Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June 2011

On this day in 1948:
Another beautiful day. Finished picking at [Ascuis?] 2nd Patch went to Raymonds[?] at about 11 a.m. lost time in changing patches. Again get weary by 2 p.m. & want to lay down. Dad went to visit Willis' saw mill & came & picked a few berries about 3 carriers. Didn't do so well today. Mrs. Van's red-headed son only picked 2 carriers & went to Olga to his room where he is boarding. Saw a half a dead fish in the sea. [simple fish drawing at bottom of page] A small tuna fish! Had the most brilliant deep blue aqua marine eyes & long teeth & a huge [fan?] fin on its back 3 ft or 4 ft long put a stick in its mouth & grasped it (tuna)

A dead fish, apparently a tuna. I didn't know they came up into the Sound waters. I wonder if that's what it really was? As a historical note, I have, in fact, retrieved weather data from 1948. Between June 26-30 it was indeed pleasant ranging between the mid-70s and mid-80s for temperatures (82 and 83 respectively on June 28-29). That is data from Seattle and the person is up in Bellingham, so there will be a bit of a difference.

Not much exciting going on in 2011. The ladies at Global Health seem pleases with my work for the week that involved a data dictionary for the computed variables. It is data from the Hope Clinic in Kenya. Kind of a mess, but it's a job. I would guess probably 20% of the employees there are male so all in all it's a pleasant little work environment for me, tellyawhat, although the estrogen levels are starting to make me look at window treatments with a bit more interest. . . .

I posted about my old Hitachi cassette deck over at Audiokarma. I might have a go at fixing the dumb thing as I hate to just get rid of it. Besides, it doesn't work so what can I hurt? (he says. . . )

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29 June 2011

On this day in 1948:
Real summer again! Went to pick berries early for me 7:30 a.m. (15 carriers) Mrs. Van den Arend (our tent mate & son Allen & dog "Tarsus"[?]. Another son Neiko firy [sic] red head. Stays at Olga so can have bath & shave but never can see an improvement in his looks. [Oooo, harsh] Always wears a rain coat, no matter how hot the day, picking berries or riding a bicycle. Sure looks queer coat tails a flopping & long red locks of hair in eyes. Dad picked up one carrier today. Has been a terrific hot day at mid day. Just wanted to die in strawberry rows.

How's that for a character. Long red hair, wears a rain coat all the time. Wish I had access to historical weather data for that far back (actually, I could probably dig it up somewhere. . . .)

FYI, I just slammed my other notebook computer's lid shut. I can't decide who I hate more, Apple of Microsoft. They both make buggy crapware as far as I'm concerned. iTunes quit being able to burn any CD a while back and kept giving me a lame-ass error saying so, and I finally fixed that, but now iTunes declares there is no CD burning software found. Idiots. Idiots, idiots, idiots.

Calm down. . . . .no use getting all upset at a bunch of trained chimps pretending they can write software. . . . .

Nothing exciting happened today although I had a brilliant workout this morning. Well, that's not strictly true (though I still had an spic workout): Daisy decided that it would be just loads of fun last night to attack the shadow of the hummingbird feeder being cast on the blinds in the living room. I think she kept at it for like an hour and a half. The Spousal Unit was worried she was going to hurt herself jumping up that high, and I was worried she was going to rip the blinds to shreds. I eventually had to go outside and put the feeder on the ground to get rid of the shadow. Oddly, however, I still managed to sleep okay, thanks in large part to Miss Ambien.

Daisy as a kitten:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June 2011 (Tuesday)

What happened on this day in 1948? (Monday)
Morning bright. Real summer days here. Out in patch at 7:30 am [lacked?] one box of [being?] 15 carriers. The most beautiful view of Mt. Baker even saw distinctly every foot hill & so much snow has melted from Mts.
Some excitement in the berry patch a swarm of bees came buzzing across the patch & I was right in their path & I sure scampered & got under the bench didn't want them to think I was a dead tree but I nearly was exhausted before I met the bees for it was [a] hot day. I was electrified.

Apparently this person lives up in/near Bellingham. Still don't know who it was, how old, or even if it was a man or woman. Can't tell what the two blocked-out words are. I have a feeling this is perhaps the retired parent of the person whose estate sale I bought it from as this person seems to have been retired. Or perhaps a housewife?

I have not had that much excitement. My sole task today thus far (right before lunch) has been to epoxy the bottom seam of my Mustang's reserve gas tank.Started leaking last week, mechanic removed it and was going to put a patch hose in so I could drive around while I fixed the tank, but the upper fill nozzle is actually a part of the reserve tank, so no go. I got some JB Weld epoxy. Took me forever to find the stupid leak: I had to plug up the bottom outlet and then fill it with water and wait to see where it leaked out. Oye. Ah, the joys of having an old car (1978).

UPDATE: Listening to Styx' Grand Illusion while I decide how to waste the rest of the afternoon. And dumped the rest of the "yard waste" in the bin at the curb before the pleasant and efficient men of Waste Management(tm) come to dump it. I swear, in another ten years we'll have 12 different bins out front every week and spend approximately OUR WHOLE LIVES sorting our trash. At least we get to put meat out. They finally gave us gigundo plastic bins with lids on them so we could put bear/raccoon/coyote/deadly crow-attracting stuff in it. Of course, I keep the lid open since otherwise it stinks to high heaven and when grass goes in it builds up so much heat I figure it needs to ventilate or else I'll get knocked over from the mushroom cloud when I open it. Nothing's ever popped out of it though. . . .yet. The Spousal Unit said she saw a crow fly out once but I'm awaiting bigger prey. Of course, with my luck a rapid squirrel will leap out and start attacking me ala the rabbit in Holy Grail.

Where was I? Oh yes, Styx. I had a frat brother, Ed, who played one of their songs at an open mike at the U of Wisconsin (Madison) Union once. He told us he was going to be there to play his guitar and would we like to come and hear. "Okay, Ed", we said, "we'll come and hear you 'play guitar'". We had no idea he even had a guitar. And see, open mike at the Union was rarely a venue for the truly talented. Twice the guy with the snare drum showed up to do drum solos to popular songs. Ah yes, the snare drum version of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams is an experience, tellyawhat. And Ed isn't what one usually thinks of as the artiste type. Several of us stopped by Ken's parents' house on the way back from a road trip -- nice house, prim and proper parents -- when Ed comes into the living room and announces "Man, I don't know what I ate at Purdue but I just can NOT shit."

We weren't expecting much.

Then he whips out a 12-string and starts wailing on the thing. "Huh?" Talk about dumbfounded. Book, cover, you know.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

26 June 2011 (Sunday)

I actually slept halfway okay last night, not waking up for good until almost 5:30. Still went to the TV room to finish the night, as I've been doing for the past 6 months or so, and still woke up several times, but I'm not complaining. Well-rested = go to Mass. I enjoyed it today, even though my back did not. Not too many there, probably because of vacations. Funny, I noticed "old lady perfume" again today, which immediately brought back fond memories of Sunday church back when I was a kid in Fond du Lac, WI. Odd that: the old ladies of today are still wearing the same perfume old ladies wore back then.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

25 June 2011

First post. Found a diary from 1948 at an estate sale and I'm going to try yet another time to keep a stupid diary. Done so before, always dropped it. I don't know why. I wish I hadn't because then some Very Important Questions from my past may have answers. Okay, mostly stupid questions:
-- Where did I do laundry when I first moved to Seattle?
-- What was the address of the house across the street from the frat on Gilman that I lived in?
-- When did I move into the place on Roosevelt?

See? Dumb questions. But they bother me. Still, who knows maybe this time I'll keep posting and in 20 years some moron will read this like I am reading the 1948 diary and think "Hey, that's kind of cool".

Let's see what happened on this date in 1948. . . .
Another beautiful day. [Ha, not now] Went out to pick berries early for me & picked 12 cherries [heheheh]. That [sic] a lot for me. Dad came in about 11 a.m. from Seattle after being in hospital for 4 weeks. Walks about fairly good. He had hot water for me, when I came from work. Mrs. Carlson's (Grandma) brother Bob [erick?] from San Francisco is visiting. Oscar cutting the Bond Boy's hair & such stories they tell. About the priest talking to the drunk that he ought to be ashamed to (over) to [sic] be spending money on drinks it's such a waste. Better spend it on orphans where it would do some good. [Hrumph!]? replied the drunk, if you wore your pants backwards like your collar, there wouldn't be any orphans.

OOooooo. . . .anti-Catholic humor!

On January 1 all he [he? she?] wrote was "Green apple quickstep!" Ha. Not the band.

Drizzly early, partly sunny, mid 60s today. Spring hath sucked so far, but supposed to be warmer in the next few days. I read a book called "Eye" by Frank Herbert (Dune) this morning, and watched the 1984 movie "The Philadelphia Experiment" this afternoon. Eh, not bad. Something to while away a Saturday afternoon on. Starred Michael Pare, who was also in something called "Eddie and the Cruisers" and "Streets of Fire". Semi-popular back in the '80s, probably because he sounded like Sylvester Stallone. I watched the Streets of Fire one with Ken (frat) and Janice (California hottie) way back in the '80s on video so I have a secret liking for it.

Wow, this is kind of a stupid diary. Well, I can only hope that this will answer some insane question I have in 20 years.

Oh, BTW, typing this on a MacBook Air that I inherited from my sister. Eh, it's okay. Better than a Winblows computer but that's not saying much. Must begin the dinner process now. . . .