow. I shall either be gleeful or glum.

Happily, Monday I will be working archaeology, a construction monitoring job down in Tukwila that may last a couple of weeks AND I get to write the final report.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Morning cloudy & few drops of rain afternoon nice & able to sit out in back yard. Washed clothes & Cheryl looking over her boxes & getting her things organized. Made two quilt blocks for Grandma Carlson, shall get in mail to-morrow. Ray was over for a few minutes & brot us a few peaches, wind falls. She has to be near to keep the boys from swiping the peaches. They do look so attempting[sic] & pretty color yet too hard & green.

There is a letter inserted at this point, two light blue sheets of paper:
Hi Mother & Dad.
Thanks for the letter Dad. Sounds as if you are walking [ill ones the plod?]. Suppose you will write be taking Mother to a dance Sat. nite.
Lou & I sure have been busy. We are all moved in But have so much to do. We are working outdoors till dark almost every nite. But the farm looks like home more every day. Frances got sunburned Sunday & is suffering quite a bit.
Bet you are really having a real vacation up there even if you [go home to work?] Weather has been swell here as up there no doubt. DO not see how we can possibly come up as we have so much work to do outside. [unk] would like to but you no doubt know what we have to do.
Am listening to ball game now & score is tied at 3-3. Portland-Seattle. Seattle has been just [unk 2 words].
I have been working on Public Telephone Development. A lot of walking involved but good training.
We got our Davenport & chair, looks & sits very well. We will have a green rug to go with our pink chair. Was 82 yesterday & same today I believe.
Our grass came up swell. We are very proud of it. We mowed our parking strip. I should say Lou mowed it Sunday & looks good.
Score still 3-3.
Have lots of fun up there & take care Dad. And Don't work to hard Mother. [June?] want you to see our house. Think its [sharp?] & enjoy it [til?] our garden is still up.
Love, Don [R?]

I guess that's a little more evidence that our diarist is married and refers to her husband as 'Dad'. Can't tell where they are, but sounds like south of Seattle. Sounds like they are on a farm. Interestingly, the writer number the pages at the top as "1-1-1", "2-2-2", etc.

I continued painting today until about 2 when I quit painting and scraped and primed the three difficult-to-reach corners. I discovered bees going in the attic so in about 5 minutes (it's 7:40 pm) I shall go out and up the ladder and spray some Raid in the opening. Hate to wipe them out, but we can't have bees in there. Tomorrow I have to go up there and check out some potential water damage at one corner where the power line comes in. Probably need to caulk up around the binding posts to keep water from coming in more, and perhaps replace said boards. Otherwise, sunny all day and 77. Supposed to warm up later in the week, too.

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August 2011 (Monday)

On this day in 1948:
Look like it was going to be a nice day but at 4:30 to 5 p.m. Poured. Then sun shone yet it was cold. Cheryl wen with De Moss on a picnic near Granite Fall[s] & it rained, had to eat their lunch in a car. 44 District Republican picnic at Golden Gardens. Just 8 of us picniced(sic) & others dropped in, til had 22 in all. Came home & tried to knit booties & to show Cheryl & such bad luck in trying to get the pattern come right. Sure need an experienced knitter to help us over our difficulties.

There's a letter stuck in at this page (and the next) but I don't know which day it relates to; I'll type that in tomorrow. It occurred to me just now that perhaps 'Dad' is actually the diarist's husband rather than daughter. You know how sometimes parents call each other "Mom" & "Dad". Will have to look into that some more.

Back in 2011, I started painting in earnest today, doing the south and east (front) overhangs. I started out with a brush but found that a roller went much quicker and covered better. It's a Wedgwood blue color, similar to the old blue-gray (emphasis on the gray). Earlier colors were a light green (1970s?), a dark brown, and a darkish pink. I know the green came after the brown, but still not sure where the pink fit in, though probably the original.

Also planted a tree out front. A new -- and big! -- kwanzan cherry, the same as was originally in front of the house. Found glacial till about a foot down, so the soil here -- we sit on the bottom side of two drumlins -- is not terribly good.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

14 August, 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Sunny to-day. At evening slight showers. Cheryl came home from Vashon after visitingRachel Blekking [Garvin?]. They are raising small beaver like animals from Brazil called "coypu"[?] for breeding purposes. Made a lemon pie. Had dinner at Sam & Rae DeMoss. Marge & Cliff Caseboldt were there too. Played 10 to 1. Lots of fun. I really won.

According to Wikipedia the coypu is "also known as the river rat, (from the Mapudungun, koypu) or nutria (Myocastor coypus), is a large, herbivorous, semiaquatic rodent and the only member of the family Myocastoridae." So there. Sadly, according to this post from 2008 "Nutria, the beaver-like rodents from South America, are on the rise again in some Portage Bay and Lake Washington areas. They were introduced to Washington and Oregon in the 1930s for fur production, but like many such experiments they got wild and “went wild” breeding and multiplying outside of fur trappers’ control."

Apparently, not a good idea back then. Incidentally, the page this was written on is discolored by the newspaper article that was taped to the opposing page. Interestingly, on the reverse of yesterday's article is an advertisement from Boeing looking for workers:
STEADY PERMANENT WORK. Boeing offers steady employment, under excellent working conditions at the highest pay scale in the aircraft industry.

They were looking for an Experimental Electronics Technician "A" (Grade 2, $1.85 per hour) and a Bench Mechanic Sheet Metal "B" (Grade 7, $1.43 perhour). That wasn't a whole lot less than I was making back in the late '70s bussing tables. . . .

Today, I went to Mass at 8:30 and then we went up to Alderwood Mall to Kohl's and then into the mall proper. Kohl's has new LCD price signs on their racks these days. Bought absolutely nothing except lunch. Nothing much the rest of the day, spaghetti from a jar for dinner (we need a new grease jar) and then a walk. I'm listening to an old Herb Alpert record )yes, an LP) while writing this.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

13 August 2011

On the last two days in 1948:
[12 August] Morning hazy & p.m. sunny & warm. Put the house to rights, ironed clothes. Cheryl went to Vashon Is. to visit Rachel Blekking. Dad was discharged from Doctor's care & ready for work. Rae & I shopped at Ballard. Marge is on a strict diet for a while. After dinner went up to visit the Sunberg (Mrs. Sunberg) is more quiet, yet looks rather well. Mr. Sunberg brot us home in company truck. Glennis & Joe were there. Joe still at W. at summer session. They have a puppy cocker spaniel which keeps them busy.

[13 August Friday] Dubious day & heavy showers.
Did some ironing & truly made a pie to suit Dad, but guess he didn't like it so well. Dad first day down at the checker's hall. Rested all afternoon reading "The Years of the Locust" by Loula Grace Erdman.

[newpaper clipping taped in, with "Aug 13 & on a Friday too." hand written on it] Freak Storm Lashes Seattle HIGH WATER -- Three cars splash through high water after a flash flood, caused by a freak hail and rain storm, hit part of Seattle yesterday. The curb is hidden at Eastlake Ave. and Hamlin St. Wheels were up to the hub caps in water, and a sheet of running water covered sidewalks. Sewers were running to capacity in the district, and water backed up into cellars. The Post-Intelligencer is paying Bill Stephans, 2923 Franklin Ave., $10 for this on-the-spot news picture. (Story on Page 1)

Interesting the big rain storm, we don't get many of those during the summer. Funny, I looked up "The Years of the Locust" but it was written by Jon Hotten, although Erdman also wrote a book of the same name:
"Erdman's first adult novel [1946] achieved spectacular success, winning the biennial Dodd, Mead-Redbook $10,000 prize. It is the story of how the death of Dade Kenzie, the wise, influential patriarch of a Missouri farming family, affects his family and acquaintances. The story is told through flashbacks in the minds of seven individuals whose lives were profoundly influenced by Kenzie. The action covers the time slightly before Dade's death until after his funeral."

Friday the 13th then, Saturday the 13th now. We were much luckier: found a good sized tree to replace the dead one out front. When we moved in in 2003 there were two trees on the terrace, both near the end of their lives -- one I could reach my arm as far as it could go down the trunk, it was all rotted. We cut both down and replaced them with kwanzan cherries, but last near the neighbor across the street forgot his parking brake and the car rolled back and took out one of the trees. I got a new one this spring but it started dying off by April, even though it was a very wet spring and early summer. So today we were up at Molbak's in Woodinville and they had a big one for 70% off of $99 -- with a $60 delivery fee. So, eh. This one might be better since the dead one was very small; this one is much larger and won't look as different from the old one.

Yesterday (Friday the 12th) was fairly glorious, and I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the cemetery: found the grave of one Annie Crowe Slattery born in Fond du Lac, WIS in 1863, died in Seattle 1933. I looked them up and there were Slattery's in Wisconsin, and the Crowe family was from around Lamartine. It was fun doing a little genealogical detective work. I still have not bought the paint for the house as the Sherwin-Williams store was busy this morning and only one person working. Probably get it tomorrow (Sunday).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

11 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy day or hazy.
Washed clothes & had lunch with Rae & Cheryl at Bon Marche. Looked about the 2nd floor. Had to hurry to meet Dad at Liberty Theatre to see Easter [Parade?], Freddie Astaire & Judy Garland. Very good. While waiting for bus at 1st & Union a woman came up to Cheryl & said, I ruined a dress standing right where you are. Just look that is wet paint. Had to go & buy a new dress to go home in. Cleaners said too soiled too much paint, dress ruined. Cheryl had her best suit on.

Having a hard time following that bit with the dress. Cheryl ruined her dress on wet paint? I was kind of excited there, I thought she had gone to see a play with Judy Garland in it, but it was just a movie. Then I thought that when "a woman came up to Cheryl" I thought it was going to be Judy Garland! No such luck. The Liberty Theatre was apparently at the corner of 1st & Pike; I'd half thought it might have survived as something else, but apparently it was torn down in 1955. I had a look at the stop with Google Maps and it looks like it is at the main entrance to the Market. Seems that where it once was is now a souvenir shop, although when I first moved out here it was kind of a naughty clothing and bondage shop ("Our Underwear is Guaranteed to Pinch, Bind, and Ride Up!").

Today I had a decent workout, tried to buy paint but they didn't have the stuff in stock, so I went to the cemetery and recorded headstones instead. Cloudy in the morning but sunny and about 72 in the afternoon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Days are hazy yet some time during the day is hot. Cheryl & I went to town shopped at Rhodes & Cheryl bot [unreadable] blouse & black full skirt. Stopped at [the?] 10-cent store & Bon. Had chicken sandwiches at Fredericks. Home to have beef roast, mashed potatoes, green beans & raspberries. Frances was telling about a young University student working spare time at Burks Lumber Co. was questioned F.B.I. & cops for stealing materials from yard & selling to folks & three other men involved in stealing too. Can't folks remember & know the 10 Commandments?

I guess thievery was around then, too. Wonder why the FBI was involved? Must have been selling the stuff across state lines, one would guess. She mentions the Big Three department stores from around here: Rhodes, The Bon Marche, and Frederick & Nelson, which I mentioned in an earlier post. The Bon was a fixture for a long time, and the basic stores are still around though now called Macy's. The Bon had a restaurant in many of their stores. . .I think the downtown one still has one, but most all others in the area closed theirs.

Nice typical dinner: roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Here in 2011 it was cloudy most of the day, sunny after about noon or so. Me & the wife went to McDonald's for lunch -- we do it once a week when I am unemployed and she works from home -- and then I spent the afternoon trying to get the Global Health SPSS programs to run. No, I don't work there, but I have something of an interest in A) Keeping up contact and good relations, and B) Making sure my code works properly. Had to get SPSS to work on my Mac (check) and then get the Python plugin to work (check) and then debug it. . .again. They keep changing the data so it never works between data updates.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 August 2011 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1948:
Muggie[sic] day.
Made two pecan pies & Rae made 1 to take this evening to Francis & Don's House Warming. They ask Cheryl, Dad & I for dinner, & we had invited Jack & Lucy Henshaw, Evelyn & Chuck Rowell, Sam & Rae De Moss for the evening. Served pie & coffee & progressive [?] 10 to 1. Sam 1st prize Lucy booby prize. We were doing dishes & Francis said, there is Lucy & want to ask them in & just then came Sam & Rae & Chuck & Evelyn came in the back door. A lovely evening [along the side].

Kind of a neat little dinner party, I guess. By the way, someone found the 10 to 1 rules and I shan't be playing it anytime soon. I'm not big on card games anyway, and I was lost by the third paragraph.

Today in 2011 was mostly cloudy all day, around 70, good for painting. I still had the tester quart and we decided it was a good color, so I decided to use it up since I won't be buying the paint until Thursday. I did the two top corners on the N & S sides; a bit scary up at the tip of the ladder, and honestly, I had a couple of anxiety attacks in the middle of the night worrying that I'd fall off the damn ladder doing that. So those are at least done. Then I started around the edge of the roof and finished all the way around. In point of fact, the back (west) part of that was the most unnerving since the roof slopes down in that direction and, even though it's not very steep, you're still having to lean over the side in the direction of the slope. I was glad to be done with that part, for certain.

I tried my hand at making kofta for dinner. I'd tried a couple of times before with mixed results, but these turned out very well, perhaps because I used lamb for the first time. I'd kind of refused to eat 'lamb' until I found out that 'lamb' sold here can be up to like three years old, and the ground stuff probably is the older animals. Frankly, I think most of the 'lamb' used in gyros and such that I've been eating for years is more mutton than lamb, which I'm okay with. Neglected the coriander though and that was the main spice, so next time I will be sure to include it. Still, very respectable kofta this time. Reminded me of Egypt.

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Put cot outdoors & awning[?] Cheryl laid out there all day & I was in bed until 1 p.m. & then I went out doors too. It was hot. Gordon Blackwell & friend came in about 7 p.m. from fishing out on the Sound & they looked like they had been boiled in sea water. Gail (Blackwell) grand daughter thot I was Cheryl's grand-mother. Gail came in & said Where is your brother (meaning) my husband).

Hmmmm, don't much get that joke. She's been saying the last few days have been "hot" but the climate data indicates low-mid 70s at best, although I suppose around here 70s could be considered "hot" by many native. It's looking like the remainder of the month will be rather cool as well, never getting much above 70-ish. The last of July and into the first week of August are the hottest weeks on average, but both 1948 and 2011 look to be fairly below normal thus far.

Here in 2011, I got little accomplished except for a quite good workout and the buying of the house paint. Matched something called "Retro Colonial Blue" which is similar to Wedgwood Blue which is what we were shooting for. The price will be about $35/gallon and we will need about 5-6 gallons. I got a small sample container (about 1 qt) and painted a few areas; looks very nice. The old stuff is a much lighter gray and we really wanted something, well, Wedgwood Blue since we are near the Wedgwood neighborhood (technically we're in View Ridge). Have to wait until Thursday to start though because that's when the paint is on sale. Tomorrow and Wednesday (both cloudy and cool days) I may attempt to use the old aluminum oxide junk to do the roof, although I bought the stuff like 7 years ago and technically it's "expired". I might try stirring it up anyway and using it.

Otherwise, the Dow lost over 600 points and we will be lucky to come out of this with only another recession.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

7 August 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Dad left early for a work Party to Snoqualmie so Cheryl & I laid out in the back yard all day & rested. After dinner walked down to locks to see pleasure boats & tug with raft of logs go thru the locks tight squeeze. Met Mr. Sunbery & says wife is no better. sorry to hear it. They have a little cocker spaniel puppy.

Largely the same here and now: warm (about 80) and spent part of the afternoon sitting in the sun reading "The Rainbow Trail" by Zane Grey on my iPod Touch. Had to get my legs in the sun and try to minimize the ol' bobby sock tan I have going. End of SeaFair, saw a bit of the Blue Angels, mostly had lunch and then grocery-shopped. Went to Mass this morning, first time in over a month (Fr. Oliver was in Ireland all of July). Pleasant day; slept very well last night.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 August 2011

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Went shopping at Ballard[.] Cheryl came down from Bellingham and she helped with dinner for was celebrating Dad Birthday. Frances & Don Rae & Sam were here. Dad received 2 pairs of socks from Cheryl, 3 carving knives also for my belated Birthday too, and I gave a milk glass rooster. Afterwards played 10 to 1. A game that doesn't take brains.

No idea what this "10 to 1" game is. Searching for it on the Interwebs has proven futile so far. Wonder why she capitalized 'Birthday' like that?

Today started out cloudy but is now sunny, but not too warm. The Blue Angels did their performance today -- for several years we went to Madrona Park to watch them, usually an almost whole-day affair, but didn't this year because The Wife (who loves them) didn't feel like fighting crowds. Had lunch at a Greek place and then went to an estate sale -- an hour later The Wife's intestine blew up. She has guts that operate on two speeds: Slow and Hypersonic. The estate sale was neat, in a very cool old home. The owner taught drama at the UW and had lots of really neat stuff, much of it involving English pubbery. I have half a mind to go back tomorrow and buy a faux English pub sign that says "The Cock & Bull" on it.

Happily, I slept okay, until 6 although I was awake for probably an hour in the middle of the night. Again. Otherwise a quiet, restful day, thank God.

5 August 2011 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy all day & rained about 3 p.m. & rained hard around 5 p.m. Cleaned house this morning met Dad at Rhodes Dept. store @ 12 M[sic] shopped at 10cent stores. At lunch at the Persian. Like it there meals are tasty. Came home early ironed clothes. Played 10 to 1 with Dad the new card game we learned at Gavett's. Dad is popping corn this evening & I am going to write letters. To-day is Dad;s birthday but we are to celebrate to-morrow.

Doesn't rain often in August but it occasionally does. I hadn't heard of Rhodes Dept. store so I looked it up on Wiki and there apparently was one in downtown Seattle at 2nd & Union. Doesn't say which corner it was, but you can look it up on Google Maps and get a street view of it. All new buildings so nothing of the old building remains. I remember Lamonts up here, they've since left, gone out of business, whatever. Also Frederick & Nelson which was a big department store here. When I first moved out here they still had their flagship store at 5th-6th & Pine downtown. Downstairs they had what they called. . . .hmmmm, the name escapes me. I'm thinking "Metro" but that's not it. But it had a lot of deli stuff and I used to go there and get lunch when I worked at the Federal Home Loan Bank. It was a big-ish deal around here when they went belly-up.

Yesterday I did little, certainly no painting-related activities since I was tired from awaking at 2:45. Fr. Tony in Wisconsin called and it was good to catch up with him. 30 years ago this summer I was also painting the rectory for my summer job and we became fast friends. He would walk by the paint room on his way to morning Mass, say a hearty good morning and I would largely just grunt. Haven't changed much, I can get up at 5 and go work out hard at the gym, but talking is like pulling teeth.

I did, however, take my old BSR turntable and Hitachi cassette deck to the Goodwill. Kind of sad. The former I found in my mom's basement last summer, shipped it out here, had it refurbished, bought a new stylus. . . .and it worked like crap. That was my first stereo system, with a 20-watt Sony receiver and little Matrecs speakers. I was thrilled to find the turntable still there in its original box and would have loved to keep it and use it still, some 40 years later. Sadly, it was not to be. The tape deck I bought shortly thereafter (1976-77ish) but it hasn't worked in years and although I bought new belts, I wasn't able to replace the main capstan one and I probably wouldn't have played it much anyway.

The next thing to go which I will have difficulty with is my old Schwinn bike.

Weather yesterday (I am writing this the next morning) was cloudy all day, and still that way although the weather people say it will clear up today.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 August 2011 (Thursday)

On this day in 1948:
Cloudy day.
Canning apricot canned 29 pints of these 2 pts. jam. Don was in to get jars for Frances was making raspberry jam. Mrs. Blackwell was in, also Ray to see the beautiful gladiolas & roses.
Gray day yet it isn't cold. Borrowed canning kettle from Mrs. Blackwell & put apricot jam in & went to do something else & time sped by too fast & burnt jam & burnt kettle, so had to buy her a new one. Glad it was from the 104 store.

Not sure what this "104 store" is/was, I've never heard of it.

Kind of a boring entry despite the problematic canning.

Painting continued in 2011. I started off by priming the roof line on the south side before the sun hit it, cleaned the brush, then realized I'd forgotten to do the back door frame, so I started again. I was going to go buy the paint or something, but then read a bit on the Interwebs about whether to wash the house or not before painting and everybody said to do it, so I did that this afternoon -- just hit it with the hose on a sharp stream setting. Worked pretty well, I could see the dirt flowing down. Had to take everything out from the back deck to do under there and ended up cleaning up in there as well, lots of junk to get rid of. Including the roof paint I bought like 7 years ago and never got around to applying. Bad me.

Otherwise sunny all day and hit 80.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 August 2011 (Wednesday)

On this day (and the one before) in 1948:
[2 August 1948 Monday)]: Morning cloudy but by noon sunny & warm.
Went to P.O. to mail package to Annie & Oscar Carlson & letter. Washed clothes & all were dry by evening. Went to various grocery stores to find apricots, for it's time to can them but stores are few that are opened after 6 p.m. Dad went to doctor's office went to visit Ray, Marge was there, Ray was cleaning out her desk draws & I was crocheting bag.

[3 August 1948] [across top] Don stopped in to have lunch.
Cloudy, at times warm about 7:15 p.m. thunder & rain. Dad went out to buy apricot so ironed clothes. Apricots delived[sic] about 3 p.m. After dinner was way to visit [Janey?], [Gavett?] [met?] Kurtz to visit us & bring beautiful bouquet of roses & gladiolas (unusual big & beautiful in color. About 8:30 p.m. went to Gavett to return Chinese can that was borrowed. Played new game 10 to 1. She served ice cream & cake & cool drinks. Left Mallory Apt at 12 M.

Obviously retired or otherwise unemployed. The thunder was interesting since we rarely get thunderstorms at all and usually in the late spring, although last week I heard some booms in the morning.

Yesterday I went downtown, mostly a waste of time. Had to sign some papers at (former) work for an overpayment @10:30, but was going to meet Dan A. at 9:30 for coffee, but at 9 -- when I was down there already -- I learned he was working from home, so I putzed around until 10:30, then walked down to the water until my 11:30 lunch with Lisa W. We went to a creole place on 3rd-ish. First time gumbo and crayfish for me. Crayfish were small, about the size of, well, grubs, and they didn't look chopped up. Pretty good though. Next time there I shall try the alligator.

Today I continued painting prep with some more scraping and then priming. I could probably scrape until the cows come home, but I'm doing the worst areas and leaving it at that. Hardest to get under the eves at the corners since they're high up and nothing to lean the ladder against. The paint's not really in that bad of shape for the most part, except for the south side (scraped & primed that 2 years ago) and part of the back, both places where the summer sun beats on it. I was rushing headlong into painting but I'm trying to pull back and spend more time in prep and making sure things are fixed before I start. Lots of other cleaning to be done as well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August 2011

On this day in 1948 (Sunday):
Still hot day.
Went to University Congregational Church this morning to hear Rev. Gold, his last Sunday here, going to mid-east to teach his method of teaching Sunday school & young folks. Had lunch at Hotel Meany Coffee Shop & took Roosevelt bus to Seattle Port of Embarkation Open House. Went on big transports & tug boats & thru the docks. Everything was freshly painted & scrubbed.
Walked to post office to mail a letter to Cheryl. The evening is warm.

The "Port of Embarkation" is the old Pier 36, a history of which can be found here. The University Congregational is still here, as is the Meany Hotel now called the Hotel Deca, and probably would have looked much as it does in the 1931 photo at that link.

Today I began painting the house. Actually just scraping today. Today also happened to be the 30th anniversary of MTV's launch, which I remember well (though not the actual launch). I was thinking that 30 years ago I was also spending the summer painting a house or two as my job, the rectory and another building at our church, the now-defunct St. Patrick's Parish in Fond du Lac, WI. I'd helped my parents paint our house a couple of times, so even then I was used to it. 30 years later and not much has changed as far as painting goes: scrape it, prime it, paint it with a brush. I suppose we have affordable spray painters that we can use now that we really didn't have then, but I shall probably use a brush as I think it lasts longer.

On the north side of the house while I was scraping I got that particular aroma common to old houses. Not sure what it is but I think it's the smell of old wood. I smell it often in the upstairs of older houses, though usually much older than this one (1954). Not sure what the wood siding is, but it seems very soft. I guess I'm used to a desk job, the manual labor hath tired me out good.

Sunny all day, high of 76.