Sunday, July 31, 2011

31 July 2011 (Sunday)

On this day in 1948:
Very hot day.
Spent the day at Seward Park. Dad was in swimming twice. I was lazy just sat & watched the world pass by, all kinds of folks, color, & race. Many in swimming & picnicing. We had Hamburgers & took our coffee in thermos bottles also had corn chips something new & good. Walked to the fish ponds & back again to bus line about 6:30 p.m. Arrived home about 9 p.m.

Not hot here, it was overcast and drizzled until probably 2 pm. We did little except lunch at U Village and then grocery shopping. I made a meh teriyaki stir fry with leftover teriyaki steak from Friday. Attempted to mail a letter with an Apple App Store gift card to niece Veronica (Dad several years ago: "Yer uhhh. . . .what's her name. . . Tony, what's your niece's name?") but was 20 cents short on postage (walked up to post office with self-serve machine) but could only use a card to buy more so we walked back with the job undone. Nice walk though, sunny by then (6 pm). Only got to about 71.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Went over to help Ray for she was having a luncheon for her teacher group. Mad[sic] fresh bouquet & got out silver & dishes. There were eight of us. Chicken gravy on biscuits beets jelly, salad & rubbarb[sic] pie topped with ice cream. Visited all afternoon. After dinner walked to locks many boats were going thru to the sound. Huge dredge was dredging at west end of locks. Warm evening.

The 'locks' to which she refers are the Ballard Locks which connect Puget Sound to Lake Washington. They're supposedly a quite pleasant place although in my 25 years here I've only been there once. I keep meaning to go again at some point. It was famous several years ago for having a resident population of seals and sea lions who were getting fat & happy on the salmon who congregate at the Locks attempting to swim upstream. The salmon were/are endangered, or at least the runs have been shrinking so many people wanted to just shoot the sea lions and be done with it.

Rhubarb pie? YUM. We used to have that back home in Wisconsin. Sweet with some tart. Absolutely delicious topped with a little whipped cream. Wonder where she was if she could walk over to them. . . .

Today in 2011 it is gloriously sunny and summer has finally arrived. Should be little rain for the next month and a half or two. It's about 2-3 weeks late this year. We shall probably spend most of the afternoon indoors at a movie, the last Harry Potter one. I don't really care for it but the Spousal Unit read all the books and likes the movies so I go along to maintain marital bliss. Must go to University District for her hair cut as well, I'll probably drop some books off at the library while she's doing that. I used to go to Anne for my hair for probably 20 years until it got too expensive. The higher the price went the less hair I had to cut so I started going to a barber. . . .

Friday, July 29, 2011

29 July 2011 (Friday)

On this day in 1948:
Hot day.
Went to answer an ad to W. club but had been filled. Met Dad at Rhodes (Dept. Store). Went to Golden Donut to have coffee. On to Ravenna Park walk thru Cowan Park & about 5 p.m. walked up to Frances & Don new home at 12th[?] & Ravenna Ave. A lovely place with new furniture. Had a wonderful chicken dinner. Take Roosevelt Way Bus No. 22 & 80th St. They have a nice garden.

Both of those parks are still around. Ravenna Park is largely wild through much of it with Ravenna Creek running through it, although a part of it is open and a formal park. Cowen Park is at one end of "Ravenna Gulch" as I call it. I used to live very near to 12th & Ravenna, probably a 10 minute walk up 12th from Ravenna. Neat that the same places are still there. Too bad she didn't put the house address in or I'd go look at the place. . . .

First day of unemployment (again). Beautiful sunny day. I worked out at the IMA (UW) as normal -- good workout and run on the track -- and was back by 8. I placed the new kitchen thresholds in and then grouted them in. Looks okay although one I stained too light. Met Fiona at the U Village Starbucks at 1:30 and we sat out in the sun and chatted until about 2:45. Steaks in teriyaki for dinner and I am making a cake as well. Must get out in the sun this weekend as Fiona commented on my white legs (compared to the rest of me). Also said something about Mickey and Tom at KC EMS that I did not find surprising (something not good, that is). Think it was second hand though, so I won't take it too seriously.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

28 July 2011 (Thursday)

On this day in 1948:
Morning cloudy but afternoon hot & sunny. Cleaned the house & after lunch stopped at Ray's for a visit & down town bot a new pocket book [aha, definitely female! ed.], small black corde[?]. Was at Mountaineer Club rooms. Bot sauce dishes for Carlson's for guest gift & to use for strawberry short cake. Listening to baseball game. Portland & Rainiers.

Guess we have a female for certain now. Interesting she's listening to a baseball game. I have observed that at some point a lot of women discover baseball in their late 40s or so. My mom did, my mother in law did. Always wondered about that. My mom still listens to Brewer games although the MIL doesn't much anymore.

My last day at Global Health today. It was a good day although more work than I had anticipated. Christine decided on some stuff that needed to be done ON MY LAST DAY so I was doing actual work most of the day. Mainly running the code through 2010 and making another entire data file from it. And we found a couple of bugs in the code (not really bugs, but stuff they didn't notice before that was wrong in the data and wasn't reflected in the code) that we had to work out. Went into the conference room at 9:45 and didn't get done until 2:45. I feel good about this stint though. I did good work, talked to many people socially (last time I was stuck in an office and didn't get much interaction), and even met the head honcho Fr. Mena. They were talking like they'd ask me back again so I am hopeful they'll realize -- well, they do realize it -- that the data is so complex and the code so unwieldy that a dedicated data person is needed.

Oh, and I saw Joanne Steckel in flats rather than heels and was aghast.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

27 July 2011 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1948:
Rainy to-day.
Went over to Ray's after breakfast. Cliff & Marge were there & had waffle & coffee with them. Just got home & Don called & said he was over at Ballard on business & would be to lunch. After lunch mailed washed clothes that we had at camp, dirty with Orcas Island soil.

Also taped to the page was the following (short) newspaper article:
Rain for 'Rainless Day' (Third Time in 56 Years)
Not in 56 years has it rained more than twice on July 27., but the weather yesterday says it's going to be a third time today.
It happened first on July 27, 1937, on which occasion there was weeping in the streets, and again on July 27, 1947, at which time the weather bureau sent out for sackcloth and a pail of ashes to wear the rest of the day.
If it happens today, as the crystal ball indicates, the day won't be any different than any other day. Three times is out.
The forecast: mostly cloudy weather, with a few showers, and slightly cooler temperature.

Well, here in 2011 it did not rain today; it rained yesterday. Or was it Monday? I can't remember, it's rained so much. Finished most work at work today, although Christine sent me an email after I left about some new stuff to add. Spent a few minutes talking to Fr. Mena about Coptic stuff. I showed him my little icon that someone in Egypt gave me several years ago and he kissed it; seemed quite touched that someone would have it. So, who knows, maybe I scored some points with Mr. Big and future work will result. Will be wearing the blue-orange-yellow Hawaiian shirt I bought in like 1987 to work tomorrow. Yes, it fits. I probably weigh less than I did then, but I'm more buff these days (less beer, donchaknow) so the only worry is that it would be too small in the shoulders. I shall miss people here this time (well, I did last time, but not as many); I'm sitting out with people and got to know more of them, and have been in a better mood now than before, too. *sniff*

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 July 2011 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1948:
Another sunny day.
Up most the day after lunch went to Ballard to shop bot box of candy for Miss Ida, birthday. Stopped at Hanks' Gift shop & she wrapped it & took it down to mail to Bellingham. Evening spent in writing letters.

Not working today -- am 21 hrs/week until Thursday -- and I did very little, mostly. Vacuumed the basement, did a little reading, and then late in the day I started working on some maps for the Kom el-Hisn monograph. I'm finally getting the whole Surfer (surface mapping) thing down. I won't go into details, but I'm working with mapping data from 20 years ago that uses a bizarre coordinate system from a site that used kind of a bizarre coordinate system. Took me forever to figure out how to get it all into a map where it all made sense.

Cloudy, cool, and rainy all morning. Truly a cruddy summer, although the weather guys say sunny for the next few days.

Monday, July 25, 2011

25 July 2011

On these days in 1948:
[22 July 2948 (Saturday)] Nice day.
Unpacked the [dunage?] bag & put sleeping bags on cloth lines to dry but by afternoon was in bed with headache.

[25 July 1948] Nice & sunny.
Dad went to church & after church went to ball game. Hollywood playing Rainiers. Lost first but won 2 game, 2 to 3. Was in bed all day.

That would be the Seattle Rainiers AAA Pacific Coast League team. I was trying to find the box scores for that day, but couldn't. The link there gives the team stats for 1948. Before the Mariners, Seattle has an MLB team for one year (1969) who then moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. Couldn't figure out what a 'dunage' bag is. I can find 'dunnage' bags but those seem to be modern inventions.

I've decided this is a woman since no man would go to bed all day with a headache. I'm guessing it was a migraine.

I did nothing of particular import today although I did meet Father Mina who runs the Coptic Hope Center whose data I am working with.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23 July 2011 (Saturday)

On this these last two days in 1948:
[22 July 1948 (Thursday)] Fair & at times showers & at 1:30 p.m. heavy showers just as we left camp. Busy all morning putting are[sic] things away & packing bags. Oscar took us to Doe Bay. Osage came about 3 p.m. Alma Hawkins was on Osage (visiting Mrs. Shar[unint]) at Doe Bay. Lyle met us. Dinner at Cheryl's. Frank & Donna, Eva & Fred came in for evening. Had shortcake using the last berries we brot from Carlson's farm. Frank brot dish with moss & Indian pipes found on their place (many, many blooming

[23 July 1948] Nice day.
[Unk] rather early canned black berries that had picked on Orcas Island (3 qts.). Had intended going to Seattle on train but had changed schedule to earlier so went on bus. In Seattle @ 1:30 p.m. Dad went to Dr. & took taxi with all the camping luggage cost $1.50 to get home. Cleaned house first, before I unpacked luggage. Saw Ray & told me, she expected to be grand parents. In March. Dad listened to Henry Wallace's Third Party Convention at Philadelphia. Called Don. They were painting their fence.

I was wrong! They do not live on Orcas Island, but were vacationing there from Seattle. That actually makes a little more sense. I noticed the "Indian pipes" which I have since looked up. According to Wikipedia (and other sites) it is Monotropa uniflora a herbaceous perennial plant that is technically a parasitic myco-heterotroph, meaning it is parasitic on certain fungi and does not contain chlorophyll but is still not a fungus itself. Hence, it's not a fungus itself, but relies on them. It is said to be edible and tastes like asparagus. Neat. Add that to the repertoire of potential Amerindian plant resources in the area.

I did not have a pleasant last couple of days. Had bit of a falling out with a long-time friend; we were in grad school together and she got me my first job in public health. Kinda lost touch for several years but she moved back to Seattle (from NYC) and was looking into research on local tribes. I won't go into the gory details, but it was more of a professional disagreement. I do not think I was in the wrong on this one, but it still distresses me greatly. I think she's gotten a good bit flakier in the last several years. A pity, though we were never really close friends (mainly because she's always been a little. . .odd).

We may have finally turned the corner into summer! Supposedly 80 today and 82 tomorrow and, although showers supposedly return mid-week, supposedly more sun after that. Probably still a short, cool summer.

Yesterday (Friday) I cleaned floors and other stuff and surveyed some at the cemetery in the afternoon. Didn't sleep well Thursday night, so I was tired.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
[Wednesday] Foggy morning.
Irene Kenna & I went blackberrying picked all most[sic] a two gallon pail full. By noon I was terrific hot & Dean Croutz & wife came to same patch & picked berries for a guest & was giving them a treat of wild black berries & sugar. Irene made pan cake & we had crushed black berries on them. [Mrs. or?] Grandma said Mrs. Moore was wishing some one died so she could dress up for that's the only time she dressed up was when she went to a funeral.
Had a swell dinner at Carlson's. Ham & eggs, creamed cabbage, lettuce & short cake & strawberries with ice cream.

Nothing much to say, although that is rather hilarious about "Grandma" saying she wished someone would die so she could dress up for the funeral.

Much work done today. We had a 2.5 hour meeting to figure out how many computed variables I had coded, what they were, and hash out how to calculate who was lost to follow up and how to code people who had supposedly died but then had clinic visits afterwards. I wanted to make a flag for them name the variable "Zombies", but they decided on VisitsAfterDeath instead. I really must slip something bizarre in there somewhere as a little easter egg for them. Last week of work next week. Sad me.

I do blame myself somewhat for my employment woes. True, the economy sucks and the powers that be are doing everything they can to ensure that it sucks for a long time to come, but much of it in my own situation is my own doing. For years I only thought of getting that PhD and never gave a thought to what I would do afterwards, and then once I got it I didn't know what to do with myself. Pretty much typical of me though: I fiddled around in grade school until I decided I wanted to go to college and then knuckled down and was an excellent student, then fiddled around as an undergrad until I decided to go to grad school and then knuckled down and was an excellent student, etc. Once I decided on a dissertation topic I did the same thing. Now. . . .what to do? Public health? Eh. Contract archaeology? Eh. I'm basically stuck in low gear until the next damn fool goal pops into my head. . . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Morning rather hazy. Left Dad & with Raymond & his girl Joan & Mrs. Carlson for Friday Harbor; went by ferry Vashon. A beautiful ride. Went to see biology laboratories which is two miles walk but at close of quarter*, so had no special specimen to show. The day was hot by noon & was a swell trip back to Orcas & back to Carlson's home and it is a beautiful place.

* The "biology laboratories" are the Friday Harbor Labs which are still operating. The "close of quarter" refers to the end of the school session which at UW is on the quarter system.

Here's a little history of the Vashon boat along with a very good picture. It was apparently sunk as a reef -- or maybe wrecked? -- up in Alaska in 1986. At last, something concrete to connect this person to! Imagine, s/he was actually riding on that boat the day that they wrote that entry.

Nothing particularly exciting happening here in 2011. Weather was mid-70s and cloudy in the morning to mostly sunny in the afternoon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011

On the last several days in 1948:
[July 16, 1948, Friday] Hot day. Packed our sleeping bags & took bus at Olga for West Sound. Bus driver let us off road on which Anna Nordstrom lived but decided to walk to West Sound. Had lunch but beaches rocky so decided to walk to Nordstrom's. Have a real farm. 2 dogs, 2 goats, 3 turkeys, 10 half-grown turkeys, 2 rabbits, 3 cats & 2 kittens, 1 guinea hen, lots of chickens. In evening showed us their garden & prune trees 60 (years old) & the shed where they dry them, garden & pear trees. Lots of sheep & 1 cows. Anna kept busy doing chores evening. We had [deer?] steaks for dinner.

[July 17] Another hot day. Woke up early. Dad in bed exploded[???] (he thot gas) but was worse & it had [sl***?] & hit my leg. Got up & washed sheets & hung on line. It was from the eating of deer meat was little too old from ice box & refrigeration. Waited a long time for bus. Mr. Van on bus was going to Carlson's to get strawberries. Was glad to get back think this part of the island best.

[July 18] Cloudy day yet not cold. It was calm. Went black-berrying & picked 2 gallons at Obstruction Pass. Found a swell patch. Hid the berries and walked down to point at the Pass. Home about 4 p.m.Looked the berries over & at evening was showing Oscar how many berries & left them on table by stove & went to fetch milk & when we came back Hank (the horse) had eaten a pint of black [cajo?] & half my berries. Just hope he had colic.

[July 19 Monday] Cloudy day yet not cold. Canned blackberries 2 qts. We walked to Olga. Paid the balance of grocery bill. Went to see Dr. Lang has very attractive things in his home rare antiques lamps from Mr. Henry's home. Early lumberman of pioneer days of Seattle. About 3 p.m. Had lunch at Chicken in Basket.

Oh dear, poor old dad. That one word in there is not ***ed out due to readers potentially getting the vapors, I couldn't tell what it was exactly. The pattern you see of very warm weather followed by cloudy days is typical: we will get "offshore flows" with air moving from the mountains to the ocean and heating up as it goes which are then followed by "onshore flows" with marine air moving inland bringing cooler cloudy weather. The 15th through the 17th were in the '80s and then on the 18th it dropped down to 61.

No entries for several days due to much pressing business. Actually, getting my 1978 Mustang II ready for the Mustang Roundup and judging over the weekend and then going to it. Mine was being judged by Mustang Club of America rules and it won First Place in its class for the second year in a row. Errr, it was the only one in its class, but it still had to make a minimum points total to win. I was actually a bit disappointed though, because I had been looking at others that were in the same category (Occasional Driver) and theirs looked far, far cleaner then mine. I think mine is more of a daily driver though; from talking to the owners, they drive them very occasionally, perhaps a few times a year, whereas mine is at least a couple days each week. They would be able to take parts out of the engine to clean them where I can't really do that. I'm going to work on cleaning the engine bay better because that was the worst as far as points being taken off.

Also, a crow managed to fall into the chimney Saturday and I got like four phone calls within a half hour from the Spousal Unit about it. When I got home about 3:30 I put on some gloves and goggles, opened the flue, and took it out. It actually went fairly easily, it didn't struggle all that much -- I think it was exhausted -- and just cawed a lot when I finally got a good hold of it. Non the worse for wear though, he flew away quite nicely.

Friday, July 15, 2011

15 July 2011

On the last two days in 1948:
[14 July 1948, Wednesday] Wonderful weather. Dad went out & picked berries so when he got back went to can [niny?] & making jam. Spent all afternoon on the beach looking for agates. Did find 24 but only one in nice shape. Had an early dinner. Irene brot down 2 pieces of black berry pie for our dinner.

[15 July 1948] Hot day. Didn't feel so good. Dad walked to Olga. Helped Irene pick a cannery flat (12 boxes) & 1 crate of commercial (16 boxes). Then changed my clothes & walked to Olga right at 12 M & thot I would faint so hot but got to Chicken in a Basket & had poached egg & hot bread & coffee & felt better. Rest of day laid on point beyond Irelands home & slept & rested. Bot groceries & walked home but a nice breeze was blowing.

Aha, there is apparently a restaurant called "Chicken in a Basket". I'm noticing more contractions in spellings; 'brot' for 'brought' for example. I'm not editing these entries at all so the spelling is how it's written. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a mis-spelling or perhaps a common contraction used at the time.

As for me, I spent the last two days working and getting my Mustang II ready for the annual Mustang Roundup tomorrow and Sunday. It's a '78 that I acquired in 1990 and kept in great shape for the most part. Interior is almost stock, only new carpet and a couple of upholstery panels in the seats replaced. I never showed it before last year when the Mustang Club of America had its national meetup here last year. Won first place! Hoping to repeat again this year. I figure I should have it judged if I'm going to show up since I don't much care for car shows anyway.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Continues warm weather. After breakfast went blackberry picking around the hay field. Oscar & Barney raking hay. Donna is going back & as we left Mrs. Carlson took us to Olga for to get boat at Doe Bay. Mrs. Sam Carver was on bus. Dad & I went out on point beyond Ireland's place & laid in sun all afternoon & at 5:30 p.m. went to Chicken in the basket & french fries. Dad that morning had come from Seattle and that was his treat.

I'm wondering about this "for to" construction s/he uses quite often. I've seen it before, but usually in song contexts, not in general speech. Is that common? Checking my historic weather data, we see that the weekend before and through the 13th had a warming trend with a high of 76 on the 13th. Actually warms into the 80s for the next couple days after that.

Here in 2011, I woke up in the middle of the night (probably 2:30-3) and was unable to get back to sleep for quite a while, at least until after 4. I find that if I can get back to sleep, even for 15 minutes or so, after being awake for a while I don't feel nearly as bad the next day. Wonderfully relaxing sleep at those times as well.

Other than that, I spent the day at work figuring out how to determine how people were lost from the (Kenya) clinic and hashed much of it out with Christine. Yikes, complicated data. Daisy came trotting to the door when I came home, too; I appreciated that. We nicknamed her Thumper because she walks heavily. Then we went to the U Village; lovely day here after it was supposed to be cloudy and showery.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Still beautiful days. David gathering red tide to analyze at College. We went to Carlson's patch to pick berries for Dad to take home, [lost?] 1 carrier. Had lunch & saw David on his way to get bus at for Doe Bay. Donna & I went with Irene & Arleen black berry picking. Picked enough for 2 pies & a few pints to can for pies to take home. Also found logan berries which didn't belong to us & canned a quart. Campers gave us 2 rock cod.

I wonder if this constant berry picking was a seasonal thing Orcas Islanders used to do or if this person just did it a lot.

For me, I was fairly melancholy today, not for any particular reason, I just was. Spent a lot of time just sitting with the cats staring out the front window. I did, however, manage to cut the other kitchen door threshold and stain it. Only problem now is finding the correct grout to put around them and I don't know if I saved the leftovers from the floor. Rescheduled lunch with Victoria for Friday. Weeded the mini-garden; onions and garlic only (well, and climbing peas) since that's abot all we can grow back there. Well, the anise and artichokes grew like weeds, too. Kinda cloudy, showery and 70.

Monday, July 11, 2011

11 July 2011

Eeek, missed several days! Here, in order are the last several days of 1948 entries:
[8 July 1948, Thursday] For a wonder a nice day & picked berries all day. Had Mr. Loomis pickers helping Oscar only berry farm producing. Adam (the Indian) had his sweetie helping him on his row. He picked 7 1/2 flats. I picked 17 carriers. Six boxes to each carrier. Our features of interest is Donna & Edie (she is a red headed divorcee & so neat & picking berries [unk], such movie soulful kisses that go on during the picking of berries.

[9 July 1948] Beautiful day. Picked at Ray's berry patch. Some pickers at Anderson's & others finishing at Patch 3. Don [Donna?] & Frank came in for lunch & Anna Nordstrom & had lunch with them & last day of picking[.] Carlson's had ice cream with crushed berries so good, but some boys didn't return to work but we finished up Raymond's patch. Seems queer to think, don't have to go back to work. Donna & Frank left at 2 p.m. to get bus to take them to Doe Bay.

[10 July 1948 Saturday]. Wonderful weather. Dad went out & picked strawberries for to make jam. Was short of sugar so went to Bushans[?] to get sugar but they weren't at home. Borrowed sugar from Carlson's & put of 8 pints that night of strawberry jam.

[11 July 1948] Beautiful sunny days. Made 4 pts of jam after breakfast just finishing when Lyle & Cheryl [brot?] a car load of Bellingham folks. Aunt E. & Fred Donna & David Orser. Last two stayed all night for Dad went with them back for had to go to Seattle for check with Dr. Swell eats & they left much for us too. Cheryl took a flat of berries home. Anna Nordstrom picking her berries. They left at 4 p.m. so as to see Mt. Constitution & David went with them & he hiked back & we went to Obstruction Pass to pick black berries & we all got back at camp same time[.]

I notice that while there are some grammatical errors in these entries -- most probably to shorten up entries -- there are very few spelling errors. As one who spent quite a bit of time grading undergraduate exams, I find this rather amazing. I guess that nails it that s/he lives on Orcas Island.

The Spousal Unit finished her 6-week interim class at UW-Milwaukee Sunday, much to our mutual relief. Too much to jam into 6 weeks and she stressed some. It was a computer literacy class and she hated the prof for the most part. I got home at 4:15 and quick mowed the yard before it rained -- hallelujah for online radar! Probably the last mowing until October as the dry season is starting real soon now.

Note: I am now listening to Sneaker Pimps on my vintage stereo. It's my old Onkyo amp & tuner & turntable plus a new DVD/CD player. I moved it all up to my little office a couple months ago and decided to buy some old vintage speakers to go with it. Talk about going nuts. I could have bought like 8 pair, but I limited myself to, um, three. One set, Boston Acoustics A70s, I fixed (refoamed the woofers) and sold on Craig's List for $70. Also found a single Genesis V6 at Goodwill -- sort of a tiny version of my big Genesis 2+s which the Spousal Unit promptly nicknamed Mini Me -- and bought a single newer JBL. . .off of Craig's List for $20. I got two mismatched ones because I though I'd have to wait months and months to find an appropriate pair. Turned out it was easier than I thought: about 2 weeks later I snagged a pair of beautiful Smaller Advents at an estate sale for $25 (talked 'em down from $125). Always loved Advents and I'm happy to have these. The bass is superb. I really have to hold myself in check to keep buying the damn things; I mean, I was a little stereo nut when I was a teenager and now I find that I can buy all these great speakers I drooled over back then for cheap! Of course, what do you do with more than a pair or two. . . .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Rain this early morning & cloudy. Didn't work till 11 a.m. yet I picked 11 carriers for the length of time picking. 2 High School boys from New York are picking (one so afraid of spiders!) & at first such importance [??] but the local kids are ribbing them fairly good so by end of week may not feel their importance. Mrs. Van gave us some of their chicken, so had potatoes & gravy with ours.
Barney Vierich was down to get fresh sea water for clams that were dug Monday. Having low & high tides.

That was a Wednesday. I guess the New Yawkahs thought they were hot stuff.

Sadly, it turned much cooler today and rained some which made my decision to wear short sleeves a dubious one. I wasn't alone, as Allison came in wearing a flimsy summer dress (not that I'm complaining. . . .). They were talking about bringing me back for some more time after my current stint is done at the end of July, so that's nice. Always good to know you're wanted. Lisa W. at the County even emailed me today to see if I were free for lunch; sadly, I wasn't: had to go to the dentist. Usually Sally the hygienist is pretty brutal; really, after sitting there with her for 45 minutes I feel like I've been punched in the mouth. She was better today.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 July 2011

Yeah, missed a couple of days. My other blog was having comment problems and I was. . . .err, okay, playing in the sun. It's been NICE here. Which is actually odd for the 4th of July:
[Sunday, July 4, 1948] Cloudy and cold & sun tried to shine in the afternoon. Carlson's as us to go to Legion picnic at Cascade Lake. Beautiful spot. Had sack races for women carrying an an egg on a spoon tug of war, boat races & pie eating contest. Don [O'Dell?] a picker at Carlson's field won a ; a boy of 13 yrs. [F*ist?] fried chick & peas from their farm. Carlson's have lots of friends & relatives visiting.

Cascade Lake looks to be on Orcas Island, a quick ferry trip from up around Bellingham. That's kind of a nice old 4th of July celebration. The weather here on the 4th is usually dicey; we tend to have summer start -- meaning little rain and temps in the '70s and above -- round about mid-July and the 4th is often cool and cloudy if not rainy.

5 July 1948:
Nice day. Worked all day picking berries. Was so tired went to bed at 6:30 pm. The Carlson's & relatives had a big bon fire on beach. Oscar caught 2 rock cod & one 30 inchens long ling cod. Their relatives wanted a last taste of sea fish. Bees a swarming again but guess Thelma's carrier, the bottom fell out & spilt two full boxes of berries.

Sounding more like s/he actually lives on Orcas Island, not on the mainland by Bellingham as I had thought. That would explain going to a picnic and seeing a bonfire the very next day without making a special trip to Orcas. Hmmmmm.

6 July 1948:
Rained in the night and morning cold & foggy & was wondering if to pick berries. Started in at 11:45 a.m. & we got wet to our elbows but finally the sun came out & warmed us. Mrs. Van bot[sic] a chicken from Mrs. Carlson & she helped her clean it & at night put on stone[?] & cooked. Carlson's relatives all left for California. Mr. & Mr.s Bigger were visiting from Kent. 40 yrs ago had Doe Bay Store. The Carlson's called him "Little Bigger". For he is a small man.

Heh. Doe Bay is also on Orcas Island. Case almost closed? Interestingly, they had switched the entries on the 5th and 6th so that the printed date was crossed out and the real date written in.

Here in 2011 we may have flipped over to Summer Mode a bit early this year as a few days ago it became sunny and warm (70s, 80s) and looks the same going out for a few days. The 4th for us did not involve sack races or pie eating contests. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Wasn't bad, not overly crowded. We also go there every year on Christmas Eve, have for the last 8-9 years. We just decided to do that one year and kept doing it ever since. Very pleasant: few people there, nice and quiet, usually not terrible weather. We missed it a few years ago because of snow.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 July 2011

On this day in 1948:
Beautiful days. Picked at Anderson's field, Irene and I picked 20 carriers on one row (16'). Bees swarmed in a [fir tree?] just next to berry patch. Picked 18 carriers. Played whist at Carlson's Mrs. Vierick & I won from Sarah & Dad. Sarah is Mrs. Vierick old retired school teacher. Went to bed late. Rained in the night.

Guessing now that since this person's father is still alive, s/he can't be of retirement age (possible, I suppose, although not likely IMO).

Today I accomplished the slightly momentous task of cleaning up my desk. Traditionally, I have always had a messy desk. I.Don't.Know.Why. I know how but not why. How, I just put stuff on the desk in order to not lose it or because I need it for whatever project I'm working on, or because I need to deal with it soon(ish), or because I don't know what to do with it so I just put it there until I can figure out what to do with it. Couple of years ago I made a rare new year's resolution to keep my desk clean. Oddly, I did okay with that. Just the last few months I've gone back to my old ways, although the Spousal Unit also likes to put stuff on MY desk for safekeeping or whatever. Among the items found and discarded:
-- Three iTunes Pick of the Week free song downloads from Starbucks
-- A handful of little paper drink umbrellas
-- A pile of floppy disks with old software on them

That latter was extremely difficult to get rid of; see here. What did I say then?
Yes, I’ve already gone through a panic about giving my computers away. And I did, in fact, rescue a few diskettes from the trash. I feel so ashamed.

It was these self-same disks. They were a bootleg copy of WordPerfect 5.1, a bootleg copy of Spear of Destiny, and my old Ami Pro disks. It.Was.Difficult. But I tossed them out. I don't have a floppy drive anywhere and. . .well, let's face it, what am I gonna do with 20-year old word processing software? Can't send them to anyone that can read them. It would be kind of nice to use them again for old-time's sake, but. . . .I dunno. They're still in the trash, but I'm not going to dig them out this time.

The other event of import was that I spent over an hour this morning watching the prosecution's closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial. Never watched one of those before all the way through. I haven't been following it all that closely, but I mostly know what's been going on. You know, it finally struck me how real it was. I'd always thought she was guilty and my mind hasn't changed, but there was a point when Casey was looking away crying and -- it sounds cheesy -- but it reminded me that she was a real person, not just a character in a courtroom drama. Sounds trite, I know, but I think one tends to get caught up in the "TV drama" aspect of these things and forget what sort of trauma the people involved are going through. I feel a tad chastened that I have been so flip about it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 July 2011

On this day (and July 1) in 1948:
[July 1] At 5:30 a.m. Strong west wind blowing, a lovely day yet it was cool picking berries; sun shining. picked 15 carriers means 3 1/2 crates small amount to pick but seems like I can't pick any faster. Received a letter from Don. Dad worked to[sic] hard yesterday not feeling so good today.

[July 2] Days are grand. Picking fast & furious but can't seem to gain speed in crates.

The weather data says that it cooled by about 10 degrees from the previous days (high of 69 on the 1st), explaining the "west wind": here that means an onshore flow from the ocean which cools things down during the summer. I'm guessing these are strawberries they're picking and it sounds like they're doing it as a job rather than as a hobby. Who is this person?

For myself, I spent yesterday afternoon at Calvary recording gravestones. Wore shorts and short sleeves and got a bit burned for it, too. It wasn't all that warm so I didn't really notice. One person had a very long inscription which I need to figure out. This is what I managed to decipher:
In memory of [Name]
A native of Germany
**** Ship Vanderbilt of the US Navy from Aug 18** until [honorably?] discharged Aug 1867
Erected by his wife *llen Jordan
[He?] has the soldier's recompense
[His?] is a [patriot's?] grave
Where calm is ***** *****
Our noble, true and *****

Which I see from the ever-useful probably actually reads: "He has the soldier's recompense. His is a patriot's grave. Where calm in death reposes our noble true and brave".