Sunday, August 20, 2017

20 August 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Made our breakfast & cookies. Made more paper doll clothes. Played in sand (I thought we'd grown up). Read and played piano. Went to bed.
Slept well. Had planned on going to Mass but the Spousal Unit slept in -- which is good -- so I didn't. I made pancakes. They are good pancakes. I use 1/3 oatmeal instead of the flour. My dad had always made pancakes in our house (I guess that's something dad's do) and he always used either Bisquick, which is a southern habit I believe, or Aunt Jemima or Hungry Jack mix. I don't remember him ever making them from scratch. I did not like the pancakes from a mix that I had always made, and I looked up some recipes and tried a couple and this one worked out the best, especially after I had added the oatmeal. Here is the recipe:
1 C flour
1/2 C oatmeal
3 t baking powder
2 T sugar (I use Splenda sweetener)
(mix that all together)
3 T butter, melted
~2 C buttermilk
1 egg
We have also started using real maple syrup which I have found tastes quite nice although I may be getting a little tried of it and may go back to the Hungry Jack stuff.

Early this morning before becoming fully awake I had decided not to take the Mustang to the car show next weekend, but I decided to anyway. It's not judged so I don't really have to try to make it perfect, just a nice, clean driver. So this morning I started cleaning the engine bay. It was not very dirty since I have not been driving it much. It was very relaxing cleaning it. I mostly finished the engine bay. Then we went to lunch at McD's and then UVil for the usual Sunday business.

When we came back there was a rabbit in the back yard. There have not been very many rabbits here until this year. I believe it is because of all the composting and gardening people are now doing, also possibly the chickens people are raising. We have many more rats as well. At least the rabbits are cute. He hung out in our back yard for most of the afternoon. I washed the Mustang as well. All I have left to do to make it show-worthy is wax it and then clean up the interior. I am still embarrassed about the last show it was in, it was not nearly ready for a judged show. I even overheard someone complaining that it had gotten a bronze award when the owner "didn't even do anything to it". IN my defense, however, I did not know they had gone to a non-1st-2nd-3rd format. But I was still embarrassed about it.

I made dinner and then we walked over in Laurelhurst. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

19 August 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Got up early. Made cookie dough. Made old Fashion doll clothes almost all day. Bobby came down. Cleaned out drawers. Jeanne & I went to bed.
Me, right after typing the diary entry: "What's all this red s**t? [on the desk and keyboard]"


Went out for breakfast this morning. I could only manage four bacon and one pancake, because I slept well last night. Didn't do much this morning, although I did change the litter and a few other odds and ends. Did I do anything major? I do not believe so. We left around 11 for errands and lunch, consisting of Home Despot and Spam's Club (work gloves at the former, other stuff at the latter). Lunch at Ivar's on Aurora. Then to the pet food store and back to car wash and then an estate sale. The sale was by our old friend Marianne who is fairly old and not walking too well these days. We hadn't seen her in a while but apparently she had sent out an email asking everyone who still wanted to receive them to respond and I guess we never did. It was good to see her still at it. I bought a small pedestal to put the small dragon tongue plant on to keep away from Jack, I hope it will work, but he may try to climb up it and knock it over.

Once we got back we started a project, removing the planter boxes from the back yard. They are ugly and we don't use them as gardens so they are going away. The first one came out and we spread much of the dirt out by the southwest corner where it is low. It looks better without it. Later on I will remove the other two and also the trellis and large rose bush on the side of the patio. I have no compunction about changing things anymore. As far as I'm concerned my entire life before this is dead and gone and I am making a new person. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

18 August 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
Got up late. Had books. Made fudge. Mary E. and Annabelle came over. Jeanne and I played piano. Concert next [radio]. Talked in bed till concert stopped.
I guessed that it was 'radio'.

Man, woke up at 3:30 again and was all wound up. Maybe this trazodone is wearing off. Anyway, I took a half an ambien and went right back to sleep and was out until the alarm. Ate in and went up to North Bend around 6:30 and I stopped at the Starbucks there and got two shots of espresso for my drink and sat there for a little while. I drank a little bit of the coffee and read some Internet things. then I left to go to the site.

I had very little to do. The drillers weren't in anything to monitor and I screened the sample from yesterday and then the bigger sample from the other trench. I only found a rusty nail. I did some busy work for a while because I wanted to go to lunch in North Bend at the "RR Diner" in Twin Peaks. It's actually a place called Twede's and we don't really go there anymore because it's not very good. It used to be a real dive that was kind of nice in the way that dive's are, but then new owners took it over and there was a fire and they remodeled but the service and food was not very good after that. The Twin Peaks Return is on television now so I thought that because I had time I should go. So I went to the outlet mall and bought some new work jeans and some underwear which is probably too long, but it was cheap so I bought them anyway.

I got to the cafe at 11 and it was very crowded. I took a seat at the counter. The person behind the counter was an older woman and kept calling me honey. I ordered what I thought was a hot dog but it turned out to be a massive hamburger with a hot dog on top of it. I only ate the meat and the pickles and the lettuce that was on the bun. I also drank coffee which I never do (except in a mocha) and it wasn't too bad. I ordered a slice of pie because that is also what you do there, and she asked if I wanted ice cream with it and I said no but it came with ice cream anyway. I took a couple of photos of the pie and the coffee mug which had the "RR" logo on it and also bought one of the mugs as a souvenir for my sister who loves the show. She likes coffee and drinks it a lot so the nice big mug will be nice for her.

I drove home and after a little bit of unpacking stuff and changing clothes, Margie called me and asked if I would go check on Sunny because she had been calling Sunny several times and it was always busy. I was riding my bike down to the UW so I checked on her. She was sitting on the outside steps so I told her that Margie was concerned and then we chatted a bit. She says that Margie really likes me and talks about me a lot. I think it is because I am kind of like a retarded puppy that way.

The UVil was busy as usual and it was pleasant to sit in the SBux a while. I got some stuff for dinner and also my prescription for the trazodone which had expired. I walked around a bit more and then rode home. Both rides were uneventful.

I believe we will have to sell our family home in Wisconsin in the next 6 months. I was hoping we could keep it for longer. We Skype with Mom this evening as well, with my brother, sister in law, and niece. It was a good call although Mom didn't say much. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

17 August 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Woke up about 8:30. Got up for a while. The "Anne" books came. Annabelle came over. Got up some more. Mary Elizabeth is visiting Farlow. Jeanne came home. 
Yet another odd day. Had a long, brutal anxiety attack (or whatever) last night. I think I was in the bed for a long time though. Needed assistance getting back to sleep and then I was out like a light until the alarm went off. Showered her because I had to be on site at 7:30, and made breakfast here as well.

So I was on tie at 7:10 because they said they started at 7:30 and when I got there they'd already dug the trench. Not deep enough to hit anything, so I decided I really didn't need to be there for these things. There's still some confusion about what parts are going deep enough that I need to be there, and it's almost looking like only one thing might be that deep.

So, came home, and went to the IMA. Saw Stuart leaving and he just shook his head at me (kind of far away). Good workout although a bit shortened since I started at 9. I had to stop by McD's and get a giant Diet Coke because I was parched. Went to the Shop. I just did a little bit of stuff for a couple of proposals there, and then went for lunch at NGate, and then home for a bit more work before heading to UVil for supplies. Useless information: I had a Kroger-brand musli cereal that I sometimes had before going to the field, but couldn't find it last time. It's not as bulky as a granola, but not as light as something with a lot of flakes in it. Last time I tried one of the latter and I was starving 90 minutes later. Turns out they'd repackaged it and moved it over by the other granola-type things.

I feel certain that everyone reading this is thrilled with my cereal digressions.

Um, so where was I? UVil was pleasant. Came home, did a little more guitaring. I'm using only the pick now and it's strengthening my fingers. There is no hiding things with a pick. Walked. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16 August 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Woke up at 7:05. Ate breakfast etc. Jeanne got up at 11:00. Ruth came up from S.S. Aunt Petra, Uncle Bill, Marlene visited. Jeanne went to [Kripners].
Still don't know what the operation was.

Weird day today. I slept okay except not long enough (4:15), but was okay for the day. Really good workout. Chatted with Stuart for a while, turns out he's Catholic and goes to the hippie woo-woo Lady of the Lake church up on 35th. Good getting to know him a little more.

Oh, Fucsia Leggings chick was there but in a lighter shirt and didn't take it off so I guess she was just too warm the other day. Off the hook.

So anyway, I came home, ate the bagel and then went to Cascadia where I was going to start working on the tools. Well, I forgot my license, etc. Not my wallet, because I'd taken the important stuff out of that. And left them on the kitchen counter. Grrrrrr. So I came home and just worked on the database and more or less worked out the analysis variables. Then the SDOT peeps texted around 10:30 and said they'd be excavating in about an hour, which put it right during my other meeting. So I panicked a bit and then texted them to not dig below 3.5' until I got there. Emailed the SDOT contact about that, she got a bit irate with the contractors, called Randall to apologize, but then I called her and said it all worked out okay, but they're going to make sure at their project meeting tomorrow about all the deep digging they'll be doing. I have a feeling there won't be much. I got there and checked that they'd not gone too deep (they hadn't), and then waited around a bit until they said it would be an hour or so until they were digging again so I went to a nearby SBux and hung out. When I came back, well, no, they weren't going to dig anymore today. Grrrrr. So, have to be back at 7:30 tomorrow. Probably watch for 20 minutes and then go off and probably do some work at the SBux (I will bring my computer with me tomorrow). So, came home.

I drank some of my beer, too. Made dinner, walked to the Riot Aid to use a paper cutter to make up some business cards because I'm all out. This week and next are just crazy busy. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15 August 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Luella's birthday[top] Going home (sounds like a song). Came home at 4:30 pm. Hebert car. My rooms all fixed up swell. New dresser everything. Surprise. Oh I'm happy even if I haven't [bathes].
Have I mentioned I really like this chick?

Busy day today. Slept okay, mostly on the floor.Sleeping on the floor doesn't seem to make my back hurt unless I am on my back. The cats had the couch. I believe the couch hurts my back the most.

I drove to the gym this morning and forgot my workout socks (when biking I wear them there). It was not too uncomfortable without them. Quite a few people there today. Had something of an angry one for a while. But a good one. Am doing 570 lbs leg press regularly again.

I worked on understanding the lithic analysis most of the morning and then drove down to Georgetown to monitor but found out they are not excavating and may not until "tomorrow afternoon at the earliest". That kind of throws a wrench in my scheduling. It's not a bad area although I parked by several of these homeless RV areas where people live out of old RVs on the streets. None seemed particularly dangerous or anything although I did worry about my car a bit. Said hello to two nice people walking their dogs (I do not believe they were part of the RVers).

I came back and had a quick lunch at McD's and then came home and worked on the report for this SDOT project for a while and then went to UVil for dinner stuff and a coffee. Lots of people down there, too. It was pleasant. A few interesting people; all seemed happy with their afternoon.

I came home and started dinner which consisted of meatball meat -- it is a meatball recipe but I just cook it up to make a meat sauce -- and some pan cookies made with a cake mix. Both turned out only okay, because I had bought maple-flavored pork sausage for the meat and may have used too large of a pan for the cookies which were kind of dry.


I also made a Facebook post today singing the praises of my siblings for all they've done with Mom. I have good siblings. I try only to make posts now that are about other people and always positive. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

14 August 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Hope I can go home tomorrow. Jeanne came down about 1:00. Mom came later. No company. "Jackie" (Miss Jackman) goes on vacation tomorrow. Having [Fun].
Once again I slept reasonably well. I had thought this week would be very bad but so far it is turning to be not as bad. I had a very good workout this morning. I will relate one thing: A tall blonde female came in (no one I'd seen before) in a pair of bright fuchsia leggings and a light jacket type thingie. Not anything totally abnormal. But then I guess she got warm and took off the jacket thing and was just in a sports bra. I am not sure that is really appropriate, and I don't know if she was just too warm or if she did that on purpose. I think maybe the latter because it was a sports bra meant to be seen, with spaghetti straps and mesh on top. She got attention. However, that seems to me to be a bit inappropriate for a public facility. Or maybe I'm an old fuddy duddy.

Still, epic workout for me.

I had ridden my bike and stopped to get bagels as well. This will not be the last time I ride my bike but I got a parking pass because it is getting darker and colder and I will need to spend more time at the archaeology shop. That was probably too pricey.

I went to the Shop and did some things, including getting TT's equipment ready for tomorrow. I didn't have to but I thought it would be a nice thing to do. Met with M as well to go over the lithics analysis and recording. I can start on some of the bifaces already but we need to decide how they want to analyze the debitage and what cataloging system they'd like us to use.

I left there around 1 and came home quick and then went to get a parking pass. After that I had to go to the UVil to get some teriyaki and forgot donut holes, but I sat in SBux too because I was parched.

Walked. Also had about 2/3 of a Model beer this afternoon, partly because I felt like it but I also want to get rid of it because it's kind of flat.