Friday, July 21, 2017

21 July 2017 (Friday)

On this day in 1936 (Tuesday):
Got up pretty early. Ruth came over for a few minutes. We ate lunch in park. Went for a ride. Read. La Jeanne went with. [Rally].
Not sure what that 'Rally' business is for, it was sort of written at an angle.

Woke up several times last night and always managed to get back to sleep without assistance. Just keep doing that for some reason, mostly getting on towards 5 or so. Workout was epic. Muscles didn't even get tired, thanks to the pasta and sleep. But, sort of an angry workout again, too; that always helps.

Came home and was going to start painting the cabinets downstairs but then I got stuck on a proposal and ended up having to go the the Shop, and then I got roped into some other stuff, too. So, worked there all morning. Went for lunch at NGate and then went to an estate sale nearby. Lots of stuff. Some of it interesting. There was one old Budweiser beer sign I might have gone for but it was (IMO) a bit overpriced. Not in as good of shape as mine either. But I would prefer to get some old midwestern signs, from the 1950s and 60s. Mostly Milwaukee brands that I grew up around.

Came home, gave the cats some attention and then went to UVil to gather dinner stuff and some grenadine and sit at SBux for a bit.

Also this morning I found a CD full of photos from our 2002 trip to Maryland. I believe it had the last picture of my entire immediate family all in one place:

Yeah, bright and tiny faces. . . . .

I posted that on Facebook this morning, about the first person one since June. I'm really trying to stay away from it as much as possible.

Anyway, I tried the one beer that I put in a mason jar and had to put it out. Totally flat. Should have at least gotten a little carbonation, but no. Oh well.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

20 July 2017 (Thursday)

On this day in 1936 (Monday):
La Jeanne came - met her at the train. Walked around. Played on Chuck's bug. Had lots of fun. Mother stayed at church & helped for dinner. 
Wish I knew what this "bug" was.

First time in I don't know how long that I had an anxiety attack (or whatever) in the middle of the night. Probably not really that, I'm guessing the usual sort of thing most people get every now and then. But I needed assistance. Also first time in a while for that. Didn't wake up again until the alarm went off at 5.

Darn good workout though. Back up to doing 560 on the leg press. Knees are doing fine, too. Even the ride home wasn't difficult, although a tail wind helped.

Went right to Cascadia (almost) and started working on a proposal for something on Shaw. Interesting little project. The person representing the client doesn't do anything by email, but sends paper everywhere. I think he's kind of an older architect. I bet he doesn't even have a cell phone. Anyway, I got that worked out and need to call him tomorrow and see about a couple things. Before sending it. Probably by snail mail.

Ended up chatting with R about some stuff. Work stuff and about our coworker who died last September. Probably mentioned this before, but he was kind of a strange guy but not a mean bone in his body. Sad how he went, but that was the way he did things.

Anyway, got lunch at 5 Guys and then came home and did a bit more work, and then went to UVil to get some comestibles for dinner. Fashion note: There were far too many teenaged girls there wearing way too short shorts. Some of them I think just aren't appropriate, and I don't think I'm being an old fuddy duddy. When the bottoms of the butt cheeks are clearly visible, that's not a good thing (although that one might have been older).

Oh well, came back home and made a cold pesto pasta thing that the Spousal Unit didn't care for. I liked it though. Walked. Supposed to rain some today but it didn't around here. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

19 July 2017 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1936 (Sunday):
Finished "Anne of Avonlea". Went to show "Follow the Fleet" with Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire. And "Silly Billies" -- Wheeler & Wosley.
You can see a clip of the movie here. Also Silly Billies.

Slept about the same, no assistance but woke up about 4-5 times. Workout was pretty good, too. Went downtown from there. I did mostly Cascadia work, on the Navy bid. Mainly I proofed a couple of documents and did some cost estimates for "Level C Personal Protective Equipment". Basically rubber gloves, boots, etc. In between that I ran the programs to create data so I could test a database designs for the Breathe II study. That took a while because they take a long time to run through all that data. J stood me up for lunch (well, okay, she cancelled) so I sat out behind the hospital. Came back in, did some more work, and then went to the SDOT meeting. It was okay. The person I was working with seemed very thrilled to have me there and I did a little bit of talking but not much. I tried not to hiss while I was in SDOT's midst.

F was at the bus stop, having been on jury duty downtown so we rode back up here together and had a nice chat. She got off and then some weird guy sat next to me and did tai chi stuff with his hands the whole rest of the way. Saw Sunny on the way back down the street and chatted with her a bit, dinner, walked, saw Sunny again on the way back.

So I guess a decently busy and productive day. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

18 July 2017 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1936 (Saturday):
Went to a party at Miriam's. Made Hollyhock Dolls. Got a cold. Ruth came for few minutes. Got telegram[sic] from La [Jeanne]. Made paper doll a lot. 
Had no idea what a Hollyhock Doll was.

I had a productive day. Slept really well last night but woke up a lot. As usual these days. Workout went fine, too. Stuart noticed my chin and asked me what happened. Told him it was a bear. Told him what really happened. "Oh, I thought your wife finally wised up and slugged you."

Went right over to Cascadia and got a decent amount done there, too I made my first official GIS map! I got two shape files from the client, added our GPS data et VoilĂ ! A map. Now I just need to learn a few things about editing it and adding labels and maybe using some other shape files from the County. Also was working on a bid for the Navy, ended up being around $75k. TT seems to think we won't get it, which means we will. And I started on another project out on Shaw Island. Productive day, I was there until almost 2.

Came home and laid outside in the sun for 45 minutes to, yes, get rid of this farmer tan. Was relaxing, but I didn't fall asleep. Did some other little chores and then made dinner, walked. 81 today. 31 days without rain. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

17 July 2017 (Monday)

On this day in 1936 (Friday):
Saw "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" with Gary Cooper & Jean Arthur. It was swell. Went over to Hebert's. Went to a shower (Maries & Franks). They got lots of things. 
Didn't spend too long in the bed last night, I had a bad dream and woke up. Don't remember what it was though. Ended up on the floor the rest of the night (thanks, Daisy) and woke up several more times but slept until the alarm went off. Morning routine went well, although Daisy left a huge dumper uncovered and a dingleberry on the floor so I had to deal with that at 4:30. Drive up to the watershed went fine and I ended up doing a walkover, some screening, and a little monitoring. Found a clear glass bottle base with a 5-point star in a stippled circle that I have been unable to identify as of yet.

Left there around 9:45, drove home, dealt with a couple of things, and then had a bit of lunch and rode to the IMA to work out. Very hard workout. Lot more people there than early morning, of course, although one guy from the mornings was there, too. Didn't see anyone else familiar. Some chick on the mat next to me kept coughing like she had a bucket of phlegm in her lungs, ewwww. At least she didn't do it while I was down there.

Came home, watered plants, got trash, etc., out front, did some dishes, made some cake cookies, dinner. Walked at NGate to ask the Penney's ladies what to do with our defective blinds. They're going to call them tomorrow and ask. Probably just re-order. Bought some shorts. I'm giving up on the cargo shorts since I'm not liking them anymore. Pockets are way too big, too baggy, and they make my scrawny legs look like a 12-year old's. Am doing either jeans or some new Docker's ones.

That is all.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

16 July 2017 (Sunday)

On this day in 1936 (Thursday):
Grandma came over. Practiced. Painted Rex's old (car) bug. Charles had paint from head to foot. So many pretty airplanes tonight flying over. Had ice cream. 
That's kind of charming, mentioning that they had ice cream. I guess it wouldn't have been something you would keep in the freezer and get any time. It's hard to remember how different things were.

Slept very well last night, until alarm went off at 5. Spousal Unit slept in until almost 6:30. Made pancakes here. One would think that if I got all that sleep I wouldn't nap. But I did, kind of a long one (for me, like 20 minutes) and I was really out. Odd that. And yesterday when I was awake at 4 I didn't nap at all.

No Mass as usual although Fr. Basso is there and I don't like his Masses. I did the usual chores (litter box, etc.) and watched the F1 race, although it was boring as usual, except for several breakdowns in the last few laps. Watered this morning; it hasn't rained for 26 days so several plants in the back have to be watered almost daily. I'm hoping we get some rain soon.

Went to UVil and such, and while there I managed to lose $40 by getting it out at the grocery store and then walking off and leaving it. I went back in the vain hope some kind soul and turned it in, but they didn't and I wasn't really expecting it either. So whatever. Be an airhead, you have to pay for it.

Back home we watched the race and then did the usual dinner-making. As a side note, for most of my life I would boil corn on the cob and eat it off of the cob. Then about 15 years ago (or maybe less) I saw a show called A Nero Wolfe Mystery, and one episode had something to do with corn (Wolfe was a stickler for food, I take it), and he went on and one about how it should always be roasted and not boiled blah blah blah. So I tried it and that's the way we've eaten it ever since. Not on the cob, however, I always slice it off onto the plate. "Corn off the cob" we call it. I remember my brother and SiL when they lived in Germany, their neighbors thought it was funny how Americans would eat corn on the cob because that's how pigs eat corn. Heh.

Anyway, walked to Metropolitan Market and I got a sandwich for tomorrow (field). Pleasant day, like sunny and 72. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

15 July 2017 (Saturday)

On this day in 1936 (Wednesday):
Read "Anne of Avonlea". [froned] some. Played with Mimi & Chuck on Rex's bug. Rode around with Mom & Dad. Saw stadium. Beautiful U. Watched [aiylaneng Iamchllichts]. Pretty.
The last couple of days have been hard to read because she used a pencil.

Slept well last night but woke up at 4, grrrr. Got all wound up on these maps and junk. I ended up spending a couple of hours scanning and tracing and scanning this morning. Ate in. Went to SBux to get some caffeine. Finished those around 10:45. We drove out to North Bend and had a decidedly sub-par lunch at a Burger King. I think I shan't go there again. Went to the Outlets there and I got some jeans shorts and a pair of sneakers. Skechers this time. They seem wide enough at the front that they don't pinch and make my left foot hurt. Also exceptionally light. Wore them on our walk this evening and they did fine.

Oh, this morning I shave for the first time since last Saturday. The cut part of my wound doesn't really hurt but it's very bruised and still swollen and that hurts to the touch. Might wait until next Saturday again.

Stopped at an Albertson's and got some comestibles and then home. We tried to put up the new shades but it didn't go well. Okay, the actual installation went fine but the dumb thing doesn't wind itself up like it's supposed to. I think it's defective. It will roll up a little if it's on the ground flat, but when it's in place it just rolls all the way down and then does nothing. Probably have to take it back.

Went for a walk and it was pleasant. Supposed to cool down tomorrow.